NHL Rumor Mill – January 24, 2017

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Should the Ottawa Senators try to acquire Colorado Avalanche star Matt Duchene?

Latest on Matt Duchene, Thomas Vanek and J.T. Miller in your NHL Rumor Mill. 

OTTAWA CITIZEN:  Ken Warren believes it’s time for the Ottawa Senators to seriously consider pursuing Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. He cites the loss of left wing Clarke MacArthur (concussion) for the season and the consideration of captain Erik Karlsson’s long-term future with the Senators as reasons for general manager Pierre Dorion to look at acquiring Duchene before the March 1 trade deadline.

Warren acknowledges the asking price could be expensive. The Avalanche will want a piece of the Senators’ current blueline and a healthy piece of their future, which could involve promising prospects Thomas Chabot and Colin White. Duchene, however, could be worth it, He can play center or left wing, is in his playing prime and could provide a significant boost to the Senators offense. Warren admits the asking price could prove too high, but it’s worth looking into. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene was linked to the Senators last season, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Dorion’s revisited that interest. It would certainly be a bold move, but the Sens have surprised in the recent past with the Dion Phaneuf and Bobby Ryan trades.

The Sens are currently in good shape in the standings. While Dorion is reportedly shopping for a forward, he’s under no real pressure to make a big move right now. He can afford to be patient over the next five weeks. I suspect he’d prefer a rental player for now and perhaps look at bigger options, such as Duchene, in the offseason. 

TVA SPORTS: Dave Morrissette notes Detroit Red Wings left wing Thomas Vanek could be available at the March 1 trade deadline. He wonders if Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin might bring him back for a second go-around with the Habs at the trade deadline. Three years ago, Bergevin acquired Vanek from the New York Islanders at the deadline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While anything’s possible, Vanek didn’t do much for the Canadiens in the 2014 playoffs to make him worth bringing back for another go.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks doesn’t want the New York Rangers to use forward J.T. Miller as trade bait to address the hole on the right side of their blueline. He believes Miller would have to be part of a package to bring in someone like St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, but Miller’s versatility and offensive skills have proven invaluable in helping the Rangers cope with injuries to their forward lines this season. If the Rangers are to pursue Shattenkirk with the intent of signing him to an expensive new contract, Brooks believes it’s best to wait until free agency, rather than give away vital depth at forward. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers can afford to see how things play out leading up to the trade deadline. If they do make a move for someone like Shattenkirk, it could indeed cost them someone like Miller. Perhaps management will look at cheaper short-term options at the deadline and then try to land Shattenkirk this summer. 


  1. Nazem Kadri – hit 20 goals last night (45 gp), tied for 6th among C in the NHL, matching his prior career high from 13-14 (78 gp).

    All while playing a shutdown role (39% offensive zone starts, against opposing top lines) with Komarov and Nylander on his wings.

    Can we get the fellow who claimed he hasn’t elevated his game under Babcock back in here for an explanation?

    • Dan39, I agree completely with you! Kadri has definitely turned his game around, or was it always there and Babcock drew it out of him. His game last night was a great performance. In my opinion he has now became an untouchable on the Leafs roster. But remember we committed the cardinal sin on this site by switching the topic to the Leafs.

      So to get back on track do you think the Sens should pursue Duchene? It would certainly add another element to the growing Sens Leafs rivalry. I hope they both make it into the top of the division to face one another in the 1st round. That would be fun to watch! Two young Canadian based teams duking it out and both with nothing to lose!

      • For Chabot and White, I would not trade for Duchene – no way.

    • Kadri is focused and splits opponents best line with Matthews.

    • Dan, I would be throwing some of that credit to Matthews. With the addition of Austin and his elite skill set, he has taken a ton of pressure off Kadri. This is not to diminish Kadri production because he made it happen. Just go to show that when you have more then one solid C on your team it becomes much more dangerous. also show you really need two C to be competitive in this league.

      • Yeah, there’s no doubt that that is partly true, Matthews is starting to get smothered with top defensive assignments and tight checking, but I think you also have to give credit to Babcock and Kadri.

