NHL Rumor Mill – December 7, 2016

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Some NHL clubs could have interest in the Vancouver Canucks' Sedin twins.

Some NHL clubs could have interest in the Vancouver Canucks’ Sedin twins.

Latest on the Sedin twins, Marc-Andre Fleury and the Toronto Maple Leafs in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning said he will not trade any of his players carrying no-trade/no-movement clauses unless the player requests a move.

Botchford also dismisses talk that this doesn’t matter because Daniel and Henrik Sedin cannot be moved, claiming he knows of two teams that would likely make bids for the twins at their full combined $14 million cap hit, though such a move would likely have to take place in the offseason. He believes there would be more if the Canucks agreed to pick up part of that cap hit. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sedins only have a year left on their respective contracts. That’s why a couple of clubs would be willing to pick up the full tab to land them, or those who’d pursue them if the Canucks agreed to pick up part of that $14 million cap hit.

The problem for the Canucks, however, is there’s no way they’re getting a quality return for those guys. While they’re still very talented, they’re also now 36 and well past their best-before dates. I agree with Botchford that moving the Sedins, if they decide to request a trade, is something that happens in the offseason. 

TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Pittsburgh Penguins have not received any trade offer yet for goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, though he believes general manager Jim Rutherford has to listen when they do come his way. Bob McKenzie believes if Fleury moves, he’ll only want to do it once, preferring to go to a team where he can finish his current contract (which expires in 2019) and possibly his career. 

Pierre LeBrun reports the Los Angeles Kings are among several teams monitoring goalie Karri Ramo, who signed a professional tryout offer with the AHL’s Toronto Marlies, the farm club of the Maple Leafs. Ramo remains an unrestricted free agent and can sign anywhere, but LeBrun believes the Leafs have the inside track. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fleury has a limited no-trade clause listing 18 preferred trade destinations. He’ll want to go to a club where he’ll be the clear-cut starter. The Calgary Flames, Colorado Avalanche, Dallas Stars and Winnipeg Jets are possible options, provided they’re on Fleury’s list and if any of them can move one of their current netminders to make room for him. 

TSN: Darren Dreger yesterday told Leafs Lunch that neither he or other media insiders claimed the Toronto Maple Leafs put left wing James van Riemsdyk or promising forward William Nylander on the trade block. 

TORONTO STAR: In a recent mailbag segment, Kevin McGran cast doubt upon the possibility of the Leafs swapping van Riemsdyk for Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton, suggesting JVR is too old (27) for their core. He believes the winger would be a better fit with Montreal, Pittsburgh, “maybe the Islanders”, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Vancouver and possibly Minnesota.

McGran also believes the Leafs could be reluctant to acquire a top-four defenseman this season, as that would mean protecting four blueliners in the expansion draft in June. Right now, the three to protect are Morgan Rielly, Jake Gardiner and Connor Carrick. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Dreger pointed out, neither he or any notable media insiders claimed the Leafs were shopping JVR or Nylander. All any of them suggested was that, if the Leafs were to shop a forward for a top-four defenseman, JVR might be the prime candidate. At no point did any of them proclaim this was actually happening now.

As McGran observes, they won’t be a lack of suitors if the Leafs do one day put van Riemsdyk on the trade block, though I think the Flames would listen if the Leafs came calling. Interesting take by McGran about the Leafs and the expansion draft. That would provide further motivation for management to wait until after that draft to go shopping for blueline help. 


  1. Never crossed my mind about JVR and the Islanders but I think he’d be a nice fit with JT. Could be an issue as both guys are FAs at the same time. Isles have lots of young talent in their system that fits with the Shanaplan.

    • I never thought of that one either!

      • He would and the right play then is to re-up JVR to play alongside Tavares when he comes home as a UFA in summer of 2018 😉

      • Thought I heard the sound of the opening of a can of worms.

      • In due course, George. For now, we Leaf fans are more than content with the shiny, new toys we have.

    • That’s what I have been thinking all year, fit’s well would have an amazing centre to play with and NYI do have a lot of youth that can fit the Leafs plan.

    • Your right Whiskey Jack, JVR would fit on the Isles but I’m not sure that valuation would match up. The Isles are likely going to be trying to move a D man to help protect themselves from expansion but I doubt it’s Hamonic, Leddy, Boychuck. That means they could move Polluck, De Haan, or Hickey.

