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The Montreal Canadiens could face a difficult decision regarding Alex Galchenyuk.

Latest on Alex Galchenyuk, Matt Duchene, Gabriel Landeskog, Brian Boyle & more in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: In his latest “30 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman believes Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin could face a difficult decision regarding Alex Galchenyuk. The young center is a restricted free agent this summer and two year away from unrestricted free agency. Many of his peers are pulling in $6-$7 million annually and Galchenyuk could be in line for the same.

With Bergevin hoping to re-sign Alexander Radulov this year and with Carey Price and Max Pacioretty due down the road, Friedman wonders if Bergevin would consider adding a more affordable Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene (two more years at $6 million per) rather that inking Galchenyuk to a lengthier, possible more expensive deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman is clear that this is simply his opinion and not something he’s heard from sources. It’s an interesting possibility. While I think Habs GM Marc Bergevin’s biggest move leading up to the deadline could be replacing Michel Therrien as head coach yesterday with Claude Julien, speculation has him interested in Duchene.

Should Bergevin pull the trigger on a Galchenyuk-for-Duchene swap, however, I think that takes place in the summer, not at the trade deadline. While the Habs would have the cap space a the deadline (over $5 million) to make this move (as they’d also be moving Galchenyuk’s $2.8 million cap hit), I still think Bergevin would prefer to see how much cap room he’ll have for next season.

Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray has told interested teams he’s in no hurry to trade a defenseman. It’s possible he could wait until after the playoffs to do so. Murray could also try to re-sign Cam Fowler this summer, when he’ll be a year away from UFA status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray could find a suitable rental forward by the deadline without having to part with one of his young defensemen right now. 

Friedman touched upon colleague Nick Kypreos saying last Sunday suggesting the possibility the Pittsburgh Penguins could pursue Matt Duchene. Friedman also feels Duchene’s teammate Gabriel Landeskog could also be a good fit there. Noting Kypreos suggested Penguins defenseman Derrick Pouliot as potential trade bait for a Colorado trade, Friedman feels a better option is Olli Maatta.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford has made blockbuster moves before, notably his acquisition of Phil Kessel in 2015. However, that deal took place in the offseason when Rutherford knew how much cap room he had to work with for the ’15-’16 campaign. Acquiring Duchene or Landeskog could be a more difficult in-season deal to make. 

Noting the Ottawa Senators interest in Duchene, Friedman wonders how they could afford to re-sign center Kyle Turris if they pull this off.

Friedaman also notes Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman doesn’t anticipate making any significant moves at the trade deadline. Bowman said his club is much more comfortable with younger forwards such as Ryan Hartman, Nick Schmaltz, Vinnie Hinostroza and Tanner Kero. None of them are getting traded.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Like most observers, I don’t rule out the possibility of Bowman swinging a deal by the deadline, but it will likely be a minor one. He doesn’t want to part with young roster players and I doubt he’s keen to move his first-round pick when his club is hosting the 2017 NHL Draft in June. 

Buffalo Sabres captain Brian Gionta prefers not to be traded and would like to stay with the club. He has a five-team list of possible trade destinations. Friedman feels it’ll be interesting to see what kind of interest the Sabres get in pending UFA defenseman Dmitry Kulikov, who missed a good portion of this season with a back injury.

The Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Columbus Blue Jackets could be suitors for Tampa Bay Lightning center Brian Boyle. Given this year’s draft isn’t a deep one, Friedman cites a league executive claiming teams are willing to trade their first-rounders. Boyle might fetch such a pick for the Lightning. The Oilers, however, could keep theirs as they must give up their second-rounder to Boston as compensation for hiring GM Peter Chiarelli.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chiarelli yesterday shot down speculation he was in the market for playoff rentals. He believes in his team, but doesn’t feel they’re ready yet to become Stanley Cup contenders. We’ll see, of course, if he sticks to his word. Perhaps a sweet rental offer too good to pass up could come his way. 

