NHL Rumor Mill – January 4, 2017

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Is Matt Duchene a more likely trade candidate than Gabriel Landeskog?

Latest on the Colorado Avalanche, Chicago Blackhawks and Toronto Maple Leafs in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Bob McKenzie telling Vancouver’s TSN 1040 that something’s got to give for the struggling Colorado Avalanche. He believes a trade is more likely, but declined to suggest which moves the Avs could make. McKenzie believes they’re considering all options.

While noting defense is a concern, McKenzie cautions that trading a core forward such as Gabriel Landeskog, Matt Duchene or Nathan MacKinnon to address that need could create a problem elsewhere in the lineup. 

McKenzie’s colleague Darren Dreger told Montreal’s TSN 690 he suspects Avalanche GM Joe Sakic is more inclined to move Duchene than Landeskog. He does note there was talk regarding Landeskog between Sakic and a Western Conference GM before last year’s draft lottery, suggesting a defenseman going to the Avs as part of a package, but the talk fizzled out.

Dreger doesn’t rule out a major trade for someone like Duchene by the March 1 trade deadline for the right collection of draft picks or young prospects. 

JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Yvon Pedneault reports Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin is monitoring the trade market for any potential depth to add to his defense or at center. Pedneault suggests the Avalanche could be an interesting target for Bergevin. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Avs have told teams not to ask about MacKinnon or promising Mikko Rantanen. He claims the asking price for Duchene is quite high. The Avs seek “legit young defencemen or defensive prospects.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene or Landeskog could be dealt by the March 1 trade deadline. However, there aren’t many teams with the depth in young blueliners with the cap space to take on either contract. Duchene’s annual cap hit is $6 million, Landeskog’s $5.5 million. As I’ve recently observed, the Carolina Hurricanes are the only team that suitably fits the bill, but there’s no certainty GM Ron Francis wants to part with any of his young blueliners. If either guy is dealt, I still think it’ll happen near the June draft. 

Friedman also reports the Chicago Blackhawks are seeking someone to play alongside center and team captain Jonathan Toews as winger Marian Hossa battles injury.

BLEACHER REPORT’s Adrian Dater reports via Twitter the Blackhawks are considering Avalanche right wing Jarome Iginla as a depth addition in case Hossa or another player is sidelined. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks don’t have a lot of cap space right now and Iginla’s cap hit is $5.5 million. They might have to wait until the trade deadline to squeeze him under their cap ceiling. 

TSN:  Darren Dreger wonders what could be in store for the Toronto Maple Leafs at the March trade deadline if they’re in contention for a playoff berth. Do they ship out key assets, such as forwards James van Riemsdyk, Leo Komarov and Tyler Bozak, for a return that bolsters their future?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Leafs are still jockeying for a playoff spot by March 1, I doubt they’ll ship out those guys. If anything, I could see them shopping for one or two affordable (in both salary and return) rental players. Should the Leafs decide to move those players, I suspect they’ll wait until the offseason when they’ll get a better return.  


  1. Regarding the Leafs. I sure don’t see them doing much. Why add a couple of veterans when the whole point is having the young players that are their future experience meaningful games. It’s not as if they will be contenders this year. If anything get younger if someone like Kapanen, Leipsic, Dermott, Neilson steps up with the Marlies. How much better would a veteran add be than Laich or Michalek?

    • Well I for one wouldn’t be against adding an affordable rental on D for some depth if they were in the race. I think for just about any team in any sport if you get down to the deadline and you’re in a race management needs to make a move even a small one to show the team that they are as committed as the players and kinda as a reward to the room with out messing to much with the chemistry. With that thought on chemistry and the way things have gone for guys like Greening Liach and Michalek I don’t think I’d be in much of a hurry to be inserting them back in to the line up just my 2 cents.

      • I would prefer Toronto stay the course & on plan, full rebuild, no short cuts to improve today’s team unless it fits long term. Brodin, Trouba, Fowler, etc.

        Out go Polak, Hunwick & Smith if able, like last season for draft picks & prospects, any of the players buried in the minors as well. By the deadline Michalek, Greening or Laich might have some depth appeal although the return isn’t really a factor just opening up the roster spot helps. Toronto has 47 NHL contracts under the 50 contract limit currently.

        Perhaps even 1 of van Riemsdyk, Bozak or Komorov go before the deadline as well. Only if the return justifies doing so, although like Lyle, I see those deals providing a better return in the off season but if the right deal comes along then jump on it. Like most I assume van Riemsdyk will be the player moved with other assets to get a solid top 4 2 way Dman.

