NHL Rumor Mill – February 1, 2017

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Colorado’s Matt Duchene continues to attract considerable interest in the NHL trade market.

Latest on Matt Duchene and Kevin Shattenkirk plus updates on the Lightning, Blackhawks and Canucks in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN.CA:  Pierre LeBrun reports Nashville Predators general manager David Poile has made a couple of inquiries into the availability of Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene, though it hasn’t progressed past that. With the Preds finally showing some chemistry after two blockbuster moves (Johansen for Jones, Subban for Weber) last year, LeBrun wonders if Poile wants to make another impact move that could adversely affect that chemistry or is Duchene a player that he thinks can help them.

Darren Dreger also speculates interest in Duchene could increase if he requests a trade, citing the Predators, Arizona Coyotes and St. Louis Blues are in that mix of clubs seeking help at forward.  Dreger also told Montreal’s TSN 690 (via Chris Nichols of FanRag Sports Network) that he knows the Montreal Canadiens have interest in the Avs center, but considers it unlikely they’ll pay the Avs’ enormous asking price to get him at the trade deadline.

SPORTSNET’S Elliotte Friedman assumes the Canadiens are among the clubs looking at Duchene and teammate Gabriel Landeskog. He also believes the New York Islanders have some interest in Duchene and suggests the Carolina Hurricanes, with their depth in young defensemen, could be a good fit for what the Avalanche are trying to do. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I have no doubt there’s genuine interest in Duchene and (to a lesser extent) Landeskog. But until the Avs lower their asking prices for both players, I doubt either guy gets moved before the trade deadline. At the minimum, they reportedly want at least a top-four defenseman, a first-round pick and a top prospect for Duchene, perhaps slightly less for Landeskog. I don’t see any playoff contenders paying that much. 

ESPN.COM:  LeBrun believes the Tampa Bay Lightning would move pending UFA goalie Ben Bishop at the trade deadline “for the right price,” but so far there’s not much interest. Perhaps that will change as this month progresses. LeBrun also feels the Lightning could trade for a defenseman regardless of where they are in the standings, noting it’s been a significant issue for a while now. Whether it’s the Blues’ Kevin Shattenkirk if he goes on the market or one of the Anaheim Ducks’ young blueliner, LeBrun believes the Bolts will at least inquire. He notes the Blues haven’t yet shown they’re looking for an upgrade in goal. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Darren Dreger telling Montreal’s TSN 690 that Shattenkirk’s representatives deny their client’s preference is to join an Eastern Conference club. ” If there were a trade and sign extension scenario, he absolutely would look at it. And again, there’s a large number of teams – and teams that might surprise,” said Dreger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Shattenkirk is willing to re-sign with the Lightning, GM Steve Yzerman could be interested, but the cost of doing so could make it difficult to re-sign RFAs such as Tyler Johnson, Jonathan Drouin and Ondrej Palat. Pursuing one of the Ducks younger, more affordable rearguards could be a better way to go, but they’re likely to ask for a scoring winger in return. 

The Blues might not be in the market right now for a goaltending upgrade, but that could change if Allen keeps struggling and they risk falling out of playoff contention. That’s when Shattenkirk might be used as a trade chip for a goalie, or he could be swapped for assets that could be part of a deal to bring in a netminder.

I also think Shattenkirk’s preference was to join an Eastern club, and it could still be if he opts to test the free-agent market in July. However, it seems he wants to keep his options open, especially if it’s for an opportunity to join a Cup contender or a club with a bright future where he might play a leadership role.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Mark Lazerus reports Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman said that, unlike previous years, he’s not expecting to make a deal at this year’s trade deadline. Lazerus warns us to take that with a grain of salt, as Bowman has made similar statements in the past and subsequently made significant deadline deals. Limited salary-cap space, improvement of rookies such as Nick Schmaltz and Vinnie Hinostroza and league parity are factors that could make Bowman leery of swinging a big deal this year. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the right deal comes along, Bowman will act, but he won’t make a deadline trade just for the sake of doing so. I expect he’ll keep his eyes on the market, but if he doesn’t find a suitable option, he could be content to stand pat this year.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough reports Vancouver Canucks president Trevor Linden said his club won’t be in the market for rental players at the deadline.  “If there’s an opportunity…with a young player that we feel is an upgrade, we’ll certainly look at that. But there will be no situation where we’ll go and mortgage any future pieces to make a playoff push,” said Linden. He also acknowledged the expansion draft could force his club to consider trading a forward, as they don’t want to risk losing one for nothing. They currently have only three protected spots for forwards Brandon Sutter, Jannik Hansen, Markus Granlund and Sven Baertschi. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sedins and Loui Eriksson carry no-movement clauses and must be protected unless they’re willing to waive them. I don’t see that happening. They’ll obviously protect Bo Horvat. I think Sutter or Hansen could become trade candidates in the offseason before the expansion draft, as Granlund and Baertschi have more upside. Let me know what you think, Canucks fans. 