The recent improvement of St. Louis Blues center Patrik Berglund could increase his value in the trade market. It could also increase his value to the Blues.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland is working the phones as a potential seller for the first time during his nearly 20 years in the job. Khan claims if the Wings sell it’ll only pending UFAs such as Thomas Vanek, Brendan Smith and Steve Ott. Vanek could have the most value,  potentially fetching “a second-round pick or some combination of picks and a prospect.” If the Wings attempt to move players under contract this season (such as Gustav Nyquist) or a restricted free agent (such as Tomas Tatar), those deals could happen in the offseason. 


  1. A 1st for Boyle as a rental! Even Bergevin isn’t that stupid. That’s a hell of an over payment, I might dangle a low level prospect and third round pick but wouldn’t go much higher. It’s not like Boyle is the missing puzzle piece to any teams stanley cup run.

    • No not the missing piece but I would say when talking about playoff hockey Boyle is the prototypical type player you would like on your checking line. In some cases I think only giving up one pick instead of multiples is a better way of going about things and in a real shallow draft like this one I’d likely rather take my chances with multiple picks then worry too much about 1 late first. Just depends on how you look at it I guess but last year Winnik got a second and a younger D that is playing in the NHL. The value seems about right if you ask me, considering the draft.

      • Holy “Preds trade a first for Paul Gausted” dejavu

  2. Never gave Boyle any thought in Edmonton or Toronto. But with his experience, grit, and size he could be a good addition for both teams without upsetting the apple cart too much? Not sure the Leafs need to go in this direction just yet but Edmonton could use a serviceable player like Boyle with their recent rise to playoff certainty. I honestly thought he made the most sense in Montreal where they could add size upfront.

    • I feel Boyle is a good fit in Edmonton, they need 4th line depth. His faceoff abilities are good and with a aging Hendricks he would be good security. Playoff experience is another thing the oilers need.

  3. Part of me would like to see Boyle back in Ny, but certainly not for a 1st! I just don’t know how well he’d keep up with Fast, Buchevich etc.

    • Playing fast and being fast are two different things. He ‘keeps up’ on the Lighting. Gets a lot of his minutes on special teams.

      • No, I agree you, cannot dismiss the things Boyle can do and even though everyone seems to play up how fast the he game is played,very few current rostered nhl players are slow, stick quickness, smarts, anticipation, and ability to get the your legs to move with everyone else is more th norm. Boyle is surprising agile and like the Wild’s Stewart, it is easy to try to typecast, but they are getting it done, and no determents on the sheet for their present clubs.

    • I’m confused about this as a Leaf fan… on one hand I don’t like the idea of spending anything on something not really a serious need (like the D) but on the other hand 4th line of Levio Boyle and Martin could be a pretty good 4 th line really, makes them a 4 lines you can roll deep team.

    • Too slow

  4. Boyle to the Leafs makes very little sense at the price of a 1st or 2 x 2nd that it will take to get him given the leafs ongoing rebuild.

    The Leafs have Guathier coming next season, which is a poor man’s version of the same thing for that 4th line C slot.

    The problem for the Leafs is too many forwards, with Leivo’s recent emergence if that continues (3 pt night last night). Kapanen and Leipsic are likely additions from the Marlies for next year.

    Something has to give…

    Last night

    Komarov / Kadri / Nylander
    van Riemsdyk / Bozak / Marner
    Hyman / Matthews / Brown
    Martin / Smith / Leivo

    Next year?

    + Kapanen at RW
    + Shoshnikov, Leipsic at LW
    + Gautheir at C
    -Nylander to C?

    • ” leivos recent emergence” lol give it a rest dan

      • 33 NHL GP, 11 pts. He’s an emerging player as I noted if his recent performance continues.

        5 GP, 3pts this year – how many points does Jimmy Hayes have this year in his >40 GP? How many would Leivo have?

        Looking forward to putting the Bruins out of the playoffs this year and into a full blown rebuild.

      • Lol

      • Dan, I`m a Leafs fan and I`ll say Levio is not emerging. He has 3 points in 5 games yes but 3 came last night. If you look at the game before Levio looked completely lost.

        As for the log jam at forward. There is a slight one but it doesn`t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Nylander slides to center, Bozak is traded for pick/prospect, Kapenen is put in to RW. JVR stays unless there’s a large upgrade to be had on the back end. If there is, JVR moves, Sosh slots in as LW. Gives the Leafs a solid young core.

