NHL Rumor Mill – January 6, 2017

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Jordan Eberle’s slide down the Edmonton Oilers’ depth chart is sparking some trade speculation.

Latest on the Edmonton Oilers, Ottawa Senators, New York Rangers, Florida Panthers, Detroit Red Wings and Vancouver Canucks in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK:  Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Darren Dreger’s appearance yesterday on Edmonton’s TSN 1260 discussing the status of Edmonton Oilers’ forwards Jordan Eberle and Benoit Pouliot. Eberle’s fallen down the OIlers’ depth chart, while Pouliot’s inconsistency remains an issue.

Dreger noted Eberle’s been the subject of trade speculation over the last couple of years. While the asking price was always high, perhaps his recent decline could change that. However, Dreger feels that doesn’t mean the Oilers are willing to trade him unless the value is there.

As for Pouliot, Dreger said he checked into his status about six weeks ago. Back then, the Oilers were willing to be patient as they liked his upside. Given the lack of improvement in his play, perhaps their opinion has changed. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Oilers are willing to move Eberle or Pouliot, their respective contracts are significant stumbling blocks. Eberle is earning $6 million per season, Pouliot $4 million annually. The opinion among some observers regarding the latter’s trade value is they doubt the Oilers can even give him away at this point. I don’t think the Oilers are ready to give up on Eberle yet, though if there’s a suitable market for his services, I think they’ll listen to offers. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently reported Senators general manager Pierre Dorion was expected to talk trade with his fellow GMs in Montreal to follow the World Junior Hockey Championships. Dorion’s been “kicking the tires” in search of forward depth, though nothing is imminent.

Garrioch claims that, at this point, only the Arizona Coyotes and Colorado Avalanche are in the selling mode. He said the Coyotes “would like to move forwards Anthony Duclair and unrestricted free agent winger Martin Hanzal while the Avalanche is pretty much willing to talk about anybody but Nathan MacKinnon. The names of Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog have both been at the forefront.” It’s also possible the eventual return of left wing Clarke MacArthur could provide a boost without having to part with assets. 

In a follow-up piece, Dorion tells Garrioch he’s spoken with six or seven GMs since Dec. 28. While he thinks trade talks are starting to heat up, it’s still very difficult right now to make a move. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As of Jan. 5, the Sens were in the bottom third in goals-for per game (2.46), so I’d say landing a top-six winger is likely Dorion’s priority.  Garrioch isn’t saying if Dorion’s after the Coyotes’ Duclair or Hanzal or the Avs’ Duchene or Landeskog.

It’s worth remembering, however, that there was a rumor in November 2015 claiming the Avs and Sens discussed Duchene. If Dorion’s thinking of going that route, it’ll cost him a good young defenseman or a top blueliner prospect as part of the return. 

TSN’s Darren Dreger reported on Twitter Wednesday that the New York Rangers remain in the hunt for a top-four defenseman, but it’s a tough market as many teams seek the same thing. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Dreger’s Wednesday appearance on Winnipeg’s TSN 1290 that Florida Panthers president of hockey operations Dale Tallon has taken on a more active day-to-day role. He claims Tallon is “beating the bushes” in hopes of finding help for his team. There’s no indication as to what sort of help he’s seeking. 

Nichols also cited Dreger’s recent appearance on NBCSN talking about Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland’s plans for his struggling club. Dreger claims Holland intends to “stay the course” for the time being. If they fall further out of playoff contention by February, Dreger speculates players on expiring contracts, such as Drew Miller, Steve Ott, Thomas Vanek and Brendan Smith, could be shopped. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring a strong surge by the Wings over the next month, I think they’re likely to be sellers leading up to the March 1 trade deadline. 

Nichols cites Dreger’s colleague Pierre LeBrun speculating with Vancouver’s TSN 1040 that Canucks GM Jim Benning could be unwilling to sacrifice futures to bolster his club’s chances of reaching the playoffs this season. LeBrun doesn’t think it’s a good idea to chase a rental player, as it won’t help the Canucks go deep into the playoffs. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Benning could keep an eye on the trade market leading up to the March 1 deadline if the Canucks are still in the hunt. However, I don’t see him sacrificing a quality prospect or a high draft pick. Unless he can get a decent player at a bargain price, he’ll likely stay out of the market. 


  1. Many a GM rubbing their hands together in anticipation of landing Steve Ott I’m sure, hey George Dorian should get Holland on the line right away depending on if MacArthur is able to go he can kick those tires!

    • IF my uncle had different equipment he’d be my aunt.

      • When is the next home game at the Canadian Kick’n Tire centre anyway?

