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Should the Boston Bruins pursue Colorado Avalanche left wing Gabriel Landeskog?

Should the Boston Bruins pursue Colorado Avalanche winger Gabriel Landeskog? Will re-signing winger David Pastrnak prove costly? Read on for the latest. 

CSNNE.COM; Noting the recent trade speculation regarding the floundering Colorado Avalanche, Joe Haggerty considers Avs captain and left wing Gabriel Landeskog as “an intriguing power forward winger-type possibility for the Bruins.”

However, Haggerty speculates Avs general manager Joe Sakic would want Bruins defenseman (and Colorado Springs native) Brandon Carlo as part of a package in exchange for Landeskog. He doesn’t believe that’s a good idea, noting the rookie Carlo is already skating top-pairing minutes. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins need offensive depth and Landeskog could be a good fit. However, Haggerty’s assessment that Carlo would be part of the asking price is spot on. I don’t see the Bruins parting with him.

 Landeskog’s $5.5 million annual cap hit could also be an issue. The Bruins need secondary scoring depth, so if they go the trade route, I suspect they’ll seek a more affordable option. 

CBS BOSTON: Matt Dolloff recently wondered if the Boston Bruins could re-sign winger David Pastrnak to a bridge contract similar to that of Chicago Blackhawks star Artemi Panarin. The Blackhawks winger recently re-signed a two-year, $12 million contract extension.

Pastrnak currently has 19 goals and is on pace to score over 40. With the Bruins carrying $11.5 million in estimated cap space for next season and with Ryan Spooner, Austin Czarnik, Joe Morrow, and Noel Acciari also to re-sign, Dolloff speculates an expensive new deal for Pastrnak could affect efforts to re-sign the others. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins will likely wait until the off-season to negotiate a new contract with Pastrnak. Obviously, he wouldn’t get a deal in dollars similar to Panarin, but he could get a steep raise to over $5 million per. They’ll probably want to assess his play over the remainder of the season.

The Bruins could consider a long-term term contract for Pastrnak. It would lock him in for a more affordable deal that what it could cost to re-sign him in two years time should he continue to blossom as a scoring star. They could also want a more affordable short-term option to ensure sufficient cap room for other signings this summer. It’ll be interesting to see which direction the Bruins go with the 20-year-old’s contract talks.


  1. Could the Briuns possibly make a salary cap move like sending Krug to the Yotes for Stone and Vrbata? That give the flexibility to walk away from $5 mil in salary to re-sign other key players next year if they don’t feel Stone is worth pursuing, gets them out of Krugs long-term deal and gets them some secondary scoring now for a playoff run.

    • Boston isn’t trading Krug. Stone is a UFA making 4 mil per season Vrbata is a UFA as well. Boston has tons of cap space. A player will be lost in expansion most likley McQuad or K. Miller. Hayes will be bought out.

      Krug is 1 of the best young offensive Dman in the NHL & his 5.25 per contract is solid value. There are tons of Dman making as much or more than Krug. Orpik, Petry, MacDonald, Edler, Goligoski, Bogosian, Wideman, Barrie, J. Johnson, Kronwall, Deykeyser, Green, Sekera, Demers, Yandle, Spurgeon, Greene, Leddy, Boychuk, Staal, Girardi, Streit, Markov, Phaneuf, Bouwmeester, Martin, Garrison, Stralman, Reilly, Jones, Niskanen, Enstrom, Myers.

      Those are just off the top of my head running through team alphabetically primarily. There are only a few Dman in that group I would want ahead of Krug.

      Pastrnak won’t be getting Panarin monies but possibly Kucherov monies.

      • Striker, just because someone else is making more and you deem they as having less value, doesn’t mean the player you are referencing is a good contract. Personally I have no issue if the Bruins move Krug, as long as they get fair value. For a small player he doesn’t have the speed I would like to see and to often his passes are not tape to tape, often behind the player or in his skates, which just kills any playing, he is good skaking into a zone to receive a pass and decent on the pp making passes but not so much when being forced or 5 on 5. However I do see bigger issues with the Bruins before ever worrying about Krug. Which is more to do with being prepare to play the game and not coming out so flat and that falls on CJ. I would replace him before any moves were ade.

