NHL Rumor Mill – February 20, 2017

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Should the Philadelphia Flyers consider shopping a core player like captain Claude Giroux?

Updates on the Flyers, Islanders, Canucks and Panthers plus the latest on Kevin Shattenkirk and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi believes it’s time for Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall to go into sell mode, as he considers it unlikely the current roster can play well enough over the remainder of this season to clinch a playoff spot. He advocates shopping pending UFA blueliners Mark Streit, Nick Schultz and Michael Del Zotto for some draft picks and perhaps a backup goalie who can be exposed in the expansion draft in order to protect Anthony Stolarz.

Carchidi also suggests shopping one of their goaltenders, proposing either Michal Neuvrith or Steve Mason could be a good backup option for the Edmonton Oilers. He believes the Flyers should entertain offers for one of their core players such as captain Claude Giroux, citing the decline in his performance this season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The next week will likely determine if Hextall becomes a seller, but it’s difficult to argue with Carchidi’s logic. Even if the Flyers make the playoffs, they’ll likely be a first-round-and-out club. If there’s a market for the defensemen and goalies Carchidi listed, Hextall should take advantage of it.

I doubt any of the Flyers’ core players will be in play at the trade deadline. Unless Giroux is playing hurt this season, the decline in his play could be cause for concern. Perhaps this is an issue Hextall examines in the offseason.

CSNNE.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Joe Haggerty once again voiced his opposition of the Boston Bruins parting with a promising blueliner such as Brandon Carlo or Charlie McAvoy to acquire either Matt Duchene or Gabriel Landeskog. He considers the fact the Avs are willing to trade Landeskog, their captain, as a red flag and notes Duchene’s only topped 55 points three times and is a career minus-46. 

As for St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, Haggerty believes acquiring him only makes sense for the Bruins if the Blues lower their asking price or if Shattenkirk lowers his contract asking price of seven years and $7 million annually. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins reportedly seem keen on Landeskog, who would certainly bolster their depth at left wing, but I don’t see them overpaying for his services. Shattenkirk could be a tempting trade target, but given the promise of Carlo and McAvoy, perhaps the Bruins will consider a more affordable and shorter-term option to buy some time until those kids are fully ready. 

ESPN.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Craig Custance pointed out the expansion draft in June could complicate contracts signings of unrestricted free agents before the trade deadline. He cites Detroit Red Wings left wing Thomas Vanek as an example, noting that if the Wings re-sign him, he could still be left exposed in the expansion draft. Re-signing a free agent now could also force a club to expose another player they might prefer to keep. 

In addressing some hypothetical trade suggestions, Custance also doesn’t think the Toronto Maple Leafs are willing to part with forward William Nylander to acquired St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. If the Blues are willing to do a “sign-and-trade” with Shattenkirk for a reasonable eight-year contract, Custance thinks it could be worthwhile for the Red Wings to part with one of their young forwards as part of the return to get him. However, he doesn’t advocate the Wings parting with their first rounder in this year’s draft, as it’s the first time in year’s they’ll have a high pick.  He also feels the Wings could seek a promising defenseman for Vanek leading up to the trade deadline. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple speculates the New York Islanders’ recent improvement could have general manager Garth Snow thinking about bolstering his roster, either in the short or long term, by the trade deadline. Staple suggests Dallas Stars winger Patrick Sharp and either Arizona Coyotes right wing Radim Vrbata or center Martin Hanzal as possible rental options.

He also said the Isles have had interest in Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene since November but Snow might not wish to meet the high asking price of “a top-flight defenseman, a good young prospect and a No. 1 pick at minimum.” Coyotes winger Anthony Duclair could be another option. Staple doesn’t expect the Isles will bring back Thomas Vanek or P.A. Parenteau. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A month ago, the Isles would’ve been considered sellers at the deadline. Their impressive improvement since then could tempt Snow to go shopping for a rental player or two. I don’t see them chasing Duchene at the deadline, though I wouldn’t rule it out in the offseason if the asking price becomes reasonable. I don’t think the Coyotes intend to part with Duclair despite his disappointing sophomore season. 

VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma reports the Vancouver Canucks have “three marketable assets” leading up to the trade deadline in forwards Jannik Hansen and Alex Burrows and goaltender Ryan Miller. All carry no-trade clauses, but GM Jim Benning “will talk to players about possibly waiving no-trade clauses during the club’s mandated five-day break that starts Monday.” Kuzma notes Hansen has the most value, but the winger’s also made it clear he prefers to stay in Vancouver.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this season, Benning said he wouldn’t approach those players about waiving those clauses. The fact he’s changed his mind suggests he could be getting some calls from rival GMs. Kuzma also points out family considerations could also affect any decision to waive their respective clauses. 

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien cites a recent interview by Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon with NHL.com saying he’d like to add some help to his surging club’s power play before the trade deadline. O’Brien wonders if Arizona Coyotes winger Radim Vrbata might interest Tallon. 


  1. with the Bruins playing as well as they played all season and a shot at the playoffs wonder if Sweeney & Neely rethink their needs for a power forward and a Dman..

    • Don’t give Carchidi to much credit for his now found “logic”.
      He is only finally starting to report what Flyer fans have been writing for weeks.

    • As long as they don’t trade carlo, mcavoy, Debrusk or senyshyn, I’m all for adding landeskog. I would prefer keeping Spooner as well. Something like a 1st, Zboril, Belesky and Morrow or something. We don’t need any picks really, have a good amount of young roster talent and minor leaguers in both forward and defense positions. I think that while Bergeron, Rask, Marchand and co. are still in their primes they need to go for it in the next couple years. Adding landeskog makes their top 9 complete and deadly.

    • As much as Edmonton and the Bruins don’t care for each other I could see them as trade partners.
      The oilers could offer Eberle for Carlo and Mcilroy give or take a few pieces

      • No way Bruins trade two young D men for Ebs not happening. I could see Boston trading one and a pick and player for Landeskog or Shattenkirk.

      • I’m a huge oilers fan, and I would love that trade. Even I know that would never happen. If there not making him a part of the deal for duchene ,or landeskog they sure as heck wont for eberle. Besides Edmonton doesn’t need another up and coming d-man they have enough of those already.

      • I’m sure a lot of Oilers nation would love a Carlo and McAvoy trade for Eberle. Would never happen.

        If Bruins dangled a Carlo and McAvoy package out there then there would be plenty of other teams that could offer better than just Eberle.

      • Sounds fair maybe Boston will throw Bergeron and Pastrnak in there too.

      • Eberle couldn’t carry Carlo’s jock strap. Proven loser in Edm. No McD no Eberle

    • Joe,

      Sweeney and Neely are on record since the firing of Julien stating that they won’t be involved in the rental market and only move young players or assets for pieces that will be part of the future.

      I’m holding Sweeney to his word. Unless the player fits into the longterm plan of the team… not sure they do it. The only thing I’d be on board with is a backup goaltender who’s better than Khudobin.

      I’d hate to see the Bruins jump into the rental market and give up assets for players like last deadline where we received Liles and Stempniak.

      • Zuba, Eberle has produced less with McDavid than anyone else. He’s in a slump right now but he is a 25 to 30 goal scorer which is worth a lot in today’s NHL. Worth 2 highly touted young d-men? Maybe not but that is more of what the market is demanding right now. Sweeney is an idiot though so I think he’d do it!

      • Zuba, Eberle has produced less with McDavid than anyone else. He’s in a slump right now but he is a 25 to 30 goal scorer which is worth a lot in today’s NHL. Worth 2 highly touted young d-men? Maybe not but that is more of what the market is demanding right now. Sweeney is an idiot though so I think he’d do it!

  2. Nylander isn’t going anywhere, these Hockey Beat Writers or so called Insiders should just give it a rest. Especially if it rumours around Shattenkirk. If Lou/Shanny trades Nylander for a Dman, it’ll be for a little younger of a star Dman. The Leafs are young and skilled and still in the rebuild process, trading a young star in Nylander for an older star Dman doesn’t make sense going forward in becoming a contender.