      The Isles do have some good looking potential prospects in Barzal, Dal Cole, Bouvilier but I’m now sure how much they would want to move any of those. I doubt the Leafs would bite on De Haan plus for JVR which is about what I’d give if I was the Isles. Who knows though, the Isles are apparently talking about getting a new president of hockey ops so anything could happen.

  2. Kevin McGran throwing down the perspective.

    In that case I suppose the only way the Leafs would improve their defence core would be if they were trading for a talented defence rookie who would also be protected from the expansion draft.

    Unless they’d be willing to part with Nylander and perhaps another piece/prospect I can’t see this occurring.

    • Seriously, concern over exposing Carrick?! He’s a decent defenseman, but nothing more than a third pairing on a good team. The time to upgrade their defence is before the expansion draft, not after. Guys like Fowler, Brodin and Jack Johnson are less likely to be available after the expansion draft.

      • I fully agree & assume that’s precisely what will happen. 5 teams have to many Dman possibly 6. The Dman available or exposed by any of these teams would be a serious upgrade over Carrick.

        Depending upon who Toronto exposes there is no guarantee Carrick would even be selected in expansion. He’s playing as a #6/7 guy seeing the 7th lowest TOI/GP on 1 of the worst teams in the NHL. Talk about over valuing your players.

        Carricks future as an NHL regular are cloudy at best. Just because you can score in the AHL doesn’t mean you have a future in the NHL.

      • Easy now. I’m not over-valuing anyone. If an upgrade is possible, I’m sure they’d go for it and expose the next lesser talented player.

        I’m of the opinion that if the Leafs intend to acquire high quality D that can mature in line with the forward line talent its going to cost something.

        I wouldn’t be happy to lose Nylander, but I’d be very happy to get an asset who has realistic potential to end up as a high talent 1st pair D.

      • I was talking about McGran over valuing Toronto players.

      • Joseph, we have a future top pair D who is maturing with the core – his name is Morgan Rielly. My view is that he is the most valuable player of the 2012 draft.

        If Babcock weren’t all but withholding him from the PP to focus his development on his defensive deficiencies you would see his production accelerate. All in time, just be patient.

        I don’t think we’ll ever be able to acquire another Morgan. However, can we get a solid top four guy and be okay? I think that’s more realistic

      • Only to a leafs fan is Morgan Reilly the MVP of that draft. Galchenyuk, Lindholm, Dumba, Forsberg, Trouba, Teravainan, Maatta, Vasilevsky, Pearson- all just as valuable to their teams and Lindholm, Galchenyuk and Forsberg are already elite players. Trouba has elite potential. And Maatta if he can ever get 100% healthy.

  3. I believe that to be true for any trade this season. Can you protect the player your acquiring. For example if Boston trades Ryan Spooner, you would think the team acquiring him, would have the room to protect him. So wouldn’t it have to be a team doing 7-3-1 because I wouldn’t see a team doing 4-4-1 wanting to protect a player who at this point in his career is not considered a top 6 forward. The Winnipeg jets unless enstrom waives his nmc will be doing 4-4-1 meaning decision time between Adam Lowry and Mathieu Perreault, so do you make a choice and move the other for prospect’ same thing the team acquiring can they protect. I think moving players isn’t as easy as I thought.

    • There are a bunch of teams that need a 6th or 7th forward as they don’t have 4 Dman worth keeping under the 8 skater option nor a decent 6 or 7 guy under the 7-3-1 format.

    • If the player you pick up is significantly better than the one you can no longer protect, does it matter?

      The now unprotected player can now be moved in a later trade to gain back some assets or if not and is selected by the expansion team your team is still better

      • Fair point Jeff, depending on the asset/prospect your giving up to acquire this #7-9 forward whom you may not be able to protect only makes your team better in the short term. Not sure if I would want to acquire an asset that I wouldn’t be able to protect. I think them deals would happen after the expansion draft.

      • I agree. I love the expansion dynamic. I have spent 100’s of hours evaluating it’s potential impact on every team. It fascinates me as to how all teams are going to address there situations & the opportunity to acquire assets that otherwise wouldn’t be available in trade.

      • Jeff you`re saying that a team like the NYI`s make a trade and get Conner McDavid and have to lose JT in the expansion draft. In your opinion it doesn`t really matter, WOW. a player you just considered one of your top 7 or 8 players, like magic becomes expendable and insignificant because of 1 trade. You must be the gm of one terrible hockey team. If you can`t trade that player for anything, it`s called bad asset management. Then it would explain why the team is so terrible.

