NHL Rumor Mill – February 14, 2017

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Colorado Avalanche forwards Matt Duchene & Gabriel Landeskog still feature prominently in the NHL rumor mill.

Latest on Gabriel Landeskog and Matt Duchene plus updates on the Canadiens, Oilers and Blackhawks in your NHL rumor mill.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports an Eastern Conference source claims the Boston Bruins are currently focused on getting left wing Gabriel Landeskog from the Colorado Avalanche. Haggerty acknowledges the 24-year-old Landeskog would be a big, skilled winger who could produce with Bruins center David Krejci. He also brings cost certainty as he’s signed for four more seasons at an annual salary-cap hit of $5.57 million.  Haggerty cautions the Bruins not to part with big defenseman (and Colorado Springs native) Brandon Carlo.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion yesterday confirmed on TSN 1200 that he’s held trade discussions with the Avalanche but said a deal wasn’t possible because of the asking price. Dorion wouldn’t say if he spoke with the Avs about Matt Duchene, but it’s thought the cost of acquiring him is very high. 

Garrioch believes the asking price from the Senators is “defenceman Cody Ceci, a first-round pick in 2017, along with one of the club’s two blue-chip prospects — Saint John blueliner Thomas Chabot or Boston College centre Colin White — plus a couple of other parts in return for Duchene or Landeskog.” Dorion said he can’t see mortgaging his club’s future and giving up a lot of assets for one or two players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carlo was linked to the Avalanche last month as it was rumored Sakic wanted him as part of a return for Landeskog or Duchene. The Bruins’ recent coaching change suggests other moves could be afoot. They do need more scoring depth at left wing and Landeskog could be a good fit, but I wonder if Sweeney might take a “wait-and-see” approach over the next couple of weeks.

The Bruins have won three straight now under interim bench boss Bruce Cassidy, so maybe a significant trade isn’t necessary at this point. Of course, Carlo would only be part of the package, as the Avs will apparently also want a top prospect and a first-round pick. Maybe that price comes down if Carlo’s part of the deal.

As for the Senators, I think Dorion was interested in Duchene but he’s not going to sell the farm to get him. Maybe if that asking price drops, the Sens GM could reconsider. 

TSN: Pierre LeBrun believes the Montreal Canadiens remain “all-in” this season and have to make an impact move between now and the March 1 trade deadline to snap out of their current tailspin. He notes the Canadiens are among several teams believed to be following Arizona Coyotes center Martin Hanzal.

Frank Seravalli, meanwhile, believes a coaching change is in order. He feels Habs coach Michel Therien has no excuses left now that the roster is healthy, pointing out the New York Islanders and St. Louis Blues reversed their fortunes with recent coaching changes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Acquiring Hanzal won’t significantly improve the Canadiens. I agree with Seravalli, it’s time for a coaching change. With Claude Julien available, why not contact the Bruins and seek permission to speak with him? Hey, Bergevin brought back Therrien,  so why not Julien? 

EDMONTON SUN: Jim Matheson reports Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli was recently spotted in Minnesota scouting a recent game between the Wild and Tampa Bay Lightning. Matheson claims Chiarelli’s in the market for a third-line center and was looking at Brian Boyle of the Lightning.  He’ll also have an opportunity to check out Arizona’s Martin Hanzal when the Coyotes play the Oilers on Tuesday. Matheson said the Chicago Blackhawks are also apparently interested in Boyle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For the first time in 11 years, the Oilers are in position to reach the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chiarelli is a buyer at the deadline. Chasing a sensible rental depth option like Boyle could give the Oilers a nice little boost at center for the playoffs. 

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman isn’t “big-game hunting” at this year’s NHL trade deadline. While Bowman admitted that could change between now and March 1, he said that’s not where his club’s focus is right now. Limited salary-cap space and an unwillingness on Bowman’s part to move a roster player are among the reasons why the Hawks GM might not make a big splash at the trade deadline. Still, LeBrun speculates Bowman might be interested in a “medium to low-end forward” (such as Dallas’ Patrick Eaves) for the right price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like LeBrun, I expect Bowman could make a move by the deadline, but it’ll likely be a minor, affordable one. 


  1. Proposal
    1st 2017,1st 2018,2nd 2017,2x2nd 2018,N Beaulieu ,N Juulsen,N Scherbak,DD,Plekanec

    • Starting to see a lot of these everything but the kitchen sink Habs trades.

      • I can’t even think trades that large. I don’t even try to. They rarely if ever happen so no point wasting your time trying to weigh it out.

        All I see is Colorado bad for ever making that deal.

      • I’ve read that it’ll take a current young NHL roster player, top prospect(s) and a minimum a 1st round pick for Landeskog. Not even sure what the Duchene asking is but I don’t see even the Landeskog package happening.

        We just don’t see enormous package deals like that being sent for a 1 player in return. It’s usually a 3 for 2, 2 for 1, 1 for 1 etc.

        Offseason big name moved was Hall and that was a 1 of 1 and netted Larsson.