        Don’t get pulled into giving up any tangible assets for short term help to make the playoffs or help the playoff effort. Toronto is in year 2 or 3 of the rebuild so 2 to 3 years from completion. Again please stay the course it’s a thing of beauty. The best rebuild seen to date in the NHL.

      • I’m not really talkin a top 4 D or anything just a rental depth guy, like I said more as a reward to a young team teaching them expectations this is what we do kind of idea. For the most part tho I agree just keep building I wouldn’t trade rentals st the deadline if they were in this same position as I think it sends a wrong message the return isn’t going to be great for Hunwick or Polak and I think the experience of a playoff race for the youth out weighs a couple or few late picks.

      • I see no reason that Polak & maybe even Hunwich don’t return 2nd round picks.

        I wouldn’t worry about the message. I think Shanahan made the message clear. Toronto is building for the future that isn’t today. If 2nd round pick or decent prospects can be acquired then I like that option better. Then resign Polak & repeat a 3rd time. Ha-ha!

        I hear you though, not being a Toronto fan it’s easier for me to say than someone like you that bleeds blue.

      • How will the expansion draft play into the trade deadline. Will the Leafs or any other teams have to get certain players in order to meet the requirements for games played and whatever else there is. Also will teams outside the playoff race look at basically giving away guys they aren’t going to keep so they can at least get some return.

      • @Shticky if we`re still in the race at the deadline, then it`s because of the kids. You wanna reward the kids, you start giving them the responsibilities of the job like Babs did with Matthews. On the ice the final minute protecting the lead. Bringing in a rental only if the goal is make the playoffs. Time to see what some of the kids can do on defence. You got Corrado, Loov, Holl, need to see what they can do. If they can`t, move them

      • Nah I’d ease some of the other D in the same way it’s going now I’d pick up a rental that I could have some confidence in spelling Hunwick or Polak that’s not named Marinicin or Corrado. 7,8 or 9 rookies is enough in one line up I wouldn’t want to go full on AHL team going in to the playoffs. Give the guys that are currently on the team a taste reward them hopefully pick up a couple wins but don’t over do it. Something cheap and affordable but can still be considered an NHL player. I could careless if they traded Corrado tomorrow or lost him on waivers I think it kinda sucks for both keeping him around.

      • There`s no big deal losing Carrado or Loov to waivers. Never was a fan of Marincin, but there might be a surprise in one of them. Look at Gauthier, I think he`s exceeding everybody`s expectations. Not only on face offs but showing he`s got better hands around the net than was expected. He`s takin the no.1 face off job away from Bozak a lot quicker than they thought. All because he got a chance, the amount of rookies they play each game doesn`t seem to matter realy. Last spring they said Toronto had the best farm team in the NHL by a country mile and it`s definitely showing now.

  2. Dreger clueless as usual as to Lou’s plans, but Lyle is on the money.

    I expect the Leafs to hang onto the players mentioned if they are in close contention come the trade deadline as they are now, two points back from the aimless Bruins with three games in hand.

    Management has signalled as much, speaking about the value of that high pressure game experience in development.

    If they are out of contention, a number of deadline returns have been hypothesized in the media:

    -JVR (more likely in offseason)

    -Bozak for 2 x 2nds (very different player but comparable return to Eller)

    -Komarov for a 1st (Perron return)

    -Shoshnikov plus a late pick for a 3rd (Prince trade return)

    -Hunwick for a 3rd (Weber return) as a depth/PK option

    -Polak for a 2nd

    Note the Leafs have a top ten PK and Hunwick / Polak log big minutes on it.

    • I am a Toronto fan and I don’t think Leo is getting a first. I don’t think they will trade Sashnakov (sp?). I’m also not sure that they trade JVR at all, I would try to re-sign him. Good player, underrated.

      • Problem with re signing JVR is he doesn’t do enough to warrant the 6.5 to 7 mill he will want maybe get? Doesn’t kill penalties..defensively just there…he is a tweener and I think you can find better ways to spend that kind of cash…look at recent deals for Pomminville, Okposo, Bobby Ryan..way way overpaid for what they produce..

      • No idea why or what you would be expecting from trading Shosnikov, very good very affordable young third line type player who is good depth…let’s trade him for a pick that will likely never make the NHL?
        A lot of this doesn’t make much sense sorry Dan seems like you’re making trades just for the sake of making trades not sure I agree with any of your values here.I really doubt Komarov is getting a first and or more than Bozak as much as I don’t like Bozak, Bozak is going to be worth well more than Polak. I’m not sure I see Polak being worth that much if any more than Hunwick I don’t care for either but out of the 2 bottom pairing D I think I take the one who can skate (Hunwick) over the guy who gets walked around more than most lamp posts…those values are a mess.

