NHL Rumor Mill – February 28, 2017

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Could the Colorado Avalanche move Matt Duchene on deadline day?

Latest on Matt Duchene, Thomas Vanek, Marc-Andre Fleury, Shane Doan and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: Bob McKenzie reports the asking prices haven’t changed for Colorado Avalanche forwards Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog, that being three or four high-end pieces, with one of them being an NHL-ready young defenseman. Conventional wisdom suggests they’ll likely get that return in the offseason. 

Darren Dreger reports the New York Islanders have some interest in Duchene. He suggests offering up blueliner Travis Hamonic as part of the return might interest the Avs, noting Hamonic has resurfaced in the rumor mill. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Isles have been linked to Duchene since November. Acquiring him would be a significant move and would also send a message to captain John Tavares and disgruntled Isles fans that ownership wants to win. Whether they can afford that big asking price at the deadline or this summer, however, is another matter. GM Garth Snow could be focused on more affordable options right now. 

Pierre LeBrun reports the trade market hasn’t heated up yet for Detroit Red Wings forward Thomas Vanek, perhaps because of his poor playoff performance a couple of years ago with the Montreal Canadiens. LeBrun expects interest will grow leading up to deadline day. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the limited depth in available scorers at the deadline, interest in Vanek should pick up between now and the 3 PM ET deadline tomorrow. Playoff contenders in need of scoring include the LA Kings, Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins and San Jose Sharks. 

Dreger reports there isn’t much interest in Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, leaving Pens management somewhat baffled. However, they’re also willing to retain him for the remainder of the season and deal with this issue in the offseason. 

LeBrun reports Montreal Canadiens are still shopping for offensive help at forward. 

McKenzie said the Detroit Red Wings are talking contract with pending UFA blueliner Brendan Smith. If unable to re-sign him, the Wings could put him on the trade block. The New York Rangers could be interested in Smith. 

McKenzie also suggests the rights to St. Louis Blues forward Vladimir Sobotka, who’s currently in the KHL, could be available. He still owes the Blues a year. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the St. Louis Blues attempted to create a bidding war between the Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals for defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, who was ultimately dealt last night to the Capitals. Brooks claims the Blueshirts will turn their attention toward a depth defenseman and perhaps a top-nine forward. 

CSN MID-ATLANTIC.COM: J.J. Regan speculates the Capitals might not be done dealing, as they need to bring in some forward depth in case there’s an injury over the remainder of the season. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Bill West reports Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury said he’s been talking with GM Jim Rutherford regarding his options leading up to the trade deadline. “We’ve been talking,” Fleury said of himself and general manager Jim Rutherford. “We’ll keep talking until Wednesday. We’ll see what happens.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the report last night by TSN’s Darren Dreger is any indication, Fleury could still be a Penguin when the deadline passes tomorrow. Not much of a market right now for starting goalies. Fleury also hold a modified no-trade clause on a contract that runs through 2018-19 at an annual cap hit of $5.75 million, which isn’t easy to move in-season. 

ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan reports deadline day could be quiet for the Arizona Coyotes. Having already shipped out Martin Hanzal, Michael Stone and Ryan White, there’s speculation wingers Shane Doan and Radim Vrbata could be next. However, the Coyotes haven’t asked Doan to waive his no-movement clause and expressed no desire to trade him. Teams interested in him are either playoff bubble clubs or interested in acquiring him as a depth forward, neither of which are attractive to Doan. Vrbata’s situation is murkier, for while he could be attractive to clubs seeking a scoring winger, his bonus clauses could complicate a trade. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports Jets winger Drew Stafford could interest clubs seeking depth at forward, such as the Edmonton Oilers, Boston Bruins and New York Islanders. Wiebe believes the Jets would have to pick up part of Stafford’s remaining cap hit ($4.35 million) on his expiring contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Injuries limited Stafford to just 12 points in 39 games this season, but he’s only a year removed from tallying 21 goals in 2015-16. 


  1. As we have discussed repeatedly with expansion looming the supply & demand economics for goalies isn’t good. Bishop just essentially moved for little to nothing A D prospect 4 years from the NHL. Pittsburgh would have been better served to move Fleury in the summer & not been so greedy asking for Calgary’s 6th overall pick. Fleury will be moved in the summer before expansion but the return won’t be great. the real benefit will just be getting his cap hit off the books & solving their goalie protection issue for expansion.

    Pittsburgh had better hope there is a market then as being forced to buy him out would be problematic carrying that buy out cap hit with so little cap space. They may have to entice a team to take him. With only 31 teams in the NHL next season the world is producing more then enough quality starting goalies.

    • AVS
      I think what Joe Sakic is starting to do is absolutely terrible to this franchise its core and the fans…to have these players who have been the face of teh franchise for the past 5 plus years wobble in the ind for the past 4 months has been disgusting now.

      These 2 guys have been very loyal to this organization and have given what they can on an elite level …

      All the GMs know the asking price ..some GMs have gone ALL IN with the proposals,
      If your selling at this point and you get 3 really high end peices and one peice that may be just OK …its like selling a house for a Million dollars after being on the market for 9 months …with a leakiy basement and the only offer you have is for $900,000 but you passed on it and now your stuck with a leaky basement for a measly $100,000 ….sometimes you would pay that amount to get out of the situation …Iam not sure if anyone follows what Iam saying …but Sakic really needs to move on and move out the 2 players for the best deals on the table and get this team and franchise on new footing here start promoting the draft picks that will be coming up and turn the page instead of this constant mari go round of punishment he is putting the fan base and team through.


