NHL Rumor Mill – January 26, 2017

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Trade rumors about Toronto Maple Leafs winger James van Riemsdyk won’t go away.

Latest on the Leafs, Rangers, Flyers and Red Wings in your NHL rumor mill.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports speculation the Toronto Maple Leafs are searching for a No. 1 defenseman won’t go away. Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello is publicly noncommittal, saying only that if there’s a deal to be had that can help his club, he’ll pursue it. Lamoriello was also dismissive of media-generated speculation suggesting left wing James van Riemsdyk could be a trade chip to land a top-pairing blueliner.

LeBrun also reports van Riemsdyk has heard the media chatter but is hopeful of remaining part of the club’s future. If the Leafs are to pursue a high-end rearguard, one Western Conference GM told LeBrun that shopping young forward William Nylander could be what it takes.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: David Shoalts believes it’s too early in the Leafs rebuild to think about swinging a major trade for a big-time defenseman. He argues that pursuing a rental player, such as St. Louis Blues defender Kevin Shattenkirk, would cost draft picks and/or prospects that the Leafs shouldn’t part with at this stage. Shoalts feels the Leafs aren’t ready yet to make the final leap toward serious Stanley Cup contender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Shoalts. I’m not saying the Leafs shouldn’t consider it if an opportunity to land a young top-two defenseman was presented to them. If, say, the Florida Panthers offered up Aaron Ekblad for van Riemsdyk or Nylander, Lamoriello and company will have to think very carefully about it. But that type of offer isn’t coming to the Leafs.

Let some other club blow their brains out bidding high for Shattenkirk. If there’s a need to add a defenseman by the deadline, look for more affordable short-term options. Right now, making the playoffs would be a terrific step forward for the Leafs, but they’re not a Cup contender yet. They have no need to waste valuable assets on a high-priced rental player. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites TSN’s Bob McKenzie appearing on NBCSN last night discussing the trade needs of the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers.

McKenzie believes the Rangers need a right side defenseman and notes St. Louis Blues rearguard Kevin Shattenkirk would fit the bill. However, he claims the Blueshirts aren’t necessarily in trade mode right now and don’t want to mortgage their future anymore. If the Rangers pursue a rental blueliner, McKenzie believes they’ll consider a less, more affordable option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Rangers are willing to part with center Derek Stepan or a versatile forward such as J.T. Miller in a package offer, I don’t see them chasing a big fish like Shattenkirk at the trade deadline. Like McKenzie, I think they’ll look at more affordable rental options. If they do chase Shattenkirk, it’ll be this summer via the UFA market. 

As for the Flyers, McKenzie doesn’t expect they’ll make any big moves by the trade deadline. He notes they’ve got plenty of young blueline talent to give them flexibility if they decide to ship out some of their veterans on expiring contracts. Mark Streit, Michael Del Zotto and Nick Schultz are among their pending UFAs. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unlike his predecessors, Flyers GM Ron Hextall believes in building patiently with youth. I don’t see him sacrificing any of his promising young defensemen for a quick fix to reach the playoffs. As McKenzie suggests, Hextall could use those kids to replace any blueline veterans that he could move out at the deadline. 

THE DETROIT NEWS: Short of a blockbuster trade for someone like Kevin Shattenkirk before the trade deadline, Gregg Krupa believes the only improvement available to the Red Wings defense is promoting from within. That means Xavier Ouellet and Nick Jensen should see more playing time with the Wings over the remainder of this season.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports little-used Red Wings forward Tomas Jurco requested a trade this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman yesterday reported the Wings could be looking at moving Jurco, who looks like he needs a fresh start with another club. No, Jurco in a package deal won’t bring Shattenkirk to Detroit. While the Wings have been linked to Shattenkirk in recent rumor chatter, I think GM Ken Holland has his eye on younger options, such as perhaps Anaheim’s Cam Fowler or Sami Vatanen, or Minnesota’s Jonas Brodin or Matt Dumba, or Carolina’s Noah Hanifin or Jaccob Slavin. If so, he’ll have to wait until the offseason to get one of them. 


