NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – December 7, 2016

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New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall levels Vancouver Canucks defenseman Philip Larsen.

New Jersey Devils winger Taylor Hall levels Vancouver Canucks defenseman Philip Larsen.

Game recaps, injury updates and much more in this morning’s collection of NHL headlines. 

NHL.com: A hit by New Jersey Devils’ winger Taylor Hall on Vancouver Canucks defenseman Philip Larsen knocked the latter from the game and overshadowed the Devils 3-2. victory.

Larsen was knocked unconscious and was stretchered from the game. Latest word is Larsen was awake and responsive and was taken to hospital for further evaluation. Though Hall was reassured the hit was clean, he still expressed remorse. He said his intention wasn’t to injure Larsen, a former teammate. 

Also during the game, Devils forward Travis Zajac suffered a facial injury after crashing head first into the boards, but was stitched up and returned to action. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The league will review the hit, but it remains to be seen if it will be ruled illegal. While a case could be made that it was a blindside hit, Hall didn’t target Larsen’s head or hit him from behind. Here’s hoping Larsen didn’t suffer a serious injury and returns to action soon. 

Marian Hossa scored twice while Scott Darling turned in a 22-save shutout performance to give the Chicago Blackhawks a 4-0 win over the Arizona Coyotes. However, Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook left the game with an upper-body injury

Jakub Voracek tallied in overtime after Wayne Simmonds scored twice in regulation to lift the Philadelphia Flyers to a 3-2 win over the Florida Panthers, giving the Flyers their sixth straight victory. 

Jaden Schwartz scored twice, including in overtime, as the St. Louis Blues overcame a 2-0 deficit to edge the Montreal Canadiens 3-2. Canadiens center Davis Desharnais left the game in the third period with an apparent knee injury. Earlier in the day, the Blues placed defenseman Robert Bortuzzo (lower body) on injured reserve

Jaroslav Halak made 36 saves backstopping the New York Islanders to a 4-2 victory over the New York Rangers. The Rangers also lost forwards Rick Nash (groin) and Matt Puempel (concussion) to injury

Henrik Zetterberg’s shootout goal capped a rally for the Detroit Red Wings that saw them roar back from a two-goal deficit to defeat the Winnipeg Jets 4-3. Jets rookie Patrik Laine scored his 17th of the season, tying him for first in the league. 

Rasmus Ristolainen’s overtime tally gave the Buffalo Sabres a 4-3 win over the Edmonton Oilers. Ristolaninen also collected two assists in the contest, as did Oilers captain Connor McDavid. 

Roma Josi’s overtime marker gave the Nashville Predators a 4-3 victory over the Colorado Avalanche, who dropped their sixth straight game. 

Sean Monahan’s third period power-play goal lifted the Calgary Flames to a 2-1 win over the Dallas Stars

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs demoted backup goalie Jhonas Enroth and called up Antoine Bibeau. Meanwhile, unrestricted free agent netminder Karri Ramo signed a professional tryout contract with the Marlies, the Leafs’ AHL affiliate. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This doesn’t mean Ramo has signed with the Leafs. That will depend upon his performance with the Marlies over the next several games. He remains a UFA and can sign with any NHL club he chooses.

ESPN.COM: Hall of Famer Eric Lindros is calling for a national standard to diagnose and treat concussions in sports. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think that’s a great idea, but getting some pro sports leagues to recognize such a standard is another matter. The commissioners of some of those leagues (hello there, NHL commish Gary Bettman) refuse to acknowledge the link between concussions and serious brain injuries. 

The NHL and NHLPA are in talks to give teams a “bye week” in the 2017-18 schedule. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell is no fan of Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland’s suggestion of a one-game wild-card play-in for the postseason. 

NEW YORK POST: The NHL will be moving its headquarters to a new location in New York City. 


  1. Man Taylor Hall hits hard problem seems to be it’s like a bit of a car wreck waiting to happen either him or the other guy is gonna get hurt.