        This is a player that under Babcock’s reign, showed up to camp more physically fit (remember he got publicly called out for this in the past) and accepted a less glamorous role that better suits his game.

        In junior (Kitchner then London), Kadri was an offensive star and puck distributor. I think he tried to be that in the NHL and it never worked. Now he’s more a shutdown C/role player and power play shooter and excelling.

        Great value at a $4.5m cap hit.

      • I agree Caper and in fact I’d add to it that not only Mathews and his line but the Leafs top 3 lines right now are a bit of a matchup nightmare with Mathews (Brown), Kadri (Nylander) Bozak (Marner and JVR) down the middle and scoring on each line and 6 guys on pace for around 20 goals and/or 60 points plus. Opposing coaches kinda scratching thier head at which line gets their checking line. Kadri has done his part but the way the group has shaped up and come together has played a huge part in it.

    • Yeah everyone used to bag on Kadri..trade he is this he is that…he is only 26 20 plus goals growing in to an all around player…i would take him in a minute… he would look good in a Penguins uniform…

      • You already took Kessel off of us – go strip someone else 😉

      • And we thank you for taking him

    • KADRI & PP

      There are a few more reasons outside of Babcock teachings on why Kadri is having a good year …

      #1) Nylander on his line has really helped out by getting that puck over the blue line and in deep on the wing making plays down the middle at the tope of the circle hence being able to get rebounds.

      #2 Power play …THIS IS A HUGE reason why..
      NO ( Dion Phaneuf ) on the point on the PP.
      When Dion was shooting from the point he RARELY hit the net and almost always shot high & wide never giving any opportunity for second and 3rd chances, that has changed the overall success of the PP dramatically as now the opposition isn’t getting the puck shot wide and dumping it out ..the possession times are better having Nylander as a stick handler.

      Most of the Leafs goals this year are in the home plate space in front of the net at hash marks.

      If Iam Montreal ..Id put a package together surrounding Galchenyuk Draft picks and a D man prospect for Duchene ….
      Wit Carey Price and a WIN now mentality in his prime Duchene can be a better NOW player like a Weber was in the Subban trade..I think this is almost a must for the Habs to consider….Duchene is underrated by us common folk …but he is ALWAYS on the Gold Winning Olympic teams as one of teh best Centers in the Canada.

      Just saying he is worth it and very rarely hurt and does not come with concussion issues.

      I would do a trade in this regard I think he is much more mature and a huge need for Montreal down the middle …Iam not a habs fan BTW

    • Here’s a perfect example of where analytics & old world stats collide unless extrapolated out to a credible conclusion. Of Kadri’s 20 goals, 10 have come on the PP. I can assure you 39% of those zone starts haven’t stared in the defensive zone.

      I will try to extrapolate the potential flaw in this type of 1 further & it really only effects C’s. Numerous teams will deploy 2 C’s for a defensive zone draw. As soon as puck possession & placement is established the extra C will leave at the 1st opportunity & the proper linemate return.

      Dan39, that’s not meant to slight your main point in anyway. Kadri is playing great. He is doing the heavy lifting but his 39% zone starts has little to nothing to reflect his goal scoring is amazing as you appear to be implying. He has his power play time to thank for that. 10 goals at even strength isn’t impressive. Toronto runs 2 balanced PP units so not like Kadri is being short changed PP icetime. He plays on what I kind of perceive as the #1. Bozak, van Riemsdyk, Marner, Jadri & Zaitsev. Matthews, Komorov, Nylander, Brown & Gardiner. Really these units are very balanced but all things being equal the Bozak unit goes out 1st.

    • I didn’t claim he hadn’t elevated his game

  2. Shattenkirk for Miller = 1 happy Blues fan (J.T., not Ryan:)

    • JT Miller is a LW and St Louis is solid at LW St Louis needs more RW and a top notch Center JT miller makes absolutely no sense for St Louis.