  1. Leafs should move nylander for a GOOD top four d if the offer comes available… and a signed controlled one not a rental. Top 4 d men harder to come by than top 6 wingers. Still think car should move on of their d men, Slavin or pesce in a move for duschene. Move slavin tervo pick to col. etc.

    • Whoops!

    • I don’t think the Leafs will have to move Nylander for the Bowie or Brodin that we need and in any case I don’t see this happening this season. It’s an offseason move and they’ll be looking to move JVR rather than Nylander to get that piece.

      Nylander is developing nicely as a playmaker at evens and PP quarterback. He may eventually be tried at Centre where he played in the AHL and Sweden, very successfully.

      He has been overshadowed by Matthews and Marner to be sure, but don’t discount him. Have a look at the stats – who on am ELC is putting up more points per game? That’s a very short list

      • Why would you ever consider moving Nylander for a top 4? They have defenseman. I think we have seen first hand that outside of a few elite there aren’t many true Number 1 defenseman and for many others its all about the fit into a system.
        I agree we need a defenseman down the road- certainly – but sure seems we are doing alright right now lol…
        So you move Nylander – knowing full well you will have to move JVR-..?? makes no sense..I am not a shattenkirk fan…but I would take him- not at that price…no chance and then to resign at what 7 mill? no thanks..
        Only deal we should contemplate for Nyalnder is for a Hampus lindholm..otherwise stand with what you have (which they will), Lou wont trade youth away like that..JVR different story..
        I have made the argument before – don’t tell me that the Penguins D opn paper is much better than the leafs? Letang aside…it clearly is not..

      • I don’t think aside from Rielly Mathews and Andersson that there are really any other players that absolutely can’t be considered as a possibility to trade for a D at some point…not saying by the deadline but I don’t think that Carrick Hunwick Polak Marinicin Corrado are a really sold bottom half a blueline. If the Leafs could find a to play with Gardiner even out some minutes between the top pair, drop Carrick down to 3 pair less minutes for him better zone starts… it starts to get better. It’s just 1 or 2 pieces off but they will have to give something up to get them, my bet would be JVR but Nylander would be my second guess.

      • dan-JVR with one year left wont get leafs a solid enough d man unless that d man is in a similar contract situation or its a younger d man with only the potential of a top 4. Nylander could get you that guy. It’s natural to get over attached to young players… they are fun to watch, new faces etc. But if you have a choice of a good top 4 d man or a good top 6 winger 9/10 times you take the d man.
        sma- I would say it is slightly better on paper than leafs but I see the point… BUT… leafs don’t have Crosby/malkin. that goes a long ways.
        sticky… good post

    • Mike Green–Detroit Red Wings is a Top 4 scoring defenseman who is signed through next year. Lets make it happen Holland.

    • I don’t think Carolina should move, Faulk, Hanafin, Slavin or Pesce. Neither Slavin nor Pesce need to be protected for expansion. This is a solid young rebuilding roster & they have a ton of prospects in the pipeline. The 2017 draft is considered soft & they 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds. They should be looking to buy another D, forward & MAF from teams confronted with losing such in the expansion draft. Add in Carolina’s significant cap space & they can relieve some serious cap issues for numerous other teams this summer like last season acquiring Teravanen. This may be the best fit in the NHL for MAF.

      Even though in the playoff race I don’t really see Carolina making it. I’m selling off all my UFA’s at the trade deadline. Hainsey, McClement, Stalberg, Ryan; try to bring back as a UFA in the summer, & Tennyson if able to the highest bidder. If there is a buyer for Stempniak & his remaining 1 year deal at 2.5 I ship him out as well.

