NHL Rumor Mill – December 22, 2016

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Teams with serious interest in Toronto Maple Leafs winger James van Riemsdyk should be prepared to pay big to acquire him.

Latest on James van Riemsdyk, Marc-Andre Fleury, Jannik Hansen and Patrik Nemeth in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: In his latest “30 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman reports the NHL trade market is currently frozen because so many teams have so little salary-cap room, so many clubs remain in playoff contention and the expansion draft is looming next June. He doubts any major moves are on the horizon this season. 

If a significant player is moved, it could be Toronto Maple Leafs left wing James van Riemsdyk. With free agency a year away for the 27-year-old, the Leafs could be willing to move him for the right price. As Friedman puts it, teams with serious interest in the winger must be prepared to “ante up.” If the Leafs decide to add more young talent or a top-four defenseman, van Riemsdyk could fetch a quality return. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Should the Leafs shop van Riemsdyk, I see that move happening in the offseason, and I think they’ll use him to land a skilled top-four defenseman. 

Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford could try to add to his roster (perhaps a defenseman) for another run at the Stanley Cup this season. Friedman notes Rutherford rarely waits for the trade deadline to make such moves.

Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is the most obvious trade chip, but the Pens GM must decide if they’re  better with him on the roster to the end of the season. Friedman considers the Dallas Stars a perfect fit for Fleury. He also suggests offering Fleury to the Winnipeg Jets for blueliner Jacob Trouba. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bringing in a defenseman means the cap-strapped Penguins must shed salary. Trading Fleury and his $5.75 million annual cap hit will do the trick. I consider Dallas the only suitable destination right now, with the Pens taking back Antti Niemi ($4.5 million).

That moves frees up over $1.2 million in cap space for the Pens, providing some room to squeeze an affordable blueliner in at the trade deadline. Of course, this move depends upon Fleury and Niemi accepting the deal by waiving their no-trade clauses. Otherwise, the Stars will have to move Niemi or Kari Lehtonen in a separate deal with another club to take on Fleury. As for Winnipeg and Trouba, I don’t see that one happening. 

VANCOUVER SUN: Jason Botchford considers Canucks speedy winger Jannik Hansen the club’s most marketable trade commodity and feels the time is right to move him. However, Botchford is skeptical Canucks management can be convinced of that. He points out management seems in limbo, unwilling to make deals for a playoff push but also loath to make a rebuilding move by shipping out a veteran for draft picks and prospects. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hansen also has a full no-trade clause. Canucks GM Jim Benning recently said he wouldn’t approach any of his players carrying such clauses about waiving them unless the player asks first. In other words, unless Hansen requests a trade, Benning’s not moving him. 

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika believes the Dallas Stars should trade defenseman Patrik Nemeth. He feels they have sufficient defensive depth in their system. Moving Nemeth would not only improve his mindset, but also that of fellow blueliners Jamie Oleksiak and Stephen Johns. It would also allow the Stars to carry two extra forwards. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Heika speculates that possible trades by the Stars could be determined by where they are early in the New Year. Whether Nemeth becomes trade bait remains to be seen. 


  1. Anyone thinking Fleury will have a good return such as Trouba is in for a huge disappointment. I could see a deal with Dallas as suggested to clear minimal cap space, but Trouba? I can’t see it. Pittsburgh isn’t exactly dealing from a position of strength here. And public comments about how the 2 goalie system hasn’t worked as planned only weakens their position more.

    • Fleury is currently a mediocre goalie, in fact less than mediocre. In his last start, he let in 6 goals on 36 shots. On the season, he is a 904 SV% and 3.3 GAA.

      I don’t see much of a return for him with his contract.

      • Agreed. He’s having the worst season of his career since his rookie year …..and 32 years old? None of this spells anyone doing Pittsburgh a favor.

      • Last start he actually gave up one goal and was 3rd star against toronto. Numbers are bad this year but every time MAF is in net the Pens play terrible in front of him

      • I disagree. At the beginning of the season Fluery started out rather well. When Murray got back from injury and Fluery’s starts where cut than he started to decline. If/When he is traded and gets the regular starts that a number 1 goalie gets he should bounce back.

      • I think Fleury’s problem is all mental – he needs to have the confidence of knowing he is THE guy. Murray pushing him out and the 2 goalie system doesn’t work for Fleury and we’ve seen this in the past when a talented goalie pushes him a bit (think Vokoun as example) one season and he responds well when he get a full run at the job the following year.
        Is he worth Trouba? Probably not, but could be a key piece going back. Again that’s assuming they make the move at all. Fleury was solid last year until he got hurt and if Murray doesn’t step in like he did, the Pens likely don’t go the distance. Who is to say the roles aren’t reversed this year and is it worth taking a chance?