        Milan Lucic was traded for a mid-round 1st, up and coming goaltender who had played 34 games at NHL level, and an AHL defenseman who at the time was coming off a great year. That was a 1 for 3 trade, which Sweeney was able to turn around and move Jones for great value but still… rare to see big package deals for 1 player

      • Yeah really, I think the habs should push though…even if it means shipping out Sergachev. The clock is ticking on Price and Weber – two players at or near the top of their positions. After trading Subban for an older player, you gotta think they are fixed on winning now.

      • Landeskog is a signed 4 more year after this season player. There is no urgency for Colorado at all to get rid of him. they’re not making the playoffs so they don’t need to get rid of him now but are willing to part with him. They won’t trade him for less than what they want for him. They won’t trade him if they don’t get the over payment they want. I don’t believe They’ll move on what they want for Duchene either. There is no immediate need to get rid of either player before the deadline. They’re only shopping them to see who’s desperate enough to give up the farm for them before the trade deadline.

      • I don’t believe there’s a piece anyone can add in the east before this seasons playoffs that will allow them to beat Pittsburg or Washington in the conference final so why bother giving up someone like Sergachev before he gets a chance in the NHL. The Windsor Oshawa game on Thursday was televised and he looked like a superstar.

      • Hockey83… not to many teams after the first Rd worry about the caps they have not added playoff toughness to win in the playoffs

      • Tony is a troll, Shticky.

        This is his modus operandi for years now.

        He loves the attention when knowledgable people such as yourself take him seriously.

        Incidentally, as a Montrealer, congrats on the rebuild.

        Finally, someone in Toronto is doing it for hockey and the fans, not just for the bucks.

      • Bigbadbruins – You think there’s a team in the east other than Pittsburg that has a chance to beat Washington 4 of 7 games? IMO no. By the way they don’t have to worry about the caps after the first round because they’re left to Pittsburg to take care of. I’m not a big fan of Ovechkin but I am a huge fan of Backstrom and would love to see him be instrumental in taking out Pittsburg. He’s having one of his best seasons ever. Who wouldn’t love to see Crosby and Malkin go for 2 though. It’s just sad that these teams can’t meet in the conference final. Definitely far easier to have an upset run on the Atlantic side.

      • The last 4 yrs ppl have been saying that about the caps and every year they get picked off, the caps seem to be built for the regular season and not for the playoff grind! Things could change but the caps top 6 seem to not like the physical tough checking playoff style of hockey

    • No way if they’re so special why are the answers mathematically eliminated. Truly great players are usually able to raise the play of others.if I’m MB I pass

    • Too much for Montreal to give up and quite frankly….i hear Sakic hanging up regardless

  2. “With Claude Julien available, why not contact the Bruins and seek permission to speak with him? Hey, Bergevin brought back Therrien, so why not Julien”

    Montreal could contact the Bruins all they won’t but it’s highly doubtful that they grant permission. The Bruins have been playing much better since their coaching change… Canadiens are 3-6-1 in their last 10. Bruins are making up some ground. Why on earth would they agree to give Julien permission at this point in the season? The Canadiens demise is to the Bruins benefit a this point. You don’t do them a favor during the season by sending your recently fired coach over.

    Offseason is a different story.

    • No team will decline the opportunity for their ex coach to move on. Unprofessional & it gets Boston off the hook for his salary.

      Aqualini is still dancing a jig after getting out from under Torts huge contract.

      If Montreal asks for permission it will be granted by Boston. The relationship didn’t end on a sour note. Both Boston & Julien we’re total professionals. Julien’s time was up. It was a great run but lasted 2 years to long.

      Great coach won’t be unemployed long. If I’m Julien Montreal isn’t my 1st choice of destinations. I wait for Florida, NYI, Phi or Win. Hell even Vegas.

      Montreal is trending in the wrong direction & current roster make up is aging & the prospect kitty virtually bare. Some odd signings are kind of handcuffing Montreal’s roster. Not the least of which is Shaw’s contract. Petry got far to much money for me as well, as did Plekanec but at least his was only 2 years.

      • Totally agree Striker.
        FLA or WPG seem most likely for CJ. If I had to pick just one – FLA

      • Striker,

        I view the opposite as they’re in the same division and by allowing Julien to move onto Montreal in-season it could potentially hurt them. I consider it like a trade between rivals when both are in a playoff spot competing in the same division.

        I could see them granting permission in offseason though.

        I do agree with you that it was 2 years too long. His time was definitely up. Great run, great coach! I would’ve much rather seen a coaching change when Sweeney was announced as the new GM.

      • You may as well take a job with a team trending in the right direction. Florida when healthy which they finally are is a good hockey team with a few young stud players ready to really step up over the next few years, Barkov, Ekblad, Mattheson, Trochek, Huberdeau. These are all studs in the making & the next wave of players Petrovic, Pysyk, Bjugstad & Smith are all young & going to be solid NHL players.

        Tallon has done another fabulous job of building an NHL team. Right on the cusp of being a serious contender for many years. Goaltending might be the odd sticking point. Luongo is getting old fast & Reimer isn’t really a true #1 for me but it may suffice.

