Latest on Trouba and Vanek – January 16, 2017

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Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba could still attract interest in the NHL trade market.

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba could still be dealt and  Detroit Red Wings winger Thomas Vanek could be a trade candidate.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Elliotte Friedman’s appearance last Friday on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960, during which he stated his belief that Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba could be in play in the trade market.

While Trouba is on a two-year bridge deal, nobody considers this a long-term solution. Friedman feels a rival club will have to make it worth the Jets’ while to part with the talented young blueliner, but he ultimately believes somebody will. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman didn’t elaborate as to which teams could pursue him. Trouba is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights in July 2018, so the Jets have time on their side for find a suitable deal if they wish. 

There are clubs lacking skilled blueline depth possessing sufficient salary-cap room beyond this season to sign him to an expensive long-term contract extension. It’s also believed Trouba prefers to be traded to an American club.

Taking those factors into account, potential trade destinations could include the Arizona Coyotes, Buffalo Sabres and New Jersey Devils. However, the Jets supposedly wanted a defenseman of comparable age and skill in return. None of those aforementioned clubs can meet that asking price.  

THE DETROIT NEWS: If the Red Wings fall further behind in this season’s playoff chase, Ted Kulfan speculates winger Thomas Vanek could be dangled as trade bait. Vanek, who turns 33 on Jan. 19, has 11 goals and 29 points in 32 games, despite missing time earlier in the season with a hip injury. He’s currently second among Red Wings’ scorers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vanek has a reputation for inconsistency and soft play in the postseason. Still, he’s on pace this season for 25 goals and 65 points, plus he carries an affordable contract (one-year, $2.6 million).

If he continues playing well in the coming weeks, I expect a playoff contender will pursue him before the March 1 trade deadline. The Wings could get a pick or two in return, though I doubt they’ll get anything higher than third rounders. 


  1. Dorion pulls himself from the ocean on to a tropical beach gets up and walks past Vanek unflintching….the search continues!

    • Ha-ha! Nice.

      • Trouba for Schneider insome sort of deal

    • Lol good one.

    • Funny!

      I like the running imagery.

  2. So the Jets want to trade Trouba for another Trouba, but one without an attitude problem? I don’t think so.

    If you have the Trouba that didn’t request a trade and doesn’t want a big money deal without having earned it, you’re not trading him.

    I think if the Jets want full value, they have to move on from the idea that they’re going to get back a young, top four NHL Dman.

    • Dan, yep.

    • Dan as of right now, he is Winnipeg best dman. I do agree though why was you give up a player of same talent to receive a player with the same talent plus proven to be a difficult negotiation.
      I would trade Krug for Trouba, if that deal could get done, they are not the same player but Krug is a right handed offensive defenseman and signed to a decent contract. The only issue for Winnipeg would be what to do with Enstrom. They could view Morrissey as the same type of d but from the left side and may not want to duplicate it. Again I use Krug because I don’t think they can get the exact same type of player in return.

      • Krug is the new Matt Read .. The return for any and everything … IMO there is no way Winnipeg would even entertain that deal ..

      • Thank God for that Dino as I don’t want the entitled Trouba playing for my team. I’m a big Krug fan. Top 10 young offensive Dman that aren’t a total train wreck defensively are just as hard to acquire & develop. The NHL is becoming a speed transition game a style of play that fits Krug’s skill set very well.

        Boston has Trouba his name is Carlo & according to Bobby Mac of Boston’s top 4 young D which includes Carlo, McAvoy is & will be the best & will step straight into the NHL next season. The word he used is his poise at this age is incredible. His mental game is way ahead of his years.

        Boston has Lindgren coming as well, who is a solid defensive defensmen; 3 years away. Boston doesn’t need Trouba, actually they don’t need any Dman now. Sweeney has addressed this issue in spades. No team has a better prospect group of D coming than Boston & most winning teams build from the net out.