      • Raanta gave up one goal in 3 games. Was the star of the week, before he coughed up 7 to Pittsburgh. I don’t see Fleurys 3rd star of the game against Toronto as leverage talk with another Gm.

      • I agree with Kevjam. Hard to get into a grove playing so sparingly. I think Fleury is a solid goalie & looking at starts & level of competition he’s been some what put in a bad spot. His last loss to Tor the 2nd game of a back to back games & the 4th game in 6 days. Hard for any team to win that game never mind who’s in net. The previous back to backs Fleury gets game 1 against Minny 1 of the best teams in the league Murray gets NJ, 1 of the worst. Next set of back to backs Fleury again gets the 2nd game Murray gets NYI Fri, Fleury Buf Sat. By % few teams win the 2nd game of back to backs, add in extensive travel & or to many games in to short a period of time & it can get ugly.

        Anh was gased the other night against Montreal. The 5th game in 8 days back to back travelling all the way to the east coast. By the 2nd period they looked like they were skating in quick sand by the 3rd it was brutal.

        As we discuss watching these games & factoring in quality of competition, # of games played in a a period of time travel etc I think Fleury has played well considering all these factors. #’s are a reference not a be all & end all. They are important but there are a multitude of factors that have to be accounted for in real life. In fantasy hockey all we want are points. Ha-ha!

      • currently yes; long term no
        he has a stanley cup that makes him a solid choice if you truly want to try to win a cup

    • Comments like this from Friedman; Fleury for Trouba, make him look foolish & call into question his hockey acumen. Not a hope in hell Your getting Trouba for any goalie, never mind Fleury.

      Trouba may be a #2 Dman now if ever given the chance & may well be a solid #1 in the very near future. Just not getting that opportunity any time soon with Buffy & Myers in Winnipeg never mind Enstrom.

      I think Trouba will be moved eventually possibly before he makes it to arbitration in 2 summers, maybe even this summer before the expansion draft if the right return is available.

      • I think it was implied that other pieces would be included, just like when Spector said Fluery for Niemi. Niemi will not get you Fluery on his own, especially with Niemi’s contract.

      • I assumed so as well but that competition would need to be significant. I question his even feeling Winnipeg needs a goalie with Hellebuyck & Hutchinson as well as Pavelic & Comrie in the minors. That makes no sense to me. Hellebuyck is Winnipeg’s future & that future in starting now it started last year.

        Yes they are both young & having a mentor could be positive; get a back up veteran on the cheap next summer if Hutchinson is lost; unlikely,but what ails Winnipeg has little to do with goaltending. The only other team in the NHL that has so many injures & not yet iced what would have been their desired roster to start the season is Dallas.

        Armia & Matthias are close may play tonight but Myers still has no timeline for his return. Losing your #2 Dman is tough on any team even more so a young up & coming team like Winnipeg who doesn’t really have the depth to overcome the loss. Morrisey is being asked to shoulder a far greater load than he’s ready for & after that it gets pretty ugly at the #5 & 6 spots. Trading Trouba makes it worse not better.

      • Sorry should read compensation for competition. Dam auto correct.

        This talk of Winnipeg trading for a goalie which has surfaced numerous times just doesn’t make sense to me. Even less when someone implies Trouba will be part of that trade.

        When Trouba is moved, I assume it will be for another Dman, possibly a younger less developed Dman with a bright future & other assets, either prospects, picks or some combination of such.

      • I have a lot of respect for Friedman, but I concur with your comment.

    • this is correct’ish. MAF should net an ok return, more than nominal cap space… but not a spectacular one… Trouba?!?! not unless pens throw in a pick and prospect at minimum. Niemi for MAF with a pick or prospect coming to Pittsburgh as well… a second or even a 1st from Dallas with Pittsburgh sending a pick back. Maybe a Niemi and 1st for MAF and 3rd?

  2. An obvious trade potential trade partner for van Riemsdyk from Toronto is Anaheim. They are rich in young talented defenseman and could use an offensive boost from someone south of 30 years of age, and van Riemsdyk did respond well to Carlyle. Getting either Fowler, Lindholm or Vatanen would be great (maybe not straight up but as centerpieces of a trade).

    • I don’t think Fowler will be moved, he’s become too important to them. Maybe Vantanen, probably Manson.

      • Dan39,

        The Ducks just resigned Vatanen in the offseason to a 4 year deal… why would they turn around and move him. I think the contract indicates their commitment to keeping him on their blueline and part of the future.

