NHL Rumor Mill – January 17, 2017

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Could the Chicago Blackhawks pursue Toronto Maple Leafs left wing James van Riemsdyk?

 Blackhawks need a scoring left wing, Coyotes captain Shane Doan won’t rule out waiving his movement clause and the latest on Toronto’s James van Riemsdyk in your NHL rumor mill. 

CHICAGO TRIBUNE/CHICAGO SUN-TIMES/THE ATHLETIC: David Haugh, Mark Lazerus and Brian Hedger believe the Chicago Blackhawks need a scoring left wing to play alongside center and team captain Jonathan Toews. 

Haugh notes James van Riemsdyk of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Gabriel Landeskog of the Colorado Avalanche have surfaced in this season’s trade rumors. He also observes pursuing either guy will be expensive in terms of salary-cap space and return. Haugh suggests perhaps bringing back Patrick Sharp if the Dallas Stars fall further out of playoff contention. 

Lazerus claims the Blackhawks are sniffing around the trade market, but are apparently hesitant to make a major move. They like their young players and don’t wish to part with draft picks this year. With the Hawks hosting the 2017 NHL draft, Lazerus considers it unthinkable that they’ll trade away their first-round pick this year. If the Blackhawks can bank some cap space by the deadline and convince a possible trade partner to eat some salary, Lazerus speculates perhaps they could land someone like Van Riemsdyk, Landeskog or Arizona Coyotes center Martin Hanzal. 

Hedger also notes the difficulties facing Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman in landing a scoring winger but points out Bowman has been creative in the past and pulled off some significant deals near the deadline. He lists Sharp, Avalanche winger Jarome Iginla, van Riemsdyk, Hanzal and Landeskog as possible trade options.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bowman’s always found a way to make a significant move at the trade deadline. I expect he’ll do so again this season. He could seek a rental player or a long-term solution. Sharp, Iginla and Hanzal fall into the first category, Landeskog and van Riemsdyk into the second. Given the high asking prices for those in the latter category, I expect Bowman will look toward the former. 

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Arizona Coyotes left wing and captain Shane Doan said he hasn’t spoken to management about waiving his no-movement clause. However, he doesn’t dismiss the possibility. A chance to play for a potential Stanley Cup champion would be enticing, but Doan acknowledged that’s difficult to predict. While he wouldn’t object to joining an Eastern Conference club, Doan also noted the ramifications of being apart from his family, even for just a few months. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Finding the right fit would be crucial for Doan. If there’s insufficient interest from potential Cup contenders near the trade deadline, I doubt he waives his movement clause to join a bubble team. 

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox believes it would be a mistake for the Toronto Maple Leafs to trade left wing James van Riemsdyk. While acknowledging the cost of re-signing the skilled winger to keep him out of the 2018 free-agent market (between $6-$7 million), Cox believes the Leafs will have the cap flexibility to do so. He feels van Riemsdyk has played his way into the club’s future plans and moving him would leave a hole on the left side that could prove difficult to fill. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Leafs pushing for a playoff berth, van Riemsdyk won’t be dealt this season However, they need a proven top-two defenseman. If a rival club offers one in exchange for JVR this summer, the Leafs could jump for it. If not, they’ll begin next season with van Riemsdyk in the lineup and see how things unfold. 


  1. Chicago wants a JVR, but doesn’t want to give up its 2017 first or presumably a young, contributing roster player.

    Okay, so are they willing to deal Pokke/Schmaltz? Don’t see that sitting well.

    Think Lyle probably has it nailed with a smaller deal at the TDL and a bigger trade int he offseason.

    • JVR has been floating in the rumors for a bit but LW along with D is the Leafs weakest link. I don’t see JVR moving unless the return is significant. Other teams may not be willing to pay it but that’s what it will take.

      • Not that they have currently another LW that can produce like JVR I don’t know that I’d say their need at the position is like their need for D Levio Komarov Martin with a pretty decent stable of prospects (just prospects I realize but…) with Liepsic Lindberg Johnson Rychel. You would be pretty hard pressed to find that many right handed D let alone decent ones that are property of the Leafs.

      • Sorry forgot Hyman so add him on that list. I think there is currently 1 rightie in the Marlies D.

      • Shticky, I don’t think there’s anything in the system that has potential to play in our top four D on the right side.

        It’s actually a small miracle (Zaitsev) and a free one at that that we’re only talking about adding only one piece to our top four at this stage.

      • I agree Dan I don’t think there is either I’ll go further than that and say I’m not sure outside Rilley Zaitsev and Gardiner there is a D in Toronto that isn’t a bad game away from being a healthy scratch on a lot of other teams. It’s a decent team defence but Carrick Hunwick and Polak are autrocious 5 on 5…PK with Polak and Hunwick is misleading as all they do is ice the puck.