      I make serious bids for a players like Brodin, Trouba, etc. this summer before the expansion draft offering up a 1st, 2nd & solid D prospect like Fleury. Carolina has room to protect a 3rd Dman with Slavin & Pesce exempt & going into next season have 1 of the best top 5 D’s in the NHL & truly ready to challenge for a playoff spot, especially if they acquire MAF.

      • I also like Ward as Murray’s safety net. 1 year remaining on his deal gives Pittsburgh the required goalie to expose in the expansion draft, wouldn’t be selected, his cap hit is 3.3 but actual salary is 3.1. Free’s up 2.75 in cap space for Pittsburgh next season & adds a pick, picks, prospect or some combination to the system. Or perhaps Pittsburgh takes a player like Hainsey for their playoff run & a pick or picks. Solid veteran Dman with character can play significant minutes & is a 1st unit PK Dman for Carolina & plays a top 4 role for them.

        Seems like the perfect match to me if Carolina is on MAF’s 18 team trade list or would accept a trade to. Carolina is right on the cusp of being a playoff team. They kind of are now, a bubble team but close.

      • with fluery/mcgowen/the guy they drafted 1st round last year whose name escapes me or a potential ufa for the last top 4 you can move pesce or slavin. only for a great piece and duschene or landy would be a steal… those players are rarely available.

        but not if the price is one of them, a 1st, and another asset. slavin/pesce and a expansion draft eligible forward for dusch… maight throw in a mid round pick.

      • Cam Ward is trash and we have no need for him. Since when does a Cup winning goalie need a safety net? He needs to be the clear cut number one. If that means bringing up Tristan Jarry(the best goalie in the AHL) then so be it.

      • To move Fleury they will have to take some contrct hit back & I assume some form of safety net.

        The market for goalies is very small. Unless Fleury is moved to 1 of the 18 teams on his trade list or agrees to waive his NMC Pittsburgh isn’t trading from a position of strength.

        Let’s look at a worst case scenario. Let’s say MAF’s trade list is all teams that don’t want MAF as the have a goalie they already want to protect for expansion & he won’t waive his NMC & Vegas isn’t willing to pass over Murray for compensation. What then?

      • Then striker they buy maf out. I’d take ward back for maf… one year after this one? Jarry needs to play to minutes not languish on bench.

  2. And I don’t want to hear about the Hall or Johansen trades as they’re not comparable.

    Is Nylander on a 6x$6 deal and having off ice issues (Hall) or did he demand a trade (Johansen)? I don’t think so.

    • How do you know what Nylander or Hall are like off the ice?? ya know what else Nylander doesn’t have? 4 50 plus point seasons. I don’t think Hall for Larsson means much either but seriously you should take it easy with the distaste of crumby comparisons lol. Nylander is currently playing 3rd line minutes looks good on the pp can be invisible at other times I really think it’s a maturity thing and he will get better but I’m not sure all by himself he lands a top 4 D and if he worth the Leafs biggest need, providing it’s a decent contract and right shot I think the Leafs should move him in a New York minute. It’s a D like that that would be a huge need and piece of the team going down the road. I for 1 am not sure that I’d say the same for a forward like Nylander. Again depends on the deal and ya I like Nylander but let’s call it for what it is Dan.

      • Shticky, you don’t need to insult me in the process of making your argument.

        I don’t care how you characterize his play or minutes, his production stats speak for themselves.

        43 pts in 67 go – that’s a fact. Consider who else on an ELC has done better? Very short list.

        The fact he doesn’t have a long history is a positive as he’s still on an ELC, doesn’t need to be protected, and has his best production in front of him.

      • It’s not really an insult Dan some of you’re comparisons are out to lunch when it comes to some of your ways of comparing Leaf jersey, yes I know Nylanders stats I also know that Hall is currently the better and more consistent player by a country mile and 60 some games is not a career. In 2013 Hall put up 80 in 75 games it’s also a short list of guys who have that kind of production, he also put up over 40 points in just over 60 games as a rookie consistently being one of the best LW in the game. Stats may speak for themselves but you pick and choose which ones you like to point out and seems when you question a guy about off ice issues you are bringing up more than stats. I’ve met Taylor several times I talk to lots of people who know him here in Kingston he is no different than most any 25 year old guy who makes a living playing hockey. Give it a rest.

