NHL Rumor Mill – January 30, 2017

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Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar could be the Detroit Red Wings’ best trade chips.

Latest on the Red Wings plus updates on Kevin Shattenkirk, Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog in your NHL rumor mill. 

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James believes the next few weeks will determined if the Red Wings become sellers by the March 1 trade deadline. Pending free agent left wing Thomas Vanek could attract interest in the trade market. While Vanek has indicated how much he enjoys playing for the Wings, St. James suggests moving him at the trade deadline and bringing him back this summer via free agency. She also recommends moving goaltender Petr Mrazek if a reasonable offer emerges, and believes it’s time to unload either Tomas Tatar and Gustav Nyquist if possible.

THE DETROIT NEWS: Gregg Krupa believes it unlikely veterans Henrik Zetterberg, Niklas Kronwall and Fran Nielsen will agree to be dealt. He also advocates shopping Vanek if he’ll fetch a reasonable return. Ditto Tatar and Nyquist. Krupa also notes the Wings logjam in goal ”  should be examined for the best opportunity to hasten the pursuit of stars.” He considers all their defensemen to be expendable. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Zetterberg lacks a no-trade, but at 36 and with an annual cap hit of over $6 million through 2020-21, I doubt there’s much of a market for him leading up to the deadline. I don’t see Kronwall or Nielsen agreeing to move. The Wings could retain Vanek if they can re-sign him to a reasonable extension.

Tatar and Nyquist are their most valuable trade chips, as they’re not parting with promising players such as Dylan Larkin or Anthony Mantha. Tatar is a restricted free agent this summer but is also hampered this season by a nagging shoulder injury. Nyquist is under contract for two more seasons at $4.75 million annually. Given Jared Coreau’s solid play, Mrazek could be expendable, but there’s not much of a market for goalies right now. Only the Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues are in genuine need of help between the pipes.

STLTODAY.COM: Benjamin Hochman recently acknowledged the trade speculation swirling about Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. Given the club’s defensive struggles this season, however, he suggests that trading Shattenkirk could worsen their blueline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Blues improve over the next four weeks, they could retain Shattenkirk. If not, he could be shopped to address weaknesses elsewhere in the roster. Shattenkirk’s UFA status this season and the expense of re-signing him is the biggest reason why he could be moved at the trade deadline. 

BLEACHER REPORT’s Adrian Dater recently tweeted “After talking with sources in LA,at bare minimum it’ll take young, established D player and 1st round pick to get either Duchene or Landy (Landeskog)”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So no real reduction in the Avalanche’s asking price for either guy. Unless that drops significantly, I doubt we’ll see either guy moved by the March 1 trade deadline. 


  1. Sure hope Calgary can work a deal for Mrazek if he’s available. Cheaper, financially and trade wise, then Fleury and Bishop with another year at 4 million and will be a RFA at the end of this contract. Lets face it, he has had a poor year but it is not a stellar team anymore with no D. Calgary could give him a shop for the 3rd they will get back from Elliott plus maybe Mason Mcdonald for a future goalie for Detroit. Mrazek at only 24 years old could still be great!

    • I don’t think any team will want to touch Brian Elliott now. All he’s done is proven that when he’s not behind a really top notch D system he is an average goalie. The only way such a trade could happen is if Detroit takes Elliott with the intention to have him as the exposed goalie for the expansion draft.

      • Elliott is a UFA at seasons end. Calgary can dump salary somewhere else (Wideman? Bouma? Engelland?) in order for the cap to get Mrazek and then let Elliott walk into free agency unsigned. Worst case scenario, Calgary doesn’t want to carry 3 goalies and sends Elliott through waivers. Whether he gets claimed or not wouldn’t be an issue.

      • I think most people would consider Calgary’s D to be pretty solid. Giordano, Brodie, Hamilton, Wideman & Engelland. That’s a pretty solid top 5. Calgary sits 5th in the NHL for shot suppression. Not the D that’s the problem but otherwise agree with you. Elliott’s performance in Calgary gets him a back up roll making 2.5 or less down the road on a short term deal. 1 or 2 years.

        Brodie has been a train wreck this season.

      • I thought Calgary’s D was supposed to be top notch? I guess that makes Elliott an average goalie who had a couple good years with St. Louis…

      • By name Calgary’s D appears to be solid, by shot suppression Calgary gives up the 5th least shots per game but goals against they sit 18th so there is some what of a disconnect here.