      • If by all accounts Trouba is a future #1 stud Dman (I believe you have said this yourself countless times) and currently is the best Dman on Winnipeg ahead of Big Buff (Solid #1) and Myers (Solid top 4) then how is he entitled? Seems to me the kid and his agent knew is value,

        Krug is constantly offered up by Bruins fans as trade bait that’s where I get the Matt Read comparison.A couple of years ago every trade with the Flyers started with Matt Read,

        I think you are overvaluing Krug, he would be easy to replace and reminds of a poor mans Mike Green from 5 years ago. That’s just my opinion, I don’t watch a lot of Bruins games though.

      • Striker, with you on Krug now. I didn’t bash him previously, just wasn’t as high on him as you.
        He has been great this year, and especially of late has been lighting it up offensively.
        His possession #’s (I know fancy stat) have also been great no matter who he is paired with, usually McQuaid.
        With C Miller it is crazy good.
        I stand corrected. Still not a guy you throw over the boards against the other teams top lines repeatedly, but we have Chara and Carlo for that.
        Just hope the young guys mature fast before the best years are gone for the group up front.
        Which might actually happen??!
        MacAvoy looked great in world juniors as did Lindgren for USA. Lauzon after Myers got hurt and he got to play also showed his compete level and skill.

      • I don’t watch the late games Caper so I haven’t seen him and I haven’t looked into how he’s being deployed, but it doesn’t look like he’s a clear #1 Dman on the stats.

        He’s number two on the team in ATOI and point production (although a distant number two in primary points), for instance. He also doesn’t seem to get 1st unit PP time.

        In terms of his defensive play, he’s 4th best in terms of shot suppression, with his team giving up more shots while he’s on the ice than it takes. His zone starts are roughly split.

        It seems like he’s getting what tend to be hard matchups, he’s producing at a good clip without being handed tons of PP time, but he’s also giving away shots at a good clip.

        While very different players, this isn’t dis-similar to the kind of stat profile you see when you look at Morgan Rielly.

      • Ray, you make a really good point. I was looking at the stats on Krug the other day and he’s actually putting up really solid numbers this year. I don’t think despite the pedigree that Krug for Trouba is out of the ballpark at all.

      • Dino.

        He’s not a #1 yet & certainly wasn’t this summer demanding what was being reported to huge money he hadn’t yet earned playing as a 3rd pairing Dman; 3rd in TOI/GP, just seconds; 12, ahead of Enstrom. Wanting to play for a US based team & trying his best to force the issue. I consider that to be entitled. I have no doubt he’ll be a #1 he may be a #2 now. He’s showing signs but I don’t want to give up Krug to get him as these types of assets are just as hard to acquire. Krug is signed for 3 more years at a very reasonable 5.25 for what he provides & as I always state isn’t yet fully developed.

        With all the Dman coming why pay the kings ransom it will cost to acquire Trouba? The Bruins don’t need Trouba. By the time Chara retires after next season Boston will have added at least 1 of the kids at D most likely McAvoy & with Chara coming off the books in 2018-19 they can pursue someone then if needed. Perhaps even this summer potentially exposing C. Miller if 1 can be had at the right cost.

        How is Trouba playing better than Buffy? Buffy is playing over 2 mins more per game on the 1st pairing, has 3 times & many goals, twice as many points, granted in more games but who’s to blame for that choice? Buffy still takes the harder assignments, both are minus 1 but again Buffy has played 15 more games. Myers has now missed 35 games. If he was playing where does Trouba fall to in minutes played or deployment. Even now Trouba is only playing nominal more minutes than Enstrom his D partner. Just less than a minute.

      • Carlo isn’t no Trouba, lets not make that comparison, so far He reminds me of Hamilton big body but won’t hit. As I just watch Krug chase behind the net leaving the front of the net, 1-0 Islanders. As I said numerous times. Krug isn’t fast and has no defensive game. Trouba is a complete player, who by the way is 3yrs younger then Krug also 6’3 200lbs and HITSSSSS. Not that I’m not a fan of Krug, but he’s simply one dimensional. By the way Trouba is faster, more physical and complete. Here in Winnipeg by fans and media, Trouba is Winnipeg best defenseman. If the jets were willing to give up Trouba for Krug straight up, Don Sweeney would make the deal in a minute. I love the argument “the game is changing” more speed, if you want more speed that’s Trouba not Krug. Just because someone gets more ice time, doesn’t mean they are playing better or draw the tougher assignment, could and does mean, that your team is trailing and we need our game changer on the ice and we are willing to sacrifice in our own zone to create chances.