    • At some point they will need to add some experience and really they should be worried about filling a need with a talanted player more than being concerned about the age, not saying it should be Shattenkirk but 28 is far from over the hill for an NHL D. I’m not sure having a whole team of players under under 25 is a key part of any plan.

    • Many thought the Oilers were robbed but their defence is the biggest difference in their team this year. Subtract 1 much better player than Willie and add Adam who let’s Oscar play his game and helps the goalie 10 fold. Nylander may one day be as good as Hall but if you want a defenseman you are going to have to pay and not with monopoly money

      • Well said Jeremy the lack of good defense around the league is gonna keep the price high, nylander for a Manson type seems to fit

      • Nailed it.

      • It’s not just D although that is the most significant factor. Chiarelli started addressing the D as soon as he arrived. Adding Talbot to the D & all that added grit in Kassian, Maroon & Lucic is also a significant factor. Edm is not a fun team to play they hit hard & often. 6th in the NHL.

        Manson is a possibility. If Nylander were moving in such a trade anaheim would still have to add a significant asset. Those assets don’t fit together well. Not impossible but can’t see that for Toronto straight up. There would be other ways Toronto could acquire a Manson or similiar with out having to give up Nylander.

      • The ducks would not have to add much if anything to Manson for nylander

      • BBB. I think your wrong. Not far wrong but his ceiling is a middle pair. It would take another asset from ?

      • 2nd pairing ceiling for a 2nd line ceiling, they might add a b/c prospect but won’t be much

      • except he has top line winger ceiling…

        it’s weird dan39 overrates nylander as much as you underrate him. man crush vs man hate. WHO WINS!

        find out..


      • He doesn’t have enough of an all around game to be 1st liner, watch him for a bit see how much he floats. Dan overrates nylander as much as you think fleury will land a significant return

    • I agree with you. It makes more sense to package some draft picks together, to get another first round pick. With the 2 first round pics, draft foote, and Hague. Both are giants and predict to be top 4 dman. Foote is a rd, and Hague a ld. Keeps our skill upfront, and makes our d pretty deep in 2-3 years

    • I’m positive that Nylander is not going anywhere and that Shattenkirk would come with a huge price to pay. I wonder if the Leafs might ask for Tyson Barrie from Colorado instead. He’s younger and could be better than Shattenkirk in the long term. Seeing as how the Leaf brass were scouting the Avs last week and how they also might be interested in Matt Duchene, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something happen by next week.

    • Would you leaf fans give it a rest already calling all these young leaf players stars already! They have not played one season for god sake.You do realize it will get harder and not easier to put up these points next year.

  3. What do you guys think about a Nylander for Strome out of arizona?

    • Absolutely not

    • No, Leafs need a solid Dman

    • I don’t want Willie going anywhere till he has played on a line with Auston and Mitch, especially in light of the last few games and the chemistry between JVR and Brown among others makes it a doable proposition for me.

    • What is the point of that trade?

  4. It has been a frustrating jeckyl and hyde season this year for the flyers, lets hear from flyer fans/haters on what the team should do at the deadline..Trade Giroux? Neuvirth or Mason gone? Lets hear some trade proposals?

    • As a Flyers fan, I like the idea of making a move for the future at the deadline. 2 prospect wingers that could help them this season and beyond are Nashville’s Kevin Fiala or San Jose’s Timo Meier. Philly would likely would have to part with Travis Sanheim or Phillippe Myers to make that happen. Slotting either prospect on the top line LW would allow Michael Raffl to slot as the 3LW or 4LW. Perhaps SEL prospect Oscar Lindblom could also make the club playing 2LW. Travis Konecny plays either wing so he could hopefully push RW Matt Read to the press box. P.E. Bellmare and Chris Vandevelde are UFAs and could be trade fodder. ’17- ’18 forward line combos to visualize my plan:

      Kiala/Meier – Giroux – Voracek
      Lindblom – Schenn – Simmonds
      Raffl – Couturier – Konecny
      Lyubimov – Laughton – McDonald (AHL)/Leier

      • Line combo addendum: I forgot about Nick Cousins. I see him as the 3LW. Raffl then slips to 4LW.