      • Kidding aside if the biggest concern for the Sens was scoring/cost of acquiring, Vanek (despite being kinda questionable when the chips are down) and his 1 year deal only 2.6 is having a pretty decent season so far

      • Dorion had multiple options during the UFA period to address both his lack of depth on D and some added scoring up front. Instead, he decided to pin his hopes on a guy who has had multiple concussions and hasn’t played a bleeding game in over a year. Genius move – likely hamstrung to some degree by Melnyk’s deep pockets but short arms. He talks a good game at season’s end about “next year” – but doles out nickels and dimes like a skinflint. Then has the gall to bitch about dwindling attendance. Sports fans in this area may be a lot of things – but stupid they ain’t.

      • I share your pain with Ottawa’s internal budget & we have discussed the D situation numerous times but it’s not like they did nothing. They traded for Phaneuf last season to solidify their top 4 D. They took his 7 mil cap hit sending significant salary back putting his long term cost at essentially 4.6 mil per year for the remainder of his term after factoring in the savings shipping out in Greening, Cowen; just for last season’s cap hit & his 1.5 buy out, & Michalek. Stone, Hoffman, Ceci all got raises in cap hit & salary with those contracts escalating in salaries. Neil was resigned & they traded for Brassard.

        It’s not like they sat idle specifically. I would have been happy had they brought in 1 Dman, Seidenberg or Quincey would have helped & both were signed for peanuts. We also discussed L. Schenn, he would have helped as well.

        Ottawa has played pretty well considering the roster & Anderson’s situation. They sit 2nd in the Atlantic with 44 points in 37 games. Only NYI who has played 36 has played less in the NHL. Toronto has also played 37 but Ottawa has games in hand on all other teams in the Atlantic. 4 on Boston.

        Unless Brassard & Ryan start making a far more significant contribution I don’t think Ottawa can hold down this spot. I had them as a bubble team to start the season missing the playoffs just & although they have played a pretty solid defensive game their lack of offense is a serious concern.

        The fact they haven’t had a single significant injury nor had any real man games lost other than MacArthur who’s career I thought was over, also concerns me. Ryan has missed 5 games, Hoffman & Method 4, Smith 2, Stone & Methot 1. Can’t see Ottawa having that same good fortune over the next 45 games & it’s the lack of depth in Ottawa that is most concerning. They haven’t been forced to have to cover for any significant injures yet. Again other than MacArthur but I think he is crazy not to hang them up. Concussions are cumulative & later in life he will regret these decisions to keep trying to play. Well probably not as he won’t be able to remember them.

      • Does anyone else kinda find these novels as conversation killers? Lol
        Like you’re discussing something with someone specific and cross your fingers Striker doesn’t put a book under your reply?

      • Hahaha. Cmon, you know a rumor isn’t valid until you hear how many fantasy leagues he does or does not have the mentioned player, or where his preseason power rankings had the team.

      • Sorry I’ll try to use less words. Wasn’t aware you 2 suffer from reading disabilities & your attention span was so limited due to such. perhaps you can get your medications changed to help you focus.

      • Really it has more to do with the amount of dull over extended sentences, bs, and repeated history and common knowledge than it does attention span or meds.
        Sounds good but something tells me I doubt we will be able to hold you to it.

    • Whether Edmonton considers including a 1st round pick with Connor is what they need to decide. Is Ott worth it? I think YES!! Lol

  2. Doiron should look into seeing what it would cost to land Jordan Eberle. Would Curtis Lazar and a first or second work?

    I thought the oilers would be weak on the right side if they traded Eberle, but if they brought in a 3rd line center they could keep big leon who looks good next to Mcdavid and they still have kassian and pulijurji who needs more ice time.

    I always thought Eberle would good next to Tavares, who the islanders will want to resign next season also. Thoughts?

    • Ah you’re an Oiler fan Twin?
      And complain about other teams rebuilding and getting too many top 5 picks?
      No wonder you get upset about hearing about Shanahans rebuild. lol

      • Who said i was an oilers fan???i was putting 2 and 2 together by the posts listed above. Its pretty easy to google starting line ups and depth charts too make arm chair deals

    • I would wait it out with Eberle as I don’t think the Oil get a fair return right now. A classic sell low moment.
      In the last 5 years Eberle is #27 in goals and is in the top 40 for points. Proven scorers don’t grow on trees.
      The problem with Eberle is, if he isn’t scoring he isn’t contributing much else.
      Twin – while Kassian has played great, can skate and is physical, has decent hands he isn’t a top offensive threat. Puljujarvi needs to go the AHL. I have no idea why Edmonton is dragging this poor kid from town to town to sit on the bench. Let him play and get his confidence back. He isn’t ready, which is why he isn’t playing. I just don’t get it.
      Not sure who they would replace Eberle with?