    • Ur so right. Only a idiot would make a trade to get a equal defenceman in return. Comment was a team needing a defenceman only not having to give one up. If I had a defenceman with Trouba talent why would I be stupid to trade him for another defenceman of equal or lesser talent. Jets should sign Trouba to extended deal because after there top 4 defenceman they don’t have very much and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade or buy out Enstrom next year with his $5.5 mil contract.

      • Only problem Robert is Trouba doesn’t want to be in a small Canadian city. He wants to market himself & get endorsement revenue. Hard to do in Canada’s smallest NHL market.

        Or at least that was the scuttlebut floating around. He tried to force a trade claiming BS reasons when he was unsuccessful & realized Winnipeg wasn’t capitulating he signed what was on the table giving himself the gavel in 2 years.

        This 2 year deal was beneficial to both Winnipeg now, Trouba very soon. He will be moved & a kings ransom will be returned for him. He will cost the team that acquires him probably Ekblad money to sign if you want him happy. He’ll get at least Lindholm money in arbitration on a 1 year deal when this contract is up & with UFA status only 4 years away he has a ton of leverage coming his way.

    • That was what Winnipeg was reported to have wanted; Lyle said supposedly wanted, when he was holding out & what they needed. This summer with the expansion draft looming, the emergence of Morrissey those needs are changing.

      Moving Trouba before the expansion draft allows Winnipeg to retain Enstrom; not buying him out to eliminate his NMC & being forced to protect 4 Dman, & instead protect 7F 3D & 1G. If Winnipeg are forced to protect 4 Dman they are going to lose a good forward. Trouba isn’t staying he’s best moved before expansion & their will be over a dozen bidders & the return significant.

      They will simply take the best offer available regardless of what it may entail in picks, prospects, forwards, Dman, what have you.

      Their top 4 post Trouba will be Buffy, Myers, Enstrom, Morrissey. I assume a solid young Dman who is not yet a top 4 will be included in that trade with other assets. Winnipeg’s D pipeline is pretty bare & what few they have are very young & years away.

    • I agree Dan39, and if another club is looking to swap a top 4 Dman for another top 4 Dman there is a “reason” for that too! So you are right it is basically Trouba for Trouba! Unless of course each appreciates their new surroundings. Don’t trades usually happen because one team needs something the other doesn’t have? (unless it’s a cash dump; see Carolina). Don’t see how what Winnipeg is looking for fulfills the notion of a “trade?”. Remember collecting hockey cards? Nobody traded Ken Dryden for Ken Dryden!

  3. has Vanek done anything in any playoff over his career ? If so, a long time ago. Trouba will be dealt next year. Maybe to Phil as they should have a young D prospect to return

    • Do you think edmonton may try for Trouba?

      • Any deal with Edmonton would probably have to start with Nurse ++ IMO, and who is to say Trouba would want to sign there long term.

      • It would be great if they could get him but Edmonton is even further North of the 29th parallel! Trouba, according to all accounts does not want to play in Canada.

    • Yes in 4 of his 6 playoff appearances he played great. Unfortunately for a bad team Buffalo. Last season he played of as a 3rd line winger for Minny. 4 points in 10 games.

      06-07 the year Dallas stole the cup with Hull in the crease when he scored. That should have been a penalty not the game winning goal like it was all year including the playoffs except in that game. 16 games played 6 goals 4 assists 10 points.
      09-10. 3-2-1-3. Buffalo
      10-11. 7-5-0-5. Buffalo
      13-14. 17-5-5-10. Montreal.

      Those appear to be pretty solid play off #’s to me. Less scoring in the playoffs than the regular season.

