NHL Rumor Mill – February 17, 2017

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The Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens could pass on pursuing Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene.

Latest on the Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Hurricanes and Senators plus an update on Marc-Andre Fleury and Kevin Shattenkirk in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN.CA: Pierre LeBrun reports the Ottawa Senators’ interest in Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene is pretty much dead unless the Avs lower their asking price. As long as they continue to seek multiple assets, including top prospects such as Thomas Chabot and Colin White, it’s a complete no-go for the Sens. He thinks the Sens will keep the line of communication open, but the Avs could wait until the offseason to move Duchene or Gabriel Landeskog. Darren Dreger reports the Avalanche could put Jarome Iginla, Mikhail Grigorenko and Patrick Wiercioch in play for the trade deadline.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reported on Wednesday that Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is willing to open his wallet if it’ll help GM Pierre Dorion bring in assets to improve the club. Speculation has linked the Sens to Colorado Avalanche forwards Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog, but the asking price for both is steep.

Melnyk didn’t mention those players, but while willing to add to his club’s payroll, he doesn’t want it to be at the expense of blue-chip prospects Thomas Chabot and Colin White. “If they want Chabot or White, they can forget it. We’re going to be smart about it,” Melnyk said. “That’s what I’m afraid will happen, so we’re just going to stay to our plan and that’s not to give up our future.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wise decision by Melnyk and Dorion. Chabot and White are your future. Don’t needlessly sacrifice them for a quick fix this year. 

TSN:  Bob McKenzie reports Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin made it very clear he’s not prepared to sacrifice his future to pursue a player such as Duchene. Several team consider Duchene better as a winger rather than a center. 

SPORTSNET: Eric Engels reports the Canadiens recent coaching change (replacing Michel Therrien with Claude Julien) could be the biggest move Bergevin makes before the trade deadline. As for pursuing notable talent in the trade market, he said that’ll depend upon the price. He doesn’t intend to move a promising young player such as Mikhail Sergachev.

If Bergevin does go shopping, Engels speculates it could be for a rental forward such as Dallas’ Patrick Sharp, Arizona’s Martin Hanzal or Tampa Bay’s Brian Boyle. Stars defenseman Johnny Oduya might also be a rental option. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise that Bergevin’s unwilling to sacrifice his future for Duchene. It’s also difficult to swing such blockbuster moves in-season, especially at the trade deadline when the market is largely for playoff rental players. 

TSN.CA:  Pierre LeBrun reports the Carolina Hurricanes, like the Anaheim Ducks, are deep in young defensemen and are interesting interest from potential suitors leading up to the March 1 trade deadline. The notable 23-and-younger blueliners include Brett Pesce, Jaccob Slavin, Noah Hanifin and Ryan Murphy, while Haydn Fleury, Trevor Carrick and Jake Bean are in their system.

Hurricanes GM Ron Francis wouldn’t say if he’s willing to draw upon that depth to address other roster issues but didn’t dismiss the idea. LeBrun believes the Hurricanes “would potentially move a young defenseman, whether that’s an NHL player or prospect, if it netted them a front-line centre.”

LeBrun isn’t convinced the Hurricanes would part with that type of asset to land Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene, as he only has two years remaining on his contract. Teammate Gabriel Landeskog is signed through 2020-21, but he’s a left wing. He recommends the Canes try to pry promising young center William Nylander away from the Toronto Maple Leafs, though he doesn’t expect they’re keen to move Nylander. “Then again, how does Toronto find that young, high-end defenseman over the next 5-6 months?,” he asks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For teams seeking promising young defensemen by the trade deadline, it’s down to the Ducks or Hurricanes. The Minnesota Wild have lots of blueline depth too, but GM Chuck Fletcher’s repeatedly said he’s not parting with any of it to bring in depth elsewhere at the deadline. I’ve repeatedly suggested Duchene or Landeskog could be a good fit with the Canes, though I concur with LeBrun that adding a scoring center is the priority. LeBrun does make a good about Duchene’s having limited term on his contract being a sticking point.

I think his suggestion about Nylander is worthwhile looking into, though for now it doesn’t sound like the Leafs will go that route. Still, by this summer, who knows? If the Hurricanes were to offer up, say, Slavin for Nylander, or the Ducks were to pitch a Shea Theodore or Brandon Montour for Nylander, I think the Leafs would seriously consider it. 

