NHL Rumor Mill – January 21, 2017

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Should the Edmonton Oilers pursue St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk?

Latest Kevin Shattenkirk speculation plus updates on the Islanders, Lightning and Senators in your NHL rumor mill. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples notes the recent speculation tying Shattenkirk to the Edmonton Oilers. He points out some observers feel the defenseman could get a seven-year deal worth between $6.4 – $7 million annually as an unrestricted free agent.

While acknowledging the Oilers’ search for a right-shot blueliner to control their power play, Staples suggests Shattenkirk could prove too expensive to sign, especially as he’s never been a true No. 1 d-man. Considering how much the Oilers invested in signing Milan Lucic, Staples doesn’t believe they can afford to make that kind of long-term investment in Shattenkirk. If the Oilers pursue him as a playoff rental, Staples find it hard to imagine that he’ll cost less than a first-round pick. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers have over $51 million invested in next season’s cap payroll. They can afford to sign Shattenkirk to a lucrative long-term deal, but Leon Draisaitl is a restricted free agent this summer and I doubt we’ll see him getting an affordable bridge deal.  They’ll also have to re-sign superstar Connor McDavid to a whopping great raise in July 2018 (if not before), as well as winger Patrick Maroon and promising blueliner Darnell Nurse. Aan expensive contract for Shattenkirk could become burdensome. 

I don’t believe the Oilers should pursue Shattenkirk as a rental player. I can understand taking the gamble of giving up a good asset or two for a player who could be the final piece of the championship puzzle. However, they’re not at that stage yet. They’re a playoff team, but not a Stanley Cup contender.  Even if they add Shattenkirk, I don’t believe the Oilers have the depth throughout their current roster to contend for a championship. At this stage, they’re better off seeking more affordable rental options. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites TSN’s Darren Dreger appearing on Buffalo’s WGR 550 yesterday suggesting the Detroit Red Wings as a possible trade destination for St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. He also believes the 27-year-old blueliner would love to play for the Wings, who are in need of an experience top-four rearguard. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings have over $68 million invested in next season’s payroll. Unless they can shed some salary (hello there, Jimmy Howard!), I don’t see them having sufficient room to sign Shattenkirk and fill out the remainder of their roster. 

Nichols also cites Elliotte Friedman appearing on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 yesterday saying the Arizona Coyotes had permission last summer to speak with Shattenkirk. Friedman wasn’t sure if it was disagreement over a new contract or a trade that caused discussions to end. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Coyotes struggling through a rebuild, I don’t see them in Shattenkirk’s future plans. 

NEW YORK POST: In the wake of the New York Islanders firing head coach Jack Capuano earlier this week, Brett Cyrgalis believes the “type of managerial framework in place” this summer could determine captain John Tavares’ long-term future with the club. Tavares, 26, will be eligible in July 2018 for unrestricted free agency. The Islanders get their first chance to re-sign him this July. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And we can also expect plenty of “Tavares to the Maple Leafs” speculation to emerge from the Toronto media around that time. With their promising homegrown talent, the Leafs won’t need Tavares. However, that won’t stop some Toronto pundits from engaging in the same fantasy about Tavares “coming home” as they did throughout 2015-16 with Steven Stamkos. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith observes St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong recently scouted a couple of Lightning games. With both clubs likely looking to make moves before the March 1 trade deadline, Smith thinks it’s something worth watching. However, he dismisses the notion of the Blues swapping defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk for Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop. He notes the Blues need help at center, a position where the Lightning have depth. Smith also notes things seem quiet on the Bishop trade front and he suspects the pending UFA could finish this season in Tampa Bay. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Bishop stays healthy and keeps the Bolts in playoff contention, I doubt GM Steve Yzerman will move him. If they fall further back, however, I can see Bishop on the move before the trade deadline. 

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan doesn’t like the idea of the Senators trading struggling young center Curtis Lazar, who recently surfaced in the rumor mill. Brennan doesn’t want the Sens to make the same mistake they did with Nick Foligno, who went on to play a leadership role with the Columbus Blue Jackets. With Chris Kelly, Tom Pyatt and Chris Neil coming off the Sens’ books this summer, he feels Lazar could be an affordable replacement for one of them. 