      • I think Dan is close on most. Never underestimate the ability of a GM with cup aspirations to over pay for a player come the trade deadline especially at D. Murray moved from SJ to Pittsburgh a few years ago for 2 2nds. Winnik to Pittsburgh for a 2nd & 3rd.

        Don’t see any point in moving Shoshnikov.

        There not that far off & some are spot on. They are certainly reasonable expectations.

        Polak isn’t fun to play against, he does exactly what he’s paid to do based on his abilities & skill set. He hits, blocks shots, clears the crease & kills penalties. At 2.25 mil for 1 year he’s decent value & has already returned 2 draft picks from SJ. Yes Spalling was part of that deal but Polak was the key asset moved that brought back that 2nd & 3rd.

      • Explain to me how Bozak is anything like Eller? As I said I’m no Bozak fan but he has nearly 3 50 point seasons and is on pace for another this season Eller has how many seasons OVER 30 points? None? How many goals/points Komarov got? What’s his face offs like? Both kill penalties who takes more draws on the D zone? Lol no I don’t agree at all on Dans values and again Im not a Bozak fan but to say he is worth a little more than Polak (5/6D) or Komarov? Guys like that are spare parts to most teams, I know everyone loves. Uncle Leo but…I’m not so sure about that.
        I don’t agree you can go thru player x got 2 2nds so player y is worth 2 2nds especially when they aren’t really comparable other than maybe some of the minutes they play. I think a things (hockey player or anything else for that matter) value is only what someone is willing to pay for it that’s it. Do I think Larsson was worth Hall? Absolutely not but he was to the Oilers do I think that because 1 guy jumps off a bridge does that mean I should? No

      • Ellen is way better in his own end than bozak that’s why the caps got him

      • As I said BBB I’m no Bozak fan and am not trying to overvalue him in anyway I’ll admit Eller is likely better in his own end, but that’s just 1 aspect of a players game just like we can agree maybe Eller is better in the D zone but Bozak is the better player in the ozone and it’s not even close that’s what I am getting at it BBB depends on what a team is looking for when it comes to the value of players. I’m not sure you can say Eller got 2 2nds do Bozak is worth 2 2nds they are not even close to comparable other than they play close to the same kind of minutes. Team interested in adding some offence might give up more for Bozak than Eller just like the Caps liked Eller for his play in his own end over Bozak.

      • I didn’t say anything about a return. But from what the insiders were saying before they couldn’t give away bozak but it all depends on team needs

      • Just go back & look at all the picks expended at the trade deadline over the last 5 years. teams throw picks around like candy.

        The whole league is structured on comparables, what player x returned, is paid, etc. That’s life especially in the NHL.

        Bozak is more offensive than defensive but is a decent #2 C option. Not the same player as Eller who is far more proficient as a checker but the return should be similiar or even nominally better potentially. Eller had more term than Bozak will this summer & that factors in some how.

        A ton of teams would love to have Komorov. Just a ton of intangibles there.

        Again Dan’s values aren’t out to lunch as you imply. Most are very close or dead on. So many factors into tdays trades not the least of which is cap hit & term. Komorov provides a solid 3rd line option who can play top 6 if necessary & has a ton of heart. he might return a 1st if even moved. He is a Babcock favorite & may be resigned.

      • A guy with 0 seasons over 30 points is not comparable to a guy who is one of the leagues best face off guys and is a 40 point plus a season player he’s just not and yes as far as bargaining for contracts maybe there are use in comparable s but I doubt GMs at phoning around for comparable players when talking trades at a dead line. A players value in a trade is what a team is willing to pay for him, that’s the whole reason you see differences in value depending on the time of year. There are no set values so how do you expect set comparable? A guy at the deadline is going to have a different value than a guy July 3rd.
        It might be tough for a fantasy guy to wrap his head around but….
        Again Larsson to the Oilers was worth Hall I sincerely doubt most other GMs were willing to give up one of the leagues top winger for him there is no real comparable. If Shero phoned the Caps Canucks or stars and said trade ya Larsson for Ovie Sedin Benn how do you think those conversations go?

      • I think when dealing with a team Leafs or not and trades the value of a player is based more on what he brings to his own team than comparable around the league. Halls value was reduced because of Lucic it made him the most expendible to achieve what they were loking for. i think if
        you go thru it that’s how you define value, right now I think if you looked at the Leafs it would go somewhat in this order Nylander (not saying they would move him just I don’t believe he is “untouchable” as much as the other 2) JVR Kadri/Bozak Komarov Hunwick Polak. I don’t think imo the Leafs would accept less for Bozak than they would get for moving Komarov or Polak or why trade him? You’re not gaining anything it’s trading down. It’s like moving Shoshnikov for a 3 Rd round pick it’s a sideways move at best. Trades are great and all and yes they are rebuilding but I don’t think that a rebuild is going to be successful just making trades for the sake of making them these guys may mean more to the team than just dishing them off for more picks and prospects. At some point you are going to need NHL players as well.