      • Agree Brodie is the worst on the blue line and has definitely taken a step back in his development. It will be good riddance to Wideman…though I like him he’s a good D-man…I’m tired of the fans whining about the refs being unfair to the flames due to his presence on the team. It’s ridiculous. The flames D were crap over the first 15 games but except Brodie they’ve all picked there games up quite a bit. Gaudreau, Monahan and Bennett are very dissapointing this year. Bennett hasn’t grown in the slightest. At least when we were losing last season we had 6 guys having career years and we were scoring. The worst goaltending in the league was the unfortunate part. Yes Elliott has been horrible very quickly losing the game on the first 3 shots in most games but he seems to be getting better and Johnson is better then they expected. I don’t believe Calgary will be trading for a goalie unless they’re giving up next to nothing for it. I have a feeling they are going to ride these guys out. They do have an incredible pool of really good goalie prospects. Schneider and Parsons are playing great in the WHL and OHL and Gillies and Rittich are very solid for Stockton.

    • I don’t see Calgary going after Mrazek.

      • Ya Striker, it seems like more of the same for Calgary. Mrazek seems like a shot in the dark. Another guy who got hot for a while and now is struggling.
        I suppose if you don’t have to give up anything, but they really need some stability back there.

  2. Nashville can offer Ryan Ellis or PK Subban to Colorado for Duchenne and picks, prospects etc.. Worth discussing in the off season. If I were Colorado I go after Ryan Ellis!

    I wonder what it would take for the TML to acquire Ryan Ellis!?? Huhm?

    • Any trade involving the Leafs attempting to get a top 4 D will start with the other team wanting to pry one of the team’s young forwards (Marner, Nylander, etc) which should be a non-starter for the Leafs, although I wouldn’t mind losing Nylander if the incoming D is a good one. van Riemsdyk would be the best bet but he is a UFA at the end of next season.

      • The Leafs are not going to move Matthews, Marner or Nylander for a top four Dman.

        While none of them are going to get moved, moving Nylander could be particularly foolish given some statistical analysis has argued that he has been at least as effective as Marner.

        We’ll see what does get moved in the offseason.

      • If that’s a non-starter the likelihood of getting a good top 4 is also unlikely. JVR likely wont fetch a sold young top 4 unless that person is also on an expiring contract. Now leafs might be able to start peddling picks with the players they have… if a top 4 is available this years first combined with one of the B prospects like kapanen / bracco might be enough to convince teams. but leafs need a d with potential to be top pairing material and they don’t have that now or in the system… so it will cost them. Hell if that d was drafted instead of nylander or marner leafs might be in a much better position right now.

      • JVR has 17 goals in 47 games played this season – that’s a 30 goal pace, roughly tied for 30th in the league for goals scored.

        He’s not an expiring contract – in fact, he’ll have another year left after this year at a team-friendly $4.25 cap hit.

        You’re telling me you can’t get a top four D for that. So, in other words, he’s only tradeable for a bottom pair D. Or maybe a waiver-wire pickup? How about an AHL D? Is that what we can get for him?

      • Then again if the leafs don’t draft Nylander or Marner they may not be were they are as well. The leafs are getting better as the season goes on. Zaitsev just keeps looking better and better. He was fun to watch in the 4-0 flames loss to them and I’m a flames fan. Toronto is looking more and more like they are and will be better than Boston or Philly. I’m confident they will be there in the playoff spot at the end of the season.

      • Hockey, I agree with you but they’ve been incredibly lucky from an injury perspective, even factoring in Rielly going down just recently. And that’s key given how little depth they have.

        Also, they play wide open hockey – near the top in offense and bottom in defense – which isn’t going to work as well in the playoffs, which they have a 70% chance of making, with tight checking.

        I’m a Leaf fan, but I know what I’m seeing. We’ve had a hell of a run of luck, starting with Nylander then Marner then Matthews.

        Just look at Buffalo and you’ll see what I mean. They could have had McDavid plus Ekblad, just didn’t get lucky with the balls bouncing.

      • Dan. Your assessment of talent vs actual worth is very obviously covered by blue and white glasses. Jvr is a great player… BUT. D is worth so much more. Don’t get so snarky.

