Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 15, 2017

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Is this the year Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan accepts a trade?

Latest on Shane Doan, Corey Schneider, James van Riemsdyk and many more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

OTTAWA SUN: With the Arizona Coyotes facing another lost season, Bruce Garrioch speculates they could get some calls regarding veteran right wing Shane Doan. While the long-time Coyotes’ captain has a no-move clause, Garrioch doubts that’ll stop teams from calling. He also claims the San Jose Sharks are believed to have kicked the tires on Doan in the last couple of years. The Coyotes are considered sellers and could also attempt to move pending unrestricted free agents Martin Hanzal and Michael Stone by the March 1 trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For the past several years we’ve almost annually heard speculation that Doan might get moved at the trade deadline. Every year, it never happens. Maybe it does this year, but I’ll believe it when I see it. 

Garrioch observes the New Jersey Devils have the salary-cap space and depth in draft picks to take on some bad contracts if good prospects are also included in the deal. He notes the Columbus Blue Jackets, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings all have salary-cap issues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Devils might prefer dealing with clubs outside of their division. Those moves might have to wait until the offseason. 

It’s believed the Dallas Stars contacted the Tampa Bay Lightning regarding goaltender Ben Bishop. If the Lightning trade him, general manager Steve Yzerman could seek “a host of assets.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And the Lightning would probably have to accept Kari Lehtonen or Antti Niemi as part of the deal, unless the Stars can shed one of those goalies in a separate deal. 

Garrioch reports “there’s no question” Toronto Maple Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello is listening to offers for left wing James van Riemsdyk, who’s a year away from UFA eligibility. But with the Leafs pushing for a playoff berth, this could be a difficult decision.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Leafs got an offer of a good, young top-two defenseman for JVR, I think they would make that move. However, I think that offer comes in the offseason, not before the trade deadline. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports it’s possible the Coyotes consider moving Doan. He’s under the impression that “if they go to Shane Doan with a situation where they have a chance to win, he will be willing to consider waiving his no-trade clause.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No offense to Friedman, but as I said earlier, I’ll believe it when I see it. 

Nick Kypreos reports the Winnipeg Jets current goaltending tandem (Connor Hellebuyck and Michael Hutchinson) isn’t working. If the Jets were to recall former starter Ondrej Pavelec from the minors, perhaps they could move Hutchinson. He claims there was “a lot of talk” about the San Jose Sharks upgrading their backup goaltending and there was some interest in Hutchinson earlier in the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hutchinson hasn’t played well this season, so the Sharks could look at other backup goalie options. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols recently cited Friedman’s appearance on Edmonton’s 630 CHED on Thursday, during which he noted the Sharks, Los Angeles Kings and St. Louis Blues expressed interest in center Martin Hanzal. However, Coyotes GM John Chayka wants a good young player (preferably a center) in return who can help his club right away. Friedman also thinks the Tampa Bay Lightning have some interest in Coyotes blueliner Michael Stone, but it’s believed the asking price is too high.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Coyotes are willing to lower their asking prices for Hanzal and Stone, one or both will be moved at the trade deadline. Chayka’s got to be careful here. If he refuses to budge, he could price those players right out of the trade market. 

NEW YORK POST: With the New York Islanders looking like they’ll miss the playoffs this season, Larry Brooks believes it’s time for GM Garth Snow to make a bold move. He suggests Snow get into the bidding for Colorado Avalanche forwards Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog. As the Avs want a top-four defenseman, Brooks advocates offering up blueliner Nick Leddy as part of a deal “that would reshape the team, reset the season and reenergize the franchise.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Isles reportedly looked into Duchene’s availability earlier this season. If the Isles can get Duchene or Landeskog for Leddy, perhaps that might be worth exploring. Still, that’ll leave the Isles with a hole on the blueline, and another expensive forward up front, but if they have good chemistry with John Tavares, it could be worthwhile. 

Brooks also wonders if New Jersey Devils GM Ray Shero might consider trading starting goalie Corey Schneider, who has a no-trade clause but might welcome a move to a club “with a more immediate future.”  He muses about perhaps dangling Schneider to the Dallas Stars in exchange for a defenseman “to key the transition”, though it’ll also mean taking back one of the Stars’ current goalies (Kari Lehtonen or Antti Niemi) in the deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Schneider wants out, I don’t see Shero moving him. I expect the Devils GM will explore some significant moves in the offseason. 