    • After last years cup final I don’t think the Leafs could give Polak away. The Penguins speed turned him inside out. They specifically targeted him because he is terrible at hockey. That’s why the Sharks could get him out of town fast enough. Any team who would pay a second for him is incompetent.

      • @Deeeeeeee strange Pitts couldn`t burn him this year. Polak seems to be one of the better penalty killers in the league this year. He still has his purpose and value

      • Conditional pick maybe a third at best but you’re right he is depth at best no one is going to be beating down any doors for Polak, he isn’t getting any faster and I’m not sure the fact that he is a D that kills penalties helps his value much at all there are other bottom pairing guys who do the same.

      • ya Yogi normally You and I agree but I think there maybe some merit to some of the overvalue arguments here as much as I don’t wanna admit it lol

      • Shticky I wasn`t really trying to put a value on Polak. Deeeeee keeps trying to remind people that he had a bad series against Pitts. This year you put Polak on a different team, with different players you get a different result. I know that Polak on the trade market won`t fetch much, but he`s not as bad of a defenseman as some people think.

    • Your dreaming, komorov for a first lol. Thats just funny. Last year percel/ shultz netted third round picks.another leafs fan continously over valuing their middle of the pack players

      • I have no idea where this fascination with some Leaf fans and third line players came from maybe it’s the nick name or the silly moustache he has sported but I agree Komarov is no where near a first round pick. Maybe a late second….maybe at best to a contender package him up with a depth D man get a late second and a maybe type prospect.

  3. I think Tyler Bozak would be gone already if they had a taker..just so soft…as for JVR…I’m not so sure his value will be any higher in the off season..great salary.

    • I kinda agree on Bozak, but besides that I think Lyle pretty much nailed it, outside a couple guys most of what the Leafs have to deal have are shorter contracts making them easy to move in the off season and likely increasing their value especially around the draft and UFA season when some teams get more of an idea what they are looking at for cost in terms of adressing some more pressing needs via free agencey. JVR with his cheap 1 year remaining deal would look pretty good compared to trying to address a top 6 wingervia UFA if your a team that’s tight to the cap this season but with more space the following year, trade for him at the draft and can later sign the extension. There is value in that. Allows you to get under the cap a little easier for 1 more year.

      • yeah that makes sense…guess would also change the dynamic for the protected list come the expansion draft…
        Just funny… 2 years ago the Blue Jackets were talk of the league..and were picked as contenders for the following year and flopped…they are back again..barring absolute superior talent the teams that play their systems succeed…no one can tell me that Jackets team is loaded with talent..some good talent yes ..but not this good

      • Agree on the Blue Jackets, their shooting % is really high, their save % is really high.
        Bob has proven to be a premier tender, so that can continue, but the shooting %?
        The PP is where they are absolutely killing it with a 19 yr old rookie QB. Looks like a great pick so far.
        Are they a true Cup contender? too early to tell, but vastly improved for sure.
        Torts should get some credit as they have bought in to the system.
        The GM Kekalainen should too for drafting Werenski and the trade for Seth Jones.
        Build from the back out…

  4. IF the Av’s wait until the trade deadline it will be too late for this year (might be already) .Duchene needs to move on but they will need to take some salary back in a package deal involving a young defence man. They are paying Iggy as a top six which hurts and they are definitely missing Johnson.

    • Colorado is 17 points out of the last wild card spot in the west. I can assure it is to late, although not mathematical eliminated they would need to play over .750 to have even the slightest hope. This team as constructed wasn’t making the playoffs.

      Not sure why anyone was expecting them to. The only team currently worse on paper than Colorado is NJ but at least Colorado has a pretty solid pipeline of prospects coming, NJ has some but not many. This team has 4 forwards; Duchene, Landeskog, MacKinnon & Rantanen; a rookie, 3 Dman, Johnson, Barrie & Zadarov; just a kid with 89 games on NHL experience spread over 3 season since entering the NHL & 2 stop gaps in Soderberg & Beauchemin.

      Varlamov would be a decent goalie as he has shown in the past if Colorado had any NHL caliber talent after the group mentioned above. Most of the remaining players on this roster wouldn’t make almost any team in the NHL especially on D.

      I had Colorado to finish 11th in the west. I had Vancouver 14th, Arizona 13th. I had Calgary & Colorado as a coin toss at 12 so off on both substantially at least currently. Even with this brutal roster I had Colordao to be better. Injuries to Johnson & Landeskog have been a factor & I didn’t expect Soderberg or Iginla to be this bad. I also thought Colbourne would help; he hasn’t, & that Grigorenko might make a nominally better contribution than he has.

