NHL Rumor Mill – January 20, 2017

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St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk is once again a hot topic in the NHL trade rumor mill.

Three players who could be moved by the trade deadline, plus updates on the Ducks, Red Wings, Canucks and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN:  Darren Dreger reports “trade and extend” the contract of St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk could boost his value in the trade market. Shattenkirk lacks a no-trade clause and doesn’t have many options unless the Blues can find the right fit. Dreger claims it sounds like the blueliner is willing to consider several options, rattling off the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks even a return to the Colorado Avalanche. If the Blues can find the right fit, the asking price for Shattenkirk could rise. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shattenkirk’s willingness to re-sign with a team that acquires him would certainly bolster his value in the trade market. Clubs are less willing to part with significant assets for a player who could bolt months later via free agency. I also think he’d prefer going to where he’ll have a chance to win.

The Rangers could give him that opportunity. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman recently said there’s a belief “rightly or wrongly” that Shattenkirk wants to be a Ranger. So could a promising club such as the Leafs or the Edmonton Oilers, and Friedman speculates he might be willing to join such clubs on a short-term situation. 

The Bruins would probably love to land him, but their future seems uncertain right now. The Sharks are already deep among their top-four blueliners so I don’t see a fit there. The Ducks have more defensemen than they know what to do with. The Wings are rebuilding on the fly while the Avs are bottom feeders. Don’t see him going there unless they’re willing to overpay for his services.

Pierre LeBrun reports teams are calling the Anaheim Ducks regarding their promising young blueliners in their system such as Brandon Montour, Shea Theodore and Jacob Larsson. It’s possible they could peddle one of them for a top-six forward, though it could cost a lot and there’s salary-cap implications to consider. LeBrun lists “Tampa, Buffalo, Toronto, Colorado” among the teams in need of young defensemen. James Duthie speculates the Ducks could seek a winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sooner or later, something’s gotta give on the Ducks’ overcrowded blueline. I think GM Bob Murray is waiting for the right offer, that being an impact winger. 

The bonus clauses of Arizona Coyotes winger Radim Vrbata could adversely affect his value in the trade market. McKenzie reports Vrbata would receive a $250K bonus for making the playoffs and an additional $250K for each playoff round. If he plays for a team that reaches the Stanley Cup Final, he’ll get over $1 million in bonuses. 

LeBrun reports the Calgary Flames would covet a top-nine forward. He also reports the Columbus Blue Jackets could seek a move to bolster their depth at center beyond this season, as they’re not into acquiring rental players. Having lost backup Curtis McElhinney to Toronto on waivers, they could also trade for a backup. 

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun lists St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, Detroit Red Wings left wing Thomas Vanek and Dallas Stars winger Patrick Sharp as three players who could be moved by the NHL trade deadline. 

If Blues management feels they’re not longer among the league’s top four or five clubs, they could listen to offers for Shattenkirk, who’s eligible for unrestricted free agency in July. LeBrun cautions, however, that he’s not saying the blueliner will definitely be dealt, as the Blues could retain him for the playoffs if they don’t find a suitable offer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s some talk of the Blues perhaps shipping Shattenkirk to a playoff contender for a conditional first-round pick. However, the Blues remain a playoff club and if they move him, I think they’ll want to get a player who can help them right away. Maybe they can do that by trading Shattenkirk for a first-rounder and then bundling that pick with a prospect to land a good second-line center or a proven starting goaltender. Maybe they deal Shattenkirk straight up for a center. If there’s no suitable deal to be had, they’ll keep him for the playoffs. 

It’s possible the Red Wings could shop pending UFA Vanek if they don’t get back into the playoff chase by the deadline. However, LeBrun reports they haven’t spoken to any clubs about the 32-year-old winger, who’s enjoying a fine bounce-back performance this season. It’s possible the Wings could consider attempting to re-sign him to a reasonable contract extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vanek’s been a rare bright spot in an otherwise miserable season for the Wings. He’ll want a pay bump from his current $2.6 million salary. If he’s willing to accept a two-year deal for between $3.5 – $4 million annually, the Wings could keep him. 