  1. After the horror at the Joe last night losing to NJ, nobody should be untouchable in DET. Except Nielsen, Oulette, Mantha and AA. Larkin fetches a top D man? Pull the trigger. Mrazek gets a 2nd rd pick? Do it. Tatar or Nyquist get a legit offensive center? No brainer. Vanek for a draft pick? He’s done very well but DET not a legit contender anytime soon. Bans was right in his analysis before he left. He also didn’t leave DET in good shape either. Blashill has made it worse.

    • Dmart it has been a tough year for the Wings. No defense, bad goal tending and spotty scoring has lead to the demise this year. I wish that they were stuck with Datsyuk’s contract this year so they couldn’t needlessly spend that money. Frans Neilsen I would trade, nothing special about him but would agree with the rest that you have listed as untouchable. Ken Holland needs to take responsibility for this mess. It’s all his fault, I think Babcock realized that and left. Blashill although a bad coach and out of his league is simply the fall guy.

      • Blashill is way over his head. Playing Sheehan at the end of the game, when you have a powerplay and down one goal. He has not scorred a goal all year and he has Mantha & Larkin on the bench. He had Sheehan on the other night in Overtime and Mantha on the bench. I think he believes this the AHL and he has to get players ready for the big show. Sheehan needs to sit, period. The power play is last at 11% and continues to struggle and he does nothing like changing it up. Yes, Holland has given him a terrible hand but he has played it poorly also.

      • I have blasted Blashill since he was hired. Total out of his league.

        Detroit was hand cuffed by the switch from the old CBA to the new 1’s & where they were at with contracts & players as that change happened. Enough blame to go around for everyone.

      • Babsy was also offered a CN Tower size of money to leave…but yeah, they were going downhill at the time. I don’t think that’s why he left though.

    • Larkin? Don’t think so! Detroit is not trading him. That’s even as less possible as people talking about Toronto trading Nylander.

      Larkin and Athanasiou are the only untouchables in Detroit in my mind.

      The Dead Things are looking at buyouts soon as well or doing another trade with Arizona! haha

      • Larkin’s having a pretty significant sophomore slump, which Nylander is not having despite playing against a higher QoC, but I agree – unlikely he gets moved.

        I wouldn’t move either Larkin or Nylander for Shattenkirk, for example, signed or not.

      • Nylander is an everyday 2nd line winger he wouldn’t get shattenkirk!

      • dan39.

        Your killing me. This isn’t Nylander’s sophomore season he only played 22 games last season. This is his rookie season. Larkin played 80 games last season. Nylander’s sophomore season is next season.

        I appreciate your a Toronto fan but for the love of God at least try to be even remotely objective & stop only using your slanted perspective of the facts.

        I appreciate your perspective, I do everyone’s but the sun doesn’t raise & set on Nylander. Please just tone it down ever so slightly.

        I love what Toronto is doing, has done since Shanahan took over & where they are heading but as yet we continue to wait.

      • Striker, no need for hyperbole. It is utterly irrelevant whether it is his sophomore season based on the prior season’s 22 games or not – the point was that Larkin was slumping and Nylander was not.

        Do you dispute this? Happy to debate.

      • BigBruin, Nylander is on pace for 54 pts this year. That production would have ranked 61st in the NHL for all forwards last year, in and around Voracek, Parise, Saad, Atkinson, Skinner, etc.

        I don’t think you understand what 2nd line production in the NHL is.

        Now of course this is his sophomore year errr rookie year excuse me so we can expect him to progress.

        In fact, if you got into his advanced stats – I know this is a stretch for you – you’d see he’s actually gotten pretty unlucky and is due for a few more goals as are his line mates.

