NHL Rumor Mill – January 25, 2017

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The trade status of St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk remains a hot topic in the NHL rumor mill.

Latest on the Blues, Oilers, Lightning, Bruins, Canadiens & more in your NHL rumor mill. 

STLTODAY.COM:  Jeff Gordon believes the recent struggles of the St. Louis Blues runs deeper than just the struggling play of goaltender Jake Allen. He feels GM Doug Armstrong must move defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk (“his one big trade chip”) to balance the roster. Gordon considers the Blues deep on defense but “short on catalysts” at forward, lacking the skill, size, grit and experience of departed forwards David Backes and Troy Brouwer. He speculates a sign-and-trade scenario with Shattenkirk could emerge, though the blueliner would have to approve the destination and contract. If they move him as a rental player, they could clear cap space and acquire assets for the future.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox cites Armstrong’s appearance yesterday on Hockey Central at Noon talking about his club. ““We’re going to know if we’re buyers or sellers. Right now, it’s obviously not trending the way we need to,” said the Blues GM. He added, “You want to look at your team mid-February till the trade deadline and believe, are you a contender or not?” He acknowledged he didn’t move pending UFAs such as Brouwer and Backes last season because he believed they were a good team a year ago with a chance to win. If his club keeps stumbling, however, Armstrong said all bets are off. “We don’t want to keep players here, hope to sneak into eighth place and get hammered in the first round.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Armstrong is definitely shopping around and could be exploring trade options for Shattenkirk, He also seems willing to be patient and see if his club can improve over the next couple of weeks. If they fall out of a playoff spot, that’ll increase the pressure upon him to shake things up. Shattenkirk is his best trade chip, but he can’t just toss him away. He’ll wait for the best offer and hope he’ll get something that helps his club now and for the future. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols reports NHL insider Darren Dreger told Edmonton’s TSN 1260 he doesn’t anticipate Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli pursuing any big-name talent leading up to the March 1 trade deadline. Dreger notes that the Oilers are playing well so Chiarelli isn’t under pressure to make a significant move. He doesn’t dismiss the possibility that the Oilers GM is keeping an ear open to the trade market, suggesting Chiarelli could have interest in a defenseman or perhaps some depth at center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For all the talk of the Oilers as a potential trade destination by March 1 for St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, there’s really no need for Chiarelli to make a big trade right now. The club is comfortably in the midst of the Western Conference playoff race. I’m not saying Chiarelli shouldn’t try to bolster his roster for the postseason, but at this stage it’s best to look at one or two affordable short-term options. He can try to land a big fish in the offseason, when there could be more trade options available that perhaps won’t come with an expensive seven- or eight-year contract attached to them. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited insider Elliotte Friedman recently telling Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 that a source suggests the struggling Tampa Bay Lightning might not be as active in the trade market as some assume. GM Steve Yzerman could refrain from making any serious moves to boost his roster if he feels those moves won’t help them. If captain Steven Stamkos won’t return from his knee injury this season, Yzerman could decide this isn’t the year to sacrifice his club’s future if they’re not going to win this year.

Friedman did note that St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong recently took in a couple of Lightning games, citing his close friendship with Yzerman. “Could they do a Shattenkirk-Bishop (trade), or is something else cooking?”

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yzerman could turn from a buyer into a seller if the Bolts don’t climb back into the playoff chase soon. I could see him moving Bishop for a decent return of futures if they don’t climb back into playoff contention over the next three weeks. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the word is the Arizona Coyotes original asking price for center Martin Hanzal from the Montreal Canadiens was center Michael McCarron plus two draft picks, one of them a first rounder and the other conditional.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Friedman notes, that explains why Hanzal isn’t a Canadien. 

As the 2017 draft isn’t considered a deep one, Friedman speculates there could be greater willingness by teams to consider trading their first-round picks. 

With Ben Smith sidelined, the Toronto Maple Leafs could be looking for a depth center. 