      • Chris, you don’t think he’s worth more than a bottom pair defender. Great, we’ll keep him if you turn out to be right. We can’t replace 20-30 goals at LW anyway.

      • Dan39 jvr is basically a one yr rental no way he doesn’t go for a home run on his next contract that’s why he won’t get as much as you think he will it’s pretty simple just take the blue and white glasses off

    • Why would Nashville trade Ellis? He has been the Predators best D It would leave them only 2 D that are really any kind of NHL regulars both Subban and Josi have been banged up this year and, and to top. It all off the contract I think Ellis 2.5 for the next 2 years after this one? I highly doubt Ellis is going anywhere. On to the next hockey card.

      • * only 3…

      • Add Ekholm to that list. Otherwise dead on. Nashville will be protecting 8 skaters. 4 of which will be Dman.

      • Hence *only 3
        Big thumb hit 2 by mistake

        Regardless I can’t see moving Ellis who I agree may be the best valued contract in the NHL.
        They are in the top half of the league offensively & Johansen and Jarnkrok shapes up as a good future 1/2 at C. This is still a relatively young team when you consider Arvidsson Fiala Kamenev… offence isn’t going to be an issue not sure I see a need to blow their brains out by a trade a great value D for an over priced F

      • Sorry Shticky didn’t extrapolate the correction properly. Got yeah. Agreed.

      • Taylor Hall got the Oilers Adam Larsson & JVR is no Taylor Hall.

      • Chiarelli dealt Thornton away for Sturm Stuart and Wayne Primeau, and Tyler Seguin for Eriksson.. Does that mean top line centres getting dealt for garbage returns?

    • Ellis may have the best contract in the NHL. 2.5 mil per for 2 more years after this season & has played as a top 3 Dman in Nashville for several years now. Nashville doesn’t need Duchene or Landeskog. God knows what Ellis’s agent was thinking when he signed that 5 year deal Oct of 2014.

      Arvidsson is just showing us glimpses of his future, Fiala is waiting in the wings, Jarnkrok will move into Roberio’s position next season, Kamenev & Aberg are waiting in the wings. Factor in the raises coming to Johansen & Arviddson both UFA’s & the kitty is bare. Although losing Smith or Wilson in expansion will open a 1 space in the top 9. Tons of D & G stud prospects coming as usual in Nashville.

      • Sorry that should read RFA’s.

      • You can add Josi and Ekholm on defense and Jarnkrok at forward to the crazy low contract list. I don’t know how Poile does it so consistently – he must secretly be a jedi. I still can’t believe how horrible a job Jarnkrok’s agent did last summer, but Ellis’ contract is possibly even more team friendly other than the remaining term.

        The thing I don’t get with the contracts from Poile is how he convinces the players to add a significantly reduced dollar year right in their primes. Josi’s last year in his contract drops from $5.25M to $4.0 WHEN HE WILL BE 29 and the second last year of Ekholm’s contract dips from $4.0 to $3.0 WHEN HE WILL BE 30 before jumping up to $5.0. Those contracts are at least $1M, maybe even $2M, undervalue per year to begin with. Poile is hands down the best contract negotiator in the league.

      • Yes he is. Rarely if ever overpays for anyone.

        It’s going to be very interesting to see how he addresses Johansen; 6 mil just to qualify, Arvidsson & Fisher this summer; I assume Fisher will take a short term deal 1 or 2 years at similiar monies, & Neal the summer following & then Ellis the summer after that.

        I have always maintained that Murray in Anh & Poille in Nashville are masters of achievement but no one rivals Poille in his ability to get maximum value out of his contract negotiations. Forsberg strteched him last summer & he was smart to get Ekholm locked up long term under 4 mil before he fully blossoms.

  3. Red Wings need to sell! Remember when they used to nick named the Dead Things? If they don’t start selling that’s where they are headed once again. They have players others would be interested in. The time is now!

    • Detroit will be selling but not much to sell. Vanek & Ott at the deadline. Smith is a UFA as well & no efforts have been made to sign so I assume he will be sent packing at the deadline as well. I assume Detroit will have to move Tatar & a bunch of other assets this summer to try & upgrade their D but they will be bidding with about 12 other teams minimum & the cost will be significant.

