NHL Rumor Mill – December 1, 2016

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Calgary Flames deny defenseman Dougie Hamilton's on the trade block.

Calgary Flames deny defenseman Dougie Hamilton’s on the trade block.

The Calgary Flames attempt to shut down the Dougie Hamilton trade rumors, plus updates on the Lightning and Canadiens. 

TSN: Calgary Flames president Brian Burke blamed “an army of leakers” for what he considers unfounded trade rumors regarding Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton. He claims those engaging in such speculation have ““no goddamned idea what they’re talking about,” going to to blame an unnamed NHL general manager for starting the rumors in the first place.

Burke said one team did make an inquiry, called their offer “insulting” and rejected it. While acknowledging anyone can be traded, Burke insists his club isn’t shopping Hamilton and has no intention of trading him. 

“We expended a tremendous amount of assets to get this player. We’re really happy with him, he’s a quality guy. He’s 6-foot-5, he weighs 237 pounds, he’s a right shot, skates like a deer – he’s a good hockey player. Yeah, let’s move him! Let’s get rid of him! It’s not hard to get guys like that.” – Brian Burke. 

Hamilton, meanwhile, admits hearing all the rumors but isn’t putting stock into them. “It’s just the Toronto market,” he said. Recent speculation linked the Flames blueliner to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

CALGARY HERALD: Eric Francis echoes Burke’s criticism of the Hamilton rumors. He claims Flames management isn’t looking to shake things up, still believes in its young core and intends to stay the course. That means Hamilton will stay put and develop with the team. 

TORONTO STAR:  Despite the Flames’ denials, Bruce Arthur reports there are still several voices around the league insisting they could part with Hamilton for the right deal. Arthur also defends TSN analyst Bob McKenzie, who’s said the Flames were listening to offers, though he also added that didn’t mean they were going to trade the blueliner. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burke has always been colorful, and usually his denials regarding trade chatter can be taken at face value. But in January 2012, when Burke was the Leafs GM, he denied a rumored deal claiming he would send defenseman Luke Schenn to the Philadelphia Flyers for winger James van Riemsdyk, a deal that subsequently took place six months later. Stick tap to “Shticky” for the link.

I think there’s a kernel of truth in the Hamilton rumors. As the well-respected McKenzie stated, the Flames were listening to offers for Hamilton, but it doesn’t mean they intend to trade him. Any GM worth his salt listens to offers for their best players, because you never know when a rival club could get desperate enough to make an offer too good to refuse. Sure, those instances are rare, but they do happen.

Much of the “Hamilton-to-Toronto” speculation appeared to be the type of “thinking out loud” media chatter that took on a life of its own during a point in the season when genuine hockey trades are rare.  Made for some interesting talk, but there’s probably nothing to it. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES:  Joe Smith recently reported the absence of injured defenseman Anton Stralman spotlights the LIghtning’s need to boost their blueline depth. The Bolts are struggling in Stralman’s absence, but even when he returns, Smith feels they need to add more depth to their defense. He noted TSN’s Craig Button pointed out the Lightning “don’t have a really good No. 2 (defenseman) or a really good No. 4.”

Smith felt it’s not something that can be addressed as simply as trading goalie Ben Bishop at the trade deadline, though he admitted it could come to that. However, that would leave the Bolts in need of a reliable backup for Andrei Vasilevskiy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning have plenty of time to address this need between now and March 1, but this is an issue that bears watching. GM Steve Yzerman isn’t one for knee-jerk trades and his preference is to retain Bishop for another playoff run, even at the risk of losing him next summer to free agency.  

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols recently cited NHL analyst Darren Dreger told Montreal’s TSN 690 he’s been told by managers around the league that Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin isn’t  kicking down doors looking for players. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For several weeks, there’s been some talk of Bergevin looking to add a top-four defenseman and perhaps a center. Some of that talk linked the Habs to Arizona Coyotes center Martin Hanzal. Bergevin does has a history of making early-season moves, but nearly two months into this campaign, he’s yet to pull the trigger. That doesn’t mean the Habs GM won’t make any significant moves this season. If he does, I anticipate those deals will take place closer to the March 1 trade deadline. 