      • Miller is a natural center playing left wing in NY, and has for the most part. But he actually plays all 3 forward positions. But with Steen, Tarasenko,and Peron playing on the right side….why would they need a rw? I think Miller would be an upgrade over Jaskin on the left.

        Either way, need him or not, NY would be INSANE to trade Miller or Miller plus for a rental.

      • If Shattenkirk was signed and 3 years younger the trade is ok. Miller plays Pk+occasional PP, LW and center without missing a beat. He also drops the gloves when needed.

      • If Shattenkirk was signed , this deal would be even more of a disaster. Come expansion who will they leave exposed, Mcdonagh or Shattenkirk?….. Pick your poison. Now they’d not only be giving up Miller, but forced to expose one of the two, and no way Vegas will pass on either. Total disaster in asset management.

      • Signed AND 3 YEARS younger

        signed before expansion draft makes no sense. they can sign him after.

      • After is risky too. They don’t have a ton of wiggle room considering Zbad will need to be re-signed, Pirri, Lindberg, Fast, Puempel Clendening all need to be re-signed or replaced. And a replacement for Miller. Only Glass is really coming off the books. I don’t know how they’re going to sign Shattenkirk to 6-7 per. Next year would have been better timing. No worry about expansion draft, and Nash coming off the books. I just see it as a rental. And no, I don’t believe he is taking a gut wrenching home town discount to stay either.

      • 3 years younger and he’d still have to be exposed….. I’m pretty sure it’s 3 years on pro?

      • @DS If Shattenkirk was 3 yrs younger and signed to a longer deal, you would be having this discussion with anyone

      • Makes a ton more sense than letting him walk. Miller could parlay into something of need.

  3. Do not give away Chabot ! Collin White and Ceci for Duchene maybe. Add a high draft pick and a lesser D if not Ceci…. Not a big fan of Duchene lots of hype right from Junior but in my opinion has not lived up to expectations except for one or two years over his career so far…. 4 points in January- when they needed him most…Kadri is maturing and not such a puke on the ice (of late). That I would attribute to Babcock

    • I hear what you’re saying. I don’t think it wise to part ways with chabot. I think ceci and white(preferably brown if you ask me) is a good trade. Add a mid level prospect with that and it looks fair. Maybe a first with a 3rd coming back instead to make it happen. It would be an impressive line up. Would also mean you get to protect methot in expansion. Something’s gotta give in that respect.

      • I agree with not trading Chabot or White in a Duchene trade. Definitely prefer Brown or Dahlen or Ahl, who are all good prospects in their own right. White and Chabot are elite prospects and should be solid contributors next season.

        With Zack Smith now signed to an extension, maybe they would consider including Pageau in a package for Duchene. Ottawa would have forward protection problems in the expansion draft if they took on Duchene and didn’t remove a solid forward from the roster. I included Pageau because I doubt Colorado would want Brassard, and Turris is worth as much or more than Duchene straight up.

        Maybe something along the lines of Ceci, Pageau and a B-prospect/2017 1st round pick (weak draft)for Duchene and a depth defenseman like Tyutin who has an expiring contract to replace Ceci. I haven’t watched Tyutin at all this year, so please let me know if he has been a tire fire, which would rule this out.

        The main issue with any Ottawa trade is they always have to be money in/money out. This offer also seems like an overpayment by Ottawa given Ceci and Pageau are solid young NHL players, but you’ll have to overpay for a guy like Duchene with 2 years left on the deal. As mentioned in the chain, removing Ceci from the blueline allows Ottawa to protect Methot instead.

    • Agree about Chabot – that kid looked fantastic at the World Juniors. I still think, in the right situation, Duchene is an elite player. Ottawa, Montreal, Minnesota, especially Minnesota. He would produce for Bruce Boudreau – everybody else does.

      • Where’s George in all this? George are you out there?

      • Chabot looked terrific….. Did Boston or Ottawa draft him ?

    • On any team playing consistent, I would imagine Duchene to average 60-70 pts a year. On a high scoring team, you could add 10 to that. I have watched him play since year 1 and this kid is good. Great hands, top 10 skater, 60% face off guy. Hard to judge this kid on this team. They are flat out terrible.