      • I just wish Boston could ice a healthy line up & that Bergeron would start generating some points.

        Boston hasn’t had the opportunity to ice it’s full roster yet this season. There is only a handful of teams in the NHL in a similiar position. Dallas, Florida & although technically Quick played briefly in 1 game LA. Few others have been as less fortunate.

        Fancy stats love Boston. Unfortunately the game is played on the ice.

        Contracts in the NHL are based on comparables & negotiated in just that way. Only a small handful of players sign for less. Recently Trouba & Kucherov took less than market value on bridge deals but those deals also give them a ton of leverage come their next contracts.

        I love Krug. Again 1 of the best offensive Dman in the NHL. He helps drive offense & is just a kid with limited NHL experience & will get better. 7 of his 21 points so far this season have been generated on the PP. Last season 19 of 44. Compared to his peers except for the elite offensive Dman that is below average PP to ES points.

        For me Boston is in year 2 of a rebuild on the fly. Started with Sweeney taking over for Chiarelli. I love where Boston is at & where they are going. For me Krug is a core player. Players with his skill sets are incredibly rare. His consistency at generating points since joining the NHL is also a serious plus.

        His 144 points in his 3+ full NHL seasons ranks him 20th overall in D scoring. Those around & above him are the elite offensive Dman in the NHL most making significantly more money but with only 281 games of NHL regular season experience he is still almost 2 years away from being the player he will be when fully developed.

        Thankfully we; those posting here, don’t get to make these decisions. Krug isn’t being moved until it becomes absolutely necessary. With 3 years remaining after this season on his contract & turning 26 in April that’s still a long way off thank god.

        Boston has no other Dman in the NHL or soon to be in the NHL that can drive offense like Krug. He is a core player & part of their future for years to come. Thank God.

      • I think they paid Krug way to much. He’s not strong on the puck in his own zone. When Don Sweeney came into the league he was getting his ass kicked cause he was small but realized he’d better get in the gym and strengthen up which is what Krug needs to do.Most times the forward carrying the puck in his zone going to the net just runs him over and this year so far his shooting percentage sucks!

  2. Hopefully the Bruins don’t overpay Pastrnak above $5m as that will set inflated expectations for our Nylander, who is delivering the same offensive production in ppg thus far.

    A bridge deal seems like the obvious choice for the team (cap) and player who will want to see whether the Bruins rebuild on the fly turns into a full on tankjob

    As it stands, the Leafs are 3 pts back of the Bruins for 8th place with 4 games in hand and a difficult stretch for the Bruins upcoming.

    • Yeah the leags and bruins make this Sens fan nervous.

      A big move by the Bruins may wait till closer to the deadline so thatcyhey have a better stance on their playoff likelyhoid.

      • The Sens were a bubble team at best when the season started after doing NOTHING during the UFA stretch – and they are no better than a bubble team now.

        This morning Garrioch trotted out his bi-weekly “Dorion is kicking tires” column (God how I hate that over-used phrase) and muses about how they are just waiting for MacArthur to get back into action for a “huge boost.”

        So, they are pinning their hopes on a guy with multiple concussions who hasn’t seen any real game action in well over a year? A guy who, incidentally, is dinging them for $4,650,000 off the cap for the next 4 years??? Jaysus, to quote Ebenezer Scrooge “I’ll retire to Bedlam.”

      • Cant argue with you George

    • careful… leafs will be prime offer sheet candidates when all the players come up for contracts… they will have same dilemma as boston… short term bridge for more money… likely in the 5-6 range or long term that goes through a couple ufa years for slightly less.

      • George… Chabot looks like a great up and coming Dman. He will be a great addition to a Sens team and should make them more than a bubble team in the next couple of years. Chabot however prefers some risky stick handing in the offense zone that he may not get away with otherwise outside of WJHC.

      • That’s one of the many issues with having so many up and coming players who are all around the same age… higher end talent. Eventually the day will come where they’ll all get big bridge deals or huge long term deals, moved away, or potentially an offer sheet thrown towards Toronto.

        It won’t be easy managing all of those contracts and you can’t hand out all 8 year max deals and NMC.

    • Today is leafless tuesdays. Lyle promised to have a day a week without the leafs and today is that day. Noone cares about the leafs if you wanna talk leafs go someweres else. They atnt inthe subject for a reason!

