NHL Rumor Mill – January 10, 2017

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The NY Rangers risk losing winger Michael Grabner in the June expansion draft.

Updates on the Tampa Bay Lightning, Los Angeles Kings, Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS: Chris Nichols cites Elliotte Friedman appearing on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 saying he thinks there are teams that want to make moves right now, but the problem is only the Arizona Coyotes and Colorado Avalanche can be considered sellers at this point.  

He believes the Tampa Bay Lightning want to do something, the Los Angeles Kings “really want to get some scoring” and he thinks the Chicago Blackhawks want to add a winger to Jonathan Toews’ line. Asking prices are also high right now. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning need to add a top-four defenseman. The Kings were already linked to Avs right wing Jarome Iginla. There was also speculation last week that tied Iginla to the Blackhawks, but as a depth addition. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports winger Michael Grabner could become the odd man out when the New York Rangers submit their list of protected players in the June expansion draft. Grabner has 18 goals thus far for the Rangers and is signed through next season at an affordable annual cap hit of $1.65 million.  Brooks believes “Rick Nash (no move), Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider, Mika Zibanejad, Mats Zuccarello, J.T. Miller and Kevin Hayes will be protected,” noting that “Jimmy Vesey and Pavel Buchnevich are exempt.” He observes the Rangers will have to move one of their protected players or risk losing Grabner in the expansion draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That headache probably won’t be actioned until the offseason, and then Rangers GM Jeff Gorton will have to move quickly to get it done. Gorton could try to address this leading up to the March 1 NHL trade deadline, but he could be unwilling to mess with his forward line chemistry.

CSNNE.COM:  Joe Haggerty doubts the Boston Bruins will part with prized blueline prospect Charlie McAvoy or rookie defenseman Brandon Carlo to acquire a physical, 20-goal scoring winger. Both were mentioned in trade speculation regarding Colorado Avalanche left wing Gabriel Landeskog. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  Now that the Edmonton Oilers have demoted winger Jesse Puljujarvi and placed goalie Jonas Gustavsson on waivers, David Staples wonders what they’ll do with struggling winger Benoit Pouliot. Noting the club’s apparent inability to trade Pouliot, whose performance has been dreadful this season, perhaps he’ll be placed on waivers and demoted.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Pouliot earning $4 million per season through 2018-19, it’s understandable why the Oilers can’t find any takers for him in the trade market. 


  1. Not so bad for ny if they lose grabner all things considered. He is doing great sure but is inconsistent through career and who would put decent money down on him repeating this next year? Could be a lot worse.

    • Grabner is the new poster child for unsustainable production.

      • Then again, he really wasn’t brought in to score goals anyway.

      • Agreed NYR4Life. Grabner is benefiting from injuries to Zibanejad, Buchnevich, Nash & others but also NYR’s depth. He was brought in to play a 3rd or 4th line roll & kill penalties. His contribution has been a pleasant surprise & huge bonus.

        If lost in expansion unfortunate but not back breaking. That would mean NYR gets to retain Klein, Holden, Pirri & Raanta instead. The 4 most obvious other Rangers potentially selected.

        NYR is very well positioned as currently constructed for expansion.

      • I don’t get peoples overwhelming desire to see this guy fail. It started while the ink was still drying on the contract and continues. If the guy didn’t score another goal this season, he still outperformed his expectations…… And that’s a good thing!

      • Side note, Pirri is playing his way out of NY. He’ll be in street clothes in 2 weeks. Klein not such a good year either. But being a rfa at years end makes him ineligible anyway doesn’t it? (Pirri)

      • I loved this signing simply for the speed & penalty killing abilities he brought at the price & term. We discussed such & numerous others. I defended my position of NYR as a top 6 lock in the East & cup contender due to roster make up, depth & age. I took serious abuse from the usual suspects.

        Great signing. His 19 goals, not 18 are just gravy, a huge bonus. He has played all over the line up & see’s no PP time. Odd that he’s actually finishing as he has struggled to do so in his last stop, Toronto; the reason most here wish he was failing, but he does have seasons of 34; rookie year, 20, 16 in 45 in lock out shortened season, then 8 in 34 before getting injured & a year later moving to Toronto.

      • As nyr pointed out if grabner didn’t score another goal he made up his contract and he is a good defensive player aswell

    • Cant teach speed. Hayes and Miller know they just have to chip it up to Grabner.
      I still see Zuccarello or Miller moved. Of course my two homers.

      • Miller is the obvious player for me that NYR should move to address their D eventually. Post expansion draft ideally unless NYR can convince Girardi to waive his NMC or they have the where with all to carry his buyout over 6 years! That’s a long time. although not onerous in dollars, essentially 1.5 per. Nominally more in years 1 & 2, nominally less in years 3 thru 6 due to the 5, 4 & 4 remaining after this season on his last 3 years.

        Miller is a great player, can play any forward position & should settle in as a 20 to 25 goal possibly 30 the odd season, 50 to 65 points depending upon top line deployment & the quality PP time. NYR has the depth to absorb the loss of this player & his current contract & versatility will have a ton of appeal to a team like Anaheim or Minnesota, teams with to many Dman. He with something should bring that Dman NYR wants but if Shattenkirk can be had this summer for nothing more than cash then who knows what the future holds for Miller.

