Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 4, 2016

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Trade speculation is swirling around Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty.

Trade speculation is swirling around Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty.

The latest on Max Pacioretty, Ryan Spooner, Benoit Pouliot and more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.  

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos wonders if the Montreal Canadiens might put left wing Max Pacioretty on the trade block. While there’s no indication Pacioretty wants out of Montreal, Kypreos claims “it’s clear from a few other teams that they want to watch this situation closely.” He claims there’s some friction between the winger and coach Michel Therrien.

Kypreos adds that a lot of teams are wondering if Pacioretty might get dealt to shore up the Habs blueline. Elliotte Friedman believes that’s a tough trade to make, as the Habs probably won’t get equal value in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Moving Pacioretty for a defenseman also weakens their offense. The Habs have struggled to score of late, so trading away one of their few natural scorers won’t help matters.  I think Pacioretty could land the Habs a quality blueliner, but that type of trade happens in the offseason. Difficult to pull off now.

Kypreos also believes it would make sense for the Boston Bruins to trade forward Ryan Spooner to the Vancouver Canucks. He cites the chemistry Spooner had last season on the power play with Loui Eriksson, who now plays in Vancouver. Canucks GM Jim Benning also has ties to the Bruins as a former assistant GM in Boston. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I also think Spooner might be a good fit with the Canucks, but the Bruins could ask for a good young defenseman in return. 

Friedman notes the Edmonton Oilers made left wing Matt Hendricks a healthy scratch last night and wonders if the Wild might be a fit for the Minnesota native. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow is shopping around in hopes of landing a scoring winger for John Tavares’ line. Snow is also trying to move Nikolay Kulemin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Snow will have the same luck the Canucks had trying to land a scoring winger. Bad time of the year to be shopping for that type of player. If they do manage to find one, the trade will probably come too late to save their season, and it could cost them a defenseman.

A few weeks ago, the Isles were linked to Colorado Avalanche forwards Gabe Landeskog and Matt Duchene. If there was any truth to that chatter, you’ve got to figure the Avs will want Travis Hamonic in return.  

As for Kulemin, he’s earning over $4 million per season through 2017-18 and has only five points in 21 games. That’s another contract that is very tough to move. 

There’s talk Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin is calling in search of a defenseman to pair with Shea Weber. 

Garrioch cited TSN’s Darren Dreger recently reported it was Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka who made an offer for Dougie Hamilton that the Calgary Flames could refuse. Chayka is apparently overvaluing his players and that’s annoying some of his peers. 

The Edmonton Oilers aren’t shopping winger Benoit Pouliot, but they have spoken to a few teams to see if there’s any interest. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pouliot’s earning a $4 million annual cap hit through 2018-19. Good luck moving that. 

The Philadelphia Flyers wouldn’t mind moving defenseman Andrew MacDonald, but his $5 million annual cap hit through 2019-20 makes that all but impossible. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe the Flyers can find a team with lots of cap space next summer willing to add MacDonald. Given how much term is left on his deal, however, that will be difficult to do. The Flyers would either have to include a terrific sweetener in the deal or agree to pick up a good chunk of his cap hit. 

The Boston Bruins also wouldn’t mind moving winger Jimmy Hayes. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’s earning $2.3 million per season through 2017-18. Considering he’s only score one goal this season, that contract isn’t easy to move. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs are offering around center Peter Holland and reportedly aren’t seek much in return. 


  1. “The Toronto Maple Leafs are offering around center Peter Holland and reportedly aren’t seek much in return.”

    File that one under “no kidding.”

    • Hard to move a player everyone expects to get waived in Holland. Maybe a conditional 7th, but we don’t need to waste a lot of ink on an irrelvancy.

      Speaking of which, had a good chuckle hearing the Habs are looking for a partner for Weber. No kidding, who isn’t looking for that?!

      • The 29 teams that are still looking for Weber

      • I watch the Habs a fair bit and admit Weber has been great fantastic even on the PP and a couple other situations but not sure why all the hype still. He isn’t particularly crushing people with his size and if you compare some pretty basic things between all the Habs D up to the1/4 point of the season like this analyst who works for RDS has I’m not sure that this is all about Weber if the Habs are looking for D help maybe because Weber is good at somethings but not particularly in his own end. It’s in French but easy enough to figure out.

      • Weber has been a beast in his own end, the guy does all the little things right in the defensive end he would improve any teams d in the NHL.

      • Shticky like you said he has been fantasic, don’t get to got up in the numbers; someone is just trying to spin it. But I will tell you what I find humorous, is Weber is consider for the Norris after the quarter mark. Like its news to the Eastern Hockey World that this guy is a good hockey player. Ironic that his first season in the east he now being raved about.

