Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 11, 2016

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Colorado Avalanche winger Jarome Iginla could consider waiving his no-trade clause this season.

Colorado Avalanche winger Jarome Iginla could consider waiving his no-trade clause this season.

Latest on Jarome Iginla, Martin Hanzal, Zemgus Girgensons & more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman cites a recent interview by Colorado sportswriter Adrian Dater with Avalanche right wing Jarome Iginla in which the future Hall of Famer could consider waiving his no-trade clause this season. He’s an unrestricted free agent at season’s end, is coming to the end of his career and hasn’t won a Stanley Cup. If Iginla wants to go, the Avs could search the trade market to see what options are available for him to chase the Cup one more time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Iginla’s best seasons are well behind him now. Age and 20 years of NHL action have taken its toll. There could be several teams with some interest in his leadership and experience, but he won’t be as attractive a trade chip as he was a few years ago. Iginla’s only got six points in 26 games this season. His production must improve over the next couple of months to making him more enticing to playoff contenders. 

Friedman also reports the Buffalo Sabres are getting calls about forward Zemgus Girgensons, whose playing time has declined of late. The Sabres aren’t selling low as they still believe in him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Girgensons is only 22 and has potential as a good two-way forward. However, his performance has declined since his 30-point performance in an injury-shortened 2014-15 campaign playing on a depleted Sabres roster. At the risk of upsetting Girgensons fans, it appears he’s overrated. The Sabres have a deeper roster now with a better head coach in Dan Bylsma, but Girgensons is struggling. Maybe he needs a fresh start elsewhere to get his NHL career back on track. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Arizona Coyotes pending unrestricted free agents Martin Hanzal, Radim Vrbata, Ryan White and Michael Stone are already being floated in the NHL trade market because of the club’s woeful record this season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be surprised if Coyotes GM John Chayka makes any significant moves before the trade freeze on Dec. 19. If he Coyotes’ playoff hopes are fully dashed by mid-January, some of those guys could hit the trade block by then. 

With the Tampa Bay Lightning struggling, “the whispers have started about the future of head coach Jon Cooper.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt Cooper’s going anywhere. GM Steve Yzerman will point to his injury-depleted lineup as the reason why the Bolts are struggling. 

The solid recent play of New York Islanders goaltender Jaroslav Halak has silenced the trade chatter that swirled about him earlier this season.

Garrioch claims he’s been told Colorado Avalanche GM Joe Sakic is willing to talk trade about almost everyone on his roster except center Nathan MacKinnon. If Sakic wants to make a move, Garrioch suggests shopping goaltender Semyon Varlamov “because they’ll be able to get young assets in return.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt it. Varlamov’s stock has declined since he was a finalist for the Vezina Trophy in 2014. He’s won only five of 18 games this season, with a 3.34 GAA and .897 SP. He’s also got two more years at an annual cap hit of $5.9 million left on his contract. I think the Avs will have to pick up part of that cap hit to drum up interest. 

Garrioch also wonders if there’s any truth to a rumor claiming the San Jose Sharks tried to acquire Arizona Coyotes right wing Shane Doan over the last six or seven NHL trade deadlines.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Doan’s not going anywhere. 


  1. Feel for all the Bruins fans on this board having to watch Mcquaid in your top four on a night Hamilton pots two.

    The Krejci push/trip into the boards took out one of our D then Marchand slew foots another on the way in to retrieve a puck? Man is that scary stuff.

    Pastrnak – wow.

    Hope your boys can turn it around, need a team to root for in the playoffs.

    • Dan you need to watch the highlights again, if you thought Marchand slew foot, tell me exactly where Marchand leg and skate were? How does a fan of a leaf team with Kadri on there talk about any player on any team.
      You imply we compare Mcquaid to Hamilton? Take your win Dan and be happy, but beating the Bruins who lost to the Avalanche two nights ago isn’t any great feat. Yes Hamilton is a stud now because he got 2g and a assist last night.

      • Hamilton is becoming a stud, as many Flames are, after adjusting to the new system. Not only the three points last night, but six goals and seventeen points in thirty-one games makes him one.

      • Take is easy, Caper – I’m listening to a different feed than you and on our broadcast the first incident was called as though it could’ve been a penalty.

        You know full well that’s the most dangerous play in the game a yard or two from the boards and I couldn’t tell whether it was a slight push or Krejci stick got in there.

        The Marchand contact looked like it was the hand on shoulder pulling back and the skate kicking forward. If you saw a replay and it wasn’t a slew foot, I’ll take your word for it.

