NHL Rumor Mill – February 27, 2017

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Could Shane Doan follow Martin Hanzal out of Arizona?

Latest on the Coyotes,  Lightning, Kings, Avalanche and Islanders in your NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET:  Chris Johnston reports Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan wasn’t happy over teammate Martin Hanzal being shipped yesterday to the Minnesota Wild for draft picks. Johnston suggested it’s possible Doan could be on his way out of Arizona by the trade deadline.

General manager John Chayka said he understands Doan’s frustration but said he did what he felt was the right thing. He also said Doan told him he wants to finish his career with the Coyotes and hasn’t yet requested a trade. However, Chayka didn’t dismiss the possibility. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Because Doan carries a no-movement clause, it’s his decision if he wants to be traded. He’s long resisted that temptation. It also depends upon whether there’s a market for the aging winger and where he wants to go. We’ll find out by 3 pm ET Wednesday if Doan finally decides to move on. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Should the Tampa Bay Lightning become sellers at the trade deadline, Joe Smith examines some possibilities. He suggests Calgary, Winnipeg, Philadelphia and the New York Islanders as potential destinations for goaltender Ben Bishop. Edmonton, Toronto and Columbus could be landing spots for checking-line center Brian Boyle. Nashville, St. Louis, New Jersey and the Islanders could use a center like Tyler Johnson. Smith also suggests forward Valtteri Filppula and Jason Garrison, who each have a yet remaining on their contracts, as possible trade candidates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bishop got dealt last night to the Los Angeles Kings. As for the others, Yzerman’s proven to be a savvy dealer and I wouldn’t rule out one of them being moved by the deadline. Boyle seems the most likely as he’s an affordable rental player. Johnson would attract lots of interest, but he could also be costly to acquire. Filppula and Garrison probably don’t get moved until the offseason, provided they’re willing to waive their no-trades. 

LOS ANGELES TIMES: After acquiring Ben Bishop to share the goaltending duties with Jonathan Quick, Kings GM Dean Lombardi suggested to Kevin Baxter that he’s unlikely to make another trade before the deadline to address his club’s woeful offense, which is ranked 24th in the league. He feels the answer has to come from within. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Kings haven’t found the solution to their scoring woes from within by now, I doubt they’ll find it over the remainder of this season. I think Lombardi will keep an eye on the market, but I daresay finding a top-six scorer is very expensive right now. 

THE DENVER POST: Terry Frei considers defenseman Fedor Tyutin, not aging winger Jarome Iginla, as the most likely rental player to be moved by the Colorado Avalanche. As for whether Matt Duchene gets traded, Frei believes it comes down to which defenseman – or defensemen – the Carolina Hurricanes are willing to part with in a package deal. He doubts the Hurricanes will part with Erie, Colorado native Jaccob Slavin, but feels he should be the goal “as a start.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless a playoff contender with cap space is willing to take on Iginla for sentimental reasons, I doubt he gets moved by the deadline. Recent reports suggest there’s little interest in the future Hall of Famer, who is now well past his prime. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple wonders if New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow will make a trade before the deadline or stand pat. Staple notes the Isles scouted the Edmonton Oilers’ recent games in Florida, perhaps to follow right wing Jordan Eberle, though he cautions scouting and trade chatter usually doesn’t add up to much. He also notes Colorado’s Matt Duchene and Tampa Bay’s Tyler Johnson would fill big needs for the isles, but both are expensive to acquire.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Over the last six weeks, the Isles have clawed their way back into playoff contention. I think Snow wants to do something to help them over the hump and prove to captain John Tavares and Isles fans that he and the club’s owners truly wants to win. Maybe he’ll make a big splash. Perhaps he’ll consider one or two lesser moves. 