  4. Garth Snow should offer Hamonic, Halak (retained salary) for Trouba, Hutchinson and Winnipegs 4th round pick for 2017. I believe this works as a hockey deal for both teams moving forward.

    • Sounds like a good solution

    • Hutch was signed to be exposed at the draft. I suppose they could do the same with Halak as well but that simply makes it Trouba for Hamonic and I don’t believe thats enough to land Trouba

      • Taz, I see Hutchinson as a future starter for NY Islanders. A tandem of Greiss and Hutchinson.

        Trouba can be the número uno Defense pairing. Islanders can start negotiations for his next contract – controllable as still (RFA) this summer.

      • So basically a salary dump backup and a D with less talent for a top D a cheaper backup and a draft pick? thanks but I think I’ll pass

      • I see the deal from the Islanders point of view Antoni but why does Winnipeg make this deal? It makes zero sense for them.
        They will be protecting Hellebyuck and exposing Halak either way – so this deal is Trouba for Hamonic unless there is a pick going winnipeg’s way this deal isn’t happening. In addition to that the goalie going the other way is probably pavelec and not Hutch

      • Antoni what about the 11.5 being paid to Boychuk & Leddy? Hamonic is cost controled & at his cap hit may be the best D value in the NHL. Trouba has arbitration rights & will get over 5 mil on a 1 year deal in a walk.

        NYI has protection problems at D now flipping 1 for another doesn’t help nor does NYI need Trouba. They have Trouba his name is Boychuk. They also have a Krug his name is Leddy.

        At least 12 teams could use Trouba & I assume will bid as soon as the trade market opens this summer. All teams need to submit their expansion protected rosters by June 17th. I see at least 5 Dman moving or 2 will be bought out Enstrom & Bieksa in which case I only then 3 Dman moving pre expansion possibly 4 if Anh chooses to move Manson.

      • Taz, Helleybuck is still exempt from the expansion draft so Jets can protect Halak (with retained salary by NYI) and he can mentor Helleybuck to solidify their goaltending as he is still a NHL goalie and needed to leave a unique situation in New York.

        Pavelec will simply play out the year as he is UFA in the minors and or try and trade to a team that needs help. Winnipeg will probably retain salary as well to facilitate and get a pick for doing so.

        Hamonic is a fine replacement for Trouba and is a better fit dollar wise (3 more years) and skill set to the Jets.

        I know Hamonic rescinded his request to be traded, but dollars to donuts, I would make a wager that he would t mind going home as St. Malo (hometown) Its 80 Kms. south of Winnipeg and I’m certain that the fan base will be ecstatic to have him play for the team.

        Islanders will also openly welcome Trouba for what he brings to the table now and in the future. It’s a win win for both teams.

        My opinion and my expressed opinion only.

      • Striker, a possible solution is to ask Johnny Boychuk to waive his no movement clause and work out a deal with Edmonton..NY most likely would have to retain some dollars as well.

        The optic is solid.

      • Islanders Defense will be Trouba, Leddy, De Hana, and Devon Toews who’s is looking to be stud along with Hickey, Mayfield and Pelech to round out..

        The key is convincing both Edmonton and Boychuk (signed by Chiarelli) and im sure that Garth Snow would also be relieved of his signing Boychuk to such an expensive $$ and term.

        This deal also solidifies Edmontons’ need for leadership and experience in their Defense core! After all he has a Stanley cup ring and can only complement to what they are doing in Edmonton. He could be the missing link.

    • Hamonic’s cheap deal is way too valuable to the Islanders. They are stuck with Ladd and Boychuk on rather large and long deals, just over paid (in my opinion) for Cizikas and Clutterbuck and they still have to resign Tavares. Plus add on top of that, they lack offense needed to win games.

      • Islanders can circle back to TML and ask for either Kerby Reichel or Brendan Leipsic to audition and play winger for Tavares and Toronto can ask for Ryan Pullock. Not a sexy deal but it helps both clubs position and $$ wise.