  4. I do not see MAF a fit in Winnipeg, Hellebuyck isn’t going anywhere, they signed Hutchinson the extra year to expose in the draft if Vegas takes him, then Comrie will be up next year.

  5. Lyle.

    Why would Winnipeg possibly want Fleury? Hellebuyck is going to be a stud & is Winnipeg’s #1 now.

    Winnipeg is about 1, possibly 2 seasons away from being a serious cup contender. Laine, Ehlers, Trouba, Scheifele & the other kids coming; Connor, Lowry, Armia, Copp, Dano, Petan, etc. just need a little bit more development.

    Winnipeg is right on the cusp of taking a serious step up the standings. They are certainly a playoff team next season. They will be close this season but I have them just missing.

    • Winnipeg makes 0 sense…. for Fluery… Dallas and Colorado do….

      • Dallas does. I don’t see a fit in Colorado. Varlamov 2 more years after this season making 5.9. Picard about to steal his job potentially. I see Varlamov exposed but don’t see Vegas selecting him which means same old same old in Colordao next season in net.

        Not sure Colorado has the financial where with all to buy Varly out with a significant buy out spread over 4 years. I assume they wait 1 more season to see if he can get his game back & if not buy him out in the summer of 2017-18.

  6. Question, Anaheim has Perry, Getzlaf, Kesler and Vermette up front with NMC and Bieksa on D with one. Also on d you have Lindholm, Vatanen and Fowler. They would like to keep all of them but don’t want to lose Rackell or Silverberg. Could the GM go to Bieksa and make a deal for say add a year onto his contract at $2m for one year for which Bieksa says thanks and waives his NMC?

    • Bieksa is allowed to be extended on July 1st. Players with 1 year remaining on their contracts can be signed to extensions after this date.

      A player who say signs a 1 year deal in the summer can be signed to an extension after January 1st of that season.

    • Vermette’s NMC expires on June 16th 2017. Just before teams are required to submit their expansion protected rosters. Vermette’s contract was structured to ensure stability for this season only. It becomes a modified NTC on July 17th 2017. He can be exposed in the expansion draft allowing for 1 or Rackell or Silvferberg to be protected.

      Anaheim is the 6th team that appears to need to move a Dman & that doesn’t even factor in Manson; also a solid defensive Dman & a top 4 on most NHL teams, or potentially Despres if he is lucky enough to get back to the NHL. These situations are a tragedy. I hope Despres can get back to the NHL.

      I assume something gives in Anaheim before the expansion draft. They would be a great fit with numerous teams as if they use the 7-3-1 formula after trading 1 of the Dman you mention they need at least 1 forward if not 2 for the 7-3-1 formula.

      I think Bieksa may well agree to waive his NMC & Anaheim will protect Vatanen, Lindholm & Fowler. Nor do I think Bieksa would be selected regardless.

  7. I don’t see Toronto protecting Carrick. They will trade for a better protector at D.

    • From a statistical perspective, he has been part of the Leafs best possession duo with Gardiner this season. He has made mistakes, to be sure, but it’s confounding seeing him scratched for Hunwick.

      On Dreger – glad to see him confessing to be in possession of absolutely no knowledge re the Leafs. People have argued with me, but I’ve been pointing this out for some time. There are no leaks from Lou and Co.

      • Dan39-Dreger didn’t acknowledge that he didn’t have knowledge of the leafs. All he said was he (and the other 2 TSN insiders) heard nothing on JVR and Nyllander rumors.
        I am not sure why you keep saying he has no leaf contacts-he regularly reports on leaf rumors

      • Flyer Fan – he used to have contacts, Dave Nonis. And he still obviously has great contacts around the league.

        I follow the Leafs pretty closely as I’m sure you do the Flyers and I’m telling you he has not had one scoop on the Leafs under Lou. Not one.

        And it’s not just him, I don’t have anything against him specifically. There simply are no leaks now from the Leafs. Not one deal has leaked.

        In fact, some moves have been made and they don’t even get reported by the Leafs before the agents involved.

      • Dan, MacKenzie said it best awhile ago. It`s easier to get blood from a rock than to get anything from Lou or Shanny. The only info that comes out of their mouths is the info they want you to know and there`s always a reason they want you to know that little tidbit of info. Of course you`ll never get the reason out of them.

    • Thanks for the clarity Striker.

      • All good but your point is still fully valid. No way Anaheim is losing Silvferberg or Rackell as only room to protect 1 as currently constructed. Something has to give. I assume a Dman is moving eventually but who knows.