        Not overly sure about Brown and Hyman. I think they are role player, character depth guys who bring the grit and drive but it’s really easy to see that they aren’t exactly contributing a whole lot on the score sheet. Hyman has 3 goals in his last 25 and all 3 are shorties. Matthews could benefit from some higher skilled players on his line.

      • Thank you for being realistic bigboss

    • If all the Leafs are young and they have too many forwards why worry so much about 1 later pick in a shallow draft? Chances are the forwards for the most part are set for a number of years with what’s in the line up and on the farm D is a need but again with a pick in the range of 12-15 this year it would be a real home run if the player chosen in that spot even made the NHL in 3 years from now let alone made an impact as a D. It happens yes but if you are truely a stats guy you would see the odds of it not happening. I think there is a thing as too many picks and letting players rot on the vine in the minors. Successful teams are made by good drafting smart signing and trades, I wouldn’t get to hung up on just 1 aspect of rebuilding, with the but it’s a 1st round pick! Picks are super important yes but there are only so many roster spots and chances and when you’re a team like the Leafs who seem to be loaded with young players maybe it time you start to take some chances. If they make the playoffs guys like Boyle would be a huge example in that room on what it takes to prepare and compete at a playoff intensity. It’s much more than just a rental or a placeholder. Experience has huge value.

      • Boyle to the Leafs is a ridiculous idea for a first in my opinion.
        You mention a home run, I think the odds of the Leafs landing a good player in the draft between the 10-20 range is much higher than Boyle turning Leafs into contenders.
        He might, MIGHT get the leafs to the playoffs which sells a few more tickets for the organization but as a fan I have zero interest in giving up a first for a 4th line center who we can’t resign.

      • I’m not saying Boyle does turn them in to contenders. I’m saying the playoffs are a different than the regular season and a guy like Boyle who has experience maybe worth more than the pick in the short term. I think with a young team you at you need to surround them with experience. I’m not sure the “vets” in Toronto exactly have a tone of playoff experience and the experience of blowing a game 7 like they did the one time they managed to make the playoffs in the last 11 seasons isn’t exactly confidence building. I think at points you could see that in the past with the Oilers a little bit with teams like the Panthers and Preds this year as well. As I said previous I think the biggest need is D which I’d rather spend the asset on but I can see some benifit in picking up a guy like Boyle.

      • agree to disagree on this one then Schticky:)

        Also, not cool bringing up THE game 7. That scar is still fresh

    • Here’s a thought.. Smith plays 6 more games to qualify for the Expansion Draft. Bring up Froese for 12 games to again qualify or here’s the kicker: why not just bring up Brooks Laich for the remainder of the season and playoffs ( if in fact we make it).

      If he works out fine and if not just ride out his contract! Cost TML no asset and everything to gain having another leader in the room!! He will still a NHL player.

      • Have you watched much of the Marlies? Liach is not an NHL player

      • Sorry no !! Moving on..

      • He’s just playing it out.. nothing to prove in the minors! Parent team should bring him up and give him another opportunity to play some good hockey!

        He still in “my opinion” a player! He’s still got lots in the tank ..another 5 or more years of playing..

    • Boyle for a first? Only a villiage idiot thinks this is a remote possibility.

    • @BigBoss Boy I`m glad you`re not the gm, these are rookies, not 5 year vets. Hyman and Brown may not be 1st line material, but they`re not cast offs like you perceive them to be after 54 games. Brown is 12th in rookie scoring and only 8 have more goals so far and you have Soshnikov as part of the core, the guy couldn`t score in the AHL, never earned his way to the bigs. Leivo, give the guy a break, started the season injured then sat in the press box until now. Most teams don`t start writing these guys off for a couple of years, not five games

  5. Leafs should focus on the backend and backend only….I hope the trade deadline is not a bust. I got a feeling it will be. Maybe the “big name” will only be Boyle this year 🙂

    Did not take too long to make the switch behind the MTL bench. So much for the division rivalry.