      • Caper you’re right playing for teams like nsh and clb don’t get the exposure for the end of the yr trophies. Werenski in clb has been so good for the jackets this yr but the media hasn’t shown him much

      • That’s right Caper, the stats always suggested he was as advertised, simply an elite defender with great production and physical play to boot, ie everything. To me, the only question was how he would age vis a vis the contract otherwise a clear win trading for Subban

      • I don’t think it’s spin at all, it’s a comparison between 6 D on the same team by a Habs analyst it’s not saying anything good or bad and not just 1 aspect of a players games. I’d say spinning things is just listening to people who go on and on about how infallible someones game is despite looking at some facts. lol
        Yes he has been great offensively same as PK was the year he won a Norris lol

      • Mason won a Calder in Columbus Nash a Richard Bobrovski a vezna….Weber has been an all star and in the running for the Norris how many times and won the Messier leadership award….not sure if I’m buying that.

      • Shticky, don’t be blindsided by one article regardless of whom its by, the overall affect Weber has had on that d, is probably why its as balanced as you are claiming it to be. Shea Weber, is a physical presence and reputation that Subban does not have. Now you claiming he is all offence, yes he has 18pts and 10 of them including 7 of his 8 goals came on the pp; However he is also a +18 then next best on Montreal is at +6, so no he isn’t just offense, he is one of the best complete dman in the NHL. PK btw is -7 and that the worst of all Nashville dman.

      • BBB could you imagine the attention Werenski would get if he played on a Canadian team and dare say if Toronto or Montreal. This isn’t a knock on them two teams, just so happens all the media attention goes there because most of the National media is based out of Toronto.

      • I know caper Zach would have already won the Calder if he played in Canada lol

      • This article is about the Habs looking for help on D right and moving a player like Paccioretti is likely looking for a top 4 right so Is it because the D is so good and balanced it needs this much help? If the D needed help with PK so they traded for Weber and the D still could use some help what does that say? lol I get it suggesting Weber is anything short of super human seems odd but Maybe Weber didn’t fix the Habs D after all? Maybe it’s not as good and balanced as it should be for more reasons than look at PKs +/-? lol

      • And just by the way wasn’t Weber a -7 in Nashville last year?

      • Caper chara brings the presence Weber does the B’s looks way better than I thought it would and a lot of that is from just having chara around

      • lol

      • My last comment should read the * B’s defense* looks……..

      • Ok Shitcky, I get it your not a Weber fan. But don’t try using one side of an argument and then trash the other side because it doesn’t agree with your narrative. BTW I thought we were talking this year. I won’t make excuses for Weber -7 ly, I leave that to you. Since you said not to just look at the +/- noting Rennie .908 sv% LY to this year .928 but I won’t use that in this debate.

      • Bigbadbruins on November 25, 2016 at 12:45 pm
        Excuses excuses striker! Lol I don’t expect the bruins to make the playoffs this yr unless they improve the defensive zone but rask is hiding that very well so far if he starts slipping the losses will start adding up

        Literally just over 1 week lol ?

      • It has improved since chara went down the other dman have stepped up. And fans who actually watch hockey would know forwards are supposed to help in the defensive zone lol good try tho ?

      • Sure, I think you and Caper there might both be being a bit hypocritical here and spreading things a wee bit thick but whatever. Fill your boots lol

      • The year Nash won the Richard how many ppl voted on that?? Lmfao such a donkey

      • It’s just a list of awards that guys in 2 small markets you guys are talking about have won like the Calder Mason won in Columbus…you know the trophy you and Caper were saying can’t be won in places like Columbus? lol

      • Richard makes no sense it goes by total goals no voting you donkey lmfao do you follow anything other than stats??

      • It’s a list nothing specific other than the obvious people win awards like the Calder in those markets that you don’t say they do, but it’s funny since you want to keep bringing up stats and saying they don’t matter and scream about how Nash won the scoring title (which is an award based on Stats)…see this is partly (besides the fact you can’t spell 3 letter words) why you are so confusing, so now you’re saying stats do matter?

  2. Chayka’s response to other gms saying he is overvaluing his players ” I don’t know what they are talking about all the trades went through on my PS4 before I sent them?”

    • Lol – touche.

  3. Pacioretty and Beaulieu for Hamonic and Strome?

    (Plus or minus draft picks in one direction, if people think they’re necessary)

    • Paddy, as a Leafs fan, would offer more for Hamonic and Strome so I think your package is below market. Although, Strome so far (very early days, I realize) appears he was picked too high and is now going to have to show us something in the WJC to restore his value.

      • Oh wait wrong Strome lol, need more coffee here.

      • Ha, no problem. Just getting caffeine into the bloodstream here, too.

        Yeah, both Hamonic & Pacioretty have sweetheart deals, but I’d agree that Hamonic has a bit more value (though a multiple 30-goal scorer in Patches is no slouch!).

        Then I’d argue that Beaulieu is worth more than (Ryan 🙂 ) Strome, who doesn’t appear to be in the Isles plans.

        Again, a draft pick might be needed in one direction to balance it out?

      • Paddy one problem with your proposal is the Islanders don`t need another left handed defenceman. That in it`s self means your deal has little chance of success. I think even Snow would ask for more.

      • Fair enough, Yogi!

