Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 22, 2017

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The Chicago Blackhawks reportedly have interest in Tomas Tatar (left) or Gustav Nyquist of the Detroit Red Wings.

Latest on the Blackhawks plus updates on Kevin Shattenkirk, John Tavares, Martin Hanzal & more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Mark Lazerus reports sources say the Blackhawks had preliminary discussions with the Detroit Red Wings regarding forwards Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar. The Blackhawks are in the market for a top-six winger, while the Wings seek blueline depth. Lazerus said the Hawks have about 10 or 11 NHL-ready blueliners in Chicago and their farm team in Rockford.

Tatar is earning $2.75 million this season and is a restricted free agent in July, while Nyquist has two more years at an annual cap hit of $4.5 million left on his contract. He also notes the Hawks have been linked to Toronto’s James van Riemsdyk, Colorado’s Jarome Iginla and Dallas’ Patrick Sharp. A stumbling block could be their reluctance to part with high draft picks, especially when they’re hosting the 2017 NHL Draft in June. 

THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers reports the Blackhawks are also shopping for a veteran defenseman. One sources suggested Arizona Coyotes blueliner Michael Stone as one option. They will have over $3.3 million in prorated salary-cap space at the March 1 trade deadline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the rumor mill is anything to go by, Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman could make a significant move or two by the March 1 trade deadline. It’s interesting that he’s reportedly targeting Nyquist or Tatar. It’s been rumored since last summer either one could be had for a quality defenseman. If the Blackhawks don’t land one of them, they could be shipped out to a club with depth in young defensemen in need of scoring forwards, such as Anaheim or Carolina. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports some NHL clubs took notice of the Calgary Flames making struggling young center Sam Bennett a healthy scratch for a recent game against the Nashville Predators. Flames GM Brad Treliving was quick to dismiss those inquiries, telling them Bennett isn’t on the trade block. Friedman and Nick Kypreos also noted how weird it was that Treliving is the only NHL GM without a contract for next season. Neither Treliving or the Flames organization will publicly discuss the matter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flames president Brian Burke couldn’t be anxious to get back into the GM’s chair again, could he? Nah, just funnin’ ya! As for Treliving’s status, he and the Flames may have already worked out the framework of a new deal that could be implemented at season’s end. Time will tell. 

Kypreos also speculates the St. Louis Blues could shop pending unrestricted free agent defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. Kelly Hrudey notes they’re also having difficulties in goal, as young starter Jake Allen is struggling. Friedman (seemingly tongue-in-cheek) suggested swapping Shattenkirk to the Tampa Bay Lightning for goalie Ben Bishop, adding Armstrong could try to free up some salary-cap space to do something else.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson recently observed the trade rumors linking Shattenkirk to the Oilers have been around for a couple of years. While suggesting the club’s new building and playing with superstar Connor McDavid could help lure the defenseman to Edmonton, it could cost around $6.35 million annually on a long-term deal for the Oilers to sign him. They must also re-sign McDavid and fellow young star Leon Draisaitl to new contracts this summer. He believes they’ll have to shed a $6 million annual salary (Jordan Eberle or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins) to sign Shattenkirk. He also wondered if the Oilers might be interested if the Blues re-signed Shattenkirk to an eight-year deal and then put him on the trade block. Matheson also wondered what the Blues asking price would be.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After trade speculation over Shattenkirk died down after last summer, it flared back again in a big way last week. The Blues’ recent struggles obviously have a lot to do with it. If they keep losing ground in the standings, GM Doug Armstrong could be forced to act. Moving Shattenkirk could certainly be an option.

With regards to the Oilers pursuing him, unless they can re-sign him to a contract extension, they shouldn’t waste the assets on a guy who’ll likely bolt via free agency on July 1. As I said yesterday, if they were a Stanley Cup contender, I could understand chasing Shattenkirk as a playoff rental. But they’re not a Cup contender and they don’t need a potentially pricey rental player to reach this year’s postseason. Save those assets for something that can help them become a champion down the road.