      • I agree. Why Puljujarvi hasn’t been playing in the AHL & being released to play for Sweden in the WJC’s is odd. I thought Edm was done making these poor personal changes. How Colorado handled Rantanen last season was the perfect example of how players that aren’t going to get enough icetime in the NHL should be handled. Return them to Jr or in the case of these Europeans; see A. Nylander as well, let them play a ton else where.

        I don’t like what Vancouver did with Virtanen or McCann last season nor any team that chooses this course of action. This isn’t the right way to develop young players having them sitting, watching & when they play they barely play. Pointless.

      • Ya, it is strange why they don’t let them play more minutes instead of sitting, especially guys who can go to the AHL.
        If they are past junior hockey it is the perfect next step.

    • Eberle’s contract and production make him hard to peg in terms of value. I suspect Shticky assumes you’re an Oiler fan since the return you suggest from Ottawa seems high. I’m wondering if Edmonton will need to retain salary to get real value for Eberle. He’s played with some supposedly elite offensive players during his career but his production remains kinda meh.

      I suspect he would look good with Tavares (hell Josh Bailey doesn’t look too bad with Tavares). Isles are going to be up against the cap next season so not sure they could fit him in unless Edmonton wants to take Andrew Ladd back in return.

      • This is for Striker above. I had heard that one of the main reasons the Oilers didn’t release Puljarvi to play for Sweden in the WJC is because he’s Finnish but I don’t have an inside source on that 🙂

      • *dies laughing*

  3. Lazar and probably a first for Eberle. Lazar in my opinion has never played to his potential in Ottawa. Or maybe he hasn’t been put in the proper situations; not sure? Both of these players could use a change of scenery. I think they both have great upside actually. Interesting suggestion.

    • Im just not sure about a draft pick as the oilers will probably be trading their first as they dont have a second (gm signing …goes to Boston) that perposal might be more interesting if there was a third team involved . Like if the coyotes threw hanzel for the first. But 3 way trades are rare and im not sure if ottawa has the room to absorb eberles salery

    • With Stone & Ryan as their top 2 RW’s in Ottawa how does Eberle fit never, mind the cap issues that Eberle’s 6 mil per causes.

  4. Trade talk at this point is interesting for chat fodder but not much more-most teams will be tinkering at the deadline, the age of big trades might be over, despite the Weber/Subban deal. I am puzzled by rumors about Landeskog:he is vastly overrated! Whatever happens in trades, there will still really only be four to six genuine contenders for the cup:Pens, Hawks, Blues, Rangers,then maybe Blue Jackets (are they a spent force now?)Habs: Wild may be the outsider choice. As for the Leafs: playoffs would be a bonus this year but they won’t trade to do that. Their trades will continue to be for draft picks unless they do trade JVR, who is the only “veteran” who could bring someone who will fit the core of the team. None of Leo K, Polak, Boazak or Hunwick will bring much back other than 2.3 round picks. I would trade JVR for a first rounder. Komarov could hep the Pens or the Rangers the most.Rangers really need some grit!

    • Do you think the leafs should take a fly on duclair? He looked promising last year but is having quite the slump this season. Maybe a fresh start in Toronto may help. He fits into the age group of the leafs also. I have read reports that hes on the block in Arizona.

      They could look into a duclair and chychuran (which is the young d the leafs could build around) for Nylander and maybe some kinda plus.

      • Nylander is going nowhere! Nor should he. The only notable forward leaving Toronto to bolster the defense is JVR. Don’t get me wrong I like him, but it is what it is.

      • Arz isn’t moving Chychrun. A ton of teams are going to be kicking themselves for letting this kid slip to 16. If not for injures the last 2 seasons he would have been a top 5 pick. There was a time he was being touted as a possibility for 1st overall. Wishful thinking. Arizona has a ton of stud players coming across the board. Arz now that Toronto has graduated so many rookies has the best prospect system in the NHL. They don’t need Nylander.

    • My cup contenders to start the season were Pit, Was, TB in the east & Chi, StL, SJ & Anh in the west. In the next grouping a step below with concerns were the NYR & Nash. Then I had several I thought could surprise due to the existing playoff format. Flo & Mon as they play in what might be the weakest division in the NHL for top flight teams have an easy route to the conference final.

      Due to the ridiculous bracket structure the NHL is choosing to use now for the playoffs as opposed to 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7, etc. by conference, reseeding after each round, really good teams are eliminating each other far to early, as early as round 1 but by round 2 it’s a joke. We had Pit; 2nd in the east, & Was; 1st in the east, as well as StL; 2nd in the west, & Dallas; 1st in the west, play in the 2nd round last year. They were also the top 4 teams in the whole league Was, Dal, Stl & Pit. That’s just stupid.