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi wonders if it’s possible for the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins to make a deal with each other before the deadline. The Penguins are still believed seeking additional depth to their banged-up blueline, while the Flyers have veterans Mark Streit, Michael Del Zotto and Nick Schultz who could be available. The Flyers seek forward prospects and/or draft picks. Despite the intense rivalry between the two clubs, Carchidi notes that Flyers general manager Ron Hextall has close ties with Pens GM Jim Rutherford.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stranger things have happened, but I don’t see these two clubs making a deal before the deadline. 


  1. At least the Sens won’t have to face another ex-Sens goalie tonight in Tampa with Bishop gone to La-La-Land. Both he and Lehner have been like brick walls in games against the Sens.

    Looks like some of us have egg on our face for taking pot shots at Kypreos for his recent rumours about Bishop at least.

    • When I first heard of the trade yesterday, I immediately thought of this site and the negative comments thrown Kypreos way. I guess a lot for respect should be handed to Nick. It seems as of late that Freidman is the first to be reporting the trades.

      • Caper Kypreos didn’t report the trade, he said it was going to happen before the trade actually came down. Rarely done that’s what caught everyone by surprise

    • Doan was very frustrated about the Hanzel deal outside of publicly saying it was a stupid deal in an interview.
      I think hes at his end this year and will move on IMO.

      Lombardi felt way to much pressure and made a VERY poor decision for the future of this franchise …he only made the trade because he did not want ST Louis or Calgary to get Bishop for a run as they are log jammed in the standings.

      It looks as if Yzerman may look to unload more in an attempt to RESET or RETOOL and try to rebuild with a core and different fringe players after what he has seen in Stamkos absence.

      About Kypreos comments ..its always very unfortunate when posters do nothing but roast people for giving a view ..anything is possible in the right scenario as we have seen time and time again this time of year …its best to reserve judgement and understand that given the right scenarios many deals could happen even worse than what is posted here or what would be a BAD DEAL…they are talked about with GMs daily!
      I think a lot of people would be absolutely shocked to hear the REAL trade scenarios being discussed and how insane they really are in the way of the proposals.

      LEAFS – would be in the best of interest to scoop up Boyle if they can but not at the price of what was paid for Bishop.

    • George, I think you mean… “There’s been a mistake. Bishop has gone to… MOONLIGHT!” 😉

      • LOL. Yeah …. big OOPS there. Right up there with Steve Harvey announcing the wrong Miss Universe winner

    • Yeah i undrerstand regarding kypreos as not in the know as Mackenzie and such guys. Yet Mackenzie has decades more of work and experience in the area in which he has built up his sources qnd earned their trust.

      I have always found kypreos ti be to pro leaf. Yet he seems better lately. James Duffy once said that the job slowly beats the fan out of you. That you start following pkayers instead of teams.perhaps kypreos loyalties to the leafs is fading a bit as players move and his hoxkey career is more in the past. Perhaps i know nothing of what i talk of.

      In the end disagreeing with soneone because yoy dobt see the sense in the move or think a team should adress anitger need is sensible. Calling a guy a moron or sonething is pretty silly.

      It seems that when kids were told that if they have nothing goid to say dont say anything at all doesnt apply to the enternet.

      • The issue, I think, with Kypreos, is not so much what he says, but how he says it.He’s confrontational on a lot of topics, often abrasive and has a tendency to rub people the wrong way, which makes most of what he says easy to dismiss because you don’t want to put any stock in it.

  2. Waking up today I still don’t understand the Bishop to LA trade.

    Could it be that the Kings plan to move Bishop in the next couple of days as the Bruins did with Martin Jones? I could see some reason for it like moving Bishop to the canes (Ward has been the backup for two games which was confusing), or maybe Florida is in the goalie market and the canes didn’t want to move him within their division?
    Other teams like the Jets, Flames, Islanders and blues may be in the market but the lightening have no reason to not deal directly with them.

    • Ment to say the ‘lightning didn’t want to move him within the divisiopn’
      Also, I realize the canes won’t be a player for Bishop at all.

    • I took Ward sitting as a combination of Carolina wanting a final look at Lack before the off season and also making sure Ward wasn’t injured before the deadline. Cam may have been the LA back up plan.