  4. I have the following teams in need of better goaltending now & certainly as keepers come expansion. Calgary, Carolina; made my thoughts about such a few days ago with MAF, Dallas, Philadelphia; ? no efforts have been made to resign either UFA goalie, & StLouis; now.

    Not a strong goalie market. Demand is low, supply is high especially with the expansion draft looming & teams only being allowed to protect 1 goalie. Returns are usually limited to a 1st round pick & a prospect at best. Varlamov returned a 1st & 2nd, Jones a 1st & a prospect, Lehner a 1st.

    • MAF makes sense in Buffalo…a reunion with coach Bylsma.(with whom he won a cup) This is a young team that is close and the goalies are young and average. A rejuvenated MAF helps them for a playoff push… The Avalanche also need a goalie (they can put Varlamov on long term IR) and have the cap space….Varlamov actually makes more than MAF… Dallas and Carolina also make sense. MAF for defense man Ron Hainsey

      • Lehner’s SV% for all goalies that have started at least 1/2 the lowest # of games played by any tea,. NYI, Ott being at 47 so I set 23 games min, Lehner sits 11th with a .920 SV% .002 out of the top 5. SV% isn’t a be all & end all but 1 of the few stats the try & compare goalies with.

        Considering Buffalo sits 2nd worst for shots against per game, again flawed as it doesn’t provide a reference to quality but it does start to paint a picture that goaltending isn’t the issue. Buffalo paid a 1st to get Lehner, injuries have been an issue but with expansion looming & teams only being able to protect 1 goalie I don’t see Buffalo as a buyer.

  5. Dan39,

    Who mentioned Matthews or Marner? Although there has been speculation regarding Nylander which, like you, I think is foolish. But the Leafs do need to address the back end and the best way to do this is to trade JVR for a young defenseman.

    • Steven can you be more specific? Which young Dman are you referring to. This is an extremely subjective term. Your perception of young & mine are unlikely to be even remotely close to 1 & other. Are you able to speculate as to who the target might be?

      If it’s Fowler, Vatanen, Savard, Brodin, Dumba, probably even Scandella, JvR isn’t getting it done; signed long term or not. Now if young is Pulock, Manson, C. Miller, his brother; TvR, the other Reilly, Beaulieu & numerous others a fit can be found far easier. If it’s a middling Dman with limited upside no more than a #4 or soft #3 tops, Stone, Emelin, De Haan, etc. A fit should be easy but this quality of Dman can be found on the UFA market if your willing to spend enough money to outbid everyone else interested.

      • Hey Striker,

        I was only responding in general terms to a previous post where Dan 39 was responding to somebody talking about trading a forward for a defenceman. I think they are all young; compared to me (haha).

        But in all seriousness, like you I think the defenceman the Leafs need may very well be on the UFA market and that JVR will probably not fetch a younger player like the names you mentioned.

        My overall point is this: the Leafs may only be able to address their defensive needs by trading JVR, if trading is the way they go, and might not like the return!

        I don’t like the talk I am hearing about trading Nylander! But maybe he is the only one who gets you one of the younger Dman you mention. Any thoughts?

      • Striker, you’ve grouped together a bunch of dissimilar defenders, included offense-oriented defenders. Now I understand that offense is becoming a key part of defending in the modern NHL.

        However, consider fit. What the Leafs need, in my estimation, is the piece to play alongside Gardiner and allow that pairing to take more defensive starts and handle some of the shutdown and PK minutes.

        The Rielly-Zaitsev pairing with expected continued growth is the top pair and is handling those minutes already.

        Gardiner – ??? is what needs to be filled in. Consider Gardiner, even though his possession share is excellent, he is primarily an offensive Dman. A good compliment would be a Manson-type defender.

      • Dan39. Yes I did on different teams different Dman by ranking might play different roles. This would bring me back to the unless discussions we have had about how do we even classify such. Toronto’s D needs all kinds of things & what most perceive as a true #1 or even solid shut down Dman don’t necessarily coincide. For me the easiest & cleanest way to decide what is a #1, 2, 3 etc is by TOI/GP. Then you factor in the other dynamics which start to blur this significantly. PP time, SH time quality of competition they are forced to play against etc.

        I tried to show 3 different groups by quality not specific skill sets but comparable potentially in cost to acquire.