If the Stars don’t get back into the playoff race soon, GM Jim Nill will have no choice but to start shopping UFAs such as the 35-year-old Sharp. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Already there’s talk out of Chicago suggesting the Blackhawks could try to bring Sharp back to the Windy City. I wouldn’t rule it out. 

MLIVE.COM: Peter J. Wallner reports Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland won’t just dump players by the deadline if his club falls further behind in the playoff race. He prefers retaining veterans such as Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall to provide leadership for their young players and shield them from the burden of carrying the club until they’re ready. He hopes to continue rebuilding on the fly to remain competitive until the youngsters reach their full potential.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe if Holland doesn’t think pending UFAs such as Vanek, Steve Ott, Drew Miller and Brendan Smith fit into his club’s plans beyond this season, he’ll put them on the block before the trade deadline. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Vancouver Canucks’ GM Jim Benning telling Vancouver’s TSN 1040 that he’s getting interest from rival clubs in his club’s defensemen. If he decides to make a move, Benning suggests he could draw upon his depth in young blueliners. Benning said he intends to retain his draft picks. ” I have confidence we’re going to draft and develop our players well. We have enough good young talent, I believe, on our team now that we as we move forward we’ll just keep our picks and draft and develop the players we pick.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Benning can land a good young scoring winger who can help his club now and over the next several seasons, he should resist moving any of his promising young defensemen.  Sure, the Canucks are in playoff contention, but they’re most likely a “first-round-and-out” club. They’re certainly not a Cup contender. Don’t waste young assets on a rental player.


  1. Got a chuckle out of Benning’s confidence in his team’s ability to draft and develop well. Virtanen says Hi.

    Shattenkirk a short term solution for the Leafs? That’s ridiculous.

    He would make a great long term solution, however, if he is truly open to other markets.

    If he’s willing to accept NY taxes, then Toronto won’t be a problem for him.

    • I don’t think he’ll base his decision on taxes either way. If he was worried about taxes, he’d look to Tampa, Or Florida etc. where the tax differential is significant. Most of me believes he isn’t going anywhere until July 1st. He’s already shot down the idea of signing an extension with Edmonton. I don’t think he’ll end up playing in either Edmonton or Toronto short or long term.

      • My point was that he wasn’t basing his decision on taxes if he was favoring NY as the taxes there are very high – not that he was basing it on taxes and still somehow favoring NY/TOR! Unless you thought I was making the assumption he is trying to maximize the tax he pays as a sort of public good? Hah

        I don’t see him coming to TOR either, but he would make sense from the team’s perspective as a long term solution only.

      • Honestly after looking at a tax calculator for the NHL…. I don’t know why anyone would sign in NY or Toronto! Florida should have 8-10 teams! Lol

      • yet one more reason this cap structure is still has some pretty big holes in it. 30% swings in you’re take home pay depending on where you play…and nmc just to ensure (guarantee) players never have to go to that market…not sure how that’s evening a playing field.

      • And that’s just based on income alone. If you take the cost of living, property tax etc. into consideration it’s even more tilted. I really miss the days of paying Bobby Holik 9 million per and not caring if he scores! The NHL should really consider a soft cap / luxuary tax set up like the MLB or NBA. It’s a system that has its flaws, but in the end everyone wins ( not literally). Lol

      • Striker, taxes in Ontario have gone up twice – once with Wynne and once with Trudeau.

        I can tell you, we now pay 53.5% tax in the top bracket and that kicks in at a paltry C$220k.

      • I don’t take a salary out of my Company. I take dividends; Taxed completely differently & file with the CRA even though I’m out of the country more than 1/2 the year. Say what you will about Canada’s tax’s & the healthy care system. It may be slow getting an MRI; paid for mine in India as I was there, 767 dollars US, or what they deem elective surgery; been waiting 14 months for knee replacement, but when your sick & in serious need it works & is virtually free. Can have done in India for 5K & there hospitals are stellar it still freaks me out. I’ll wait. Ha-ha!

        My father had a heart transplant. Got 18 extra years, 2nd longest in Canada for his age of transplant; 62, when he died in January 2013. Only his drugs really cost my parents but as he was a veteran of the military they paid little to nothing for his anti rejection drugs.