SPORTSNET: Andrew Berkshire observes Senators blueliner Cody Ceci’s development has stalled this season. If the Sens fall out of playoff contention. While acknowledging his evaluation is only based on his first-half performance this season, he feels the 23-year-old performance isn’t up to snuff for someone projected to be a future core player. Berkshire suggests Ceci might fetch “a nice package from a team looking more for promise than performance.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lazar’s been a disappointment for the Senators thus far, but he’s also only 21 years old. Some players need a little more time to develop than others. Trading him now could come back to haunt them. I say give him another season to prove himself. I also disagree with moving the 23-year-old Ceci. Sometimes a promising player can have an off-year in their development. Trading him now could also prove to be a costly mistake. 


  1. First!

    • Looks like am I on the wrong rumour site.

      • ?

  2. Shat could be a great rental for pens. Gets him out of conference. Maybe maf and a 1st for shat and third or something.

    • If I’m Armstrong, you’ve got a deal—I’ll even include Hutton so the Pens have a veteran backup if needed. Now I want a top Pens prospect too.

      • Hutton and shat for maf and 1st. Get it done!

      • Don’t want Hutton you can have a top prospect to go with Fluery.. Fluery is a good goalie who quietly is climbing the all time wins list…he would help St.Louis.. He was amazing last year in November December keeping the struggling penguins alive until he got hurt and then they went on that amazing Cup run and Murray is good.

      • Agreed .. Mark in Iowa just don’t need Hutton Tristan Jarry is a stud he maybe better than Murray and Fluery…. he can serve as the Penguins back-up…

      • He needs to play most days. Jarry could be really good. For someone with a ? Tom view of NHL play he is an unknown. Get a vet backup either thru maf trade or separate trade

    • I agree he would be a perfect rental for the penguins….and the Blues goalies are sucking right now,,,,can’t help but think a goalie like marc Andre Fluery could help stabilize the Blues..plus maybe a prospect going to st. louis…

      • I look at maf as probably worth a 2nd. So a 1st and him seems worth a backup and a rental top 4 d.

  3. Oilers shouldn’t have saddled themselves with licic in first place then they could sign a d man. Oilers gonna have to back up the brinks truck for mcdavid. 4 1sts is a small price to pay for an offer sheet to get the next Crosby. He is gonna get full money next contract or risk getting poached. 8x 10.5 at least.

    • But hey we all know it was Hall for Larsson that really fixed the Oilers so maybe McDavid won’t get that kinda contract

      • Yeah…

        “Oh mama I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law…???”

      • ? lawman has put an end to my run’n and I’m so far from hoooome…???

      • Go stillers!

      • & Lucic, & Maroon & Kassian & Draisaitl’s development & Talbot & Sekera & Russell & the return of Klefbom & his development, & the emergence of Benning & getting the best player in the world currently in McDavid.

        Nice to see your in fine form this AM.

        How’s Chirelli doing?

        I seem to remember saying Edm was a playoff contender this year & taking some serious Flake. Do you remember! Should we go back into the archives?

      • What are you not understanding? I think the Oilers are better because of so many other reasons than Hall for Larsson the exact same position I had then, young players developed stable good coaching and McDavid the next best player on the planet in his 2nd full year. Chiarelli has done things yes but I don’t think signing Lucic to an overpaid deal so you can afford to send a better winger away for a 2nd pairing D is what made the Oilers a playoff team.

      • It’s a significant part of it. Solidified Edm’s top 4 D & allowed for the signing of Lucic. Very little has changed in Edm other than that from last years squad. That with the additions of Kassian & very late in Maroon playing the Oilers is not very fun anymore. To bad Pitlick went down as he was punishing people as well.

        Edm sits 4th in hits in the NHL this season. Prior to this season the were soft to play against.

        Why you guys can’t accept the nature of the UFA market & keep complaining about it makes no sense to me. That’s the market. It’s not changing. To many buyers, it’s simple supply & demand.

        Also Lucic falls into that odd catagory of players whre a significnat portion of his salary is paid for the entangibles he brings. I don’t like that anymore than you but like the cost to buy UFA’s I accept it. I’m just glad Lucic now plays for Edm instead of Boston.

      • Oddly enough you just implied the opposite.

        “But hey we all know it was Hall for Larsson that really fixed the Oilers so maybe McDavid won’t get that kinda contract”

        Just being your usual pleasant self!

      • Bad deal. Lucia is overrated and overpaid. If the waited they almost certainly get one of Ana better d men for hall. Or a Carlo outa bos.

      • Was sarcasm dude sorry forgot the emoji

      • Yes Shticky I got that. It was sarcasm directed at me. Ha-ha!

