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Should the Tampa Bay Lightning trade Ben Bishop now?

Should the Tampa Bay Lightning trade Ben Bishop now?

Latest on Ben Bishop, top-five rental players & more in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin recently listed five reasons the Tampa Bay Lightning should trade goaltender Ben Bishop now. Injuries to key players such as Steven Stamkos and Ryan Callahan, the club finding themselves in an unexpected dogfight for a playoff berth and Andrei Vasilevskiy being ready for the starter’s job topped the list. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this season, Lightning GM Steve Yzerman said he was willing to maintain his current goalie tandem for another run at the Stanley Cup next spring. Obviously, if issues arise that threatens those chances for a Cup run, Yzerman could reconsider. If he does, however, I expect he’ll be patient and see how the club performs in the coming weeks before deciding to pull the trigger on a Bishop deal. 

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen lists Arizona Coyotes center Martin Hanzal, Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman, Coyotes winger Radim Vrbata, “goalie to be named later” (Tampa Bay’s Ben Bishop, Vancouver’s Ryan Miller, Islanders Thomas Greiss or Philadelphia’s Steve Mason or Michal Neuvirth) and Colorado Avalanche right wing Jarome Iginla as this season’s top-five rental players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hanzal and Vrbata could be moved if they’re unwilling to accept short-term deals from the Coyotes. Wideman is a goner if the Flames are out of playoff contention by the March 1 trade deadline. Bishop and Greiss could move, but the Canucks seem intent to re-sign Miller.  Mason’s play has significantly improved of late, contributing to the Flyers climb up the Eastern Conference standings. They could keep him and Neuvirth for the remainder of the season. Iglina will likely be shopped. 

SPORTSNET: If the struggling Colorado Avalanche decide to shake things up with a trade this season, Elliotte Friedman believes goaltender Semyon Varlamov is an obvious trade candidate, as his hold on the starter’s job is tenuous. The Avs are looking to add defensemen. Center Nathan MacKinnon isn’t going anywhere. Forwards Gabriel Landeksog and Matt Duchene have “great value contracts”, which increases the asking price. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Moving Varlamov, Landeskog or Duchene during the season could prove difficult because of their contracts. Such moves could wait until the offseason. 

Vancouver Canucks president Trevor Linden said a possible decision to re-sign goaltender Ryan Miller won’t take place until next summer. Friedman wonders what the Anaheim Ducks might do to sweeten a Miller for Jonathan Bernier deal. Like Miller, Bernier’s contract expires next summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: By the sound of things, the Canucks probably won’t be interested in that swap. Unless the Ducks are willing to toss in a young defenseman like Shea Theodore (which they won’t), I don’t see this deal happening. Bernier may be younger but isn’t a significant upgrade over Miller. 

Despite the solid play this season of centers Alexander Wennberg and William Karlsson, Friedman wonders if the Columbus Blue Jackets might take a look at Arizona Coyotes pending UFA center Martin Hanzal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That will depend upon where the Jackets are in the standings if Hanzal gets dangled before the trade deadline. If they’re still in playoff contention, maybe they’ll take a look at it. However, they won’t be the only club interested in Hanzal by the deadline.

He wonders if Winnipeg Jets center Alex Burmistrov might be a suitable replacement for sidelined Montreal Canadiens center David Desharnais. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’d also suggest Toronto Maple Leafs center Peter Holland. Won’t put up a lot of points but he will work hard and bring some energy to the Habs checking lines. 

The Los Angeles Kings tried to trade winger Teddy Purcell($1.6 million cap hit) but couldn’t find any takers because of budget issues. The Kings didn’t want to take any salary back. Purcell recently cleared waivers and Friedman wouldn’t be surprised if a team pursued him later in the season when they can afford him. 

Friedman expects some trade movement by the Dallas Stars this season, but doesn’t see them dealing defensemen John Klingberg, Julius Honka, Jordie Benn or Stephen Johns. 