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports he’s hearing the Calgary Flames still have interest in Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury. The Flames were linked to Fleury leading up to last year’s NHL draft but their interest ended after the Pens sought the Flames first-round pick (sixth overall) in return. Penguins GM Jim Rutherford said he’s open to moving Fleury but is also considering retaining him as insurance for the playoffs. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford’s made it clear that it’s also up to Fleury. If he asks to be dealt before the deadline, the Penguins GM will try to accommodate him. Otherwise, he’ll address it in the offseason. 

TSN:  Darren Dreger reports St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk remains in play despite the club’s recent improvement. Blues GM Doug Armstrong cannot allow Shattenkirk to depart for nothing via free agency this summer as he did last year with Troy Brouwer and David Backes. The asking price, however, is high. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK’s Chris Nichols cites TSN’s Darren Dreger saying the following about St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk to NBCSN on Wednesday: “I can tell you the asking price for Shattenkirk, even as a rental, is incredibly high. It’s a prospect and a first.” Dreger adds, “”And that may have to also include a third piece” to land Shattenkirk depending on quality of prospect/pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A prospect and a first rounder is high for Shattenkirk, but with this year’s draft supposedly a weak one, perhaps it’s not that bad, especially if the acquiring club can re-sign him. Adding a third piece to that, however, could be a bridge too far.

SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports the Toronto Maple Leafs quietly placed sidelined players Nathan Horton, Joffrey Lupul and Stephane Robidas on long-term injured reserve earlier this season, giving them the flexibility to spend over the salary cap by $15 million if they wish to get active in the trade market before the deadline. Johnson suggests possible  rental players such as forwards Brian Boyle, Martin Hanzal and Patrick Sharp, as well as defensemen Kevin Shattenkirk and Cody Franson as possible trade options, as well as Vancouver Canucks blueliner Erik Gudbranson or any young rearguard the Anaheim Ducks wish to part with.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind Johnston isn’t saying the Leafs will target those players, he’s merely suggesting them as possible options. He also speculates they could use that space to take on another club’s unwanted contract along with a draft pick and a prospect to bolster their stockpile of assets. Still, the Leafs wouldn’t have made this move after carrying those three sidelined players all season unless they were planning to make a move. How significant it is remains to be seen.



  1. Lyle, slight correction: the article you link to and other articles point out that Lupul, Robidas and Horton were actually placed on LTIR very early in the season. It was apparently only discovered yesterday, though.

    • And with the $5.6m that Leaf rookies are set to earn with their outstanding play, they’ll be looking at > $4m in overages rolling into next season that are ineligible for LTIR.

      It was also reported by Christine Simpson – presumably a planted story by Lou – that the Leafs are willing to take back cap dumps to facilitate trades, similar to what they did last deadline.

      • How or why would that be presumably planted by Lou, and not just common sense?

      • Shticky, she was reporting on an area of their trade strategy – which is new news – not speculating on what it could be.

        And it’s meaningful news in light of the information that was revealed yesterday.

    • Why would Duchene be better off at wing when he’s over 60% on draws. On a team that plays defense, he would be fine at center.

    • He said earlier this season? does he need to be an adjective infront of it lol

  2. I think you could see sakic pluck away a couple of these young dmen that teams won’t be able to protect after the season with duschene and landeskog

    • Yeah, that would be the smart move.

    • MAF was amazing in OT the other night versus Winnipeg in a 4-3 Penguins win. he stopped a breakaway from center ice in and two two on ones until Crosby scored in OT to win it…

      So your assessment of MAF and his value is low think again he just needs to play. he was brilliant, athletic an dependable which a lot of bubble teams could use…

      • He didn’t stop it both the chances in ot hit the outside of the net!! I can see not to listen to you since you make stuff up

  3. Nylander is going to be about the equivalent of Eberle. He may play center being the only difference. Oilers can’t get a great d man for Eberle and I don’t see the Leafs getting one for Nylander.

    • Don’t worry about what the Leafs are getting for Nylander, because they’re not trading him. That’s our future 2C.

      • Not if he doesn’t comply with the way Babcock wants him to approach the game.

    • I said the same thing the other day and the leafs faithfulls jumped all over me. Atleast eberle is a household name.

      Its typical on here that they over value their players. At this time of year, with d being at a premium for shattenkirk its nylander plus, they would be better off building a package around nylander and a first for hanifan

      • Are you even aware that Nylander in his rookie year has more goals and more points than a fully developed Eberle this year?