        Fowler is the most likely candidate from their defenseman pool. He’s a free agent after next season and will most certainly request a hefty raise and big contract. Currently he holds a lot of trade value IMO as he’s been a top pairing defenseman and at only $4m for another season.

    • I agree Thirstydeer. The Leafs need to acquire a proven established Dman. Sure they can draft one too but rarely are Dmen ready to play immediately after the draft. Outside or Reilly, and Zaitsev the Leafs are thin on D with respect to top 4. Gardiner is definitely a good Dman but not in the top 3 of a top 4 scenario. I also think he is good enough to not include in a deal to acquire a top 4. vanReimsdyk, plus picks or prospects, is the best way to achieve this. This is a required move and not one that strays too far from the Shanaplan.

    • The ducks don’t want to take salary back if they make a trade by the sounds of things

      • I agree, if the Ducks make a trade with the Leafs IMO they would insist on Nylander. The Ducks do need to make a move before the expansion draft, because as things stand now they are loosing Rakell, which is a big loss.

      • Possibly Silfverberg or Manson as well. Certainly 1 of those 3 if a trade doesn’t take place moving out a Dman. Unless of course Bieksa agree’s to waive his NMC in which case they keep all their forwards; really only have 5 protectors at forward now in Getzlaf, Perry, Kelser, Rackell & Silvferberg, & D; Lindholm, Vatanen & Fowler, except for Manson who I assume would be selected in this scenario. Ritchie & most of the other prospects of value are expansion exempt.

        Anaheim can easily afford to sign Fowler at 6.5 to 7 per long term. They buy out Stoner this summer; a little over a mil per for 2 years, Despres may be a LTIR career casualty & a wild card in Anaheim’s D moving forward, I think his career is over. Vatanen is only making 4.8+ & Lindholm 5.7+ so lots of cap space for Fowler’s resigning. By the time his new deal kicks in Bieksa will be off the books as well. Bieksa & Stoner currently hit the cap at 7.25, 5 & change after Stoner is bought out next season & again Fowler’s cap hit simply replaces there combined hits when it kicks in. Theodore becomes a full time NHL player next season, Larsson the season following when Bieksa moves on & that doesn’t even account for Montour!

        Anh doesn’t have to move a Dman necessarily but if Bieksa doesn’t waive his NMC they are confronted with potentially losing a quality forward in Rackell or Silfverberg only room for 1 in the 8 skater formula. I assume Anaheim does something to solve this by June 17th 2017. The day teams need to submit their expansion draft protected roster.

    • Anaheim currently sits at 9th in goals for, am I missing something ?

      • Just leafs dreams top 10 in the league in scoring doesn’t matter it’s shot generation that counts! Lol

      • What you’re missing is that their top scorers are all over 30 and will hit declining numbers sooner rather then later, they either need to maximize the time they have left with these players or get rid of them to start a youth movement. The team doesn’t have an abundance of forward talent that are young, and with the expansion draft coming up they will certainly lose one of their better forwards as they have to protect their defensemen. The trade makes sense in both dollars, term, and ‘fit’ within each team.

      • I disagree. JvR + for Fowler doesn’t make sense in term dollars or fit. Nor is Anaheim’s prospect kitty at forward bare. Rackell is just a kid, Ritchie playing his 1st full NHL season. Kase appears to be a player numerous other are showing NHL abilities & at some point a Dman will be moved just not necessarily Fowler, Vatanen or Lindholm.

        Anaheim doesn’t need another 6+ mil forward they do need another 6+ mil Dman & I assume it will be Fowler. A bird in the hand & he will be reupped on July 1st or shortly there after.

        If Anaheim protects Getzlaf, Perry. Kesler, Rackell, Fowler, Lindholm, Bieksa & Vatanen & losses Silfverberg that’s unfortunate but not insurmountable & it would free up 3.75 mil in cap space & allow Anaheim to retain Manson. Giving Anaheim a solid D post expansion & following Bieksa’s final year.

    • Anaheim won’t want JvR’s future contract wants 6 mil + long term. He doesn’t fit their cap structure or space. If & when Anaheim moves a Dman it will be for a young forward or player with a decent contract ideally expansion draft exempt.

    • I don’t think that the Ducks move any of those 3 but maybe they would do a deal with a younger D in their system don’t have big issues protecting 8 skaters with expansion and of Fowler was to walk via UFA they would still have one of Montour or Theodore to replace some top 4 minutes. Not saying in a deal for JVR but I would think if the Ducks were to shop 1 of Montour or Theodore as part of a deal they would be able to pick up a good young scoring forward if that’s what they wanted to do.

      • Not that it will happen but if the Leafs and Ducks were to make a deal I would think it would be more likely a Nylander for Theodore type swap then JVR for Fowler. Just as an example.