        Weise is probable the 4RW.

    • To protect goaltending prospect Anthony Stolarz, I am fine if the Flyers trade either Neuwirth or Mason. Acquiring a goalie under contract would allow them to protect Stolarz from Las Vegas. I’d be fine if they got Jaro Halak from the Isles. He’s 31 yrs old and has 1 year left on his deal with a 3.55 cap hit. He could split time with Stolarz next year.

    • Get what you can for Streit, Del Zotto or Schultz at the deadline. A 2nd round pick in return for Streit would be perfect. Maybe a 4th for MDZ and a 6th for Schultz. So be it.

      • If they held a little money on streit then a second is reasonable… did mdz really nose dive this year cause a third sounds weak.. for a fourth or even third I would love to see pens trade for mdz.. challenge dumo/maatta/daley for time when they have their bad spells.

    • I’m convinced G is playing hurt. He is not moving well and is only effective on the PP. Jake just can’t put the puck in the net. He’s playing fine otherwise. If you can get anything for Streit, Shultz just do it. My biggest issue with this team is how Hakstol utilizes his players. Because we have extra Dmen as soon as someone makes a mistake they go to the box. You can’t get better without playing. So now Ghost goes out and plays in fear because if he screws up he goes back upstairs. Same with Del Z. And the goaltending is just too inconsistent. I like Mason better be he is just way too streaky. Making a move for Halak would not be an upgrade but it wouldn’t be worse either. To sign either Mason or Neuvirth to a contract for multiple years would not be a good idea. But really what this team needs is a sniper to play left wing on the top unit. Raffle is not a first line player

      • MDZ has been hurt twice this year. Just hasn’t played to his potential this season. Could be this year’s Justin Schultz at the deadline.

      • Philly should target Bishop in the off-season for the right price of course. Find a solid back up cause Bishop does get injured here and there but with Philly’s young D they need a goalie that can bail them out. As for Giroux, I think he’s semi overrated. Yes he has put up solid points in his career but he’s just not a dominating player 5 on 5 and being paid like one. Great on the PP where he sets up on the half wall to feed ghost for one-timers but I believe his best days are behind him. By the time all these young flyers are matured he’ll be slowing even more. On a contending teams he’s a 2nd line center.

  5. The Leafs should be in on Streit. He is that veteran, puck-mover they want, and while a shadow of Shattenkirk these days he will cost nothing while Shattenkirk will cost a lot. The Leafs have the cap space to take on his expiring contract so why not take the shot for a playoff spot now while sacrificing nothing for the future.

    • I’d agree. He can still play on the PP and can fire the puck. Also wearing an A for Philly. A veteran guy for sure.

      • Not really what the leafs need tho, they need defensive dmen and streit is weak in his own end

      • Schultz can skate and defend. And he’d cost you nothing.

  6. I’m expecting the Isles to move either Hamonic, deHaan or Pulock. They have a pretty crowded blue line and could use some help up front.

    • Halak stays on the island? What do you think?

      • No not going to happen there are to many teams with questionable secondary goaltending, and Halak is to good to be in the minors. I think his agent has burnt a bridge that is to far from being repaired I see a team like Edmonton or Boston making a trade for him. I think the Isles have to take back salary, or a toxic contract as well as a pick.

        Proposed trades
        Edm send 3rd round 2017 pick and Benoit Poluiot
        Nyi send Halak

      • I was hoping Edmonton would pick him up for the playoff run then try to trade him in the summer. Seeing as he went unclaimed thru waivers I don’t think they’d have to give up much. Laurent Broissoit isn’t ready to take the back up role on a regular basis yet. If Talbot were to get injured down the stretch or early in the playoffs it would be catastrophic for the Oilers.

      • I would think the only way he stays is if Greiss gets injured. Where ever Halak does go, that team will be getting one motivated goalie, he wants out for sure. Granted it is in the AHL but Halak has been lights out since going down. He’s 13-1-2 with a .931 save percentage.

      • I suspect they try, again, to move him. Not a whole lot of interest in him so far so not big return but I suspect he proves quite good for whoever gets him.