  4. Lyle, I don’t know how you could say no to Thomas Vanek in a secondary role at a 3rd of the cap hit you had him at your previous run. If you add Vanek to your line up it gives you these potential possibilities for a top 6 going into the playoffs, once healthy:

    L1: Pacioretty, Galchenyuk, Radulov

    L2: Vanek, Plekanec, Gallagher


    L2: Vanek, Danault, Shaw


    L2: Vanek, Danault, Gallagher

    As far as rental players go, Vanek is one of THE top 3 rentals available. He’s going to be a lot easier to acquire than Shattenkirk, as well as a piece you can add to your core without subtracting from it. Also if you’re going to end up facing Minnesota in the final, I want the guy who got bought out by them on the ice. I think nothing is going to motivate Vanek more than an opportunity to burn his former team. There’s a lot of unfinished business for Vanek to take care of…if for no other reason than to boost his $ in a contract year. His regular season offence will warrant a raise; but a deep run/cup ring will add more to that extension.

    • I think the possibility that you might face Minnesota in the final is reason enough to trade for him, could you imagine if they made it to the final only to face Minnesota without Vanek? That’s a scary thought my friends …

  5. I think the Habs need to make a serious push for Duchence. They are all in this year and next year because of Price’s contract, not to mention they swapped PK for Weber with the “must win now” approach. Danulat is not a true no.1 or no.2 centre. They would have to trade Mikhail Sergachev + Pleks (salary dump) to fit in Duchene. Pleks only has one yr left and he would add some veteran experience to the Avs. The real prize is Sergachev. He is listed as one of the top 12 prospects right now not in the NHL. Yes, were giving up the future, but it makes sens with the all in approach. Even maybe throw in a 2nd or a 3rd round ifneed be. Teams needs offence!
    Patch – Chucky – Rad
    Lehkonen – Duch- Gally
    Ghetto – Danault – Shaw
    Carr- Mitchel – Flynn

    • I’d probably still say Gally is the best centre on the team so not sure I’d be playing him on the wing.

      • Chucky = Galchenyuk
        Gally = Gallagher

        Patch – Chucky – Rad
        Lehkonen – Duch- Gally
        Ghetto – Danault – Shaw
        Carr- Mitchel – Flynn

    • Sergachev is overpaying for Duchene. I believe, part of the reason MTL did Subban for Weber is to mentor Sergachev, your top D prospect right now and the other young D in your system. Trading Sergachev is a step backward not forward. Especially for Duchene.

      I’ve pitched the idea before of acquiring Mikhail Grigorenko from the Avalanche. He’d be a much more affordable option for MTL. His 55.6% success rate in the face-off circle is good enough for 2nd on the Avs. His shooting percentage is an even ten; rounding out the Avs top 5 in shooting percentage. Of the 63 shot attempts taken, only 13 are missed shots. At 6-3, 209 he meets the size requirement. He’s only taken 125 face-offs on the year, which means he plays more wing than centre. Maybe if you pencil him in at centre, his natural position, maybe you get better output.

      It’s a high risk, high reward move. Worst case: he doesn’t pan out and you either trade his rights at the draft or fail to qualify in June/July. Best case: He follows the lead of fellow Russians; Markov, Emelin and Radulov and finally finds his home and you get a secondary young scoring threat.

      Out of the D men available, Beauchemin would most likely be Bergevin’s target in COL. He leads all AVS D with 99 blocked shots. The guy in second place? Johnson with 62, has been IR for over 20 games. Zadorov is in 3rd with 56 (!). It’s not even close. Beauchemin is a shot blocking maching with 498 blocked shots in the past 3 seasons…And the third season is barely halfway over.

      Putting together a package for Beauchemin and Grigorenko is actually easier than for Duchene. You’ve got draft pick depth that you can throw their way. You’ve got prospects to move as well.