    • TAZ…You and me both…unless they are flip flopping bishop to another team or they just wanted to keep him away from Calgary..

      • I agree, LA hedging their bets on Quicks health while keeping Bishop away from Calgary and St Louis.

    • La is likely concerned about quicks health. Would bishop have to waive the NMC to be moved again?

      Also perhaps LA didnt like something about Budaj.

      • I have to question the reasoning behind this so-called “insurance policy” for Quick. Bishop’s durability is as much of a question mark as Quick’s IMO.

  3. Not sure he would be worth giving up the asset (Boyle is going to be expensive) for but Boyle between Martin and Shoshnikov or replacing Bozak while he is out might not be a bad thing, better than Sheehan anyway.

  4. DelZotto is the only one I would be remotely interested in. His skill set fits Sullivan’s system in a 6-7 role. I wouldn’t give more than a third round pick and that’s if Philly retains.

  5. Don’t know what TSN is going to do on Wednesday, there doesn’t appear to much chatter or any names of real significant, other then a couple being mentioned. Could be a very quiet day.

    • Like I said the other day – probably about 10-12 “depth” deals of the type that won’t upset expansion protection plans – but damned few “major” names changing teams.

  6. Kypreos is the Nostradamus of Hockey 🙂

    Bishop to LA is still sinking in, maybe a flip….. Hanzal & White to Minnesota on a deep team is also a head scratcher. They must feel that Bruce B. is going to break his playoff track record….. I hope Wednesday has something left (but I doubt it)

    • Just me who thinks Patrick Sharp might be a big name under the radar this TD?
      I could see him fit really well in LA, NYI, Montreal, Edmonton and St Louis.

      • I have been wondering the same on sharp , has his play dropped off that much ? Lots of playoff experience ..

  7. Finally there are enough teams with a what should be clear direction . Selling . Shatty / Boyle still going to be moved and I think a lot of asset juggling . Could be a busy Wednesday IMO

    • Is something else brewing in Tampa or have they run into more injuries? First they claim Greg McKegg off waivers from Florida. Then call up F Adam Erne (14g 13A in the AHL) and Yanni Gourde (20g 0 23A in the AHL).

      • I guess there was with Boyle going to TO. Probably one more deal to come for Yzerman.

  8. Letting the reins of Strome has helped the Isle as has the coaching change but I think a proper shoot first guy like Vrbata could be just the thing the Isle need to give them that extra boost on offense and he would not cost a whole lot.

    And a guy like BLAKE COMEAU or Burrows would fill out their botton 6.

  9. Shane who? Upset about what? This guy just seems happy to stay in a completely irrelevant hockey market and wrap up his season come April every year. Now that he is expressing what seems to be interest to finally move I hope nobody takes him.

    • I agree… I’m not sure how upset you can get over your teammate being traded. I can understand that a lot of these guys are friends and are close together all year, which makes it difficult BUT c’mon, it’s a business after all. The team is 2nd to last in the league. Doan isn’t exactly lighting it up this season… he’s also 40 years old but when your team isn’t playing good and it’s approaching the deadline these are the types of things that happen. I thought Arizona received a great haul for Hanzal. That’s absolutely the right move by the GM.

      Doan needs to suck it up and focus on his own game and not worry so much about what’s going on around him. Team is 2nd to last place in the NHL…

      • Terrible time to ask Doan that question. Between periods the trade hasn’t even been approved by the NHL yet. He’s losing a good friend he’s spent a decade with. Doan wears his heart on his sleeve & you could see it in that interview. He gets it but doesn’t make it any easier at the time it happens.

      • Striker,

        I’m sure it doesn’t make it easy. They all play together and spent a lot of their year together BUT it’s almost like Doan is upset with the entire situation even though he must know the team isn’t doing well and the GM has a job to do. The GM has to maximize return on assets and in this case most if not all players on the team must’ve realized weeks ago that Hanzal was most likely to be moved.

