NHL Rumors From The Blogosphere – January 2, 2017

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Could the St. Louis Blues ship defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk to the Colorado Avalanche for center Matt Duchene?

It’s a quiet day for NHL rumors from the media, so here’s a look at what’s been recently kicking around the blogosphere. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: Eklund cites “a fun rumor” in which the St. Louis Blues “would send (Kevin) Shattenkirk + a conditional pick and NHL Ready Prospect to Colorado for Matt Duchene and a prospect.”  

The New Jersey Devils are also interested in Shattenkirk and would intend to keep the pending UFA for a long time. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Sabres, Montreal Canadiens and Columbus Blue Jackets are linked to Duchene. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All the talk I’ve read and heard regarding Shattenkirk indicates his preference is to join an Eastern club, with the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers listed as the most likely destinations. If so, this rumor makes no sense for the Avs, trading away a quality asset such as Duchene who’s still under contract through 2018-19 for a defenseman who will likely depart via free agency on July 1. If Avs GM Joe Sakic makes that deal, he should be immediately fired.

Regarding the Devils supposed interest, if they were to acquire him, they must ensure they can re-sign him. They have the cap space to do so, but Shattenkirk might still wish to test the market.

If Shattenkirk is traded before the March 1 trade deadline, I suspect he’ll be seen as a rental player. 

As for those clubs with interest in Duchene, Sportnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports the asking price will be huge. “If you want to come at [the Avalanche] with good, young defencemen or prospects, [they] are prepared to listen. But the packages are going to have to be big because they look at both [players] and see good players signed to good contracts.”

The Sabres and Canadiens need blueline depth. The Habs also have limited cap room, as do the Blue Jackets. Doesn’t seem like he’s a fit with those clubs right now. And why would the Jackets want him? They’re playing very well with their current roster.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

One rumor has the Toronto Maple Leafs shipping center Nazem Kadri to the Calgary Flames for defenseman Dougie Hamilton. Meanwhile, the New York Islanders and Colorado Avalanche could have interest in Leafs winger James van Riemsdyk. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Leafs would love to have a defenseman such as Hamilton, but I don’t believe they’ll give up Kadri to get him. For that matter, I don’t believe the Flames intend to trade Hamilton, whose play has significantly improved after a slow start. He’s become one of the key reasons behind the Flames into playoff contention. And of course, there’s team president Brian Burke loudly and angrily denying those reports back in November claiming Hamilton was available.

 I can see the Isles having interest in JVR. He could be a fantastic linemate for center John Tavares. However, the Avs biggest need is improving their defense. Adding another scoring winger doesn’t address that problem. 

Eklund claims Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba has resurfaced in the rumor mill. The Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings and Toronto Maple Leafs could be interested, though the Jets prefer dealing Trouba to an Eastern Conference team. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless a team is willing to part with the Jets’ significant asking price for Trouba (they’d prefer a blueliner of equivalent age and skills, but could also accept a good young player who can help them right away plus a top prospect), he’s not going anywhere before the March 1 trade deadline. Like many observers, I expect Trouba will be traded before his two-year contract expires in 2018, but I don’t see that move taking place until this summer at the earliest. 

Ryan Miller to reunite with former Buffalo Sabres coach Lindy Ruff with the Dallas Stars? Eklund claims all indications suggest this could take place in January. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If it does, the Stars must ship either Kari Lehtonen or Antti Niemi to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for Miller, or move one of those guys in another deal. Miller must also be willing to accept a trade to Dallas. 

THE FOURTH PERIOD:  Shawn Hutcheon cites sources saying Bruins forward Ryan Spooner expects to be dealt before the end of the season, though a trade isn’t imminent. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Spooner’s offense has picked up of late. Given the Bruins lack of scoring depth beyond their first line and the recent sidelined of David Backes with a concussion, I don’t think Spooner’s going anywhere for the time being. 

Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin continues to quietly shop for a top-six forward (possibly a center) and a top-four defenseman. In the past, the Habs were linked to Arizona’s Martin Hanzal, Winnipeg’s Alex Burmistrov and Anaheim’s Cam Fowler. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Bergevin will swing a deal or two before the March 1 trade deadline to bolster his roster for the playoffs. If he’s interested in Burmistrov, the young forward was placed on waivers yesterday by the Jets. 


  1. Happy New Year, folks. BigBruin, you sobered up yet?

    Matthews has taken his rightful place atop the rookie scoring tables (tied for 2nd league wide), with 20 goals in 36 games played.

    That’s with three games in hand over unsustainable Laine and no Scheflie to play with – his recent team mates have been Connor Brown and Zach Hyman. Ever heard of them?

    Contrary to your claim that he is a defensive liability, Babcock is now using him in all situations, including defensive draws, and he’s pushed Kadri out of the matchup role versus top lines

    While running a bit hot recently, he’s on a 50 goal pace and doing it the right way, playing a solid two way game in the NHL as a 19 year old. Blows my mind

    • Another characteristic of the best is they they shine on the biggest stages. Check! Scary to this Lightning fan that the Leafs seem so far ahead of schedule. Even if you beat a Babcock team in the early rounds it takes a lot out of you.

    • Lol it’s the leafs 50 yrs and counting who couldn’t score playing against opposing teams weaker lines? Laine plays against opposing teams top lines lol

      • I’ll give it a 2. It would be a 1 except you somehow managed to refrain from calling them the Laffs. The restraint was probably very difficult for you. Go get some much needed rest.

      • The 19-year-old scored his team-leading 15th goal, fired a career-high eight shots and played a career-best 21:22 while squaring off primarily against three-time all-star Ryan Getzlaf and former MVP Corey Perry on Monday night. The Maple Leafs also won the puck possession battle when their Calder trophy contender was on the ice against the Ducks’ No. 1 line.
        The experiment ended after 25 games. On Sunday, in Game 36 of his career, Matthews was up against Henrik Zetterberg, one of the premier centres in the league and someone who Babcock has been downloading video of into his young protege’s brain,

        Should I go on? Mathews plays teams top lines to and plays a much tougher matchup than a winger.
        Laine is going to be fantastic but let’s not kid ourselves the centre is a more important piece.

      • Babcock made note of his matchup against Zetterberg yesterday saying that Matthews scoring 2 goals was good, but Zetterberg and Mantha had 3 points each playing against him, was on the ice when they couldn’t clear the puck on the tying goal and that there’s lots for him to learn. Babcocks words, not mine.
        So as much as he played against the top line, he got burned 3 times. I’m not saying he’s not ready for the role just saying look at the whole picture. It’s like Babcock said, he still has some stuff to learn. When he does though, he will be tough to slow down.

      • What are you talking about now? You said he doesn’t play top lines and he does, so unless your point of view is guys like Getzlaf and Zetterberg are not top line centres. Than there really is no point of view involved in it. He has more goals and points in less games playing the same type lines as Laine and he is a centre. It’s not a knock on Laine at all , anyone who knows hockey will say the same thing all things being equal the centre is the more important piece hence why a lot of rookie centres start their careers on the wing.

      • From this Pens fan’s perspective, Matthews looks like a thicker Toews with more of a finishing touch.

        Pretty nice player to build around.

    • He’s playing great. As a Leafs fan it is great to see. He is on a hot streak right now so let’s give it some time and see what kind of player he becomes long term. He certainly seems to be the bona fide number one center with size that the we have needed since Sundin.

    • Its truly unbelievable that this is happening while I am still alive Dan lol.

      It is so much fun watching them, win or lose and lets not forget that Auston went 13 games without a goal, truly unbelievable.

    • Either way he couldnt hold mcdavids cup. Hes not bad but hes not going to take the league over. I just wish sll the leafs fan would simmer down lol

      • He’s 19 and tied for second in the NHL for goals only some guy named Crosby has more and top 20 in points ya guess he’s not bad lol what a ridiculous comment no one is saying he is trying to hold McDavids cup (seriously tho who would want to?) ya Toews Kopitar Getzlaf is ok but couldn’t hold Sids cup I don’t see what the big deal is they are not bad but they are never going to take the league over (wow that sounds dumb) funny if Mathews was on any other team wonder what some opinions would be?

