NHL Rumor Mill – January 19, 2017

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Could St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk become a playoff rental?

Latest on Kevin Shattenkirk, Shane Doan, Valtteri Filppula and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman wonders if it makes sense for the St. Louis Blues to trade defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk to free up salary-cap space to do something else. He believes the Blues have the blueline depth to handle that move.

Though Shattenkirk is unwilling to join the Edmonton Oilers long term, Friedman wonders if he might consider it as a rental player. He also believes the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs could benefit from a short-term burst from acquiring Shattenkirk, who would benefit by bolstering his free-agent value. While the Blues asking price for Shattenkirk was high in the past, Friedman wonders if they might lower it to move him and free up room to add an element that can help them now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting speculation from Friedman. No word from the St. Louis media about this, though I daresay we’ll something from them soon if Shattenkirk keeps floating in the rumor mill. Such a move would also be a significant change of pace from Blues GM Doug Armstrong, who usually hangs onto his pending UFAs for the playoffs. 

Friedman said a rumor that had the Blues bringing back goaltender Brian Elliott was shot down. He also wonders if the Chicago Blackhawks might attempt to bring back winger Patrick Sharp, who’s now with the Dallas Stars.

The Montreal Canadiens and Anaheim Ducks have had talks that go back to last season. Friedman said the Habs have scouted the Ducks quite a bit this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin recently told Montreal’s TSN 690 he’s in the market for a puck-moving defenseman. As is well-documented, the Ducks are stocked with talented young blueliners, notably Cam Fowler and Hampus Lindholm. They need a skilled scoring left winger, but the Habs lack depth in that department to help them. 

Prior to the New York Islanders firing head coach Jack Capuano, an NHL executive told Friedman he thought Isles GM Garth Snow was moving closer to trade struggling forward Ryan Strome. He thinks it makes sense for Snow to wait and see how Strome performs under a new bench boss.

While the Colorado Avalanche are believed seeking blueline depth, they could also be in the market for a goaltender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering the inconsistent play and long injury history of Avs goalie Semyon Varlamov, landing a proven starter could become a priority. 

Friedman believes center Valtteri Filppula is the player the Tampa Bay Lightning could try to move this season. He’s got another season left at $5 million and a partial no-trade clause that covers half the league. He also believes defenseman Nikita Nesterov could be available. There’s talk Nesterov could return to Russia next season, but his agent claims his client wants to play in North America.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The sticking point is Filppula’s salary. Lightning GM Steve Yzerman will have to retain part of his cap hit or perhaps do a dollar-for-dollar deal to make this work. 

An injury to blueliner Jamie Oleksiak lowers the chances of the Stars making a defensive move.

THE MERCURY NEWS: Curtis Pashelka (stick tap to GJ Berg for the link) reports San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson usually doesn’t stand pat at the NHL trade deadline. He notes the question remains if they’ll stick with Aaron Dell as the backup goalie for starter Martin Jones or seek one with more experience.

Pashelka also notes the Sharks are squeezed for salary-cap space. He points out Wilson has more prospects to dangle as trade bait this season, though he recently sounded reluctant about going that route. As for depth at forward, Wilson could prefer waiting for sidelined Tomas Hertl to return to action. He said he’s more concerned about his club’s penalty kill and defensive game.

CSN BAY AREA: Responding to a reader’s suggestion of trading defenseman Justin Braun for a scoring forward, Kevin Kurz doubts they’ll move any of their top-four blueliners for a scorer. He doesn’t believe it makes sense to move any of their big-minute rearguards.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Wilson makes a move, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does, it’ll likely be a minor one. Like Kurz, I don’t see them parting with any of their top-four blueliners for a scorer. As Pashelka points out, Wilson will likely wait and see how well Hertl performs after his return from a knee injury before deciding if his offense needs a boost.

ARIZONA SPORTS: John Gambadoro reports Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan is seriously considering accepting a trade to a contender. He cites sources claiming the New York Rangers, Washington Capitals and Montreal Canadiens are interested in the 40-year-old right wing. If Doan accepts a trade, Gambadoro doesn’t believe it’ll hurt the legacy of the long-time Coyotes star.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t think there’s a fit for Doan on any of those clubs. The Rangers are reportedly seeking a top-four defenseman and don’t appear to have an urgent need for a checking-line right wing. The Capitals also appear to be fine on the right side. As noted earlier, the Habs are in the market for a puck-moving defenseman. They could also use some depth at center. 