      • ” on pace” and ” pretty unlucky ” that says it all

    • Dmart….what would you think Tomas Tatar to Pittsburgh for Derrick Pouliot and a 2nd or 3rd round pick? Detroit gets a depth defense man and possible top 4 someday and a prospect…Pittsburgh gets a talented winger.. Saw this in the rags..

      • It doesn’t work for me from Detroit’s perspective. They should be able to turn those assets into a better return than Pouliot. Not a stud or even a young current top 4 but maybe & older 30ish top 4 with a year or to left on his contract.

      • I personally believe Tats can be an excellent player for a team with a solid coaching staff. If the Wings were to pull the trigger on that trade DeKeyser or Marchenko needs to be part of it and Pitt could send a dead weight contract for the rest of the season (no term left) and another draft pick imo.

    • I like your assessment of Detroit except I would swap Larkin and Nielsen. Also believe Larkin is worth more to the team then Mantha.

      • Larks is very good at times but I’ve not been sold on him being a franchise player. We simply don’t have one. Z is closest we have. Frans is here for the rest of his career. I’ve liked what I’ve seen with him. Give him a big body like Mantha and a creative scorer like Vanek (AA replaces TV when he’s hopefully dealt for a high pick) and we have a top line. Z drops to 2nd line and some of the burden and hard minutes are taken care of imo

  2. Brayden Schenn and Mason/Neuvirth for Shattenkirk. C’mon Hexy… pull the trigger!!

    • What’s in it for the Blues?

      • more like what’s in it for the Flyers. Schenn is a versatile forward that plays flyers brand of hockey. He can hit, score and get under the other teams skin.
        Shattenkirk may be valuable but less valuable to the Flyers who already have 3 really good young defensemen with others knocking on the door. Plus he is a UFA, I’m sure the Flyers say “no thank you, we’ll keep our established NHLers and the cap space”

      • I laughed love sarcasm

    • Not going to happen with Shattenkirk being a rental. Flyers will not give up Schenn for a player they probably cannot re-sign because of the CAP hit-and the fact they have Morin and Sanheim waiting to join the team next year.

  3. I believe it’s Hansen who will be moved. He’s a great hard working player who has value and the Canucks can try to resign him in the off season since he’s a unrestricted free agent.The Canucks have already have gone on record say that Sutter is the future of the franchise. At most you’ll get a second rounder for Hansen

    • Get the Sedins to waive NMC.

      • I don’t think that would happen. Banning won’t ask them to.

      • The expansion club can only pick one of them. They wont chance seperation. It wont happen unless they are both traded together.

  4. I think the Avalanche need to be careful regarding trading assets like Duchene and Landeskog. They had a great season not too long ago and this year they have had some injuries. This seems a little like a knee jerk reaction to a recent trend. On the flip side they could certainly improve their defence by trading these guys. I do see why they would push to trade Duchene now with respect to the return they might get as a trade deadline deal, but think overall they are better to assess and deal over the summer.

    • Steven

      That is exactly what I have been thinking since the rumours blew up I agree they should wait till the summer but if they really can improve their D by trading Duchene or Land they need to pull the trigger.

  5. Well, Hitchcock is gone–is Shattenkirk next? I fear that Blues fans won’t recognize how good Hitch was until “after-the-fact”.

    • The Blues moved out almost every single player on their roster with grit and sandpaper who had skill and ability at the same time. It`s no wonder they aren`t achieving like last year. At the beginning of the year I had them as a bubble playoff team, right now as it stands, I don`t even see that happening this year unless Allen can put on his big boy pants and start stopping pucks

    • Be interesting to see if this is Hitchcock’s last hurrah. There are teams that could use his help – Florida comes to mind, among others. He may just want to step away though.

      • Hitch was retiring at the end of this year

  6. Blues wild gamble on Yao who underachieved with Wild is risky move for Armstrong and may cost him his job as well!Losing role players with grit to free agency for nothing has really hurt the Blues but they will find out now if Yao has what it takes for the future???

    • With Hitch being fired and Yeo stepping in it will be interesting to see if the Fleury to the Blues rumors starts ramping up. To this point it is clear that Allen isn’t the answer and the team and coaches probably don’t have a lot of faith playing in front of him right now. Yeo has plenty of experience with Fleury and the Penguins want to unload him.