Edmonton Oilers forward Matt Hendricks could be a good fit with the Minnesota Wild, who are seeking fourth-line help, though the Oilers would have to keep part of his salary. 

The New York Islanders strongly denied rumors claiming they were shopping prospect forward Joshua Ho-Sang. 


  1. With both Desharnais and Galchenyuk out for up to 6 weeks the Habs are extremely thin at C. They either better hope Plekanec rediscovers his coring touch playing Top 6 minutes or they’re going to have to win a lot of 2-1, 1-0 games until late January. For that reason they might have to part with some significant young talent to land Hanzel, who at 6′ 6″ would give them the biggest C they’ve had since Beliveau!

    • The moment I read both Galchenyuk and Dashairnais were out I immediately thought Holland would be a good fit on their bottom 6 there, and could be had cheap. I bet a 3rd or 4th round pick would do it.

      • I would love to see Holland in a Habs uniform and if we could pick up a late round pick for him – all the better.

        Habs appear to be entering their traditional December nose-dive. Will be interesting to see what Bergevin does, certainly entertaining to watch.

      • No 1 is paying a 3rd or 4th round pick for Holland. Think 5th at best.

      • As long as no salary or contracts come back it’s a win really.

      • Lou said they would like to get a contract off the books sitting at 48 players. Montreal is at 46.

        Surely better options can be had than Holland though. He doesn’t really solve the problem.

      • Or free from the waiver

    • Agreed. anzel would be a good pick up.Holland ?? not so much, might as well bring in a kid.They do need at least 1 guy that’s half decent to help, the other can be like a holland or a kid.
      Hanzel is a great fit and MB apparently likes to strike early so hopefully we see a move soon.

      • Hanzel you fool Hanzel !!

      • Hahahahaha

      • Whiskey, there are no obvious call ups from St Johns other than Andrighetto and that’s been tried already this season without success. He’s a classic AHL All Star who doesn’t have the skill to play his scoring game in the NHL. Holland, while not an upgrade on skill, at least can play a 4th line checking role.

        I have to imagine that Bergevin will find better options, though. He’s a very astute GM, IMO.

      • Let’s give it 1 more try. Hanzal, anyone, anyone? Bueller!

      • If Hanzel does go to Montreal will Gretel go along with him?

      • Depends if she can follow the bread crumb path…wonder if it’s real French bread or those delicious bagels?

    • I would think a good short term fit for MTL would be Grigorenko in COL. The Avs are currently tanking and a guy like Grigorenko could be had for one of MTL’s 2 2nd rounders this year. He may also benefit from “The Radulov effect.” Radulov is a former 1st round bust who turned his life and career around.

      • Montreal needs to check with Colorado but Matt Duchene might be the guy. Habs fans would love this guy – classic Montreal player.

    • Not directed at you George but on topic. I think 6 to 8 weeks is very optimistic. As they were discussing on the NHL network yesterday Montreal made the same claims last season about Price. I’m not saying these 2 players have the same injury but as discussed on the show knee injuries usually fall into 2 categories if surgery isn’t required by time line 3 to 4 weeks or 3 to 4 months.

      We are obviously talking about some form of cartilage or ligament sprain & your better off breaking your leg than inuring these types of problematic injuries that require significant rest & most often surgery.

      Regardless both will miss some where between 25 to 30 games min. That’s brutal for Montreal who was already thin at C & has no 1 in the system ready to replace these 2.

    • The only issue with Hanzal trade is the Coyotes will want a top prospect and 1st round pick for him; centers come at a premium in the NHL.

      Should Bergevin agree to that kind of trade, they better keep him long term because it’s quite the price tag for just 5 months of help.

  2. Bernier is a downgrade on Miller, not an upgrade. Bernier plays for a much better team and has a worse GAA and worse save percentage. Miller at least has a proven history as an elite goaltender whereas Bernier looked good on LA and was inconsistent to bad on the Leafs. Your wording makes it sound like he’s a slight upgrade on Miller. He is not even an upgrade on Markstrom. And I’m not even a big Miller fan!