  1. Who doesn’t get linked to the Toronto Maple Leafs? Again, as a Leafs fan this is frustrating. We are growing our own system from within, and yes at some point may need to acquire a top 4 D through a trade. How about letting us know about a “possible” trade when it actually happens!

    • Ah, but that wouldn’t be a trade rumor, would it? And after all, that’s what this page is about. A trade is actually a news event.

      Just a little levity on my part.

      • I know Lyle. I appreciate the levity and enjoy your site as well! Great job.

    • I’m very frustrated and annoyed at the countless so and so going to Toronto rumors. It feeds the reputation that Toronto fans believe our team, regardless of its current status in the NHL is the center of the league and that all players want to come here.

      I too am happy with the rebuild and think we should take it a year at a time and continue to grow from within.

      • @ThirstyDeer

        While I agree with your sentiment in general, there is the following scenario to resolve.

        I believe we would be able to come to an agreement that when the TML are in a position to threaten/contend for a legitimate Stanley Cup run, they would likely have a 3-5 year window before they would have to consider retooling to attempt to stay in a ‘contender status’.

        If that is true, then the challenge will be having sufficient top level Defencemen present in that window.

        I’m personally concerned that if we plan on drafting that talent their age/development will be significantly behind our forwards purely in terms of time/maturity. This is especially true if Toronto drafts lower and lower as they improve their team game.

        The long and short of it? From my armchair GM fantasy position – I’d be willing to trade someone even as good as Nylander and an extra piece if it netted the caliber of Defence we will need in time for that window.

        Whew. Hope that made sense.

      • Perfect sense Joseph, unless guys like Dermott or Nielsen progress in leaps and bounds drafting and developing a Top pair type D doesn’t seem to fit the same window as some of the thinking that they want to compete in the next few years, no Ekblads on the horizon and I’m not sure the Leafs will be drafting on the top few picks in the coming years with out some lottery luck (aside from possibly this year) At some point relatively a decision is going to have to be made about an upgrade and what direction to go. They currently have an abundance of skill up front so much that there doesn’t appear to be much room even on the farm.

      • @ThirstyDeer

        “It feeds the reputation that Toronto fans believe our team, regardless of its current status in the NHL is the center of the league and that all players want to come here.”

        Based on what I’ve seen since I first started watching hockey in 1968,that reputation seems to be deserved.

      • Leafs desperately need a shutdown or 2 dman, the reason every player is supposedly coming to Toronto is because they have been terrible for a lot of yrs! It’s the same with analytics it’s not a coincidence that teams like Florida,Toronto and Arizona are supposedly leading the way, they have to try something and take the fans mind off the losing and give them some hope. These teams should be better soon but it’s because of being out of the playoffs a lot and getting high draft picks

      • The sheer volume of Torontocentric media reporting is enough to drive many from the game. It just never stops, outlet after outlet and sport after sport. The culmination will be when they rename the country from Canada to Toronto 🙂

    • All those rumors having everyone and anyone of any consequence headed to Toronto is, as Hamilton says, “just the Toronto market.” It stems from half a century of sheer frustration, especially where the Toronto-centric media is concerned (read CBC, CTV, Global and every bleeding sports specialty show owned by Rogers/Bell, Shaw or whoever) who are DESPERATE for the Leafs to finally become relevant again in terms of a being a serious cup contender. The Blue Jays and Raptors have been front and centre lately – but their success – even if they ever won the whole thing – wouldn’t hold a candle to the delirium that would fill the area should the Leafs ever prevail. Forget the Argos, Marlies and any major junior team in the area – they simply don’t count.

  2. lol

    • And I am laughing about the coincidence of Burke’s offensive comment, sorry Whiskey.