      • Shticky, as mentioned hes not bad but hes generally playing third line and weaker defence pairings. If he was older by 2 days he woulda went third in the draft after mcd and eichel.

        Sure hes not bad, but as mentioned hes no mcdavid.

      • We should make a day a week that this site doesnt ramble on about the toronto maple leafs. Like lyle, i know you like the ratings but its beyond annoying coming on here and everyday…. Jvr…. Auston Matthews… Tank for the shanaplan…. Like who cares about the Toronto Maple Leafs. You guys should make your own page so u can all bloat to eachother about how wonderful your team is….

      • It doesn’t sound any more smart the second time round. Twin the past 10 games he has played close to 20 minutes a game how is that playing 3rd lines? He’s 19 and only Crosby has more goals. The thing that’s worse than Leaf fans telling themselves how great they are are idiots who come here make stuff up to try and make themselves look like they know what they are talking about. It would be nice if when the Leafs are brought up by Lyle their fans could actually talk about them with out having to sift thru the made up garbage.

  2. Shattenkirk will be a Ranger or a Bruin.

    I’ve come up with a trade idea for the Devils to acquire a young defenseman from the Penguins, Olli Maatta, but it requires a few things to happen first to set the stage for it.

    1. Brian Dumoulin has to return to his playoff form and sign a reasonable long term deal.

    2. The Pens have to be able to resign Justin Schultz to a reasonable long term deal.

    At that point the Penguins would have 4 (or 5 if you like Derrick Pouliot) defenseman to protect from Vegas. Even if they could protect them all, they can’t afford them all cap wise with Crosby, Malkin and Kessel keeping the payroll top heavy.

    Maatta makes $4.083 M per on a 6 year deal.

    Schultz is currently playing on a 1 year $1.4 M deal.

    If Schultz would accept a 4 year $16 million deal that slots perfectly into Maatta’s cap hit.

    The Pens would then have approximately the $1.4 M slot of Schultz’s current deal to find another defensemen. This is where the Devils come in.

    Ben Lovejoy makes $2.67 M per on a 3 year deal. If the Devils pay half of it, his cap hit would be about $1.33 M and slot into Schultz’s current cap hit perfectly.

    It would also balance the Penguin’s D pairs, something Sullivan really likes.

    Dumoulin Letang
    Cole Schultz
    Daley Lovejoy

    The question would be how to balance the deal with draft picks. The Devils have a few extra 2’s and 3’s coming up, so they could move those or move the 1st knowing they have those.

    In the purest sense of maximizing an asset, I’m sure Maatta would be worth more than this, but in terms of helping the Penguins achieve their goals, this would go a long way towards it.

    Oh, and the Devils get another steal.


    • Not sure why you keep proposing getting rid of maatta… pens have no rookie d depth (dp is no longer in the conversation). Pens let Daley and Shultz go to ufa, and being a destination team will resign one or both or another d man after expansion. Pens protect maatta dumo and letang and 7 forwards. Why would you sign a pending ufa just to have to protect them?

      • Simple, I’d rather keep Schultz than Maatta. He fits Sullivan’s system perfectly, Maatta doesn’t. He’s a right shot, Olli isn’t.

        And there isn’t cap space to keep both even if you could keep both of them from being claimed in the expansion draft, which is unlikely. Conor Sheary is raising his cap hit next year each game.

        Dumoulin would cost less to keep and bring back less in trade, but is as good or better than Maatta in Sullivan’s system.

        Thus, I’d cash in Maatta’s value as an asset at the deadline or at the draft.

        And Schultz is an RFA, Vegas can still claim him even if he hasn’t been extended. Daley, I agree, wait to resign until after the Vegas draft.

      • Definitely could keep both. Daley cap hit and scuds hit and bonino hit and maf hit off the books keeping both (unless Schultz wants 6 mil +) will make it easy to keep both. Kunitz is off the books too with guentz and spong in the wings. And likely sheary or rust is gone to vegas.