      • KWAL

        Do you believe Allen can’t be a number 1 or just that his head is getting the better of him this year? I’ve always liked him and just believe its a bad year for the entire team in general.

      • Will never happen. Stop all the rumors of the blues bringing in a goalie.
        Jake Allen has been signed until 2021 at 4.350 mill per and Fleury still has 2 more years at 5.750 mill per Bishop is at 5.950 and will be looking for a raise after this year. The Blues will not tie up 10 mill per year on two goalies,,,,, unless someone whats to take back Allens and his contract in return he will be the Blues goalie going forward

  7. As a Canucks Fan, you’d have to lean towards having Hansen moved. He has one year left after this and can play up and down the lineup. The one problem that has faced this team in recent years is the asset management. If they don’t make a move, then they’ll risk loosing another quality player for free.

  8. “At the minimum, they reportedly want at least a top-four defenseman, a first-round pick and a top prospect for Duchene, perhaps slightly less for Landeskog”

    I don’t see many teams meeting that asking price regardless of whether they’re in a playoff spot. I think the offseason will prove to be difficult as well to receive that type of package. That’s a lot of big assets to send off for Duchene or Landeskog. Just my opinion though.

    • Chad, you’re a Bruins fan. You should know how absurd the prices at the TDL can be.

      Lucic without term got you a mid 1st, Martin Jones and Colin Miller who is a top four D man for you. Jones was then converted into a late 1st.

      So you got a mid 1st, a late 1st and a young, top four Dman for a rental in Lucic who is a 50 pt player with intangibles.

      • Both Duchene and Landeskog are having down years, but each will still be considered to be more productive players than Lucic, especially Duchene. They also have term remaining at fair cap hits.

        I think the Avs might get what they’re looking for at the TDL if they do indeed elect to move one of these guys.

      • I guess Sweeney made a good move there so far.
        Colin Miller had a really good game last night but Claude was scratching him beginning of the season. He isn’t a top four yet but agree he should be. Just need Claude to let the young guys play more.
        Young defenseman are a hot commodity these days and I don’t see Colorado getting as much as they want.
        Probably could get a decent young defenseman and a first but not a top prospect also.

      • Dan39,

        More likely than not these moves will wait until the offseason just like the Lucic trade did. Lucic wasn’t moved at the deadline and wasn’t a rental. He had 1 year remaining on his contract.

        Also, for argument sake just because I debating and keeping the conversation going is enjoyable… at the time Colin Miller was a defensive prospect in the AHL. He wasn’t a top 4 dman at the NHL level. Also, Martin Jones was a goaltending prospect (A level though).

        Now, Colin Miller has turned things around recently and is looking a lot like a top 4 dman. If he continues progressing he’ll be in that position long term for this team. I see his ceiling higher than some around him (McQuaid, Miller, etc.)

        I guess it comes down to what type of top 4 dman the Avalanche are looking for. Is this an up and coming talented guy, young, veteran. Even for a guy like Duchene I find it difficult for a team to give that type of package up for 1 player. I’ve never been a supporter of those 3 for 1 deals. Giving up a high end defenseman, 1st, and top prospect is a lot.

      • Dan39.

        Lucic wasn’t traded at the trade deadline he was traded on June 26th 2015 the same day Hamilton was moved at the NHL draft. This all happened shortly after Don Sweeney was promoted in early May to the role of GM to replace Chiarelli who was fired in mid April.

        Sweeney moved Lucic & Hamilton; other issues in play as well, to address cap issues & start restocking the prospect kitty.

        Had nothing to do with the trade deadline. Lucic played an entire season in LA, 80 games & having locked up Kopitar for 10 million per & not being able to free up the cap space lost Lucic as a UFA.

      • At least according to Wikipedia. Ha-ha!

      • Ah my bad, thx for the clarification. In any case, it was a tremendous package of picks plus C Miller, who has blossomed into a fine young defenseman.

        I didn’t follow him in the AHL, but are you telling me that he wasn’t thought to be a potential top four with development at the time?

      • Dan39,

        I think at the time they said he was NHL ready… not sure I ever read anywhere that indicated he was set for a top 4 role. Just that he was NHL ready, close to, etc. and was highly touted in the AHL as being one of the better defenseman in terms of overall skills.