        All good I don’t mind just inflammatory.

      • Anaheim didn’t want Hall & his 6 mil cap hit. They had that opportunity & passed. If Anaheim moves a Dman they aren’t taking back that kind of salary. Their top 5 forwards are all being paid big money, 3 have NMC’s & they will try to lock Silfverberg up a year before he is eligible to become as UFA. Not this summer but next.

        Ritchie, Kase, Theodore, Montour are all RfA’s that same summer.

        Anaheim has room to take on a player at forward before expansion. That player won’t be making any where near 6 million a year. I’ll be shocked if it’s not a player on an ELC or making under 2 mil.

      • Those high paid players also aging a bit.

      • Agreed again nature of the market but with NMC’s they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If I played in California, Florida or Arizona the only way I’m leaving is for a legitamte shot at a cup.

        I’ll go home to the lake in the summer time for a few months.

    • Edm will give McDavid all the money he wants & the have the cap space & contract structure set up to do just that. Sure Edm could use a better PP quarter back option than rolling Sekera out on the #1 unit now. That said it isn’t a long term need. Ideally it would be a right handed Dman but Streit although a leftie would make a great short term fit.

      Sekera, Kelfbom, Larsson, Nurse, Benning & Davidsson appears solid to me. Sekera & a bunch of kids essentially. Nurse & Benning are expansion exempt. Klefbom & Nurse are the eventual point producing Dman on this roster; Nurse should be a solid 2 way Dman in 4 years & is good enough now to play at 4 or 5 but doesn’t even have to as Benning has been a revaluation; came out of no where a Bruins cast off & Larsson has shown he can help generate offense if put it that role which is rare as like Hamonic his skill set is to valuable in a shut down role.

      Pouliot will be carried for 1 more year then bought out. Hell Edm might even bight the bullet & buy him out if the create a 2nd buy out window which considering all the RFA’s is possible but with 17 players signed next season & 21 mil in cap space not even necessary. Better to wait a year & retain as insurance.

      Edm is set up perfectly for expansion. the only player on even the slightest consequence they may lose is Davidson & I’m not certain that’s off consequence.

      • Striker, you should know better; Shticky is correct in regards to Lucic contract. It remains to be seen if PC has learned from his mistakes in Boston; over paying and long term. Lets see what he does when the young come to roost. I’ll be interested in seeing what he does with Maroon, extends him 5yrs at 6m…Just saying wait and see.

      • Caper.

        I have repeated endlessly I don’t like these deals. They are only structured this way to make it palatable in cap hit today. If the NHL didn’t have this stupid cap dollars & real salary disparity & players hit the cap at what they actually make it would be way better.

        That said this is the market. If not for the cap, Lucic would get more way money on a shorter term deal today. Teams would line up to pay him 8 or 9 mil on a 3 maybe even a 4 year deal. Instead it is essentially amortized over 7 due to cap hit.

        We all assume these players signing long term deals into the mid 30’s will decline in skill set. Many will some won’t but there real dollar hits drop as well making it possible to sell them off to rebuilding teams that need the cap hit. It has been going on since the implementation of the cap & will continue. Some is always rebuilding.

        Everyone should just get over it. Unless the cap dollars are eliminated for real dollars it’s not changing & that’s not happening. It’s to late.

      • Caper

        No one is really right and wrong. Striker and Shticky are both allowed their own opinions on contracts and players. I for one believe they over paid for Lucic but they needes that type of player and its the way UFA market goes.

      • I don’t disagree with Caper this is simply the market & teams buy their way out of these issues later. That’s the system.

      • Edm lands a solid PP option & never mind being a playoff contender they might be able to compete for a cup with a little luck & Talbot going on a run.

        Almost every cup victory ties into a goalie playing lights out at just the right time. Not all just a bunch of them. None are won unless the goalie plays really well.

      • Insomnia, is there a point there? we are all entitle to our opinions. Not sure what your commenting on; however, Striker and I being bruins fans, he knows what I’m referencing. My opinion is based on the facts of what PC paid out in Boston.

  4. For as much as I would love a big return for Shattenkirk, he is NOT a “true #1 d’man”. Also although the Blues do need a playmaking center, I think goalie has now emerged as the greatest need–hello Tampa Bay!

    • So Bozak won’t work?

      • No, but Kadri will!

      • Bozak and Antoine Bibeau he’s a goalie with a fun name final offer.