ESPN.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Craig Custance replied to a question about what the Philadelphia Flyers might get back for moving pending UFA blueliners such as Mark Streit and Michael Del Zotto. He believes Streit has great short-term value for contending teams seeking defensive depth. He figures the Flyers could be a draft pick in the third-to-fifth round range.

With so many teams carrying limited salary-cap space, Custance believes it’s difficult for the Detroit Red Wings to move veterans with term remaining on their contracts such as Jimmy Howard or Mike Green. Pending UFAs Steve Ott and Thomas Vanek are more likely to be moved for draft picks. 

Custance believes the Calgary Flames would like to add a defenseman and a scoring winger. He wonders if they’d be willing to move a prospect goalie such as Jon Gillies or Tyler Parsons to bring in a player that can help them right now. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Since team president Brian Burke spoke out against the Dougie Hamilton trade rumors in late-November, there hasn’t been any new Flames trade chatter. That doesn’t mean, however, they might not look to add to their lineup before the trade deadline. 

He thinks St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong can justify retaining pending UFA blueliner Kevin Shattenkirk for a playoff run this season. He also considers the Blues among the front runners for Arizona center Martin Hanzal.

Custance notes there’s a belief among the colleagues of Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman that he’s ready to make a move. He also thinks the Boston Bruins have the pieces to make a significant deal with the Colorado Avalanche, but the latter’s big moves might have to wait until the summer. 

Custance believes the Edmonton Oilers could be the best fit for Colorado Avalanche right wing Jarome Iginla. He also thinks the Dallas Stars could be the trade destination for Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers are built for speed, so I don’t think Iginla’s a good fit there. Still, he has ties with Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli from their days with the Boston Bruins, so it could be possible. 


  1. I don’t think it would come as any surprise to anybody that MTL has to get bigger in order to be a tougher team in the playoffs. And I have pitched this idea before of bringing in Wiercioch, Bourque and Grigorenko to MTL to address the size issue in MTL. Maybe though you can go Zadorov, Grigorenko and Bourque. It’s a move that gives MTL the size they’re going to need for a playoff run and 2 young Russian who’s careeers they can possibly resuscitate. Maybe a deal like: Jacob De La Rose, Josiah Didier and MTL’s 2nd in 2017 for Zadorov, Grigorenko and Bourque.

    • Not sure they have to get bigger currently the Habs are in the middle of the pack when it comes to size averaging just over 6′ 200 lbs. but 2 of thier smallest players at just 5′ 9 Byron and Gallagher really pulls down the avg and they may be 2 of the grittiest players on the team. They have 10 guys on the roster that ar 6’2 or bigger. Comparison of teams if your interested.

    • The idea of trading is to improve your hockey team. I can’t see how trading two mid-first round picks in Zadorov and Grigorenko plus Borque for players picked in the 2nd and 4th rounds (neither of which are playing n the NHL) and a couple of 2nd round picks improves Colorado. IMO, Sakic would give a polite thank you and hang up the phone.

      • Agree not enough to get Zadorov or Grigogenko. Habs also have McCarron to bring up with plenty of size.

    • Zadarov is playing great, developing right on schedule & there is a reason he was selected in the 1st round. Grigorenko is getting better & his career is being resuscitated in Colorado. I don’t see Colorado moving either of these players but certainly not Zadarov. He was the key piece received in the O’Reilly trade & will be a top 2 if not a #1 eventually going to be a stud just 4 or 5 years from being that player.

      Both are just kids. Zadarov 21 & Grigorenko 22. Buffalo may have destroyed Grigorenko having him languish in the NHL as an 18 year old then a 19 years old before finally relenting & sending him back to the Q twice. Factor in his fits the monster class being 6’3″ & it takes these players almost twice as long to develop. Zadarov is a huge monster at 6’5″ & 230lbs.