      • Shticky, Polak and Hunwick have atrocious possession shares – they are black holes in terms of generating shots, swamping everyone on the ice with them, and you state the reason why that is, but they also give up few goals/60, which is a point that Babcock has made. Yes, I know it’s ugly, but they can play defense when they don’t have the puck.

      • Dan Neilson does, but he’s at least a year away from regular employment in the bigs. Needs to work on his defensive game. He probably could be a power player specialist if he was brought up now. He’s big skates good and plays with an edge. Definitely top 4 material

      • Dan again your stats don’t add up, that’s really just kinda grasping at straws at that point Dan…they generate nothing and can’t get out of their own end play weaker lines but their GA/60 isn’t the worst on a bad defensive blueline? Gee whiz I guess they are good! (sarcasm) seriously man you don’t need to give me stats I read them too. Polak and Hunwick are awful period end of story. Yes all teams have or use guys in similar roles but these 2 playing together at 5on5 is terrible I don’t care that the 2 younger pair that play better lines that I already know are on the ice to generate as much as to defend get scored on a little more, they also produce more like a lot more than those 2. You’re doing it again pointing out 1 minor thing and using it as proof of value. If you look at the whole picture Dan the bad substantially outweighs the good (and really the GA/60 for Polak and Hunwick is not
        good it’s just a little better the other pair) If you look hard enough there isn’t a player in the league you couldn’t say something good about and point to a number. Balance

      • Yogi, Neilsen has made really impressive strides for a 3rd rounder with his commitment shedding 20 lbs over the offseason to get down to 6’3″and about 207 lbs listed.

        He hasn’t shown his toughness in the AHL that he did in junior and as you said his defensive game needs a lot of work, at least another year, but the offense is there.

        He put up almost-Provorov numbers in the W and now 25 pts in 37 gp in the A as a 20 year old Dman – it’s very promising.

        Bear in mind, though, Mike Kostka and TJ Brennan both put up ~1 ppg (at an older age) in the AHL and were both hopeless in the NHL so the defensive part of the game needs to develop and that takes the longest.

        He’s also a left-shot.

      • Shticky, I don’t know why you don’t think goals against matters? They’re defensive defenseman.

        Even Strength Goals Against/60 minutes:

        Hunwick – 1.91
        Polak – 2.05
        Zaitsev – 2.51
        Gardiner – 2.66
        Carrick – 2.84
        Rielly – 2.84

      • I’m not saying goals against don’t matter I’m saying at all, I’m saying If you are only looking at one set of numbers in this case ga/60 you are not looking at the whole picture anyone can look good or better if you only look at 1 set of numbers. what you are not saying is that generally Polak and Hunwick are on the ice against 3rd and 4th lines and are getting hemmed in their own zone or that despite playing nearlly 300 minutes less time than anyone else almost 5 games worth of time, they have been out shot while on the ice by nearly 90 shots each and have done it facing weaker lines and have only played about half the minutes of most of the regular D…90 shots Dan while every other D man has been on the ice out shooting the opponent the Leafs get pumped with shots while Polak and Hunwick are on the ice I don’t really care that if you add up 60 minutes they get scored on .08 less it’s still terrible and they produce almost nothing. If they played more minutes against better players I guarantee you that their ga/60 goes way up do you not think that if 1 of the other 2 pair were playing 3/4 lines as much as Polak and Hunwick they would have the same results? They play nearly 5 mins a night less played less games and weaker lines…of course they have fewer goals against. I doubt if they played more or better players it stays the same. I’m not sure how else to put it to you. You are only looking at 1 set of numbers. If they are so much better at preventing goals and that’s what D are supposed to do why do they only play 16 mins a night while Rielly Gardiner and Zaitsev all play over 20? It takes them over 3 almost 4 games to get to 60 mins. It’s not taking the others 3 why? Think Babcock likes getting scored on?

    • Exactly, but what also works is TvR for a up salaried Red Wing forward

  2. JVR will likely move before the expansion draft at the end of the season. I see Anaheim as the destination and a shut down dman coming back to fill the top 4 hole on the Leafs. The issue will be the fact that Toronto will likely have to send something else Anaheim’s way in order to acquire the shut down dman at the age they want. I see Leipsic going to Anaheim with JVR in exchange for a Vataanen or something of the sort. Ducks would then retain Fowler and attempt to resign longer term.

    On a side note, the wild are going to have some decisions or moves to make at the deadline or around the expansion draft. They have 5 Dman and a stable of forwards. As it stands right now they will have to part with a really good player and get nothing in return. Expect to see them active.