    • Of course they are. All trades are. I get your meaning though. The business side of hockey is a factor in any trade in today’s cap world & a players salary & term is part of any trade potentially in a positive or negative way. A good player on an ELC, Nylander has positive value in trade, a player like Hall with 4 years remaining at 6 & an injury history negative value. The player he was moved for Larsson’s 5 year $4,166,667 positive value.

      Dan39. We will know soon enough what the cost will be. I like most assume Toronto will acquire a Dman before the start of next season. I cringed when Lyle put Ekblad’s name on the board. I accept just as an example, a bad 1, as I thought we would have every TO fan buying that as fact & in 2 days it would be reported that Ekblad is going to Toronto on every major sports network. Careful Lyle we live in an instant media world & you are now an accredited journalist in my opinion. “It’s being reported today by Lyle Richardson of Spector’s hockey that Aron Ekblad is now on the trade market. We will have more on this when we are able to get a comment from the Panthers. ” Ha-ha!

      • Yes, we will learn the price. I am happy to go on record saying the price is not Nylander plus as some have speculated.

        Ekblad, as a side point – not disputing your contention that he is an immovable object – is on pace for 25 pts this year.

        It may be actual Ekblad is a player that simply matured very early rather than the second coming of Shea Weber.

        And points matter. I think Burns may be in the process of demonstrating a paradigm shift in the NHL where Dman are seen to play defense via offsense (puck advancement) – instead of retrieval and exits.

    • I never heard either of these rumors any more than I have about almost any young players. Hall off ice issues or Johansen wanting out of Columbus.

      • Yeah, just go read the boards after the Hall trade and you’ll see a recounting of the Hall personality issues. Is it true? No idea, but it was out there. I don’t hear the same about our young Swede.

        On Johansen, it was well known that he was unhappy in Columbus and wanted out.

      • I don’t buy any of that crap. On any given day of the week my wife could hate me.

        Life exists in sports as well. I’ve done things when drunk i’m ashamed of when i’ve sobbered up & come to my senses.

        Lets see I’m 18, 19 years old & boom. I’m a millionaire. 3 years later I’m making 6 & set for life. 21 maybe 22 & your telling me I might have some personality flaws. That my sense of confidense & self worth may rub others the wrong way? Hahaaaaa Reallyyyyy.

        I’m 54 have some of those traits & am well aware of what many of you feel about me. I could careless.

        That stuff is meaningless. We all mature as we age, get more reponsible regret aspects of our youth. I’d look at your past as a comparison. Hahaaaaa

    • What off ice issues was Hall having? Maybe I live under a rock rather than a small island!

      • Steven, I live in Edmonton and yes he was out on the town on occasion have a good time with Eberle. I have young adult children who have run into them on occasion and even had a couple pops with them.
        Hall, somewhat aloof with “regular folk” but not rude at all. Ebs, a solid dude. Which of course he is, he is from Sask.
        Haven’t heard anything serious, out having a good time meeting young ladies.
        Go figure young single guys doing that?
        By all accounts he was well liked in the room.
        Sounds like a normal guy to me.

      • For what it’s worth I did live in Kingston for a quite a while and heard regularly that Taylor Hall was a bit of a tw@t.
        I can’t recall all the conversations but this is from guys who grew up with him up till the time that he moved away for hockey.

        I don’t think that had an affect on him being moved. Chia made a hockey move and I’m of the opinion it was a really good one.