  3. Playoff push?! Vancouver! Remember that football coach screaming, “playoffs, playoffs!?”. Forget who it was but instantly came to mind when I read that regarding Vancouver. What a great laugh! And on another note Hansen is their most marketable trade chip? I will say this ONCE AGAIN; the Sedins are tradeable! (If that’s a word!)

    • @Steven
      The Canucks are four points out and have hung in there with their top two d out for a good part of the season. Doesn’t take much to make you laugh does it ? Maybe you can make your case as to why they won’t make it ?

    • I’ll make a bit of a case – a lot of their key players are aging, the farm system depth is lousy and their NHL level depth is also limited. Miller is getting too old to be counted on for 60+ games a year and Markstrom to me still isn’t a sure thing. I will give them this – they’ve managed to keep things together this season while a lot of other teams get hurt by injuries or slowed by the schedule – but could they go toe to toe with the top teams in the west come playoff time when everything is relative? I don’t think so. Even if they could, you have to believe the window is probably only this year. To me its a question of slipping in vs going into the playoffs. They likely slip in at best and I don’t think that is best longterm for them. Better to trade the Sedins now (deadline) while they have enough value to get something and are under contract another year. You won’t make the playoffs but it proves to me they are a one line team.

    • It was Herm Edwards, then with the NY Jet, and it was great.

      • It was Jim Mora with the colts. I’m a die hard Jets fan …… unfortunately . I wish we had something that memorable to talk about.

      • Right, I was confused.
        Herm was “you play to win the game”.

  4. JVR move is an offseason one, simply too many scoring forwards coming in and too pressing a need on D to keep him.

    Leafs are currently top five in the league in shot generation and bottom five in shot suppression. It’s quite extraordinary.

    Currently Kapanen is a ppg player in the AHL at 20 years old. He’s not in the NHL due to his contract, plain and simple. Leipsic also deserves a shot, another ppg player.

    The move for a Dman will not involve Nylander, Matthews, Marner, IMO.

    For those of you who don’t watch the games and don’t understand stats, like BigBruin, please listen to Bob Mckenzie discussing this trio yesterday.

    He pointed out, Matthews is currently approximately a top 25 player in the NHL and he specifically praised the defensive work he does, now being matched against Getzlaf, Malkin, etc and dominating.

    He also suggested Marner and Nylander are not just good talents, but elite talents. They won’t be moved, let alone plus a 1st round pick for a top four Dman as BigBruin suggested.

    • Lol was that on a leafs show? Lol listen to Craig button nylander will not get you a top 4 dman unless it’s an unproven one like himself pieces would have to be added. It’s funny shot generation and suppression and still out of a playoff spot in a weak division lol

      • As far as kapanen Chris terry has a better points per game, you cannot judge a player from the ahl way too many players have done a lot in the ahl and nothing in the NHL

      • BBB, why is it that any mention of the Leafs, your instant rebuttal is negative.. I will admit that most – not all sports pundits are what I consider the epitome of “fake news”, but you consistently knock down any of the TML players regardless of achievements.

        There was a young man of 18 years old that called you out on it to no avail.. Leafs fan is finally getting a relevant team moving forward and no I don’t see through rose coloured glasses! And neither thus the majority of the fans. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are “Teams that want to compete year in and year out” The team has to grow and gel together in able to succeed. No more quick fixes and at least this management team is for the most part not blowing sunshine up ones behind. Silence is “golden”

      • I’m coming to BBB defense! Why do some people on here gets so defensive when your point is challenge? What exactly is BBB saying other then given a different point of view. Do I agree with BBB, not always. For some reason as soon as BBB points in a different direction you get senitve and start acting him; not the other way. I guess BBB is the Shaw or Marchand of this site he knows how to agitate you and it works every time. For us who are not leaf fans and refer to TSN as Toronto Sports Network, it can be overwhelming a lot of the time. I use to say a never seen a team get so much coverage for doing so little. I personally like the new direction the leafs are going and hope they stay on the path. That got some exciting talent and I do believe Matthews will be a Selke player sooner rather then later, but their two biggest weakness is D and until that is fixed they will not be a contending team and yes I do believe they have two solid d.

      • In all fairness, Bbb said nothing today prior to basically being called out. You can’t scream “troll” and poke the bear and expect to not get bit.

        As far as people’s rebuttals or opinions…. Who cares? Argue the other side or move on.
        Generally speaking as a NY fan ( not just Rangers) I don’t sit around expecting praise. As a matter of fact I expect the exact opposite. And usually get just that. NY has been a contender for years, yet people will talk about teams that have made the playoffs once in 20 years as “contenders” before they bite their lip and say it .Window closing, overpaid free agents, old players, “not even the best team in NY”, …. I’ll just argue my case.