      • I agree & said as much. Doan gets it but it doesn’t make it any easier in the moment.

        It serves Arizona well & perhaps Hanzal rreturns like Gretal did. Excuse me I mean Vermette. Ha-ha!

        Sorry stupid humor.

      • Gretel lol

      • Sorry was driving couldn’t even see the buttons. Ha-ha! Not supposed to be using my phone in this Province. Was at a stop light but with out those dam reading glasses my arms just aren’t long enough.

      • He should have been happy for Hanzal that he got the hell out of Dodge. Maybe he was pissed because it WASN’T him that wound up with a legit Cup contender.

      • Striker you’re a danger, put the phone down and focus on driving before you kill some kid or something …We can wait for your opinion on Shane Doan …

  10. Ottawa signed Chris DiDomenico out of the Swiss league. Is that Ottawa big acquisition. Must admit I know nothing about him.

    • As he signed after Dec 31st won’t he have to clear waivers before he can play for Ottawa?

      • Whatever is the case, the guy’s a 6′ 1″ stick C – the one position they don’t NEED to bolster – who has had a couple of cups of Coffee in the AHL.

        Unless there is a trade brewing involving someone like Pageau.

      • This from a Sens site: “DiDomenico has spent the past three seasons with the SCL Tigers of Switzerland’s National League A. He will need to clear waivers in order to join the Senators roster. The 28-year-old had eight goals and 34 points in 46 games this season. He was a sixth-round pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2007, and had seven points in six games on Canada’s gold-medal winning world junior team in 2009. The 5-foot-11, 183-pound forward has also represented Canada at the Spengler Cup three times, winning gold twice.”

  11. From the wishful thinking department: free agent deals sometimes revert. Chonacher was traded for Bishop, he’s back as a depth player. Arizona let Vrbatra go, turned out he was only effectivle in the desert. Vinnie Prospal did a couple of tours in Tampa. Hard to see Bishop returning due to price unless Vasy bombs, then possible. But an asset for Boyle with Brian resigning after the expansion draft actually makes sense.

  12. What is everyone’s thoughts on the Hanzal/White trade last night?

    Seems like quite the haul for a few rental players. I wonder if Arizona will be interested in moving other pieces off the team… maybe some that aren’t pending UFA.

    • Minnesota are all-in this year and I think they have a legitimate shot in the playoffs. Hanzal makes them big and strong up the middle, just what’s needed in the West. The thing about the draft picks is that the Wild have good young prospects, especially on defence, and they are prepared to go for it and deal with the aftermath down the line.

      • Just goes to show you that with the NHL you never know what team is going to surprise you. Minnesota went from 8th seed last year to currently 1st seed this year. Now they’re all in on this season. Could definitely happen!

      • Beaudreau also said it was as much about keeping Hanzal away from others. Similiar situation to Bishops deal although Yzerman said LA was his only option for Bishop. No idea what Lombardi is thinking bringing in Bishop! Have been trying to wrap my head around it all night.

        LA has 5 back to backs left in the season. Perhaps Quick isn’t 100% & having just come back from injury probably shouldn’t be playing 70% of the remaining games. I assume they share the load down the stretch or Lombardi is flipping Bishop before Monday.

        What I do know is it may screw me in 1 of my draft leagues. I have Bishop. I had Luongo but dropped him for Quick as soon as I heard Quick was back & going to play. That pool limits you to 4 trades. That was my 4th trade. I’m 9 points out of 1st. It may no matter anyway as Bishop & Luongo weren’t getting enough starts & wins regardless in that format.

      • Sorry should read flipping before Wednesday.

      • Striker,

        What I think is that LA obviously knows more about Quick than people have been led to believe. He’s probably under 100% and the team felt the only legit chance at getting back in this thing is with some help with goaltending. Bring in Bishop who’s more than capable of helping that team down the stretch.

        Nothing more than a rental in my eyes.