        Hard to believe that money has become such a significant factor for fans of hockey. Globalization is alive & well. It’s a very small world.

    • Trymkin, stetcher and Hutton say hi back 😉

    • I think there’s still time for Virtanen to be a good player at the NHL level. Just needs to mature between the ears. Hopefully, he’ll learn that in Utica. Benning should just leave the wheeling and dealing to the other gm’s….maybe move Burrows or Miller for picks and prospects. That’s about all he should do this season.

  2. It’s only been 1 game but after watching the Leafs D minus Rielly last night maybe the Leafs should consider moving JVR before the deadline if they could land 1 of Montour Theodore or Larson.

    • It was really ugly, Shticky. It’s a point I’ve made before – the team is really thin and has benefited from a total lack of injuries to key players up to this point.

      Obviously on D, any of Reilly, Gardiner, Zaitsev going down is terminal. The same applies to Andersen. I think it probably also extends to Matthews and Marner who really drive the play on their lines. Nylander – ditto re the PP.

    • How did Polak not get a kneeing peanlty on Zuccarrelo? Good thing he caught him dead in the middle of his thigh & not knee on knee. Lead with the Knee. How do officials miss that stuff.

      • He didn’t lead with the knee, for starters. He lead with his whole body and Zuc dodged out of the way such that contact was at the shoulder and thigh.

        Polak is a physical player and finishes his hits. Sometimes, that doesn’t work out the way he intended – Toffoli, Hendricks, etc.

        But what you’re alleging here is that Polak is a dirty player and that goes against history – 597 games played in the NHL, I don’t think he’s had one suspension.

        Take it back or clarify.

      • There is that completely different perception again. I watched that replay 4 times after they showed he in slowmo from Polak’s angle, looking at Zucc, he is pointing his knee & it was 1st point of contact. I accept it wasn’t a deliberate intent to injure but that’s a penalty. Not a major, nor game misconduct. Although rest assured had Zucc suffered a serious injury a suspension would have been forthcoming. Instead no harm other than Hyman’s goal no foul.

        I also like Polak as you should know have defended him & his value here repeatedly. Great value for salary & term.

      • Wasn’t it you Dan that had Polak as Toronto’s #7 Dman when he were discussing such in the pre season & summer? Not saying it was you but it was someone.

      • Lol Polak got walked around yet again and Zucs got his leg caught up last second. I agree with what was being said maybe it was an interference penalty but I think it was more a smaller faster player getting caught up avoiding a hit then it was a “dirty” play by Polak. You’re giving him too much credit saying he has the ability and the speed to time a knee like that in a player as quick as Zuccarrelo. Penalty ya probably just don’t agree that it was dirty at all if Zuccarrelo wanted he could have stayed in the train tracks and got his lunch fed to him can’t blame Polak for that.

      • Probably me Striker I got no issue in saying Polak is an ape on skates. Warrior sure tries hard yep but I’m not sure he is more than a guy who draws in and out of a line up on any given night and I don’t care what his ga/60 is or that he is the best at icing the puck on the PK. 5on5 if he was on your team you don’t want Roman Polak on the ice.

      • All i saw was Hyman make AV wish Clendening was back in street clothes on that series.

      • No kidding NYR4LIFE. What bugs me is with Clendenning dressed is he gets Skjei’s PP time. That’s aprtly a personal issue have him in both my fanatsy leagues. Now #3rd in rookie D scoring, 1 point behind Provorov & 7 behind Werenski & not getting any where near the quantity & quality of minutes those 2 are.

        Shticky it could be worse. Toronto could have to dress Corrado. Oh wait, that’s happening. Ha-ha! Sorry.

        Fingers crossed Reilly misses very few games. Toronto has no depth to cover for this type of injury. Toronto may be the luckiest team in the NHL this year. They have had virtually no injuries. Andersen recovering at the start of the year from the WHC’s being almost the loan exception. You know that luck can’t continue.