      • Oh i missed that promise. Ummm maybe Lyle should post a form for us all to agree on. Lol

        I kid l, I kid

  3. Landeskog’s $5.5 million cap hit could be an issue but in my opinion his 12 points in 27 games for that cap hit is the real issue.

    • I’m not sure many rational thinking Bruins fans really would welcome that move anyways. More of a name thrown against a wall because the Avalanche are crumbling and they’ll likely be making some major moves.

      I’d much rather the Bruins make a move for another dman who is similar to Carlo. Up and coming and will only get better. Add that to the equation and move 1 of McQuaid or K. Miller

      • Assuming the teams that have to many Dman come expansion will move at least 1, Columbus, Minnesota, Montreal, NYI & Winnipeg, as well as possibly Anaheim & Nashville although they could choose to protect 8 skaters, 4 of which are Dman; Anaheim would still need to expose Manson even if they choose to protect 4 unless Bieksa waves his NMC.

        If I had to choose 1 Dman from the team 5 teams guaranteed to lose at least 1 as currently constructed I would target Brodin from Minnesota or Savard from Columbus. Fowler would be ideal but I think that’s wishful thinking & the bidding for his services in trade will be off the charts & way to expensive for me.

        I would also be happy if Boston just rode it out & traded for no 1, then this summer brought in a top 4 guys as a UFA. A Kulikov, Stone, Daley type guy on a sort 1 or 2 year deal to buy time for the prospects.

        I don’t agree with most that the UFA D market is barren in fact I think it may be the strongest UFA D market in the last decade at least based on who’s still a pending UFA. With expansion looming many may not be resigned like they usually are historically as it creates protection problems & with most teams up against the cap with little money to throw around few may be signed before the expansion draft.

        Let C. Miller & Morrow play. C. Miller has played fine well Liles has been out & this regular role is helping him develop & learn. He has a future as an offensive NHL Dman. Who knows if he will ever develop a defensive game but Boston’s D prospects now may be 1 of the best in the NHL & in the next 2 to 3 years room needs to be made for some of these kids to enter the NHL.

      • Striker,

        I do agree that Boston’s defensive prospects are really shaping up to be some of the best around the league.

        I still consider C.Miller on that list as well. Carlo has been outstanding. Grzelyck and O’Gara are very promising and putting in the time down in Providence. Bruins also had multiple defenseman in the WJC. McAvoy has looked real good in the tournament and also a “A”. Lindgren is over there… Jboril is as well. List is quite deep IMO.

        Once a really shallow farm system as now turned into one of the deeper pools throughout the NHL. There are high caliber offensive players in the farm as well!

  4. Pastrnak, has not been the same player since returning from surgery, he has 0 pts in his last 5 games. He is no longer aggressive, hitting or driving to the net. He needs to get the fear out of his game that has creeped in. Carlo is a non starter for any trade, I’m ok with Boston moving anyone outside of Bergy, Marchand, Pastrnak, Carlo and MacIvoy. With player like Acciari 19 games played this season and 19 last season with 0 goals in total. Yes he plays aggressive but has 0 chance of putting the puck in the net, the days of a player that can grind and have 0 offence is gone, sorry but Acciari should be in the Ahl. Last night game was brutal and boring, glad I didn’t pay more then my center ice package to watch that excuse of a hockey game. Boston need a change quickly or the season will slip away.

    • I think Pastrnak will come around though. That was a quick turnaround for that surgery. Backes had that earlier and missed a lot of more time than Pastrnak.

      Also, Krejci and Bergeron barely looked close to their playing form after injuries and in the case of Krejci surgery. Both have really started to come around in recent games. Took them awhile but I think that’s usually the case with injuries and/or surgery.

      • I said it when it happened the backes was a bad signing, his physical play is declining and that hurts his all around game.. he is still an effective player but not for the cap hit and term

      • I think we all agreed that the monies & term were & are to high but that’s simply how the UFA market works. Boston was forced to have to bring in someone. Even with Backes they are still a top 6 forward short even when all are healthy.

        I don’t consider Spooner or Belesky to be top 6 players, or Vatrano as yet. Spooner may become 1 who knows & I assume Vatrano will be 1 very soon so Boston was kind of forced to dip into the UFA market. Again it’s never cheap. See Ladd, Okposo, Eriksson, Nielsen, etc. Thankfully it was only for 5 years & not 6 or 7 like some others.