  3. Seems like everyone is on the lookout for a top 4 d man.
    We all know they do not come cheap ( see Larsson Adam, if you believe he is top 4 )so todays question is

    Which top 4 d man could possible be available ??
    Phaneuf ? OEL ? Fowler ? Could the Blackhawks move a dman ?
    Whoever is available there could be a bidding war and the return huge !

    • Someone take Methot. Please.

      • George be careful what you wish for. Vegas may & then your back to only having 3 top 4 Dman. Although 2 more years at 4.9 may keep Vegas away though but not necessarily. Virtually no other players of any value to Vegas for selection from Ottawa.

      • I wouldn’t say that based on his play and capabilities – but this guy always seems like he’s one stride from a “nagging injury” that keeps him on the sidelines for stretches – and at the most inopportune times. He’s “not available” again tonight which likely means Claeson – the 7th D right now – slips into the slot beside Karlsson. Just great with Giroux and Simmonds in town. That means that, since joining the Sens, he’s missed almost 25% of their games.

      • I hear you. I really wished they signed both Seidenberg & Quincey both came cheap. Even Schenn would have helped & all signed for peanuts, Schenn for 2 years.

    • I think that’s my problem with the looking for a top 4 arguement from a Leaf perspective, not that necessarily are any of those guys avsialable but I don’t see much sense in trading asserts for pieces that aren’t really any different then what’s already there or been there….is Phaneuf a top 4? sure he is but no thanks pass been there done that, Fowler? Definely. He is gonna cost a tone he is a lefty (wrong hand) who I’m not really sure I’d want paired with Gardiner or Rielly. Shattenkirk well he is a rightie but again is he really helping in the D zone for the cost???? It’s really tough to find a fit. I think Hamilton is one but according to Burke there is nothing there so IMO probably best to just wait till closer to expansion and maximize the assets or take advantage of a team with less leverage.

    • I look back at the Pens top 4 and aside from Letang- not much special there- its how they play as a unit..Could Gardiner plays in the Pens top 4 last year? I think so and I think he has zero hockey sense…Justin Schultz was effective at the end of the season..right time right place..there are a million “top 4” D…question is do you have the top 1 or 2 – that makes everyone ok as a top 4. Look at the regression of Klingberg (Goligoski), Ekblad (Campbell), and Jose (Weber)..when there partners have left…look at every Canuck D since there run..Edler Erhoff Bieksa..all fallen off…all about the system and the insulation you give them..

      • I agree with this actually a lot I think instead of bigger names or guys who rack up lots of points they should be looking for something very specific doesn’t have to be fancy tho Hamilton certainly was that. In the past I have brought up a guy like Folin out of Minny big rightie who can skate good defensively to play along Gardiner on the second pair…they’re out there doesn’t have to be sexie and cost a tone and closer to expansion I think could be picked up relatively cheap…if it’s a rightie top pair guy, cost is obviously more but I’m not sure any of what’s being mentioned outside Hamilton fit that need.

      • Sort of agree with what you guys are saying. I think.
        Are you still saying you need that true #1 and fill up the other 5 spots with just good D-men and with the right forward group and system you can win?
        If so yes.
        In my opinion you still need that true #1. Like PIT had with Letang, LA with Daughty, Chi with Keith etc etc.
        I suppose Rielly has a chance to be that.
        If I am the Leafs I am drafting a bunch of D-men coming up in the next 2 years and hope you hit it.

      • I disagree. You need a solid top 4 to compete. Yes for stretches a system, great goaltending or just luck can factor in.

        It does start getting pretty blurry at the 4/5/6 spots as not all teams deploy their best Dman on the 1st or 2nd pairing as odd as that sounds. A few balance out 2 units some even 3 when everyone is healthy.

        What Pittsburgh achieved with that D last season was almost a miracle. It didn’t help that SJ’s lack of a fore check in the finals made Cole & Lovejoy look like the 2nd coming of Coffee & Bourque. Ha-ha! SJ’s game plan was seriously flawed.