    • No way that the Leafs are after Vataanen, nor would he be worth JVR even straight up. Yes I believe that the deal will be with the Ducks but no way the Leafs trade a top six 30 goal scorer for a fourth round shut down Dman. Babs likes big Dmen at 5’10 he’s not that. The Blackhawks have nothing that the Leafs would want, No not Seabrook, but Lyle is right I think that Sharp, Iginla and Hanzal could be had.

      • Sami Vatanan is an excellent puck moving and offensive dman that is also good in his own end. He’s a top dman and would be an excellent add to any team. It’s he or Fowler straight up for JVR. Lindholm in 2 years will be a top 10 dman and it will cost a lot more for him even now.

    • Anaheim already have 5 forwards with NMCs signed to the end of the 2017/18 season that they have to protect. The group doesn’t include Rakell or Silfverberg, two young forwards having excellent years. Then there’s the D to protect. The Ducks appear to have a full plate with their current roster so I can’t see them participating in any trades until after the expansion draft.

      • Actually they don’t have 5 forwards with NMC’s till 2017-18. Vermette’s expires on June 16th 1 day before teams are required to submit their protected roster. The only other 1’s are Kesler, Getzlaf & Perry. That leaves 3. I assume your adding Bieksa as your 5th NMC & just accidentally stated 5 forwards as opposed to 5 players.

        If Bieksa doesn’t agree to waive his NMC for expansion I see Anaheim buying him out. They protect 7F, 3D & 1 G. They protect Fowler, Vantanen, Lindholm & trade Manson for a forward to round out their 7 forwards. The 3 mentioned above with NMC’s, Rackell, Sifverberg, the player they acquire in trade & 1 other.

      • I stand corrected. Cogliano and Vermette have modified NMC contracts to the end of 2017/18

    • The Wild are in a tough spot in that regard, but they look primed for a deep run! Keep what you have for this year and worry about the rest later. They owe it to the guys in the room to show they believe in the team they have right now!

    • Big boss You say Toronto would try acquire a shutdown defenseman from Anaheim, then you mention Vatanen who is the complete opposite of a shutdown defenseman (Scratching Head)

    • I don’t perceive Vatanen as a shut down Dman but a 2 way 1 Dman who plays a transition game & can run a PP.

  3. I have said all along why to you have to trade JVR ? Because the Leafs are better this year and need back end ? Good player at a great contract – why ? He may be willing to discount with all the young talent and potential. Leafs will bridge the Big 3 coming out of their entry levels so you have some time. Unless JVR wants a 7-8 year deal or something long term at $6 +. They had better draft defence this year and next .

    • Cox also pointed out that JVR is the seventh highest scoring left winger in the league and has more points than the next three scoring left wingers on Toronto. He also mentions that for Toronto having such a horrible defence they have allowed more than three goals exactly twice since the beginning of December. I don’t normally agree with him, but I don’t understand why Toronto would trade JVR.

      • Also Toronto has something close to $12 million coming off the books after this season and I think another six after next season. I don’t think the Situation will be as horrible as everyone thinks, all of the money coming off is now dead Space.

      • Well considering the average goals scored per game by a single team is 2.75 as I write this, not allowing 4 or more goals per game since the beginning of December means what? Nothing.

        They have lost 5 games by allowing 3 or more since the beginning of December. .25 above the league average goals scored & 3 more in SO’s 3-2. Although those goals don’t really count though, at least not in various stats catagories. Only the NHL can think this sh– up.

        No other professional sport has so many ways for a game to be decided but don’t count in the stats they keep for GF, GA, SV%, etc. Just wins, or OTL’s.

        This isn’t meant to slight Toronto just provide some perspective to meaningless reporting. I love how Toronto is playing & their rebuild is going. Fun to watch & a thing of beauty.

    • It’s the spacing of the contracts in 17/18 they have about 19 mill in space but will need to sign Hyman Brown Zaitsev along with likely 2 other D which even with bridges eats a significant portion of the following years cap when they need to resign Bozak JVR Nylander Komarov Gauthier Shoshnikov, then Marner and Mathews the year after that, it’s the timing and little spacing.before getting hit repeatedly with another big contract similar to how the Lightning find them selves now that’s going to effect the Leafs in 2 and 3 years time. unless JVR is willing to take a deeply discounted deal I can’t see anyway he is affordable with out losing a younger player.

      • So I think you sign him for a multi year contract, hopefully around 6 million, and deal with the other spots when it happens. With all of those young players it is not out of the realm of possibility that at least one won’t work out and they will want to get rid of them. Deal with it when it happens, don’t worry until then. Chicago doesn’t seem to think for the future, they signed the best players they have and let it work out when the time comes. I think you have to do that to be successful.