  3. After last night, I now put the Blues as “desperate” for a starting goalie—Shattenkirk for …..?

    • Lundqvist

      • Honestly tho it seems the Blues are the new Flyers with the goaltending issue over the past few years.

      • Sponge-qvist

      • that’s just cruel

      • If he was making 5-6 per, I might be more sensitive of this funk he’s in.

      • Sponge-qvist = absorbs pucks, allows no rebounds?

    • Howard and Holland gladly retains $2 million or so just to move that contract.

    • Rask for Shattenkirk…I know Striker agree with me.

      • Nice Caper.
        Suits me fine as they have 1 win in 10 without Rask, the tank is on!

      • Ray, But he have Subban!!!! maybe we could deal for MAF give Pitts Chara. Oh boy I’m having a happy day. Bye Rask Bye Chara….The sun is shining.

      • Go Subban go!
        Joking aside, I think Chara will retire a Bruin and stay with the organization for years, which he has earned.
        But.. if he did want a trade, I think you still get a nice return.

      • Ray I have to disagree with you on that, this js a business and if Boston could get a good return for Chara, the Bruins would have to make that deal. Can bring Chara back when he retire. Cannot keep people because of what they did in the pass.

      • Totally agree Caper if it was just an on ice decision. One of the reasons Billichek has been so successful. When in doubt move them a year to soon instead of a year to late.
        But it isn’t. For the room, the fans, and Big Z.
        They need to treat Chara right, if he wants to stay he stays.
        The Bruins will treat him right.

    • Shattenkirk isn’t moving for a goalie but I see no choice for StL but to acquire somebody.

      • Miller out of Van makes sense

      • If the Blues where offered a number one goalie under contract for Shattenkirk, they definitely would make that deal.

  4. What would the cost to acquire Paddy Sharp? Would be a good pick up for a contender but have to eat some salary or take back a contract.

    • By the nhl trade deadline on March 1st 147 of 179 days of pay will have been paid on any players contract less any LTIR benefits it may carry. For sharp as an example his cap hit remaining will only be. 1.055 mil for the remainder of the year.

      Chicago is projected to have 3 mil & change in deadline cap space. They can easily afford Sharp’s cap hit & have a history of bring back former Hawks recently in Ladd & Campbell.

      This type of asset has historically has returned a 2nd & a 3rd but his concussion issues have to be a concern so he might be had nominally cheaper. There is also the draft dynamic of it being in Chi. Not sure that will play in but just throwing it out there.

      • Chicago will not be trading for Sharpe. Duncan Keith would not accept Sharpe back into the fold.
        Keith runs the dressing room. There is a code, Sharpe broke it and doesn’t have the Hawks trust.

  5. Blues should be careful. With that severe lack of goal tending and then moving Shattenkirk … not a favourite for the cup at all in my opinion….JVR for a Theodore and maybe an exchange of picks in Toronto’s favour would be something I would consider not sure if the Ducks would…..Sharp will end of back in Chicago ala Campbell

    • That’s a tough 1. Not sure how such a deal might play out. Anaheim can’t afford JvR moving forward. Their top 5 forwards today eat up a ton of cap space. Ritchie will be coming out of his ELC the season after next those young Dman as well.

      The business side of hockey plays into such a trade significantly. JvR being a UFa a year out, Theodore being expansion exempt, waivers, arbitration, UFA eligibility, etc.

      Great hockey fit but not a great cap/business fit. I can’t wait for this summer. I have my fingers crossed it’s as exciting as I hope it will be. Just expansion alone makes it very interesting.

  6. King Henrik to the Blues
    Fluery to the Rangers
    Allen to the Pens

    Shattenkirk to the Rangers
    Klein to the Blues
    Gunnarsson to the Pens

    Pens first rounder to the Blues

    • So, the Pens are giving up a first rounder and Fleury for Jake Allen and Carl Gunnarson?

      That’s rather magnanimous of them.

    • & StL fits Lundqvist’s cap hit in how? Pittsburgh loses Allen in expansion a 1st & gets left with Gunnarson & what ever player doesn’t get selected in expansion as Allen does?