      • Paddy I`m sure Montreal wouldn`t want to toss in Sergachev and don`t forget Montreal will have a hard time protecting players at the expansion draft. That`s gonna be a pain for some teams

  4. Notice a trend here? “Contract to big to move”. “Contract and term too much to move”. Will GMs ever learn?

    • The urge to protect one’s ass “just in case” often exceeds basic common sense and a healthy dose of intestinal fortitude. In ALL pro sports.

  5. The Habs D is ok. Center, however, needs more work. If (big IF) Patches is traded it should be to get a center for the second line. Besharnais does not cut it. He might be great in the room but we need some size and uphm in the middle. BTW the claim that Weber is not being physical enough has a lot to do with opposing player avoiding his side of the ice for fear of getting crushed. He is smart enough not to get himself out of position just for a big hit.

    • Good point sikander the guy that wrote that on wouldn’t be able to see that on the stats page.

  6. Trevor Linden just announced he will not trade the Sedins unless they demand a trade. Mind you it would be nearly imposable to trade that much money to a team that can afford them, wants them and the Sedins actually want to go to. If the Sedins leave it will be as free agents.

    • They’re in Vancouver for the duration.

      • In a nutshell George, pretty much

  7. BBB I agree, Chara is a very good tutor, I’ve been all over Chara on this page of the pass year. But I have to give credit, he been much better then I expected and great to have him teaching a player like Carlo. I will also say, I liked both Morrow and C.Miller game; especially Colin he seem to have more confidence and playing well. I was shocked and had to take a double look when I seen Morrow and C. Miller paired together. I thought the Bruins must of benched Claude, but no he was on the bench.

    • Lol I haven’t been all over chara but I was all over miller! You’re right Colin has been playing a lot better

      • Bigbadbruins on November 25, 2016 at 1:06 pm
        To say the habs defence is worse than the bruins would only be said by someone who doesn’t watch both teams play lol the habs keep the shots to the perimeter where the bruins d not unlike the leafs make their goalie make 10 bellers all the time lol!

        Hmm comparing the Bruins D to the Leafs doesn’t sound like someone who thinks the Bruins D is good either way….?

      • Were not leaf fans shticky we can talk bad about are team! Lol

      • Shticky June 23 2015 8:09pm

        Jake gardiner is one of the top 10 dmen in the as good as Duncan keith?

      • * league

      • Hey bbb notice anything different about those posts?

        Bigbadbruins on November 25, 2016 at 1:06 pm

        Shticky June 23 2015 8:09pm

        Not only did you make it up and try and put a date that no one would want to go back for…
        You’re not even smart enough to fake the post properly…no on or at you tool lmao!

      • Lol of course I didn’t look back only someone with no life would go back 2 days let alone a week or a year!, lmfao ( see what I’m getting at) ??

      • Were and are or do you mean We’re and our? It’s hard to tell what you mean when you lie about stuff and spell like a 4 year old. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • So you see what I’m getting at!!! ?

      • Well my kids are older now but , yes when they were 4 the way they put sentences together and their spelling was like yours. So I can kinda figure some of it out, but with your pathological lying and fits of schizophrenia its still pretty confusing. lol

      • So do you get it or not??

  8. So Chayka over values his players. He sounds like he would fit in here just fine as Leaf lovers over value their guys, like the haters under value them.
    Really irritated me last night Kyper was trying desperately to be as relevant as Friedman.
    Maybe Spooner would be a good fit in Van I just wouldn’t give up too much of a d man in return.
    MacDonald may the the one guy in the NHL who will never be moved. UNless the sweetener is really sweet and the Flyers retain some salary I can’t see him moving.

    • Patches, DD, and Beaulieu to the ‘Yotes for Stone, Strome and Hanzal. Maybe throw in a pick. MB do it!

      • Stone – if he goes anywhere – is going to wind up with his brother – in Ottawa.

  9. According to Pierre LeBrun “Rookie blue-liner Julius Honka has proven he belongs since being recalled, so the Dallas Stars — once they ever get healthy — will have an overload on defense. It is certainly an area I think the Stars intend to trade from to add depth up front. Now, it certainly depends on what teams are looking for, but the most obvious candidate to get dealt, I would think, is 35-year-old Johnny Oduya, who is a pending unrestricted free agent.”

    With Johnson out up to 8 weeks in Colorado, could Oduya be a stop-gap for them for the rest of the year? I guess it all depends on what Dallas wants in return, but the longer the wait the less the return.

    • I’ve always liked Oduya as at best a 2nd pair more defensive type guy in the pair but with his age creeping up there and without seeing much of Dallas so far this year I’m not sure he helps an already weak D in Colorado.

  10. Oduya would better fit a contender then COL. A deadline rental if Dallas decides to move him.MTL perhaps. Dallas could still see themselves as contenders too so he may not go.

  11. I’ve got a better idea, turf Therrien and bring in Gallant or Roy. Tired of Therriens style.

  12. Latest on Spooner is Boston seeks a top six forward with more included with Spooner.
    Any ideas what they may be looking for?

    • If it’s Vancouver maybe Eriksson should come back.