      • If Duchence is traded, any team who acquires him will have to over pay. Beauchemin and Grigorenko aren’t going to put us over the top. They are more like band aids or depth moves. Im talking WIN NOW trade. Do I want them to trade Sergachev, not really..but, what would be a real offer to get him? They are all in. Meaning put all your chips in and try and win the cup. Adding depth is fine, but thats not all in for me. The window is closing on Price. Not his ability, but his friendly cap hit. Grigorenko would be benched by MT after 4 games..lol

      • Flynn Radulov Markov to resign or figure out not sure I want that final year at 4.5 mill for Beauchimen next year on top of those 3 and figuring out Grigerenkos next contract..I think a pretty big piece of money would need to be moved to do a deal like that and I’d be really skeptical that the 2 players coming from the Avs are worth anywhere close to 6 million combined. Add that to Radulov is likely to cost another 6… that’s going to be a tight squeeze.

      • The Pittsburgh Penguins can tell you 1st hand, acquiring the top trade bait available does not guarantee you the cup. Pittburgh acquired Marian Hossa in 2008 and Jarome Iginla in 2013. Both times Pittsburgh fell short in 2008 to Detroit in the final. DET’s big acquisition that year? Brad Stuart for a 2nd and 4th round pick. That’s it. They fell short again in the conference final in 2013 with Jarome Iginla and a couple other “All In” moves. The Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks “All In” move was none other than Michal Handzus from SJ for a 4th round pick. You can make all the “All in” moves you want. They don’t mean anything if they’re not the right moves.

        Bringing in Duchene does not guarantee Max Pacioretty being handed the Stanley Cup by Gary Bettman in June. Even if Grigorenko isn’t a target for Bergevin, Colorado’s top shot blocker most likely is. He’s a guy who can be exposed at the expansion draft…so if you’re protecting Weber, Petry and Beaulieu; you can leave both Emelin and Beauchemin exposed. But most importantly you’ve got another veteran shot blocking D in front of Carey Price. You could package 2 2nd rounders and Josiah Didier for Beauchmin…Or 1 2nd rounder, Daniel Carr and Josiah Didier.

        As for Grigorenko getting benched by Terrien after 4 games…They said the same thing about Radulov…so…yeah. If anything bringing Grigorenko in for Radulov to mentor could be beneficial.

      • Pittsburgh can also tell you going big on trades doesn’t always hurt you either even if it doesn’t get cup. Hosea = cup final, iffy = conference final. And 2 cups since 09. And enough solid young players to continue going for gold despite cost for another few years barring career ending injuries to cros tang or malk. Sometimes you gotta strap on two and go for it

    • I honestly think Bergevin called and Colorado said Sergechev plus and Bergevin countered with Beaulieu Juulson plus a 2nd

      Now Bergevin is waiting he will give up Juulson, 2nd, Beaulieu, Desharnais . For Landesgok

      Everyone thinks they will go for Duchesne but Montreal rather a winger they are thin on LW
      I think he’s targeting a centre and that will be Edmontons RNH

      I think RNH for Pleckanec plus Montreal’s 1st round pick plus Fucale.

      Edmonton’s making the playoffs and will need a ShutDown Centre plus both contracts are 6million and Pleckanecs runs out next season more money saved for Mcdavid.
      Edmonton has Mcdavid and Drisital at centre and need a 3rd line centre Pleckanec..
      Also gives edmonton that extra 1st to trade to St Louis for Shattinkirk

      • Interesting points re winger versus centre, but Plekanec plus a late 1st plus a crapshoot of a goalie prospect who has underwhelmed so far, does not get you RNH.

        The fact that Plekanec’s contract runs out next year is only a savings if you’re losing the player, which would be likely here.

        Go have a look at TDL deals for what a late 1st plus a prospect gets you – very little and that’s for a rental, not a guy with term like RNH.

      • Oil would take that deal and run. Dumping an overpriced 2nd line center for a 1st a decent prospect and a replacement center? One that helps when it’s time to pay mcdavid the 9-11 million he will get next deal!

      • Some of these posts, I wonder if the posters actually follow the Habs.