      • Agreed.The current playoff configuration is supposed to build rivalries within divisions but one of the effects is to reward mediocre teams from weak divisions. “Stupid” is a good description – “short-sighted” is another. I can see pressure from owners of the top teams in the league to change this. Of course there are far more mediocre teams so….. Thanks again, Gary, what a guy.

      • Striker you also had the Canucks bottom of the league! Since you always tell everyone you had teams finishing such and such starting to realize you’re wrong a lot! Might be hitting the pipe a little hard maybe?

      • Bigbadbruins. I did. I had the Canucks deadlast in the west & 27th overall. Do you remember what I said the points spread from 7th in the east & west to 14th & 12th respectively would be. Or how many points I said the Canucks would be out of the playoffs by. I made those bold statements as well.

        No way they are finishing worse than Colorado or Arizona in the west now but still may finish 27th overall. Ha-ha! The season is only 1/2 over & we have a long way to go.

        Historically my best season picking teams by division, conference & league standings at the start of the season is 65% accuracy in a really good year. No easy feat especially picking the bad teams.

        Did you, or do you do so & do you lay wagers?

        Now way your getting all right but at least I make predictions & bet accordingly. I judge myself 2 ways. By standings finish & monies earned. I’m make good money every year so I perceive myself to be winning. Ha-ha!

      • Those 1st 4 games of the season that Vancouver stole are paying huge dividends today. I’m shocked Vancouver has strung together a 5 game winning streak. Only 2 of those 5 games were gimmes. They won 1 in a SO, 1 in OT & 2 of the other 3 by a single goal. I didn’t think they could win those games against teams like LA, Anh & then Edm the last 2 back to back flying to Edm.

    • The Leaf might not have to do anything to make the playoffs other then continue to play their game. At present they are one of the most entertaining teams to watch. Its hard to watch a young skilled up tempo team. With that said if they feel the need to add a depth player a #4 or 5 damn or add to the bottom 6 forward without giving up too much, then I would imagine they will do so. I think a playoff experience regardless of how short is an invaluable experience that will only drive this team next season. It’s refreshing to see a coach allowing his skill players be skilled players and offer an exciting brand of hockey. I’m almost cheering for them to make the playoffs….not at the expense of my aimless Bruins though.

      • Speaking of aimless Bruins, Haggerty was on Edmonton radio yesterday a mentioned that Jacobs had a press conference the other day.
        He expects the Bruins to make the playoffs and expects a deep run.
        Not sure he is in touch with reality IMO. What that tells me is Sweeney is facing serious pressure to make a move to get a significant player into Boston, hence the Landeskog talk.
        He doesn’t have the roster depth to swap from the NHL squad other than a center of either Krecji or Backes which Colorado will not want or need at this point in their development. So his best assets to accomplish this are the prospects acquired in the last 2 drafts. Landeskog is a good player and still young. But.
        I would prefer they keep the assets and go the other direction as Landeskog won’t get them to the promised land. Maybe a round in the weak Atlantic division.
        The Jacobs family own the Bruins to make money and that comes in the playoffs.

      • Ray I think they need a coaching change but I will except any trade… too many AHL players on the team right now.

      • I think we can’t fully judge the Bruins until Belesky; a week to 10 days away, returns. That will be the 1st time this season the Bruins will have had the opportunity to ice the roster they envisioned when training camp started as long as they don’t lose someone else between now & then.

        With the significant cap space Boston has available I assume they will be very active as we approach the trade deadline. They have over 7 mil available today & it equates to over 17 mil at the deadline.

        Bergeron is warming up. Krug has come around significantly after major off season shoulder surgery. He now sits tied for 12th in scoring for Dman with Fowler, Carlsson, Suter & Hamilton. Krejci just needs some continuity of linemates as he should also be close to back to full speed having had major hip surgery. This injury often takes 6 months to a year to get back fully from. Some never do especially if there game was built on speed. Krejci plays more of a smarts game.

      • They had a good run things can change, after JVR and a few others get traded they arnt too far off from another top 5 lottery pick….. If they dont pick top 5 it will be top 8. Sad part is shannaplan has that as a fail

      • Hope you’re right Striker. I liked the Belesky signing even though we knew he wasn’t going to be pumping in 20 like he did before he hit UFA. Plays hard and fast.
        Gotta luv how Macavoy looked last night. Kid has offensive skill that he used at the right times. Played a ton of minutes. Big guy who can skate. Lauzon looked good too once he started seeing the ice more in the tourney.
        Macavoy looks like he could be ready soon.