        You’re in the wrong place if you expect praise for anything Toronto has or hasn’t done.

      • it’s not so much what he says as opposed to how he is saying it Caper and I’m not sure if anyone else was constantly hitting reply to another teams thread there wouldn’t be the same reaction by that particular teams fan base. It gets old. Its a team with one of if not the largest fan bases no saying he doesn’t have an opinion everyone does but most of us can kinda hold our toung for the most part when say Bruins fans are talking amongst themselves here you don’t see the constant troll. Now it’s not everyone there are some here that do kinda wander of topic but not to the extent of BBB and yes I know people including myself may get agitated and say some things they probably shouldn’t but bbb calling people a child abusing drunk, or telling a guy like Whiskey his religion means nothing due to the hockey team they follow is a completely different level than arguing about a game. Defend him all you want.

      • Thx caper. Antonio why do the majority of leaf fans pump the tires of every player on the team when the team hasn’t done good for a long time? Im not just talking since the rebuild either, do I think they are moving in the right direction yes do I think they are close no. They could slip into the playoffs in the next couple of years but with that defense they aren’t gonna contend I think everyone can agree with that. It gets very tiring listening media and fans talk like this team is all but guaranteed to be a dynasty in the future! Oilers fans were the same way when they were getting high draft picks but we all know the way that went and to win in this league you have to have all the parts

      • Shticky an insult is an insult and you’re the type of guy that will go back weeks to find what someone said well this is your chance go back and look when I was the first person to start with the insults! Never always you or dan you like facts well that is a fact

      • Sticky… there is not “other teams thread here.” That is what makes this site better than most. It has a nice wide open format.

      • @Caper glad you came to bigbear`s defence, nice way of describing how bigbear tries to get under some one`s skin. Doesn`t try to engage in a normal conversation, just yaps at people. Unfortunately what you so eloquently described using Shaw or Marchant is a troll in every respect. Making comments just to get under some one else`s skin is trolling. Glad you came to his defence

      • IMO you’re a troll yogi you never actually talk about hockey just troll ppl

    • Dan you’re a leaf fans and watch a lot of games, yes? then why do you need Bob Mckenzie or anyone else’s opinion of the player. I’ll always say don’t get to caught up in the fancy stats, yes they mean something but not everything. Boston has one of the best 5 on 5 shot attempts and one of the best keeping the shot attempts down. But they are not an elite team and is fighting for a playoff spot. Why, because they don’t crash the net, they don’t go to the dirty area’s, they don’t block the goalie sightline and they simply are not goal scores. If they were doing all the above they would have more goals and more wins.

      • True that with regards to the Bruins Caper. And WTF is going on with Bergeron. Some of their core (expensive) of Bergeron, Kreicji, Backes is not been up to their historical play.
        I think your pint of getting to tough areas on offence is bang on.

      • Ray Bark,

        That’s been a huge issue this season… a lot of us fans (Bruins) need to keep in mind though that Bergeron is coming off an injury, which may still be nagging him. Also, Krejci is coming off another surgery and we have no idea if he’s actually 100% either.

    • You overrate Kapenan. I don’t get your comments that he is not in the NHL because of his contract?

  5. ✌?Caper.. all good no quarrel. The answer to your “why the Leafs get so much coverage is because of branding” the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens are two of the best Canadian brands in hockey ?, merchandise etc.. heck I would wager that if the TML marketed beers it would instantly be a top seller because of brand recognition.

    Imagine what would happen when we finally win the holy grail! Dollars to donuts, TML will exponentially quadruple their fan base! – name streets and Arenas to players that help succeed and make Shanahan and Babcock Senators. That’s a fact.

    • I agree, they are the two biggest market and part of the original six. The funny part for me is growing up in Cape Breton it was Montreal every Saturday Nights, to this day it’s still one of the primary reason why I have such distain for the Habs, not the fans but the Media and such bias announcement. A great save at one end was a great scoring chance at the other. That use to drive me nuts!!! Now living in Winterpeg, no still not a jets fan and Paul Maurice is overrated, but its more of the leafs on the media out here then the Habs, so not as much dislike as before for the habs. Did I mention i’m not a fan of the media, need an outlet that keeps them honest.

      • Every time I hear Danny Gallivan’s voice I get nauseous.

    • So what?

      • That was for Antoni’s observation. You do realize that, if and when what you predict comes true, they players will go home happy with their multi-million dollar contracts while you and everyone else that was lined up to adore them will go on plugging away for salaries that are pocket money for most.