      • Be waiting a while for Philly. They are on a plan, and Hextall and Hakstol are on the same page.

        They won’t be making a coaching change any time soon.

      • Striker,

        A lot of their team is locked up long term as well. So there would be a close core that would stick for awhile, which I’m sure Julien would be happy to coach.

      • Gary.

        If Philly’s misses the play offs Hakstol may not be safe. Not saying he’s going to be fired but has to be on the hotseat. Coming up to the end of year 2. Missing the playoffs would be a step back not forward.

      • @Striker

        I can see where you are coming from, but the reality is that the Flyers making the playoffs last year was the team over acheiving.

        They actually are sitting in a better spot this year than last year at this time.

        There is a definite plan, and I would think with the bloated contracts and such on the roster, that there is definitly a grace period.

        Next year is when there is finally cap space to make a key signing, more young guys moving up, and I would think that is when both Hex and Hak are on the clock.

        It would be a blessing to miss the playoffs this year, as the Flyers need to be sellers, not trading a key young piece at a shot of first round elimination. Realistically..they would face eithe the Caps, Pens or Jackets, and quite frankly, they have little to no chance of beating any of those three in the first round. It would be one and done, and I would rather they be sellers, and get a better pick.

      • Gary.

        I agree with you. We are on the same page essentially. Well thought out & articulated.

        The future in Philly since Hextall has taken over has been almost all positive. This is an incredibly well run organization now. Not saying it wasn’t before but certainly more head scratchers took place.

    • Oops!

  3. I’ve noticed that the commenters on this site usually compare the relative values of players. While there are sometimes /sarc minor differences in estimation of worth /sarc
    that’s the paradigm. I’ve been asking myself why GM’s do ‘stupid’ things?
    1. Desperation – win for look for a job.
    2. Owner – the value of a playoff appearance in money and season ticket sales is worth taking a step backwards.
    3. We don’t know it, but a player is unhappy enough to be a liability.
    4. Familiarity bias – acquiring players from a former life we know and trust.
    5. Te magic of ‘chemistry’ and ‘intangibles’. Often cited after the fact to justify a deal, but we don’t know who is betting on this up front as we can measure salary but not character.
    6. Bandwagon effect. Once the first deal is done, the pressure seems to rise on everyone else.

    I’, sure there are more

    • sorry — “or look for a job”

      • How about the Peter Principle? In simple terms, people are hired or promoted based on competence in their current role, rather than abilities in the intended role. Joe Sakic, Wayne Gretzky are two examples. I think TB lucked out on Steve Yzerman although time will tell. Colorado, in my opinion, needs a GM with proven competence in that role.Joe Sakic is one of my all-time favourite players but he has reached his level of incompetence and it’s sad.

  4. Is Carlo that good ? Along with a first round this year and a couple of roster players like Hayes and Spooner should be enough for Landeskog….In about two weeks I guess we will see.

    • SilverSeven,

      Carlo is that good. There aren’t many rookie defenseman that come into the league and factor into the top pairing of an NHL team almost immediately.

      He’s 3rd in the league among rookie defenseman in TOI

      He’s 2nd in the league among rookie defenseman in SH ice time

      He’s top 10 in a lot of stats among rookie defenseman this season.

      … and some of the rookie defenseman he’s grouped into and compared against are names like Werenksi, Zaitsev, and Provorov.

      I’m not insinuating that he’s those guys by any means those are some of the guys he’s currently sharing a place with towards the top of the league among rookie defenseman.

      I’d say that’s impressive.

    • Hayes and Spooner? Why on earth would they wish to trade for either if they’re tearing it down? Are they trying to get older? Trade a 23 yo Landeskog for Spooner and Hayes 24 and 26?

      Seriously if that was the asking price, every team in the NHL could do better.

      • And Carlo and a first

  5. I don’t want to see Boston move Carlo in trade to acquire Duchene or Landeskog. I would prefer Duchene playing him as a LW until Krejci can be moved down the road when he has less term remaining & his NMC turns into an M-NTC; list of 1/2 teams in NHL he will accept a trade to, 2019-20.

    Boston may not have the right Dman to move Colorado to acquire Landeskog. I’m open to trading for Landeskog but not at the expense of losing a solid NHL Dman & what appears to be solid top 2 future Dman in Carlo.

    Might an option like this work.

    Spooner, Belesky & 1 of the prospect Dman not McAvoy? You can even add K. Miller or McQuad. Neither are exactly what Colorado is looking for but they help unfortunately with expansion looming not an ideal scenario as neither could be protected by Colorado.

    I think Sakic & Colorado are best to wait until the summer to address this if they feel they must do something when there are more suitors. As stated prior I don’t trade either but continue to build around the core already in place. Using the standard model. Ship out UFA’s at the trade deadline & a few others signed short term, buy some expansion casualties before the expansion draft & take assets to help other teams out of their cap issues this summer.