        Even if they had the same production and you falsely believed that Nylander had no further potential – even then – the player on the ELC would be vastly more valuable than the player making $6m per year.

        Have you thought about that?

        Not going to address the Nylander plus a 1st suggestion – it’s beyond ridiculous and doesn’t warrant further discussion.

      • Yakupov had more goals in less games played than nylander dan39, why don’t you let these kids play a full season or two before talking like they are better than guys that have played in the league for 5 years

      • We should make a leafs trade rumor site so u guys can all bloat about how great your team is and all this none sence.

        They havnt won since tbe sixties and wont win anytime soon. They are losers and the cleveland browns of the nhl. Its funny listening to you guys and even funner stiring the pot.

        Pount being, sure they got a few good building blocks, all teams do. But please lets stay on topic, this IS NIT spectorsleafshockey.com and Toronto is not the center of the universe or hockey world case you did not know

      • Twin, the one thing that I find annoying is when some folks jump on Leafs fans for discussing the Leafs. They are the topic in the rumors listed above.
        You went off topic when you brought up the Leaf fan thing again, not Dan39.
        If you don’t like talking about the Leafs, don’t.
        Lou will not trade Nylander for Eberle. Yes it is too early to know what Nylander will be, but he has high end offensive talent. Will he learn the 200′ game? Maybe.
        You don’t trade him for a guy who has proven that if he isn’t scoring, he isn’t a valuable player. This makes Eberle significantly overpaid.

    • Agreed. Carolina’s Brett Pesce was the name I heard Edmonton was looking at. Had to look him up but apparently he’s got huge potential. Wouldn’t make sense for any hopes of a deep Edmonton playoff run this year to dump a 2nd line player like Ebs or RNH for him now though unless theres something else impactful coming back to the Oilers.

  4. Pens beat writer Josh Yohe has previously reported that Brian Burke isn’t a fan of Fleury. I think Calgary’s a great fit, but FWIW.

    This morning Yohe also reported talking to Pens executives and said the idea of pursuing Duchene is real and that the Pens are as (or more) likely to add a forward than a D.

    They really need a #7 but are claiming that they like Chad Reuwedel (I do too, but as a #8, not a #7) and that supposedly Derrick Pouliot is playing better in WBS and he can be the #7. I hope this is posturing to lower the price on a rental D.

    If they get Duchene, it will push Hornqvist out the door as soon as next year. You can only have so many players making big money.

    • God knows how that changes if maatta or Schultz out long term

    • Calgary :nylander, toronto first in 17 or 18, toronto second in 2017 and travis dermott. Or marner a first in 2017 and mitch hymen

      Toronto dougie hamilton

      • thank you for taking the time to demonstrate why no nhl team will ever offer you a management position.

      • Here we have Marner (4th overall) and a 1st (15th?) for Hamilton.


        Nylander (7th overall) plus a 1st (15th?) and a 2nd and another 34th overall selection for Hamilton.

        Hamilton himself was traded for a mid-1st
        and two mid-late 2nds…

      • Can’t see Calgary trading Hamilton for the same type of player they have in gaudreau

      • I would trade Brodie before Hamilton and I wouldn’t want Nylander or draft picks in a weak draft for him.

      • Brodie might need a change of scenery his game has really fallen of

    • Hornqvist isn’t going anywhere he is the grit, the straw that stirs the Crosby line, and a physical presence…which the penguins don’t have much of……

      the grit of this team comes from Horqvist, Kunitz, Fehr, and Wilson…we need them for the playoffs..Guys like Bonino Fehr will be gone next seaaon thats $4 million right there..

  5. Maybe that’s the big move MTL makes at the deadline. Instead of Duchene, offer Colorado the following:

    To COL: Desharnais, Carr, Pateryn, 2nd in 2017

    To MTL: Grigorenko, Iginla, Wiercioch

    The other move you could make:

    To NYI: Brian Flynn, 2nd round pick 2017

    To MTL: Dennis Seidenberg, 3rd round pick

    • Craig, no one is taking on Desharnais. Let it go

      • Lol

      • Don’t see Desharnais being traded by himself to any team, but as part of larger deal, where there has to be some cap balancing for the rest of this season to make the deal work – I think that is possible still.