  1. I’ll play Blues GM (knowing that Armstrong was in Tampa Bay this week)–how about Bishop, Filppula, and prospect/pick to the Blues for Shattenkirk and Jake Allen? Helps the salary cap crunch in Tampa and gets Blues a center. Both Bishop and Shattenkirk would need new contract, and Blues would have to shed some $s too.

    • No thank you. The Blues had Bishop, & rejected him in favor of others. Filppula for Shattenkirk, rental for rental with similar cap hits, may be OK for both teams, perhaps with a prospect to draft choice swap to adjust for value. The Lightning need to move Filppula (& Garrison, & Callahan if he doesn’t retire). They don’t need to move Bishop, & if they can solve other cap issues probably nee to keep him till the year after Vasy claims the net, which clearly is not this year. If you watch the Bolts play, Bishops value as a puck mover is a huge part of an otherwise substandard 6 man defensive core, thus Bishop for Shattenkirk is probably not an overall improvement.

      • Callahan won’t be retiring. If he did he would forfeit his remaining salary, that’s a ton of money. He may be done regardless & could end up finishing his career on LTIR essentially like Pronger, Savard, Clowe, Horton, etc. It appears he may have a degenerative hip condition or that’s how it may play out.

        If Toronto can bury Robidas & Lupul 2 players that felt they were fit to play, I see no reason TB can’t do so with Callahan. He just moves into player development as they like his character & leadership. Where as Robidas & Lupul are no where to be found. Like where in the world is Waldo? Ha-ha!

      • I’ll never understand why Tampa signed him to that deal. Honestly I would make that trade 100 times over rather than NY giving him what he wanted. Everybody saw the writing on the wall for Callahans future….. Except Steve Y.

      • Filppula has another year left on his deal after this year.

      • Quantity & quality of ice time, individual abilities & those you play with are hug factors in a players abilities to generate points.

        Callahan the season after signing that deal scored 24 goals & 54 points games & was a defensive force for them in their run to the cup. The next year he went from a top 6 forward to 3rd line checker but when ever put in a scoring roll did so.

        Part of what ails TB today is Callahan being injured. He was UFA they paid the going rate in June 25th 2014 with him facing UFA status July 1st, 5 days later. He got 6 years. This was in a run away cap world before the breaks hit hard. Toews signed 5 days later for 10.5 million for 8 years. Now the highest paid #2 C in the NHL by a mile. Makes Kesler’s contract look incredible.

        The glimmer of those 3 cup rings are the only thing that makes his contract palatable today. These players contributions come down to far more than just points. TB made another deep run last season Callahan played on 1 leg managed to play 16 of 17 games in the playoffs. Having major surgery as soon as completed.

        Pretty easy to look back 2 & 1/2 years later in a whole new cap world & slag that deal today.

      • Not really striker. I was killing Callahan for what he wanted prior to being traded. (6-6.5 for 7-8 years is what he was seeking in Ny) and by no means did he enjoy a healthy career prior to being traded. And with his game, his body breaking down like this EVERYONE pretty much saw coming.

    • Except Jake Allen is far from developed as a starter, but was thrust into the role from shared-time guy. There is a whole lotta upside there over the players coming back to the Blues. Why would St. Louis basically bring a offer to Stevie Yzerman that solves all his eminent Cap problems (except of course if Alexi Vasilevskiy quantitaively leaps into a dominant starter’s role soon, and that hasn’t happened).
      Oh I see that Shats and Allen maybe help TB catch fire for this run, long term do Bishop and Filppula offer enough long term help to the Blues?
      and if Doug Armstrong thought Bishop had enough warts in his game to make him the 3rd man out a few years back, why would his opinion change? It isn’t like Bishop has be able to win TB anything except continued injuries at so many key moments when they needed him to actually be the man out there.