    • Striker,

      I think Boston and Colorado have something there that can be worked out but I agree it may end up waiting until the summer. I’m firmly against trading McAvoy by all accounts unless as I mentioned yesterday it’s a can’t say no type of deal. Based on a lot of talk around the city including some from the front office they essentially feel the same same (or I feel the same as them). McAvoy is a future cornerstone defenseman for this team. A lot of reporters around the team have mentioned that they’ve heard he’s untouchable. I’m not 100% sure he’s untouchable but he’s damn near close.

      Carlo has been great this season but depending on what the package is going the other way to Colorado for Landeskog I might do it if I were the GM. A lot really depends on what their future moves are and if they have another move in the works to bring in a top 4 dman either by deadline or in the offseason.

      I too would ship out the UFA’s and players on short term for some assets at the deadline. I’m not opposed though to acquiring a backup goaltender by the deadline if the price is right.

  6. Oilers and Chiarelli are in need of a 3rd line center but are likely looking for a rental. Just spitballing here but why not explore some talks with Boston and Spooner?

    He’s an RFA and will need to be resigned if they go that route but last few games he’s looked a lot better. Different style, pace of game, and coach… seems to be responding well. Currently has 8G and 21A.

    Only hangup I see is with the expansion draft coming up it’s going to affect some of those types of trades and teams reluctant to give up assets for players they either may lose or have to protect.

    • Why not just play Draisaitl as the #2 C, moving RNH to #3 & Letestu to #4?

      Spooner wasn’t a Julien favorite. Although not technically his sophomore season I’m with Dobber, it is essentially & he’s experiencing some regression. Spooner had played 56 games spread over 3 seasons; primarily & injury fill in, before becoming an NHL regular last season.

      This little regression will actually help keep Spooner’s raise in check even if he pursues arbitration. In fairness to Spooner he’s better suited to C than wing but a role Julien didn’t like him in due to his defensive deficiencies. Having just turned 25 2 weeks ago lots of time for Spooner to settle in as a top 6 forward who leans more to offense than defense.

      • Striker,

        I agree that the regression might actually favor the Bruins when it comes to resigning him. It could also help when or if they decide to use him in a trade. There won’t be as much pressure on the team acquiring him to shell out a big contract but rather negotiate a fair bridge deal.

        Spooner is arguably at his best when he’s playing center. Julien as you mentioned didn’t like him there because of his ineffective 2-way play. Poor in his defensive zone. I was honestly never overly concerned about him playing a 2-way game as long as his wingers could fill in the gaps and pick up the slack. He’s a much more offensively minded center with good hands and skating ability.

      • Striker, that is the long term plan for sure in Edmonton. Draisaitl at 2C. The problem the Oilers have is generating scoring when Draisaitl isn’t paired with McDavid. Initial plan was Lucic. Didn’t work. Eberle, didn’t work. Maroon has been more consistent, but you also need someone who can keep up. They have even struggled on the PP finding a guy who can gel with McDavid. Letestu got some first unit PP time for a stretch, which shows how many options they have gone through. he actually did OK.
        Bottom line is when you put that much pressure to produce offense on 2 kids, you are going to go through tough stretches, like now.
        They need to get Eberle going.

      • Ray Bark,

        How is Lucic doing in Edmonton, do you know?

        I just haven’t heard his name that much and quite frankly even forgot he was on the Oilers lol

      • Ray Bark.

        Were on the same page as usual. I agree fully. May be time to revisit a Lucic, McDavid Eberle line. We are going to get to see Eberle back with McDavid. Would be nice to get him clicking again. Doesn’t really matter to me if it’s Lucic or Maroon.

        Lucic’s foot speed may prevent them from playing together but McDavid may have to evolve his game to allow Lucic’s strengths to better help that line.

        Landeskog would be a good fit in Edm the issue there is it may cost them Nurse in some form of package & his being expansion exempt makes that a non starter. Expansion is creating a ton of great trade scenario’s but also hampering some that in a normal year would be possible.

      • Producing points at about the same pace as normal. Slightly off maybe.
        The issue they talk about in these parts is the long stretches of unemotional play where he is not getting physically engaged. If he isn’t doing that, he isn’t a valuable player.
        While we all know that if you play the way he did in his early years in Boston, all the time, it will take a toll on your body. I think they would just like to see it more often than they have.
        Gotta say though, the Oilers don’t get run out of the rink anymore. Lucic, Maroon, Larsson, Kassian, Nurse (when healthy). They push back in a big way.

      • As did Pitlick as well before he got injured. These aren’t your old Edm Oilers. This isn’t a fun team to play, they are essentially in the top 5 for hits in the NHL now.

        Edm could do some damage come play off time. Nurse will be back. I assume Edm will add 1 TOP 6 RW, Vrbata would be great, a PP QB, Streit fits the bill perfectly.

        Edm plays playoff hockey now pretty much 365. Fun team to watch play.

      • Ray Bark,

        Thanks for the update. We saw that here in Boston the last few seasons before he was moved. Seemed like for long stretches of the season he’d reduce his number of hits per game as well as the level of hitting. He just isn’t the same player when he’s not hitting and making players on the other team look over their shoulders.