      • Lol it’s in the water I think Taz, I’m related to Muller lived down the road from the Gilmours for years Wayne Cashman was a family friend If you’re from the area or lived here for any length of time you know it and probably seen it in more than 1 or 2 of them as well I think it’s just # of hockey players from Kingston (a relatively small town) in general that kinda have some ego issues develop at a pretty young age, seems Likely because everyone from around here places them on pedistals and telling them how great they are constantly you can Thank Don for the good ‘of Kingston boy for that. Ya he might come across a little big headed but Im not sure that’s an “off ice” issue anymore than it is with other player take it for what it is I guess.

      • It seems you hear it way to often when a team gives up a good player that the player was a cancer in the dressing room. I think more often than not it’s an excuse made up and leaked by the organization to appease the disgruntled fans who didn’t want to see that player go. We didn’t hear a single rumor regarding Halls personal behavior until the moment he was traded.

    • hall didn’t set the market but provided a window into it. dismissing it is extremely foolish. yes the elc is a bonus and increases his value. but its part of the reason he would bring back the type of asset worth trading for.

  3. I think if you look at the Leafs and the changes they’re making and the team they’re building, it’s not hard to see that Nylander is the odd man out.

    I would expect them to keep Bozak and Kadri going forward and hold them both as a 2/3 and have them interchangeable in the lineup. I wouldn’t rule out the trade of JVR but I think if it happens, it will come in the off season. JVR could very well take a large home town discount to stay in Toronto on a longer term. He would be playing for a team that will have success in the future and should be a contender for years. At this point JVR only seems to be getting better with age.

    Ideally for the Leafs they will move out a promising young forward for a promising young defender. What I’m saying is Nylander moves in exchange for a young defender who will be able to bring a shut down role to the table. A team like Carolina is actually a perfect trading partner for the Leafs and will likely be quietly targeted by the Maple Leaf Mafia errr management

    • Wouldn’t it be great to get Carolina to part with Hanifen! I wanted the Leafs to draft him over Marner (can you imagine) but it would be great to backtrack and trade for what many thought you should have drafted! Since some are being silly on here how about Nylander for Hanifen?

      • I have a feeling it would be Nylander + 2nd for Hanafin simply based on the demand for a young defender on the market. Both teams would gain from this.

      • I would think that some teams (Ducks, wild, jets, flyers?, Hurricanes) that have extra dman available are looking for picks and prospects? In that case Leafs have lots of those without sending Nylander. They have Kapenin (hurt right now), leipsic, Braaco, brooks, a couple of second round picks, and of course a first. Any combination of that stuff should get what they want. That does not even include Bozak, JVR, and/or their UFAs. At this point probably only the UFAs will be in play at the deadline but once the draft order has been determined who knows what can happen. Some of those teams are in danger of losing a young dman in expansion. This year the Leafs need to get experience and start looking to be a real contender in the future?

      • I would be shocked if Carolina trades Hanafin. He has the skills to be a #1. With his age and experience we don’t have a clear picture if that will be the case, but he has a chance.
        you can find 3-4 D-men, and I would suggest 50% of them were not drafted by their teams.
        It is the top guys that hard to get unless you exchange them like the Subban/Weber deal.
        If you have a guy that could develop into one, you don’t trade him unless the return is huge, and that is not Nylander and a pick.

      • These are pipe dreams. Teams don’t trade these assets unless confronted with no choice or an offer to ggod to refuse.

        The only exception I can think of to this in the last decade was Jones & you could argue he met this criteria. Nashville also had a serious need for Johansen with Fisher & Riberio as their top 2 C’s.

        Jones also would have upset Nashville’s D salary structure. How does he get paid more than Josi? Columbus wins this trade for me anyway you want to look at it but I understand & accept why Poille did it. He could afford to & he got the 2ndhardest commodity to acquire in the NHL. That big solid #1 C.

        Nyalnder & a 2nd isn’t getting Hanafin. Not even close.

      • If Nylander and a 2nd would fetch Hanifin it would have been done by now.