Matheson also wondered what New York Islanders captain John Tavares might do when he’s eligible for UFA status in 2018. Given the club’s inability to improve, he wonders if Tavares might shop his services. He suggests the San Jose Sharks consider parting ways with aging center Joe Thornton and clear the decks to make a run for Tavares.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tavares to the Sharks? Hmm, that’s a new one, and not a bad suggestion, but it’s premature to start speculating over his plans. Let’s wait until this summer and see how his early contract discussions with the Isles unfold. 

Matheson feels the Edmonton Oilers should take a run at acquiring Arizona Coyotes center Martin Hanzal at the trade deadline as a No. 3 rental center. Speaking of the Coyotes, he also said he’s hearing they could trade young winger Anthony Duclair.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes recently demoted Duclair, so I don’t see them looking to move him just yet. Of course, if they get a good offer, they could think about it. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wonders what the New Jersey Devils could get from the St. Louis Blues by offering up veteran starting goaltender Cory Schneider. He speculates at least a top-six forward such as Jaden Schwartz as part of the return. Schneider has a no-trade clause, but Brooks believes Devils GM Ray Shero should stock up with assets by exchanging a goalie “whose timetable doesn’t seem to mesh with his team’s.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, by the time the Devils become perennial playoff contenders, Schneider will be past his prime. It’s an interesting suggestion from Brooks, but I’m not sure Shero shares that view right now. 

ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan recently reported a league source claimed the Coyotes and the agent for pending UFAs Martin Hanzal and Michael Stone had not discussed terms for new contracts since the offseason. Morgan wouldn’t be surprised if the Coyotes traded Stone, but suggests Hanzal’s status is more complex depending upon the term he’s seeking. It’s believed he’s looking for a minimum of three years but could accept two if the annual salary was much higher. 


  1. Lyle, wasn`t it Shattenkirk himself that came out a week or so ago and said he was gonna reevaluate his position on whether he would resign with the club that traded for him.

    • Yogi, it was reported by several media sources that he might reconsider his position. To my knowledge, he hasn’t publicly proclaimed what his intentions are regarding a possible trade.

      • I thought he did, that`s why all the renewed rumours about Edmonton, Arizona etc. My mistake

    • Hey Yogi, I thought he’d changed his stance one where he was willing to go short term but hadn’t said anything about resigning. Course I could be wrong as well.

      • Ya something along that line. It`s not like I haven`t been wrong before, definitely a first for the day, tho

  2. Bishop for Shattenkirk is most likely of all the trade scenarios I have heard.

    I wouldn’t mind getting Lyle’s opinion on what moves Montreal is most likely to make.

    Also, I’d like to know how realistic a possibility it wold be to move Carey Price as opposed to resigning in 2018.

    • Do you remember the Luongo for Price rumours a few years back. I wonder if there was any truth to that one and if there was, who nixed it.

    • Bergevin’s shopping around. He needs depth at center, but also stated last week he’s in the market for a puck-moving blueliner. I suspect he’ll seek a rental, as he doesn’t have a lot of assets to give up for long-term solutions. And no, they’re not moving Carey Price. Unless he says he’s testing the market when he becomes eligible for UFA status, the Habs intend to keep him.

      • If MTL is simply going to make a rental move, then why not throw a treasure trove of picks and prospects at Arizona for Hanzal, Doan and Stone? I’m pretty sure Doan would waive his NMC for a chance to win a cup with his cousin Carey Price.

    • Would Montreal be interested in Gionta as a rental? He is having a pretty solid year and has had some good playoff runs with the Habs. Would they trade a 2nd for him?

      • NO!

    • If Bishop is supposedly seeking Lundqvist money, I can’t even imagine what Price will be seeking. If they even think he’ll be looking for 8-9+ walk him to the door! Price is the elite of the elite, but anything resembling a Lundqvist deal should scare them into moving him.