  3. With Markstrom’s contract jumping to $3,666,667 next season & Horvat; Rackall, Rask, monies, & Gubranson; turned down 5 mil from Flo, both RFA’s looking at substantial raises I don’t see how Vancouver can afford to pay Miller the 4 or 5 mil a year he probably can get on the open market following the expansion draft on a short term deal.

    At today’s cap which will increase again nominally by 2 to 3 mil if the players elect to use the 5% escalator; if they hate escrow so much why do they keep voting in the escalator?, Vancouver has 15 players signed with just under 18 mil in cap space 20 to 21 with the potential increase.

    The Horvat & Gubranson signings will eat up essentially 10 mil that leaves 8 to 11 to resign or promote 6 more players & if Miller gets 4 or 5 that doesn’t leave much cap space to flush out & try to improve an already very bad team.

  4. Problem with Hanzal is by the time the Coyotes do decide to pull the chute on the season and deal him, he will likely be out 6-8 weeks with some undisclosed injury.

    • I’m pretty sure Arizona pulled the shoot from the get go. I have seen Arizona 3 times live this season. They have looked bad, really bad twice, beyond brutal. I think they are in full tank mode which is odd considering they signed Goligoski, Vrbata & McGinn.

      I thought they would be better this season. A playoff bubble team but I still had them finishing 11th in the West when all was said & done.

      Sending DeAngelo down after he played so well seemed very odd & was a clear sign to me they aren’t really trying to win.

      Now would be a good time to try & maximize Hanzal’s value in a trade with Montreal. Perhaps Hanzal & Stone for ? Stone is a solid top 4 Dman & in some alternate universe Arz only signed him to a 1 year deal making him a UFA at seasons end. Weird business decision & terrible asset management. Gives Stone a ton of leverage & devalues the asset in trade.

      • I’m envisioning them pulling the chute before they jump off the plane lol 🙂

    • Ya Arizona is still a mess, I thought they would be better as well, I’m starting to feel sorry for OEL who is likely starting to rot on the vine a bit. Anyway my main point was that I’d be cautious when it comes to Hanzal and wouldn’t set my hopes to high the guy is big but really seems to be a giant pile of Jenga blocks who generally misses at least 20 games a season. Not sure if I’m missing my #1and 2 centre that this is the guy I make a move for, wouldn’t it be lovely if he comes in and blows a knee and I’m now down 3 centres plus the pieces I sent away in the deal in the first place. 6-8 weeks with Galy and DD? I think I do a softer deal and try and play thru it.

      • I agree. Fully entrenched in the ambulance brigade. I’m not sure how a guy 6’6″ can be so injury prone. You’d think he’s 5’9″ or something. Ha-ha! Sorry George that was for you.

      • Well, one thing’s for sure – few in the league can be accused of “targeting” HIS head.

  5. No one is taking Varlamov & his boat anchor contract with a 5.9 cap hit for 2 more years after this season.

    Miller is a far better goalie than Bernier & Anh & Van aren’t swapping goalies. They don’t need to add another young Dman although anyone would love to have Theodore but Murray isn’t moving him any time soon & certainly not in a deal for Miller who will be a UFA. That’s 1 area Vancouver has addressed for the future in Hutton, Trymkin, Stecher, Juolevi, Brisebois & possibly Subban. Gubranson is also only 24 & Edler & Tanev are both signed for 2 & 3 years more respectively following this season.

    I think Elliot had a few to many Christmas spirits before coming up with that article & trade possibilities.

    • Indeed, Bernier has proven at every opportunity that he is simply not capable of playing consistently enough to be a start in the NHL.

    • He may have to downsize to 20 thoughts.

      • hahahahah

    • Thats why I see COL protecting Pickard not Varly. Go ahead take my inconsistent goalie with the crappy contract.