  2. Don’t understand what Haggerty is circling around with all of these comments on the Landeskog speculation.

    Bruins are going to land a 20 goal winger apparently. However, a few day ago we heard about Zboril, Spooner and a pick being insufficient. Now, McAvoy and Carlo are untouchable.

    How is exactly is this trade happening then?

    • Boston would stupid to trade Zvoril, McAvoy or Carlo, Spooner, Debrusk, Morrow or Miller and a first round pick would fair.

      • Um no I don’t think any team is trading its captain away who is a top line guy for a pick…just not going to happen.

      • Stop presenting Morrow as a trade chip – he’s a 24 year old Dman who hasn’t been able to land a job in the NHL. He’s hardly a valuable prospect at this stage.

        Likewise, Debrusk isn’t exactly impressing anyone averaging 0.5 ppg in the AHL as a 20 year old. How he was selected ahead of Barzal is beyond me.

        Miller – yes. That’s a player.

      • Agreed. No different than people using Corrado’s name in trade discussions. Morrow has little to no value. The clock is ticking & times almost up on his NHL career. Drafted 5 years ago now with his 3rd NHL organization & still not even close to being an NHL regular.

        Late bloomer? Maybe who knows but his value in trade is zero. A toss in.

    • I have no interest in Boston trading for Landeskog unless the cost is reasonable. No to Carlo, no to McAvoy & I would prefer to see some of the other Dman further along before sacrificing such but you will have to give to get such an asset. Could 1 of the other young D, Spooner & a 1st be sacrificed to do so & would Colorado; Sakic, accept such a package? I don’t know.

      Dman don’t show their true NHL abilities, full abilities in most cases until they hit 26 to 28 years old, some sooner. They break in around 22, get a cup of coffee, sheltered minutes & then learn their trade over almost 400 NHL regular season games.

      Considering the stable of solid young Dman coming Boston could afford to move 1 of the remaining kids at D but I would prefer those monies be spent on a solid top 2 2 way Dman like Fowler, Trouba, Brodin or Savard & if that means missing the playoffs & waiting until the off season to do so, so be it.

      • I agree but disagree in regards to Morrow, he has shown me enough talent wise, but he isn’t afforded to opportunity to make a mistake. One mistake and he’s in the press box for 20, the same thing to a lesser degree with C.Miller. Yet all others can make numerous mistakes within a single game are but back on the ice the next shift. Chara makes no less then 5 glaring mistakes a game. K.Miller now thinks he’s and offensive dman is caught out of position numerous time, Macquaid gets confused on when to pinch and then gets burnt, JML who never should’ve been brought in cough up the ot goal, meanwhile Colin is sitting in the press box and along with Krug has been the Bruins top 2 dman as of late. CJ has killed any trade value Morrow may of had and also has diminished what return C Miller could fetch (which is ok, because I don’t want him traded.) I cannot figure out CJ coaching but he certainly falls in love with the old veterans. Lastly if your not willing to give up something then your not getting anything. Stay the course because one additional player does not make this a Stanely Cup contending team, but if you get in then you never know.

      • I agree Caper. I think all us Bruins fans here have said we wished Liles wasn’t signed & C. Miller & Morrow were playing at least semi regular roles. C. Miller is & will but Morrow just can’t catch a break for some reason.

        Should Boston add a Dman like we have been discussing since the summer it’s not getting C. Miller or Morrow any more playing time.

        I’m for staying the course continue the rebuild. Spend some of that significant cap space if the cost in other assets isn’t significant but otherwise wait help is coming thru the system.

      • Bruins and the rumor mill have to get over this and accept that the bruins D is actually pretty good this year and trading for Landeskog who has a 5 million cap hit Bruins cannot trade chips such as mCavoy or Carlo with a roster player (s) to get him.
        Also, I can sense what the bruins plan is going into next year…Chara’s last is a mentored/torch pass to McAvoy, Carlo, and Zboril. Why would they pass up long term gain with those three with a Landeskog who has under perform his entire career–sure he is good, but not worth all those assets being discussed.

      • FWIW, I go to the Penguin’s rookie camps most years…Joe Morrow was the most talented 18 year old defenseman I’ve seen and that includes Letang (who was also awesome).

        He was like Paul Martin if Paul Martin could hit and shoot.

        The people who went to those camps were already engraving his Norris trophies.

        He was average the next year and traded for two months of Brendan Morrow AKA less than nothing.

        All I know is that Saad (and Jenner and Namestnikov) was still on the board when he was taken, so one way or another, the Pens blew that pick.

      • Mg. He was also traded for upgrading a 5 to a 3 which was traded to move up to draft Jarry. If he pans out morrow wasn’t traded for nothing. We moved junk for possible value. Duh.

  3. It would no surprise me to see Bobby Ryan heading back to Anaheim at some point this season. Yes, it would require big money going both ways, but putting him back with Perry and Getzlaf might be what the Ducks need to increase their scoring.

    • Ryan rarely played with either except on the PP.