    • Oh hell no Fluery is not going to the hated Rangers nor is Allen coming to the penguins…have you watched Allen play recently. (last night) he cant stop beach balls..

  7. MacArthur done for the season it’s official. Maybe career over.

    • Ya he’s gotta be done.
      Too bad I always liked MacArthur, all the way back to his days as a Sabre.

    • Do you think ottawa will trying and get someone? If so what trade do you think they could make happen?

    • I hope he retires. Life’s too short.

    • Ah, was meant to have lindberg to the pens and the Rangers 3rd rounder to the pens, becoming a 2nd rounder if fluery or shattenkirk re-sign and a first rounder if the Rangers win the cup

    • & players want to be compensated for having concussions having played in the NHL. MacArthur wants to play. He saw numerous doctors in hopes someone would clear him to play. This is the NHL’s problem why? What about the concussions they suffered in youth minor hockey, Major Jr, Jr A, Jr B, Major Midget, Midget Minor etc.

  8. I feel for anyone that has to make this decision. But fear for the alternative. It seems every couple of months a new horror story coming from athletes that have had too many head injuries. Today….. Mark Gastineau. Parkinson’s, Dimenentia and Alzheimer’s. Absolutely terrible!

    • You are right about that NYR.
      Now that we have scientific evidence that shows that repeated head trauma causes CTE, it will be interesting to see how the pro leagues react.
      Will they evolve and do what’s best for the players and, kids who play the game.. In particular the NFL.
      We love our physical sports and we grew up playing them, but this can destroy lives.

      • Don Cherry talked about this a few years ago on Coach’s Corner. He had a pair of shoulder pads on the show and stated that they were bigger and harder than what gladiators wore and that is the reason there are so many head injuries. This may have been the only time I have ever agreed with him. When you have more protection on your shoulders than your head, there might be a problem.

      • The shoulder pads are bad, but the elbow pads now are actual weapons.

        The shoulder, elbow and knee pads should be padded on the outside as well as the inside (a dense thin foam layer) to reduce the impact they make on other players.

      • Cherry is right about that.
        It may be a good compromise as a place to start. I think everyone, players included want to keep the clean physical play in the game, but at today’s speed sh** happens that is unintentional and people get seriously hurt.
        The hit from behind into the boards needs to be called more and dealt with more severely in the NHL as well.

      • He held up Phil Espisito’s old pads also which you could scrunch up to about the size of a soft ball.

        My sons shoulder pads almost have a shock absorb system. overlapped strapping that functions like a shock absorber. he can skate full speed into the boards & experience virtually nothing.

    • Agreed. Here’s a news alert. Brain trauma is bad & cumulative. Repeatedly bang your brain off your skull will cause brain issues down the road that seriously impact your life. Can I take litagtion against my Rugby coach? the 1st 3 I suffered I never even saw a doctor for. As soon as I knew my name & could tell him how many fingers he was holding up I was good to go.

      Or how about hockey. Played dazed & confused with headaches allot. Certainly as a child under 19 the onus should be on the adult but as an adult doesn’t it fall to me to make those decisions.

      • Actually, the damage these repetitive concussions cause long term IS a news alert. 10 years ago people called it punch drunk and laughed it off. Today its linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gerhigs disease, CTE, etc. And Dr. Gary Bettmans refusal to come to the same conclusion of actual doctors and scientists who have dedicated time and research to this body of science is beyond ridiculous.

      • My wife was diagnosed with epilepsy in 95. That’s over 20 years ago. The head of the brain surgery ward; a neurologist, which at the time was at VGH in Vancouver stated this. “It’s most likely related to concussions she suffered as a child.”

      • Striker, agreed that the players, today, that have the information they do, understand the risk. But to NYR’s point regarding the league’s “legal stance”, he is also right.
        Stop it Gary, you are not being intellectually honest and it is not helping.
        The league, owners and players association all have a stake and a responsibility to do everything they can. The new spotters and protocol are a good start. Address the equipment and above all else invest the money.
        Equipment research, and fund relief for the unlucky ones and their families.

  9. Do you guys think ottawa will start looking to make a deal? If so who do you think they can get?

    • A great week so far for the Sens – they need to score though. Patrick Sharp? Radim Vrbata?