    • You have to wonder if the isles are interested in duschene, pulock would have to part of the deal

      • I agree BBB, they have loved Duchesne since his draft year. They could look at moving Pulock, Hamonic, or De Haan, along with a first round pick and something else.

    • Agreed Eazy, they could sure use a top six winger to improve their scoring. Mayfield and Pelach have both shown that they can hold their own. It’s a spot of depth they should try to use to build more depth up front.

  7. Phil has some young D depth that should be of interest

  8. Two things:

    A) The Leafs are not trading Nylander and….

    B) The Bruins should not even consider trading McAvoy or Carlo to acquire Duchene or Landeskog.

    • In your opinion right?

      • Yes in my opinion! But any logical manager would keep a young forward like Nylander before trading before you truly know what you have (mind you past Leaf management would have), nor would any logical manager give up on two blue chip defensive prospects like Carlo and McAvoy for two forwards like Duchene and Landeskog who don’t bring the same impact to your team. Defence is too hard to acquire to release for either of those two!

        As a Bruins fan do you hope a trade goes down involving those D men for either of those forwards?

      • If the bruins needed a centre I would do Carlo as a package for duschene not high on landy, but the leafs desperately need dmen and nylander should be the piece to get a Manson type

  9. Leafs should go after Pulock or gudbranson. These are physical dmen that is what they need. They have offensive prospects in the AHL and picks to use. They could also add a third pairing NHL level dman to the mix.

    • No thanks on Gudbranson. Yes he’s tough and big but that’s it. I understand the Leafs need a shutdown D but Gudbranson is slow, injury prone and brings nothing offensively. Makes 3.5 mill and a RFA after this year probably looking for a raise. Honestly think Polak isn’t that much worse.

  10. Joe Haggerty at his usual snap shot best. I hate snap shots & refusing to look at the whole picture.

    Duchene has 5 years at 55 points or more. All players & the record book have been forever altered due to lock outs. Duchene had 43 points in 47 games in 2012-13 the lock out season. Duchene sustained a serious injury in 2011-12 limiting him to 58 games. The only real season Duchene hasn’t scored 55 points or more really may be this season & the season lost to injury.

    As for his Plus minus who cares it’s a brutal stat & can only be used for reference with in a team. Colorado’s D has been brutal for years. -44 in 547 regular season games played in Colorado isn’t bad. Hell Brodie is -25 this year. That’s bad.

    That said I do agree with Haggerty on not willing to move Carlo or McAvoy to get either Landeskog or Duchene. My preference would be Duchene over McAvoy although 2 years to UFA status is problematic.

    • Pardon me should read over Landeskog not McAvoy.

    • Striker,

      Looks like Haggerty might be on to something regarding not moving Carlo or McAvoy. There were reports this morning that the talks had basically stopped completely between Bruins and Avalanche. Supposedly the Bruins would not meet the Avalanche asking price for Landeskog. Have to assume that meant they weren’t interested in including either Carlo or McAvoy. Otherwise, Sakic would be stupid to turn down a package with either of those players included.

  11. Maybe the Bruins and leafs could look into a swap of a promising young D like Carlo for a young forward in Nylander? I believe Nylander is playing as a winger now anyway and could eventually transition to Center. Toronto would gain a big D?! Easy on the cap for both teams as well.

  12. Please sign the players that aren’t signed,

    Get rid of the coach he isn’t helping the team,

  13. According to Adrian Dater who’s on the Avalanche side of things he had reported this morning that the talks between Boston and Colorado had basically stopped because Boston wouldn’t meet the asking price.

    I’m assuming and key word (assuming) that’s because Boston wouldn’t included either Carlo or McAvoy and tried building a package around other prospects or current roster players on team. Sakic wasn’t interested. Sweeney wouldn’t up the ante to include Carlo or McAvoy and thus talks have stalled.

    They might revisit that before deadline or after end of the season or for all we know they’re still talking and trying to work things out. We all know how these reports go.