        Otherwise, he’s a relatively average skater with little acceleration. Has decent top speed once he gets going but takes him a whole zone to do so. He’s a player that relies on his physical edge to create opportunities for himself and those around him.

        Glad to hear he’s a least contributing on the scoreboard though.

        Worth the 7 year $6m per?

      • Chad, if it was my money I don’t think I would be happy paying Lucic that money for that term. But, similar to the Larsson deal, the Oilers desperately needed size and toughness as they did get pushed around.
        It worked, just had to overpay to get it IMO. But such is the UFA game.
        PC isn’t a conservative GM.

      • Ray Bark,

        Great perspective. I’m inclined to agree here as well. That’s the way the UFA market works. If there is a glaring need the team needs to fill and they go that route be prepared to overpay. The player who’s talented and opts to go to free agency typically has reasons why. Most of the time it’s to maximize a contract and occasionally destination.

        You’re correct, PC is not a conservative GM. He will hand out the contracts he needs to. We still have plenty of those sitting on the books over here in Boston lol.

      • Chad, yep. And that is the rub isn’t. Today’s NHL. Teams that have success, then have cap problems because they have the best players, who then get paid the best.

    • Chad, that, to me, is the biggest stumbling block to the movement of any big-name tickets either now or at the trade deadline – i.e., what that does to the list of protected players of some of the teams that might like to add a big-name which would then need to be protected thereby opening up someone they otherwise would like to retain. As I said the other day – it’s a real juggling act for some GMs.

      • George O.


        How does adding a player affect their current plans for the expansion draft. They must have started planning already who’s protected and isn’t based on the written guidelines. Then you start making moves and tweaking things and now your protection list is off… maybe causing a player you previously had protected to now be exposed.

      • Agreed George.

        Thankfully we only have 2 more weeks of this BS. Then we get to play the same game leading up to the expansion draft protected lists being submitted on June 17th.

        Should be an interesting summer for player movement both before & after the expansion draft as teams jockey to restructure their rosters as you address.

        & to think we will get to go through this again in less than 3 years when Quebec is awarded an NHL expansion team.

    • Why don’t the oil just target a RW? Vrbata will be cheaper to acquire than any 3rd line centre that would be an upgrade. Separate Leon and mcdavid nuge becomes 3rd line centre can’t possibly look for a better third line option than that. Ive been very impressed with Kassain this year outside of connor he might be the fastest skater and shows signs of skill give him an oppritunity on connors side. slumps are slumps every player will go threw however considering ebs nuge and lucic three huge ticket names all year that’s different that’s on coaching staff and I wonder if Todd feels some heat knowing charellis go to coach of the past is out there. I’m open to a change on that front dont like the amount of line juggling Todd does on a nightly base think that has resulted in lack of chemestry. Thats a problem highlighted by the schedule and the lack of practices just makes it tougher to line juggle on a nightly base.

      • I think Seattle/Portland will have a team long before they put another one back in Quebec City.

  7. Oilers just need a winger and to stop pairing Leon and Connor together. We need to see how much offense Leon can produce away from Connor before hand over an extension.

    • Every time I see Connor McDavid play, I see a kid that’s too fast for his linemates. It’s never going to happen but one guy who could skate with him is Matt Duchene. Not sure who’d fit on the other side – Michael Grabner? – but that line would be fun to watch.

  8. If the Habs are to make a coaching change, I’d rather see them go back to Gallant over Julien. Julien is too similar a coach, so there would be little real change beyond the face. Gallant had great success with Montreal with generating offense, which they need to do… Badly.

    • Agree with the sentiment, however, for many in the media, Gallant is missing the number one prerequisite for the job. Let’s put it this way, there is a better chance that Celine Dion would be the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens before Gerard Gallant would. That is a reality that has been handcuffing the organisation for many years. I would hire Gallant and give him Rosetta Stone or a tutor to learn the French language during the off-season.

      • Rosetta Stone LOL!

      • You think Montreal is paranoid about that – wait until they decide that Quebec City should have another team. Then it’s Federal bureaucrat-hiring principles in spades – i.e., language takes precedence over all other qualifications.

      • George O.

        It’s sad to think that’s the case but that is the reality. A good business hires the best fit for the organization. That includes prerequisites, resume, attitude, vision, etc.

        To think that there is such an emphasis on language is disappointing to hear. In the day and age we’re at now that shouldn’t be such a huge aspect of the hiring process. Equal opportunity for all.

      • Did Scotty Bowman speak french? Dick Irvin? Toe Blake?

      • None of those 3 ever were associated with Quebec City.

    • Marc Crawford is bilingual.

  9. I would hate the idea Scherbak. I think he and McCarron are 2-thirds of a future scoring line. This team looks closer to a rebuild right now than it does a Cup. And I’m one of their biggest fans. Before blowing any of the rosters up, I would want to try Julien over Terrien.