      • Not that it does happen but is anyone thinking of what happens if you sign JVR and lose Mathews or Marner perhaps to an offer sheet perhaps just because you can’t afford the 2 giant contracts that come up at the same time because you have a 30 year old left winger in decline? I’m not against keeping JVR I just doubt that he is stupid and is going to sign another discounted deal after he just got finished playing out a discounted contract. I don’t think you go locking up guys long term and saying things about Stanley cups and everything’s now fixed with the first taste of some success…this team still needs work.

      • I don’t think I said anything about Stanley cups. I think he’s a good player and I don’t see the reason to trade him. If they can get a top two defenceman then maybe, but why trade him for the sake of trading him. They won’t lose Matthews or Marner, they will deal with that when it’s time to deal with it I just don’t see a reason to create a huge hole in their offence three years before they need to worry about the contract money, anything can happen in that time. If he is tradeable now, he is tradeable ven. As much as some people here like to say it, this isn’t a team that is five years away from being good. I’m not saying they will win a cop in that time, but they are pretty close to being a consistent playoff team. And things look better going forward, why trade away one of your best assets right now when there really isn’t a need, and less they can get a top pairing defenceman which they will not Get straight up, it’s a difficult trade to make.

      • Wonder how many wil be clambering to sign JVR if the Leafs stumble and don’t make the playoffs or if the young guys have a bit of a hiccup next year and the team isn’t doing so well. The Leafs haven’t even made the playoffs yet and saying they should do things like the Blackhawks and start handing out big contracts and worry about the rest later is going to be a car wreck. Thanks but I’ll make sure there is lots of room to sign Mathews Marner Nylander Brown Hyman and those guys before I worry about trading a winger.

      • I recall reading earlier this year the Leafs are faced with approximately $6 M in bonuses after this year with Matthews, Marner & others.
        This is a big chunk that will bite into the ‘available’ monies in 2018-2019.

      • And when is the last time anyone was lost to an offer sheet?

      • Wow, you really like to take things out of context. I’m not comparing them to Chicago, I’m saying that successful teams operate in that fashion. I can’t think of many teams that will make their current roster worse in hopes of solving problems that are years away. That is my point.

      • I’m not saying that for sure someine would take him with an offer sheet but big enter top line potential kinda sounds like it could be similar to ROR Received and signed an offer sheet…not that the Avs lost him but still I’d rather avoid painting myself in a corner because “omg we may make the playoffs let’s lock up JVR!” It’s starting already which is likely to doom this rebuild first sign of improvement must mean things are fixed. The blue line is terrible JVR if I was to bet signs a contract for 6-6.5 long term. It’s not a question I move the LW for a D who is more needed and likely cheaper leaving more space to resign the centre that the Leafs have needed for a decade don’t try and build around wingers.

      • Yes Greg a lot of bonus money isn’t being accounted for and yes guys could get bridge deals but with guys like Mathews and Marner you also risk arbitration and if on their next go round they take arbitration and continue to produce and develop at the rate they are currently it’s going to inflate their second or 3rd contract and could comeback to bite the Leafs similar to how Subban bit the Habs. It’s not as easy as some are making it sound.

      • So why do you assume that wanting to keep a good player means I want them to abandon their plan? I said three different times if they can get a top pairing defenceman then I think about that trade, I just don’t think that’s what they will get. People can have other opinions than you And it doesn’t mean we don’t want them to build the team properly or that we don’t have a valid opinion. Maybe you think you’re more senior because you post here all the time? I’ve been reading this site for years, I’m not overreacting because they may make the playoffs this year, I’m saying they don’t dump one of their best offence of players for no reason. I and you are taking that to mean that I don’t know what I’m talking about because I disagree with you. Also that I think they’re going to win a cup this year, which I obviously don’t and have said so.

      • It’s fine Todd I just don’t agree, maybe I came on a little to strong apologize if I did. I don’t even really think it needs to be a top pair kinda D that they need to move JVR for just depends. One thing that kinda bothers me about the Leafs (not directed at you really) is that when things seem to turn around abot just like the lockout season, it seems “fans” crawl out of
        the wood work to say how great the team is and how close it is and kinda ignore and become obtuse about changing
        some things trade this guy or that guy look how close we are and how good they are thinking drives me nuts, so maybe that’s why I come across the way I do at points.

      • Good debate boys, and a really tough call on JVR. Personally I invest my money up the middle and on the blue line, but you do need a winger who can put it in the net.
        The problem is you can’t invest big $ in all of them.
        The cap world penalizes success, just ask every cup winner and legit contender from the last 5-10 years. The Leafs are on the way to becoming one. They have all had to make tough decisions, and most have a contract or 2 they wish they did not and it is hurting them.
        The key to sustained success is only investing the long term big $ contract in the right players. I see JVR as a compliment to those guys (Mathews, Marner) down the road, which you need but how much do you spend and can you spread that money to add to other areas.
        I think the Leafs will have no problem scoring with the young core and should spend elsewhere.
        Trade JVR in the off season unless you get a discount contract with him, which is unlikely.
        You will get a good return.

