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Should the Edmonton Oilers pursue Colorado Avalanche right Jarome Iginla?

Should the Edmonton Oilers pursue Colorado Avalanche right Jarome Iginla?

Should the Edmonton Oilers pursue Colorado Avalanche right wing Jarome Iginla? Will the slumping Tampa Bay Lightning make some moves? Read on for the latest. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  David Staples cites Edmonton Oilers announcer and insider Bob Stauffer suggesting the club should consider acquiring Colorado Avalanche right wing Jarome Iginla. He feels the Oilers could need a shooter at forward more than a right-shooting defenseman. Stauffer acknowledged Iginla’s slower now but believes one shouldn’t give up on him, claiming he’s still competitive and can one-time the puck. The Avalanche would have to retain some of Iginla’s salary, but as he’s an unrestricted free agent in July, it’s only a short-term issue. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Staples offers up his own lengthy take on the subject which I recommend reading. He points out the Oilers’ depth at right wing isn’t terrible, but if they’re in the playoff hunt near the trade deadline, he can see them wanting to add another veteran.

I’m not so sure right now that Iginla is the best choice. At this stage in his career, his best years are well behind him. He’s got only seven points in 27 games this season, on pace for a career-low 30 point performance. Yes, he’s a well-respected leader with two decades of experience, but I just don’t think he can help the Oilers. I hate saying that, because Iggy’s one of my favorite players, but there’s no sugarcoating the truth. He hung on for one season too long. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith reports Lightning fans demanding a shakeup for their slumping club could be disappointed. While they could trade goaltender Ben Bishop, that move probably won’t happen until closer to the March 1 trade deadline, when the market could improve. Earlier in the season, general manager Steve Yzerman suggested he could retain Bishop for the remainder of the season, even at the risk of losing him for nothing to free agency in July. Smith also dismissed the notion of head coach Jon Cooper losing his job. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Injuries to key players, such as Steven Stamkos, Ryan Callahan and the recently returned Anton Stralman haven’t helped. It’s worthwhile remembering the Lightning also struggled at this time a year ago, but rallied in the second half, easily made the playoffs and came within a game of advancing to the 2016 Stanley Cup Final. Yzerman will be patient with his club and won’t make any hasty moves. 


  1. It’s almost sad to see a once dominant guy like Iginla posting career low totals, I agree with Lyle, hung on one season too long.

    • Could be but IMO it can sometimes be tough to judge guys until
      the season is over. I’m not sayin Iginla is going to turn things completely around or should be signing anymore contracts but it’s gotta be a tough situation in Colarado right now, Id like to see him go out in away that’s a little more fitting for a guy/player like that. I think he still can benifit the right club, if for nothing else than his leadership and to show younger players that opertunity doesn’t always come knocking. Make the most of the chances you get. In a bottom 6 role in the right situations a guy like this and what he brings to the room would outweigh his deficiencies. Iginla wouldn’t hurt a young playoff team 1 bit.

      • I don’t know about that, most teams have some veteran leadership, and at least a handful of guys who have seen the playoffs. Iggy might but taking a spot from a young guy who has battled all year for that 4th line role. I don’t see his leadership/experience as a massive valuable asset.

        That being said if he Ray Bourque’s it up and wins a cup I think that would be awesome too.

      • I agree with you Shticky. It’s Dec 13th only and we can’t write Iggy’s season off yet.
        Besides in a different environment where he is given minutes and roles which play to his current skill set, there could be some value there much like how Jagr has been performing with Florida or Doan in the desert. Could he take a spot away from a kid fighting for it? Sure he could be. But you could say that about a lot of guys in the bottom 6 on any team in the league and it plays into the perseverance Shticky mentioned.
        I disagree with Noel wholeheartedly about his leadership as with a young club like the Oilers, that could be of huge value. You could tell that this team lost a bit of something when Smyth retired and Iggy could help with that.

      • Give Iggy a break, look at the crap team he’s playing on. Everyone is gonna have low totals this year. Toronto directed over a hundred shots at the Colorado net the other night. They had 78% possession in the first period alone and I thought Iggy was one of the better Colorado players

    • Come on guys, Iginla plays on the the dumpster fire of a team in Colorado. He scored 22 goals last season on a bad team, and the year before that he led them with 29. I for one don’t believe he hung on a season too long, in fact, I just think he needs to find a team where he is better utilized. The Avalanche are a speedier team and he has aged and slowed down, but he still has a shot and plays with grit. He is still probably one of the most fit players in the league despite his age. I think he can play another season on a team where he would be utilized as more of a PP specialist on maybe a “slower” team. That said, I would love to see him finish off in Calgary and actually play some games, rather than the BS “1 day contracts” they hand out nowadays. Given his history in CGY, zero chance this guy waives to play in EDM.

    • 4 mil says he hung on just right.

    • I said he hung for one season too long 2 days ago which didn’t go over well LOL

      • I think the league can do with out playing 40 year olds in minimal rolls for 5 plus mil a season. Veteran leadership starts in the late 20’s now. traditionally Iggy is a slow starter but really picks it up in the last half of the season. I don’t think he’ll do that this season though. There’s a number of teams out there looking for help but I think they’re looking for a little more than what he brings to the table for the money he gets

    • I disagree. Iginka is and has always been a slow starter. I watched him closely his whole career.
      He will hit 20 goals again this year.

      He always turns it on in the second half.

      My $0.02

      • who hasn’t watched him closely his whole career. I said he was a slow starter. I just don’t think this season hes gonna pour it on in the last half. Just as he’s had the slowest start ever…I think he’ll have the slowest back half ever. just my 2 cents.