  2. IF the Blues could swing a trade sending Shattenkirk to the Rangers, what center on the Rangers is a realistic option to acquire–Stepan, Hayes, Zibanejad, Miller? Blues need a center and Rangers need a d’man.

    • If it was stepan blues would be doing rangers a favor taking that contract. Miller isn’t going for a rental… to much potential. Z or Hayes more realistic. Not sure they are worth moving for a rental though. Maybe a conditional 2nd from St. Louis if he doesn’t resign to ensure they get something longer term.

      • I think Shattenkirk would sign long-term with Rangers, so potentially more than a “rental”–might be the Blues who need a pick/prospect included?

      • The rumor out there is that the Rangers are Shattenkirk’s preferred destination. So if you can get him for just cash next year, I don’t think you give up too much, unless of course you can move some salary along with a quality asset. Having said that the Rangers have some work to do before they can even fit Shattenkirk into their cap UFA or otherwise.

      • A favor….. For a guy that ranks #14 among all centers in the NHL in scoring. Your complete dismissal of Stepan as a player is pretty obvious bias. You act like this guy is making Toews / Kopitar money?

      • No way on earth I’m giving up Miller, Hayes for a rental….. Maybe, Zbad if extension talks completely break down.

      • Just Razzin you NY (I think he is over paid and over rated but not to that extent)… figured you couldn’t resist. Hayes or Z would be reasonable returns… as NY would know, getting a rental D man is expensive. But as Ray said, I’d wait till FA.

      • I understand the sentiment of NYR4 here however lets be realistic here. There are only so many top 4 guys that are avialble and Shattenkirk is on of the best 1st PP pivots in the league.
        The price will always be high and will require Hayes or a high level prospect plus pick.
        The rangers dont have to pay this, sometimes the deal is just not right.
        Shattenkirk isn’t moving for a conditional 2nd or a b grade prospect.

      • The price for Yandle and Summers and a 4th rounder was J.Moore, Duclair and a 1st. Yandle had an entire year left on his contract, and Arizona picked up 1/2 of the hit. Moore was a gift, Duclair was a question mark. I’d say Hayes or Miller is just too much. I’d simply wait it out until July.

      • what you mentioned is in line with the price I am setting on Shattenkirk. Duclair was a highly ranked prospect, hasn’t lived up to the hype but he was far from a question mark.
        I should also mention that when Arizona picked up half the salary the writing was on the wall that NYR wouldn’t be able to resign Yandle, I think they have a much better shot at resigning Shattenkirk.
        Not saying that New York pays that much, just saying that is the price

      • Completely disagree on Duclair and believe most here would. Nobody even knew who this guy was until the year he was traded / preseason. He was a 3rd rounder not even in NYs top 5 which was thin to put it mildly. Duclair as a prospect is a lot different than Miller who has pretty much established a top 6 position in Ny. Plays any position up front, pp, pk etc. There are miles between Duclair and Miller

      • Buchevich is a comparable player to Duclair. Another 3rd rounder with a lot of hype around him, but still has the “we’ll see” tag hanging on his neck.

    • hopefully stepan is shipped out. he has the least upside and biggest cap hit.

    • Why do the Blues need a C? Stastny, Lehtera, Berglund, Brodiziak. Anyone of Steen, Fabbri or Schwartz could play C & other than Fabbri have at points this season.

      What StL needs is a goalie that shouldn’t be so bad behind this group of forwards or D. Allen has been terrible, Hutton has had some good outings but he’s not a starter & both’s SV% are brutal.

      If StL was getting even average goaltending they would have way more than 51 points in 45 games. They sit 4th in the league for shot suppression.

      • Agreed! Now we’re getting back to my initial thoughts–I think if the Blues could get Bishop under contract for maybe 4 or 5 years, he would be a BIG (pun intended) upgrade over Allen. Regarding center position however Lehtera has not been a producer–I think Filppula would be an upgrade there too. Get me Armstrong’s hotline.

      • Bishop apparently wants Lunqvist monies. Do you want to pay that?

      • Hoping Bishop would give a BIG “hometown discount” and stay healthy too!!

  3. Is there any speculation that Colorado would be interested in Fleury? Varlomov is on a fast decline in his vitality and ability it seems. I always see Marc linked to Dallas or the occasional Calgary, but why not Colorado?