    • Trust me as a Sabres fan you don’t want Grigerenko or Zadorov. Both floaters. Grigerenko is like a sloth and as soft as mink fur. Neither player have any heart.

      • Ouch. Harsh words about 2 kids with little to no NHL experience. I’ll reserve judgement on Grigorenko for another 3 years, 4 for Zadarov.

      • This guy wants to hold off for another 3-4 years to reserve judgement lol dude why don’t you wait when they hit 30 and their respective careers are almost over to pass judgement in 4 years they’ll be close to 30 lol 27,26 you’re going to wait that long for them to do something Jesus thank god you don’t run an NHL team. Grigorenko is a bust hence why he was drafted so low and traded and zadarov will not be more then an A.Emelin or D.Kulikov which both are good dmen that hit but don’t expect a number 1 dman

      • Sorry they both will be 25 still way to far to judge if they’ll be any good

  2. Leafs pushing for a playoff berth – yes, but they really shouldn’t be in contention if not for the leagues ridiculous divisional format.

    You look at the Metro division, 6th place CAR has a higher points percentage than 2nd place BOS in the Atlantic and yet they aren’t even in a wildcard slot.

    If the idea is to win a Cup, putting off needed trades like JVR for young RHD and instead sneaking into the playoffs on account of a dysfunctional berthing formula is not the way to do it.

    • I think the idea is make the best trade more then the timing of it. I agree with Lyle it’s more likely that that trade would be in the summer. That ridiculous birthing system or whatever you want to call it has pretty much every team but 2 in contention and if I am a GM of an NHL team in contention for the playoffs there is exactly a 0% chance that I am giving up the type of D that the Leafs will be looking for for JVR. And if I’m the Leafs knowing that this is likely the only way I get that type of player I am not jumping at the opertunity to shop JVR amongst a few non playoff teams I’ll wait until I can shop him to 30 teams. Maybe perhaps someone gets really desperate and it happens but if I’m Lou I got no issue holding on to JVR and going to the playoffs. It just doesn’t seem like a loss to me. Thanks I’ll keep one of my teams leaders and roll the dice with a playoff round instead of perhaps making a questionable trade missing the playoffs and regretting not being patient and getting a better player.

      • If you want JVR traded either now or next season, you run the risk of offer going down in the offseason, strickly because you only have him for one season. I would think a better offer would come into place closer to the deadline. Secondly there been chatter on here in regards to JT going to Toronto once his contract is up. By reading leaf fans comments and that they won’t be able to afford JVR new contract, makes me ask how would they be able to afford JT, because his demand will be higher.

      • Caper,

        I have to kindly disagree that there may be a better offer closer to the deadline than in the offseason. The teams willing to overpay at the deadline for JVR will likely be doing so because they’re going after the cup this season and a playoff contender. To get the piece(s) that Toronto reportedly wants, a young NHL ready dman that would mean the playoff bound team is removing a key piece to their blueline. I don’t see many playoff/cup contenders removing a young blueline piece in the midst of a run. It’d be like asking the Ducks for Fowler, Vatanen, or Lindholm… all of which are in their top 4 right now and the team is in 1st in the Pacific. Just don’t see a team like that doing that move right now.

        I think that type of move and return is more suited for the offseason. Although, teams do overpay at the deadline so maybe I’m wrong here.

      • Not sure many beside the media are putting too much thought in Tavares Caper that’s the thing. Generally these things come out of the media and immediately becomes those crazy Leaf fans think everyone is coming home. If TSN and Spirtsnet wasn’t running stories every 15 minutes about these players returning home I doubt very much that there would be as many crazy Leaf fans of the opinion these players were on route to Pearson international. It’s not the die hard hockey fans that follow the Leafs that kinda understand what’s happening it’s the ones that may watch a game here or there but check out TSN every morning for the highlight package.
        As for the contract status of JVR it just depends on the team. Many teams that could use proven scoring that are close to the cap next year but have space in following years could find that attractive that they can trade for him and work out an extension. It seems sometimes people like to kinda find ways to make things not work. If he had more term it would be well he has 3 years left on his contract, if he was a rental it would be well he not worth much as a rental 1 year and it’s well who wants him with only 1 year left on his deal… I think chances of a GM wanting a 30 goal guy who only gets paid 4.25 mill are pretty good and I think most would realize you are not going to get a player like that for eternity and at some point he will likely need a contract. JVR is a good player for more reasons than his contract. There are any number of players in the same situation with 1 year left on their deal that teams would trade for now and cross the bridge when they come to it.