        My 1st choice was Brouwer. I like his salary & term far better & only a nominal downgrade than Backes but can’t play C although Backes is being paid way to much to play as Boston’s 3rd line C behind Bergeron & Krejci.

      • Striker, I disagree that Boston was forced to make a high end signing for their top 6. Especially on a guy in his 30’s at the one position you have the greatest depth.
        Their were plenty of less expensive options, not as good, but less term and $$.
        The Bruins need future, not right now, and they just hampered it by losing valuable cap space that could be used to acquire assets in exchange for short term bad contracts. IE Datsyuk.
        In my mind Backes may help them finish 8 or 9 instead of 11 or 12 in the east.
        So what.

      • I agree ray the backes signing was kind of baffling

      • Striker really summed it up nicely. I think we can all agree the term/$ was on the higher end but I think Backes does bring something to this team that was lacking. This is still only his first season on the team. I would expect next year to be even better for him and statistically better.

        Also, something has to give in Boston. Spooner, Backes, Krejci, and Bergeron are all really centerman who are at their best and most effective when playing center. They have to move 1 of these guys. Backes should really be playing center in a top 6 role and Spooner will need to be resigned but we all know he plays his best as a center. He should be moving towards top 6 sooner than later as well.

        Bruins management must decide what to do!

  5. Hey George. How about Chabot at the world juniors. Rumour has it he’s going to be good.

    • He’s looking good for sure. So is White with Team U.S.A. Unfortunately, Brown has been invisible.

      • Chabot is looking real good

      • Shoot just posted about Chabot above and scrolled down and saw it here… my apologies.

      • Probably why he never even made the team.

      • The theory goes is that the sens did not want to rush Chabot like they did Ceci.

  6. I don’t see Landeskog as an option for the Bruins. As Lyle pointed out the starting piece centering around Carlo. The Bruins desperately needed a defenseman in the farm system to step up and become a top 2 dman or project to become that. Carlo has been exactly that. There will be bumps here and there but that kid is only going to become better each season. No way the Bruins trade him.

    Pastrnak will almost certainly be resigned. I would say there is little to no chance they move him off the team. They’ll negotiate a contract once the season is over. I know there have been talks in the blogosphere about the Bruins moving Pastrnak… as they did with Seguin, Hamilton, but there has also been reports out of the front office stating that they’re past that stage of moving out high end talent from their system. They’re going to resign their talented players that are homegrown.

    The only player I see as possible trade bait right now is Spooner. Especially with his offense coming around… they may look to move him ahead of the deadline.

    Also, as far as scoring is concerned… this team as a whole has widely underperformed when it comes to scoring goals. A lot of the top end players on this team are off their averages. The team just needs their offensive players to start producing at their normal rates and the goals will start to come. Also, the Bruins offense has been playing much better defense and the team defense has IMO looked better than it did last season. Not sure if that’s due to coaching putting an emphasis on getting back and playing more defense, which has proved to be good for Rask. He’s putting up huge numbers this season. I would say some of that has to do with the defensive efforts of the team. That would likely lead to less goal scoring as well but you can’t always win a game 2-0, 2-1, 1-0 ect.

    • That sums it up pretty good Chad. There is a greater focus on defense and it shows. The issue in Boston is what you say it is, top players aren’t producing up to their historical average. As a team their shooting % is way down. Is that a lack of high end talent that can create high% scoring chances or just a statistical blip? Is our high end talent starting to show it’s age and lack of speed in an ever faster NHL?
      The Bruins are not a cup contender, but a playoff contender, and barely at that.Leafs are improving quicker than most thought, TB is coming around and will be there in the end. It will be tight again.
      I hope they make it, but hope they don’t think short term and move future assets for right now.
      If they miss the playoffs, which is about a 50/50 bet right now, it will be interesting to see how they approach their roster in the off season. 3 straight years is a tough sell on their current approach of rebuilding “on the fly”.
      I will get on my soapbox again, start the rebuild in earnest and save us another 3 wasted years of bubble team.
      Keep Chara and Bergy if they want to stay, everyone else over the age of 25 is open.
      The cavalry ain’t comin at the deadline to save us.