      • Anyway, I’m not out of the woodwork. I posted for a long time under tml_gm but stopped for a long time because things here were so negative. It seemed like anybody who mentioned Toronto favourably was jumped all over as overvaluing their players, etc. I decided to start posting under my name instead of my initials because people thought I was just biased towards Toronto. Anyway, I’m glad the comments are taking a different direction but please don’t treat names you don’t recognize like they are bandwagon jumpers who think Toronto is going to win the next 10 championships in a row.

      • Ya Todd I do understand that, it does get old hearing about how we all overvalue players, and again it’s not that I don’t like JVR or anything I just can’t see anyway that keeping a winger and not adressing the blue line makes sense. Even drafting a D it takes time to develop and if it works out you still need to have the cap space to pay for it. Use a cheaper LW he may not produce like JVR but if you trade him and the D improves you don’t need to score 5 a night lol. If the Leafs were able to get a good young right handed D that can play 20 mins a night that is already signed to a reasonable deal I’m not sure it needs to be a top pair guy, the savings in the difference in contracts to afford the younger guys and adressing the need for D to me is more important than the 10 or so extra goals JVR may get in a year compared to another left winger.
        Anyway cheers man, and again excuse the way I can sometimes come across.

      • This is a misconception. People target ALL fans of teams for overvaluing their players… it just seems like the majority (over half at least) of commenters on here are leafs fans thus leading to more complaints about them overvaluing their players than fans of other teams. Its really flabbergasting to see anyone complain about bias towards the leafs on this site when it is dominated by fan bias toward the leafs.

        ps… JVR may be worth more in many fans eyes but likely would only get a 4 d man with potential. Hall didn’t set market but that trade certainly gave good insight into what the market is. fair or not.

      • Hard to use Chi as a proper comparison but I get your meaning. No team has the luxury any longer that Chi had signing both Hossa but specifically Keith 1 of the best 2 way Dman in the game to such a cap friendly contract.

        That said I agree with you. You cross that bridge when you get there & force bridge contracts on them like Yzerman did with Kucherov when confronted with the dilemma.

      • I’ve said it before I’d be happy with a younger righthanded guy with a good contract (or atleast cost control) to play with Gardiner. Folin Manson Petrovic or a guy like that just improve the top 4 anything else plus the savings of not paying JVR 6.5 mill using the savings for future contracts is gravy to me. I don’t think it’s going to be or needs to be flashy really.

    • Nice post SilverSeven.. I too am an advocate of keeping JVR! Lamoriello should offer him a $35 million / 6 year front loaded contract that would average in around $5.83 per year.

      Better the devil we know than another potential player that may not live to the hype of Toronto rabid fans and constant news reporting 24/7 leafs.

      Plus we have a better chance to win a cup with JVR than not and company. Lou Lamoriello just have to find a deal to tweak our Defense unit. There’s a will there’s a way!

      • Yeah, JVR is a great player and we have no replacement for him. Even though I like Liepsic, let’s be honest, he’s not going to become a top line LW in the NHL.

        I get all that and think if you can get him signed for less than $6m like you propose – that’s a great deal, but I just don’t see how we’re going to be adding a top four RHD without moving JVR.

        And we need to add to that D core. We’ve been lucky not have injuries this year and they’ve been playing well recently, particularly Polak/Hunwick, and Zaitsev has been a blessing, but it’s still weak and thin.

      • Yes Dan39 it will take some wheeling and dealing.. however I am more confident in our management this time around. I believe that this current team is just the tip of the iceberg in what’s to come.

        I am not even opposed to resigning both Bozak and Polak. I’m sure they would welcome the opportunity of what is being built.

        People forget that these guys want to be grounded and belong and for the most part human beings, albeit (rich ones) Bozak, Polak, JVR are of excellent character and demeanour that’s why they thrive in this city of ours.

    • I don’t think Mathews will be bridged.
      8 years/10 mil for that kid no doubt about it…

      • Never a good idea to bridge your best player and if you’re an American like Mathews do you sign a bridge or just wait it out for the giant offersheet that’s bound to come and head on home to play for more money and less tax?
        Mathews isn’t going to be bridged, can try with some of the rest but it’s not saving anything in the long run.

      • 8 x 10 would be too much. Thats UFA money and not something the Leafs should or will do.

        I think 8 x 8.5 is as high as it goes

      • What $8 x $8.5m for a kid coming off his ELC?! There’s no way Matthews is going to cost that much. For his third deal, sure.