      • Both these deals seem bad I can’t see the Jets wanting to give up one of their better players and an affordable backup along with a draft pick for a lesser D man and a more expensive salary dump back up (why if they have Pavelec in the AHL would they want another goalie in the AHL making 4 mill) then the Islanders after Commiting felony theft on the Jets are going to trade the Leafs a good D prospect probably their 2nd bed for a winger from the Leafs AHL team likely not in their top 5 prospects to play on a top line with Taveres? This whole thing is a mess.

      • Indeed Antony, the Leafs would gladly trade Rychel for what is now basically a reclamation project in Pulock. Put him on the Marlies and lets see.

        Rychel doesn’t really figure into our plans.

        Leipsic will likely get the next call-up now with Kapanen down and potentially out for a long time.

        His better than 1.0 ppg production on the Marlies this year is similar to what Connor Brown did for us.

        Look at Brown now playing with Matthews and putting up 20 pts in 41 GP. The precedent is there.

      • Ya I’m sure a team currently 7-8 rookies deep in its lineup still has a winger or 2 in the AHL worth another teams top couple prospect and that the other rookies are capable of putting up points on another teams top line. lol this is nuts

      • How is a 22 year old D man drafted in 2013 a year after Connor Brown a reclamation project yet Connor Brown who is in his first year on the NHL is a precedent of how a success? Dan again you are just regurgitating stats with out thinking about what you are saying.

      • Shticky, you don’t think Pulock has declined in value from where he was drafted #15 overall? There has been essentially no improvement in his play from his first pro year…

        Compare that to his draft class of Jones, Nurse, Ristolainen, Morin, Morrisey, Zadorov, Mueller, Theodore – which of those have gotten better? Almost all of them.

        Pulock at this stage is a project – not an NHL player. Just like Rychel – also 22, selected #19 overall – as Anthony suggested.

        Connor Brown was taken #156 overall. He now has 26 pts in 41 GP playing a defensively responsible role, having started on a checking line in fact.

        He’s one of the greatest drafting surprises in recent Leafs history, maybe the greatest.

      • I some alternate universe NYI has almost it’s entire roster signed for next season. The lone exceptions being Greiss, Seidenberg & the recently signed Gionta all UFa’s. De Hann, Pelce & Berube being RFA’s.

        If you want to talk about a brutal prediction this is my worst. To start the year; granted before Parenteau was waived, I had NYI as a lock for a top 6 spot in the East. Thank god I didn’t lay a wager on this but boy swing & a miss.

        How Capuano has retained his job is 1 of the 7 wonders of the world. Because his player deployment is a huge factor in NYI’s lack of consistency. What does Bailey have on Capuano? This player is pure Teflon. No matter what he does he plays as Tavares RW & gets 1st line PP time & there is a big part of the problem.

      • Anthony.

        Pulock like Mantha has to be protected for expansion. Some weird issue with the cut off dates for expansion which don’t match with contract slides, waiver, arbitration, etc.

        If Pulock is exposed I would be surprised if he’s not selected by Vegas. This player has a bright future as a PP quarterback. Train wreck defensively but learning slowly how to play the defensive side of the game needed at a bare minimum to play in the NHL.

        Is Toronto in a position to potentially protect 4 Dman come expansion? Reilly, Gardner, Carrick & Pulock!

      • Dan39.

        I would argue Pulock is developing right on schedule. Drafted 3 years ago, has 2 years in the minors now, should be NHL ready very soon. Starts with limited exposure next season. Skjei a more complete 2 way Dman was drafted a year earlier & is now playing as NYR’s #6. This is his rookie year. This is the path the vast majority of Dman drafted take to the NHL.

        They start their NHL career as a spare part 4 years after being drafted. Roles & responsibilities increase as injuries & opportunities allow. For every Trouba that steps in as a 19 year old & plays as a regular there are 5 that follow this path to the NHL.

      • Sorry was Jake Gardiner also a Leaf reclamation project because at 21/22 years old he was doing the exact same thing and was a 17th overall pick.