    I like Tony that you stock-piled draft picks. Noah Juulsen is MTL’s best right handed shot prospects. All Plekanec has to do, is put Colorado on his no trade list and that’s squashed…And then you create contention with a long time veteran. Desharnais…I know I put him in my deal, but looking at it further…A 3.5 mil healthy scratch is a hard sell. Unless you want to bring him in to mentor your farm team top scorer, Rocco Grimaldi. Grimaldi is 5-6, 180 and is the current leading scorer in San Antonio. Bringing Desharnais in on a 1-year deal, with Grimaldi on his right side, on a 3rd line; may prove to be mutually beneficial for both players. Just put one of your bigger guys the left side. Blake Comeau, or someone like that. If they go Hischier in the draft, you could see a #1 line of Hischier, MacKinnon and Rantanen. If you let go of Duchene and Landeskog, You’ll need a scorer coming back. That’s where sending Galchenyuk the other way is beneficial. Galchenyuk going back means you have a piece to build a second scoring line around, or put him on the left-side of Mackinnon. If you’re just going after Duchene and Landeskog, you might be able to get away with:

    To COL: Galchenyuk, Desharnais, Juulsen, Didier, 1st 2017, 1st 2018, 2nd 2017, 2x2nd, 2018

    To MTL: Matt Duchene, Gabriel Landeskog

  10. Time for Montreal to move on from Therrien.
    Players hate playing for him. Plus do not like him as a person.

    Mullen would be the best head coach. Will not be hired because he does not speak french.
    Time to get over it and hire him.

    • Great goalies make great coaches and, sadly, vice versa. Carey Price gets hot again and Therrien’s job is safe.

    • IF language wasn’t an issue, I would go after Gerard Gallant. If you’re not in on Claude Julien, Dominique Ducharme would be my choice or Kevin Dineen and Yannick Perreault in Chicago. Dineen being his head coach and face-off guru Yannick Perreault as his assistant. Or you could give Yeannick a player development role.

      As opposed to overpaying on Duchene and Landeskog (Anything you do before the off-season with these 2 is an overpay); why not go after 2 of the most consistent veteran scorers available. Those 2 scorers would be none other than Thomas Vanek and Radim Vrbata. IF Vanek and Vrbata had put up their current totals entirely as memebers of the Habs it would place them 3rd and 4th in team scoring. Picking them up should be rather easy with the packages of draft picks MTL could put together. A pair of cheap veteran rentals. You could perhaps have forward lines of:

      Pacioretty, Danault, Radulov
      Vanek, Galchenyuk, Vrbata
      Lehkonen, Plekanec, Gallagher
      Byron, Mitchell, Shaw

    • they just canned Therrien – and replaced him with Julien

      • Lyle bullseyed this one

  11. Ok, so what exactly have Duchene or Landeskog accomplished to expect Boston to give up so much for one of them? And why does Hall only net Larsson? And yes I get all the foolishness that goes with the cap and all that stuff. But really? Hall nets Larsson, a deal I might add that favors Edmonton at this point which diminishes my argument, and Duchene or Landeskog fetch all that?! If you look at it from player to player only then Boston should not even consider this!

    • Steven,

      Some good points. I mentioned the Hall – Larsson comparison above as well.

      It’s obvious that Sakic has set his starting prices very high because he’s not forced in a position to NEED to move the players. Thus, he’s welcomed to do so and ask the world if he’s inclined. Doesn’t mean he’s going to get all of those pieces.

      If he’s interested in moving Duchene and Landeskog to improve the team at other positions and for the future then eventually he’ll move them for the best offer. If I’m a betting me that offer will look different than what we’ve been reading about the past month or so.

      I don’t fault Sakic for exploring the market for his players and setting the bar high. That’s the only way for GM’s to really operate and from there they can adjust/negotiate.

      That was like the reports at the NHL deadline this past year where St. Louis was looking to move Shattenkirk to the Bruins for Pastrnak and the 2016 1st round pick (we took McAvoy). Could you imagine the uproar in Boston if that had occurred?

      • It would be outrageous I agree. But if I were a GM I would phone Sakic with a low ball offer just to see the stupid look on his face. Guess I would have to FaceTime him! I understand the high ask but when he trades him and doesn’t get close to it he is in for some criticism for sure.

  12. Really looking forward to NYI/Tor game tonight. Game of the night for me. A very big game for both teams. Hoping I get to watch all of it. Dam Valentine’s Day. Ha-ha!

    • We’re expecting another blizzard on top of the one we got two days ago – so it looks like Valentine’s Day is out insofar as venturing outside to a restaurant is concerned anyway.

    • Looks like you are going to strike out Striker

  13. “Pavelec (lower-body) returned to the ice on Monday.

    Pavelec skated by himself on Monday morning, which is the first step in his recovery from a concussion. Pavelec has missed the last two games and likely won’t be available this week.”

    Uhhh, where exactly is Ondrej Pavelec’s head located?

    Regarding the Avs…

    I wonder if they shouldn’t approach their rebuild a bit differently than most teams.

    Instead of selling off Landeskog and Duchense for a package of lesser players (they aren’t getting any of the ridiculous asks we are hearing about) why not keep them? They are young, good and cost controlled.