The Calgary Flames got a lot of calls last week when center Sam Bennett was a healthy scratch last Thursday. However, teams have been told Bennett isn’t available. 

Despite Buffalo Sabres goalie Robin Lehner’s angry removal from last Tuesday’s game against the Leafs, general manager Tim Murray said Lehner isn’t on the trade block. 

Friedman recently wondered if the St. Louis Blues swapping defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk for Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop might resolve each club’s current problems. Bishop’s struggling and might not be the answer in goal the Blues need. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there was a move to be had there, I think both clubs would’ve done it by now. It’s still possible, of course, but as Friedman notes, Bishop might not resolve the Blues’ shaky goaltending. 

For all the talk of the New York Islanders getting a winger for center John Tavares, Friedman wonders if perhaps they’re better off getting another center to help Tavares shoulder the load. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the three players – Frans Nielsen, Kyle Okposo and Matt Martin – the Isles lost to free agency last summer, Nielsen is the one they miss the most. They’re lacking depth at center beyond Tavares. 

One reason the Boston Bruins probably haven’t fired head coach Claude Julien is GM Don Sweeney would rather make a trade and see how things play out. The Bruins front office also know Julien’s a good coach and could help another team succeed. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sometimes a coach can be in one place too long and the players start tuning him out. However, Julien’s had to work with a depleted roster over the last three seasons. Firing him won’t make up for their lack of scoring punch up front and their need to add another skilled top-four defenseman. 

The Detroit Red Wings could be trying to move Tomas Jurco, who could be in need of a fresh start elsewhere. 

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports Buffalo Sabres captain Brian Gionta has a modified no-trade clause this season. If the Sabres fail to gain ground in the standings, Vogl speculates the 38-year-old could attract some attention in the trade market. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports the Minnesota Wild could be in the market for a fourth-line center. 


  1. If a GM really need to retool, this is the year. Las Vegas will get a player from each club. This will likely not be the roster they want to play with. They may do a ‘draft and trade’ on behalf of several clubs to get the roster they wish to start play with. With 30 movements of starters already cooked into the books through expansion, and the likelyhood of a lot of bruised egos through non-protection, I think we’ll see a lot of player movement this year. Unless you are one piece from a cup, there is little reason to work with the scant and expensive assets available at the trade deadline when you can hunt in the target rich environment after the expansion draft. Yzerman will probably be rewarded for patience, and the cost of ‘this-year-ism’ is likely to be higher than usual. Was there even a year where the amount of quality equal to the thirty tenth best players moved?

  2. Leafs need to add C depth – why?! All that 4th line C spot does for Babcock is need to win faceoffs and get off the ice. And that is such a non-essential issue in comparison to the massive, glaring need for a top four RHD.

    Smith/Froese/Griffith (just claimed)

    • Between this non-reporting/abstract thought from Freidman and the article from Lebrun yesterday, in which he patted himself on the back for drawing nothing out of Lou about his plans, you have a perfect illustration of just how useless the TOR media has become re the Leafs. They simply don’t know anything.

      Far better off reading what Lyle reports from other journalists who might actually draw something out of their hometown GMs that concerns the team.

      • Iron lip Lou at his best.

        Bishop for Shattenkirk seems ridiculous, I bet St. Louis could get more for him than that, there’s at least Bishop, MAF, Miller and possibly Luongo to be had for teams in need to immediate goaltending help.

        If Larsson nets you Hall, what does a possibly signed to 7 x 7 Shattenkirk get you?

      • Dan if Lou hears any trade info coming from a rival GM Lou will cancel the deal. So other team reporters won’t really know anything more than the Toronto reporters. Lou won’t tolerate leaks

      • @Noel Shattenkirk is good but he doesn’t have a 7×7 contract and if he did have that contract, I’m not sure he’d be so attractive. That’s a lot of term.. And Larson has been as steady as Hall is explosive. With a 5×4 contract.

      • So Lou’a pride greater than team. Good to know

    • No question Tor needs to address D but they certainly need to address the C issue possibly even this season if making the playoffs.