      • Only way i let go OLi Matta is if we get Jacob Trouba in return both are young and signed for decent contracts for a couple years…

      • I’d rather keep Bonino and/or Daley over Maatta.

        Maatta is not a great skater, not a great shooter, not a great stickhandler, not a great hitter. His game is based on making the right reads and the right plays. Thus, he is more vulnerable to fluctuations in confidence than most players.

        He was in the press box for part of the Cup run last year and was a bottom pair defenseman who had to be hidden when he played.

        Do I think he’s better than that? Yes. Do I think his ceiling is high? Yes.

        But his floor is low, too.

        He could just as easily end up an overpaid #6 as he could become a #1. Either is possible.

        He reminded me of Lidstrom his rookie year.

        He reminded me of Derrick Pouliot in last year’s playoffs.

        I keep Schultz, Dumoulin, Daley and Bonino (maybe even Kunitz if the price is right) over him.

        And no way do I risk losing Hagelin or Rust to protect him.

        And no way do I let Schultz get away to keep him.

  3. Was “Eklund” on his toilet making up more garbage when Brian Burke had his Hamilton rant?! He is NOT being traded, (Even if he was…Nazem Kadri? LOL.) STOP SPREADING THIS NONSENSE PLEASE. *shakes my head*

    • agree…Kadri is nowhere near worth what Hamilton is.

  4. Boston won’t have the cap space for Shattenkirk unless they move someone. They have to resign Spooner and Pastrnak. Trading Spooner isn’t the best idea. With some of the veterans slowing down he’s looked very good lately.

    Hamilton for Kadri sounds almost fair maybe a pick going with Kadri also.

    Colorado should look for high picks or prospects for their top players not someone like Shattenkirk that makes no sense. Colorado needs to go into a full rebuild at this point.

    • Boston don’t need a rental.

    • I think Boston will have the cap space if so inclined to add a solid Dman if they feel it necessary although with Carlo’s shocking play, I’m not certain it’s necessary until Chara retires. As per Capfriendly they currently have 17 players signed for next season with $11,517,499 available at the current cap ceiling of 71.4.

      Both Spooner & Pastrnak are getting significant raises but neither is breaking the bank as Boston is currently constructed. Due to Boston’s current contract structure Pastnrnak will be bridged similiar to Kucherov. With Bergeron, Backes, Krejci & Marchand all making huge money he will have to accept a short term deal in or around 5 mil for 2 or 3 years.

      Spooner will get a raise but will fall short of what players like Rask & Rackell have received. I would think a 2 year show me deal in our around 3 but he may well be traded, time will tell. He’s the obvious player to move to secure a Dman in trade if Sweeney feels it necessary.

      That’s essentially 8 mil; wishful thinking? Maybe, for Patrnak & Spooner. Getting the Bruins to 19 players signed, leaving 3.5 mil in space. A player will be lost in expansion. Boston will keep 7F, 3D & 1 G baring several trades. Bergeron, Krejci, Backes, Marchand, Pastrnak & Spooner make 6, the 7th; Belesky? Chara, Krug & another Dman?

      I assume Boston will lose McQuad or K. Miller protecting C. Miller. Losing 1 of those 2 Dman free’s up 2.5 to 2.75 & I assume Hayes will be bought out as well. 3.5; remaining space, + 2.5; loss of McQuad or K. Miller, plus 1.45; savings buying out Hayes, that leaves 7.4 before cap increase.

      I assume Boston will end up trading for a Dman as I think Shattenkirk will sign in NYR. He’s not the right type of Dman for Boston’s potential short & long term needs. A Brodin, Scandella, Savard, Fowler; Fowler would be my 1st choice, his new salary would come on the books as Chara’s comes off, type would be far better options. With Krug & C. Miller being semi 1 dimensional offensive Dman; as is Shattenkirk, more of a 2 way guy would be a better option. A player with salary will be leaving to secure that asset & with all the young D Boston has accumulated it makes more sense to me long term.