    Keep them, plus McKinnon, Rantanen, Jost and Erik Johnson as a core.

    Trade Barrie for something decent.

    Have a clearance sale for everything else. Get rid of every contract you can. They won’t get much but they need to clean house.

    Then, they need to take a long hard look at what Jeff Gorton did with the Rangers this summer. He identified value free agents like Grabner and Pirri.

    None of that addresses their biggest problem, the Varlamov contract, but…I see no solution there. No one will take him. A buyout would be expensive.

    But, in the new NHL, I don’t see teams trading top prospects for older guys already make big money. If the Avs aren’t careful, their rebuild will just be a tear down and they’ll struggle for a decade.

    Their core is not bad, but they need better complimentary pieces and they need to clean out the losing culture. It’s a daunting task, but I don’t think the traditional rebuild is going to work for them.

    • You nailed it exactly. If either Duchesne or Landeskog were imminent free agents, then a trade would almost be a necessity given their situation. Which MAY account for Sakic’s ridiculously high asking prices – i.e., if some team is dumb enough to give me exactly what I demand, then bye bye. But for anything less than that, I’ll keep ’em and clean out the crap around them as best I can.

      I can’t wait to see their protected list (and Arizona’s) because, what’s left for Las Vegas to pick over will be pretty mediocre.

    • They need to hire Jeff Gorton. The guy has an impressive record in a short time. Just look at what he did with Boston when he was interim GM.
      Rangers did well by bringing him and then promoting him.

  14. I’m truly starting to believe if Colorado really wants to maximize their return on Duchene and Landeskog they really should just wait til the day after the expansion draft and maybe even draft day itself. Move teams can drive the price up like they want and no one as to care about cap space til season start. If I was a Colorado fan that’s what I would hope my team did.

    • Ryan C your idea for maximizing return is probably the most likely to occur. It’s not like the Avs need to force a tank. A few teams (Ottawa with Phaneuf if he waives) may expose some descent players with larger cap hits that’ll help Vegas get to the floor. If this occurs there may be more teams in the market to take on Duchene and Landeskog. Might look something like what Philly got for Richards and Carter.

  15. If McAvoy is so amazing, why didn’t he get taken higher in the draft? Any ideas? There was chychrun and someone else in D above him right?

    • Sorry not chychrun, it was jake bean and sergachev. Also juolevi.

      • I believe McAvoy had only completed his 1st year in NCAA. I’m not sure if there is a stigma around NCAA players being taken early on but there seems to be much more OHL, WHL, etc.

        It could be that clause regarding NCAA players and ability to bolt to FA after 4 years of college if they don’t sign. Not really sure. McAvoy was very highly ranked going into the draft. Below was his pre-draft analysis.

        “Sturdy two-way defenseman who immediately became a key cog on Boston University’s blueline. A native of Long Island who was reared in the Gulls’ program before a run with last year’s NTDP under-18 squad, McAvoy is built for the modern game – thick, explosive and assertive. He’s a strong skater with excellent balance and superior mobility both up and across the ice. McAvoy loves to join the rush and can read a play as good as any of his draft-eligible peers – something we saw last year as a defenseman on Team USA.

        He’s a confident puck carrier who attacks openings with speed, but can also slow it down and patiently weigh his options. Always moving his feet, McAvoy is capable of slipping through gaps without the puck, or stickhandling around traffic while keeping the puck close to his body. He has a heavy shot that can be delivered with accuracy, and his passes are tape to tape, An undervalued part of his game is physicality, which gets him in hot water as he’s still learning the difference between a timely, legal bone-crushing hit and gross negligence of the rule book”

        -Draft Analysis

      • Not sure stigma is the right word Chad, but there might be something to what you are saying. Most of who they are playing against are 2 or 3 years older than him at 18.
        I think it is just really hard to judge D-men at 18 no matter where they play other than the obvious physical tools.
        McAvoy thinks the game at a high level from what I have seen at the WJC. Calm and poised beyond his years. If his draft was this year, methinks he goes higher.

      • Ray Bark,

        At least you got what I was saying haha. Maybe not stigma but I think there’s something to the whole NCAA and drafting.

        I almost mentioned that in my post that if he had gone in the draft this season would’ve been a higher pick. After his play in WJC could’ve been top 10 in this draft.

        Either way Bruins took the gamble and drafted him. From all accounts so far it’s trending in a positive direction for the team. I’m happy with the player and the ceiling they’ve given. Hopefully it translates in 2017-2018 at NHL level.

    • Scouting is a rather inexact science.

      The best QB and WR in the NFL were 6th round picks. And those are 22 year olds about to turn pro.

      Drafting 18 year olds is even harder.

      I’m not a Bruins fan, but I saw McAvoy at the WJC and I wouldn’t trade him. Period.

      He’ll be a power play QB and second pair D man for a decade for the B’s.

      • MG,

        I agree with you here. McAvoy appears to be just what the Bruins needed and that was a prospect who looks to be a franchise type player. He’s certainly regarded as just that around here.