      • I don’t mean their best single Dman but plural teams with strong D spread their best Dman out over 2 or 3 pairings so never have what some teams ice as a 3rd pairing playing very limited minutes. Every teams #1 obviously plays on the 1st pairing their #2 could play on the 2nd their #3 say like Trouba has could even anchor a 3rd pairing but still finish in the top 3 in TOI/GP as he plays on both specialty teams.

      • Striker, what Pit achieved last year was amazing. Which has made me question my belief that you need a great blue line to win. With the exception of Letang they focused on simply chipping it out quickly. Coaches may find a way to combat that. That may be why SJ didn’t send in the strong fore check you suggest.
        It does show how you need that #1 horse logging big minutes still with Letang, at almost 30/GM in the playoffs.
        If you look at history not many cup winners in the last 20 years without a true #1, which I consider Letang to be when healthy. Last year was the first time in a couple years he wasn’t battling health issues.

    • 6 teams have to many Dman come expansion. Anaheim, Columbus, Minnesota; 2 to many, Nashville, NYI & Winnipeg. I assume all will trade a Dman before the expansion draft. If Anaheim can convince Bieksa to waive his NMC they may not & risk losing Manson.

      15 teams could use an upgrade of their #3 D protector. Not the least of which is Toronto but you can add, Boston, Buffalo, Dallas, Detroit, Montreal, New jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, StL, TB & although they don’t necessarily need a #3 Dman Carolina could take on a solid top 4 D as they have Dman exempt from selection in Hanafin, Slavin & Pesce so easily have room to protect 1, giving them potentially a stellar D coming out of the expansion draft. Colorado is in a similiar situation as Anaheim, Beauchemin as Anaheim with Bieksa having an NMC & if he agreed to waive they could bid for a solid top 4 D as well.

      • The Penguins number 3 is Brian Dumoulin who is still young and improving but already an excellent player with a bright future. 6’4″ 220 pounds and skates as well as Letang. Had a high offensive acumen in the AHL and that part of his game is still developing but the Penguins D is just fine and suits their system perfectly.

      • To say Winnipeg has too many defenseman, is the same as saying Boston has too many defenseman in which both cases would be true. The jets have Byfuglien, Myers, Trouba, Enstrom and Morrisey not moving. That leaves you with Chiarot, Postma and Stuart, not getting much for any of them three , now Chiarot has been playing well but he isn’t a top 4 defenseman and will not fetch much of a return. Personally I think Boston would get more of a return for Colin Miller then the Jets would for any of the three.
        The situation in Winnipeg still bears watching as Buff, Myers and Trouba prefer side is the right one, will be interesting to watch to see how Trouba handles the left side if moved there once Myers returns. If anything Trouba already has shown that the jets made the smart decision by not letting him go.

      • Caper.

        With expansion looming, Buffy & Enstrom having NMC’s requiring protection unless Enstrom agrees to waive Myers & Troubs what forwards are being exposed in expansion if Winnipeg chooses to use the 8 skater option?

        Winnipeg has 1 keeper D to many meaning they are going to lose a quality young prospect who isn’t expansion exempt. Although for me that’s more preferable but Trouba isn’t staying in Winnipeg long term. Winnipeg bought 2 years. Looking to move him well his value is higher due to that nice bridge deal has to be a consideration.

        Not saying it will happen but has to be explored. For most teams protecting 4 Dman is problematic not all but some of those 6 lose a quality forward if they choose to keep 4 D especially Columbus & possibly Anaheim.

      • Striker, it just means Winnipeg will lose one of Lowry or Pearault. Possibly a trade coming. Could be one active off season.

      • It will be 1 of Copp, Armia, Dano, Lowry or Perreault. Only room for 1 if Winnipeg protects 4 Dman not trying to trade 1. Scheifele, Little & Wheeler are locks.

      • If Lowry and Pearault is left unprotected it will be one of them two. Maybe Armia but he’s only a second year pro? isn’t he exempt?