      • Wow, I am a casual reader of this comments section and this is the 15th time I have seen you say YOU had Colarado as 11th in the west. Why do you even bring that up? Who are you that anyone should care where you rank anything? You’re a guy who comments on another guys website. You’re not the god of hockey who predetermines what team ends up where. I bet you had the Blue Jackets as 11th in the East. How did that work out for you. If you want to make long winded comments that people stop reading after the second paragraph then go nuts but please spare us your arrogance in thinking anyone cares where YOU rank something.

      • Wow Deeeeeee
        That’s a little rude to say the least.

      • Not rude at all deeee striker babbles about everything and doesn’t understand a lot

  5. I don’t think the Leafs need to be too worried about adding at the deadline either. They need to stick to the plan. Getting young players more experience is the key. Let them determine their own playoff fate whether in or not. No better learning experience either way for them in my opinion. In fact if they get in they could be dangerous with expectations being what they are!

    • Well said Steven.. this year is a learning curve it would seem. Management made a decision to let the young guns show them what the can absorb through learning the system and become the Team that they envision being. I for one am happy to stand pat and play out the year! The team is raw with talent, enthusiasm and are prone to make mistakes. So be it. Leafs brass is at least realizing that the new NHL is changing and more skill and speed is tantamount to the way the game is played.

      I would like our current veterans to audition for their next contract to be with the team.

      There will be opportunities to upgrade our Defence and only cost $$ and identifying a fit for both parties. We have the personnel on paper for long term success already.

      I hope that by the time the core turns 25 , we will already have a balanced team of youth and veterans to compete for the holy grail!

      That’s my personal expectation and not pie in the sky and am happy that the majority of us is in this message board is in agreement.

      • I wonder if Babcock thinks of moving Reilly to forward? The guy is terrible in his own end looked like a fish out of water last night, what was he minus 3 or 4?

      • Bigbadbruins..is that for real? are you joking? haha you think he should consider moving Rielly to forward….?

      • Wonder if the Flyers move Ghost Panthers move Ekblad Preds move Josi, how many time did the Sens move Karlsson to forward? He is a 22 top pairing D he is going to make some mistakes lol good idea don’t have a great top pairing so move your best, the only guy who could remotely be considered a top guy up to forward and play 2 worse d as a top pair…that should fix it.

      • Reilly isn’t close to a top pairing dman I know you leaf fans like to over value every player but cmon you can’t tell me that he isn’t bad in his own end it’s not debatable

      • So what do you suggest BBB Babcock should be playing as his top pair? Gardiner and Carrick? Think Hunwick and Polak don’t get lit up 5 on 5 by top lines?Think they are better? ill take Babcocks opinion over yours as to who the top D is in Toronto I’m pretty sure he would find your asessment debatable thanks tho.

      • Rielly is just a kid playing as the #1 Dman on 1 of the youngest worst defensive teams in the NHL. He will be fine. He will learn, get better & is a stud in the making. Kadri, the entire van Riemsdyk; goat on the 5th goal I believe it was Carlsson he had but let go, Bozak & Marner line struggled.

        30 Gm’s would disagree with you. Asking Rielly to play as a #1 Dman against the other leagues best players having just turned 22 is a testament to his abilities.

        Bigbadbruins you make yourself look pretty foolish making such comments. You can’t even beleive this BS your spouting out. Have you been drinking already or just hard on the pipe?

      • This coming from the guy who also thinks Krug is a top pairing dman! Give it a rest striker maybe try watching the games instead of flying all over the place say you watch them live! And don’t spew your crap about how many games it takes a dman to develop which you Carry over from the 80s! You are so behind the times of the new NHL it’s not funny Reilly is bad defensively sure he could improve a bit but he will never be good in his own end! Good offensively but weak in his own end

      • reilly currently, is a #3 in general or #2 with a stay at home defenceman so i agree w/ bigbadbruin but obviously he was being sarcastic. i even thought why not try also lol i do it with any dman interested in goals rather then defense

        he is improving, is young and will be a good to great #2 dman (#1 being a shea weber)
        all these young kids go north – south full speed and they will eventually learn to play slower and in position

    • Agreed, stay the course & what happens happens. they might surprise regardless.

  6. Duchene to Montreal for Sergachev, 1st rounder and 2nd rounder, Plekanec (salary going the other way – can be exposed to expansion draft. Sergachev is blue chip but the Habs window is the next couple of years and Duchene is signed through 2018-19. Provides Habs with legit 1st and 2nd line centres and should help the PP.