    • Im not so sure the Blues will even want Bishop. Injuries are an issue, he honestly looks like crap out there! Maybe its just me.Tampa is a mess right now. Is this a funk or what?
      Is Cooper losing the room or is this simply not having a full line up to dress?

    • If the Blues can’t afford to resign Shattenkirk, there’s no way they can afford to sign Bishop. No whomever the Blues get for Shattenkirk is going to have to be under contract for some time.

  3. Will be interesting in Detroit today with Kronwall back. They have to do some serious roster shuffling so the Nyquist Tatar to Hawks chatter has interesting timing. Ideally would like to see Wings move Mrazek to a team in need of a goalie like Dallas and take on 1 of their goalies and get a 1st rounder. Wings need to start setting the price, not reacting.

  4. Lyle, it was reported that Don Sweeney name was on the press box list for the Minny Anaheim game. Would make me think he be looking at a dman just because of their abundance. Any idea of who and if it is a dman?

    • The Wild and Ducks are all loaded with defensemen. However, he may have been scouting the Ducks. Wild GM Chuck Fletcher reportedly doesn’t want to move any of his d-men. After Brodin got hurt, he’s even less inclined now. Lots of talk about Fowler being the odd man out with the Ducks, but there’s also rumors teams have interest in promising ones such as Theodore, Montour or Larsson.

  5. What if Jake ALlen and a 1st goes to NJD for Schneider? Schneider would do well for STL to get them to the next level. Look at his stats in NJ….(minus a few games this yr). NJ recoups a 1st to draft some more depth to their system. Allen becomes their #1

    or go bigger and send Andy Greene along with Schneider for Shattenkirk, Allen and a 1st. Shattenkirk gets his monster 6.5-7 mill deal on the East cost. Allen is the new #1 AND nj gets a 1st

    Stl gets security in adman for a few more years and a steady d man with puck moving skills. A much better #1 goalie locked up for many more yrs.


    • I think it’s a real stretch to think the Devils would deal Schneider and I don’t really buy his age as a reason to do it he just turned 30 and the Devils dealt for Hall last summer who just turned 25 then signged Auvitu a 27 year old D the age of the Devils seems to fall in line. I’m not sure the fan base in NJ are going to show up to watch a team that would at the point of dealing it’s starting goalie optics would change from building on the fly to tear down and rebuild…too many empty seats says the Devils don’t move Schneider.

      • Shticky. Not directed at you but on topic to NJ’s attendance issues.

        I rarely subject myself to watching NJ play & if I’m going to do so it’s at least going to be a home game where they try to score. The trap is alive & well still in NJ. Doesn’t seem to matter who’s coaching or is in the GM chair.

        That building is empty unless they are playing an elite team or a close geographical rival. Then more fans from that team show up to watch the other team play.

        Talk about issues in the sunbelt. NJ has as bad of attendance issues as all but 3 of the worst teams in the NHL & they have a new building.

      • The Devils las I looked are close to a bottom 5 team as they are at around 90% capacity if they start trading away their top players for draft picks that number drops like a rock is exactly what I’m saying Striker, I’m not sure the owner who bought them as an investment would be too keen on the idea of them losing more money. Anything is possible but with the way Shero seems to be bringing in players that are more seasoned than not I can’t see that changing. How do you know what or comment on a defensive system a team plays if you don’t watch the team? I can assure you it is not a left wing lock (trap) you do not see Taylor Hall dropping back with the D in a 1-1-3 which was the “trap” that most have issue with. As far as do they force teams thru the neutral zone and try and create turnovers? yes they do along with most other teams in the NHL. Your commenting on systems of teams you admit not to watch kinda makes no sense.

      • It is amazing how the devils still are labeled a trap team when its patently false. defensive maybe… comes with the talent they have to work with currently.

      • Striker… I see what you did there… a subtle joke ribbing spicer… sorry I didnt read between the lines.