      • I just tuned in Hockey Central At Noon on Sportsnet – out of curiosity and after making a bet with myself – and sure enough, I won. Kypreos et al were discussing, of course, the Leafs and all their budding potential. The could have been talking about the Oilers win last night, or maybe looking at some of the other 5 Canadian franchises – but no, in their eyes there is just one team worth discussing. THAT’s what pisses off a lot of fans across the country – and the “show” does air all across Canada.

      • George, that sir is a choice fans like myself for over 50 years have been passionately rooting for.. albeit, I have personally stopped cheering for them after Sundins’ retirement and only started to get interested mildly in the last several years after the Club and fiefdom decided it is time to burn the house down and start after the rubble! After all, TML is a brand to be reckoned with and low and behold, it’s become a phenomenon (relevant) once again.. it’s a monster cash cow$$$

        It employs people all throughout the Canadian economy directly and indirectly.

      • I have to ask…. What does employ indirectly mean? And just out of Curiosity….. What % of Canadians to they employ directly, or indirectly? I’m not trying to be s wise ass, but I’ve never seen someone put a sports franchise of any kind into a job making machine like a Google, Microsoft, Apple etc.

      • They just don’t seem to understand why so many “bait” Leafs fans – it’s not those fans they’re targeting in particular – it’s the notion out of the TO-centric media (CBC, TSN, Sportsnet, Global (there’s a laugh – they’re about as Global as a mom & pop corner store) that that city is the ONLY one that counts in the nation simply because it’s “the biggest.” OK, if TSN, CBC and Sportsnet want to cater to that large fan base because the sponsors who sign on for their various sports programs demand it – I get that. You pamper the potentially largest market for your goods. But what gets me is they don’t have the gonads to come right out and say so – “we are basically interested in everything and anything Toronto and we’ll occasionally defer to another Canadian market’s team (in the NHL – there are no other major sports franchises in Canada – with apologies to the CFL)) only infrequently.”

        Say that, and change the names of your shows so it reflects that and no one will have anything to bitch about.

      • Odd that nobody has mentioned the that Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is owned by Rogers, who owns Sportsnet, and Bell, who owns TSN. Our only 2 national Sports Channels.

        It is hardly surprising that is what we get fed. The Leafs generate the most views, the most clicks and get the most attention and generate the most revenue at every level of those Corps.
        What pisses me off is that the only talk programs we get in the West on SN WEST is the same.
        I, like Caper, grew up in an area without an NHL team (Sask) and other than VCR no western team. Loved Orr and the Bruins, also hate the Habs. Forever.

      • Antoni, like just about every Canadian kid who loved hockey, I grew up in the 1940s listening to the Leafs broadcasts on radio since, other than the Montreal-based French braodcasts covering the Habs, there was no other choice. But by the time I was about 10/11 in 1948/49 I had grown tired of listening to Foster Hewitt’s annoying nasal tones from the “Gondola high above Maple Leaf Gardens” and began twirling the dial looking for something different (in the days when a mm on the dial would bring in 3 stations) and found WHN/WMGM and Bert Lee and the Rangers. Eventually I became a diehard Habs fan when I learned French and listened to Rene Lecavalier and, in english, Danny Gallivan. I grew to detest the Leafs because, even then, I perceived they were being shoved down our throats in every facet of the media, especially with the arrival of TV in the early 1950s.

  6. I see a few other options for Fleury.

    To Calgary for Elliot and a 2nd round pick. The Pens get a credible backup and a pick and the Flames get their #1 for the next few years.

    To Vancouver for Miller and a 2nd or 3rd with Vancouver eating some of Miller’s salary. Same idea. Pens get a more than credible backup and a pick and the Canucks get their #1 for the next few years.

    Pens can then use the freed up cap space and picks to rent a veteran #7 defenseman for the playoff run.

    PS- One point about Fleury having a rough season by his standards. Typically, when MAF has had a bad outing in the past, he was lights out the next game. Now, when he has a bad game, he sits for Murray (or a good game, too) so he can’t get his rhythm.

    • Kinda what I hit on earlier. Nobody is doing Pittsburgh any favors here. Why would Vancouver give up Miller and picks…. And hold salary for Fleury? That would be a win, win, win for only Pittsburgh. Can’t see it.

      • Calgary and/or Vancouver gets a #1 goalie that is an upgrade to what they have under contract for several years for next to nothing.

        That’s not a win?

        Miller or Elliot get a chance to win a ring. Fleury gets to play again.

        Win. Win. Win. Win.

        The Pens are trading a number one starter (with the personality to fit well on a young team) and basically getting back a rental #7 dman. They win the least.