      • Chad, using your Anaheim scenario, the only one if I’m the Ducks I would trade would be Fowler because he is in the same situation contract wise as JVR and I would make that trade today. Adding JVR to that team and they way they play, he would be an excellent addition to their playoff run and I believe Anaheim D is strong enough to withstand the loss of Fowler. As seen in the pass some teams are willing to give up more at the deadline to get a chance at the Cup. If the offer isn’t there then of course no rush and wait until the offseason. What I’m saying if for Toronto not to hang on to JVR just because they thing they’ll make the playoff.

      • @Shticky, if you go back and listen to Lou`s interview, that`s basically what Lou said about trading JVR or anybody else. Unless somebody makes an offer you can`t refuse, it`s stay the coarse and let`s see what the kids can do. I`ve heard JVR say on more than one occasion, that he really would like to stay in Toronto. Maybe he`s really willing to take less to stay, just look at Tampa. 30 goal scorers don`t grow on trees these days, waiting til summer just gives Toronto another option.

      • Caper,

        I think losing Fowler would have too much of a negative impact on that team to consider moving him at the deadline. He’s a huge contributor on defense. Not sure he’s easily replaced.

        I do agree though that if the offer isn’t there they’ll simply wait until the offseason. I do understand what you’re saying about not having Toronto just retain JVR through the deadline just because of the playoffs. I also feel though that all owners have a desire to make the playoffs… it is after all a business. If the Maple Leafs are in a position to make the playoffs they might consider keeping JVR even if it’s against their current “rebuild MO”. He’s still going to have good value in the offseason where he still has 1 season under contract.

      • @Caper, if Toronto makes a deal at the deadline with Anaheim, not sure Fowler would be the target. Toronto needs a right handed dman, not so much a lefty and if you`re trading what looks like your best chip, you better be getting exactly what you need. Even if the price maybe higher than just JVR.

      • Yogi,

        “if you`re trading what looks like your best chip, you better be getting exactly what you need. Even if the price maybe higher than just JVR”

        That’s why it makes more sense that the move happens in the offseason. I think it’s tough to swing massive trades like that mid-season and towards the deadline. This season it feels like every team with the exception of 2 or 3 feel they’re playoff bound. Doesn’t feel like the deadline will be overly active. A lot of buyers, not many sellers, most teams wanting to bolster their roster… not subtract from it

      • I agree Chad

    • You’re right about the divisional thing and Carolina deserving a spot, based on play so far, but the Leafs’ current form makes them legitimate wild card candidates along with the Hurricane. Lots of time left for things to shake down.

    • As you noted winning % if Carolina can keep that Winning % they will be in the playoff, either top 3 or wildcard. I know what your saying, we can debate it all day long just like the loser point system, where Ottawa would have 4 more pts then Toronto, but it isn’t going to change. The NHL like their system

    • I don’t specifically have an issue with the format as it relates to the top 3 in each division making the playoffs & 2 wild cards but then seed 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7 etc. Division strength can swing wildly year to year so it balances out some what.

      I don’t see the NHL moving away from the division conference format so I would prefer the top 2 in each division make the playoffs & then 4 wildcards with 1 playing 8, 2 playing 7, etc. This slotting that the NHL uses is brutal. You can’t have the top 4 teams in the NHL meeting in the 2nd round like they did last season. Pit@Wasa & StL@Dal.

      The fact the NHL can even think this s–t up is a joke.

      • Striker, what’s the point of the division system anyway? Not like there is much bad blood in hockey and bitter rivalries like there used to be.

      • I don’t disagree dan39. But all pro sports use it; divisional alignment in some way, few other than hockey allow so many to even advance to the playoffs or reward divisions winners that do in some way.

        Having 16 of 30 teams make the playoffs is to many even though I love playoff hockey. That’s never changing. Just get away from the bracket formula to eliminate this issue where the best can play the best in round 2. For me winning a cup in this formula should come with a asterisks in the record book. Won under stupid bracket formula.