    • The Pens wouldn’t do that to Marc.

      He’d be better off in Vegas. The Golden Knights (did they ever get the trademark issue fixed?) will be starting from scratch whereas the Avs have to tear down before they can rebuild.

      • Meaning Marc wont let the pens do that to him. His choice. Pens are run as a business and if the opportunity to ship marc our for a decent return they would ship him to china if need be. Course he would have to want to play in china.

      • Not yet it will be tied up in bureaucracy for ever but will get resolved. Everyone did there due diligence & numerous comparable out there of teams with the same nick names.

        As always money will grease the wheels of the complainers.

      • I think Marc is to proud to be stuck in a back up role & will almost go where ever he’s wanted. I don’t see that being Colorado, not because he wouldn’t be willing to go but Colorado isn’t a good fit financially. They haven’t the financial where with all to buy Varlamov out. He will be exposed in expansion & go unselected. The season following if he can’t over come his groin issues he will be bought out with 1 year remaining.

        Varlamov’s issue isn’t related to his ability to play net but his ability to do so injured & having a perennial groin issue. He has posted some solid #’s over the years in his time in Colorado playing behind 1 of the 5 worst D’s in the NHL. This season 1 of the 3 worst before they lost Johnson.

      • It is a chance for Marc Andre Fluery to be the starter again on a talented team,

    • I agree and also think Colorado is a really good fit for Marc Andre Fluery. Sermin Varlamov is injured and hasn’t played all that well this season. I would love a blockbuster…Marc Andre Fluery, Nick Bonino, Oli Matta and Derrick Pouliot to the Avalanche….. Matt Duchense and Nikita Zaderov to the Penguins…

      Works for both…

      • Why in the world would Pittsburgh want Duchene? 3rd line center making 6+? That’s an awful amount of dollars locked up in 3 centers.

      • Uh…. john your only. Black and gold is bruins apparently because that would ruin pens chances this year.

      • John from a Colorado view, there is very little in your deal that helps them. Colorado couldn`t afford to take back that much money, they would lose at the expansion draft and Sakic is trying to make them better not older. That trade really helps neither team except cap relief for Pitts, if that`s all they`re after.

      • Well they have a ton coming off the books next year and unloading Matta /Fluery and Bonino that that’s $12 million right there. Penguins are build on speed you would have Crosby, Malkin Duchense and Cullen…no one matches that speed. Plus they get the young physical Zaderov back who is better than Matta. Matta is young and solid but doesn’t fit Sullivan;s system thats why…

  4. Edmonton and Toronto are not considered contenders but yet they should trade assets for Shattenkirk, who they know will walk at season end. Sure that sound like a really good idea for Edmonton and Toronto. NYR would be a nice fit for Shattenkrk, but at what price.

    • Agree they are having good seasons but not ready to mortgage the future for a run just yet.

    • I haven’t really bothered to look but I’m pretty sure the Rangers only have 9 maybe 10 mill in space next year with 4 or 5 spots to fill. I think they would need to move some salary unless Shattenkirk came at a discounted contract because that’s his perfected landing spot. Maybe tight giving him 6.5-7 mill and trying to fill out the roster and leaving some wiggle room.

    • I would be shocked if either trades assets for a rental this year. I think both will get in and expect to, but I doubt either one believes they are a contender for the cup without some playoff experience with their core.
      PC in Edmonton could prove me wrong, not the most patient guy in the world and definitely not afraid to make a move.

    • Both are in the hunt and a top 4 d man could push them over the edge. And once in anything can happen. Fans of both have to be careful to not over embrace the constant rebuild mentality… I see that here in PBurgh with the Pirates. Lots of fans value prospects more than a shot at winning. if the move can give a shot at the cup it could be worth it.

      • I’d be swell with picking up Shattenkirk for a rental, if it’s kinda that going rate for the cost they have 7 picks in the first 2 rounds over the next couple years along with some decent prospects who may not ever to be able to crack the Leaf line up. I’m not saying rush things and go balls to the wall but if they could address a huge need even if it is short term and relatively cheap why not? I’m not against pcking up a rental D as long as the cost isn’t stupid.