    • dont count on large hometown discount. small maybe. guy could look at 6-6.5… getting him at 5.75 would be a coup.

      • I can’t see anyone in JVRs position of already signing a discounted deal once doing it again. His agent is likely to remind him that a professional hockey players window of earning potential is relatively short and he is only likely going to be a UFA once seeing how his cheap contract takes him up to the age of 29. James has 1 more good kick at the cat he isn’t signing a discounted contract and playing in Ontario to boot. Good luck convincing an agent that’s a good idea.

      • …I know we got 4 years of services from you at at a million dollars or so discounted price James but we were really hoping you would sign another six or seven year deal again a million or so below market value so we can take advantage of a nice even 10 million dollars in savings and you can get taxed at one of the highest rates in North America….but hey good news is we think we can make the playoffs!

  4. Stick to the plan! Lamoriello will make the right decision. I agree that the Leafs are not Cup contenders, but they are definitely a playoff team at this point and JVR is one of the big reasons for that. I still think the Leafs need to seriously consider who they move for that defender they need. Trading Nylander? Very risky. Trading JVR? You clearly know what void he will leave but could get more as your trade partner has a clear vision of what they are getting. I think it may have become one of these two to land that defender. Don’t do it now! This is an off season deal.

  5. If Ekblad was offer up for Nylander or JVR I don’t think they would be any hard thinking to do. I think it be more of quick before they change their minds.

    • Indeed Caper, but Ekblad isn’t being offered up. What we’re talking about is trading Nylander for the second tier, maybe third tier of young defenders that will actually be offered up.

    • Caper, Florida would most likely to get out of that Ekblad deal.. very premature to give him so much money!! It’s moot anyways as he is not available.

      Nylander is a TML keeper. MNM trio of Matthews, Nylander and Marner. I’ll go on record that Kadri will bring the best deal for a top shelf Defenceman period, like it or not. Hyman will become the shutdown centre moving forward forward. I just don’t have a clue as to who Lou Lamoriello is targeting.

      Players drafted last summer (to still be signed) are big and skilled (Defence Prospects) for the future of the Organization.

      • If you think Kadri will be traded from the Leafs you’re oblivious to what the team is trying to do. Furthermore, Hyman is a winger. Not a center. He will be a 2/3 winger as he doesn’t have the raw skill but does have the work ethic to put up some numbers

      • BigBoss, I too do not want Kadri traded! I’m just saying that the dynamics of getting a top shelf defenceman would require a top talent like Kadri.

        I will also go on record that Reilly getting injured is a bit of a blessing.. sky is not falling and Marincin back in the lineup is further proof that in time (more situational playing time) and maturity, the core will improve.

        We need is a mature proven Defensive place holder (2-3 year term) “hello” (UFA) Dennis Wideman… and all it would take is $$ in the off season after the expansion draft. He is only one of many examples…further testament to keeping the team intact as is with exceptions to the expiring contracts.


  6. Where are you Trouba?! Not sure if NHL.com has a glitch but Trouba is not showing up in the Jets roster.. any word out there!?

    • Antoni,

      Most likely a glitch. I visited a few NHL salary websites and he’s still being listed as part of the Jets team.

      It would be highly unlikely that Trouba was involved in a trade and taken off of the NHL.com rosters before anything was reported.

      • Thanks Chad.

  7. We here this top 4 all the time and say he’s not getting you a top 4. Striker made me think about the comment once when he posted a list of players who fall into that category. For me I constantly don’t differentiate from 1 to 4, but there is a big difference from 1 to 4. Depending on your definition of 3 and 4, some teams may not have a 3 or 4, just guys that play that number because of what the team has. Be honest in my assessment of the Bruins, I would say they don’t have a true number 1 or 2. Would anybody say Chara and Krug (11th in pts for d) are a number 1 and 2? maybe Krug a 2 and Chara a 3 at best. So for Toronto I don’t think you have to give up to much to get a 3 or 4 but you’ll have to give up a lot to get a 1 or 2. I also don’t believe that the Hall Larsson deal is a trend, it’s one deal and depending on needs of the team. If PC was willing to do that deal a season earlier he could’ve had Hamilton for that price.