    • The leafs are 10th in the league in Pts per game. They also have a higher pts per game than Boston… Philadelphia and Carolina… so really, did you even care to look at the numbers before saying this?

      • I assume this was directed at Dan39 as his post started this particular thread. Winning % is a far better evaluator of where a team sits or may sit when all things balance out. Not exact as the games have to be played but a far better reflection of what might be than what the NHL chooses to show.

        That said Dan39 hadn’t completely addressed all the variables but identified Carolina but could have chosen several Metro teams who are getting screwed in this formula. The variance between games played in division, in relationship to conference although more significant in the east as opposed to the west due to the 16, 14 team set up are nominally more significant. Essentially 1 more game but varies for 2 teams each season.

        This format was only implemented for 3 years & will be altered next season after expansion in what way who knows.

        See NHL press release about system below.

        Hopefully the NHL does the right thing & solves this issue. Don’t hold your breath.

  3. Kypreos again with the head scratching comments. Sat there and goes on about a player (a goalie to top it off) is not playing how things look terrible not working out at all rolling his eyes slapping the desk, piling dirt on a guy then follows it up with maybe a team with back up goaltending issues like the Sharks is interested in the backup goalie who isn’t playing well. I get the whole change of scenery thing and if you change teams sometimes results change, it’s more how Kypreos goes about it tho that just makes himself look like an ass. The broadcasts are much better this year and are never going to be perfect I suppose but I’d shed no tears if they got rid of Kypreos next.

    • I won’t watch the Sportsnet feed with Kypreos unless confronted with no choice.

  4. Hearing Shane Doan in the rumors again reminds of me every trade deadline in recent years… also kind of reminds me of the Kaberle rumors until he eventually moved as well. Gets to a point where you just read over his name and move to the next rumor.

    Maybe the move him this year, maybe not. He’s certainly not looking good this season at the ripe age of 40.

    4G 8A through 42 games… teams will come begging with assets for him… not really. Last season, different story.

    • Doan’s roll this season has changed significantly. He played 2nd line & 1st PP unit last season. This year he is playing 3rd line & isn’t on either of the top 2 PP units. Couple that with age & his points reduction is understandable. If deployed in those roles he would have significantly more points. He would be a great addition for any team with cup aspirations & a spot for him in the top 6 with at least 2nd line PP time.

      Unlikely Doan moves. His family lives in Arizona full time. It would be nice to see him agree to move to add a cup to his fabulous career but something to be said for a player who essentially played his entire career with 1 organization having had the opportunity to move but choosing to stay especially with everything that has happened in Arizona. Granted Winnipeg moved to Arizona so 2 organizations but he moved with them.

  5. “Coyotes GM John Chayka wants a good young player (preferably a center) in return who can help his club right away”

    Wait a second… the Coyotes want to trade their 29 year old center who’s a veteran and helping their team right now… for a what a moment… younger preferably CENTER who can also help their club right away?

    Yes, teams will be lining up to trade their younger version of Hanzal who is already NHL ready for an older version. I always trade in my newer cars for older ones… the insurance/registration is typically less 🙂

    • lol ya kinda wondered about that myself.

    • I haven’t heard that’s the return Arizona is looking for, not saying it isn’t just haven’t heard such nor does it really make sense to me. Dvorak is playing C, Strome is coming, MacInnis, Letunov, Dauphin, Keller, Merkley, Fischer & even Martinook has been playing C. They added Holland & Burmistrov. Many of these players are going to have to move to the wing as not enough room for all to play C.

      I would assume Arizona gets the usual compensation paid at the trade deadline. A 2nd & 3rd or a decent prospect instead of the 3rd or some combination there of, the position of such player being secondary to their abilities & NHL future.

      • Just going off what was reported above…

      • Copy that. Arz also has Richardson who was playing C signed for 1 more season when he returns from what is probably a season ending injury. he might make it back later this season from a broken tibia & fibula.