    I think the Bruins organization holds Carlo and McAvoy quite high on their list of players that are the future of the team. As much as I’d love to see Landeskog on the LW in our top 6… if Sweeney and maybe even Neely feel that way about Carlo and McAvoy then I trust them.

  14. As far as the upcoming deadline goes in regards to the Bruins. If they stand pat and do nothing it’s quite alright. If they’re committed to the rebuild now with Julien out then that’s alright as long as they don’t make stupid rental moves like last deadline.

    If they do add anything for the short term I would look into a backup goaltender who can win some games down the stretch. As long as the asking price isn’t outrageous.

    Otherwise, I’d almost prefer the Bruins to ship out a few pending FA. If they can make a move that impacts the future then fine I’m okay with that. They can also lay the groundwork and look into a move in the offseason as well.

    That’s my 2 cents as far as the upcoming deadline is concerned.

  15. to COL: Giroux, Read, Del Zotto & Mason and 3rd pick
    to PHI: Duchene & Landeskog and 5th rd pick

    • not bad but i doubt it would go thru

    • Why do you hate Crosby? If he was on your team you would love him!

    • None of these deals seeing both move at the same time make sense. MDZ & Mason are UFA’s. value limited to non existent. Col isn’t taking a goalie regardless. Giroux & a 3rd isn’t getting you both these players.

  16. I’d also like to point out and I know a lot of the Julien supporters who are still sour over his firing will say it has only been 4 games… blah blah blah.

    The Bruins have looked much better and have been playing different. The style, transitioning, aggressive offensive play, and even the areas they’re moving to in the O zone is all different.

    The first 3 games I was excited but tempered expectations a bit. Last nights game should be an eye opener for a lot of people for a number of reasons.

    – Bruins win their 4th in a row
    – Bruins on the road
    – Bruins coming off a bye week
    – Bruins beat SJS 2nd time in a week (home and away)

    Bruins for the 1st time all season have put together 4 wins in a row.

    Bruins although they’ve been better on road than at home have been brutally bad during the California road trips.

    Bruins were coming off a bye week where teams in the NHL have been absolutely atrocious during their 1st game back. The record out there for teams coming off the bye week speaks for itself. Bruins have also been a team in the past that seem to suffer mightily coming off of any break or even a few days off. They seem to struggle to pick up their game.

    San Jose is a team that’s now 18-7-4 at home, which is quite impressive. They’re 3rd in Western Conference with 77 points.

    As easily as people have been casting off the Montreal lost the other night because it was the 1st game for Julien and they came off the bye week. I think people should start throwing some credit towards the Bruins and even Cassidy. I’d like to see where they are after the deadline. I’m sure there will be bad games in the future but for right now I think credit is due.

  17. Stone to cgy for picks another rental that’s gonna ask a lot in the off season

    • Sounded like a decent trade. Not an overpayment if you ask me.

      50% salary retained for a 3rd rd pick and a conditional 5th if he resigns.

      • Ya I don’t see him resigning pure rental

      • Even then… Arizona retains 50% and gets a 3rd for Stone. Good for both sides if you ask me. Considering all of the trade talks we’ve read in recent weeks and posts you see on here. I would’ve expected much more lol. Just goes to show you I guess. If you’re thinking it’s a 1st in return it’s more realistically a 2nd or 3rd LOL.

  18. “perhaps a backup goalie who can be exposed in the expansion draft in order to protect Anthony Stolarz”

    unless I am mistaken, the rules about what teams must expose are minimums, not maximums; so unless Stolarz is protected he is exposed

  19. You always have to give up something good to get good so I understand Sakic isn’t going to give Landeskog away for Zorbil Belesky and a 1st round pick. I think if they take Belesky that’s a favor so I would add Carlo or Mcavoy whoever you least feel will work out long term. Bruins have plenty of young talent on its way but if they believe they can win now than go for it.

    • In that case you can have Soderberg back.

  20. Rumor is Radko Gudas left Flyers practice early today with all his sticks,…..trade possibility?

    • Nope, according to the Courier-Post’s Dave Isaac, Gudas left to get some dental work done. Took his sticks with him because if he left them behind, someone could’ve had some free souvenirs.