      Bozak is trade fodder between now & next seasons trade deadline, UFA a year out. Smith is a UFA injured & was acquired on waivers from 1 of the worst teams in the league. He has helped the penalty kill & 4th line. Gauthier is a rookie & isn’t NHL ready yet at least not for a full time roll. Those monster forwards can be a slow development process, takes time to fill out that massive frame. Froese isn’t an NHL hockey player & Griffith now waived how many times? Isn’t an NHL C. Has never played C in the NHL nor the AHL, he may have back in London.

      Tor at C id like D. 1 of the top 3 go down & they are in trouble as they don’t have the depth to cover for such an injury.

      • Striker, the glaring need is to address D, specifically the right side. The Leafs are currently ranked 27th in shots against – the facts don’t allow for debate here.

        As to C – the article is speaking about this season, suggesting that with Smith down, we need to address the hole – that is nonsense. You’ve gone off on a tangent/strawman argument.


        That’s what we have.

        Froese is capable of filling in if needed given the role that Babcock assigns to that slot, essentially winning faceoffs, as is Griffiths or Komarov or Nylander who are also C options.

      • Ya not following the logic with centre being a need, sure I’m sure most teams would like better depth but Bozak Matthews Kadri Gauthier Nylander Komarov Smith Froese all have played C to some extent if 1 of the top 3 go down it’s possible Nylander or Komarov step in and as a 4 I’m not sure how you consider Gauthier “unready” for a 9 mins a night in a 4th line role?he’s 21 6’5 230and well over 50% on the dot in 15 games he’s not there to score been good in all 3 zones. lol Now Nylander or Komarov playing 2 or 3 C isn’t ideal (assuming depending who’s injured the c below gets bumped up) but I’m not sure any team in the NHL is as good when a top centre goes down.

      • Dan39.

        Did I not agree with you & say just that?

        “No question Toronto needs to adress it’s D.”

        I also said Toronto may have to possibly address it’s C even this year if making the playoffs.

        Anyway I didn’t disagree with you. D is by far the biggest issue. Nor did I read the article just Lyle’s summation of it.

      • Is there confidence outvyhete kadri will xobtinue his strong pkay ibto next season?

    • Why was it again that we traded away Peter Holland to Arizona for next to nothing? If we need a depth Centre why trade one a few weeks ago?

  3. “This explains why Hanzal is not a Canadien.”-Elliott Freidman

    For what it’s worth, it is also the exact same reason why Duchene is not a Canadien either. MTL fans would riot if we sent Sergachev for Duchene or McCarron for Hanzal.

    Grigorenko is just as productive a centre with size as Hanzal at half the cost both asset and cap wise. Plus there may be a chance to salvage his career.

    • Also could be that if the Avs were to move others that could have better returns Duchene Iginla Sodderberg, they may need keep the young affordable centre/Rw themselves. After this season I’m not sure Griegerenkos stock could be much lower it might make sense for the Avs to move players who will actually be worth something and hold on to him for the time being.

  4. It would take more than just Bishop for Shattenkirk… For what ever reason a goalie’s trade value is almost always less than the actual importance of the position itself. Bishop plus a draft pick and a prospect AND a roster player

    • That’s a good point. Andersen is contributing more to the Leafs being in a playoff position than Matthews and yet we paid very little for him: a 30th pick, a mid-2nd and we unloaded Bernier.

      I think goalies are basically cheap because they’re so unpredictable and the’re a lot of guys that can give you average goaltending.

    • It’s called supply & demand. More than enough #1 goalies to be had. Salary also plays into the equation. Goalies genrally move when young & a team has no room. Jones, Varlamov, Lehner, etc. Or they move later in their careers as UFA’s due for numerous reasons 1 of which is salary demands. Bishops are apparently incredibly onerous. Rumour is the deal in Calgary fell apart as he wants Lundqvist type money & term.