  4. Why is it Bishop that moves ? Maybe he discounts to win a championship. Why not Vasilivsky as I would think he would bring more value to both sides of the equation. Hamilton is not going anywhere. If anything one of the young depth defence on the farm

    • Watch Vasy play. See massive improvement in puck handling. See attitude. See work ethic. Possible 10 year franchise goalie ala Brodeur. Bishop is very good, but if you can only keep one it’s no contest especially on a roster deep enough to not need a huge return.

    • Bishop wants to be paid like 1 of the top goalies in the game. The rumor floating this summer is he wants Lundqvist type money the reason Calgary ceased discussions. No way TB can even afford to pay Bishop 6 mil per on a long term deal.

      Purely a casualty of TB’s success. Not enough money to pay everyone & Vasilevsky is locked up for 3 years following this season at 3.5.

  5. Full disclosure..when Burke was named Leafs GM I was ecstatic..he was always in the mix of the things and liked to make deals…as a long suffering Leafs fan just coming of JFJ..it was to good to be true…
    I have come full circle haha..what a blowhard…why say anything at all- if there were rumors of a trade to Florida would he feel compelled to speak? No he just loves the spotlight and relished the chance to come on the radio and blow…why did he have to come on? if anyone why not Treliving……BUFFOON
    Yes the deal makes a tonne of sense and Im sure it was discussed- but I prefer Brodie if we could get him at all

    • You mean 6′ 1″ 182-lb T.J. “Oops” Brodie who’s a -14 just 26 games into the season? That Brodie over 6′ 6″ 225-lb Hamilton who’s a -2? Hell, Brodie’s stats stick out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the Flames D – Giordano – +4; Engelland – +8; Wideman – +1; Jokipakka – E; Kulak – +1.

      • Brodie has been brutal most nights. Directly responsible for at least 3 losses of games I attended live this year. The most recentwas NYI the other night, both NYI goals were his fault & he compounded his mistakes after the fact but not taking his secondary assignment after turning over the puck.

        Not sure what the problem is but he’s been awful which is weird he’s had 3 solid seasons & was becoming a solid #2. Currently he looks like he should be benched.

      • Gah do you he forget how to play??? Look at his career how often has he been minus? Quit using plus/minus as somekinda indication of defensive skill it’s simply not. Think Karlsson was the worst defensive player the year he was -30? As a stat +/- really is meaningless even when comparing guys on the same team, has it been a good year ? Meh not really judging by a lot of other factors but really hasn’t been that much worse than others on the Flames by comparison. Striker you of all people who sit here and shoot down most stats and then point to a guys +/-? Come on man lol

      • All about environment and system..is Hamilton worth that much more in salary? already soured at age 23 on his second team…looks like J BO 2.0….walk way Lou

      • Well said Shticky..I like Brodie’s mobility and when everyone falls over Hamilton’s size I laugh- he doesn’t use his frame most nights..JVR is a huge man- but hardly a power forward – more Eric Daze than Keith Tkachuk…haha relax in style not production. I think Brodie is a serious improvement on Gardiner…I think Hamilton is as well..I just think the latter makes too much and would cost too much to acquire

      • How many games the Flames been trailing in the 3rd? How many empty net goals Brodie been on the ice for? Probably more than a bottom pairing D or guys who play 3rd and 4th line minutes right? Brodie avg nearly 24 mins a night 2nd most on the team starts in the D zone most of the time (2nd most of any D really besides Hamilton) of the time of course he is going to be on the ice for a lot of goals on a struggling team.

      • I don’t think it’s completely meaningless. It is fundamentally flawed for a whole range of reasons & can’t be used to make comparisons team to team but with in a team it provides a reference as to a players impact defensively at 5 on 5. Like all stats it’s a reference not a be all & end all. You can never replace the eye test for what really happened.

        That said all you need do is watch the games to see the issue. Not sure what’s going on in Brodie’s head. He is making rookie mistakes & has been as brutal as his -14 suggests compared to his D peers in Calgary.