    • To be honest I would rather have Larsson over Hamilton! I think Larsson is playing well in Edmonton. People can say whatever they want player for player but this is a team game. Seems to me like the overall changes made by Chiarelli in Edmonton have improved the team. Anybody care to argue that one? Top 3 in their division and they spanked Anaheim 4-0 last night! Where is Hall? Oh yeah, New Jersey and they’re tearing it up! it’s not always about the best player. When you have guys like McDavid and Draisaitl to build around you can focus on “team”, that’s partially what the Larsson deal was about. I am not going to wade into the off ice Hall stuff as I have never heard a peep about that but maybe Edmonton was not big enough for McDavid/ Hall. As an individual player I think Hall is outstanding but he was not the franchise player and paid the price for it. It’s now up to New Jersey to build something around him because they have a franchise caliber player in my opinion!

    • Hi Caper,

      I think you hit the nail on the head with your assessment. Essentially, just because a team has a dman playing a certain role (1-4 for example) doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what their talent equates to.

      Also, I do find it difficult to gauge the assets needed to swing a trade when comparing to a past trade between 2 teams. There are plenty of examples of poor trades, which make it difficult to base off of.

      The Bruins have been great at that in the past. The Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton trades are great examples. No one should be using those as a comparable for the current market and potential moves upcoming.

      At the same time I do feel a lot of fans (including myself) overvalue players and jump to the conclusion that it’s going to require an exorbitant amount of assets to acquire said player… when in fact a lot of time we end up quite surprised that it didn’t end up requiring more than originally reported.

  8. ABSOLUTELY AGREE. Making the playoffs is nothing more than a bonus for the Leafs. they already established a winning way for Matthews, Nylander and the young guys. if anything, move Polak, Bozak and a pick to bring in a young depth d-man.. No need to keep dreaming big. As for JVR, again, be patient, that deal will come. 30 goal scorer, maybe 40 on the right team. I don’t know many teams who wouldn’t take that for just 4.75. only issue I can see is re-signing him.. 6-7 million a year. Worth it, but since the Leafs have sooo many young players who need deals in the next 3-4 years.. It doesn’t work. Same with Jonny Tavares. 8-10 million annually. Leafs cannot afford him long-term. Hate to say it. Plenty of teams sit as viable options for someone like JVR. Love to see him in Pittsburgh. You already gave us Kessel.
    Also, man is Kadri turning heads.

  9. Nuevo, Nyquist, Tatar, Sheahan- they all need a change of scenery. You can see it on the bench during games-anything Blashill says is met with a nod while looking the other way.

    • Detroit is simply on the way down. No two ways about it! But they do have some young players to build around. I think they should just sell at the deadline and start over. By trying to extend the streak they are not helping their overall future!

      • agree on sell but not a whole lot of young to build around. They have dead weight with DeKeyser, Erickson, Sheahan, Glendening and a few others with hard contracts to move. Not to mention coaching staff and GM. Still baffles me they went out and got an Asst coach with NHL head coaching experience to help head coach with little. I say bring in spuddy to turn it around. Imagine what he can do with a non-budget team


  10. What about a playoff seasoned depth forward from Tampa to Minnesota?
    Brian Boyle would fit the bill

  11. Striker,

    Wherever you’re at to continue with yesterdays discussion regarding Krejci. My argument wasn’t that the player is prone to injury but that he has a history of injuries.

    That is a fact.

    Now, just because the player didn’t miss any games due to his first hip surgery, which took place in June of 2009 doesn’t mean that the injury never occurred and that we just omit that from the players history.

    He’s now had a 2nd surgery on the opposite side. That’s quite concerning for a player in a sport that requires quite a bit of force and torque on the hips.