      • Ray Bark,

        I assume if the Bruins are out of the playoff picture come the deadline then they’ll be approaching that much different than they did last season… more sellers than buyers.

        I don’t think Neely and Sweeney will be looking to make playoff run type moves if that’s the case. They can easily fall out of the playoff race between now and then. Plenty of time to go either way.

        Also, if that ends up being the case and this team misses the playoffs again. You can bet that Julien is gone. That’ll be the 1st move they make. There’s no way they can Sweeney who’s only had 2 seasons to turn this franchise around. If anything people should credit Sweeney and his staff for the last few drafts as they’ve stocked up a nice array of players who look to be future pieces on this team.

        Also, the Backes signing IMO was the better move over Eriksson and his contract. Time will obviously tell but thus far I’d say Backes has had a greater impact on this team. The Moore signing wasn’t a bad one either. Nash still a head scratcher though.

      • I don’t mind what Sweeney has done, just OK.
        Like the commitment to get younger, not crazy about 2 of the 3 picks he made in the first round of 2015 draft. Good later picks though, and liked the 2016 draft of McIvoy pick, and yes Frederic and Lindgren.
        Don’t like the Liles signing, hate the Backes one.
        The decision to go full rebuild is not Sweeneys but ownerships.
        I wouldn’t fire Julien. Who is a better replacement that is or may be available?
        IMO this is not a coaching problem.

      • Those 2015 first round picks are starting to play out quite well. Senyshyn is one of the hottest players right now in the OHL. DeBrusk has really turned this around in Providence and Zboril is on pace to surpass all previous seasons in the QMJHL. He’s also looked pretty good in the WJC.

        The Liles signing I will agree with… not a fan of that one when we still had some young players to plug in. The Backes one I disagree with. I think it’s the type of player this team needed. I’ve liked that move moreso than if they had brought back Eriksson at the same contract.

        I think a lot does lie on the coach but the players deserve a lot of the blame as well. My opinion in the whole “fire julien” stance is that there’s plenty of people who make the excuse that there’s not a better coach out there but that makes absolutely no sense because there’s plenty of other teams in this league who have been far far far far more competitive and successful since the Bruins last won their cup… and those coaches have all been with their respective teams in less amount of time than Julien. There are other coaches out there. There may even been a younger coach out there that people aren’t familiar with who could come in and make some changes, grab a spark, and drive in a new direction for this team.

  7. I said a few days ago
    Spooner,Krug and Hayes plus a pick
    For Landeskog and Iginla.
    Spooner and Krug have played real well since.
    If Boston is gonna try to go somewhere this season they need to make a move. Otherwise keep these guys and let the rebuilding continue.
    Maybe Spooner and C.Miller who has also looked much better for Landeskog but no on Carlo.

    • the deal isnt any less of a complete rip off for the avs now then when you typed it previously. yhou say no on Carla but look at the teams that could use landeskog and almost any team could and would beat that offer. (not saying bruins should trade carlo, just saying that would be the starting point of the conversation.) With Duschene or Landescog you are looking at the typical 1st, top prospect, and roster player.

      • If ducshene is traded I would think he will be headed east. You would have to think the bergevin and the habs would have to be very interested a first,juulsen,mcniven would be the start with roster player from Mtl going the other way to make the cap work. But as chris said a lot of teams will be bidding for Matty D!

      • for example… pens trade hornqvist or hagelin, sprong or guntzel, and 1st for duschene or landeskog. It would tke that type of deal.

      • Hornquist hagelin would not interest the avs they would young players/prospects

      • eh…. pens dont really have the pieces right now to get another superstar. which is ok… they got plenty.

      • Disagree
        Spooner and Krug is fair value for Landeskog.
        He isn’t a top line guy on most teams.
        So no he’s not a number one.
        Hayes I agree is basically a salary dump. Can take him out if you want. I also said a pick like a second round.
        Iginla is nothing but a aging rental and I just put him in the deal to help Boston make the playoffs.
        Striker agreed with me Krug is too much.

      • Striker over values Krug tho he is a second pairing dman and what you see is what you get.