      • Shticky you go around saying shots are so important but last night was a perfect example the leafs go down early by 3 but end with 39 shots! The announcers and the intermission guys both said when have a 3 goal lead you’re gonna allow more shots but lower the quality chances! And I’ve seen you use plus minus to better your arguments

      • That’s what I’m saying Striker you go on about how flawed stats are in generally and then you use probably the biggest flawed stat in the history of sport let alone hockey to prove a point??? Lol
        It’s like your comment yesterday let’s not talk religion by the way I’m Agnostic.. smh

      • Well, Shticky, to use your favourite “meh” expression – sorry, but that -14 is there for a reason and, yes, in that situation you have to look at the others on the Calgary D. Would YOU take Brodie over Hamilton? As for Karlsson, sure he was a -30 – the whole effing team was a minus something.

      • Every stat is flawed depending who and what they are using it for lol

      • +/- is flawed. Remove empty net goals for starter. WTF is with that?
        I agree with using it to compare players on the same team however. Again flawed due to zone starts, who you are on the ice with etc. But as a general gauge.
        As a B’s fan I look at Chara’s history, or Bergeron’s and they consistently play the best opponents and are consistently plus players. Same is not true for many other Bruins over the years.
        There possession stats are usually very good as well so they match up and support each other. Just another metric.

        The name of the game is to score more goals than the other team after all.

      • For the cost George I take Brodie over ever D in Calgary not named Hamilton could careless what his +/- is his is high because he plays a lot in a lot of situationson a team that has lost a lot of games as just like Karlsson was the best player on a team with a brutal +/- Brodie might not be their best but his +/- doesn’t mean he is bad….
        And finally big bear last time I’m going over this
        I don’t care where in your opinion the shots are coming from teams that give up more shots than they take or give up 32 + shots a night are not good defensively they just are not. Look at teams that win Stanley cups Bruins 2011 29 shots against LA in 2012 avg 25 shots against a night 2013 Blackhawks 27 shots against 2014 kings 26 shots against 2015 Blackhawks 30 last year was a little different with the Pens but for the most part teams with good D don’t give up more than 30 shots a game and constantly get out shot.

      • Going back to 2009 there has been 1 team to win a cup giving up 31+ shots (last year Penguins) a night, there are 7 of 8 teams that gave up 30 or less and 6 of 8 avg less than 30 I don’t believe one of those teams was the best but they were generally a top 10 defensive team and the all won Cups so it’s pretty safe to assume they had leads in a lot of games and they still were not giving up 39 shots on very many nights. I don’t care what Dave Randorf said during a Leafs Flames game when discussing the D. lol

      • Exactly the pens last yr with all the advance stats coming forward and players shooting from everywhere to better their advance stats! Shot totals are meaningless the only stat that matters is the final score! Even you being a leaf fan have to admit last night they didn’t have very many good scoring chances! But knowing you you will butter it up to make the leafs like they dominated that game lol

      • Dave randorf has more hockey knowledge in his pinky than you know! Lol let me guess you don’t think he does?? Lol

      • You truly are an idiot lol
        Like Jim Carey in dumb and dumber “…so you are saying ther is a chance” idiot lol

      • Lol shticky knows he’s wrong just throwing insults!! you drunk already shticky? Lol

  6. You can always tell when the Tampa Bay Times hires a sports guy, not a hockey gau to cover the team.
    The Latvian kid, Kristers Gudlevskis, 24 is not too shabby a goaler, but the question remains how long the new 50 game starter, Vasilevsky takes to ease into workhorse status.
    John Gibson is still adjusting to his workload with Ducks. Just saying.
    A Bishop departure is softerned by that.

  7. Hey Button.

    Isn’t Stralman a good #2? Hedman is certainly #1. I like Garrison at #4 but I feel TB needs a better #3. They don’t have 1 currently, Garrison is by TOI/GP & has been essentially since arriving but not an ideal #3. Hard for TB to solve this issue due to cap issues & such a strong forward group needing to be paid.