    • Colorado won’t get what their top players should command due to there pathetic play. Bunch of underachievers. Get rid of Iggy. He’s absolutely done. If he’s lucky some playoff bound team may want to try and pick him up for the playoffs in a minimal role but very doubtful. Get rid of Rene Bourque. This guy had maybe 2 or 3 ok seasons with the flames but has been a dog since…Lazy player. Work on getting some NHL caliber D-men. Pathetic Goaltending. Who isn’t a fan of the old Detroit – Colorado playoff battles year after year. Both teams are just pathetic now.

  5. The leads should trade James van reimsdyk and frank Corrado for Jacob Trouba, and logan stanley. Give or take some draft picks

    • Id imagine the jets would want a mid round first added to the mix in any deal for trouba esp at his low cap hit.

      • I would do oli Matta and a mid round first pick for Jacob trouba. The only way I move Oli Matta if I’m Pittsburgh is if we get Jacob Trouba otherwise keep him..he is young, talented and signed..

    • Winnipeg were pretty excited to grab That Giant D-man Stanley in the draft. Don’t think they want to get rid of him before they’ve had a chance to play him.

      • as a leaf fan i was hoping theyd draft stanley
        i mention jvr for trouba in the past.
        If so, i see it happening next year typically

  6. Wow, all I need to do is come on here and read some comments and it’s easy to see why people dislike the leafs and their prospects in a hurry. I for one, was hoping that Matthews does well, because he took a lot of criticism before being drafted and where he would’ve been drafted if he was in the MacDavid, Eichel draft ect. Then Gary Lawless came out with his idiot article comparing two players 20 games into their NHL career and that Laine will be the better player at the end. Lawless who openly admitted that he cast his vote for Weber for the Norris when in Nashville and never watched him play. I would guarantee that Lawless watched very little of Matthews, he wrote his article based on the fact Matthews played on North American style ice and pro players where Laine did not. That was the whole bases of his article, not on the skills of the individuals. I will say this Toronto and Winnipeg got terrific hockey players who will help their team this year and well beyond. Enjoy the player and his skill set but more importantly for you leaf fans, try praising Anderson who at present has his best save percentage of his career and hope he can sustain that; because if he falls back to 914 well then your playoff aspirations are over and it won’t matter is Matthews scores 40,50 or 60.

    • This is not a playoff team. You’re right Andersen has likely been the MVP for them after his first few starts lol anyway yes both are incredible players but Leaf or not givien the choice I’m taking a centre over the winger every time.

      • so you’re saying Edmonton made the wrong choice.

      • things being somewhat equal. Which I’m not sure they were at the time but I still likely take Tyler over Taylor yes.

      • @Caper you are not making any sense at all. Lawless is a Winnipeg reporter, nothing to do with the Leafs. Whether Matthews would have been picked before Eichel or after nobody will ever know for sure and which wrong choice are you saying Edmonton might have made. They have made a few. Nobodies touting Toronto as a playoff team here. While Andersen has been playing great since the blow out game, the team isn`t all Andersen. If you need an unbiased opinion, go back and watch Jon Coopers post game show from the Tor-Tampa game.

      • I lean more to fantasy hockey than real life hockey. I know that sounds stupid & self serving but the NHL is a means for me to enjoy my favorite hobby, fantasy leagues & draft pools. I love the game but I love fantasy hockey more.

        Wingers carry more value in my fantasy leagues. In the real world neither team lost & both teams got what they needed. Both are great players, superstars already, why the need to have to keep trying to decide who’s better. Apples & oranges for me.

        The great young talent coming to a team near you in the NHL has never been better. It’s awesome for hockey fans & is going to help to keep increasing the NHL’s appeal not only in the US but no sport may be better positioned for world wide growth. It’s awesome.

      • They may not be a playoff team but how awesome is it to see them 3 points out of a playoff spot with 3 games in hand on Boston. 4 games in hand after tonight. Here’s hoping The Devils take it to them.