  6. CJ too Mont….very interesting

  7. Wait am I missing something (it’s early and haven’t had much coffee so maybe) but Friedman’s opinion is that the Canadiens should explore a Galchenyuk – Duchene swap/trade because Galchenyuk is a pending RFA and 2 years away from Free Agency…

    He goes on to mention that many of Galchenyuk’s peers are already making $6-7m per and he could be in line for the same and lengthy deal. Instead they should explore Duchene who’s a more affordable option and inked for 2 more years at $6m per.

    Galchenyuk is 3 years younger than Duchene and by all account is trending upward. He missed significant time this season but when you look at his last 2 years he seems to be continually developing and getting better. He’ll be an RFA and won’t be an unrestricted free agent for 2 more years… which would take you to the point that Duchene is up for his next contract at the age of 28. You can’t tell me that Duchene won’t need to be signed for at least what Galchenyuk will be looking for when he hits free agency… who’s 3 years younger as well.

    Why would Montreal want to mortgage assets like Galchenyuk to turn around and have to give Duchene the same contract in a few years that they’re worried about giving Galchenyuk in a few years. Otherwise, if you’re Montreal you let Duchene walk in 2 years? None of what Friedman is speculating (opinion) is making any sense to me.

    Can someone elaborate better please.

    Galchenyuk is an RFA. Montreal could sign him to a bridge deal to take him to the point of FA. Between now and then work on an extension if needed or sign the kid at that point for $6-7m per long term. He’s younger than Duchene and the contract length would be acceptable based on age and production.

    Unless, Montreal feels Duchene is that much of a better player than Galchenyuk and 2 more years of Duchene puts their team as a Stanley Cup contender.

    • I think part of Freidman’s argument for the trade was that Radulov, Price and Pacioretty all have to be resigned in the coming years and that with Duchene you know he’s at $6M till 19-20, that being said Paches isn’t up until 19-20 and Price is 18-19 UFA I believe so who knows why the hell Friedman proposed that lol.

      I see no value in doing that trade either unless Colorado threw in something else, otherwise why would Montreal do that right?

      • Noel,

        Gotcha but even then I think Montreal would still be faced with the same dilemma. I’m not sure bringing on Duchene gets them out of a bind with Galchenyuk hitting free agency in 2 years. Once Duchene’s contract is up they’ll still need to address that and it doesn’t seem wise to let Duchene go at that point when you factor in giving up Galchenyuk a few years earlier… would seem that a trade of that magnitude means you’ll be interested in resigning Duchene once he’s due. That contract won’t look any better than what Galchenyuk winds up getting lol.

  8. Wings need a major overhaul and other GM’s know Holland is in a tough spot. Aside from the names mentioned I can see Green being moved before the deadline. Fact is Holland has made poor choices in contract extensions, term wise , the past couple of years.

  9. Rentals… Rentals… Rentals…

    Should be fun between now and the trade deadline with all of the names circulating. I do think that this year teams will be more active in regards to moving a 1st rd pick with the depth of the draft (lack of).

    My only hope is that the Bruins stick to their word and won’t mortgage assets for rentals as well. They did last season and it didn’t get them anywhere. They’ve come out publicly last few weeks and said they’re not in the market for short term moves leading up to the deadline but rather trades that will impact long term.

    The only move I’d be happy accepting on a rental level would be a backup goaltender. Team desperately needs to win games with their backups. I realize they just did the other day but that needs to continue.

    • like to see them (B’s)sit tight at trade deadline..Sweeney at the last season presser said he wanted to bring in help on the D (shutdown Dman) and a power forward which wasn’t done, Carlo was a nice add but I don’t think its what he meant…Maybe this coming offseason he can take care of the power forward issue. One thing I didn’t like was him giving that big contract to Krug, I think C Miller can do what he does and even play better D

      • joe,

        The backup goaltender situation would be nice to address though unless Khudobin begins playing much better.

        I’m with you though that I don’t want to see what occurred at last seasons deadline this time around. The Liles and Stempniak trades ended up being useless additions to a team that fell apart at the end of the season. No thanks!