  2. Iggy hoisting the Cup in an Oilers jersey would be the ultimate burn to Flames fans. If the Oilers are in the hunt for a playoff spot, they should pick him up just to ensure this is a possibility.

    • The oilers hoisting the cup would the biggest surprise of the season and I’d bet against it any day of the week. They may be doing well right now but they are still a young and inexperienced group and likely will need a few more years of playoff hockey to actually have a shot at the cup. Just being realistic.

    • I think You got it wrong. Myself and any other Flames fan I know would love to see Iggy hoist a cup in Edmonton. Iggy hoisting a cup anywhere would be great to see for that matter. The Battle of Alberta ended what…15 or 20 years ago…no one cares about that. Everyone now is just into getting both teams to the playoffs on a regular basis so the battle can return. It will never be like it was. The Flames and Oilers will never have teams that great again. No Chance of Edmonton ever hoisting the cup before Iggy’s career is done but it would be great to see Calgary Edmonton play each other in a playoff round with Iggy on the Oilers. I don’t think there’s a team in the league right now that can take the Penguins 4 games in a 7 game series.

  3. Iggy “pop”, time went by so quickly! Still wish the Flames won the Cup in ’04! This is a classy guy who could definitely help a playoff team, but in a bottom 6 role in my opinion. Leadership never hurts.

  4. For $5.3 million i’m hanging on for one season too long as well. If someone wants to give me $2.5 or $3 next year, I’m hanging on again. The days of making this big money are done, take it while you can.
    I do hope that Iginla gets traded to a cup contender, not many any classier then Jerome. Maybe head back to Pitts or over to the Rangers.

    • Love the guy, but I can’t see him fitting in NY. They don’t lack leadership. And I don’t see a spot barring injury. Nash, Zuccarello, Grabner, Fast already hold down the rw. And I certainly wouldn’t be willing to pay for leadership you don’t need.

      • That’s the thing. Any team that is a contender for the cup has all the leadership they need. teams requiring leadership won’t get him the cup. His best chance would be for Pittsburgh to want to pick him up for some reason. It would be impossible for him not to pick his game up on that team.

    • Pens have no use for Iggy unless he wants to become our 38th assistant general manager.

      If so, the more the merrier, evidently.

    • I agree…$5.3M reasons to play. And if someone wants to pay him to play next year, good for Iggy. Although it would be nice to see him finish off his career with Calgary.

      Note-its been a good day on the posts….Almost 2:00 CST and no sign of Striker. Lets all enjoy the day.

    • No thanks in Pitt. 5.3!?!? I thunked it was 4. Keep playing so long as they keep paying!

  5. Agree with all, Iggy is amazing…..I would actually like to see him with a western Canadian team. I must be getting sensitive in my old age lol. I am guessing Chara & Jagr will say screw it and play forever! At least the 40 plus hockey fan has those guys.

    • Jagr is a bit of a different breed. He will be the second leading point getter in the league more than likely over the next week or 2. He’s part of that elite top 5 best players ever to play the game. When you are one of the most talented players ever to play the game it’s not surprising if you stay healthy you can still play at 45. There’s no one in the NHL right now that could ever Challenge that 2nd place spot. Crosby may get into that 10th place area but that’s only if he another 10 seasons.

  6. I’d love to see him in Alberta for a season. Oil would be a better team with him. Flames could take a run too. I’d hate to see another missed shot with a contender

  7. In 2008, the Penguins went 12-2 to make the Final before losing to the Red Wings.

    In 2009, the Penguins won the Stanley Cup against the Red Wings.

    It’s very unlikely those things happen if not for a trade they made in 2007 when they lost in 5 games to Ottawa…acquiring Gary Roberts.

    Roberts taught those young kids how to win and how to be pros (and how to train, train, train).

    His impact was felt for years after he left.

    If it costs little, bring in Iggy to be a 4th line winger and let Connor McDavid and Co. get to spend a few months drinking in his class and professionalism.

    Same logic would apply to the Flames and their young team, as well.

    • Your totally right!
      The addition of Guerin didn’t hurt either, but Roberts had a huge impact on many of the cornerstone players which included off the ice. It’s no secret the impact his training programs (notably since retiring) and personal regimen (during his playing days) have been a positive influence on Crosby as well as other team members.
      Additionally I would suggest the grumpy old man line in Dallas was instrumental in a good playoff push after the cup win (Keene and Muller were huge in the 99 cup win on their own. Heck Keene with the Moose was legendary on his own).

    • does he have a no-trade? if so, why would he want to come north to ed when he could join a team that has a shot at winning it all?

    • If that’s the way Iggy wants to go. Just go to teams to teach them how to win a cup with no chance of winning a cup then all the power to him but I think he would prefer to go to a contender before his career is done. More than likely that has to be this year or next.

  8. Even if the cost is minimal on Iggy I’ll pass. I’d love to see him finish his career out in Calgary but I cannot see it happening.
    Great player, fantastic ambassador to hockey but his time has passed.

    • His biggest mistake was going for the money and signing 3 yrs in Colorado. Great guy for the league just went for the cash instead of the cup which is fine too

  9. How can it go bad for oilers?
    Adding RW depth that can shoot should push Leon back to centre which should have a positive impact on depth scoring and possession time. Every oilers game seems to be decided by one goal a small impact could go along way. Id also like to see how the core of the team that’s suffered for years responds to management being buyers.

    • I think becoming an Oiler would go bad for Iggy sooner than it would go bad for the Oilers. Especially if he’s looking to win a cup