      • Rumor on Edmonton radio is Shattenkirk for Brandon Davidson as the primary return(who they will likely lose in expansion anyway), and a conditional pick if he signs.
        The theory is he will love play on a team with this much promise and the new rink etc.
        That kind of makes sense, Davidson is an under the radar good young player.

      • ONly one town is black and Gold Mr. Christmas or whatever your name is….LOL that is the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates…have a good day..A town that’s unified.

      • Chrisma..Ok i do agree with you it drives me nuts the the organization values the dreaded prospects…. You have a chance to win and go for it you do it…or another 20 years of losing baseball will come…. The Pirates farm system is in the top 5 in baseball for the love of god give up some prospects to get Jose Quintana or whoever you need.. you not making the cupboards bare in the minors

    • Agreed Caper it makes no sense to me either. If legitimate contenders, maybe but I like you aren’t a huge fan of rentals. It can only work out for 1 team & with this stupid bracket system 4 of the best teams in the NHL are gone in the 1st 2 rounds just trying to get out of their divisions. I don’t like those odds.

    • Chrisma…oh son wake up Pittsburgh is the only sports town in the country where all the sports teams are black n gold….unlike Boston….

    • Yogi…I agree but one can hope…. Fluery is much better than Varlamov…Oli Matta gives them a young controlable top 4 defender at $4.1 (which they have been looking for) and Bonino is a UFa could be resigned only making $1.9… good number # 2 3 center…. i see where you are coming from though

  5. Fillpula also has an NMC attached to his contract for all other purposes other than those stipulated under his M-NTC, meaning if traded the team that acquires him would need to protect him come the expansion draft or buy him out if unwilling to do so.

    I guess moving Filppula might be possible although it seems unlikely. He seems over paid to me at this point in his career but anything is possible. We can never underestimate a GM at trade deadline time or come July 1st.

  6. Colorado is still on the hook for 2 more seasons at 5.9 mil for Varlamov and there’s no way anyone takes him. Not sure how they could add a starter that is getting paid like one without buying Varlamov out.

    • easy-e…i know you are right but one can hope right…. I want Fluery who can help a team to find a good home…

      Maybe Bonino / Matta/ Pouliot for Duchense and Zaderov……

  7. Yeah, no way in hell are the Leafs and Oilers going after rentals. Maybe in two years time, when the rookies and youth are playing better from experience and their contention for being a playoffs team is real/concrete. This Season and Off Season is where we’ll see some Vets traded to properly finish of the rebuilding process. Players like; JvR, Bozak, Pouliot, Ference, etc. This is where both teams will polish off the rosters.

    • Why? If as you say they are so loaded with youth and it’s going to take a couple years why not take a shot? They already have some youth. No one is saying go empty the cupboards it’s a rental cost won’t be stupendous as far as rentals go if you look at a guy like Yandle a team like the Leafs who have 8 rookies in the line up and 13 or 14 more guys on ELC in the Marlies 7 picks in the first 2 firsts and 4 2nd round picks in the next 2 years plus rentals of their own to be dealt could likely spare the cost. I understand rebuilding and patients but if a team has a big a hole in the backend as this team does why not make a cheap deal for a guy like that? If anything they could recoup the cost by moving others in the off season like Bozak Komarov or JVR. Meaning it almost cost nothing. Now I don’t recommend changing the plan or making a whole bunch of deals resigning vets or anything of the sort but I can’t see any harm in being *more* competitive come crunch time. Are we tanking again and I didn’t get the memo?

      • Hey Shticky, I get your reasoning. The Leafs have plenty of younger B level assets and picks. They aren’t all going to get to play so perhaps turn them into something useful. Unfortunately the main premise you have is that the rental will come cheaply. I’m not at all convinced it will.

        The Blues have pretty consistently held onto their pending FA’s because they value the playoffs more than the potential rental return. There is a potential change with regard to Shattenkirk apparently but I doubt they accept a low return for him just to get assets. Rentals have historically given fairly strong returns. In a year where the draft doesn’t look great it may cost more prospect capital than picks.