        As a general fyi, everybody, the Habs, as specifically stated by their GM, are currently looking for a puck-moving LD. Their first priority. Because, on the whole, their LD is very thin, and Markov is 38/39 years old.
        Beaulieu is a puck-moving LD.
        Why on earth would they trade from their weakest area to get Duchenne?

        As to Duchenne, a really good player (although do we really need another small forward?), but he represents enormous Cap problems going forward. Galchenyuk and Radulov are due for big salaries next year, and then Price and Pacc coming in the two years after that.

        In regard to Colorado – I agree with the person above who suggested Grigorenko was the more likely and better target.
        A Roy protege from Junior days. Hey – Roy is gone.

        With regard to Colorado D, imo it will NOT be Beauchemin, who has a big salary and another year, but rather Wiercoch or Gelinas.
        Both are UFA’s, and each brings qualities the team could use.
        Gelinas is the francophone, but Wiercoch is, imo, the better fit.

        And finally, all this Sergachev blather – please stop. He is not being traded, not happening, Bergevin has never done this.
        He is their LD of the future.
        Why do you think they picked him over Logan Brown?

        You want C strength, you could go sign Schipachyev (68 points in 42 games in the defence-first KHL, last I looked).
        The Habs had almost signed him last summer before the residual KHL contract issue got in the way.
        No loss of assets involved in getting this guy.

      • “The Pittsburgh Penguins can tell you 1st hand, acquiring the top trade bait available does not guarantee you the cup.”

        Phil Kessel disagrees.

  6. Well my bruins are in desperate need of d man. IF it looks like they the bruins are not making the play offs then expect boston to dump salary. Krejci and Chara could playing elsewhere come early march

    • Rattus, I suggested Wiercioch and Grigorenko in a package to MTL because of their ages and lower cap hits. I do see Beauchemin as the better fit however because of his shot blocking capabilities. He’s right up Terrien’s alley. But I do believe Wiercioch could be someone who’s still young enough at 25 to shape into a serviceable left handed top 4 D. With Weber as the mentor on the back end anything is possible.

    • I’m certainly not a Bruins fan…but that team can make the playoffs….Marchand, Bergeron, (Backus needs to pick it up) Krejic Pasternak, Beleskey (needs to wake up)

      They could do it…….

  7. Given the Sens budget, I doubt they could add Duchene without moving Bobby Ryan.

    Does Ryan have a NTC? While we are on the subject, does Rick Nash?

    Because I can envision Vegas putting out a top line of Bobby Ryan, Tomas Plekanec and Rick Nash next season.

    All 3 are underperforming their contracts and their current teams would probably love to move them, but at the end of the day, that would still be the best top line any expansion team has iced.

    • Not sure about Ryan, but Nash has to be protected. And I don’t think he’ll waive to go to Vegas.

      I’d say he’s been more injured than underperforming. Last year he missed 22 games, but played a good portion on 60 with injuries. This year he has 24 points in 36 games, missing 12 games to injury.

      • Ryan has a NTC, but the media has mentioned that his NMC isn’t expansion exempt due to the wording. Ottawa would love to get out from that contract, even if it was for nothing in expansion. They have to sign Turris, Stone and Karlsson to new deals in the next couple years.

      • I have been wondering about Nash reuniting with Hitchcock in St.Louis, and the Rangers retaining some salary as a piece of the Shattenkirk deal–would anyone like that??? Probably need prospect/pick included.

  8. If I was to do the Duchene to Ottawa trade the only current blueliner we have that I could see them wanting is Ceci. If they are being serious about a full rebuild anyways. Them I would throw in Colin White or Logan brown. I would prefer to keep White.

    So Ceci and White/Brown
    For Duchene and maybe a pick?


    • I responded above in another chain and would definitely not want to include Chabot or White. Given expansion and the Zack Smith signing’s affect on the expansion draft for Ottawa forwards, maybe something like.