    • Dargs, the more I think about your post the more it makes sense. Not sure you could convince COL to take Plekanec back as he is not a guarantee to be picked by LV and that is an ugly contract for a struggling team.
      But it is definitely a good starting point.

      • Pleks is a $5m cap hit next year, so it’s a little more palatable. Even rebuilding teams will have to reach the cap floor, and he is still a reliable checking forward at least.

    • I like Duchene to Montreal but I still think Minnesota or Anaheim would make more sense. They have the prospects on the blue line that would help Colorado. Duchene would thrive, I think, playing for Bruce Boudreau.
      Not sure how the cap situations would be resolved though.

      • Ya, those are definitely options, but it depends on which D goes back to Colorado and they are more attractive than Sergachev, a first and a 2nd.
        Lindholm, yep, in a hearbeat I take him as he is more of a sure thing, young and signed long term.
        Fowler, nope unless you can agree on a reasonable contract extension ahead of time.
        Not sure any of the remaining D Minny or ANA have and would be willing to trade would top the package Dargs laid out. While Sergachev is no sure thing, his ceiling is a #1 and the floor should be a 2 or 3 at worst. Has all the skills.

      • I can see Sakic wanting to move Duchene out of harms way, so any Min or Ana deal I think would have to be a bit better Montreals. Min up against the cap so any deal with them would almost have to be dollar for dollar. I do think the Mont trade has some merrit

      • duschene is a french name..done deal if montreal pays large

  7. If I’m the leafs mgt the way I’d look at trades would be the following.
    – Continue to move out depth players like Polak/Hunwick for picks and cap relief
    – Move Bozak/JVR for prospects and/or better picks, if we got real lucky a solid 3-4 Dman.

    If a young legitimate no. 2D was out there, then and only then would I consider offering someone like Nylander and brown in a package. It won’t happen, but just saying imo what it would take.

    • Your dreaming nylander for a young number 2… Seth jones went for johnason. Hall for larrson. Defence is at a premium and no gm will be doing the shanaplaners any favors.?the linholm/nurse/troubas would cost nylander and a first minimum. Hes unproven. Youd be lucky to get dion back for that return lol

      • Again the Stars D is kinda weak like the Oilers, you think they trade Benn for Larsson or a D? Using Larsson for Hall as an example of the value of anything is more dim than the original post if you read Joseph comment he said A package of Nylander plus something else for another young D and he also said it was unlikely. Do you honestly think that that the Oilers do that deal without knowing Lucic was going to take his spot? So doesn’t it make it kind of like saying it was the Oilers second choice of a left winger for Larsson? I think it’s a pretty safe bet that if they didn’t have or know about Lucic they would never have considered Hall for Larsson.

  8. If the rumors or implied return Sakic may be looking for are true, numerous teams other than Carolina fit the bill for Colorado. If Sakic is after a young promising blue liner, similiar in age a contract term any of the following teams would be able to make something work.

    All just pure speculation based on salaries & term that could be made to work. Not saying any are happening just that way more possible scenario’s than just Carolina. Factor in that all teams will be losing at least 1 player in expansion if not more, the side deals worked out with Vegas so they don’t select a specific player.

    Anaheim, Vantanen. I would include Fowler but facing UFA status he may not wish to resign in Colorado. Under 1.2 mil to balance out cap hits less if Landeskog as opposed to Duchene to make a deal between these 2 teams work. This also solves a expansion draft protection issue for Anaheim.

    Arizona could easily make the monies work & might have a young Dman that could appeal to Colorado maybe even 2. Murphy, Stone; as a UFA, in sign & trade, trade & sign or futures should he not resign. Perhaps they include more than just 1 Dman. Might they return Wood or send DeAngelo in a package with a pick?

    Dallas. Would a young Dman like Lindell; going to be a stud 2 way Dman, & something appeal to Colorado they have a ton of cap space next season, a bunch of bodies to replace but Sharp, Hudler & Hemsky all come off the books so Duchene would be a great fit & 1 of Lehtonen; I assume him, or Niemi will be bought out & Dallas has a bunch of young Dman none of which are expansion draft exempt!

    Minnesota. Pick a Dman they have 5 stellar options & are rumored to be looking for scoring help. Brodin & Zucker? Their combined salaries are over the 6 mil Duchene makes.

    Your team Montreal. They look to be losing Emelin or Beaulieu in expansion. I assume Emelin. Might they move Beaulieu & Gallagher + for Duchene? They can squeeze it into this years cap depending upon the +. It fits next years cap.

    NYI. They could easily make it work now & moving forward. They have yet to put Grabovsky on LTIR & have over 4 mil in cap space now. Duchene would look good playing with Tavares. De Hann, 1 of the current stud prospects; Barzal, & a solid pick?