      • All I am saying is it’s not going to even be close to a bridge for Mathews. He is going to get a big deal the next contract, one way or another same reason he chose to go to Europe instead of the traditional route, his agent will say I’m sure that this is his second pro contract the next will be his 3rd he is not signing a bridge deal.

      • On Matthews, a 6 year deal would have him expire a UFA? If that’s the case, there’s no way the Leafs are going to put themselves in the position TBL were in with Stamkos.

        They will have to bridge him at whatever it takes (and risk an offer sheet, which they will have unlimited cap to match in two years) and then sign him for more of those UFA years.

        If he won’t accept 3-4 years then we have to give him 5 so we still have him locked up at the conclusion of the deal. We need to have Matthews locked up on his third deal for long term into his 30s.

        This is the future of the team, Shticky – there’s no way he’s getting to free agency in his 20s.

      • He would RFA at 21 so give him 8 years if like you said this is the team you just locked up your best player till he is close to 30. Matthews chose to go to Europe and sign a pro contract instead of the traditional route what’s to say he wouldn’t sign an offer sheet or would want to sign 3 or 4 contracts before he’s 27? He has showed that money is obviously a factor in his career path. I don’t think Matthews will be bridged and really I can’t say I blame him.

      • Tarasenko got 7.5 over 8, im sure the leafs will value Mathews more then him.
        Conner will be extended this summer, that will set the bar for Mathews.

      • Leafs hopefully sign him similar to what John Tavares’ second contract.. the days of spending big dollars is by the wayside! A good comparisons are Reilly and Kadri.

        Face it, the whole world has gone on a reset and that will be the new norm!

        Kid is been around for 5 months and some consensus is to max him out with the small sample size.. Lets just enjoy the moment and see what comes of it.

      • Frankly, Auston Matthews is earning his Benjamin from the current bonuses that he is achieving.

        Both He, Marner, Nylander, Brown etc -etc…will get compensated handsomely for their services.

        Heck even Mats Sundin (a point a game player) with no Cap – highest pay was $9 million dollars.

      • Hmm, but according to the Toronto Media he’s now the second best player in the Universe. He’s only going to get better. Do you really think $10 mil per is going to get that deal done? I mean when it’s time to negotiate he’ll have improved and will obviously be the best thing to ever where skates. Surely we are talking 11 – 12 mil per for that type of talent. He’s a US kid from Arizona so not all that sure he’s giving a “hometown” discount to the Leafs 🙂

      • StyxCanada, i don’t personally know Matthews but if he or his handler (advisers) are all about the dollars then I would look elsewhere for a replacement. There’s only certain amount of money to distribute in a cap world.

        I would wager that if Chicago, Los Angeles, Tampa, Anaheim, Philadelphia etc.. can rewind the amount of dollars they have doled out, they would be elated.

        Toews, Kopitar and even Stamkos will not live up to those lucrative deals given to them.

        By the way, my gut feeling is that Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Connor Brown are the real deal and of excellent Family upbringing thus character! They hopefully retire a Leaf and help bring some needed Championships moving forward.

    • JvR will want at least 6 to 6.5 on a 7 year deal. He would get nominally more as a UFA in dollars not term.

      • Hi Striker, JVR deserves that, however if he wants to win Championships, he has to compromise..! TML can afford to front load the contract to maximize his earnings till his early 30’s as long as the A.A.V comes in at around $5.83 then what does he care.. if he’s healthy, he will get another contract plus he at least can hang his hat and stand tall “character” knowing he is part of the solution.

        You still abroad!??

  4. Doubt there is much market for Doan.

    But, Arizona does have a RW that should be one of the top targets at the deadline and I never hear his name…Radim Vrbata.

    Good player having a great year on a great contract, 1 year $1 M. Pretty much any team can fit him under their cap.

    On another topic, I guess it makes sense to give Pavelec a try to see if he can catch lightning in a bottle, but the Jets need to fire Paul Maurice. They play like a pick up team. They need a taskmaster. Clone Therrien.

    • Bringing up Pavelic now also helps to create some trade value also before the trade deadline. He’s played OK in the AHL.

      How many teams play well missing their #2 Dman for as long as Winnipeg has been missing theirs. 36 games & counting for Myers. They have had a ton of other injuries as well. Considering all of them they have hung in there quite well for such a young team really.

  5. The old Management of the Leafs would have made several trades by now sending a big chunk of their future for older players that used to be a big name. But with Shanahan and Lou they will not be bullied by Media or Fan pressure and they will not be fleeced by any of the GM’s. Lou will want a top 3 D-Man for JVR. I doubt he is interested in draft picks. The Leafs have a ton of draft picks and a ton of young forward talent. What they don’t have is a top 1 or 2 D-Man. So the team that comes to the table with top 3 D-Man will get JVR. I doubt the Leafs move him until the draft.