      • The trap & the left wing lock are 2 different defensive systems. NJ essentially introduced the trap, Detroit the LW lock to the NHL.

        I didn’t say I don’t watch NJ, I said I try not to watch & if I do it’s when they are at home & no their #1 line is allowed to actually try & generate some offense. Sometimes even their #2. Zajac is a checker more than a scorer. That said I watch numerous highlight packages, the NHLnetworks game night quick run through of all games, youtube condensed game packages, etc. I make sure I watch all goals scored every night from all NHL games. I even try to back it up; rewind, if able to see where the actual break down may have occurred that lead to the goal. Although not all goals are scored due to a mistake just most.

        We’re on the same page really.

        The issue isn’t just paid attendance. NJ is at 89.9% capacity according to ESPN at home. The Prudential sits 17,625 for hockey; according to ESPN, & they are averaging 14,681; Also ESPN, good for 26th overall. Why these 2 #’s don’t jive makes no sense to me. Math doesn’t work but that is how it’s being reported. It’s the unused tickets that people aren’t using.

        As I noted the other day. Ironically NJ was in Vancouver last Sunday night, according to ESPN; I assume they get this data from the Elias sports bureau or the NHL, that was a sell out. According to friends that attended that building was a 3rd empty. That’s some seriously lost beer & concession sales.

      • Stick to pools Striker the lock was actually used more in international hockey I can’t remember if it was the Fins or Czechs that started using it in the 70s to compete with Russia and Canada teams that had far more skill. This is where Lamaire (who coached the Devils) first scene it and what he used in 95 to win a Stanley cup yes Bowman also used it in Detroit other teams as well the same as there are lots of teams currently that crowd up the neutral zone to force turn overs NJ is not trapping up a game anymore than many other teams. Stick to pools and please stop trying to give an old coach coaching lessons. lol

      • An excerpt from an article on the subject.

        Lemaire, who won five Stanley Cups as a player under Bowman in Montreal during the 1970s, considers Bowman’s kinda-sorta imitation of his defensive system the most sincere form of flattery he ever received in his coaching career.

        “A lot of coaches tried to win with the system we had. But Scotty, he’s so smart that he was one of the only ones to pull it off,” Lemaire said. “I would sometimes kid him that maybe I deserved one of his rings he got in Detroit after that. But I got enough rings already to keep me happy.”

    • Allen and a 1st for Schneider would be interesting for both parties, except St.Louis would have trouble absorbing the extra money. The second with Greene, Armstrong would get fired for that one. Greene`s age 34, declining nos. cap hit 5 mill 3 more yrs. Yikes

    • that’s way to much for Schneider,

    • Jake Allen is currently the least valuable asset in the entire NHL.

      He can’t stop a beach ball and his 4 year extension for $19 million hasn’t even started.

      • Not the 1st time we have seen a goalie stumble when handed the starters role & been pushed to a sharing role the next season & had to reestablish his confidence.

        To read my post about Price just the other day & in no way am I saying Allen will be Price. Young players have these things happen. Some never get back on track many do.

        Schultz sits 4th in D scoring +25 this season. Only I & 1 other person defended Schultz on this board. To young to write off.

        Allen’s value is down but certainly not the worst & won’t be moved regardless. He will stay in StL & this summer a quality veteran will be brought back in to stabilize the issue. Moving Elliott was a mistake.

      • Young goalies can rebound. Veterans, too. Fleury fell apart before a new goalie coach and sports psychologist fixed him.

        And yeah, I remember wishing the Habs would play Price over Halak in the 2010 playoffs. That series loss was the worst of the years in between the two Crosby led Pen’s Cup wins. But, the Habs clearly picked the right guy to keep long term.

        But even in “earning” his starting job and that new contract I haven’t seen where Allen has justified and rewarded that faith so much as he’s done just enough to not lose it.

        It seems the high point of his career was the WJC, but as we’ve seen with Campbell and others, that tournament is not good at predicting goalie success.