      • I agree but I don’t see Varly getting selected regardless. Varly has really been hot & cold. Can play lights out for significant stretches then be brutal for far shorter stretches but still to long. Consistence has been an issue.

        If fairness Colorado has been a pretty bad team for several years & their D is not NHL caliber nor has been for at least 3 years.

        No 1 talks about Colorado rebuilding but I think Sakic has been methodical in his approach since taking on the GM role 2 years ago, 3 since he became Ex VP of Hockey Opps. Draft & develop players slowly in Jr or the minors. Rantanen, Bigras, Compher & Greer. He hasn’t rushed anyone. Rantanen certainly looked like an NHL player but spent the entire season other than his 9 game cup of coffee in a very limited role & minutes in the AHL.

  6. I would go after hanzal and strome….
    Habs have 7 picks in first 2 rounds in the next 2 years
    So 2x 2nd rd picks(2017,2018) + Andrighetto for hanzal should do it…
    1st 2017 + 2nd 2018+ C hudon for R Strome should do it also

    • Both very fair & solid offers, although I would be surprised if Arz traded Strome. The have very few C’s in the system & I assume Strome will be a solid #1 NHL C in 4 or 5 years.

      • Ryan Strome is the Islander….and no O can’t see either of these deals going anywhere not because they are horribly bias or one sided just because to me they don’t make a lot of sense.

      • I just assumed he meant Dylan. The offers seem fairly solid to me not as much so for Strome. Hanzal will be moved eventually & I assume the bidding war will yield more than a single 2nd. None of Montreal’s 2nd’s including their own, the others belonging to Chi 2018 & Was twice, 2017 & 18 are going to be very high so it would still cost another solid pick or decent prospect. At least as long as Price is healthy Montreal is a lock to make the playoffs with price healthy.

        The Strome idea just doesn’t make sense; nor would Arz accept that package of picks & player, the cost would be higher, for Arz nor does it help Montreal now but Strome, Dylan is still a top flight prospect with a very bright future in the NHL. There is a reason he went 3rd overall. Arz doesn’t rush prospects. See Domi. Sent back to Jr twice even though he was NHL ready & Arz had room for him on their roster.

        You don’t often trade 3rd overall picks; unless you have exhausted them & Arz hasn’t even started to for Strome, for a late 1st, 2nd & borderline NHL player but it’s not an unreasonable trade suggestion & appears reasonably well thought out. I have seen far worse suggestions.Like Holland for a 3rd or 4th. Ha-ha!

      • lol thanks for updates tips!
        Price is good and the Habs should make the playoffs if he plays, R Strome is not D Strome who is a good prospect 3rd pick overall (says the guy from BC to the guy who is a regular OHL season ticket holder) You sometimes do have a gift for stating the obvious dontcha? lol

      • Striker, Holland may yet yield a late round pick for us – its too early to scoff at this potential.

        According to sources from other teams who have inquired, the Leafs are looking for a pick back for Holland.

        Is it possible the Leafs could hold back $0.4m of Holland’s $1.3m salary and get a late round pick for him? Absolutely, it is.

      • At this point of the season Toronto shouldn’t even have to retain salary. The benefit is simply clearing his contract as it relates to the max 50 contracts. Toronto may get a 5th but I assume he will be waived again eventually.

        Holland was drafted 7 years ago. His NHL opportunities turning 26 in January are fast expiring. He was waived right after he signed in July & no 1 claimed him then, injuries may buy him this season & expansion 1 maybe 2 more chances else where but if he can’t play for 1 of the worst teams in the league that doesn’t open many other opportunities else where.

        He won’t be getting 1.3 again & next season if he signs with an NHL team it will be for the league minimum I assume & he probably has to accept a 2 way deal even then.

      • It certainly helps their cap situation now that a judge has ruled in their favour in the Cowen case.