      • You’re comparing the Islanders blue line with Hamonic Leddy Boychuk Hickey Pelech Sidenberg to the blue lines in Colarado Buffalo and Edmonton…Theodore is not really a full time guy yet for the Duck and many of the other guys you mention there have had a much easier top 6 to crack. I’m not saying he has or hasn’t slipped a bit Dan what I am saying is you calling other teams players/ prospects out and only using Stats of guys that play for the Leafs is silly. In one breath you say Rychle is not in the Leafs plans and is a reclamation project too but the Islanders maybe interested in a deal like that because we’ll look at the pecedent set by Brown? If Rychle is what you say he is then why would the Islanders trade a younger D prospect for him than what the Leafs gave up for him when they traded the Jackets Harrington? You can indeed all you want it doesn’t make things sound any more smart. You are just taking about Leaf stats with out thinking about what is being said. Pulock bust for not cracking the NHL by 22 Gardiner who had a super similar development you were saying is a top pairing guy 2 days ago.

    • Halak is no better than Pavelec probably worse and Harmonic will never be as good as Trouba plus he has been getting injuries. Jets would be robbed making this trade.

      • Hamonic has never missed more than 12 games in a season since his rookie year. No player for NYI logs harder minutes than Hamonic. He plays against the other teams best players every night both 5 on 5 & on the penalty kill. This is a stud but because of his deployment can’t show is offensive skills nor does he care. He plays D 1st.

        Incredible skater & he has shown when deployed offensively he can generate points unfortunately he’s to valuable defensively to get such opportunities.

        Hamonic’s $3,857,143 per cap hit for 3 more years may be the best contract in the NHL. He’s not going any where. If Trouba can even become a Hamonic that would be a fabulous accomplishment. He’s not there yet & he’s going to be paid almost twice Hamonic’s salary on his next deal. I’m not sure we will ever be able to compare these 2 players as your talking apples & oranges.

  5. This is not part of the article also I don’t think it has been discussed before. With the struggles that the Blues are having in goal does anyone think that they may take a run at either Fleury or Bishop?

    • Whispers around the Pens indicate that Rutherford and Co. feel like the Blues could eventually be in on Fleury.

      To me, Bishop makes more sense IF they still have some faith in OR cannot get rid of Jake Allen. Bishop is a UFA and a St. Louis native. If you just need a goalie to make your best Cup run this season, Bishop seems to make more sense.

      BUT, if Mike Yeo (the head coach in waiting) has influence and they are ready to move on from Allen, then Fleury might make a LOT of sense for the Blues. Yeo was part of the Pens 08 and 09 Cup runs.

      • Now wouldn’t that be cool! Fluery and the Blues against Murray and the Pens for the Cup!

        Not sure the Blues want Crosby, Kessel, Malkin and co shooting at a goalie they practiced with regularly!

      • Rumors are the deal with Calgary that was in place died on the vine as Bishop is demanding Lundqvist type money. I don’t pay any goalie over 5.5 so certainly don’t want to pay Bishop for 7 years at 8.5 per.

  6. Before the expansion draft I think it’s very likely the Devils will acquire either Olli Maatta or Derrick Pouliot.

    Pens have 5 Dmen worth protecting and Shero drafted both of these guys.

    Either figures to cost less than Trouba.

    • I can’t see Pit moving Maatta. Very team friendly contract. The clock is ticking on Pouliot. Still very young & he could be moved, he has 2 more years to break thru. Rumors were floating early in the season that Edm kicked the tires but cost was to high. Potential expansion casulaty for Pittsburgh if they don’t reduce his thier trade demands on him.

      I assume Letang, Maatta & Schultz will be Pits keepers under the 7.3,1 format.

  7. Vanek will pull more than a 3rd round picks.

    Just some of last seasons trade deadline deals.

    Spaling & Polak for 2 2nds.
    Mike Weber for a 3rd. Granted he’s no Vanek!
    Ladd for a 1st & Dano. Was a conditional 3rd attached but wasn’t paid as terms weren’t met.
    Fleischmann & Weise for a 2nd & Danault.
    Hudler for a 2nd & 4th. He was having a brutal season last year compared to Vanek’s this season.
    Purcell for a 3rd. Granted he’s no Vanek!
    E. Staal, having a brutal season last year moved for 2 2nds.
    Liles a 3rd & a 5th.
    Stempniak a 2nd & 4th.