    • The Sharks and caps are cup contenders for sure, even LA. Montreal will remain dangerous as long as Price is on his game

  5. AV tough love on JT Miller means he is the most likley piece moving IF Rangers land a top 4 D. Even if his chemistry+results with Hayes are top 6.

    • I think tough love portion of development is over for Hayes and Miller. They’ve both come along nicely and are hitting their prime. More likely to get moved are Zuc, Nash and Klein. Possibly Stepan if younger top right d man is in deal (Trouba, Hamilton, maybe Barrie)

      • Neither Hayes nor Miller are seeing top 10 PP TOI/GP in NYR & even game to game their minutes & or deployment are all over the map. Tough love is still alive & well.

        I think NYR & Anaheim have a great fit. Miller would be a great addition for Anaheim & his salary fits perfectly. The fact in can play any 3 of the forward positions just as effectively is a huge + as well. He also helps solve Anaheim’s protection issue. Moving out a Dman either Fowler or Vatanen in a deal for Miller & something makes sense to me. Then Anaheim can protect 7F, 3D & 1G as opposed to the 8 skater option.

        That said this deal makes more sense for Anaheim following the season but before the expansion draft. If Fowler it would need to be a sign & trade, trade & sign or significant futures added if he fails to sign or vice versa.

      • So trade for Fowler and leave him or Mcdongh exposed? Can’t see it. Nor can I see them using the 4-4-1 format. Nor is NY seeking a left shooting d-men, they’re seeking a rh shot. But other than that….. Lol

      • Vatanen shoots right. Miller would fit in with the Kesler/Getz/Perry game.

        Rangers would protect which D?

      • Well they HAVE to protect Staal, Girardi. And there’s no way they are leaving Mcdonagh exposed. So without moving Giradi or Staal, o don’t see them making any deal at this point.

        Shattenkirk is the only one I see making any sense at all. Ufa, right handed shot and doesn’t have to be exposed. But risk losing for nothing.

      • I said after the expansion draft.

      • Sorry NYR different thread.

      • Doing before the expansion draft would only work if 1 of Staal or Girardi were willing to waive their NMC. You are dead on. NYR is not in a position to protect 8 skaters unless they want to risk losing 1 of Hayes, Miller or Zibanejad.

        Works for Anaheim but not NYR again unless Giradri or Staal were willing to wive their NMC.

        I stand corrected & agree with you.

  6. There’s no way Rangers finish season with defense they have now. Shattenkirk is still obvious target, but don’t see Gorton giving out long term big money deal to older player. Wonder if Tyson Barrie is on radar and what would it take. How about Stepan, Zucharello and Klein for Barrie and Landedkog

    • Rangers could use 1 top 4 D and bottom 6 grit. I cannot see them exchanging too many pieces. Without Klein there is another hole.

      Barrie is one dimensional.

      • Holden has played great. What is odd is he played very well for Colorado in essentially the same role. Why he was let go for a 4th round pick is odd. As Shticky mentioned the other day Colorado went out & acquired Gelinas for a 3rd?

        In McDonagh, Holden, Stall, Giradi, Skjei & Klein NYR’s top 6 is solid enough to compete for the cup. It could certainly use an upgrade in the top 4 but with Staal & Girardi stuck there no room to take on the salary really. Moving out Klein I guess is possible buit these trades are so rare in season it’s highly unlikely.

        The market for these Dman will be at it’s highest following the expansion draft. A combination of need & freed up salary space will create a ton of bidders, more than the vast # that want 1 now. The market is always high. This summer post expansion the cost will be beyond high.

        Ironically there may be a window pre expansion draft to potential acquire at D from 1 of the teams faced with losing 1 for sort of nothing at a semi acceptable cost although there will still be multiple bidders keeping the cost extreme but this may be the best chance any team has to acquire this quality of Dman.

    • Woa. Can’t wait to see NYRForLife’s take on that one.

      • Aye aye aye….. Move Stepan? Who on gods green earth is taking his role over?…. Pirri?

      • Not to mention trading 2 forwards with 61 points combined for yet another Lw with 12 points!!!!

        Already having Miller, Kreider, Vesey on the left wing, … Yeah I can see why they make that deal. Why oh why?

    • I don’t want NYR to expend any assets to acquire a Dman unless it’s a top flight 1 with 2 way abilities. Barrie isn’t that player, great young offensive player but defense isn’t his strong suit, he will get better but never be great.