        Sorry rushed for time at present & hard to clearly explain by text but could be covered off so easily over beers. ha-ha1

    • Steven, it consistently comes up, including in this very thread, and every time I hear the idea floated of Matthews, Marner or Nylander being traded I step in and denounce it.

      Neither Matthews, Marner nor Nlyander will be traded.

      In particular, trading Nylander could be selling low on an elite offensive talent.

      And I recognize that his 0.65 ppg ranks T-3rd in his draft class with Pastrnak, behind only Elhers and Draisatl. In the 2015 and 2016 draft classes, only McDavid, Marner, Eichel and Matthews have been more productive.

      A deeper dive into advanced stats suggest that on expected production, a better indicator of future points than points themselves – similar to how shots correlate better with future goals than past goals do – there’s an argument to be made that Nylander is an even better offensive talent than Marner.

      Whether you buy that analysis or not, if you’re the Leafs, you want a larger sample size on Nylander. Possibly even at center, where he has already played in Sweden and the AHL.

      On the other hand, we know what we have with JVR and for a variety of obvious reasons he’s likely to be the centerpiece of the package that gets moved for that top four D.

      • I am with you Dan39! Any suggestion of trading any of these young forwards is ridiculous. But I have seen plenty of discussion regarding Nylander. In talking to Striker he seems to think that JvR does not fetch a young defenceman. If not JvR; then who? Of those 3 Nylander is the one to go. But I am inclined to think that JvR may very well pry one of those young defenceman from a team like Anaheim who is loaded on the back end and capable of making a run. If the Leafs draft for more defence which is ok they will take too long to catch up with the crop of young talent the Leafs have up front. Great problems to have actually!

      • Steven none of the people here are GMs, nor will any of us become one. So it really doesn’t matter what anyone says about who’s getting traded or what they’re worth. They’re just opinions relax

  6. I did say to Striker that JvR would “probably” not fetch a young defenceman. And to you I said I think he could. I meant to say the same to Striker. He “might” not fetch a young defender but a deal with Anaheim and Toronto could see the Ducks need a forward for a playoff run and they may be prepared to offer up more for JvR.

    Remember they have several other good defenders and elite forwards like Perry, and Getzlaf to compliment adding JvR, a proven playoff commodity by the way (Philly 2010).

    I also think Lamoriello has the ability to pull off a great deal for JvR.

    • Lou could pull off a great deal or it could be the scouting team finding another asset or who knows – the blockbuster trades are the exception rather than the norm.

      Look at our current top four – Rielly was drafted; Gardiner was the prospect attached to the Beauchemin for Lupul trade; Zaitsev signed out of Russia; and Carrick being a throw-in when we dealt Winnik for a 2nd at the deadline.

      Look at any top four in the league, how many of those guys were drafted in the 1st round by their current team? very few. Most of them were acquired via trade, UFA, or came out of nowhere.

      • I agree that Lou could pull one out of the hat for JVR but realistically I look at what Edmonton gave up to just get Larsson.

        I think JVR stays a Leaf – unless he’s unloaded for a high draft pick – otherwise hold onto him and wait for the D market asking price to sink back down. He’ll still be cap friendly at this time next year and his modified NTC has already kicked in… Fact of the matter is The Leafs shouldn’t move one of their forwards for a D-man right now… Patience has worked well so far – why worry about winning The Cup this year – it’s not gonna happen…

      • I don’t think they’ll trade for a top 4 D this year. That’s just my guess, but I do like speculating…I like the Ducks as a partner, or the Isles. JVR for Hamonic also makes sense to me if it happened today. Isles need to turn things around and get that winger for JT. Still, doubt Lou gets what he wants for what he wants to give up, so probably sits tight.

      • Swiss, Chris, agree with you guys – Lou is 74 years old, don’t expect him to be caught in a fit of impulsiveness.

      • Hey Chris, As an Isles fan I have no doubt that Hamonic for JVR makes sense to you but I would never do that deal if I was the Isles GM. Hamonic is on a very good contract long term, has a lot of character and logs top mins for the Isles. I would be more open to moving De Haan, Hickey, or even Pullock for JVR. Both teams are going to have different valuations on these guys so there would likely be additional pieces moving back and forth. If I’m the Isles I’d be more inclined to see what Vanek would cost to play with Tavares.

      • Agree with Swiss. Acquiring a good D-man this season won’t get Toronto past Washington or Pittsburgh in the conference final so why give up any of the talent just yet.