  6. JVR has been a great player so far this season and since the leafs have got him. However, like any business to be successful you have to buy low and sell high. They got JVR for Luke Schenn which was a huge win. I think before he signs a new contract his value will be at its peak as long as he stays healthy. Signing players like JVR at their peak is what killed the leafs in the past.. aka Jason Blake, Mike Komeserik, Clarkson, Lupul was a decent player for a few years but look at him now. I think the leafs must get rid of JVR when the right deal comes along and get max value out of him. Lupul could have been moved a few years ago when his value was high & wasn’t. We don’t need another repeat.

    • JermC, Signings of previous regime starting from John Ferguson Jr. and Brian Burke/Dave Nonis tandem..it’s all good now! Why not give JVR an opportunity to have a career like the Salmings, Sundin etc.. no more place holders! He deserves it and he is just finally getting talented players to be around with.

  7. Wow, what a lot of overthinking about the Leafs! This isn’t rocket science guys. You try your best to keep your best players. Shticky, all Todd is saying is that he thinks it’s wise to include JVR as part of Toronto’s future. Of course that’s an angle you consider. And to be honest thinking of the Leafs as an eventual Cup contender in a few years is not off the wall in any regard. Look around the league, there are many teams that fit that profile; young core, good assets, and acquiring picks for the future. How do you think the Hawks and Wings have done it, and the Penguins. Just because it’s the Leafs you act all offended.

  8. I hear a lot about JVR and Iginla. The obvious pieces often arent moved where we suspect. I am looking at teams like SJ and wondering if they ask someone like joel ward to waive this M-ntc. If they can free up some of that cap space, and offer up a 7th dman and a pick maybe they can go after another goal scorer. Their current win one lose one isnt going to get them far. Something needs to be done. Maybe its Wingels and a pick. Either way those are the trades that have me curious. any thoughts?

  9. Lazerus claims the Blackhawks “apparently hesitant to make a major move. They like their young players and don’t wish to part with draft picks this year”

    Lazerus speculates “perhaps they could land someone like Van Riemsdyk, Landeskog”

    I would put the chances of either of those players making their way onto the Blackhawks roster at roughly 1% maybe less. The team’s farm system is rated toward the bottom of the NHL in terms of depth/talent. They don’t want to move this years 1st round pick or subtract from their young roster players… sounds like the team isn’t too interested in making a trade then.

    Not to mention their cap situation is less than ideal.

    The Blackhawks will make a move closer to the deadline as they always do. I don’t see that move being either Landeskog or JVR.

  10. NYI fire Capuano, Weight replaces

    • Praise be unto him for my prayers have been answered. Can I get an A men brothers and sisters?

      • Amen & Hallaloooyeah Father Styxcanada. About F—king time.

        Now lets just hope Weight structures the line up properly. Surely Bailey can’t maintain 1st line ice time & PP time under Weight.

        Lee, Nelson & Strome need quality minutes & PP time. Lee has been getting his since he started rolling. Beauvillier should be sent back or he has to bump Prince out at #3 LW.

        I don’t like Strome at C so Cziskas needs to play as the #3 not ideal but getting paid like 1.

        This is my desired formation.

        Lee, Tavares, Strome.
        Ladd, Nelson, Bailey.
        Prince/Beauvillier, Cziskas, Kulemin.
        Chimera, Quine, Clutterbuck.
        Spare Gionta.

        I prefer Chimera at LW & Kulemin at RW as opposed to the other way around.

        1st PP unit. Lee, Tavares, Strome, Leddy & Nelson.
        2nd PP unit. Ladd, Tavares, Bailey, Beauvillier & Boychuk. When Tavares is to tired to play the entire PP sub in a Dman or other.

        Most forwards that log huge PP minutes like Ovechekin do so as a point man but certainly not all. Several teams #1 unit log almost all their teams PP time. SJ, PIT, Was, & a few others.

      • Hey Striker, yeah I agree with your take. They need to focus on developing their young guys like Strome, Lee, Nelson, Bouvilier. I don’t really understand the love for Quine and Prince. They hustle but don’t produce much and seem to be getting time that should be going to the prospects with a higher ceiling. Bouvilier needs to either play or go down where he can develop.

    • Any chance we could double down and get rid of Snow?

      • Never could figure out how Snow got the job in the first place, Let alone last all this time 8 yrs wow.

      • I assume his role in the near future will be changing. I see NYI bringing in a new president this summer & the organization will undertake a restructuring. Snow may survive in some role but he won’t be the GM specifically.