      • Augustus, Hamilton is a stud – no doubt about it. Stats showed that going into this season and he continues to deliver. As a Toronto fan, of course we’d rather him than less than half of the remains of Kessel we have in exchange, but that’s water under the bridge now

    • Dan
      Hard to say Krejci and Marchand did anything on those plays you referred to. Krejci barely touched the defender and was letting up.
      Marchand was going for the puck and didn’t make contact with the player. The Bruins announcer thought the penalty was on Toronto going into the break.
      Yes Boston isn’t very good and can’t score these days but losing Hamilton isn’t changing much. How’s Calgary doing.

      • In all fairness Dave, Craig Simpson and the entire broadcast team made mention of the contact between Krejci and Marincin. You have to remember when a player is in such a vulnerable position like Marincin was in, it only takes a slight contact to make a player lose his balance. Only Krejci knows whether he meant to do it. Marchand not only made contact, he deserved the penalty. Tho it wasn`t a slewfoot, the contact was at the shoulder level

      • Calgary? One of the hottest teams in the league and now in a playoff spot Calgary? I think they are doing ok.

      • First in the Pacific I believe? lol

      • Agree Augustus.

      • Calgary’s first in the division. Although every team has games in hand on them but a few will catch up over this 4 day break. Hopefully some of them lose.

      • Calgary 2 points more than Boston with two more games played.

      • And I care how many points Boston has because….

    • 5 games in 8 days is pretty daunting for any team. The results are almost identical for every team faced with these condensed schedule issues in play this year. Your lucky to come thru close the 500.

      Boston came thru 2-2-1; 1 game under 500, & should have beat Carolina the other night but Khudobin didn’t play well.

      It’s a long season & as Caper said enjoy the win. I watched the game last night. Boston outplayed Toronto quite significantly but lost regardless. It happens. McQuaid certainly wasn’t the problem nor is he really Boston’s #4 Dman but #5. He just happens to play on the 2nd pairing as Krug’s safety net. K. Miller actually logs more TOI/GP on the 3rd pairing.

      I don’t understand the Hamilton/McQuaid comparison. What am I missing? McQuaid was here when Hamilton was & is still playing the same role. Hamilton hasn’t yet been replaced & his replacement may have to be developed from within over a period of years. Finding these assets is no easy feat & Hamilton didn’t want to be here & forced a trade.

      • Pardon me that should read Colorado not Carolina.

      • The Bruins probably already have Hamilton’s replacement in 19 year old Brandon Carlo. Goodbye Dougie, you’re yesterday’s news!

      • No one in the league except Winnipeg has had a tougher schedule than the Flames so far this season and I think they’ve handled it like champs. Thankfully we have a 4 day break now and then another at the beginning of January. Can’t wait to see how these other teams do in catching up to the number of games the flames have played. Flames have played 31 games in 60 days that’s brutal. I just wish they realized how much better Johnson was than Elliott sooner.

      • Why waste time talking about the bruins there insignificance now

  2. Girgensons and Ennis flourished under Nolan because they received top mins-#1 power play time-penalty kill etc. also with Nolan they free wheeled because there was no system in place.

    IMO both need a change in scenery…period!

    • I agree. Quantity & quality of icetime coupled with linemates & skill create points. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Girgensons can’t produce points now going from 1st line C & 2nd in TOI/GP at forward with 19:04, 2 seconds behind Ennis & 1st line PP time in 2014-15 to 4th line minutes, 11th in TOI/GP & no PP time in 2016-17.

      No ice time equals no points. Pretty hard to produce playing 11 mins a night as a winger with the likes of Grant & a continually revolving door at LW.

    • Girgensons is a center who can’t win a faceoff, when he stick handles he has his head down(sign of a low talent player), can’t pass a puck to save his life and goes 30-40 games without a goal…the guy is a grinder and people in Buffalo love these type of players that have very little talent, he couldn’t even score 8 goals in a full AHL season…sure he did have 30 points when his Dad Nolan was coach playing 20 minutes a game but team will never have a winning season with him playing over 10 minutes…I hope they trade him soon before he hurts Eichel again…

  3. Someone else mentioned it but the more I think about the better I think it could be. I hope Jerome goes home to finish it up as a Flame the way it should be. Be a great voice in that room going down the road keep them focused to try and help get them over the hump and in the playoffs.