    He’s also missed time due to a badly pulled groin and a partially torn MCL.

    Yes, he has played quite a few games and likely while he’s been injured or nagged by these injuries but still… the player has a history of injuries and getting injured.

    Now, whether that is any different from a lot of other players in the league the injuries they incur over their careers… I don’t know. BUT, I would be quite concerned with his hips at this point.

    • I read some of that Krejci talk yesterday.
      He’s having a tough season because he doesn’t have the wings he use too have. No more Horton and Lucic. Now he has two centers and the line isn’t working but Claude keeps sending them out.
      Another reason could be the hip surgery still lingering.
      Regarding the injury history he’s been in the lineup more than less but a lot of games he played hurt. Most of the last three seasons.

      • Dave,

        The linemates have been a big issue for him. Also, it does seem like some residual pain/injury from hip surgery is lingering.

        All I’m stating is the player has had plenty of injuries. He’s played through a lot of them, which is great! That still doesn’t negate the fact that the player has a past that includes injuries and the most glaring of all is this hip issue. He’s had 2 surgeries on his hip thus far and he’s 30 years old. I’m not a doctor but it sounds to me like he has an issue with his hips. Getting older is certainly not going to help those hips get better IMO.

        When I refer to Krejci and moving him because he has an injury history I’m definitely highlighting his hips. Huge cause for concern. But again, I’m not a doctor either.

        I do appreciate you weighing in as well! 🙂

  12. If Kevin Shattenkirk does move between now and the trade deadline what does everyone ‘realistically’ think the return looks like?

    This is of course assuming that the player is not resigned before he’s shipped out and is still a pending UFA. Essentially, a rental and nothing more.

    • MAF and a conditional 2nd (first if pens reach conference final) also hutton to pens

      • Supposedly this draft isn’t that deep. If that’s the case I think we can expect 1st round picks to be readily available.

        Last year seemed to be a bit different and the 1st round was full of potential. Not sure that’s the case with this draft.

        Do you think the negotiations start at the very least with a 1st round pick, no conditions?

      • I’d still do it from pens perspective.

    • I would think a low first rounder to a contender and a good quality prospect would be fair.

  13. At the beginning of the year everyone was talking about Trouba and his lack of desire to sign long-term with Winnipeg. Is he an option over the summer for the Leafs to go after and if so what do you guys think the asking price is? Nylander or Rychel…and a first rounder?

    • Simon,

      Is the 1st rounder in this upcoming draft?

    • Simon, Trouba does not want to sign with a Canadian team. Time will tell if He changes his stance.

      Plus Winnipeg are also only accepting another Defenceman of same caliber as trade.

      Maybe Trouba also changes his mind and stay with Winnipeg. I really don’t care as a TML fan.

    • At the start of the year I suggested Gardiner and Kapenan for Trouba. Now I would not make that move

  14. Is it just me or do other Buffalo fans think that the Sabres should also be in the market for a goalie? Enough of the Kane and Gionta rumors – they are both playing decent. If we keep rolling we’ll need these guys. To keep rolling and keep rolling we need a solid goalie..

    Nilsson is UFA next year and Lehner isn’t showing he’d the goalie of the future and we haven’t signed him long term.

    • I’ve long thought Buffalo was a perfect fit for Fleury…but that Tim Murray wouldn’t be willing to give up on Lehner after surrendering a 1st for him.

  15. You won’t find a bigger Matt Murray fan than me but his recent usage is now somewhat suspicious…

    I wonder if they are trying to get Fleury to expand the number of teams he’s willing to waive his NTC for by making him a professional door opener.

    • Keeping him healthy so they can trade him?

  16. I’m sorry, but the idea that the Leafs would even think twice about trading William Nylander or JVR for Aaron Ekblad as hypothetically debated above is laughable. They would pull that trigger immediately, if they could ever be so lucky to have the opportunity.