      • which is part of why I think he may end up with the bolts on a short renewal….it may be his and the Lightnings best option & we have seen Yzerman patient enough to wait situations out

      • I agree Richard. He isn’t going to get that type of money this year. Do a short renewal with Tampa and get his play back on track to land a good contract.

  5. Don Sweeney should take a page out of the Doug Armstrong book and opt to be sellers if the Bruins are out of the playoff picture come deadline weekend.

    I would be quite disappointed to see the Bruins throw away more assets for struggling veterans or rentals in an attempt to make a push for the 8th seed. A first round exit is not worth draft picks and/or prospects IMO.

    • Chad if Boston is a seller, who are they selling and for what? here is my realistic view of selling, Liles, Macquaid, K.Miller, Chara, Hayes, Spooner, Nash, Schaeller and Moore. That list other then Chara, Spooner Moore isn’t bringing back much other then late round picks. I would like to see Krecji go as well, not because I don’t like him but the term and $$$ are to much, however I don’t think he is moveable because of them same reason, maybe a bad contract taken back in return. I’m not saying trade them all but that would be my list of candidates to trade.

      • Caper,

        I was thinking of a similar list as well. Chara I just don’t see moving at this point. He’s going to finish out his contract in Boston.

        Even if the Bruins look to get back picks (2nd-4th rd) for what they want to move I’m okay with that. I’d like to continue stocking up the pipeline as much as possible. That way when the team does decide to move a top prospect it doesn’t hurt as much.

      • Krecji injury history is a sticking point as well. He hasen’t played a full season since 08-09 his closest being 80 games in 13-14. But he is a good player maybe if the return was good enough boston would retain part of his salary.

      • Insomnia,

        You’re correct about the injury history with Krejci.

        I believe though that if he remains healthy this season (has played all 51 thus far) and continues production (on pace for approx. 20G and 32A) then they’ll be a market for him in the offseason.

        The salary/contract is a sticking point but we’ve seen worse contracts move. If they need to sweeten the deal with a pick or prospect then fine. I’m still a firm believer that this team’s center conundrum is a big issue. Far too many centers/playmarkers/4th liners and not enough goal scorers/wings. I’d like them to address the center position and logjam eventually. Whether that be moving Spooner or looking into Krejci and moving Backes as a top 6 center instead. I’m not a GM but I see these centers as being an issue.

      • @Caper Boston needs to forget about the returns more or less like Toronto did. Move the players that aren’t going to fit in the plans and make room for the kids. People argue that Toronto lost the Kessel trade, but it gave them much needed cap space, couple of prospects and played a hand in getting Matthews. The retooling on the go, hardly ever works. Julien maybe the right choice for the kids, he is a good coach

      • Insomnia.

        Using a game missed here or there saying Krejci hasn’t been healthy since 08-09 isn’t true. You are trying to imply he’s injury prone. Using that criteria every player has an issue. How many players play 82 games a year? Almost none. Cold’s, flu’s, injury’s both short & long term, a night off for coaches choice or other, wife having a baby, grandmother dies, what have you.


        2015-16. Played 72 of 82 games. 63 points.
        2014-15. Played 47 of 82 games. 31 points.

        These 2 seasons impacted by the same injury for which he under went major surgery this off season. Hip issue.

        2013-14. Played 80 of 82 games. 69 points.
        2012-13. Played 47 of 48 games. Lock out season played at home in Czech as well. NHL points 33 points.
        2011-12. Played 79 of 82 games. 62 points.
        2010-11. Played 75 of 82 games. 62 points.
        2009-10. Played 79 of 82 games. 52 points.

        Now in that entire timeline including games played this season Krejci having been apparently injury prone sits 41st in scoring in the NHL for all players. 5+ seasons & counting. Tons on playoff games as well 2 cup appearances.

        Just saying you are making a serious misrepresentation of the actual facts. Those facts show 1 season primarily lost to injury. 2014-15.

      • Striker,

        He does have an injury history though. Regardless of whether time missed in multiple seasons were related to the same (hip injury).