  6. This may sound harsh but why would anyone pick up Shane Doan for a playoff run? He’s 40, very slow, on track for a 24 point season, has been in the playoffs only 7/18 years for a total of 55 games with a whopping 28 career playoff points, made it past the 1st round once, and hasn’t won anything. If you’re going aquire someone who will take up a roster spot, surely there are better options available.

    • My thoughts exactly. Now last season was a different story because Doan was playing quite well. There will likely be other options much more appealing than Doan at the deadline. I would imagine the Coyotes would want a decent asset for Doan as well as they’re not going to give him away… thanks but no thanks.

      Although, I’m sure someone out there will come screaming “Intangibles, intangibles, intangibles”.

  7. I could see the Blues retaining Shattenkirk at the deadline as their own rental especially if they remain right in the mix. Similar to what the Bruins did last season with Eriksson, although I still feel that was a poor decision by management.

    The Bruins in February were just over a .500 team that month but weren’t showing consistency game to game. Then we all know what happened in March.

    If the Blues fell they have a good shot then keep the player and make the run. They’re positioned much better than the Bruins were last season as far as the team/talent is concerned.

  8. Zero chance of Schneider moving. Marty did not move until the end of 20 years. If you have a top goalie KEEP HIM ! …Not sure the Flames trade away any depth in net. You also have MacDonald. That is why Elliot and Johnson signed inexpensive short term options. Last year Gillies was considered one of the best non NHL goal tenders and Parsons is only 18-19 and a long way to go….Duchene has one point in January..

  9. I’m a Coyotes season ticket holder and w/ this obviously being Shane Doan’s last season w/ the team I hope he takes his one shot at getting out of this garbage fire of an organization and takes a shot at the playoffs.

    He’s never done anything for himself and look at this joke organization…

    • As long as Chayka doesn’t overvalue and seek huge assets for Doan… then he might get his opportunity at a cup. If the Coyotes are thinking they’re getting a blue chip prospect or 1st round pick for Doan… then I believe Doan will finish out the season with Arizona.

  10. Boston might have to make a move for a defenseman now with both Millers injured.
    Still don’t think Boston should move assets to try to make playoffs this year.
    With such a good prospect pool building I would let them develop together.

    • C. Millers injury isn’t thought to be that significant. Play Morrow, call up Grzelcyk or O’Gara if their actually going to need to play or Cross if they just want insurance if some 1 comes up lam or sick at the last minute.

      Stay the course no short cuts in the rebuild/retooling or what ever you wish to call it.

      Belesky is skating should be back at some point next week & that will be the 1st time all year we get to see Boston’s assumed roster to start the year if K. Miller’s injury isn’t that serious.

  11. No team is giving up a good top 2 Dman for a forward never mind a good young 1 unless desperate. Jones for Johansen; Jvr isn’t Johansen. Nashville had a contract issue coming with Jones & were incredibly desperate for a 1st line C with Riberio & Fisher as their top 2.

    The additional compensation from Toronto to make this happen would be significant. Probably at least a 1st maybe a very high 2nd & even then probably have to include a B grade propsepct like a Kapanen.

    JvR isn’t getting a Trouba straight up as an example. Contracts will factor into this type of deal & JvR’s is problematic. That said this summer is the best chance any team will have to acquire 1 as at least 5 teams are faced with losing 1 for little to nothing with expansion looming. The cost will still be extreme still as at least 10 or 12 teams will be in the bidding.

    • I kinda doubt it as well but maybe perhaps a younger top 4 with some ceiling left to achieve. Not sure anyone was considering Zaitsev a top line guy but there he is and doing pretty well in the role. Imo it seems some get to wrapped up in trying to categorize players. If things were the other way around and it was Leaf fans saying Zaitsev for a top line winger I’m sure it would be here we go again with Leaf fans overvaluing their players….it just depends JVR is a proven consistent point producer, he is not going to return an all star top pair guy, but I wouldn’t say that maybe a Vantenan would totally out of the question or Spurgeon, there are top pair guys out there that I don’t consider to be all that flashy and I’ll say that I’m not 100% sure I’d be thrilled as a Leaf fan if that’s what the Leafs got for JVR just depends.

      • Agreed. There are several young Dman that could be a top 2 but are buried on their respective teams depth chart as 3’s, 4’s or worse.