      • Striker, you’re speaking to me about Holland’s future – for all I care, he can teleport himself to Mars at the end of the season.

        All that is at issue here is whether or not Lou can get a late round pick for him, plus/minus any inducements.

        And I’m not sure why you’ve dismissed salary retention – it’s a tool we’ve used extensively to good effect. Ditto those late round picks.

        Connor Brown, a steady third line winger for us (14 pts in 32 NHL GP), we drafted in the 6th. Viktor Loov, one of our better D prospects, we took in the 7th.

        If we can get another shot for Hunter and co. in the 5th, 6th or 7th, we’ll take it and be happy to have it.

      • Striker, Holland was waived BEFORE his arbitration hearing, not after. Not that it makes much difference, but there were some who thought he might be awarded much more than $1.3M.
        Not saying he wouldn’t clear waivers again but there was that risk hanging over him the last time around.
        Also, yesterday you said Carrick was a 6-7 defenseman on the Leafs. He’s been consistently in the top 4 this season. Not meaning to nitpick but just wanted to clarify those two facts. Peace.

      • Two very good points, CO. Holland was un-claimable with teams not knowing his eventual salary – Lou knew that obviously when he waived him for tactical reasons.

        And as I told Striker yesterday, Carrick’s underlying possession numbers with Gardiner have been the best duo on the Leafs. He’s a work in progress, but a promising one.

  7. Careful over paying for just Hanzal …He will get hurt as always…. Maybe a mini block buster with the Habs involving Hanzal OR Duclair and Stone for a First OR 2 seconds , Andrighetto and Defence man

    • I agree so much with this that I stay clear of Hanzal completely if I’m the Habs. He may have been a nice pick up for some depth if everyone was healthy but this is not the answer to your injury issues more like a question. When does Hanzal drop?

      • Galchenyuk is irreplaceable. Montreal will have to hope Plekanec can start generating some offense. Desharnais is replaceable in a multitude of ways barely getting 3rd line minutes.

        I assume Shaw will move to C in the short term but not necessarily as Montreal does have several options just none ideal. Plekanec, Shaw, Danault & Mitchell I assume. Byron & Flynn could also play C in a pinch if necessary.

        Montreal won’t be trading from a position of strength & will have to overpay nominally if they try to buy a solution.

  8. Beaulieu

  9. Pre-Babcock, Holland was seen as a third line centre who could play up the lineup when necessary. After Babcock took over it’s been clear almost from day 1 that he was on the outs. He doesnt fit the mold of a high energy guy who’s good in the corners, a guy who owns the front of the net or a high-skill guy. But he might still find his niche under a different coaching style, maybe on a more veteran team. He has size and has always managed to chip in a few points when given the opportunity. He’s tried play with more of an edge recently. He’s always been a bit ‘underwheming’ to watch with a fresh start he might thrive. Certainly worth risking a late round pick on.

    • In the past 5 or 6 years I can’t think of a more disappointing (maybe Joe Colborne?) Leaf player tbh. Brilliant one game then a month with nothing size decent skater…this guy should be better.

      • And Joe went on to carve out an okay career so far after leaving Toronto. Sound familiar ?

      • Oh ya no doubt that’s the way it goes, I’m sure if the Habs do pick up Holland I’d fully expect him to likely score the OT winner in his first game back to the ACC but still doesn’t really take away from the fact his been a huge disappointment. Such is the life of fans of this team. It’s funny how after so long you barely even feel the daggers former players or kids from Toronto stick in your heart.

      • I still think it’s a question of who can play consistently under the intense glare of the TO media – and who can’t. And it quickly becomes apparent which of them begin to wilt when they hit dry spells and it becomes daily fodder on TV, radio and in the newspapers.