  8. Moving the Sedins is possible. It is also a must for Vancouver to move forward. Sure they won’t get a quality return but freeing up $14 000 000 doesn’t hurt, and like I said previously if Vancouver eats part of those salaries it makes it even more possible. Perhaps if they do that a trade partner sweetens the pot a little. I think the Sedins still have something to offer but what they bring to the table will not help a team in rebuild mode like Vancouver.

    • I disagree.

      I assume the Sedin’s will retire Canucks resigning 2 or 3 year deals either this summer after July 1st as allowed or the summer following & I hope they do.

      The Canucks don’t have anyone to replace them & need to buy time for what few young forwards they will hopefully eventually have to be NHL players. Other than Broeser the offensive kitty at forward is bare.

      Take the Sedin’s off the Canucks any time in the next 4 years & the Canucks will be worse than they are now, which is 1 of the 3 worst teams in the NHL. Slowly reduce their roles. They will need to be 1st line players again next season as there is no 1 else ready to assume those minutes. The season following they move into 2nd line roles, still seeing 1st line PP time then the seasons following they move to 2nd line PP time & eventually 3rd line minutes.

      Their game isn’t built on speed so I don’t see what skills they do have eroding significantly & if the Canucks could even ice a 2nd line that could score; currently Chaput centering Granlund & Eriksson?, they would be far more productive offensively. It’s pretty easy for other teams to just send there best checkers out against the Sedin’s, there is no other scoring line to have to shut down. Shut down the Sedins & the Canucks lose.

      With the Canucks cap situation & fortunes no meaningful UFA’s are coming to the Canucks anytime soon even if the Canucks were willing to move the Sedin’s & their 14 million cap hit.

      Not happening. The Sedin’s aren’t the problem & they aren’t up rooting their families from Vancouver. I assume they will end up living in Vancouver following their NHL careers spending their summers in Sweden when the kids are out of school. Future hall of famers & best Canucks ever bare none.

      • I know you do Striker. But you disagree respectfully unlike some others on this site. Thank you. There are reasons for Vancouver to trade or keep the Sedins depending on how they want to address their current situation. If I were the Sedin twins I would welcome a trade deadline deal for a chance at a successful playoff run.

      • I just don’t see it happening for a multitude of reasons. They had their kick at the cup. They, their wives & families are fully entrenched in Vancouver.

        They can eventually retire knowing they were 2 of the best players to ever play in the NHL & like most missed their chance to win the cup.

        The Canucks are a mess with the Sedin’s but with out them over the next 3 years & it will be a total F—ing mess if moved or not resigned. The forward kitty is bare, only 1 possible top 6 forward; Boeser, other than Horvat in the system unless Baerschi some how figures out how to play in the NHL. Seems reluctant to do what’s necessary to be successful consistently, go to the dirty areas. He likes to play on the perimeter to much. He was drafted 5 years ago & his best before date is close at hand. If he isn’t a top 6 forward by the end of next season that door will be closed permanently at least with the Canucks.

      • Just the hockey fan in me would love to see these guys get one last chance at winning. I remember when Ray Bourque left Boston my friends thought it was a sellout move, but I loved watching one of hockey’s all-time greatest players lift the cup. While I don’t like the Canucks at all seeing the Sedin’s play has been one of life’s little treats….as linemates they are so instinctive I always try and get a ticket when I am there for work to watch them play because it’s fun. Thanks for the posts guys, while I love the site, your comments make for a must read every day. Cheers

  9. I am not a Leafs fan so please forgive me if I am way off on this. As I see it the Leafs can afford to pick up another d-man. Using the capfriendly expansion draft tool wouldn’t the Leafs protect 4 forwards in Kadri, Bozak, JVR (if not traded to acquire that d-man), and Komarov. And 4 d-men in Reilly, Gardiner, Carrick, and acquired d-man here. Is there really a need for the Leafs to protect 7 forwards?

    • Really there are only 3 worth protecting (Kadri Bozak JVR) and only 2 if they moved JVR 8 skaters is more than enough even if they do swap for a D worth keeping. Rielly Gardiner Carrick D #4 Bozak Kadri JVR 4th forward

  10. The best fit for Marc-Andre Fleury might actually be the Vegas Golden Knights.

    He could essentially be the leader of that team. Champion, but with a real easy going personality. He can play in front of a bad defense and be effective.

    And McPhee lost to him enough that it has to be intriguing to make MAF the face of the Vegas team.

    The fans would love him.

  11. Free Frankie !!