        I do see your point, Jones, Miller, and a 1st was quite a good return. I would point out that not many people pegged Jones as being the goalie he has shown in the NHL. He’s been fantastic.

        If the Bruins knew he’d be this good for San Jose they might’ve held onto him and traded for a better package. Although, they did receive a 1st, 2nd, and Kuraly. Which, I’d say is a decent package for a goaltender.

  9. I agree with other Nucks observers that Hansen is likely the odd man out here. Not sure how much he fetches but with a weak draft maybe it’s a 2nd or 3rd. Good solid, hard working player with some speed who can kill penalties, he’ll help someone.

    I wonder if the Canucks would consider a run at Duchene. They aren’t exactly flush with top prospects but could move a young D man and a pick along with some type of prospect for an established young centre with term. This would be consistent with the “not pursuing a rental” mantra of Linden.

    Perhaps Hutton, Boesser, and a 1st?

  10. While everyone loves Stan and his ability to navigate the cap. Why doesn’t anyone write about the fact that because of his giving out ridiculous sums of money he has put himself in this spot? Toews & Kane 10.5 million, Kruger 3 million are just a few examples. Kruger definitely isn’t a 3 million dollar a year guy and let’s be honest, 10.5 million for Toews and Kane is about 2 million to high for each. At the time Crawford was signed, he was not a 6 million dollar a year goaltender. Lets also talk about the no movement clauses; Hjalmarrsson, Seabrook, Keith, Crawford, Toews, Kane, Anisimov. Its hard to make a move that benefits the team with high salaries and no movement clauses.

    • The time is almost upon Chicago where they’re going to be in a corner. They’ve circumvented and navigated under the cap for years. I think that ability is at its end

  11. Shattenkirk will end up in Boston and will sign long term but as a Bruin fan I hope they keep Carlo and Mcavoy and move other prospects and picks. St. Louis is going to lose him at some point might as well take what they can get now. Spooner will probably end up in the deal also but I wouldn’t sell the farm as they may get a chance at him if he hits UFA.

    • That’s right. I think any fanbase should be looking at it the same way. If he really wants to be in Boston or New York or wherever he finds the right fit, presumably he can wait till Free Agency to sign there.

      As a fan, certainly wouldn’t want to see my team ‘win’ the star of the deadline with a 1st a 2nd and a prospect and then have to fork over 6 x $6 for him!

      • Exactly!

        A lot of reports floating out there regarding Shattenkirk’s desire to play in the East, presumably NYR or BOS. I wouldn’t be interested in giving up a bunch of assets for a player I can sign in the off season.


  13. Would not be surprised to see the Habs send McCarron, Beauleiu or one of the recently drafted ones, and a pick for Duchene but the Avs will have to add a pick or prospect going back?

    Blues need to get something for Shattenkirk even if it is only a quick fix like Bishop as long as a prospect or pick comes with him?

    The Flyers don’t need Shattenkirk because they have an incredible group of young defense coming up to go with Proporov and the Ghost.

    Would love to see Taveres in TO but even if he wanted to I don’t think the cap could be managed that good. He is better than you see on the Island. Just think of him with Marner and JVR? I am a Leaf fan but they just have too many young prospects at forward now and coming up. Need a big stud Dman to play with Reilly.

    Chicago has not circumvented the cap they have managed it. In a couple years the Oilers, Leafs and Jets will have to do that. Chirelli left a real mess in Boston. I wonder if learnt anything?

  14. When people say “Top 4” there is a difference between a #1 and a #4 defence man. I think it should be a 3/4 roster D, a No 1 pick and a prospect for Duchene. That is not too much in my opinion.

  15. Proposal:
    Sergachev,1st 2017,2nd 2018,McCarron,Gallagher and DD

  16. The Flyers would not make that move.

  17. you know after so many years of this team doing nothing but staying the same level down at the bottom of the league .ONE HAS TO WONDER ??????Who is running this team? Why are they in this situation where they have players no one wants or cares about . This team is down in the farm club level and playing in the Nhl . Unless someone comes in and makes some big time purchases and trades we fans will have to put up with a very dissappionting level of hockey and playoff will be out of the question .

    • i was referring to the Vancouver Canucks