        Luckily Sweeney did mention during the Julien firing press conference that the team wasn’t interested in mortgaging assets for short term fixes (rentals). If they explore trades it’ll be on a greater scale that will impact long-term as well.

        We’ll see if he sticks to his word or not.

        I’m far more interested with seeing how the Canadiens respond to Julien.

      • You are aware that krug sits 7th in scoring for all Dman in the NHL & still isn’t even fully developed?

      • In today’s NHL Krug is developed this isn’t the 80s striker lol

      • maybe change your display name to ‘lol’ it’ll save you the effort of typing it everytime

      • Ha!

      • You have to laugh at the majority of the statements on here it’s like the emergence of josh leivo!,?

      • The Dunning-Kruger effect BBB, give it a read. You’ll relate to it

      • Taz try reading hockey for dummies it might take you a bit but you will catch on?

      • Good one!

  10. Chad….agree with you finish the year out address the needs in the offseason,Dman,power forward & backup goalie….there are a few players on this team they need to rid themselves off

    • Little bit of house cleaning needed for sure

  11. Hey guys first of all if Montreal trades Galchenyuk then MB should be fired period. Especially for Duchesne. Galgenyuk is a better player and younger player will sign long term at 6 million .. The only way I trade Galgenyuk to Colorado is if Colorado gives me Duchesne and this years 1st and next years 1st ….. one for one is not even acceptable on crack … like that you stay the course to win now and you got 2 firsts for the future which should be top 5 for the next two years .. I personally would trade Weber to Colorado and my 1st plus Juulson and someone like andrighetto for Duchesne and Landesgok …
    Then call St. Louis for Shattinkirk and yakupov offer them Next years 1st which is far better draft class and Desharnais and maybe Patyrn. St. Louis signs Shattinkirk 8 years at 6 million deal… now you are a Stanley cup contender… offense will compete with anyone and your D is still good especially with the best Goalie on the planet .. Also if you want to make another trade for a Dman for depth go for it a 2nd should get you something nice. I know this will never happen but personally I think this is the year you trade Weber for even more then what Subban could of gotten .. i know Defense comes first on most teams but most teams don’t have a Price. Offense comes first in that case.

    • I read the entire post but failed to comprehend anything after Trade weber, my mind just kept going back to those two words.
      A team can’t just change their entire dynamic by swinging a trade an hoping other things fall in place. Thats fantasy hockey talk.

  12. Lyle.

    Did Freidmann provide a reference of which peers he is comparing galchenyuk to having signed recently at 6 to 7 mil?

    Recent sigings. Panarin 6 mil per 2 years, Rackell 3.8 6 years, Kucherov 4.7 3 years, Gaudreau 6.7 6 years, Marchand 6.13 8 years, Steen 5.75 4 years, Huberdeau 5.9 6 years, Monohan 6.38 7 years, Hoffman 5.19 4 years, B. Schenn 5.13 4 years, Johansson 4.58 3 years, Killorn 4.45 7 years, schwartz 5.35 5 years, Rask 4 4 years, Scheifele 6.13 8 years, Mackinnon 6.3 7 years, Palmieri 4.65 5 years, R. Smith 5 5 years, Trochek 4.75 6 years etc.

    I take almost every player on that list before Galchenyuk. Not all but most. Based on all those signings Galchenyuk is a 5 mil player at best.

    Montreal is best to sign for 1 year & see if he is better than he has shown to date. Not having a very good season & his best todate was the season prior 30 goals & 56 points. A good #2 C’s production. I only committ long term if the # is just below 6 mil. 6 tops.

    • Galchenyuk will push for a 2 year bridge contract if he’s unhappy with an amount north of 5m per year. I would say he would fall in the 3.75-4.5 range. I think a fair price would be a 4.5 x 4 deal.

      The Duchene talk for Galchenyuk is simply media rambling trying to get something going. With the Vegas draft looming many teams seem to be all talk and no action. Plenty of good chatter and potential movers but nobody going anywhere. Gotta think something has to break soon.

    • Wrong.

      It happens.
      And you’re usually right.

      Galchenyuk will come in around 6.5, those are his comparables, and on a long term deal, 5 to 7 yrs imo.

      He was top 6 in League scoring when he went down to injury earlier in the year.