    How about the season prior.

    Connelly 2 2nd rounders.
    Stewart a 2nd.
    Glencross a 2nd & 3rd.
    Fleischmann a 3rd.
    Vermette a 1st.
    Timonen a 2nd & 4th.
    Jagr a 2nd & a 3rd.
    Sekera a 1st.
    Winnik a 2nd & a 4th.

    That’s just some of the over payments made at trade deadline time in the last 2 years. If Vanek moves he will return significantly more than a 3rd or a couple of 3rds.

    if several other UFA’s not even playing that well, Ladd, Vermette, can return 1sts, & a player like E. Staal who was & did play terrible for NYR gets 2nds Vanek is getting more than a 3rd. Can we lay that bet now I’ll even give 10 to 1 odds. min bet is 500 bucks.

  8. Jets should be looking at Detroit. A couple prospects with good upsides in Oulette, Marchenko and Sproul. They could also inquire about DeKeyser. Wings could also add Tatar or Nyquist and get a pick from Jets. All the Wings players need is a coach who can lead them. That’s what these guys are missing in DET.

    • Dmart, Winnipeg has the forward positions covered. Their up and coming youths are superior and cheaper than Nyquist and Tatar. DeKeyser is overpaid and no where near the talent of Trouba and the other Players you mentioned are not worth the mention. Detroit is a BIG winner in your proposal..

      • You just finished trading a 5 million dollar goalie in the AHL and Hamomic for Trouba Hutchinson and a draft pick and you think Dekyser and a Good prospect and decent forward isn’t worth Trouba and a pick?

      • Shticky, why do you always have a negative opinion! You are a troll .. if ones opinion is not inline with your own, simply express your dislike for the thread and move on! It is my opinion as a hockey fan and I made a proposal based on needs and wants for all parties.

        I will see at the commencement of next season whether my predictions come to fruition. FYI, I follow the TML..

        Also as a side note. Several summers ago, I suggested the TML should acquire Shea Weber and you vehemently tore a strip as to why Nashville would ever trade Weber. Well lo and behold, he is now property of the Montreal Canadiens so to that I bid you adieu and ✌?

      • Antoni, you can disagree with Shticky without calling him a troll.

      • Antoni my opinion was no more negative to you than yours was to Dmart I’m sure Dmart was also trying to base his on the teams needs and to me in my opinion as a hockey fan it makes more sense than having 9 million dollars worth of AHL goalies as you proposed. No offence but I am sure you are not the only person to muse over what a team would look like if Weber played defence for it so excuse me if I’m not in awe of your fortune telling abilities or you’re resume as an arm chair GM?

      • As a follow up to Shticky, yes I predicted that only two teams can go after Weber that one being TML – me being a fan of and Montreal Canadiens because of affordability in able to afford his monstrous front loaded contract without hurting their bottom line. ?✌?

      • Ya still not seeing what the point of all this is. There are a few here saying the same as me Antony your proposal wasn’t really any god in most opinions the Jets are not going to want Halak as part of a deal for Trouba. They already have an expensive goalie in the minors so why would they want another? Trouba is likely better than Hamonic so it makes very little sense it’s not personal and it has nothing to do with you being a Leaf fan or what you thought about Weber years ago.

    • That’s what’s missing in Winnipeg too! I am a Paul Maurice fan; however, with a line up as strong as Winnipeg’s something’s “gotta give”.

    • Marchenko isn’t being moved. Times up for Ouellet & Sproul, both drafted in 2011. Ouellet looks to potentially have an NHL future Sproul? Neither of these Dman are going to have much appeal to Winnipeg in some form of a deal to secure a Trouba. Nor does Winnipeg really need more forwards.