      Brodin, Savard, Fowler or Trouba. Stepan is NYR’s best 2 way C so moving him makes no sense. Miller, a solid prospect; which they may not currently have as their 2 best prospects are both full time NHLer’s now in Buchnevich & Skjei, as is Vesey who they won in the UFA lottery, & a 1st round pick might suffice.

      Why not just wait until post expansion draft & see if Shattenkirk; another pretty 1 dimensional player, can be had for noting more than cash.

      1 of Klein or Holden will be lost in the expansion draft if Vegas doesn’t select Nash who I assume will be exposed. We discussed how Vegas might be able to leverage Nash at 2018’s trade deadline.

      I don’t see Staal or Giradi being bought out until they only have 1 year remaining on their deals. With 4 & 3 years left respectively after this season, far to expensive to buy out this summer & unless NYR eats significant salary neither are tradable & require protection in the expansion draft. They could be asked to waive but even if they agree I don’t see them being selected regardless.

      • Depends if the Rangers feel the need to be ‘all in’ with Henrik’s age. Next season the team looks as good with Nash+anchor contracts(staal girardi) getting aged.

        Do they hope to lose Klein or a forward to Vegas?

    • This trade proposal is so insane I would expect to see it from “the crazy Leaf fans”. Note: I’m not saying all Leaf fans are crazy, I’m one of them but some are insane and have no idea about hockey logistics

    • Sounds like a fantasy hockey trade

  7. Austin Matthews tweets 3 American Flags after the US win last night and gets beat up on twitter by leaf fans. The article I just read: However when you read the tweets in the article I didn’t fin them offensive, I took them more as playful. Ie. Glad I bought a Marnier Sweater, trade you for Laine, personally I would take them as a jab in a fun way. Some could of been worst didn’t see them, one did tell him to go back to the states, gee I wonder if any US team would want him. He’s an American he is going to cheer for the US. No different then the tweet Seguin but out last night saying “go Canada.” some times a wonder if the media makes their stories to something about nothing.

    • “some times a wonder if the media makes their stories to something about nothing”

      Gee, you think? LOL. Of course they do. It’s the media. Their job is to report but also to drive results and get hits. The more people read, watch, listen, and react the better their business is. Sometimes they need to turn something from nothing in order to do so… more often than not IMO.

    • trade him

  8. I love hearing the trade talk and all the speculation but I really wish something would happen deal wise. I can see the Islanders making a move to acquire Duchene and the Bruins making a move to get Landeskog. I can see Barrie going to NYR. All pairs of teams seem to be a fit, although I can see Avs having to retain salary if they want the return to be as good as it could be.

    I think the Avs will have a massive fire sale mid season and secure the tank job. This would enable them to finish last and take Patrick, creating a solid 1-2 down the middle. Possibly having a later pick to select a sold D.

    I can see the Leafs moving JVR and really only JVR. I see him gone in the off season in exchange for a D man who is slightly younger and able to play top 4 caliber minutes. Basically a Trouba, Hamilton, etc. Other prospects might be moving to make this happen. I actually see the Leafs keeping Bozak for depth to play in a 2-3 slot longer term with Lepsic and possibly Bracco moving as prospects.

    Iginla will be moved too, I would love to see Calgary take him and I honestly think that they would at the deadline. Could be had for a 3rd or 4th given his production, age and pretty much pure rental status.

    Ottawa is close to where the Leafs were a few years ago, a few higher end players but a whole lot of nothing after that. Brassard isn’t a true number one, kind of in the same boat as Bozak really. Can be a good number 2 but not quite a 1. The Sens have invested money poorly though. To take on Phaneuf and that contract was foolish. The cost and term is going to cripple them in the long run. Ryan was paid huge simply to stay in town, in reality, he’s worth a fair bit less.

    There’s issues surrounding Arizona which confuse me. They had Duclair come out last year and look like a real force in his rookie season and now this year they’re looking to move him when he is struggling? In particular, I think they are willing to move him at a fairly low cost. As a rival GM, I would be jumping at this. I’m not really sure the direction that AZ is going either. Strome is one of their best prospects and to me I think he’s a bit of a dud. At Would Jr’s he looked to have less of an impact than he should for a player that was drafted 3rd overall 2 years ago. I think his ceiling is a 2nd liner in the NHL and when you’re picking 3rd overall with Hanafin and Marner on the board, that’s unacceptable.

    Florida has become one of the leagues biggest trainwrecks and I can’t really see them making trades to fix it this season. I think they will just ride it out and look for next year. I hope Tallons hand is forced by ownership to make a stupid trade just because it would put more Egg on the face of Viola and company.