        I’m not saying he can’t rebound. Just that no team is going to trade for him today and pay him $20 M to hope that he does.

        When a F like Dustin Brown or a D like Andrew McDonald are signed to a long, bad deal they can still play for you and fill a roster spot. A G on a long, bad deal just cripples a franchise.

        I just can’t think of a contract any team would be less interested in adding to their organization today.

      • MG.

        I agree. My main point is I don’t see StL moving Allen nor having interest in doing so especially with expansion looming. There is obvious faith there as his contract commitment & draft position by StL shows. As well as how they have developed & deployed him.

        His progression had been solid right up to this season both in Peoria & the NHL. His Pedigree; draft position, level of play at all previous levels including the NHL has been solid. Injures have been a concern but all in all solid until handed the ball this season.

        A step back will need to be taken this summer. It’s to bad expansion is looming as if it weren’t trading for Fleury would be a perfect solution. MtL did essentially just that with with Price. Handed him the ball, didn’t work, brought in Halak to buy more time but with expansion looming just can’t work unless StL is willing to lose Allen in the expansion draft.

      • Jake Allen is not going anywhere until the offseason, at the earliest. No on in St. Louis is giving up on him because of 2 weeks of ineptness. The Blues problems go deeper than Allen. Shattenkirk will go before the trade deadline, and if the Blues continue to decline others will go before the deadline as well. But, Allen will not be one of them.

    • Sorry I hate to be so blunt but it is what it is.

      Is anyone willingly going to sign in NJ unless they offer to pay them significantly more as a UFA than other teams?

      If Shattenkirk hits the UFA market on July 1st there will be a line up of teams that will offer 7 mil+ for the right to sign him for 7 years. Why would he even consider NJ?

      This team is devoid of talent with a few minor exceptions & will be bad for years. Has the rebuild even really started yet?

      • That was a what I thought a few years ago Striker when Cammaleri signed there. I agree with you but suspect we’ll get surprised by a couple of players who think they have an opportunity to get more ice time or something there.

      • For the most part I like almost everything about the NHL. The exception being the 3 point system, playoff bracket structure, contracts not counting against the cap in real dollars, the shoot out, hitting to hurt & a few other minor issues.

        I love the NHL game. Hockey is the best pro sport ever. I like football & really enjoy baseball but not like I do hockey. I don’t really follow basketball closely. I watch all sports played at the highest level in some way. Rugby & soccer world cups every 4 years, March madness in basketball, hell even curling played at the highest level amazes me with what they can do with a rock.

        NJ has done a bunch of good things & I like what Shero is doing but it’s a slow process & NJ just wasn’t in a position to go bad, full rebuild, nor was Boston for that matter my favorite team. They didn’t have the right roster make up. Shero is unraveling the mess & resetting as able. I have no reason to beleive he will be unsuccessful just going to take some time. At least the next 3 years maybe as many as 5.

      • Shero doing great things. Some decent prospects. Good trades… sheros strong point. They don’t have the luxury of being in a weak division to help with rebuild. I do think Schneider might be worth trading to a team needing a goalie. They have a solid prospect there and Cory could bring back a good asset or two at the younger side.

    • I don’t believe anyone in the Blues organization is giving up on Allen. The Blues issues go beyond him and Schneider isn’t going to fix it. St. Louis will move Shattenkirk before the trade deadline, but any movement on the goaltending won’t happen unless Allen tanks the rest of the season and if that happens no one will want him.

  6. Interesting ..Chicago has that amount of depth on defense.

    They are seeking a top 6 forward.

    The Leafs, desperately are in need of defensive help.

    JVR would be a perfect fit, to join his brother in Chicago.

    What are your thoughts.

    Leafs have a couple of prospects, with the Marlies, I believe can step into that line…

    • I think Lazerus is smoking something other than tobacco, because Chicago has been rumoured to be looking for 1 or 2 defenceman themselves. Rockford is 29th in the AHL standings and 30th in goals against. Maybe if you`re interested in a couple of 7-8 guys.