    • It would be great to see Iggy finish his career in Calgary. Maybe they could swap Iggy for Wideman. Basically same money, different position. Calgary couldn`t just take him with cap situation being as it is. I can see Iggy in Calgary`s front office when his playing days are over.

      • That’s one of those deals which, on the surface, screams “why not?” – certainly from a “sentimental” point of view. But a closer look shows Wideman averaging just over 21 minutes a game for one of the hottest teams in the league, mixed in with Hamilton, Giordano, Brodie, Engelland, Jokipakka and Kulak – the last two in and out of the lineup from game to game. Who then eats up Wideman’s 21 minutes? On Arizona’s side, their D is Ekman-Larsson, Stone, Chychrun, Murphy, Schenn and, lately, DeAngelo. Who sits in favour of Wideman? And how does Iginla fit into that Calgary F set-up that seems to be really hitting its stride without disrupting chemistry?

      • George Iggy plays for Colorado and despite Wideman playing big minutes right now, rumours say he`s available.

    • good suggestion–but your suggestions are normally good anyway

      • Yeah, that Arizona was a brain-fart. Long night last night.

    • My sons a huge flames fan and Iginla fan. I’d love to see him back in Calgary. I think Iggy is one of the classiest players in the league and would love to see him get a cup.

    • Would really rather not add a player who’s career should have been finished last year let alone the embarrassment that is this year for Iggy. He was a good Flame on a crap team

      • Iggy had a great year for Colorado last year 22 goals 47 points on a bad team. How is this year an embarrassment for Iggy? He`s playing on a terrible team and still holding his own. Don`t see any reason for Iggy to be embarrassed, the guys nothing but class. You don`t like the guy that`s fine.

      • Colorado is not a bad team Colorado has putrid goaltending. And ya your right Iggy is worth every penny of his 5.3 mil for last seasons half a point a game and this seasons embarrassing 6 points in 26 games for another 5.3 mil. -22 last season -3 so far this season…yes worth every penny. PLEASE lets bring him back for old time sake. As far as I’m concerned -22 and .5 points per game does not constitute a great season especially for that much money. Jagr is kicking has ass at 45 for less money and he’s a plus on the ice. Sorry Iggy should have hung them up 2 seasons ago. You might as well train young talent who’ll get paid less and do better than keep an anchor like that around. There is absolutely no benefit to it.

      • Colorado a complete mess, goaltending out. Don`t know what you`re watching these days it ain`t a quality team with bad goaltending, it`s just a plain terrible team. The +/- stat isn`t worth the paper it`s written on and like Jagr`s worth the 4+ mill he gets. You hate Iggy that`s your business

      • Aside from last night Picards actually having a good season not so sure bad goaltending is an issue for the Avs, Varlamov sure maybe but…

      • To get a cup this year, assuming it’s his last, he would have to go back to Pittsburgh and he’s way too slow to play on their wings. I think his career is going the way of Charles Barkley’s. Was one of the best players of his time but no rings to show for it.

      • I don’t hate iggy…I’m a diehard flames fan. He’s the second best flame to ever wear the flaming C. I just don’t like watching good players make fools of themselves at the end of their career when they don’t know when to quit and get out. Iggy is class always has been but that doesn’t mean he should play past the point that he can still play.

  4. I have no idea what’s going on with Bergeron. Somethings out of sync. Julian needs to flip flop Backes & Pastrnak. Bergeron has 4 goals & 8 points in 26 games! I think Pasnrnak will be Pastrnak regardless of whether he plays with Bergeron or Krejci but the Backes Krejci pairing isn’t working & Bergeron isn’t producing with Pastrnak even though he is. Ha-ha!

    As usual I’m not happy with Julian’s player personal decisions but as NYR4Life referenced yesterday no 1’s calling for my advice. Ha-ha!

  5. Since MM go hurt last night will we see #FreeFrankie tonight ??

    • Who is MM?
      Please reference at the bare minimum initials and a team. Or maybe don’t be lazy and spell the last name.


      • Believe he was speaking of Martin Marinicin.

      • Sorry. Didn’t want to misspell his name and I could not look up the correct spelling.
        Do not assume I was lazy as you do not or need not to know.


  6. Have to agree with Lyle, Varlemov isn’t getting the Avs anything. Not sure anyone would take him if he was waived. They do have some nice pieces to potentially move though. Should be interesting to watch them and Arizona.

  7. its a sad day when we have to listen to reports from bruce g and elliot f neither one knows what a hockey stick is