    • I liked Duclair, When he was traded people were killing NY for that deal. My exact words here were, “I like Duclair, but prior to last years camp he wasn’t really even a top 5 prospect in a weak pool. We’ll see “

      • Duclair is a classic example of some young, flashy junior graduates who fool a lot of people – for a while – with their patented moves honed in junior or Europe where 90% of those they faced in their developing careers never going to the AHL, let alone the NHL – but who simply cannot change their style once the pros cotton on to those moves, and who simply fade away. If Duclair can’t adjust his game he’ll be out of the league in short order. He wouldn’t be the first.

        Eddy Beers – 1983-84 Calgary – 36g 39a 75 pts in 73 gp; 1984-85 – 28g 40a 68 pts in 74 games; out of the league by 1987;

        Ken Hodge Jr. 1990-91 Boston – 30g 29a 59 pts in 70 gp; out of the league by 1994;

        Dmitri Kvartalnov – 1992-93 Boston – 30g 42a 72 pts in 73 gp; out of the league by 1993;

        Jonathan Cheechoo – 2003-04 San Jose – 28g 19s 47 pts in 81gp; 2005-06 – 56g 37a 93pts in 82gp; 2006-07 – 37g 32a 69pts in 76gp; 2007-08 – 23g 14a 37pts in 69gp; out of the league by 2011;

        Kjell Dahlin – 1985-86 Montreal – 32g 39a 71 pts in 77gp; out of the league by 1988;

        Chris Valentine 1981-82 Washington – 30g 37a 67pts in 60gp; out of the league by 1984;

        Nikolai Borschevsky 1992-93 Toronto – 34g 40a 74pts in 78gp; out of the league by 1995;

        Before someone drowns me in a boatload of contradicting stats and the “lure” of the KHL, let me say I am NOT comparing them all to Duclair – simply showing examples of players who caught everyone’s imagination for a brief spell – and then faded.

    • I don’t think Nolan Patrick is the type of player you tank for, and shouldn’t Mackinnon and Duchene be a solid 1 – 2 down the middle?

      Iggy in Calgary would be nice but I really don’t see a fit for him but then again they keep playing Chaission so he could take that spot.

      I don’t think JVR alone is going to get Trouba and it makes no sense for Calgary to trade Hamilton for a left winger with a year left on his contract that will want more then Gio.

      • I agree, Patrick doesn’t appear to have that elite level talent that Matthews and McDavid has. Duchene and Mackinnon should be a solid 1-2 but they arent. On top of it if the Avs do the full rebuild like they should, Duchene would be getting out of the age window by time the team is competitive.

        I think that Iggy in Calgary brings other intangibles than what is on ice which that team needs. Agreed on Chaisson, no idea what’s going on there and why they are wasting time and effort on something that will never materialize.

        I think that JVR could net Trouba or player around his caliber. JVR doesn’t fit the needs of the Jets though. You have to think that the days are numbered in Winnipeg from Troubas contract demands/hold out. A player doesn’t simply shrug off what he did and go back to everything being fine. I think Calgary could do that. They are fairly solid on the back end and could very well afford to move someone out. The most likely candidate is Anaheim though. A deal for Theodore, Montour or Fowler would make sense with a few other pieces moving.

      • I very much doubt the Flames move Hamilton for anything, but definitely not for player on a year deal….maybe a large package that includes 1 player on a short contract but that’s not going to be JVR, I doubt very much with the Forward group in the Peg they have any interest in JVR as well. I’m a sentimentalist I know he may not be a great fit but I want Iginla to retire a Flame after 1 last playoff run.

      • @BigBoss – I agree Trouba’s days in Winnipeg are coming close to the end, I would imagine he is traded before the expansion draft.

        I think the issue with moving JVR is going to be the 1 year remaining and what his next contract is going to look like. I think that will limit the return,

        @Shticky – I’m with you on him finishing with Calgary, I just don’t see a fit trade wise and I am not sure he would waive to come back. Him and Gio don’t seem to really like each other.

        What do you think Colorado is going to want for him? The Flames would need to send some money back Stajan?? + 2nd/3rd?

      • Agree the Flames aren’t moving Hamilton, at least for on ice reasons.
        I simply can’t understand why a player with his size, skill set and production keeps showing up in the rumor mill. If he got more aggressive defensively and physical, he is a true #1. If that doesn’t happen is is still a great offensive player and not overpaid for what he brings.
        JVR will not net you Trouba. It would take a guy like Lindholm.

    • I wouldn’t think the Avalanche are interested in taking back any salary if they move any of the ones you mentioned. Those 3 are all on multi-year contracts, 1 of which is quite long. Not sure they’d do that…

      Also, not sure what the asking price really is for those types of players but I’m sure it’s exorbitant. As of last night when Twitter broke over the reports of the Bruins making a hard push to acquire Landeskog… it seemed that everyone felt that Landeskog was worth everybody in the Bruins organization with the exception of Jimmy Hayes LOL.