      • Maybe desharnais for the old stand by….. Nylander and a first! Sorry Dan

  6. Don’t know why Colorado wants to trade either of them two guys, unless they acquire a stud dman. More so with Landeskog still lots of term and good cap hit. Good size, physical and can score. Would love to see Boston land him, but I don’t see a fit. After trading away Hamilton it be extremely difficult for Boston to but Carlo into a package to get him. If the Bruins are sold on their pipeline of D prospect. Would they tempt faith and trade Carlo, Spooner and a non lottery 1st for Landeskog. Even when I say that, if their (Bruins) projection on Carlo is correct, this in the long run could be a steal of a deal for the Av’s.

    • I think it’s more were not winning with these 2 they will fetch a good return let’s move them. But I agree I would move duschene before landeskog because of contracts

    • Why no fit, Caper? Clearly a piece like that is needed in BOS and you’re dealing from a position of organizational strength.

      • Dan39, I am with Caper on this. I also agree that Boston has a lot of young D-men in the pipeline but it is not a position of strength;yet. But after Chara (40 right away) and Krug we have no top 4 D-men. Carlo is working on that now and early returns are very positive. He could be their premier shut down guy in a couple years at the age of 21/22. With a controllable contract.
        The only other”Blue Chip” D prospect we have is McAvoy. We have 3 others that have upside and could be good NHL players. But that is a big maybe right now.
        I don’t trade that for a winger even though he helps them right now.

  7. Sakic seems to require an economic lesson regarding value. The market will determine fair value, and although shocking at times,(see Hall for Larsson which for now based on each team’s performance seems fair) it does dictate fairness along with supply and demand. The Avs have plenty of forwards to supply (unproven talent based on team performance) who aren’t in demand. If they were such hot commodities other teams would have pounced by now. Melnyk often speaks out of turn it seems but in this case he is dead on! But again his team seems to want the same for Lazar who has also been nothing but underwhelming! I think it is crucial that teams stick to developing their own talent! Just like Melnyk said.

    • Steven, i see it as he is selling very high at first. Like any gm would do. If someone bites, great. He is generating buzz. Meanwhile, other gm’s are waiting for deadline day putting together a package in order to see how their’s stack up against others packages. There will be some haggle amongst them. Until that one gm sweetens it and over pays. Just my opinion though!

    • Not saying it isn’t a fit, but if Carlo ends up being a top 2 dman, would you make that trade? That’s what Boston management has to decide. Obviously we don’t know how Carlo will develop but management need to make these projections.

      • No

  8. the leafs have a plan that they are barely into, they are not going to move any of their current rookies or nylander. shattenkirk is a possibility if st. louis doesn’t want to lose him for nothing but i think a trade with anaheim for a defenceman that may be lost in the expansion draft or maybe carolina who will be in the same situation.

    • You still got to trade something of value to get something of value. The leafs will be throwing in the towel soon now that marner is out and pulling a classless shanaplan . After next week we wont have to listen to the leafs fans til the entry draft atleast.

      Minus matthews its been clearly documented that marner is too small for the show and will more than likely be injured more often than not. As for nylander he has bust wrote all over him and is way to soft. If you can get a descent d prospect like theodore youd be silly not to concider it.

      If you could trade nylander for a solid young d it woulda happened. T

      • insightful comment. Could you please provide the link to the stats that back up your claim? Or maybe you could share the link to the articles you write on sportsnet or TSN?

  9. How is trading a quality 20 year old for a quality 24 year old with 5 years on a contract giving up your future or just a quick fix for this year?

  10. What does it take to pry grigorenko out of the Avalanche? Would love if the canucks could wrangle him for one of the bodies we have on defence.

  11. I just don’t see any situation where the Leafs trade Nylander a 7th overall pick for Jacob Slavin or Montour or Theodore…no way no chance..
    If you believe the Leafs they are in no rush to go anywhere- have tonnes of cap room upcoming…why trade a guy you have already nurtured for unknown D cycling between the AHL and NHL (Ducks D)..
    I would trade JVR for those guys and I would do it now- this year means nothing to me…lol..and yes I do believe they could get a Montour or Theodore for JVR..perhaps even Maata another London kid

    • Ducks aren’t taking jvr for one of the defensive kids so keep dreamin

      • They wont take nylander without atleast a second rounder coming back either. Hes not built for the playoffs esp in the west. Not saying the leafs drafted him to play playoff hockey cause we know that aint happening anytime soon lol

    • jvr is basically a one yr rental that will go for the most money he can get after next yr, with players like landeskog and duschene most likely on the move teams will be more willing to trade the young dmen for them

    • So out of those four, whom has highest ceiling as of now? If it was possible for Jvr(not saying it is) which would suit the leafs best?