  10. Based on the trading history between ANA & TOR I can see the Leafs main focus on trying to pry away one of the 3 young D men – Montour, Theodore or Larsson. Either at trade deadline or this summer.
    I feel the Leafs will play the waiting game with Shattenkirk, with the hope he is still unsigned come June.

    • Absolutely, they’ll be in on whatever ANH, MIN, whoever, has to offer and in on Shatts if he is available. According to Dreger, he’s open to signing in TOR. In both cases, it’s just going to come down to cost. You won’t see Lou trading a Hall for a Larsson, though.

    • That would be fantastic if it happened. trade for a guy to play in top 4 and sign one then we are finally talking about fixing the D. Way it stands now particularly if it continues to look like it did last night without Rielly, it’s pretty evident besides him there are really only 2 nhl quality d in Toronto, and I not sure any that are really worthy of playing over 22-23 minutes. Love Gardiners effort but that’s not going to work long term. Not going to hold my breath that it happens but I agree that’s what the train of thought should be. Trade for a younger cheaper or cost controlled guy like one of those Ducks and possibly go out and sign another one doesn’t have to be Shattenkirk but they should be looking at adding some depth atleast a 2nd pair types instead of crossing fingers that guys like fringe bottom pairing NHLers like Carrick Corrado Polak Hunwick are not all in the same lineup. I’d even consider bringing back a guy like Franson to take one of those spots depending on the cost.

      • Gardiner is developing right on schedule. 368 NHL regular season games so far; really close to that 400 mark, in his career. Has been Toronto’s best Dman all season. Having to carry Carrick & still playing great. On pace for 11 goals & 42 points; project 10 to 12 & 40 to 45, playing a solid 2 way game. Amazing what slight improvements in team defensive play & nominal upgrades at D; adding Zaitsev, & player development; time played to learn, can do for a player.

      • Indeed Striker, that’s a insightful observation considering Reilly is generally more highly regarded and gets more TOI.

        The only thing I wonder about is the quality of competition versus defensive partner, with Rielly getting the harder minutes, but better partner.

        Anyway, it’s just an abstraction, because neither are going anywhere for a long time.

      • I agree Dan39. I have raised this issue most recently when discussing Trouba’s contributions last season as a 3rd pairing Dman.

        Schticky & I were discussing it just the other day. This need to compare & classify is virtually impossible. Every 1 is different, no 2 players are exactly the same. The may have a ton of common traits but for a team to be successful in the NHL it needs all kinds of assets & the right mix there of.

        At D you need a minimum of 1 Dman that can help the transitional game & score; ideally 2, you would have a solid 2 way guy but they are rare & there may be less than 12 in the entire NHL, you need shot blockers, hitters, Dman that can clear the crease or some combination of all of the above.

        This brings us to the Hall for Larson trade. As I have always stated NJ wins this trade 1 for 1, no contest, just looking at it from a pure trade perspective. But Larson’s very good salary for his role & game have seriously helped Edm this season as has all the added toughness. Kassian, Lucic, etc. They are a far better team today than they were with Hall. They are a team now not 4 or 5 individuals with all offensive abilities.

    • Toronto & Anaheim have a logical fit but not JvR. A young Dman & something for a young forward & something. Just like established D, prospect D carry better value than prospect forwards. Especial prospect D like Theodore, Montour & Larsson.

      I also like Manson to Toronto. He would make a solid shut down partner for Gardiner & may come cheaper. He even fits Babcock’s preference to play Dman on their natural side. Gardiner shooting left, Manson right. Brown & ? for Manson?

      • Indeed Striker, Manson has the size and physicality that Toronto lacks in its top four and a right shot at that. I would dearly like to have him.

        Brown plus a 2nd for him and that’s saying a lot considering how highly I value Brown, on pace for 20 goals in his rookie campaign (albeit draft +4).

        I’m just not sure given his lowly draft pedigree that that would be enough in their minds as the young roster player element of that of that package.

