Ducks Acquire Eaves

by | Feb 24, 2017 | News, NHL, Rumors | 14 comments

The Anaheim Ducks acquire Patrick Eaves from the Dallas Stars.

The Anaheim Ducks have acquired forward Patrick Eaves from the Dallas Stars in exchange for a conditional second-round pick in the 2017 NHL Draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per the report, depending upon the draft order, the Stars will receive the middle pick of either the Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks or Toronto Maple Leafs, based upon the conditions in which the Ducks received that pick from the Leafs in an earlier trade.

If the Ducks advance to the Western Conference Finals and Eaves plays in 50 percent or more of their games in the first two rounds, that pick becomes the Ducks’ first-rounder in this year’s draft.

The Ducks needed scoring depth at left wing. Eaves, who can skate at either wing, should address that issue. With 21 goals and 37 points, he’s already reached career highs in both categories and is on track for a possible 30-goal, 50-point campaign. The 32-year-old is also a good skater and a solid two-way player who can also help the Ducks on the penalty kill.

While Eaves has a long injury history, he could reach the 80-game mark for the first time in his career. If he can stay healthy and adjust quickly to the Ducks’ system, he should provide them with a welcome boost of offensive and penalty-killing depth.

In a season that’s seen a dire dearth of notable trades, the Eaves deal is the third move this week. Entering the final weekend before the trade deadline, today’s move could prompt move trade activity in the days leading up to the March 1 deadline.  Considering what it cost the Ducks to get Eaves, it could affect the market value of rental forwards such as Detroit’s Thomas Vanek and Arizona’s Martin Hanzal and Radim Vrbata. 


  1. That’s a reasonable return – conditional 2nd. Now it’ll be interesting to see who they put him with.

    • Ya I’m not sure it’s reasonable, expected? Ya probably but to me it just reaffirms the fever that infects some GMs this time of the year. If it turns in to a first which it could easily do with little or no help from Eaves by the Ducks going a couple rounds it seems a stupid steep price. Eaves is having a career year no doubt but he has hit 20 goals once in his career and as Lyle mentioned never played a full season at 32 years of age. To me Eaves on no planet is worth a first and saying “conditional second” in this case is kind of fudging it a bit in an attempt to look sane and save some face. The pick could very well be a first….for Patrick Eaves? Ya no thanks

      • Remember earlier in the year when the peanut gallery would chortle at the mention of first round pick and JVR in the same sentence when discussing the Ducks need for a forward?

      • Eaves is also only making 1million and the ducks are right up against the cap

      • Jvr is very one dimensional, isn’t anything close to a leader eaves brings a lot more this time of yr

      • lol ok

      • Jvr has been lighting it up down the stretch eh leafs fan!! Lol take the glasses off for once

    • I wouldn’t pay anywhere near a 1st for Eaves. Gross overpayment if it does turn out . His numbers would scare me, I think this could very well be a “change of scenery ” gone bad.

      On the other hand if I’m a team looking for depth at wing, I’d gladly fork over a 1st +, + for JVR. Not sure why anyone would say otherwise.

      On a good note, if the Rangers for some odd reason decide to be sellers …. Grabner may land a 1st, a prospect, ++ going by what Dallas got! Hahahaha

      • Hardly a gross overpayment. If the Ducks reach the Conference Final, their first-round pick is no higher than 27th overall. This year’s draft also isn’t that deep. I’d say it’s worthwhile if Eaves helps them get that far.

      • I think it may be expected to overpay grossly at this time of year I’ll give ya that Lyle but I’ll stick to no matter how deep a draft a 32 year old player with 1 previous 20 goal season and 0 full seasons in the league is no where near the value of a 1st. If this was in one of your blogs earlier in the year I don’t expect you would be agreeing that this was the value of a player like Eaves. come trade deadline? Sure maybe with the caveat that every thing is generally grossly over valued at this time of year. Do you think if the Dicks did this deal in Dec you would be saying the same?

      • I’d gauge it based on his performance. If they reach the conference finals, and Eaves isn’t a consistent performer, I’d definitely say gross overpayment. I have a gut feeling that his performance may not translate given his history. Ditto a guy like Grabner. I think they may have just fallen into perfect scenarios / coaching/chemistry that may not translate elsewhere.

        I mean it’s really odd for a guy to have a career year at 32, isn’t it?

      • I agree Lyle, eaves is also a solid defensive forward and will help on the 2nd pp unit.

      • Eaves is a UFA at season end, what he has done previously or next season is no concern to the Ducks. He’s a need and was affordable for salary cap reason. Probably only one of a few players they could go after to fit both need and salary cap. For that reason they may have paid a little more, otherwise come March 1st 3pm they could’ve ended up empty handed.

  2. Goes to show there must of been a few teams in on Eaves.
    Sharp has missed big chunk of the season but will he cost the same?