        In 2009 it was his right hip in which he had surgery on and this past offseason it was his left that he had the same procedure on.

        2015-2016 season he missed multiple weeks and was placed on IR due to a shoulder injury. In offseason had his 2nd surgery on opposite side hip.

        2014-2015 season he missed 20 games due to a groin injury. Then in February 2015 he missed 4-6 weeks due to a partially torn MCL.

        Just pointing out the facts.

      • Yep Yogi, every decision Boston makes needs to be about 4 or 5 years from now.
        Not this years playoffs.
        Above it states they need scoring up front and a top 4 D.
        No problem, should only cost most of the prospects you have drafted in the last 2 years. While I disagree 100% that they should go for it this year, at least that is a strategy with clear objectives that the players and coaches can understand and get behind.
        Go for it or start the rebuild in earnest.
        If you are gonna sell Hamilton for picks, don’t spend big dollars on a 32 year old Backes for the next 5 years.
        You can’t suck and blow at the same time.
        This falls on management and ownership, not Julien.
        They are rudderless.

      • Chad.

        I think I identified games missed. My issue was with the implication he is injury prone & has been since 08-09.

        If the were infact true in wouldn’t sit 41st in points scored since then would he.

        The only season Krejci lost significant man games to injury was 2014-15. In 08-09 he played 82 scoring 73 points & in 09-10 he played 79 scoring 52. No idea what your talking about Chad. If he had surgery back then it was done corrected & no games lost.

    • Agree Chad, pasted his comments that nailed it above when it applies to Boston.
      “We don’t want to keep players here, hope to sneak into eighth place and get hammered in the first round.”

  6. Nothing against Claude Julien and I know this argument is basically beating the dead horse but I would prefer a change.

    He’s been a great coach for this organization. Longest tenure coach in the league and there may not be a better coach available in the moment but a change might be good for the longevity of the organization.

    Sweeney would rather make a trade and see how things play out. Lyle noted the lack of scoring punch up from and in need of another skilled top 4 dman. That’s a lot of pieces to acquire.

    At the same time the fans don’t want to see the Bruins send away any quality assets and certainly not get hosed in any more one-sided trades.

    Where does that leave the Bruins then…

    It leaves them struggling to secure the 8th seed in the playoffs with a coach who has been dealt a bad hand in terms of rosters the past 3 seasons.

    I’d prefer this team to continue with their rebuild movement, sell at the deadline, and make an actual hockey trade in the offseason. Cycle in some more youth for next season. Continue drafting. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the Jacobs’ would approve of that plan and are likely pressuring Neely and Sweeney to buy and get rid of assets so that we can make it into the playoffs

    • I wonder if Boston could offer up a 4th line Center for something from the wild. I know it won’t land much, but Boston has an abundance of talent at Center and could move Nash for something and it would not make the team worse.

      • Videoj,

        If they go into sell mode at the deadline then I could see a number of players getting moved or attempt to be moved.

        – Jimmy Hayes
        – Riley Nash
        – Dominic Moore
        – John-Michael Liles
        – Joe Morrow

        I would explore moving all of those players. Even if they have to absorb some $$$ from the Hayes contract, so be it.

      • Boston built their roster on centers which is proving to not work.
        Bergeron,Backes,Krejci,Spooner,Vatrano,Czarnik, and Moore are all centers. I think Nash is also.
        The entire second line is all centers.

  7. Martin Hanzal is worth a top prospect, 1st round pick, and a conditional pick?

    Pending UFA. 39GP – 10G – 8A and a -15

    I know the price will drop and that’s how GM’s operate by throwing out some ridiculous asking price but c’mon… By that theory Don Sweeney should be seeking a Top 4 Dman for Spooner and a 1st round pick lol

    • McCarron a first and a conditional for Hanzal qualifies as insane, actually asinine.

      McCarron and a conditional for Hanzal and a first is more realistic. (just keeping the same 4 pieces)

      • Not quite because Arizona is gonna have a top 5 pick most likely.