      This is going to be a tough trade for Winnipeg. Not to make moving him will yield at least a dozen suitors this summer but again it will just come down to the best deal even if it doesn’t meet Winnipeg’s short term needs. Winnipeg needs at least 1 solid young dman even if a prospect in this deal. Detroit doesn’t have that asset currently.

      These trades are so rare that even when they do happen it usually shocks us where they end up. It’s usually a deal we didn’t even see or discuss.

      • Hence the comment about proper system/coaching. Oulette is sneaky good and smart. Pretty much same with Marchenko. DeKeyser a good 3-4. If it’s to happen.DET has to unload a couple Mil as well.

  9. Boston doesn’t need Trouba anymore with Carlo and Mcavoy coming along. Although I would love to have him the cost would be too much.
    I really see him going to Detroit I’m not sure why it hasn’t already happened.

  10. I’d love to see Trouba in NY. But, Ny has their hands tied with expansion having to protect Staal, Girardi and Mcdonagh. They already have to expose Holden. I doubt Staal or Giradi will waive their NMC’s for expansion.

    • Would NYR consider buying Girardi out with 3 years remaining? But with 3 years remaining at 5, 4 7 4 it must be being discussed by management.

      6 years is pretty onerous but if it lands you a Trouba would it be worth it?

      • 7 should read &

  11. That’s why Morrow is never going to be an NHL Dman. Brutal.

    • Yep, can’t fix …….

  12. The more I watch BUFFALO the less I think we are trading Evander Kane.

    Here is who I see go:

    Gionta – either he’ll retire next year and stay… or go to a playoff team needing some veteran help.

    Kulikov and Franson – let’s get some picks for these guys for next year!

    Girgensons and Deslauriers – let’s see if we can trade these guys for some players of equal value that need a change of scenery.

    Robin Lehner – He isn’t our goalie of the future. Put a period and trade him…

    • Bart98 – Buffalo!!

      It’s a good time to be a Sabres fan. They are right on the cusp of putting it all together. Should be a playoff contender next season not a cup contender but all that youth just needs time & they just need to add a few more pieces. Lets call them a bubble team next season pending additions this summer.

      I assume you will get most of your wish list. I see all the UFA’s being moved for something. Kulikov, Franson, Gionta & Nilsson may all be moved. Nilsson may be resigned if willing to be exposed for expansion.

      I think Buffalo really wants Girgensons to be their #3 C & he has more rope yet before he’s expended. Good character, works hard & has shown glimpses of skill when deployed as such but checking is his future not scoring.

      Deslauriers is inconsequential. Buffalo is very well positioned for expansion & cap wise has a tone of options. I assume they will wait until post expansion draft to acquire a Dman protecting Ristolainen, Bogosian & McCabe at D, O’Reilly, Okposo, Kane, Ennis, Girgensons, Foligno & Larsson at forward & Lehner in net. Eichel & Reinhart being exempt.

      Then they look to trade Ennis if able with 2 years left at a cap hit of 4.6 but real salary of 3.65 packaging him up with prospects & picks to secure help some help at D. If not then perhaps Girgensons, Kane & some combination or picks & prospects move to try & resolve.

      The UFA market is reasonable by volume of lesser Dman 4, 5 & 6 guys. I assume Buffalo will sign at least 1 of these as well.

  13. what is NJ sends a 1st rd pick, Severson and a future 2nd to WPG for Trouba? They have plenty of cap room. Perhaps even adding Kinkaid or Wellwood for Pavelic to entice WPG more since NJ has the cap space to use.

    • I kinda had that thought as well, if NJ moved Severson and a second for Trouba and took a contract back like Enstrom or Mathias. Devils get that top pair guy and the Jets get a younger D kind comparable and some cap space to resign some of these younger players.

  14. What about trouba to Colorado for Matt duchene

  15. Rangers have to pursue Trouba! Defense is awful and with glut of offense they can send Skjei and a forward. Trouba automatically becomes top pair right D. Girardi eother waived ntc or gets bought out. No way they protect him. Trouba has one year left at 3 million and Rangers will have Bash off books following season if not sooner.