      • It’s all about assets for me Dan39. Yes having been drafted in the 6th round in 2011 it gives you some perspective of what teams thought of him 5 years ago. Here we are 6 years later almost & Manson isn’t what he was thought to be at 18. He’s now 6’3″ 215 lbs & a solid up & coming shut down Dman who can skate & only has 147 games of NHL regular season experience. Just scratching the surface of his potential. Could be Orpik for the next 15 years.

        Brown & a 2nd works for me, let’s get Murray on the phone. Ha-ha! This is where the asset management comes in. Toronto can afford has the asset to replace Brown.

      • I doubt that anyone is giving up a top 10 expansion exempt player plus for Manson. I see what you’re saying but I I doubt the Leafs or some other team (Think the Flames would give up Tkachuck or others give up Martha Vesey Konecney…) giving the Ducks a 20 goal 40 point expansion exempt rookie plus a pick for Manson (who also needs a contract in 2018) 1 there are only 9 others kicking around, think about it 2 Brown and Hyman are going nowhere if Babcock has anything to say about it. Maybe that’s what the Ducks may want but somehow I doubt a player you’re quite possibly going to lose for nothing gets an exempt top 10 rookie +. I’m sure Lou or any other GM would be saying shop around and get back to us….lol no one is going to be helping the Ducks out that much. I like Manson and hope the Leafs figure away out to snap him up. I’d almost consider Brown with the amount of prospects the Leafs have (almost on his own) but I just can’t see anyway that happens.

  11. UFA’s Sekera, Ladd with a solid prospect in Dano moved for 1st’s, hell even Vermette moved for a 1st as pending UFA’s. Shattenkirk is more valuable as a UFA than any of these players & if moved even unsigned will return more than any of these players or he won’t move.

  12. Jake Allen is becoming Jim Carey right before our eyes.

    I knew Ken Hitchcock’s system masked bad goalies (that’s why I thought the Flames made a huge mistake with Elliot) but…wow. Any deviation from it (or removal from it by trade) exposes how mediocre Allen and Elliot really were.

    Fleury to the Blues makes sense because of Yeo, but…I don’t see any way the Blues can get rid of the Allen contract.

    Maybe if they gave up a top prospect or pick they could get the Canes to take him as a backup, but even that is probably not enough.

    • Not just Hitches system. Any team with Pietro, Bou, Shatty & Parayko; having a slight regression as a sophomore but very common & going to be a stud, should be solid defensively making any goalie look good.

      Hard to compare to Carey. Carey was essentially a 1 year wonder in 95-96. The 1 & only season he actually played as a starter.

      Allen is developing more traditionally. Most goalies don’t become starters until 26. Allen turned 26 in August & this is his 1st season as the starter. He’s crumbling under the pressure & expectations. This isn’t uncommon. Can he find his game? StL had better hope so. Tough spot as expectations in StL are to challenge for a cup but not sure Allen can get back on track this season. Not sure how you rebuild his confidence mid stream.

      I prefer this comparasion. Another young goalie struggled in his 1st season handed the reigns as a starter for his team after sharing the net the year prior. Price & Huet in 2007-08. In 08-09, Price was handed the starters role, Halak was brought into back him up & due to Price’s struggles stole a ton of starts. Price was given the start in the playoffs the year, a total disaster, lost 4 straight.

      The next season Price; 39 starts, had to share the starters role & Halak; 43 starts, was also given the ball in the playoffs. Starting 18 of 19 games carrying Montreal to the conference finals losing to Philly in 5 games. That summer Halak was moved to StL. Almost every 1 of my francophone friends was livid. Everyone wanted price moved no a man. I don’t want to compare Allen to Price just saying!

      If expansion wasn’t looming Fleury would be a great solution & if StL could make a side deal with Vegas not to select Allen perhaps history could repeat its self. I doubt it though. Paying Vegas to pass a player over in this round of expansion is going to be significantly more expensive than past expansion drafts due to tighter rules making for better quality assets available.

      • Sorry should read to a man.

      • Lyle.

        Where were you on this issue way back then? I didn’t post back then. Read & occasional sent you an email under separate cover.

        I certainly remember the banter. It was fun an interesting. Where are they now? Ha-ha!