  8. I don’t get the STL rumours about trading Shattenkirk. He is our most offence oriented D. We should be trying to re-sign him.
    What makes more sense, is ask Jay Bowmeester to waive his NTC, and use him as a trade chip.
    He would instantly be an upgrade for most team who are looking for Defence help.
    How about a Jay B and Hutton to Pitt for MAF.
    Financially and roster wise it make sense for both. Jay B becomes the 2nd best D on Pittsburgh immediately, and is a huge upgrade over Daley and the others. Hutton allows Pitt to ride Murray as a #1 goalie.
    And from STL point of view, they keep there best offence Defenceman, allows Parayko to slid up into a more prominent roll, and MAF becomes the solid goalie STL needs to help Allen get his game back.

    • & let Allen be selected by Vegas in the expansion draft? If not for expansion I think acquiring MAF is a perfect solution. I’m all for StL keeping Shattenkirk as well & think they can squeeze him in under the cap. I just think if he was open to such that deal would have been done long ago. Shattenkirk has a plan. Going to be curious to see what it is.

      • If the reports give us any indication it’s that Shattenkirk is focused on the east coast.

        If he wanted to resign I would think this would’ve happened already. It’s more likely that he not only wants to get paid but also wants to play for in the area of his choosing. Whether that be Boston or New York, or insert another location.

        It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that these players are not always after the contract and the team/location is a big component to making a decision. These players have families.

    • No thanks on Bouwmeester. Bad contract.

      The point of moving MAF is to create cap space.

      Conor Sheary and Justin Schultz are taking more and more cap space next year by the day. Murray’s extension was signed expecting Marc’s cap hit to be gone. Dumoulin needs a new deal. Maybe Daley.

  9. Last night was the 1st game this season where Boston was able to ice a healthy roster. Julien has fixed the top 2 lines, now if we can just get him to fix the 3rd maybe Boston can start having some consistency.

    A #3 RW would help. This is what I have been hoping for.

    Marchand, Bergeron, Pastnrnak.
    Vatrano, Krejci, Backes.
    Belesky, Spooner, Trade/Czarnik/Shaller.
    Schaller/Moore, Moore/Nash, Nash/Czarnik.

    Let’s at least try putting Spooner back in the #3 C spot.

    • I keep expecting Spooner to be packaged in a deal for Shattenkirk, but it hasn’t happened. Add a prospect/pick, and it’s a done deal.

      • Spooner is on pace for 11 goals this year, a solid fourth line player.

        How do you trade that plus a pick/prospect for Shattenkirk, a legit top four defender?

        Spooner plus a 2017 1st plus a 2018 1st plus a prospect is the right value equation.

      • Dan39,

        For a rental at the deadline and UFA? I think not.

        Now, if he were to sign an extension and then moved. Different story.

        No team is giving up two 1st round picks, a prospect, and a Spooner for Shattenkirk unless he’s already signed and set to go.

        Also, if we are going to assume that because Spooner is “on pace” for whatever amount equates to the line he should be on and is worth in a trade… there are plenty of players right now in the league we could argue hold little (4th line) value because of their production currently. Landeskog is on pace for 18G, 32pts… good 3rd line player worth a 1st round pick… LOL

    • Striker,

      It was and Boston almost blew the game again. Had 2 leads and played those away. Almost didn’t even make it to OT if it weren’t for a Tim Thomas like desperation out of position type save by Rask.

      If they can get Spooner back to center and keep him there for a few weeks to showcase/get things back on track. His value might improve.

      The team needs to make a decision on Hayes and what to do. I don’t see him in any future plans and can barely crack the lineup as a 4th liner. Time to move on.

    • I still hate that second line Vatrano helps but Backes and Krejci hasn’t worked at all.
      Agree with Spooner at center.
      Spooner and Pastrnak lit it up Pastrnak’s rookie season.
      Marchand Bergeron Backes
      Vatrano Spooner Pastrnak
      Belesky Krejci Need a RW Czarnik or Shaller
      I will admit Backes at center didn’t work but he blamed Not knowing Claudes system.