      • Styxcanada: fair enough, I agree the value is probably off. Didn’t you guys already have Vanek playing with Tavares? I guess he might be the best of what’s around, but I’d look elsewhere…

      • @Styx What do you think of the news that the Islanders getting the boot out of Barclays Centre after 18-19

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Sharks offer up wardo, mueller and a first for landeskog. His style of attack and drive would be a much needed scoring punch for the sharks. Right now they just don’t have the offense up front. As an added bonus he’s skated with bodker before which couldnt hurt his numbers going forward.

    Im partial but that seems fair on both parts, the Avs get some pieces to rebuild, a character guy in wardo, and mueller will be a solid defensive player with regular ice time.

    • A 36-year old third line player in Ward, a number 5 D, and the 20-25th overall pick in a weak draft for Landeskog??? I hope that was a joke. The NHL would probably kick Doug Wilson out for even attempting to make an offer like that. Here’s Joe Sakic’s counter-offer: “Brent Burns for two rolls of toilet paper and half a Kit Kat…because that’s what you just offered me for Landeskog.”

  8. Damn Yogi!! You are now my best source for Isles related news 🙂 You’re certainly more on top of it than I am 🙂 Just read some of the news. Looks like they are going to be on the move again. I suspect they stay in NY area but move out of Barcleys.

    Will be a real blessing to see them move. The rink is a joke, terrible ice they have no interest in fixing, lots of blocked views. Second lowest attendance in the league in a relatively new facility.

    I like what I’m hearing about the new owners wanting to build a model franchise. They at least seem to be asking the right questions.

    For those thinking, hey now JT will be a Leaf, pack sand. He was very clear, again, at the all star break that he’s committed to the team, the area, and his team mates. The guy oozes character and isn’t going to run because it’s hard.

    • How many goals did Tavares have in his rookie campaign? Don’t think Leafs fans are jealous right now.

      • cant figure why people hate Leaf fans eh Dan?
        Hijack a thread, use a blog written by Leaf fans using wonky biased fringe adv stats as some sort of scientific evidence that Nylander is as good as Marner then trash another team all while acting like a team that’s made the playoffs 1 in 11 years is some kind of dynasty. Here’s an idea at least let’s wait and go a round or 2 deep before ya start chirping….how many points Tavares get his rookie year? Who cares how many Leafs have 6, 65 point plus or avgs .9 ppg over 8 seasons give you’re head a shake you really want to get in to some adv stats go look at Taveres career over a sample size of 511 games and compare that to some others around the league, quit acting like you know what your talking about. Indeed

      • http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/ranking-top-20-centres-nhl-numbers/

        I’m a Leaf fan and ya I’m jealous. doesn’t seem like Matthews is on this list yet and that’s some pretty good company, hopefully he gets there someday but he still has a way to go to be mentioned in that top group for that kind of sample size over that variety of numbers.

      • Hey Shticky!! Thanks for a great response 🙂 As an Isles fan it gets old hearing your favourite player is gonna bolt for the Leafs over and over again, even after he seems so clear. I’ll admit I engaged in a petty response at one point asking when Mathews was headed to the Yotes but generally I try not to be that guy.

        My Isles clearly have enough issues in the front office to frustrate any fan. I know the Leafs have gone through trials and tribulations as well so I have empathy for most of their fans. There of course remain a few who make it hard not to respond in a less than enlightened fashion 🙂

      • How much of a homer is dan39! Lol even fellow leaf fans are sick of his cherry picking stats! Geez

      • Leaf fans will be thrilled if Mathews ends up being as good a player as Tavares is. But Dan I think your stats are a bit misguided. I especially enjoy all your phenomenal stats on the greatness of your three young stars… You do realize the opportunity they’ve received is due to the barren roster you’ve had. There are many players who will play in the NHL from the last three drafts. I can assure you that the ones drafted by the leafs are not the only good ones. Let’s see how they all develop before we determine that Mathews, Marner and Nylander are clearly the best.

  9. Would Nyquist and Sheahan to COL for Landy work?
    or Nyquist Sheahan and a 2nd to COL for Zadarov and Grigorenko?

    Moves are to supply COL with some offense and depth while clearing cap space

    Would COL want Green in a trade with Nyquist for Landy?