    • This is more reasonable but don’t think Elliot and a second is reasonable.. more mid round pick due to elliots salary. Niemi or miller would get a higher pick due to salary… and not a win win win for pens as MAF is a much better goalie who just needs some more steady starts. pens will be able to move him but due to the position they are in with him it will be for less than market value, which is already lower for goalies than other positions.

      • That’s kinda what I’m getting at. Between his play, salary, expansion draft looming , possibly having to expose Murray , public statements of how Murray/ Fleury have not worked as planned, a horrible goal tender market, his age etc. it’s not exactly set up to favor the Penguins at all. Honestly, they should be happy just to rid themselves of him, free up cap space and at the same time protect Murray.

        This isn’t picking on the guy, this is the reality of the situation . My thoughts on Bishop aren’t much different.

      • I think maf has the most value on the poor goalie market. He will bring an asset (and backup goalie) back. But not a trouba or even top pick unless the pens add. Taking niemi is adding imo so I think a decent pick evens that out. Or a decent but not top 2 prospect from the organization

  7. Bbb and caper, the rest of Canada hates Toronto. We know this and it relates to hockey aswell….suck it up and stop being a statistic. Write your local counsellor and complain that kypreos and all the other hacks in the media(not directed at you Lyle)have a thing for the leafs. They cant be all Toronto fans. So what gives? The Toronto Maple Leafs have been irrelevant for so long that finally there is actually something that the fans and media have to be excited for and positive to talk about. You both are absolutly entitled to your opinions and i respect that. I am critical of many other teams but to jump at the first mention of a team consistently to bash and present negative aspects to the team is plain f’in hurting. In light of the remarks i picture bbb living in his parents basement playing video games smokin weed and licking his chops at the first mention of the maple leafs. Of course this is just my train of thought after repeated insults from him and the way he goes about it. Regardless i will told im your typical leaf fan…..sigh

    • Oddly, this would be the 2nd time TODAY someone pulled Bbb into a conversation without a single word coming from him. I’m starting to wonder if this is becoming the little boy that cried wolf? You can’t expect someone to not defend themselves when they’re under personal attack.

      • THAT’S how many of them see anyone and anything directed at the Leafs in a negative manner. In their eyes they have to be some low-IQ dip-s*t – to use a tired and over-used what they perceive as the ultimate insult – “living in their parent’s basement” – as if there is no one among the many thousands of Leafs fans across the country who have had to resort to that to make ends meet.

        Their skin is tissue thin.

      • George you were just saying it bothers you that a national broadcast company is talking about the hockey team in Canada’s largest market…may want to take it easy on the thin skin comments lol

      • Nyr4life I think most, other than leaf fans are starting to notice this! Lol I never start throwing insults they always do yes I counter what they say about there team but as any non leaf knows until they’re competitive making the playoffs there is no need to talk about them this much! The funny thing is the majority of non leaf fans on here don’t talk their team up but rather talk about what they need to improve unless the leafs are perfect? ( that’s funny) lol

    • Maybe it’s not odd NYR how many times have you gone on about Striker without him even speaking to you? It’s the same kinda the same thing with BBB, Striker goes on about his condescending posts travels fantasy hockey and such it gets annoying, it’s the same thing with BBB over and over again every time there is a topic about the Leafs or someone mentions them it gets old the same as Strikers novels. BBB talks about the Leafs more than Leaf fans and it’s always the same thing maybe that’s why a few different people all say the same thing. We all have teams we don’t like myself I don’t like Vancouver or a couple others but I don’t jump up and down screaming about them everytime they are brought up in the topic I’m sure you’re the same you have a team you don’t like you don’t pile on every fan of that team that mentions them. To each his own if he wants to be that way I’m sure people are going to call him out on it from time to time, the same as you do to Striker.

      • Shticky it’s annoying when you or any leaf fan talks about how good they are or what superstar had Toronto in a tweet! Get over yourself shticky, anytime someone puts down the leafs you guys get all defensive like you know more than everybody else.

      • That’s kinda what I’m getting at BBB so far today you have replied and said pretty much the exact same thing 10 times and have been rude every single person who has brought up the Leafs. It’s not odd that a few different people have noticed the same thing. No one has insulted you today they are just pointing out what anybody who is reading this can see…Lyle the owner of this site has picked a Leaf topic today so Leaf fans are going to of course post. If you have a problem with the topic of the Leafs why not complain to Lyle about the topic instead of yaping at everyone who chooses to speak about it. Again everyone has teams they don’t like but most choose not to be obnoxious about it to everyone of that teams fans.