      • Ya he maybe and if he is you pass. It’s just the thinking of we can’t spend any picks or prospects that I don’t get, to be successful there is more than just drafting and development. Need to make smart trades and how are these young guys suppose to learn about pressure if they don’t get to pressure situations? Like a game 5,6,7 even if it is just 1 playoff round. The D is tissue thin it wouldn’t hurt to give up something small for a rental as long as the price was right. I just don’t like the thinking who cares if we lose we arent supposed to compete for 3 years can’t make a trade yet. Seems like planing to lose to me and if you plan on being unsuccessful that’s all your ever likely to be.

    • They both might buy rentals just not of that quality & cost. Of a Shattenkirk that is. Nor do I see StL moving him. He is their rental & if they some how won it all might he decide to stay?

      • Them as well as a few others all with the same need is going to push the price up, you’re likely right tho I think the Blues keep Shattenkirk so hard to trade away D like him at that point unless you’re dead in the water.

      • It happens every deadline. Players move for more than they are really worth but numerous teams bidding for the same assets will do that.

      • I somehow doubt if Shattenkirk is moved it will before more than he is really worth. I’m not sure if he wasn’t a rental his name would really even be being mentioned as available. Fact is pretty much anymore unless a guy like Shattenkirk is a rental the price is so high a player like him isn’t likely being traded. It’s really the only time they are affordable.

  8. I don’t understand why Montreal wants Shattinkirk they don’t need a dman this year to score they have Weber and Markov they need a centre and a left wing and if you get a dman you need a big one that can blocks shots and hit and clear the front of the net ….

  9. RE TSN 690, Chris Nilan, former player and commentator, also spoke to Marc Bergevin (off air) and clarified that he was looking for a left defenseman specifically. My guess is Cam Fowler. True the Habs do not have depth in the forwards that Anaheim is looking for but they do have 5 2rd picks in the next two drafts and might be willing to give up afirst this year. Maybe enough to get the player they need from another team….

  10. Rumor is Claude Julien is on the hot seat in Boston…..Really! I’m surprised that the Bruins didn’t come out with an announcement already today. Claude isn’t Don Sweeney coach and i believe every GM gets at least one chance to hire the coach he wants to lead his team. This season is almost lost and need swift and quick actions to right the ship. Your not trading Krejci, because no one is taking that contract, makes no sense to move Carlo for a forward, Hayes is paid Millions to sit in the stands. The only real move Boston has is to let Sweeney bring in his coach.

    • You know that Cappuano is available right? He’s a good Boston area guy 🙂

    • Ya, Caper last night was tough. The stress is evident and getting to them. While I don’t like it I get it, as to your point what other cards does he have to play?
      I really like CJ and he is one of the top 5 coaches in the league and he will be successful elsewhere.
      Cassidy as the interim for the rest of the year and then start the search, and they will likely choose Cassidy. To me it looks like he is being groomed.

    • I suggest Boston fans go read Travis Yost’s post today on TSN. His basic point is what to right. It’s simply a lack of finish. How do you coach that?

      Again I’m not adverse to Julien being moved simply for the sake of change but I would like to see him get an opportunity with a full roster. We are days away from that happening this season, hopefully baring another injury.

      I do question why he won’t let Spooner C the 3rd line. Hayes will be bought out this summer. That ship has sailed.

      • Ya, it kind of mirrors what we all have been saying on this site. We check those #’s too.
        I suppose you could debate that there is a why they are not finishing, and that is a lack of finishers, but there are guys that are well below their career norms. Are those guys past their prime and this is the new normal for them?
        Only time will tell.
        Regardless, of which theory is accurate, the one thing that rings true is that CJ is not the problem.

  11. Proposal:
    Could DD +McCarron+1st 2017 for S Couturier can be a Starter? What else should the habs add?

  12. What about
    S. Reinhart + D Kulikov For DD,N Beaulieu,N Juulsen,M McCarron, 1st 2017,1st 2018

  13. Tj Broodie + S Bennett for DD,N. Beaulieu,N. Juulsen,M. McCarron,1st 2017 + 1st 2018

  14. Deeeeeee ,
    I’m pretty sure you bet me Grabner won’t score 20….. Time to eat some crow bro!