      • @yogi what part doesn’t make sense to you? if your referring to Lawless; when he put out his article leaf nation was extremely upset, how dare someone say Laine will be better then Matthews and the comments have not stopped since ask Dan39, every time Matthews gets a point now, he brings it up. The other point in regards to Lawless is don’t take him serious because he’s a CFL guy not a Hockey guy. Now my comment about Hall and Sequin, was after my post and it was a reply question to Schticky, not comparing Matthews and Laine. Finally Anderson comment was because of all the hype put elsewhere, he has been the forgotten guy and without his performance there will be no playoffs in Toronto. Now I hope that is clear as mud for you and make a little more sense to you.

      • @Caper at no point did you refer to Hall and Sequin. You could have been talking about Yakapov for crying out loud. You have to quit generalizing when it comes to some one making a comment you don`t like. Not every leaf fan gets upset about every statement that gets made about the Leafs. There hasn`t been a day since Andersen has stepped up his play that he hasn`t been given credit for it. Most of the Leaf fans don`t comment when you guys talk Boston. Like Ray said a few days back, if you don`t like what`s been talked about, ignore it move on. It really isn`t that hard to do. Generally all fans over rate their own favorite teams players, even Boston fans do it. Just like Boston wouldn`t be fighting for a playoff spot without Rask AND YOU GUYS REALLY DON`T GIVE HIM MUCH CREDIT EITHER. So get off your high horse, when some one asks you a simple question

    • About time for Andersen to get some love – he is the main reason for the Leaf’s more consistent play. It is fun to watch Toronto and here’s hoping it continues. The story of the year though has to be the resurrection of John Tortorella and the Columbus Blue Jackets – simply incredible. More fun to come over the rest of the season. And then there’s Las Vegas…..

      • No way anyone was predicting Columbus and Minnesota to be the best 2 teams in the league at the halfway point

    • Its not that we dislike them, quite frankly they been milking the system for a few years they should be good if not great. On the other note were all sick of leafs fans bloating about the shanaplan and in all honesty they need to put a rule in were you cant have top 5 picks every year. I could see teams in lower markets that cant fund full rosters but openly braging about tanking like shanahan shoulfnt be alloud

      • Best post of the day! Lol

      • Top 5 picks every year eh?
        The Leafs have had 4 top 5 pick since 1989…. 2 since Shanny took over so 4 picks in almost 30 years is every year? Another smart post here.
        Do you realize how many top 5 picks other teams have?

      • Top 5 picks on Roster
        Leafs 3
        Habs 2
        Hawks 2
        Oilers 4
        Pens 4
        Sabres 4
        Avs 4

        Seeing a trend here?
        Lots of teams develop a roster that has multiple top 5 picks I could go on.

      • Way to google shticky? Lol geezus can you tell me how many different teams have won the cup since the first expansion?

      • If you didn’t notice you are the common denominator in all these arguments

  7. Doesn’t anyone know that Duchene hates Ryan O’reilly? Duchene talks about him a lot, it’s almost like an obsession, I don’t think he would be a good fit for Buffalo with his rantings. Even a year after trade Duchene still talks about Ryan O’reilly

    • I have never heard a single mention of such on any of the sites I frequent, so not sure where these comments you speak to are being reported. Few waste more of their time than I following hockey. Ha-ha!

      They did play together in the recent World Cup with Thornton & seemed to have no problem celebrating the success that 4th line had for Canada.

  8. Corrado is terrible. Every game I have seen he is making mistakes you shouldn’t see in the NHL . I think a liability every time out there…..Calder is between Matthews and Laine-(edge to Mat)….Great rookie crop though and I believe the best in a very long time. The list might be 20 deep. Marner the Calder in any other year .Mantha has arrived and looks like a solid 30 goal player…..maybe a Duchene Trouba package deal works

    • Let us all know when you see Corrado play again.

      • Funny

    • Werenski has to be a solid contender for the Calder as well & with over 1/2 the season remaining who knows how it will play out. Had McDavid not went down last season he would have edged out Panarin. S–t happens & another player like Aho, Marner, Nylander, Tkachuk etc could come on like gang busters & surprise us all.

      A ton of hockey still to be played but it pretty much looks like a 3 horse race currently between Matthews, Laine & Werenski.