      I read speculation involving a Carlo, Vatrano, Heinon or DeBrusk, and 1st round pick…. and that wasn’t even the most jaw dropping one that I read. Some even felt that McAvoy would be a nice “get” but they felt there should be more pieces involved from the Bruins if they’re moving Landeskog.

      I laughed and continued to drink my beer as I watched the WJC finals.

      Don’t get me wrong Landeskog is a good player but lets keep reality in check a bit.

  9. You know the NHL’s development of hockey in non traditional markets is alive & well when a kid like Chychrun; Boca Raton Florida, Jones; Arlington Texas, Carlo; Colorado Springs Colorado, Matthews; Scottsdale Arizona, etc. are choosing to pursue hockey instead of another sport. All would be playing football, baseball or other if not for the NHL’s expansion into the sunbelt.

    The wave of quality US players coming from every market in the US is growing exponentially. The ground work laid by Bettman with expansion is paying in spades & those of us that love hockey are the beneficiaries. We have never had so many great young players coming as quickly as we do now. The NHL’s move to speed & skill over clutch & grab is fabulous for all & especially luring to new fans of the game we all love.

    Now if we can just find away to get scoring up to around 7 goals a game on average, an increase of 1.54 per game, all would be better served. Hopefully streamlining goalie equipment will help, failing that, bigger nets may be the only option. Goalies are huge now. 6’4, 5 or 6 is common place today. A far cry from where we were in the glory years of scoring in the late 80’s & early 90’s. Hell Darren Pang played 81 games in the NHL & he was 5’5″. Ha-ha! You have to love Panger. I’m sure he has to sit on phone books at meals just to reach his food.

    A big goalie used to be 6’2″, Brodeur & Roy. Common place was 5’10”; Fuhr, to 6 feet, McKlean.

    • Don’t forget that giant Darren Pang in Nets.

  10. Eberle for Lazar and a draft pick is interesting as Eberle has seen better days in Edmonton and needs a new home!Lazar still has room to improve but also is in a contract year.Sens and a $6,000,000 contract I can’t see happening though.Both may be teammates in Las Vegas though?

  11. with Col saying they are willing to talk ” anybody but MacKinnon or Rantenan ” would that mean E Johnson could be in play as well once he is back from injury .
    I could see them retooling and shedding some salary at the same time .
    If the Rangers made a good offer with Giradi and Skjei as part of the package i could see it work for both teams. New York could add a forward and a 1st or maybe Ryan Graves

    • No thanks on any of that! As much as I’d like to see Girardii go… No way I’m throwing Skjei , Graves and a 1st for Johnson. Not a chance.

      • let me clarify i meant giradi and skjei with graves or giradi and skjei and a 1st with a forward like puempel o OR
        buchnevich .
        Rangers have the cap space to make an offer without Giradi in it as well but Skjei would be the centre piece in that deal from the AVs side of things I would bet

      • I think that’s even worse. Skjei and Buchevich are 2 of their top prospects, and moving Girardi and Skjei rips a gaping hole in defense. Who is playing d? Clendening?

        Skjei already has 17 points in his 1st year. Hasn’t even scratched his potential. This is massive overpayment . No way Gorton hangs himself like this.

  12. Brodeur played at an elite level till 38, Luongo still is & he’s 37; 38 in April & he has shown he plays better if played a ton. Playing Reimer as much as Florida has I think hurts Luongo’s #’s. I feel Miller in Vancouver has played great considering the team he’s playing behind in Vancouver & he is 36 as well.

    Lundqvist could play at his current level for 3 or 4 more years easily.

    • I agree that Luongo is still playing at a high level. The way things have been going in Florida I’ve been wondering if Florida will protect Luongo in the expansion draft. His contract expires in 2022 and isn’t there a cap hit recapture penalty if he retires early. It doesn’t seem like a contract that an expansion team would want to take on.

  13. Bruins need to be patient they have a ton of young talented D-men coming up through the system. Let things play out and react at deadline day either buy or sell depending where you stand. They desperately need to get healthy and also need to get there offense going.

    • I wouldn’t say a ton obe they have a couple that look good but you never know especially with dmen, this is why I will never understand the backes,liles and even Miller signings? Even with these players they are bubble team at best! Being able to trade krejci would be great probably have to hold salary to get good value for him tho

      • I wonder if a match could be made with EDM krejci moving and Nugent-Hopkins coming back. Give Chiarelli back Subban too who is baked in Boston.