      • Van Riemsdyk is kinda a “fun name” too.

      • Not as fun as putting Bibeau and Bozak together….say it with me BiBoz or BozBi. Talk about chemistry! It just the cherry on top of getting a goalie and a centre, think of the hilarity in the Blues locker room with these 2 Important pieces. I bet the Blues win that cup. We have a deal?

      • We don’t have a replacement for Bozak anyway so I can’t see the Leafs trading him. We’ll just have to be patient – the significant deals will come in the offseason

      • I guess Bibeau can’t be that bad—today the Blues are playing a goalie that doesn’t even know how to spell Pheonix correctly!?!

      • Bozak would work.

      • They would have to take Lehtera & something else back though.

  5. Don’t see much of Tavares to TOR talk with Matthews already being better in his first year. Indeed even Kadri is better this year

    • Indeed all ya want Taveres is playing by himself on a crap team he is better than Kadri let’s not kid ourselves, and let’s wait and see what Matthews down the road before we crown him better than Tavares. For a guy who likes to use fancy words and follow stats Dan you do have an odd way of lookin at things and their comparisons. Apples to oranges sample sizes and outlier really don’t matter or mean much to you do they lol

      • Shticky 100% agree. I figured that statement would be met with criticism. I’m glad it was from another Leaf fan.

        And by NO means am I knocking Mathews. But let’s let him get 40 games under his belt before these kind of comparisons .

      • Agree…Tavares is doing it all by himself right now. It would be nice to see him go somewhere else. Kadri has had a ton of talent added to the team and has barely elevated his game at all.

      • Barely elevated his game? He’s on a record pace for him, all whole playing a shutdown role.

      • Dan, I edited your comment to remove the disrespectful comment you made toward Shticky. You can disagree with him without resorting to name calling or mocking.

      • I said barely elevated…he has elevated it slightly…very slightly.

    • hmm, was that directed at me Dan? Since I’ve so “rudely” questioned the TO media’s hype around Mathews perhaps? Amusing at least 🙂

      • No Styx. Matthews is what third in goals in the league? I don’t know what else anyone wanted. Anyway, I meant the fool who said Kadri hasn’t elevated his game. Hes on pace for a record year, playing a shutdown role and it’s not Matthews and Marner carrying him – he doesn’t even play with them!

      • It’s not that Kadri and Matthews are not doing well Dan I like them too, it’s the way you throw “better” around with the ridiculous comparisons. Yes Mathews has more goals he is on a team that 3 lines deep scores a lot of goals lot different trying to match up with a team like the Leafs then it is to throw out your best shut down guy against JT every night when playing the freaking Islanders. What other things is Mathews better than Tavares at that centres are supposed to be how bout faceoffs or defensively? Who plays better lines more JT or Matthews? It’s a huge stretch to say “even Mathews is better than Tavares in his first year…” no really he is not. Kadri is having a good year but again the Leafs forward group is deep like really deep so the comparison is out of whack. Kadri even tho it’s a career type year generally 16 mins a night is well under 50% on draws has 29 points Tavares plays over 20 mins does not play with Nylander or on a PP like Torontos has over 30 points and is well over 50% on draws. Neither guy is better than Tavares not this year or ever yet there you are spouting nonsense and trying to back it up with half stats I guess you could say? Seriously I’m a guy who looks at stats & hate when people get all bent out of shape about it but you are out to lunch with some of the things you try and say.
        Kadri and Matthews are not better than Tavares and that’s ok.

      • Dan39 you had compared him to tavares…If their roles were switched Tavares would be thriving in Kadri’s spot and Kadri has nowhere near the talent tavares has to carry a team like he’s been doing…Kadri is certainly not the reason Toronto is so exciting to watch right now.

  6. Yeah, the issue with Shattenkirk to Oilers is basically their top three blueliners at least 4.16 mil until 2021, and unless they move the Andrej Sekera (5.5 million until 2021!) they would be putting themsleve farther in CAP hell.
    No ONE is taking Benoit Pouliot’s hit. RNH is a trade chip but like Yakupov, who have to wonder which team is willing to find 6 million cap space with the hopes he truly is a well rounded solution to THEIR centre ice needs. IF the OIL is interested in Shats, we will know by how they appraoch the draft and the trade transactions prior to free agency…just saying

  7. Brooklyn would be a good trade target for Montreal. Maybe package a 1st or pair of 2nd rounders + prospect for Anders Lee and Dennis Seidenberg. Gives them a good left handed short rental + a scoring centre with size.