      • Dave. Even if you actually believe that is fair value, fair value isn’t what drives trades. It’s actual market value that drives cost and a guy who actually would play on the top line of many teams, second line on all others who has been a captain for years, good defensively blah blah blah is going to garner more than a middle pairing d man and a prospect that has one foot through the bust door. Hayes is so bad he should be bought out and iggy will get them a 2 or 3 pick as a rental. A guy with term isn’t going for a rental price and will cost.

      • Chrism
        Your right no one really knows fair value. You have to look at salary also.
        I would take Hall over Landeskog and he only got a decent defenseman in return. Part of that trade was a salary dump to sign Lucic.
        People are high on Carlo and I wouldn’t move him but he has started to play more like a rookie lately. Krug has actually played better the last 10 games. I’m a Bruins fan and will admit I don’t see Landeskog play often but looking at his stats and what he makes I’m not overly impressed.

      • I think Krug and Spooner for Landeskog is an over payment by Boston.
        Last season and this one combined Spooner has more points. Spooner has also started to pick it up lately and is playing better.
        Landeskog is a better 200′ player, no doubt about that, but not so much that you include a #3/4 d-man who can run a power play.
        Hayes = salary dump, Iginla is a hall of famer and a salary dump and a wash.

      • dave.. I’ll give you krug’s value, like all d men value are is over inflated. but Landeskog is over inflated due to his other attributes, his pedigree, etc. Someone would beat the snot out of that offer… philly for example… loaded with young expansion exempt d prospects… Montrael, Canes… all could put together better packages. sorry ray bark… dont think Landy and pooner will ever be really comparable. iggy vs haynes isnt a wash as iggy will fetch a low non first at the deadline while haynes has negative value.

      • Agree that Landeskog is a better 200′ player than Spooner, but he has 12 points in 27 games this year. Not producing this year and on average is a 50-60 point forward who plays both ends. Good player
        Krug is a 3/4 d-man who has more points than Landy this year and put up 44 last year as a dman. Good player.
        I would think Krug for Landeskog is closer to fair. Maybe a 2 or 3rd round pick added by Boston. Not Krug and Spooner.
        Iginla, while a still a valuable player 3 years ago, has no value to Boston now. His offense is non existent and is a liability in his own end. His contract is also a liability.
        Great player whose age has caught up.
        Hayes is worthless and his contract is also a liability.
        A wash.

      • ray… iggy hayes not a wash cause avs will get a half decent asset from someone for him… hayes nothing.. so not a wash. hall showed the league the value of even middle pairing d men but someone out there will pay more for landiskog… krug and spooner, who like iggy might fetch a lower to mid round draft pick (maybe) wouldnt be in the top 5 offers. no way shape or form. actually… looking ast that… spooner and iggy are a wash trade value wise.

      • If Landeskog does get moved wouldn’t it be in the summer? At this point we can all agree that many teams would be interested in the player, however, not all teams are interested in sending a huge overpayment in terms of pieces to the Avalanche midseason. That type of move doesn’t usually take place. More an offseason type move IMO.

        Also, I would prefer the Bruins stay away from that type of move at this point. Although that type of player would instantly make an impact… I’m not interested in giving up what it would take. No thanks!

      • Omg the pens homer strikes again!!!!! Smdh!!?

    • Iggy shouldn’t be considered as an option to any rebuilding team. He’s done. All he can do now is possibly help an already very established Stanley cup contender…a very talented team…get an extra goal or 2 on there way to a possible Stanley cup victory…who probably don’t need the help in the first place. I’m a die hard Flames fan and would love to see Iggy come in to Calgary on Wednesday and have some sort of glorious Multi point moment and have everyone standing for him but very unlikely.

  8. An AVS Wild trade seems to make sense prior to the expansion draft. The Wild have an excess of 3 quality Dman that have to be protected. Coming back is either Duchene or Landeskot.

  9. To colorado- morgan reilly, nylander,auston matthews toronto first in 2017

    To toronto- landeskog, 3rd in 2017, tyson barrie and jerome iginla to help out with the leafs cup run bahahaha

    • Can I get a hit of what I your smoking? I wouldn’t trade Matthews for anything right now

      • Do you really want a hit of that? Sounds like what ever it is it causes brain wasting disease. lol

    • … not sure this was actually meant to be taken seriously

  10. I think he was just fishing for hits