        They’ve missed on a lot of players over the years. It was time to hit on a few. They have last few drafts. McAvoy looks to be that.

  16. the other thing Montreal has to worry about is that if the team continues to slide a player such as Radulov may choose to not re-sign with Montreal next year. Price may also opt to test the market after next season if he does not feel the team has a legit chance to win the cup. I would give the reins to Muller to finish the year and revisit a new coach at end of season.
    Bergevin could very well sell off the future in an effort to win now because if the Habs fizzle out in the first round he too will likely not have a job with the Habs next year.

  17. done deal Therrien fired , Julien hired

    • YES!!! Can’t wait for the bye week to be over!

  18. Striker!

    Where are you at?

    You were right good sir. Montreal just got Julien. Bruins weren’t wise in that regard. Should’ve waited until offseason to give permission but looks like Julien is making another go in Montreal.

    We’ll see how they respond to the new coach!

  19. Well Chad & Caper so much for those debates & discussions. Swing & a miss.

    • I actually believed more that he’d choose a place like Florida as well. Young core, locked up long term. Talent throughout that roster.

      I was actually more on your take regarding choosing the better situation with a team trending upward as you mentioned above.

      I guess the ties to Montreal was just too strong for Julien to say no. Also, going from a fringe playoff team in the Bruins to a team currently 1st in the division probably helps his decision as well.

    • Not surprised that MTL wanted him, but I am surprised CJ didn’t wait until the off season to weigh his options.
      Wrong again!

  20. I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong. I gave the Bruins giving Julien permission to speak with Montreal at about a -50% for during the season. Felt it more likely to occur in offseason. Was wrong.

    Sweeney and Neely decide to let Julien speak with Montreal. Montreal fires coach and hires Julien immediately. Not sure what to even think about this. Doesn’t make sense when you’re battling for a playoff spot and your rival who’s also in your division is struggling mightily. Especially, after you’ve just seen a surge from your own club in having a new coach. Now you allow your recently fired coach in Julien to go to your division rival. Wow. Not good by Sweeney and Neely.

    Unless of course it didn’t come from them and it was up above and the Jacobs’ wanted him off the books right now.

    This also tells me that the Bruins want to remain open to the idea of having a different coach to begin next year. Sweeney did mention interviews will take place in offseason. This now allows them to explore and sign a new coach if needed. Hmmmmm

    • Makes sense to me. >n fact if i’m a coach of this calibre, Babcock, Vigneault, quenville, Ruff, hitchcock etc i’m demanding in my contract if terminated that all remaining monies owed are paid in full & contract is fullfilled essentially making me a UFA.

      All good. I accept when i’m wrong as well & post such here. This doesn’t surprise me. Surprised it didn’t happen faster potentially. Hahahaha

      • This move by the Bruins might have more to do with them and the organization’s direction than it does with Julien. I think it leaves the doors open for a coaching job end of season. Getting out from the contract was probably a big factor. No way the team was going to have Julien on the books and hire/bring in a new guy for a bunch of money as well.

        Cassidy could also work out as well. I know he’s Sweeney’s guy per say.

        Should be interesting to see Julien in Montreal for a 2nd go.

    • Chad it would be an absolute dick move for Sweeney not to let cj talk to other teams after firing him lol

      • BBB,

        Something tells me at this point Neely and Sweeney don’t care how they’re viewed by the public lol. They fired Julien on the same day as the Patriots parade and smacked the press conference 1/2 hour after parade starts…

        No saving face for those 2 guys but yes it would’ve been a dick move. I would’ve understood it but now they’re out from the contract.

      • Probably going to meet in the playoffs now lol

      • BBB,

        Definitely could happen. Seems like the NHL/Hockey World would just line up that way haha

  21. Michel Therrien is exactly what the Jets need.

    They won’t like him. But they need him.

    He won’t let them play pond hockey for years on end.

  22. Is this a new NHL record for coaches? Claude Julien was unemployed for seven days. Amazing! And a classy move by the Bruins. Now, if Carey Price gets back on track…..

  23. Message to Sweeney
    Don’t move a top four defenseman for a second line left wing.
    Carlo and Mcavoy are your future right side top four.
    If you can’t get Landeskog without these two just pass.
    Colorado needs young prospects Boston has plenty.
    What about something like Zboril,Spooner, plus two high prospects of Colorados choice like Debrusk,Synshyn,JFK or one of the other young defenseman plus a first round pick.
    On Julian I wouldn’t have let him go to Montreal anywhere else is fine. I would rather pay him then let him coach your number 1 rival. Probably why they took so long to fire him they probably knew he was gonna go there.

    • You have to wonder if bergevin told julien more help is on the way as far as players? I still think bergevin is gonna make a big trade

      • BBB,

        Montreal better hope there is more help on the way. Even with Julien there are holes/flaws in that lineup. Same can be said for Boston but I think the expectations are different when looking at both teams.

      • With as many injuries the Habs have had it shows how bad the Atlantic really is! Lol price hasn’t been price either they could surprise in the playoffs