    • here’s the question to be asked. The NHL insists that high sticking regardless of intent or not is to be penalized. You’re responsible for your stick/actions at all times. Now it comes to predatory hits they take the opposite position …it’s the victims responsibility ie keep your head up Hits such as Halls is not to spate the player from the puck but to inflict damage hence the speed and build up. Apprently we are unable to respect other athletes and not take advantage, excpt when it comes to high sticking and if you bloody the opponents nose/lip they actually double the consequences. Doesn’t make sense. We’re all aware now that concussions have long term effect on quality of life and yet the NHL is stuck in this conundrum of it’s not OK to hit a guy with your stick but it is OK to level a guy and have him taken to hospital. Much like the quiet room case. McDavid MAY have hit his head on the ice…send him to the quiet room. Martin and Gudbranson unload bombs on each others heads. Naw that’s OK wink wink nod nod. They don’t need to go to the quiet room. The NHL/DPS are both hypocritical and frankly would sell their mothers for a few sheckles. I hope the suit brought by ex players take the NHL for a huge settlement and then maybe….maybe the NHL will address their stupidity.

      • Great post Fred I totally agree with your thoughts, but think the suit gets settled and never sees the light of day in a court room.

  2. Price
    14-3 .943 SV% 1.82 GAA


    3-3 .903 SV and GAA over 3

    Striker does Weber take the same nights off as Price?
    Thought swapping him for Subban made the Habs D so much better? lol
    Without Price this year a .500 team that allows 3+ goals a game
    Not sure Subban was the problem last year.

    • I never said Subban was the problem. Nor is Weber. It’s the rest of the team that’s struggling on a whole range of fronts. I heard a rumor Bergevin has been hunting for a #4 Dman & more scoring all year.

      Take Price off this team & they are below average a non playoff team. Price may be the best player in the world. Hard to compare goalies to skaters but no player means more to his teams success than Price.

      I like Subban alot, just far more 1 dimensional than Weber but world class offensive skills & I like his colorful personality. I just like Weber more. Substantially so. He’s 1 of the most complete 2 way Dman the NHL has ever seen. Not fun to play against, scores, can drive offense & makes his D partner a far better player than he might otherwise be.

      • Would love to see some evidence of PK being one dimensional. Also the Habs problem is one of coaching/strategy or rather a lack thereof.

      • That was a well played road game by the habs, last game on the road trip playing the likes of la,stl,Ana, and sj to finish 2-2-1 most teams wouldn’t complain. Subbaan was the main cause for 2 goals against anyone that thinks subban is better Weber is a complete idiot subban is horrible in his own end

    • Same thing with Boston, if Rask doesn’t stand on his head they suck big time. Two teams where the goalie makes or breaks the team

      • 3/4 of the league is that way without Anderson the leafs wouldn’t have won a game this year!

      • Boston is allowing the 3rd least shots against per game. The pairing of Chara & Carlo has been unbelievable. No position better reflects a teams overall defensive game than what their goalies are able to achieve. Yes Zane & Malcome struggled when both Rask & Khudobin were injured.

        Boston has been hamstrung icing a full roster so fare this season. Bergeron, Backes, Pastrnak, Chara, Rask, Khudobin now Belesky, no Vatrano; top 6 LW spot just waiting for him, & Krug & Krejci still recovering from major off season surgeries.

        This is a very good & different Boston team in year 2 of Sweeney’s rebuild. I had them as a bubble team but They have played great & if not for Rasks injury would be right at the top of the Eastern standings.

        As far as I’m concerned rask has played like Rask just getting far better support defensively making it easy to post #’s more in line with his career averages.

      • Hey dido you wanna go back and watch the Boston Toronto game. I could have played in goal for Toronto and still won the game. Talk about over rating a team. Please give Rask the credit he deserves. As usual you get other fan twisting the stats around to try to make it look better. The game isn’t played on paper for crying out loud

      • Nope, no need, pretty sure everyone knows you’re a special type of trash. Your post speaks for itself.

    • When you take into consideration the 10 goals against game for Montoya, I think those numbers are a bit skewed. Especially over the span of 6 games.

      • Exactly NYR it’s shticky saying it tho give the guy a break he reads those stats hard! Lol

      • So losing a game 10 zip makes things better and helps the arguement that the D isn’t very good?

      • No, but it does skew Montoyas numbers tremendously. If Montoya played 6 games, pitched 5 shutouts and had a 10 goal game against in the 1 game… He’d still have a 1.66 gaa. So I don’t think comparing Price vs. Montoya #’s is a good argument either.