    • Nylander will be a bust. Same as yakupov and duclair. Take montador or davidson and be done with it. Next player please…

      Golf clap for ending pointless rumors regarding prospects that will be busts

      • Wow Twin you’re a huge Leaf hater. Why will Nylander be a bust? 8th overall pick. Dominated AHL and on pace for 50 points in first full season at 20 years old. Marner does something every game and leading all rookies. His injury was fluke and not suppose to be serious. How many Leafs games you watch this year?

      • Why is he a “Leafs hater” if, in his opinion, Nylander will be a bust. He may be wrong – only time will tell – but if it turns out he’s right, will you come back here and acknowledge that? Doubtful. And what does 8th overall have to do with anything?

      • George O. Read twins comments anything relating to the Leafs. Nothing positive whatsoever about the Leafs. Yes, Nylander could be a bust. Highly unlikely with what he has shown thus far in the AHL and NHL already. I pointed out he was 8th overall because that means he was fairly sought after and he’s 20 years old. Of course he can have an opinion but what has Nylander done to suggest he’s going to be a bust? He’s trending up not down.

      • Don go look at yakupov stats his first yr! Too many players to name that have had a good rookie season than fell off the map. And as far twin never saying anything positive look at dan39 never saying anything negative and constantly over valuing leaf players is that ok? Or is it just as bad as twin?

  12. Makes sense for TO to go after Gudbranson. A second, current dman (Corrado or Marincin) and a prospect (Leipsic or Dermott) should do it? Corrado is showing his potential in the AHL and Canucks know him. Canucks don’t need any rentals. The same kind of deal cold also work for Manson.

    After that they need to see what JVR and/or Bozak can get them. They could couple one of these guys with any combination of prospects (Braaco, Brooks, Pinnich), and picks including a first for the right guy. The amount of assets would depend if they were going for a young NHL guy (like Dumba, Trouba, Fowler, or Brodin) or a really good up and comer (like Montadour, Theodore, or Sanheim).

    TO still has Polak, Hunchuk, Greening, Laich and Michayluk to dump for assets or part of a deal for one of the above if one of those teams needs one? Not sure if some of these guys will get anything. I liked what Burke used to do. Put free agents they weren’t going to resign and couldn’t trade on waivers so they get a chance to finish the year somewhere else. If a team could get Laich or Greening for the playoffs they might jump.

    If anyone can make this kind of deal either at the deadline or draft Lou can. It will be interesting what the price is for a dman.

    • You’ve got the wrong Gudbranson TML is targeting!

      It is in fact Eric’s brother Alex who is loaned to the Marlies and currently in their lineup.

      He is 6.2 / 220 and a righty..bottom pairing stay st home Defenseman.

      • I would suspect that the sky high asking price for Duchene and Landeskog would make Vanek and attractive option for a team that misses out on the two from Colorado or as another option. He is basically a rental however the team that acquires him could negotiate a long term deal. I don’t think a first is out of the question for him. Also with a Right handed shot dman always being coveted wouldn’t Mike Green make sense for some teams? He’s unrestricted after next season currently making 6 mil per. Teams looking at Shattenkirk could fall back to Green as an option for a contender. Yandle got a first plus Duclair. Green isn’t worth that but would a first be out of the question here as well. I’m just hoping that Holland is smart enough to try restock some picks and or defensive prospects in what clearly should be a start of rebuild in Detroit.

      • Bcola..I never thought of Mike green buy you’re right he would make a good fallback for shattenkirk! The wings might have to take a bad contract in return but I think they might be cleaning house a little in the near future anyways

      • I mean a bad contract with picks and/or prospects

    • Your dreaming.if u look at what vancouver paid just last season. He has size and experience unlike nylander. Bet it costs nylander and a first n second

    • Hmm Tugboat, so your saying the Canucks should trade Gudbranson, a top 4 D man who plays physically for some stiff who can’t make the Leafs D and a b or c level prospect? Lets forget for a moment that the Leafs media and fans have all been commenting on how weak the D is in Toronto so the value of guys who can’t crack that line up is a bit suspect. Lets instead focus on the fact that the Canucks already had Corrado and waived him because he wasn’t good enough for their D before they had Gudbranson, Stetcher, and the evolution of Hutton.