    Following expansion there may be enough money may be available depending upon how it plays out with Bishop; what the return is & who’s lost at forward. I would assume Namestnikov as TB is currently constructed baring a trade before the expansion drafting altering the picture.

  8. Isn’t this why we call it the “Toronto Sports Network”

    • I always thought the “T” in TSN stood for “Toronto” – I’ve certainly not seen nor heard anything that would tell me otherwise.

      • Lol it’s ” the” isn’t it

      • They’d like you to think so.

  9. Thats really hold the presses that Canadiens GM isnt kicking any doors

  10. Burke did state it is his job to listen to all offers. That doesn’t mean he will trade any player he hears an offer for. Like he said if someone offered 20 1rst round picks for Hamilton he’d pull the trigger on the deal. An obvious exaggeration but it illustrates his point. It will take a great offer to get Hamilton. That’s not likely to happen.

    As such Hamilton isn’t going any where.

  11. Pierre Lebrum wants a 3,2,1 point system. 3pts for a regular time win. He provides no proof that it would create a separation of the teams but he believes it will and it show who the better teams are and they’ll be a wider point gap. He says basically half the league is tied and everyone is still in it. Correct. For me it just comes down to one question when you want change. In this case whether I agree with Pierre or not is irrelevant. The question is Why would the NHL want to adapt this system? With that questions then leads to others like What benefit is it to the league? will it generate more revenue? Will the league be better financially? will it created more advertisement dollars? will it see more arenas full with patron? Like I said what benefit is it to the NHL to go to a 3,2,1 point system?

    • Well the benefit Lebrun is selling almost sounds like a deterrent for some. More teams in the playoff hunt means more revenue.
      A possible benefit is teams stop trying to just get to overtime later in the year as they go for the 3 points. So fewer shootouts.
      Which I would be in favor of.

  12. Nuts. Get rid of the “European-sop” shoot-out and bring back ties – doing away with 3-point games.

    • With you on that one George

    • Agree George.
      It is like MLB having a home run derby to resolve a tie.
      Or the NFL having a Punt Pass Kick competition.

      • Which would be awesome to non-full time fans. Guess what. NHL and other leagues don’t have to cater to diehards. We’ve proven we ain’t going anywhere. They need to cater to casual fans. They fill in the rest of the seats.

      • As in any endeavor – movies, music, TV, sports – you start catering and pandering to the lowest common denominator in the chase for the immediate almighty buck and it won’t be long before your scrambling for some changes since they generally have the attention span of a flea and once they get bored with what they initially clamored for they begin agitating for something else. There’s another money to be had from the diehards with prostituting your product.

      • Damned faded script – lol – “before you’re scrambling …” and “there’s enough money …”

        Oh, and what you DON’T want to do is completely turn off those fans who made you what you are in the first place – as mainstream TV networks are discovering as people turn to things like Netflix and on-line streaming, saying to hell with cable and their mainstream support.

  13. Well George, you know that the NHL won’t change the integrity of the game to the extreme you’re implying. The fact is that the ‘European Sop’ (Is that you Don?) shootout is exciting, especially if it goes past 3 shooters. Ties are the ultimate let down after a great game, and let’s be honest, no one wants to talk about the sweet tie they saw last night with their buddies. The awesome shootout goal by Kane or Tarasenko or sprawling save by Price or Lundqvist add to the experience of the game.
    Guaranteed through a quarter of the season, everyone will wish something would decide a tie game and we would circle back all over again.

    • Spoken like a true trans-planted Canadian who has become Americanized. Screw the 3-point games. They do nothing but bugger up the standings.

  14. Assets for Hamilton? Ha ha they ripped Boston off in that deal so bad even Edmonton offered more of a fair deal but it was rejected due to the fact P.C is GM of EDM. It’s as bad if not worse than the Hall deal. Lopsided cheap throw away. Boston gave up their best young future D man for a grain of salt.