        I have been saying the same thing about pigeon holing players for a long time. Why do we feel the need to try & rank everyone. Players have different strengths & weaknesses. Apples & oranges. Teams need 3 solid lines to be effective today. Even 4th lines have gone from 4 to 6 mins a night to 10 or 12 in the last decade.

        At D how do we rank 1 through 6? 1 & 2 are fairly easy but Seabrooke is Chicago’s #2 but plays on the 2nd pairing but then it gets blurry fast. TOI/GP, PP TOI/GP, SH TOI/GP, ES TOI/GP some combination of the above.

        Some teams roll out 3 balanced pairs. A luxury few teams can afford but a few can & do. Anh, Minnesota & Columbus have incredible depth at D. As you mentioned the other day Manson plays on Anah’s 3rd pairing. On most teams he would be a 2nd pairing Dman & on some teams he might even be deployed as the shut down Dman on a #1 pairing with an offensive player.

      • Basically the Leafs are likely looking for a younger right handed shot defensive first guy who’s capable of playing 20 mins or more…easy enough lol
        No need try and figure out or label the player by what pair they are currently playing on a different team. Could currently be a third pair where ever they are playing at now but if they can fill Carricks role better than Carrick or take Zaitsev and drop him down with Gardiner it really doesn’t matter. The idea is to up grade the D particularly the right side.

  12. SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Leafs got an offer of a good, young top-two defenseman for JVR, I think they would make that move. However, I think that offer comes in the offseason, not before the trade deadline.

    I actually disagree with you on this one !!! I think that JVR has high value now and if the Leafs are in a playoff spot and can retain him for a max of 50% which would make his cap hit 2,125,000 then I would guess that he would be one of the most attractive players available. I know that defenders are hard to come by and given the Leafs offensive prowess I would think he could be moved for that top 4 RHD.

    The Leafs need D badly and JVR while his value is high(*even higher retained) can give them the player they need on the back end.

    TDL or not there will be good young players exposed because of the expansion draft and the Leafs and other teams will take advantage of it.

    • When JvR is moved & I assume it’s just a question of when, no salary will need to be retained to do so. Even with 1 year remaining the return will be solid. I like Lyle see that happening this summer ideally pre expansion draft at least for Toronto. Numerous teams fit perfectly including several that have the asset Toronto needs. If not before certainly following I would lay those odds as 70 30. 70% chance it happens pre expansion draft.

  13. As much as Dallas would potentially like to move a goalie out to bring in say a Fleury it’s not essential. No 1 will want Niemi or Lehtonen with each having 1 more year remaining. Both are buy out candidates. I assume Lehtonen as he makes more money & Niemi has played nominally better.

    Dallas has the cap space to absorb Fleury’s cap hit & simply waive a goalie & send 1 to the minors taking the 900K savings.

    What young Dallas D does everyone keep talking about that might appeal to another team. As far as I can see Dallas has 3. Klingberg, Lindell & Honka. Are they moving 1 of these Dman? The remaining 3 may have a future in the NHL but it doesn’t appear all that promising as none can hold a starting role now on 1 of the 3 worst D’s in the NHL. Nemeth & Johns were drafted 6 years ago, Oleksiak 5. None of these 3 appear to be more than 5 or 6 guys today at best. They may be better in time but it’s not like these are raw rookies all 3 are 24. At the very least they should be playing a full time role as a #6 today if they have any reasonable future in the NHL. Late bloomers? Expansion will buy time for some of these types of players but not much.

    • Its problematic when your trying to develop a dman and the overall d and teams system doesn’t bold well for development. Look no further then the Bruins considered one of the worst d in the league last year. The Bruins try to play an up tempo game and sacrifice the defensive side of the game. This year they went back to playing a more structure defensive game and the results are much different and everyone saying Boston d isn’t that play. Other then Carlo then only thing that change was the system and style of game they play.

      • & the advancement of Krug, C. Miller, addition of Liles as much as we lament that addition & the overall healthy of the D this year with Carlo solidifying the #1 pairing. You can also argue & I do that although having turned 29 in October that with only 185 games of NHL regular season experience K. Miller is still growing his game, getting better & has more to give & learn. Age factors in some how but still takes almost all Dman 400 regular season games to hit full development. Being older maybe K. Miller can reach full development at 275/300?