  10. Although Shattenkirk is getting all the attention, Berglund is also an UFA for the Blues. He’s having a real solid season, and as a BIG center/winger could bring a good return if the Blues decide to move him.

  11. George & Noel.

    Any thoughts on the Smith resigning & Wingels acquisition?

    I think Wingels will help. Should be able to play a 3rd or 4th line roll. I like Smith as a player but this type of signing is part of what’s wrong with UFA status coming so quickly for me. Is Smith a 3.25 per year player for 4 years? He is obviously in this CBA structure but are you guys happy with Ottawa spending this much money on this type of player?

    Compared to other players who bring a ton of intangibles & leadership into play you could argue it’s great value. Curious to hear your thoughts & what Ottawa fans think of this.

    • I like the wingels trade. All three lines have seemed to find their mojo, and love how they put hoff on the third to make them hard to match up against. I think wingels gives the fourth a little competition and different looks as well as another center option for faceoffs (even though he struggles in the circle)
      I like the smith resign. He is showing he can get it done when playing with some talent, and he is the total hockey player, gritty, got a bit of a shot, and fights when he needs to. Overall, sens are looking pretty good. Obviously we are not too deep at the moment, but with white and chabot coming up, that will change.

    • Is Noel referring to me? There is a poster here who uses my last name alone. Well im sure he isnt using my name, but you get the point. Not sure where his fandom lies.

      Im going to give my two sense aswell.

      I really like both deals. Smith is a solid roll player who does all the little things you want from a guy who isnt the elite star of the team. He has the ability somehow to make others better when on their line. Even the more storied players. He is one of our better penalty killers and is a fan favorite for what that is worth. Smith is part of Ottawa’s core.

      There is nothing to dislike about picking up Wingels. Its not a sexy move. But it adds forward depth to the bottom 6. It also provides an option for when one of our penalty killers gets a penalty. Boucher wont need to call on Turris to kill them. He has another option in Wingels.

      They gave up to minor league players who in my view will never be NHL regulars. A 7th round pick in a weak draft. San Jose retained 30% of the money. Not much risk in making this move.

      I was kinda thinking they should nab Condra when he went on waivers. He was a solid bottom 6 player throughout his time with the Sens before.

      I like both moves.

  12. Dont know to belive Freidman as no ther reporters have talked about Montreal trade talks. Not even the regulars who write for Habs and not even TSN. Just something to cover the blank pages.

  13. why would the Oil even be considering Kevin Shattenkirk? He says he wants to play in the USA and on the east coast, he’s not going to sign a contract, they would have him for the season and the playoffs and then he’s gone

  14. Interesting that the Isles need more help at Centre when they’ve drafted so many of them. Strome, Nelson, Bailey were all supposed to be centers. Barzal is another potential centre who, fingers crossed, may solve the second line centre issue. To an Isles fan it looks like poor development. They definitely miss Nielsen but having him around may have slowed the development of some of these other “centres” because they Frans was so good the coach always used him and Tavares.

  15. Leafs have Nylander, Komorov and maybe Marner to play third line center if they move Bozak. The Goat is doing ok and some have projected him to even be a third line center but right now he isn’t.

    In regard to the defense they don’t need a Hamilton, Trouba or a Fowler but a Brodin, Manson or Dumba would do. Kapenin, Corrado and a second would probably bring one of these. JVR instead of Kapenin should bring one of the top three. It is interesting that Marincin and Zaitsev work well together. Maybe they need a new right handed partner for Reilly then the defense looks much stronger?

    I would prefer the Leafs trade all their UFAs for whatever and bring up some Marlies to finish the year. Then if Corrado isn’t going to get a real chance send him back to the Canucks? They will use him.

    I would prefer they keep JVR and Komo as their veterans going forward.