        It wouldn’t pain me to see him sent packing. He’s done some good things & his drafting has been pretty good. He’s just made some very weird head scratchers.

      • It may even take a year or 2 before all the changes start happening. Nor can NYI stay in that building it’s not suitable for hockey. They may well return to Nassau County after the renovations or undertake a new building some where.

      • Thanks for the original heads up Yogi, made my day 🙂 I don’t know how he got the job either.

        I agree Striker he’s done a decent job putting together assets but seems really lost in this stage of the clubs development. They are, and have been, on the cusp of being a consistent playoff contender. With the right moves they could evolve into a team that’s in the discussion for late playoff success.

        The deals Snow has made recently have been more bad than good. I love Czikas but he’s not a 3.5 mil player, extending Clutterbuck was the wrong move, Ladd’s contract is horrible. Moving Griffin Reinhart for Barzal and Bouvilier looks awfully good at the moment though.

        I see the Leafs and Oilers starting to get things right, and it all starts with smart management at the top. The Isles really need to move on to an elite team in the front office to move forward.

  11. JVR has been a roughly 1/2 pt per game player over the last few seasons with some injury history. He’s at a slightly higher pace this year but, according to the TO media, he plays on the same team as the second best player in the Universe. The additions of Marner and Nylander has added some nice skill but the three young guys may be boosting JVR’s production.

    If I’m a rival GM there is no way I’m offering up a top 2 D man for this guy. Taylor Hall got Larsen. I think Larsen is a border line top 2 guy on most teams. Hall has also had injury issues but a slightly higher pt average. Not dramatic but a bit higher with an 80 pt season on his resume which is better than JVRs career best of 61.

    Folks can debate the value of keeping him vs moving him. He’s on a good value contract but I doubt he settles for something below market value on his next deal. If they are waiting for a top 2 D man in return I suspect he’ll be a Leaf until his contract expires.

    • I agree JvR isn’t getting you a #2 Dman. I believe most here do as well. For what it’s worth JvR’s points per game since arriving in TO are .667, .763, .682, .725, .854 currently this season.

      There are a multitude of factors in play & I don’t like points per game as a metric & the only reason I show it here as you stated he’s 1/2 a point per game, he’s quite a bit better than that. Staying healthy & playing is part of a players value. Most can, many can’t, some are just unlucky. For me JvR’s injuries aren’t a concern.

      He also falls into the monster class for me. Being 6’3″ tall or taller. It takes these players longer to develop. My threshold is 400 regular season games. JvR has played 487 as I write this.

      JvR has also had the misfortune to play for bad teams in Toronto with no depth, making it very easy for other teams to check what few scorers they have. Toronto has essentially had 1 line until this season well JvR has been there. That reduces any players ability to produce.

      If Toronto moves JvR there will be a bunch of suitors & the return will be solid even with only 1 year to UFA status. He’s just not getting a #2 Dman at least not straight up. Pure supply & demand.

      • Striker I know you are a Bruins fan but you are a wealth of knowledge..so thank you???✌?As a TML follower.

        Keep it real!!

      • Hey Striker, I tend not to quibble about the 1/2 pt vs .67 but I know it means a lot to others so fair point. I believe that JVR has value, if they choose to trade him he will get a solid return. I just don’t see a top 2 d man coming back unless there is a lot included. We basicly agree here. JVR has value, just not #2 D man value

      • Depends on the 2 I’d say, there are guys out there playing top line minutes I wouldn’t want to take and there are guys playing as 3/4s that I would be quite happy to take. Guy has to fit a role.

  12. Thought with Zibanejad back tonight we should get an update in the Brassard/Zibanejad scoring race. Ha-ha!

    Brassard is winning by 5 points having played 22 more games. Will Zibanejad catch him tonight? Ha-ha! No but perhaps by the end of the week.

  13. Let JVR walk or trade him. Have to be patient, we are still in a rebuild. Look at Sid. He plays with a lot of average guys such as Sheary, Rust, Hornquist. The best players make average guys look good. For heavens sake, Sundin made Tucker and Domi look like snipers at one point lol.

  14. JVR will get you a guy like Brodin, Theodore and maybe Dumba straight up but for Trouba, Fowler or Linholm they will have to add something. For Manson the Ducks will have to add something. Another option is to stick to the plan and if they cant sign a natural right dman train Neilson to play the right side.

    If they stick to the plan Hunwick, Polack or possibly both will move at the deadline. Bozak and JVR are draft time deals if they move. If Bozak goes the only other centre of any quality in the system is Nylander right now.

    Matthews and Marner will get 8 years after their entry level deal. I expect they will take a slight discount and come out somewhere in the 9-10 range.

    JVR’s scoring won’t be replaced but Leivo would bring more physical play.