    • Not sure there are any that the Hawks would move really fit what the Leafs would be looking for as a return for JVR can’t see it. Trevor could maybe the D that is on the move so I’m not sure uniting the brothers is a thing.

    • Hawks are in constant Cap trouble it seems. Might be a struggle for them to fit JVR long term. Course his salary is very reasonable for this year and next so who knows?

  7. Point of interest & thank god Capuano was sent packing.

    Since ending a brutal losing streak, from Dec 20th to today, NYI has 8 wins, 3 loses & 2 over time loses. 8-3-2. In 1 of those losses & the OT & SO loses they played great but couldn’t score. Oddly enough against the 2 weakest teams in the NHL in Colorado & Arizona on the road & Florida 1st game back at home.

    They are now only 5 games out of the last wildcard spot in the east & like Ottawa & Toronto have only played 44 games & have games in hand on everyone else.

    On Dec 30th the day Halak was waived I placed a wager on NYI making the playoffs at 27 to 1; seemed like an interesting gamble, & on January 7th dropped Mrazek replacing him with Greiss in 1 of my draft leagues. Fingers crossed.

    • Hey Striker, They have been playing a lot better over the last couple of weeks, no doubt about it. The timing for firing Cappy was interesting, coming right after a 4-0 win. Of course they had apparently asked for permission to talk with Gallant a couple of weeks before they fired him so perhaps that decision had already been made.

      Hopefully Weight starts to make some changes to the line up and the systems they use. I know they can’t change everything mid season but even some small changes could make a world of difference.

      • Injures are factoring in with Ladd & Clutterbuck being out but Beauvillier has played regularly & is seeing power play time something capunao wasn’t giving him. May just be an injury issue. Nelson’s minutes are up as well. To think NYI is doing this with Hamonic & Boychuk injured is solid & bodes well.

        This kind of reminds me of Hammond going on a run in Ottawa. Different but similiar. Not that it’s happened yet but was lining up giving me a weird itch that I needed to scratch. Put 1k on the table. Again fingers crossed.

    • @Styx you did hear that supposedly 2 teams have asked he Islanders for permission to speak to Cappy already. According to Nick Kyprios, Florida and Boston have asked about him. Capuano is from Boston and some people don`t believe he was the problem in NY. See how long they play good under Weight. Not only after 4-0 win, Tavaras was starting his hot streak. Looks more like Snow trying to save his own skin, than righting the ship.

      • If Capuano is hired in Boston I will be burning my Jersey on film & forwarding to the Boston Bruins via email. You want to hire Gallant, I’m all in. I hate Capuano. Explore other options even promoting from with in or below willing to give it a chance.

        I like Julian, think he is a great coach but 10 years is along time & as noted he wasn’t Sweeney’s man but has been in place for a decade.

  8. While I think this site is probably the most legitimate when it comes to rumors. It appears that all this information is pure speculation.

    All of these NHL Insiders are just purely speculating on potential destinations. And these columnists are like pasta chefs, they throw a piece of partially cooked pasta against the wall to see what sticks. No one really knows what is happening. Unless you have chatter coming for multiple sides its meaningless.

    Give us something of substance that make sense for both teams that you have this grand vision of.

    Sorry end of rant. And this no knock on you Lyle. I enjoy your work and insight. It is these other guys that do not know what is the flat side of the puck.

    • You are dead on. What Lyle does is report what he reads on mainstream media sites. Sometimes if rumors are slow he shares what he’s reading on other peoples blogs. He then shares his insight & opinion.

      There is no better site & it is a very quick & efficient way for those interested in such to get them in 1 place with sound analysis of such.

      We may not agree with Lyle’s opinion or insight & we debate it & such among ourselves. No better venue to do so on the entire net. Very little name calling or worse.