      Never going to happen. Ottawa would need to eat about 3 mil per to even have a hope Anaheim or almost any other team would take on that boat anchor of a contract.

      Ryan has gotten progressively worse as he ages & at 29, 30 in March, with 5 more years after this season at a 7.25 cap hit with his salary actually rising to 7.5 over the final 4 seasons, Ottawa is stuck with this contract.

      Ryan is a perfect example of everything wrong with UFA status coming at such a young age. It shocks me Ottawa did this deal after a 23 goal 48 point season his 1st in Ottawa.

      • I am with you. I live in Ottawa, Leafs fan but strangely Ottawa is my second favorite team. That Ryan contract is atrocious, they made the trade to make up for Alfredsson walking away and then compounded the mistake by resigning him. Tbh sentiment in Ottawa was that Ryan must be signed with the city losing faith in the organization.
        The simple truth is that sports fans in general are petty with short memories. I can guarantee that is Ryan would have walked the sens fan base would have forgotten all about him by now, instead management provided an albatross of a contract and are stuck with him.
        Imagine a contract like Ryan, phaneuf or MacArthur impedes their ability to sign Karlsson?

      • I agree the sens would have to eat a big chunk of Ryan’s contract to move him, it just looks like he doesn’t care anymore? A change of scenery might help but it’s finding a gm that thinks a change of scenery might help

      • At least Ottawa gets LTIR relief & the insurance covers the vast majority of MacArthur’s contract. Phaneuk although dinging the cap for 7 mil starts to decline in real doallars nominally & so much money was saved shipping out Michalek, Greening & Cowen that his actual cost to Ottawa factoring those savings that deal provided is a seasonable 4.6 but it still will effect Ottawa’s ability to resign Karlsson.

        Stone & ceci will be due significant raises, money needs to be found to extend Turris then you have Brassard & Karlsson coming up at the same time. Will there be enough money to retain everyone? Will Karlsson want to stay? I assume it could cost 10 mil per to extend Karlsson in 2 years!

      • I thought we agreed not to comment on each others’ posts. As I said, I really don’t care what you think simply because we have totally different ways of looking at players and contracts.

      • BigBadBruins – that’s why I mused out loud about Anaheim – with Perry & Getzlaf he did score 31, 35, 34, 31 4 years running. The Professor, however, missed the part where I said big money would need to go both ways. Did I say the trade SHOULD or WOULD happen? No. Nowhere did I suggest that – just that, if it were to happen it wouldn’t come as a surprise given the current situation with Boucher. In that regard, my musing out loud is just as valid a submission as the Professor’s announcement to all that he “off to bed in Taiwan.” Filer that under “who gives a rat’s patootie.” LOL

      • Lol George ya something has definitely changed in the way Ryan plays the game and Boucher could be the reason why. Players are never immovable probably is a trade to be made out there

      • I think if White makes the team Brassard will be moved.

    • C Miller can do the same thing T Krug will do and more by years end…..Krug was terrible signing by the Bruins for that $$$$$

    • Its odd his scratching. I thought a trade may be emminent when they announced he was scratched during the Washington game. Find it hard to beleive Ottawa could move that contract. My thoughts of a possible trade was fleeting.

      Ryan started playingvrealky well then his production nose dived again. He seems ti be in the coaches doghouse. Time will tell.

  4. Bed time in Taipei. Enjoy gentlemen.

    Hopefully something happens on the trade front soon but this is the norm as Lyle always advises. Trades rarely happen mid stream now. We get 1 or 2 real trades a year in season if lucky, then a flurry of activity at the trade deadline most of which is really not all that significant & any real changes happen in the off season. rentals & we lament the lost picks our teams shipped out for this crud.

    This years off season trade activity with expansion looming I hope will be 1 of the best ever. Who knows why we find player movement exciting but apparently we all do or we wouldn’t be here discussing such.

    Been up for almost 48 hours. Life starts here tomorrow. Arghhhhh

    • Good to know.

    • I like your comments and all bro but I just don’t see why I need to know when you are sleeping? Kinda ridiculous to share on a hockey forum but funny all the same

      The first thing i thought of (sarcastically) was “Striker is off to bed in China, now I can plan out the rest of my day accordingly”

      • Maybe Mainland China will attack overnight to finally absorb Taiwan. But I shouldn’t have said that as now I expect a 14-paragraph dissertation on why THAT will never happen.

    • He’s just having a bit of fun bragging about his trip.

      I see no reason for the comment nor the retorts nor what i am posting now.

      Lets all grow up.


      • But that’s the kind of fluff stuff reserved for Facebook where people even report on their bowel movements. Not here.

      • George. No one wants to hear about your movements. Please keep it to yourself. Duh

  5. Yah, just what LA needs … another winger past his prime at a ~5M cap hit.
    Unless DL is trying to get fired, he won’t make this trade.

  6. trade T Krug & a piece to Colo for Gabriel Landeskog just about the same age and make the same amount of $$$ per year…..

  7. I wish the Sabres still had resources. I would love for them to land Landeskog. I’d definitely be willing to get our first next year. With the chance for that to be a lottery pick it should be enticing.

    Murray emptied the cupboard real quick.