  13. Jerome Iginla: 39, $5.333 million, 11 points.
    Shane Doan: 40, $3.876 million, 15 points.
    Patrick Sharp: 35, $5.9 million, 9 points.
    Alex Burrows: 35, $4.5 million, 16 points.

    These guys are talked about as possible depth targets for playoff teams. Their skills have eroded over time yet they are costly for what they are able to bring to the rink. What would it cost to acquire these guys?

    • Not very much Gored. You’re paying for character with the first 3.
      4th rd pick, 3rd tops, and that is for Sharp.
      Iginla can’t keep up any more and is a 4th liner and his only value is for a 1 timer on a PP. Doan can still move some but again can’t play in your top 6.
      Burrows, can’t stand him since my Bruins played them in the finals, so not a good judge.
      Once again it shows how signing older UFA’s to long term deals hurts you way too often.

    • Iginla: Cap hit at deadline .950K
      Doan’s actually cap hit is 4,839,572 but having signed a 1 year deal over 35, his bonus monies which are being earned can be deferred but aren’t shown on his cap hit on Capfrindly but have been earned or will be, $1,376,134 signing bonus & $963,438 based on games played, the 1.3 for cap purposes has been paid or will be paid by Arz, actually amorited thru 2022 & also carries a million in interest paid out in 2 equal payments of 500K over 2018 & 19; Who thinks this shit up? Cap hit at deadline to team potentially acquiring him 692K.
      Sharp. 1.05.
      Burrows. .804.

      Chump change to anyone.

    • At the trade deadline cap hits are essentially?

      Iginla. 952k
      Doan. 693k
      Sharp. 1.05
      Burrows. 804K

      Chump change. Yes all 4 of these players skills have declined significantly but none are really being deployed in scoring roles for their respective teams nor seeing any solid power play time today.

      In a short run to the cup in 3rd line roles or higher if injuries hit they could provide some timely scoring & will certainly provide leadership & for all but possibly Iginla solid defensive play. Burrows is still a solid penalty killer. Doan & Sharp very reliable. Vermette was worth every penny Chicago paid. His 3 GW’s is a huge factor in Chicago winning a cup.

  14. It will be Cam Fowler for JVR not Theodore .. Anaheim can’t afford to abrosrb JVR and give back only Theodore and picks. Also Toronto better do that trade asap because JVR is a UFA next year which means rental and he’ll just loose value traded this year he has more value

    • JvR & Fowler both have 1 season remaining after this season.

      I see Fowler staying & being resigned on July 1st as allowed under the CBA unless the offer is just to good to refuse in trade & that’s not JvR. JvR is going to cost 6.5+ for 7 years if he hits the UFA market, to resign why not just give that money to Fowler, better yet give Fowler 8 years

      I see Anaheim trading Manson before the expansion draft or accept losing him in expansion. Bieksa will be asked to waive his NMC, if not he will be bought out. Anaheim will protect Fowler, Lindholm & Vatanen. If Anaheim gets an offer to good to refuse the same scenario for Bieksa, just protecting Manson.

      Bieksa would be nuts not to waive. Vegas won’t select him & he gets to stay where he wants to be regardless & his NMC goes back in place following the expansion draft.

      • I’ve seen several posts about teams having the option to buy out players before the expansion draft roster is submitted, which I believe is June 17. If the season ends after that date do teams still have to protect a player that refuses to waive their NMC?

  15. One thing to consider in Shattenkirk’s list of teams, is that he’s a former prospect of USA Hockey, which is based in Colorado. That and he never played for the team who drafted him, I see Colorado as more plausible than not (based on the bottom feeder comment).

    **Yes, I’m an Avs home .. shoot me**

  16. Proposal:
    OEL,Duclair,Hanzal (fully retained),Doan (fully retained)for
    McCarron,1st 2017,2nd 2017
    1st 2018,2nd 2018,McNiven,DD


    • Is Arizona rebuilding a rebuild?

      • Are the Habs becoming the Montreal Coyotes? Was going to be my question trade every pick and prospect for anything that shaves in Arizona?