      Almost all here are mature. We all lose our patience occasionally & say things we regret for the most part. Some of us even apologize. I have to Bigbear, Shticky & George much has fallen on deaf ears but not all. We often have to agree to disagree but if you want to discuss & debate the merits of this type of stuff you have found the right place & thanks for joining us.

      There are some very insightful, knowledgeable posts made here. Well except for my BS. We do yank each others chains deliberate on occasion just for fun. Ha-ha!

      • yeah! and some wicked poop jokes too!

      • That had be laughing hard out load yesterday. I like sharp spontaneous humor.

      • I am not a Bruins fan at all but i respect the hell out of Claude Julien he is a class act…….. leave that guy alone. His winning percentage is like .615 solid coach…

    • Don’t forget that nhl teams use the insiders to manipulate the market and try to tilt the tables in their favor with other teams.

  9. Doesn’t a championship team have strength up the middle starting in goal ? Why would you trade a No.1 goalie ? In Vancouver’s case a couple of years back-two Toronto and Edmonton are better this year because of the changes in the net…..No way is Schneider moving and for sure STL will do something…

    • Hey Silver, I think that championship teams are strong down the middle but also tend to have remarkable depth. By the time Jersey has depth Schneider may not be playing anymore. Of course given the apparent low trade value for goalies I’m not sure they get an offer worth moving him for any time soon.

  10. Vrbata to the Hawks makes a lot of sense given their need for a top 6 winger with a small cap hit.

    Toews clearly needs an upgrade on his line.

    What Cup contending team needs Shattenkirk as their final piece? The problem for the Blues is that none of the teams who’d pay through the nose for him have a particular need for him.

    I could make an argument for the Pens making a deal to get Duclair if the price is cheap.

    It would be a similar situation to Justin Schultz when they got him last year. Trading for an RFA as if he’s a UFA but allowing for the possibility to extend if things work out. Bench him and let him walk if it doesn’t.

    There are a few players I’d target before him, but wouldn’t be opposed if the Coyotes are ready to give him away.

    • The Nyqvist rumor doesn’t make sense to me. Chicago is in cap hell & will be until they move out a significant contract from the core. I assume that will be Hossa eventually if he agrees to such. His contract now drops to a mil per season in actual salary for the last 4 seasons with a cap hit of 5.275. This is the type of contract that appeals to the Arizona, NJ’s etc. of the world. Hossa has to be willing though.

      Tatar makes sense. He can be fit in under the cap now & as an RFA he has some cost certainty attached but will have arbitration rights. The issue is cost.

      Nor do I see how moving Nyqvist nor Tatar helps Detroit but agree & accept they need to upgrade their D & you have to give to get. Detroit’s not trading from a position of strength. & Holland has kind of painted this team into a corner.

    • pens could use shat… good partner for MAF and an asset. letang is awesome. Maatta is back to playing top 4 level but he still waivers and can be unpredictable. Dumo has regressed though hopefully he does better after coming back. Daley has mostly looked like the player Chicago was willing to take scuds for.. another question mark. Schultz shows that as a top 4 he isnt 100% reliable… he does best in a sheltered bottom pairing role with powerplay time. cole has been good in his role… but adding another good d is really the only thing the pens could use. plus you really need 7 top 6 d men in the playoffs.

      • With Boston losing to Pitts today, You gotta wonder how much longer before they become sellers.

      • The 2 young kids on D the Pens have called up have been solid… Its almost like they are not missing their number 1 and 2 defense man. Matta is back playing solid, Schultz is a great fit in Pittsburgh Ian Freaking Cole so underrated playing well…daley looking good the last 3 games…Shattenkirk could be a nice rental but maybe not necessary..

  11. Love your Rumours section. Read it literally every day.

  12. Would like to see the Flyers in on Shattenkirk.

    Streit, GOSTISBEHERE and Neuvirth to Shattenkirk (only after Blues re-sign him to a 6 year, $42 million dollar deal).