      • 100% George kinda why I was never really worried and believed in Kadri, people can say what they want about some of the things he said with how he regards himself but that’s kinda the moxy and self confidence it is going to take younger players to succeed in this market. Unfortunately you got to take all the other things that go with that swagger, which is off putting to some. See it a bit in some of these other young guys too kinda wrapped up in themselves and not really paying to much attention on what’s going on around them. Particularly Marner.

    • CO, Shticky – agree with your sentiments. Holland has all the tools and seems to make the effort most of the time.

      Button had an interesting anecdote from a scout on Holland. It was something along the lines of:

      ‘You look at Holland and think he has everything and there’s got to be something there and then you keep looking and you realize: no, it’s just Peter Holland there.’

      I’m probably brutalizing a more eloquent thought, but the message is the same. Holland should be more than he is, but he isn’t.

      • I remember that comment by Button and it was really on point. Put it this way, if Peter Holland were a flavor of ice cream he would be vanilla.

        All that being said, would I be surprised if he plays another 5-6 seasons elsewhere as a good depth player? No I would not.

        John Mitchell and Joe Colbourne are two others who come to mind.

        Circumstances dictate it’s time for him to move on.

  10. Miller for Bernier? Wow! Why in the world would Vancouver consider this if they are intent on rebuilding on the fly? Bernier does not provide consistency in goal whatsoever. Trust me I know, I am a Leafs fan! To do this and keep the Sedins would be counterproductive for sure.

    And remember this is an opinion! Try to temper any response with some diplomacy please!

    • I have to think they have given up on the rebuild on the fly plan Steven. Which never really works, other than Detroit for a bit but that was an outlier and lucky.
      Maybe this is the first sign.
      If they have come to their senses, it kind of makes sense to trade Miller, but not just for Bernier. ANA would need to sweeten. Play Markstrom and pick one of the many decent goalies out there that are cheap.
      Move old assets for picks and prospects. Suck it up for 5 to 7 years of losing and focus on drafting and developing.
      The Sedins are icons and the definition of class and can really assist in leading the newbies.
      They earned the right and deserve to stay if they wish, or move on if they wish.
      No point waiting on the tear down as it is the only option and inevitable. Who cares if you finish dead last or 3 from the bottom. All that matters is acquiring young assets moving forward.

      • Unfortunately Aqualini doesn’t agree with us. He wants the gate & just can’t seem to understand that he’s just postponing the inevitable, alienating fans & achieving the exact opposite of what he wants.

        The ownership in Vancouver is meddlesome in hockey opps has been from day 1. I guess that’s their right as they own the team but many like me have had enough & stopped forking over 10K plus annually to watch this mess live.

        The Canucks have 3 to 4 thousand fans who paid for tickets not show up for most games. They still make a ton of money regardless but not what they were when they were selling out every gate & all the related revenue from concessions & parking.

        I went to the Chicago game on Nov 19th. reported as sold out. A premier NHL team on a Saturday night. There were at least 3000 missing most in the lower bowl. That’s a ton of lost beer revenue. It’s essentially 17 bucks for 2 Budweiser. 20 with tip.

  11. I see the Oilers dealing Pouliot before Hendricks. I do realize that they would have to retain more salary to get a deal done for Pouliot, but with the addition of Caggiula, and Pitlick and Slepyshe moving up the line up there is just no room for him anymore. Also they can afford to retain that salary with 4.9 mil cap space currently available as per CapFriendly, with Ference on LTIR they have over 8 mil in cap space available. Also they would get a better return for Pouliot than Hendricks.

    • Very tough to move Pouliot. Albatross of a contract Minny is apparently interested in Hendricks. So where there’s smoke….
      Either guy won’t get you a big return.

      • The only way I see the Oilers trading Hendricks to the Wild is if they have any right shot #5 or 6 d-men available. With injuries to Nurse, Gryba, and Davidson the Oilers are getting thin on the bottom pairing. They have Dillion Simpson dressing tonight against Philly paired with Benning as the third d-pairing. Would Hendricks for Prosser be fair value? I don’t know much about Prosser.