      • Shticky show me one thing that I started? You do realize it’s not just leaf fans opinions that matter

  8. And btw, i hope all Canadian teams do well this year and beyond. Its great for the game and great for all fans of hockey. Let one of the 6 bring one home north of the border

    • Don’t look now, but there are 7.

  9. Nyr4life, there is a saying by Bill Murray that I will quote ” it’s hard to win an argument with a smart person but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a _ _ _ _ _ _ person. Think about the question you just asked me?? For example how many of those companies that you just mentioned watches hockey and know the brand Toronto Maple Leafs… it’s a Global brand.

    • lol, in other words, you have absolutely no solid answer? I’m a HUGE NY Yankee fan. One of the biggest sports giants on the planet. But I wouldn’t go around saying without them, every Dicks sporting goods, champs, Etc. would have to lay off 3 employees per store either.

      What does indirectly employ mean, and what % of Canadians are directly or indirectly employed by Tml’s? It’s a simple question.

      My reference to those companies would be a great example of companies that create jobs….. Not hockey related…. But job creators . THESE are ” global brands” that create jobs “directly” in every corner of the planet.
      How many jobs has Toronto created in Asia/ Europe?

      If you’re going to use them as an example of a “cash cow” or “job creators” at least back it up! Without throwing out personal jabs to deflect giving an answer.
      Isn’t this what a lot of people here are complaining about today?

      • Hell, currently they are having trouble creating jobs right in TO under the current administration.

      • Ny4life, I will lay this out in laymans term: You can use Google to find out the suppliers of the Merchandise manufactured in countries such as China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and throughout the globe using your Microsoft OS and use your Apple App to find out which Walmart or Amazon, Alibaba you can buy it from and have it shipped through FedEx, Canada Post etc. This by the way is just one example. The employees of that company needs to eat, clothe themselves etc..

        The planet is intertwined and George I know from reading your post that you are a astute fan so ✌?. No argument from me.

        Young man (Ny4life) do not be so angry and apply yourself and take a deep breath. This is a hockey forum and let’s not argue this. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

      • I’m not that young. But these same suppliers you speak of are also making I ❤️ My dog t shirts, Georgia peaches T-shirts etc. saying these jobs exist strictly because of Toronto is beyond reaching. I mean Fed-ex alots jobs to people because of the Maple leafs? I’m sure Walmart, Fes-ex , cheap over seas jobs would still exist without the Maple Leafs….. Sure they’d have to make cut backs, thousands upon thousands of empty factories, starving children, ghost towns popping up everywhere….But somehow they’d manage to survive!

      • And who’s angry? I didn’t throw out insults. Laymans terms? Please!

        I had to ask the same question twice before even remotely getting a fabricated answer. So save your insults for when you have a leg to stand on in an argument . This is clearly not the one to do it!

      • I would hold off calling any NHL team a global brand. Espn won’t even give the NHL the time of day and it falls well behind other sports in the US. No the US is everything but they are a huge marketing Country. So lets enjoy the NHL for what it is, a die hard league made up of loyal fans but has a hard time attracting new fan base. Yes its huge in Canada and we love it; but it will never be huge in the states; until for Players are develop from that Country. Just my personal opinion. I was in Bueno Aries and Rio last year and they don’t know what hockey is; but they certainly know soccer. Enjoy your hockey and root for your team and remember to keep your stick and your back skate on the ice.

  10. Oddly, if an individual has a knack for being late for school as an example or there is some type of pattern going on. Usually that individual or pattern is duly noted or has attention brought on by it. I could care less if bbb was actually Sidney Crosby himself. Its the obvious and blatent dislike that i have a hard time with. The pattern is obvious and classless. Lol (as bbb would end every comment with).
    Signed….your typical leaf fan

    • FD, I hope the Leafs never make the playoffs. I have good friends that are Leaf fans and they annoy me when they win. The past few years of brutal for them has been enjoyable for me.
      I wish that consistent amusement was still available.
      Luv your post though, well said.

  11. Leafs are in a position of strength on trades for any of (same age): JVR / Kadri / Gardiner
    Although they arent great players they have value & since they don’t have to trade em (maybe JVR next year) they would probably upgrade them if possible.

    The new trend is for rumors to start at RFA until UFA to maximize trade scenarios while judging market…

    So unless someone OFFERS a good / even trade proposal, they leafs will put it off for 1.5 to see if anything else comes up &/or keep JVR (gauge his season also).
    If its a blockbuster (prob not) they can pounce.

    This is a very common trend in the new nhl and Lou Armerillo is the master who probably started.

    JVR for Trouba (straight up) hypothetical deal. Or jvr for high 1st or top prospect

    Leafs need C and D

    my 2 cents