      How about an equally reasonable counter proposal? Canucks get Marner for Vertanon and a 2nd?

    • Good luck with that. 2 borderline NHL Dman, 1 suspect prospect leipsic. So essentially Dermott & a 2nd. Not a chance.

  13. How about the Rangers trading Stepan for Duchene , who needs to add

    • This make very little sense either way. I don’t think Colorado will be looking for a slightly older center in return for Duchene. From the Rangers point…. Why trade the devil you know for the one you don’t?

    • My guess is that if and that’s a big if Stepan goes it will be for a dman package. Problem is that it needs to be after the expansion draft since rangers can only protect 3 dmen (unless someone retires)..Other problem is that Stepan has a no trade kicking in …Perhaps draft is first then no trade wont matter.

  14. It’s interesting that some of these rumours are talking about Nylander as a centre. He’s primarily a winger for the Leafs and the only thing that really suggests he might be a centre at some point is that Babcock has said he could see him there. Not sure that helps a team that actually need a centre now.

    Was sorry to see Marner get injured. That is one of the potential drawbacks with smaller skilled players. Jeff Skinner was amazing then got knocked around enough that he wasn’t willing to go to the dirty areas anymore. I watched the Wild slash Gudreau endlessly until they broke his hand. With the decline of the enforcer I think those smaller skilled guys are at greater risk because the refs and the league are reactive rather than proactive.

    • One thing I can’t get on board with is a player not getting suspended when the player he laid an illegal check on did not get injured.
      Its pretty simply, you get suspended for any dirty play.
      If the player you hit gets injured then you get the same suspension plus the number of games the injured guy is affected.

      • Not once did I mention Marner’s name. Also, nowhere did I imply it.
        Hate much?

      • Hey Taz, part of the problem is that skilled players are around the puck a lot more than unskilled guys. Even if teams play within the rules and simply hit those skilled guys whenever they are around the puck injuries are likely to occur. The league can’t create differential rules to protect skilled vs unskilled players like they attempt in the NFL.

        This was part of the role that enforcers played. You can’t bang around our small skilled guy like you would someone else. It was an informal rule rather than a formal one. We saw this last night with Maroon and Manning. Manning actually asked for the fight so that the matter would be settled. He was being relentlessly targeted by the Oilers and knew the only way to end it was to ask one of the bigger tougher guys to fight him so it would end. It’s what the Oilers should have likely done in the second game.

      • I’m good with enforcers. I’m not good with slew foots.
        What I was saying was that if some slews foots someone then the auto penalty is 3 games (or something like that) if that act results in an injury to player X and then player X is out for 4 games then the suspension is 7 games in total.
        Replace slew foot with spear, elbowing etc.

    • They talk about Nylander as a center cause that’s what he was drafted as. Obviously he can play wing pretty well too. They don’t need him there now but when Bozak finally moves on you have Matthews, Kadri and Nylander at center ice. Pretty good depth there.

  15. Put down the Roget’s. And grow some skin while you’re at it.

  16. I’ve noticed a certain poster has been deliberately trolling fans of a certain team here today. Usually I let this stuff slide but it’s gotten out of hand today, to the point where the individual in question is doing nothing but going out of their way to antagonize the fans of that team, with some of them responding in kind. This brings nothing to the discussion through most of this thread.

    I’ve deleted the offending posts and responses. Folks, you can debate or discuss the latest rumors without resorting to trolling or abusive behavior.

    If you can’t do that, you’ll be banned from making further comments on this site. Act like adults!

    • Lyle, you’ve deleted my comment!??

    • It sucks you need to waste time with this stuff. But thabk you for doing it.

    • ?

  17. With Nylander out now along with the 3 players put on LTIR does Toronto go after a rental player like Brian Boyle from TB?

    He can play wing in the bottom 6 or center the 4th. He can teach the younger guys how to be better defensively and gives them another center with good face off skills. A big body to help muscle for the smaller guys on the team.

  18. Filip Chlapik (needs spell check) is putting up a nice season in the Q. Believe Ottawa drafted him in the 2nd round of the 2015 draft.

    With Ottawa’s depth up down the middle perhaps he be a prospect to be used in a trade.

  19. If I am buying ” Duchene is over rated ” if I am selling
    ” He is having an off year “………I think I will just post this comment until the deadline