        I don’t find Boston playing a more sound defensive game specifically. I perceive it as part of the evolution of the rebuild not only at D but up front as well. All these things improve the teams overall defensive game making Rask look awesome.

        You still wanting to trade him? How about Krug who is now tied for 5th in D scoring with Weber & Shattenkirk & still over 100 NHL regular season games from being the player he will be for years in the NHL?

  14. So how about offering MTL 1st and de la Rose for Anders Lee on Brooklyn?

  15. I haven’t seen him play to know if he has enough left, but assuming the team’s scouts decided he did…

    The Penguins could be a fit for Shane Doan.

    Eric Fehr hasn’t been as good this year as he was last year, so he could play as the 4th line RW.

    And there is something to be said for having some hungry guys in the room. Everyone on the Pens except Chad Reuwedel has a ring. Bringing in Doan for the Ray Bourque effect wouldn’t be the worst thing.

    Doan makes $3.8 M or so. Fehr makes $2 M. If Arizona eats half of Doan’s cap hit, the deal could work.

    Arizona has another player who intrigues me, but I’ve never focused on him the few times I’ve seen the Coyotes lately, so this is just going off of his numbers and bio, etc.:

    Michael Stone seems to profile similarly to where Justin Schultz was a year ago.

    • I can’t see a scenario that any team trade an expiring contract, eats half of the cap hit for a bad contract with another year remaining on it in return. I think they’d be better off taking a draft pic in any round before doing Pittsburgh a favor.

      • Maybe Fehr has a really good Fenwick or something…

        You are right. It would only happen if the Coyotes are looking to do Doan a favor.

        Fehr is sitting for Scott Wilson, who is better than Doan at this point, so the Pens wouldn’t give up anything of real value for him.

  16. Toronto, if in a playoff spot and solidifies it, won’t be trading anything away just for a playoffs push, that’ll ruin the rebuild. I can see some key players being traded, to immediately help the rebuilding process (Youth & Draft Pick-wise). Maybe JvR for a Top 4 dman, Bozak (Some salary retained) for a prospect, Komarov (Some salary retained) for a prospect, Martin for a 5th. Then recall Michalek, Laich and Leivo.

    • Bozak/Komarov can`t see Toronto retaining any salary for them unless the return is really good. Martin`s not going anywhere and the last thing Toronto wants is Michalek and Laich on the roster going down the stretch. Neither can keep up in the AHL anymore let alone the NHL. I can see Lou putting both on waivers hoping someone picks either up for free (which I doubt). Levio is already up with Toronto, hope him and Corrado get a descent shot. The next call up will be Kapanen. JVR a summertime decision resign/trade.

  17. Shame Doan doesn’t care about winning or money, he will stay where he always does.

  18. 2 proposals:
    McCarron,DD + Sergachev for Couturier+ 2nd 2017

    Juulsen,1st 2017,1st 2018 + Plekanec for Landeskog

    I think the two trades are good for all teams……

  19. Before the NY Islanders make any “bold trades” to salvage a season that cannot be salvaged — it is likely better to wait until the offseason where the new owners will HOPEFULLY be cleaning house. One has to assume that a new GM/Staff as well as a new coaching staff will be brought in by early May. A new GM can evaluate with a fresh approach what the Islanders have before making wild trades. While Duchene would be a nice add, trading a player like Leddy leaves far to much uncertainty. The Islanders have some nice D prospects pushing to make the NHL roster, but can we say any other them could fill the hole left if Leddy were traded? Can any of them remain healthy enough — because the obvious choice (Ryan Pullock) has missed essentially the entire season to date with multiple injury issues. Stealing from Peter to pay Paul is not the right approach.

    Id also like to see what a new coach, with a better approach and system can bring to the Isles. I always felt that the Isles success the past few seasons were more in spite of Cappy then because of him. There were a number of chances in the past for the Islanders to bring in a seasoned coach like Carlyle, Boudreau and others. Where would the Isles be with a seasoned coach like that?