      • It makes sense I guess. The return isn’t great. Cernak being the primary asset coming back, mid 2nd rounder; selected 43rd overall in 2015, young expansion exempt & probably 4 years from getting his 1st cup of coffee in the NHL.

        Can’t hurt LA’s chances considering the cost. Hope it some how plays out positively for me in my draft league. Time will tell & it couldn’t get any worse. Bishop got traded a day after I placed my last trade.

      • That’s why I stay away from NHL fantasy. It would drive me nuts. I play NFL but even that I find it more effort than I want to put in lol.

    • Hanzal, most overrated player in the league? Shake that 8-Ball… “Signs point towards YES”

      • Jim,

        I’m still surprised at that haul though. Makes me even more upset that the Bruins failed to move Eriksson last year for anything… then Cam Neely comes out and says that weren’t even offered a 2nd round pick for Eriksson… I smell some BS!

        I’m usually always surprised at the returns close to the deadline. I’ve heard this is a weaker draft but still… good value for a pending UFA.

      • & here I thought Zajac had that distinction. He & his 8 year 5.75 mil contract.

      • May, just maybe, Lombardi has a deal in place for Budaj?

    • As the Penguins, I’ll give Philly a 3rd for Streit (50% retained) and a 2nd. (yes, I meant to say that)

      Pass on Schultz

      Del Zotto we can talk about, but I only see it happening if nothing else does for the Pens.

      • NEVER TRADE WITH THE fLYERS PERIOD…….END OF DISCUSSION….. Penguins and Flyers don’t mix.. LOL

      • Actually, there have been a fair number of deals between the Pens and Flyers dating back to 1967 with the most recent being

        1992 – Mark Recchi, Brian Benning & Los Angeles’ 1992 1st Rounder for Rick Tocchet, Kjell Samuelsson, Ken Wregget & 1992 3rd Rounder

        2002 – Billy Tibbetts for Kent Manderville

        in 2010 – a 2011 3rd rounder for Dan Hamuis

    • They just have to hope that Hanzal isn’t the second coming of Vanek in Minnesota.

      • By the way, in another minor deal the Wild just sent Teemu Pulkkinen to the Coyotes for future considerations.

  13. There have been quite a few reports in the last week linking the Carolina Hurricanes and the trade market.

    Plenty of scouts from quite a few teams watching plenty of recent games. I wonder if they move a big name defenseman between now and Wednesday afternoon!

  14. I read a report last night (not sure how true) from a verified account on Twitter that outlined the players the Boston Bruins have made available on the trade market between now and Wednesday. Tempering expectations that they do anything but this was the list…

    Matt Beleskey
    Jimmy Hayes
    Riley Nash
    Kevan Miller
    Colin Miller
    Joe Morrow

    Take it for what it’s worth. I’m sure that doesn’t mean that the team isn’t opposed to dealing other players/right package for a player they’re targeting but that was the list mentioned. Some of those players will be difficult to move if they choose to pursue it. I do think there’s good value in there though.

    Colin Miller in a package with a draft pick should bring back a decent return.

    Jimmy Hayes wouldn’t net much but he’s only signed for another year. Not the worst contract.

    Matt Beleskey’s contract would be a sticking point.

    Kevan Miller isn’t a bad addition to a team looking for depth at the position. Also, not a bad contract for what the player gives you. He’s signed for 3 more seasons at $2.5m per. Plays about 17 min TOI/per, 83 hits, 50 blocks, 2G, 7 A.

    Riley Nash isn’t the most attractive piece… not sure there’s a market for him.

    Joe Morrow is back down in Providence on a conditioning stint.

    • I would like to see them put a C Miller/draft pick out there just to see what it would bring back in return….know Beleskey is coming off injury but he’s nowhere the player he was last year…

      • Joe,

        Beleskey has been getting stretched recently as well. Since he came back from injury (1/2) he played all 7 games under Julien, with no scratches and even saw quite a few minutes in some of those.

        Since Julien has been fired… Beleskey has been a healthy scratch 3 times, played 4 games out of 7.