      Friedman thinks they’re trading that player for an older, smaller retread that the Avs can’t wait to unload?
      Not happening.

      You see, we had our (much overdue) enema yesterday.
      Disimpaction has occurred.
      The toilet has been flushed.

      $6.5 million still leaves plenty of space to bring in Rad around the same, Beaulieu around 3.5, Markov at stable or a slight cut, while still leaving about 4.5 mill to sign a second line Center – whom I’m hoping will be Shipachyev.

      All this presuming they abandon Desharnais, and either pay off LV to pick Plekanec or offload him otherways.

      They would then also be OK the year after that to resign Price between 8 and 9 mill.

      The real crunch will come in 2019-20, where Pacciorety will have to be resigned.

      • First disimpaction reference I have seen on this site.
        Well done.

  13. I think something has to give soon. There’s a whole lot of chatter but no player movement at all.

    I can see Wild, Habs, Sens and Preds being buyers at the deadline. I see Dallas, Colorado and Detroit being the biggest sellers.

    Wild have a log jam on the back end going into the draft and could use some more scoring depth for the playoff push. Can make a trade D for F to boost that without losing much. Preds are heating up and could use a little bit of a boost, probably some depth character who can score. Habs need a center and scoring help, Sens think they’re big fish but they’re really small fry. They’re out of their mind and will make mistakes.

    Dallas will have a fire sale and try fix stuff in the off season. Look for Niemi, prospect and pick to go to Pits for Fleury. Dallas would then buy out the final year of their other 5m dollar + mistake wearing pads

  14. The ONLY way I’d do a “blockbuster” deal were I Rutherford is if the Avs eat 50% of the salary for the length of the contract.

    Getting a Landeskog or Duchene for a $3M or so cap hit for years? That’s valuable.

    Maatta plus Pouliot plus Kuhnhackel plus a 1st.

    Pens would have to get a D in a seperate deal, most likely, unless they could fit Tyutin or Beauchemin under the cap. Even then, not sure I’d want them over another available rental.

    I doubt we’ll see anything like this. I think they get a guy like Stalberg as forward depth and a #6/7 D man.

    If worse comes to worse with Fleury, it does seem like they could just offer him straight up for Niemi and save a few bucks.

    • holding back salary doesn’t impact the cap hit as I understand the CBA

      • Yes it does if the avs held 3million than duschene cap hit for whatever team he went to would be 3million cap hit

      • Yes it does. Look at Kessel.

    • 13 combined points between Maatta and Kuhnhackel an ahl guy and a low 1st rounder for Duchene or Landeskog at 1/2 the hit?
      Do you think that’s even a remote possibility?

      • With Joe Sakic and Greg Sherman and the Av’s scouting dept…?

      • It could be Stevie Wonder with Ray Charles, this trade scenario Is beyond wishful thinking . You lost me at holding 3 million completely.

    • Honestly with Maatta in the deal I see no reason to have Pouliot in the same deal. I also don’t see Kuhnhackel being traded due to his PP kill abilities. Honestly first off I would trade for Landeskog over Duchene for the longer-term player and almost 500k less a year. Plus he is a winger already vs. A center that is better left being a center. I can see Maatta being the true force behind the trade as he could easily be a top two for the Avs. Pouliot I would use in another deal to sweeten it for a d-man to replace Maatta. I would use the first round pick but many don’t feel it has value. Straight up I would use Sheary as the other piece for quite a few reasons. Number one Landeskog would be taking sheary’s spot anyhow. Number two, at a RFA I don’t need another team driving up his price with a offer sheet, plus the rise on the price tag anyway. Number three I’m limiting not having to give up anything else in this trade by giving them Landeskog’s replacement, a top ranking d-man they desperately want and need, and their mandatory first round pick. Honestly I would ask for their second round pick back and be happy if I get the third

      Trade should look like this.

      Maatta, Sheary, first pick 2017

      For Landeskog and third 2017.

      Use Pouliot and Fleury to replace the missing d-man in another trade. Plus many a extra piece or two.