    I could list numerous other options, my point is that there are many options. I do agree with you though that these types of deals rarely happen mid stream but they do happen, although rare & there are probably 10 teams that could take on a Duchene or Landeskog now if so inclined to make that significant a deal. The cost to acquire each is substantial both in quality of players who will carry there own significant salaries.

    This is all just pure speculation & not to say any of these deals will happen. Just greenlighting to make a point.

    • Not sure why Dallas would want Landeskog or Duchene and NO way they trade away Lindell. Going to be a stud 2 way Dman? Why would you trade that? The issue that Sakic has is as good and young as these guys are the return that he wants is not there. It takes two to tango. .

      • I don’t disagree with you just greenlighting & my point was numerous possible scenario’s not just Carolina so provided several hypothetical options.

        Dallas is going to need help at forward next season & it makes sense to move a Dman from the core of young 1’s they have. I don’t trade Lindell if I’m Dallas. That said I only move any Dman if I have no choice, have a serious need else where or receive an offer simply to good to refuse.

        Not sure any of the other Dman Dallas might move would return much of anything. How much value do Nemeth, Johns or Oleksiak carry? I wouldn’t think very much at all are expansion draft eligible.

    • I don’t think Dallas will be trading any of the defense they like pretty sure they realize how hard it is to get dmen! I think the habs will have a lot of interest in matty d, they’re still winning games and missing 5 starters. Duschene would fit nicely with max on the 2nd line behind galchenyuk,radulov. I think the starting point would be juulsen,mcniven and a first

  9. Just saw on the leafs shop that JVR jersey’s are reduced….to the same amount as Lupul and Phaneuf jersey’s…a sign of things to come perhaps?

    Unfortunately Matthews jersey’s are still full price 😉

    • Could be! Check the Ducks shop to see if there any reductions there. A discounted Fowler jersey would be nice!?

      • I think that’s how hockeybuzz formulates their rumours.

    • He changed his jersey number. 21 was retired.

  10. How about N.Juulsen,T.Plekanec,
    1st 2017,1st 2018,2nd 2018 For M. Duchene
    Does it do it?

    • Tony, if I’m Colorado, I won’t want to get Pleky in any form. I would probably ask for Beaulieu, Juulsen, 1st 2017, 1st 2018 for Matt Duchene.

      Or even go has high as replacing Juulsen by Sergachev.

  11. Vancouver claimed the wrong player. They should have claimed Rattie not Boucher. Curious to see what Rattie may be able to do if anyone ever gave him a real opportunity to play a scoring role. Boucher? Put a fork in him. No loss rolling the dice o such players if you can make them fit your 23 man roster.

    I thought Rattie would be a decent 3rd line RW with some 2nd line abilities occasionally as injuries warranted at the NHL level. He played well in the WJc’s & Can Rus Challenge coming out of the W.

    • The Canucks made the right choice taking Boucher over rattie in there position. Rattie might come into his own but right he’s not NHL ready

      • Rattie was drafted 5 years ago. If he’s not ready soon he never will be, same for Boucher, both were drafted in 2011, Rattie 32nd, Boucher 99th. The big difference is Boucher’s been given a chance by NJ, numerous chacnces with quality linemates & PP time, Rattie has never been given that chance.

        Other than Boucher’s 1 big Jr year his final season in the AHL, Rattie has scored more & more consistently at every level & was selected to play in the WJC’s & Can Russia Challenge, the reason he was selected 2 rounds higher. Pedigree shouldn’t matter but it is part of the equation. If Boucher can’t crack NJ’s roster that’s a problem. I can understand how & why Rattie can’t crack StL’s. He’s not a checker & no room at the inn for another scoring forward in StL..

        Obviously the players have flaws we can’t see. Character issues, lack of heart, what have you. Really both are borderline NHLer’s who have several more lives left but father time is catching up with them. If they are going to pop they better do so soon or Europe or Russia beckon.

      • Do you not read the comments? I said in there position they could use some grit and rattie won’t supply that

      • Not sure why a team that’s 3 points out of the last playoff spot in the west and near the bottom of the league in goals needs all that grit that mighty 5 foot 10 190lb Boucher provides but….lol

      • It’s tough to watch a guy who spends most his time AHL. Bbb but I’m sure you are likely an Albany Iver Rat season ticket holder or a pro scout of some sort flying all over the US and Canada watching games, I’ll sleep easy tonight knowing despite his 12 penalty minutes so far his in NHL career along with being the size of a 17 year old boy suggests Reid Boucher is in fact “gritty” and just what the Canucks need because after all you never miss a game.