        Tough when a guys cap hit is $3.8m and he hasn’t given you much to work with. Then you scratch the player a few times over last couple of weeks. Just feels like the Bruins are willing to move the player if they can.

    • lot of teams scouted the Bos/Dall game and Beleskey & C Miller both sit….

      • Joe,

        Could’ve been more directed towards Dallas players though

  15. Joe Sakic and the Colorado Avalanche have quickly become a huge joke to me. I don’t hear this talked about very much and maybe it’s because it’s Colorado but I think this is a point worth talking about. I should preface this by saying that I am huge Tyson Jost fan, I think he’s going to be a really good player in the NHL one day. That being said, however, it was the most asinine move of the entire Draft weekend last summer when the Avs picked a forward. With Jakob Chychrun and Jake Bean namely, the former of which is actually playing in the NHL this year, still on the board, why they would take another forward is inexplicable to me. MacKinnon, Duchene, Landeskog and Rantanen, why are you taking another forward? Especially when you have virtually nothing tangible for the future on the back end after Tyson Barrie and Erik Johnson. Now, you are in a position where you have to move one of your key players for a type of player you could have easily had several months ago. Basically, by picking Jost, you said “we’d rather have just one of a great young defender and a core top end forward than having both.” If someone can explain what I’m missing here, I’d love it, because all I know is they had Chychrun or Bean right there for the picking and they need defenders badly and passed on them for, as best as I can determine, no reason.

    • Spencer,

      Not really sure why they wouldn’t take a defenseman. Last years draft 1st round had a lot of good defenseman. Charlie McAvoy would’ve been on the board for Colorado as well.

      Side note re. Sakic but there seems to be a lot of speculation out there that the entire Duchene and Landeskog on the trade block thing was more BS than anything. That Sakic was looking to gauge interest but wasn’t really committed to moving the players. That there have been teams in the league in recent weeks that have offered substantial packages and have been turned down. Most of those reports are from various hockey websites citing sources and supposed members of various organizations but no names dropped. So take that with a grain of salt lol.

      If he does entertain moving those players I feel the likelihood is still in the offseason.

      • Perfect. If I’m Sakic I don’t trade either of them. I don’t see how that helps. If Duchene can’t be resigned the summer before he becomes a UFA look at moving him then.

        In the interim ship out what ever UFA’s you can, possibly even a few players that have 1 year remaining or are RFA’s if able as well.

        This summer bid for assets teams are going to lose in the expansion draft before they have to submit their protected rosters. Take on players from teams strapped by cap space & sign a few UFA’s to flush out the roster & continue the rebuild.

        Colorado isn’t a playoff team anytime soon but Landeskog & Duchene are young enough to be part of the future & core of Colorado.

      • Striker,

        I do agree as well. Moving both of those players might set them back more… even if they get this “godfather” like offer people keep talking about. Move Duchene out before UFA if they have to and he remains unsigned.

        Also, if they do decide to move 1 of both of those players it would appear the offseason is the best time to do so. I’ve been wrong plenty of times though. For all I know Sakic has a trade already set and the call happening today lol

    • Sakic/Roy took the player they assumed to be the best on the board at #10. Juolevi & Sergachev were gone, Bean didn’t start the D selection run until 13th.

      Colorado isn’t barren of D prospects quite the opposite actually. Zadarov is going to be a stud full time NHL player now. Bigras should be at least a #4. Mirinov, Meloche, Boikov will all be NHL Dman & Siemens at 22 is still to young to write off. Butcher & Anderson are a ways off but both are solid prospects at D in the system.

      The forward prospect depth is quite low. Jost, Compher, Greer, Beaudin & Morrison & 2 of those kids are years away from even getting a cup of coffee in the NHL. It gets pretty thin after that.

      I’m with Lyle. It makes no sense to move either Duchene nor Landeskog before the summer. I wouldn’t even trade either then.