      To Colorado

      Ceci/Pageau/2017 1st (B-prospect)

      To Ottawa

      Duchene & Tyutin/another depth defenceman not named Wirecock

      If Ottawa is trading Ceci, I’d trade Brown or Dahlen or Ahl, who are good prospects, instead of White, who is an elite prospect.

      My other caveat was I have no idea how Tyutin has played this year and if he has completely sucked, the trade would obviously change.

      • I don’t see Ahl as having much value, I saw him play at the WJC and he is average at best. Might not ever make it past the AHL. (No pun intended)
        Dahlem had a good showing but his value is a bit inflated when you look at which competition he got most of his points from. So if the sens are trading for The Duch, it’s going to have to be Ceci and one of white or brown in a package +
        Brown just got injured so I’m sure teams will prefer white. Hey I also prefer white myself.
        I like that you’ve added a Dman coming back in your deal but to me this is the type of deal the sens visit in the off season. Before the expansion draft. Which means they will likely have much more competition. But you can throw Ceci at them with our first and dahlem with another piece and see what comes of it.
        My only sticking point in a trade is not including Chabot. Point.

      • I think Chabot would be a no-go even without Ceci in the trade. He looks like a future star and Ottawa doesn’t have the defensive depth to lose him.

        They do, however, have a lot of good to great young forwards including Stone, Pageau, White, Dahlen, Dzingel, Paul and potentially Ahl. I included Stone and Pageau as they are still RFA’s at the end of their current deals. To get Duchene, they could afford to include Pageau in the deal even if it also had Ceci. You wouldn’t need to add much to a Ceci/Pageau package to get Duchene in my opinion (definitely not Chabot or White).

    • Yea thats true VAN. I didn’t really think of Pageau when I was writing that comment but Ceci and Him would be a good deal for both teams.

  9. NHL should go back to wearing white as home uniform. Most teams that wear dark home the uniforms are so bland and ugly. Why NHL did the stupid switch to dark home I will never understand. White home with splash of colors is so much better looking.

  10. First off, RNH is not getting traded for a lesser centre who is also a defensive centre in Plekanec. And a late first round pick doesn’t do anything for them. This is a completely dumb one sided proposal.

    If anything, RNH will be traded for a RHD. That’s what they need. They do not want or need Plekanec when they have McDavid, Draisaitl, Caggiula and Khaira holding the centre spots for the next 10 years.

  11. Dan 39…..Really You guys couldn’t wait to get rid of Kessel…That guy took a ton of abuse for anything that happened in Toronto! If the blue jays weren’t wining it was Kessel’s fault, if public transit wasn’t working it was Kessel’s fault now all of a sudden you want him back..

    Toronto is on the way up good coach makes that happen sometimes..

  12. Lyle.

    Your a Canadians fan so going to concede you may be better served to comment on Vanek’s playoff contribution than I but I watched that playoff run to the conference final like most here I assume. He played very well. 5th in scoring, tied for 2nd in goals for Montreal, he really helped their #1 PP. He played as a 3rd line winger seeing 1st unit PP.

    Would Montreal have gotten past Boston in the 2nd round of the playoffs with out Vanek? Won that series 4 games to 3. Vanek had 4 goals & 1 assist, plus 2. His 2 goals in game 6 were semi meaningless goals, the 3rd & 4th in a 4-0 game? All goals count to me if nothing else they help subconsciously for & against.

    Montreal scored 10 PPG’s in that series, 21 goals in total in that series. Broke me heart & Montreal pissed me off yet again being a Boston fan. Ha-ha! Vaenk’s presence on that #1 unit was instrumental in that PP improving significantly over it’s regular season performance.

    Went back & looked at TOI. 8th for TOI/GP for forwards, 5th overall for PP TOI/GP, in 2013-14 playoffs for Montreal. Quanity of ice time poor, quality good. 3 of his 5 goals & 4 of his 10 points coming on the PP but more importantly he made the unit better even if he didn’t get on the score sheet if that makes any sense.

  13. Yogi…we are glad to have Pjil Kessel he is now on a hockey team that’s relevant.

    unlike the maple loafs…..

    AlthoughMike Babcock during a nice job