      • Im not trying to compare Montoya to Price more like the Habs with or without Price…it’s not a very good defensive team 24 for shots against and if you look at games Price is not in net they are a 500 hockey team with a GAA over 3 last year Mike Condon got the majority of the starts after Price went down and went .903 and 21-25 and 2.7 GAA things look pretty much the same no? I’m not sure no matter how you look at it Weber has improved the team. It’s Carey Price stealing games not a better back up or Weber lol

      • And I do want to say NYR you were right I may have been a little offside with some of my remarks previously. I can admit it and apologize for it. It has kinda bothered me I don’t want to be like that here, for the most part.

      • Shticky if subban was still on the habs they would have a worse record look at it that way! As far as price stealing games they just won 5-4 with price in net and for the most part the habs keep the scoring chances to a minimum, try watching some games really it does help ?

      • If ifs and buts…lol
        Come back when you can at least kinda support what your saying.

      • Dido to you!

      • lol wow

        Do you mean ditto?

      • No I was talking about the queen of Carthage!! Lol ( stupid spell check) instead of looking up useless stats why not talk some defensive systems you say you’re this highly respected coach and all lol

      • Instead of arguing how useless stats are, maybe read a book…a dictionary perhaps. I’m not so sure spell check is to blame. lol

      • Funny coming from someone who doesn’t even know who dido is! Lmfao

    • As much as Guy would like to see an arguement that Subban is 1 dimensional I’d like to see something that shows Weber one of the beter 2way D than Subban lol Webers points are mostly pp and judging by the amount of shots he doesn’t surpress many and don’t compare their +\- lol (Weber was a minus last year in Nashville too)

      • Shot suppression is about as useful as plus minus figured you would bring that up

  3. What is wrong with Colorado ? Are they really that bad ?They have some nice talent yet they cant buy a win. Is it the new coach ? The curse of Roy ( lol ) Their goaltending hasn’t been great but still I never picked them as a last place team.

    • Yes they are this bad. No depth at forward, dressing 3 Dman that shouldn’t even be playing in the NHL as regulars in Wiercioch, Gelinas & Tyutin. Zadarov is just a kid not ready for the minutes he is being forced to play, Beauchemin’s getting very old being asked to do to much also.

      Factor in Landeskog’s injury, now Johnson’s & Varlamov playing terrible behind these players but at 28 & making 5.9 million per hard to pass the torch to Picard who is far more deserving of starting & this is what you get.

      I perceive Colordao as rebuilding & this is Sakic’s 3rd year as VP Hockey operations but the start of year 3 as GM. He’s done well drafting but needs way more time for Biagas, Greer & others recently drafted to become NHL players. Rantanen was his 1st selection & now in year 1.

  4. On the backwards angle, looking at Hall coming towards Larsen it appears that Hall turned his shoulder in & throws it forward right into Larsen’s head. Not illegal in & of it’s self but the head was the initial point of contact & this isn’t a hit that was unavoidable; player turning his back on the attacker at last second or changing direction causing the same result, see Callahan on Letang in the playoffs. I think he should get 3 games although I think he’ll get nothing.

  5. Rangers are dropping like flies! As bad as it is, I nearly had a stroke when I read the Rangers signed Gomez to a 1 year deal in Tsn this morning. Until I read Texas Rangers!!!

    • Dropping like fly’s is a little extreme. They were due to balance out a bit after such a hot stretch & losing Zibanejad has been significant. He was really driving the offense for NYR especially on the PP.

      Numerous other little injures are a factor as well. & they are missing that scoring machine Grabner for personal reasons. Ha-ha!

      • Zbad, Buchevich, Nash, Puempel….. And Grabner on personal leave for a funeral…. I’d say that’s pretty significant. 3 of your top 6 or 9, no matter how you slice it is no Bueno…. Unless we’re going down the “injuries are an excuse “road. Which I’ve stated a 100 times is a shortcut to thinking…

        If teams had the kind of depth laying around…. Why bother with those 6-7-8…10 million per contracts when you can just call up a 600-800k player to replace them?

      • Those injuries would affect any team! But like shticky says injuries are just an excuse lol