      Colorado can’t even ice 2 full scoring lines that’s why they drafted Jost. Their D isn’t much better but this is a very young team in year 2 or 3 of a rebuild depending when you deem it to have started. For me it started this year after Roy packed up his tools & quit. Good by & good riddance. Here’s hoping that’s the last we see of you in the NHL. A total wing nut.

  16. Posted in the wrong place…

    As the Penguins, I’ll give Philly a 3rd for Streit (50% retained) and a 2nd. (yes, I meant to say that)

    Pass on Schultz

    Del Zotto we can talk about, but I only see it happening if nothing else does for the Pens.

  17. I didn’t slag Kypreos for what he’s reporting I slagged Kypreos for being Kypreos. He irrates me, so I don’t won’t watch listen or read anything he participates in. Even a broken clock is right twice a day but still useless.

    • I suggest you look at his recent comments, he’s been right more then twice. Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t make him uninformed. I read a certain fellow blog on a regular bases; who I personally think is a complete self indulge a## but his information is solid.

      • As I said I’m making no comments about what Kypreos reports right or wrong as I don’t care. Don’t watch, don’t listen, of zero consequence to me. If you do all good.

        I’ll listen to those I respect & admire. Kypreos isn’t 1 of them write or wrong. I refuse to watch the Sportsnet feeds or CBS feeds if I have to listen to Kyproes or Doug McLean. If that’s the only broadcast what better time than to try & actually accomplish something else.

        If you like him great. I just don’t again right or wrong.

      • should read CBC feed

    • I may have said this before – but if I did it bears repeating – I hope for your sake that, in all your travels you don’t run into Kypreos and feel the urge to tell him to his face what you’ve said about him in these pages.

      • Ha-ha! Agreed George.

  18. When Sam Carchidi was wondering about the possibility of a deal between the Flyers and Penguins, he might have been considering what might have been and what could be if the Flyers had a better choice than either Neuvirth or Mason in goal Fleury could be had for a song and a depth defenseman.

    • …and a draft-exposable goalie.

  19. Hearing about Boyle to Leafs, confirmed?

    • That is confirmed, yes!

      Brian Boyle to Leafs

      Leafs send F Byron Froese and a 2017 2nd round pick

  20. I really didn’t peg the Maple Leafs as being buyers at the deadline… at least for a rental but I guess I was wrong.

  21. Looks like Ottawa is finalizing a trade with the Canucks for….

    Alexandre Burrows

    • Not only that but Burrows turns around and signs a 2 year deal with Ottawa…

      • From Vancouver’s site: The Alex Burrows trade is official. Burrows is headed to the Ottawa Senators, who will pay him $5M over the next two years. Coming back to the Canucks is Swedish winger Jonathan Dahlen, the son of former Minnesota North Star Ulf Dahlen, who was drafted 42nd overall in 2016.

  22. Everyone was saying Avs and Coyotes asking price for their assets was ridiculous but look what Coyotes got for Hanzal?

    I would have been happier if the Leafs would have used that pick for Sheehan which would not be a rental but he can be revisited before the draft?

    I would also like to see the Leafs get Gaborik and one of the King’s young Dmen for a late pick. The Leafs can then “bribe” LV to take him in the expansion draft? That “bribe” could be a prospect or prospects. guys like Braaco, Timashov, Corrado and Griffith. They need to clear out some contracts anyway.

    • What they gave up for Hanzal is quite high…

      Last deadline it was reported that the Bruins couldn’t even get a late 1st for Eriksson… who at the time had 23G and 25A and by all accounts I’d say was a much better player than Hanzal if we’re comparing skill.

      Now, maybe it’s because the draft is supposedly not as deep this season I’m not sure BUT a 1st in 2017, 2nd in 2018, and essentially a conditional that’ll turn into a 2nd in 2019 if a few requirements are met is quite a haul for the likes of Hanzal and White… oh and a 4th back to Arizona lol

  23. To me this Sens trade is absolutely brutal.
    Dahlin to me was one of the up and comers that would have made a real difference in a year or two as a top 6 forward