  12. Montreal could use Spooner but don’t see these two teams talking to each other. Boston is loaded with centers.

    • Odder things have happened. Spooner would make sense for Montreal. All just a question of cost.

    • Spooner is tougher to judge IMO not sure his value in a trade wouldn’t be higher than the Habs would be willing to part with despite kinda being in CJs dog house and all, I know he is not producing but sure has showed he can in the past. Tough call on this one.

      • Habs and Bs are unlikely trade partners although I do think Spooner would fit nicely.
        I’ll go out on a limb and call Spooner for Anders Lee.
        If the Habs are all in this year and the Sedins want a crack a winning a cup Bergevin should inquire what it would take to bring them to Montreal. Canucks would have to retain some salary and take Plekanec for cap reasons , back but add some prospects and a couple of 2nd round picks it could work

  13. Why would the Wild be interested in a no talent bum like Hendricks?

  14. If the Canucks were smart, they’d offer to pay half of Ryan Miller’s salary and offer him to Pittsburgh for Fleury. Maybe add a 4th or 5th round pick.

    At first glance, that would be a weak return for Fleury BUT it would give the Pens the ability to add a rental player at the deadline by freeing up $2 million or so and give them a better chance to repeat.

    So, Pittsburgh clears up the expansion draft issue, gets a more than credible backup goalie in return, gets to add at the deadline, Miller gets a chance at a ring and the Canucks get a legit #1 netminder on the cheap.

    Win, win, win, win, win.

    • What is Pittsburghs incentive here? They can navigate the expansion draft in much better ways an get a real asset or 2 in the process. I don’t want anything to do with Miller playing even spot starts for the Penguins and Pittsburgh is too far away from where Millers wife lives and is currently unemployed. And she looks like a handful. Rutherford said in the press last week that the goalie situation is not working out the way he had hoped and there just isn’t enough minutes to go around. MAF was an all star last year even, he still has value in the eyes of NHL front offices. Last year Rutherford made his important deals in Dec-Jan and avoided paying TDL prices. I see a deal for MAF with Calgary with Elliot coming back. I can see Fehr being moved soon too. Not based on his performance but because there is not enough room for everyone and their are better options that are younger and deserve to play. If Montreal needs a centre and a dman they could definitely do worse than picking up Fehr and Tevor
      Daley. Not sure what the Pens would be looking for as in a return but that would definitely open up roster spots for Kuhnhackle, Guentzel, and Pouliot who are all important players for their future and deserve to be playing now.

      • Maf not that valuable now. Certainly more so than the above offer though. Miller and a 2nd or decent pick. And pouliot hasn’t impressed 3 different coaches and certainly does not belong in NHL now. Other two for sure. Dp, instead of pens 1st should be the deadline chip this year.

      • Pouliot deserves nothing. Kid shows up overweight and can’t defend to save his life.

        Drafting Pouliot over Forsberg (or Trouba even)was one of the biggest mistakes of Shero’s tenure.

        Trevor Daley, OTOH, is probably the most underrated player on the team.

      • Pouliot played very well in the game he was injured in early this year, I can’t wait to watch everyone eat their words on him. Even if he has to get away from the Penguins in order to be given a real chance. MAF absolutely still has trade value and he will draw more than you expect when he finally is traded. If only one of Dallas’ goalies would have a season ending injury all ready.

  15. Ducks just waived Garbutt there is likely a pretty good idea for the Habs that doesn’t cost a thing if looking for a 4th line centre. I’d take him before I’d trade for Holland anyway.

    • Seems like a MB type player too really.

    • But isn’t he listed as a winger?

      • Played C in Dallas

      • Ya just seen how many faceoffs he took in Dallas…nvm lol

  16. Lee, Hickey, Barzal and Halak to the Avs
    Strome and Greiss to the Leafs
    Landeskog, Varlamov and JVR to the Isle

    • Is it April Fools Day already??!! 😉