    • Hey Craig, Can’t really see the Isles moving Lee unless the return is just ridiculous. He’s playing first line and one of the few producing. Lee has great size and has actually shown signs of developing. This years draft is also a fairly weak one so the picks aren’t really all that. Seidenberg has played well and could definitely be had for not a whole lot though.

  8. This is a BIG IF (because I think the answer is no) but if the Hurricanes think Ryan Nugent-Hopkins can be a number one center, they should think about offering Justin Faulk for him.

    The Oilers would have to send more back, but that deal could really take each team to the next level.

    The Oilers would be able to go deep into this years playoffs with that roster and would be poised to legitimately contend starting next year.

    Number one centers are the hardest thing to acquire. The Canes have a bunch of nice #2 and #3 centers, but nothing in their organization approaching a #1.

    As I said, I really don’t think RNH is one, but I don’t get to see Edmonton very often. And I didn’t think Kyle Turris was one either, so I could be proven wrong.

    Hanafin is the real deal. Such a smooth player. He could eat a lot of Faulk’s minutes. They could afford to part with Faulk if they think they’re getting a top center.

    • #1 Dman are the hardest thing to acquire, followed by solid #2’s.

      • I had a solid number 2 this morning… didn’t know I was sitting on a gold mine.

      • Top ten centers actually hardest thing to get… your mcdavids your crosbys malkins mathewses. Followed by top pairing d men.

      • The Crosbys, Mcdavids are the exception. Not the rule. You can’t judge #1 centers by comparing them to these type of players….. If you did, there’d be 3-4 #1 centers in the league. That bar is much too high. And mediocre teams and great teams never have a legitimate shot at landing these type of players anyway. Pittsburgh has been spoiled by Lemeiex, Crosby, Jagr , and Malkins that fell in their lap. But let’s not forget how they did.

      • Hahahaa. Nice work Chrisms. That’s hilarious well done. That was a good laugh.

      • You kinda made my point ny. Those guys hardest commodity to obtain. Followed by top d men. Pick any d man in the league. Most teams would give any player for them except those handful of centers. Hell not sure you even trade ovi for Karl son if your Ottawa.

        ? Striker. ?

      • I’m with NYR4LIFE. If that’s the bar for #1 C’s, true superstars who aren’t only the best of the best at C but the best players on the planet you have very high expectations.

        Their are 30 teams in the NHL. That means there are 30 #1 C spots available. Next year 31. Not everyone can has that luxury & again not all players are created equally.

        Great teams, cup teams all have 1 thing in common. A stud C, stud Dman followed by a solid core & at a bare minimum really good goaltending at the very least at just the right time. No 1 player is winning you a cup & ask most GM’s & they will tell you you build from the net out.

        I appreciate your opinion & accept we disagree but I have only seen 1 team manage that feat; winning a cup with out a stud Dman, in the last 11 Cup wins. Carolina. I still can’t believe they won the cup that year with that team never mind D. It truly means anything is possible. TOI/GP at D in that cup run. Hedican, Ward, Commodore, F. Kaberle, Wallin & Wesley. See Pigs can fly. Ha-ha!

      • I guess striker I would ask what d man you would trade Crosby mcdavid maybe Mathews maybe seguin stamkos if healthy Tavares etc. for.

      • Solid number two centres with very reasonable contracts…

    • Carolina is set at C for almost the next decade with out potentially drafting another 1. Rask, Lidholm; like many young players learning his trade on the wing but has taken reps at C & will be a C. Teravanen is currently playing C, Aho can play C, Roy, Saarela, Poturaalski, Foegele, Wallmark, Kuokkanen, etc. are all coming & Stall will anchor this team at C for at least 4 more years & may eventually have to move back to LW to allow for these kids.

      Francis has done an incredible job. Carolina is right on the cusp of greatness. This has been a solid rebuild & like many young teams they are loaded across the board youth incredible youth. Aho is no less a prospect than Marner or Nylander. Their biggest advantage over most is their incredible D depth & cap space. Slavin & Pesce aren’t evn expansion elligable & both are top 4 Dman now. Really #2 & 3’s. Nice luxury to have. They could go out & trade for Trouba & have room to protect him & pay him what ever he wants.

      • I see them on the cusp of being a bubble team for the next decade if they intend to make Rask and Lindholm top line players.