      • I’m sure a great coach like yourself could see how the Canucks lose a lot of puck battles and since you’re so good at googling google boucher in puck battles

  12. Bruins placed Khudobin on waivers. Think anyone claims him? Has been good in the past if anybody needs backup help.
    Mcintyre call up? Has been outstanding in Providence. Subban has been better of late too.
    Question for Bruins fans – do you bring up Subban to keep Mcintyre playing regularly in the AHL, or bring up Mcintyre as he has been hot?

    • I haven’t looked at his numbers or seen him play this year, so if he’s not the same guy he was the past few years…ignore this, but…

      I’d like for the Pens to claim him if they intend to trade Fleury this season.

      That’s a solid backup for Murray. I would have kept Condon, but that ship has sailed. Khudobin would be fine.

    • Mcintyre. The less exposure Subban receives the better chance he’s not lost in expansion, although I think Vegas would select Mcquad or K. Miller 1st as there are going to be some stud young goalies available. Not an ideal scenario for either to be sitting for extended periods of time in the NHL as only a years difference in age Mcintyre; 24, being 14 months older but Subban; 23, will get to play a ton in the minors if Mcintyre comes up.

      Maybe Boston has plans for a different back up?

      • Good point about stashing Subban Striker. Still think if he can play regularly and stay healthy he could be a legit starter as from what I hear he is as athletic as they come.
        A different backup? Never know but doubt it.
        Your point of it not being an ideal scenario is bang on, if they get another backup, same problem.
        If he doesn’t get claimed you can bring him back up to get Mcintyre more action. He is on a serious run right now.
        Maybe they move Rask?

    • McIntyre will be brought up.
      Khudobin might get claimed. He has a decent contract one more year.
      Not very surprising move he hasn’t been as good as last time he was in Boston. I know he did have a better defense.

  13. I believe there is a possible fit for a Landeskog for Olli Maatta deal.

    Maatta, a first or second round pick and a lesser prospect like Dominik Simon to the Avs for Landeskog WITH the Avs paying $1.55 M of his cap hit to make him a $4 M a year AAV cap hit for the Pens, thus the inclusion of the high pick.

    Landeskog becomes the long term replacement for Kunitz and Maatta pairs with Erik Johnson on the Avs top pair for the next decade.

    • Landeskog has a 6 million dollar cap hit. And who is going to take Maattas place on defence? The Penguins have the best rookie sniper in the AHL right now and he will be a full time top 9 NHL player by next season and so will Daniel Sprong and Oskar Sundqvist. The money they save from those 3s ELCs they will need to re-sign Shultz, Dumoulin and Pouliot. It’s possible the Penguins can ice a team next year that is a contender and has some cap space for once.

    • Fart noise.

    • Interesting, but surprising comment because most speculation has had Pittsburgh looking to acquire a defender (e.g., Trouba), not to deal one. If the deal were made this season, who might play defense for the Penguins? A look at their AHL team’s roster shows likely career AHLers, and some news reports say the Penguins have soured on Pouliot. Have they also soured on Guentzel and Sprong as possible Kunitz replacements?

      • This would be a draft day deal were it to happen.

        The other Maatta deal I thought of was to get Lovejoy with the Devils paying half his cap hit and a high pick for him, so that would be a deal that could help them this year and be a deadline type deal.

  14. The 3 names MTL should be targeting off the Avs roster are: Mikhail Grigorenko, Patrick Wiercioch and Rene Bourque. All 3 of these guys are affordable cap hits that I don’t imagine fit much into the Avs future plans. All 3 of them can be easily replaced by younger, cap friendlier options on ELC’s or hungry kids from the AHL.

    MTL doesn’t have the Cache of assets to surrender to add a Duchene or Landeskog. Any names they’d have to surrender would be ones they’re not interested in parting with. The asking price would be lower for those guys. More affordable all around.

  15. As always Gentlemen have a great day. Going to watch a ton of hockey starting with Rus/US in 45 mins.

    We are with out laundry at the new house currently; house still isn’t finished & won’t be for months, we took a quick closing date on the sale of our other house, as the offer was to good to refuse, so will be helping the wife out by going to the laundromat & watching there.

    Now don’t get crazy I have a plan, it’s her birthday on the 10th so I thought it would be nice to do well she’s at work & kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I’m sure me washing & drying everything together will mean I won’t have to do again anytime soon. Ha-ha!

    Enjoy the games. Go Canada.

    • Thanks for reminding me of the game today.
      Go USA

  16. Colorado shouldn’t move any of the big three.
    They are all young and have decent contracts.
    Better off unloading the veterans like Iginla and Soderberg.
    Move guys out who are over 28 and aren’t part of the future.