      Cap space won’t be a problem with maatta’s 4 million off the books and Hagelin currently unsure when he will return for now. By the time Hagelin will be back the trade deadline will be over and the cap should be back under control.

      Honestly my trade gives then exactly the three requirements they ask and if they want more the trade is greatly unrealistic.

      Honestly looking at Rutherford’s past deals I’m sure he’ll even be more ruthless in the deal he makes for Landeskog or Duchene after all

      • Sheary isn’t going anywhere.

        He’s more valuable than either Av to the Pens.

      • Interesting…

        I do like the number of assets going each way though. Seems to be more in line with what a real trade looks like. Not like some of the 6 assets for 1 or complete roster for roster scenarios we’ve seen in recent days on here lol.

      • Chad, thank you.

        MG, Sheary is worth more to the trade. I recommend reading why I would trade Sheary again. Honestly I like the idea of selling Sheary high while he is worth it. Staying on this team his value will drop and once he is making 3 million a year he’s worthless to me.

      • The Penguins don’t need Landescog……. Connor Sheary isn’t going going anywhere…

        Duchense is who we want…

        To Avalnache—-
        Oli Matta
        Nick Bonino
        # 1 draft pick plus
        #1 prospect Daniel Sprong

        To Pittsburgh —
        Matt Duchense

      • Colorado and Pittsburgh trade is a pipe dream. It’s not happening. Best assets to move are MAF and Hagelen. Most important targets are a 3-4 dman and a 7-8 dman. Try something like MAF, Hagelen, and Jeff Taylor for Lack, Pesce, DiGiuseppe. Hagelen is coveted by a lot of teams. The Penguins have a lot of Hagelens on their team now, just non that comes with a 4 mill price tag. Super fast guys with bad hands and shots. We have plenty of those.

      • Mg I’m a maatta fan obvy. But shears more valuable than dusch or landy? Now we have identified your man crush. He is a good player who knows how to play with Crosby. He is a duper. An Armstrong… essentially a rob brown to sids Lemieux. He is replaceable and it wouldn’t be that hard.

      • A good player who knows how to play with Crosby is a pretty valuable asset to the team that has Crosby.

      • As valuable as duper army ? Ultimately replaceable. Sheary isn’t either landy or dusch. Crosby has made him and imagine if either dusch or landy was on sids wing.

    • MG…Im a huge Pittsburgh fan but no way is Sakic taking Pouliot and Kunhnacl along with Matta and they wont eat salary either..

      more like Daman-Oli Matta 2/3 center Nick Bonino strong prospect Danial Sprong and a # 1 draft pick…

      that gets it done salaries match Duchense $6 million
      Bonino $1.9 Matta $4.2 almost an even wash

      • Agreed Sheary isnt going anywhere…period…

      • Sheary is the best fit Sid has ever had on his wing.

        They think the game the same way.

        He’ll be here a long time. The injury will actually save the Pens some money in the short term.

        I’ve been very critical of Maatta but if he keeps playing like he did against the Canucks the idea will of him centering a deal for one of these two will not seem so far fetched. He was really good. His ceiling is higher than Adam Larsson’s. He’s cost controlled for a long time.

      • Guentzel has been looking pretty darn good with Sid too. A couple more games and they will be electric. He can play both wings and centre too.
        Sheary Crosby Guentzel in the playoffs equals goals, goals, and more goals.

      • Why does a rebuilding team want Bonino who is pushing 30?

  15. Would a Nyqvist, Tatar and B.Smith and a 3rd be enough to land Duchene?

  16. Would DET offering CGY Howard and Nyqvist for Elliot & Jankowski work? Would CGY bite? Det is merely clearing cap room….. but CGY gets a control cost goalie for 3 yrs.

  17. Funny I now can see the smart penguin fans vs. The stupid yinzers simply on the debate on would you trade Sheary to win now. The intelligent ones can see trading him for someone of higher value to win now. The stupid yinzers think Sheary is worth more then any talent out there.

    I thought the rule was you have to trade value to get value, but I see the stupid ones are dragging the ones that are smart and have vision down.

    For the rest of you. I’m sorry you have to put up with it. Plus they make it hard for me when I test trade ideas to see value in them.