        The Pens, Flyers, Rangers, Lightning, Panthers, Leafs, Bruins, Sens, Sabres and maybe even the Devils all have better centers going forward. The Habs and Isles (if they keep #91) are second line centers away from being better, too.

        They need a true #1 center to slot in and push everyone else down and then they’d have a contender.

        Maybe they can open the bank for Tavares in two years. $84 million over 7 years. That would fit with the timeline of their young players.

    • Faulk would fetch a much better player than nugent.

      • I’m not an RNH fan, so I tend to agree…but that better player might not be available in trade.

        Basically I was seeing if anyone was willing to say, “yes, RNH can be a #1” and explain what I’ve missed.

        I see a soft, skilled player not willing (or able due to his frame) to do the hard things it takes to win.

      • RNH doesn’t even get Francis to pick up the phone. Teams don’t trade this type of Dman unless confronted with no choice.

      • Mg Faulk is legit top pairing. They could have a choice of many centers. Draisatl might be tempting

    • How much more does Carolina value RNH over Staal, would be an answer they would need as well. I also believe Faulk can fetch more then RNH. But ive also not seen much of Edmonton lately.

      • Draisaitl is worth more to Edmonton than Faulk would be

      • Not so sure. With mcdavid and nuggets if draisatl brought back a top 2 d man it might be well worth it.

      • Ya I’m with Chris on this one I don’t think there is any question that Faulk would be a much more valuable piece to the Oilers. He is pretty much exactly what they are missing Right handed puck moving D, with those forwards he would be an easy 40+ point D that could run the power play and man the right side on the top pair. No question.

  9. I don’t think the leads trade for a defenceman until after the expansion draft…bringing in shattenkirk would force them to protect 4 defenceman and lose their ability to protect more key prices up front.

  10. I agree with you on the Senators Lyle. No reason to give up on Ceci lots of prospects have that back step of a year. I also do not want to see Lazar moved. Not yet anyways. Lots of players are still getting used to Scarface’s coaching style.

  11. Marincin activated. Corrado gets a free meal from above again I assume. Gee & it looked like he might actually get to play a game or 2.

    • No, he was terrible on his offside. No more, please. I’d rather see Valiev

      • lol it’s not going to matter, who eats in the press box buffet till Rilley gets back and they all go back to their regular roles and minutes (which are still far from ideal), this is going to be a bumpy ride.

  12. what if the Avs send Landeskog and Beauchemin to OTT for Lazar and Ceci?

    Mcarthur on LTIR with his halth issues..Gabriel fills the void

    Avs get two young in their career nhl ready prospects to rebuild with. Put Lazar with Mckinnon and Raatanen

    • You know if it wasn`t for the dollars, it wouldn`t be that bad. Just can`t see Ott eating that much money.

  13. Sorry Lyle, sorry Shticky – didn’t mean to use inappropriate language. Emotions gpt the better of me.

    • No worries Dan I’m not trying to pick really I just feel like it’s possible to be a fan watch a team or players play, look at stats and still see things with some perspective. The Leafs are finally playing better and seem to be on the right track let’s not go overboard. I get called names for being a Leaf fan I get called names by Leaf fans, I look at it like it’s probably a good thing, and doesn’t really bother me.

      • I’m a Flames fan but I hate to miss a leafs game this season…win or lose no other team in the league is as fun to watch as they are

      • For the most part really I’m a fan of players more than teams I guess I grew up watching and following the Leafs so I remain a “Leaf fan” but I watch a lot of other teams (I go to more Sens or OHL games now than Leaf games) and players and realistically there is no team I truely don’t like mostly it’s just a couple teams that have more than 1 or 2 players that I find trashy like the Canucks with Burrows Gudbranson (who I didn’t care for when he played JR here in Kingston) Miller. For me besides the Leafs I guess it’s more about I’m a fan of who’s on the team than the team itself.

  14. Shattenkirk=2 more goals today. Don’t wait too long to make the deal! Ya better get ya some while it’s HOT! Are you listening Tampa, Pitts, Boston, Rangers, Detroit, Toronto, Edmonton–who am I forgetting?

  15. Fleury isn’t going anywhere. The Pens aren’t going to trade him. For the first time in a long time the Pens don’t need anything. They will hold onto him in case Murray goes down. Jarry is great, but it’d be a huge gamble to take since the depth that the Pens have in all positions is so great. Flower gets moved after the back to back Stanley Cup. Go Pens!