      • agree striker

      • werenski is very good dman & impactful right away

    • I think Zach Werenski is a ligit candidate if Ekblad can win it with 39 points.

  9. Really enjoyed the Toronto Detroit game. It was exciting. Watching all those kid’s play & contribute is fun. Boy they make mistakes but those chances & errors are part of what makes it exciting even if not always in a total positive way.

    I think any reasonably knowledgeable hockey fan has heard of Hyman & Brown. I add dropped Brown early in 1 of my fantasy leagues 6 weeks ago; huge premium for anyone listed as a RW on the CBS site, & traded for him yesterday in the other, a 20 team league, 12 keepers, got him cheap, paid a 6th rounder.

    Since being moved to Matthew’s line about 6 games ago Brown has been on fire & has made Matthew’s better as well. The new found power playtime is a huge bonus as well. He saw none until being moved into Nylander’s spot.

    Matthew’s is way better & far sooner than I ever anticipated him to be. Hyman, Matthews, Brown has the makings of a solid 1st line. Hyman & Brown are solid responsible 2 way hockey players with skills. Their unanticipated contributions make moving van Riemsdyk & Bozak sooner than I thought necessary, 1 year sooner, is a huge bonus as it should help to return a much needed top 3 Dman.

    I almost bought a Toronto jersey at Hockey Life in Tsawassen Mills outside Vancouver on Friday. Bizarre times when I would even consider such a thing. It came down to Dallas green, Columbus blue or Toronto blue. Reebok replica’s for 59 bucks. I went Dallas green but boy are times changing if I a Bruins fan would even consider such a thing. Ha-ha!

    • first 40 minutes were extremely boring. good thing they waited until the third so they could both sit back and wait for OT, to get that loser point. (sarcasm)

    • If you did that I would never read your posts again. There’s 6 of you on here who post things which I strongly agree or disagree with. You are one of them obviously.
      However, no self respecting Bruins fan would ever purchase or wear any sort of Leafs garb. HaHa.
      For what it’s worth it believe Matthew’s will have a greater impact with the Leafs than any of the others in his draft class. He’s downright excellent and only getting better.
      Freddie Anderson is a very good goalie but his stats are a direct reflection of Babcocks system. Like Rask, he makes the odd great save but most shots he has to face are from outside of homeplate.

  10. Shattenkirk will stay with the Blues for the playoffs. It makes no sense to trade away a top Dman when they are cup contenders

    • Agreed, unless they get an offer to good to refuse that also helps them now.

  11. Anyway Happy New Year to everyone, especially Lyle for providing such a solid venue to discuss & read about hockey. None better for hockey talk, you guys are great, passionate & some down right rude but it makes it fun. Ha-ha! I hope Santa was kind to everyone & no 1 hit the naughty list, although being naughty is fun as well.

    All the best to you & your families in the new year. Great time to be a hockey fan. The world Juniors are my favorite hockey tournament of the year going to watch 4 games today. Chi/StL, Rus/Den, Swe/Slo & Can/Cze. Wife’s going to want to kill me. Ha-ha!

  12. Right now everything is working right for the Leafs. Let’s see what happens when injuries, slumps, and the dog days of feb happen. I am a Leafs fan and love the way things are going but they are still a couple defenders and playoff experience from being contenders. They might look like they are going to make the playoffs now but Pollack Hunwick, Bozak, JVR and even Komo may be moved by the end of the year.

    • Matthews and Nylander already had a bit of a slump, both came out OK Liane seems to have hit a bit of a wall right now. Tkachuk after a slow start has started to put up some good numbers. Werenski has been the steadiest of the rookies this year and the guy who gets absolutely no credit for a great rookie campaign is Matt Murray, shame. Knock on wood as far as the injuries go for all the kids and making the playoffs shouldn`t be the concern this year for Toronto, playing some meaningful games in March and April would do just nicely this year Thank you

  13. Gallagher, Beaulieu to the Avalanche for Duchene Tyutin 2nd Rd pick

    • If I`m Sakic, I`ve already hung up the phone on ya and I like Gallagher.