      I totally understand that this is a very important trade and you have to maximize…but Iam pretty sure the BEST offer on the table is quite possibly the best offer on the table and allows the franchise to move forward.

      He may be hurting the progression being so stuburn at this point.I think it would be better to end the season with the trade than dragging it into the draft …IMO

      Sorry for my rant ….apologies

      LEAFS – Great pick up with Boyle they should extend him in season for 2 years he is worth it at this point in the development of the team and they need his size and skill up the middle over the next few years and they wont find it anywhere else…every team is looking for a player like this.

      • I disagree. If your going to play pro sports you accept the life. Sakic’s job is to get the best deal for Colorado. The best time to do so is in the summer when more teams are able to bid especially with expansion looming. It’s not Sakic causing the dog & pony show but the media & people like us.

        His job is to try & create a bidding war. I still lament Boston trading Thornton getting little to nothing in return as he wasn’t shopped properly.

        I may have a pro management stance as they incur all costs & risks but I’m never going to feel sorry for an athlete making millions of dollars a year choosing to play pro sports because he has to hear his name in the rumor mill & get a mike stuffed in his face repeatedly for his thoughts.

      • As an Av fan, I would think you would want Sakic to do what is best for the team. Personally I not sure I understand the rational behind moving these two players. Yes there having a down season, that certainly doesn’t make it the best time to move them. The Av’s are out of the playoff and maybe able to draft a very solid center in Nolan Patrick who has been projected to go first overall in this draft 4yrs ago. There is no real rush for Sakic to make a trade of his core players, unless someone is willing to give you exactly what you want at this point. You have more teams in play in the off season then you do at trade deadline.

      • I agree. I don’t trade either. Colorado is more than 1 trade away from breaking down Duchene or Landeskog & being a playoff team.

        I don’t get either being put on the market at this time. Never bad to gauge the market & some trades are in discussion between teams for years. Cap issues need to play out, contracts need to lose term, etc. In today’s NHL there are so many variables. Injuries or playing better than anticipated can cause unanticipated change.

      • Holy Cow Striker! Here’s a page we both share! It burns my butt whenever I see someone taking the side of the “poor athlete” when it comes to the “trauma” of being uprooted and moved. Pay me those kinds of salaries and you can bloody well move me and my family 5 times a week and twice on Sunday.

        Where we disagree, however, is on the legitimacy of Sakic as a GM – although I do agree with his current stance on Duchene and Landeskog – i.e., ask for the moon and if I get it from someone great – if not, I have all summer to cut a deal. Overall though I think he is out of his element and it begins to look more and more like Roy saw thew direction in which the team was headed and bailed before his name was dragged down into the same muck.

      • Boyle will help the young Leafs as he helped the young Lightning…a good playoff move. But is wife is from near Tampa, they are expecting another child in spring, and he has had several years to enjoy a small, low pressure market. Toronto is not. I would be surprised if the Bolts did not call him after expansion. Might be outbid, but he may also be to the point where money isn’t everything. Would be a bit surprising if he stayed in Toronto.

      • I’m not sold on Sakic yet either George but he has only been in place for 3 years, 2 as GM & he shared they role with Roy who just left. I will give him 2, possibly 3 more years. It’s hard to understand who & how decisions were being made in Colorado. It appears though from what we do know that Roy was more interested in winning now, Sakic building for the future but even that’s cloudy. What is obvious is that they weren’t on the same page as Roy quit over the authority battle.

        Why ownership put this dual headed monster in place in the 1st place was a problem. An organization needs a clear change of authority with someone having the final say. A good manager hires the right people, gives them the tools, information & guidance to be successful & gets out of their way. He consults, weighs everyone’s opinions & makes his choice based on such.

        Colorado was doomed before they even started with Sakic & Roy sharing these titles & responsibilities. It can’t & didn’t work.

  2. With Teams around them fighting for a playoff spot and making moves, the best decision for the Bruins is to do nothing in the rental dept. The best place to finish in the Atlantic is second, let someone else have 1st and deal with the wild card out of the Metro.

    • I’m willing to buy a rental if the cost isn’t as high as what we paid to get Stempniak or Liles last season. Vrbata for a Edm’s 2nd this year would work for me. Arz picks up 1/2 the full potential cap hit of his 3.25 bonus laden deal. Hansen would also work for me. That same 2nd & 1 of the lesser D prospects, Grzelcyk, Lauzon or Lindgren? He becomes a keeper exposing Belesky in expansion & helps the PK & defensive game as well.

      Boston is worried about potentially trying to make the playoffs never mind winning the division. They have a very favorable schedule down the stretch. 13 at home, 7 on the road, only 1 4 game road trip & 11 of the 20 games against teams that currently hold a playoff spot.

      • Their home record isn’t anything to write home about 15-13 been batter as of late and getting the wildcard spot and facing Washington is like not making the playoff. There no way in heck I’m parting ways with Lauzon, not sure I would call Lindgren a lesser prospect either, has shown a lot of growth in his game.

      • Boston has played far better since they got healthy. Vatrano has really allowed Boston to roll 3 lines with scoring potential & you knew that eventually some balance was coming from the poor luck Boston had capitalizing on their scoring chances.

        If they play 2 games above 500 at home the remainder of the way they make the playoffs. Boston has gotten healthy just in time to potentially be a factor if they can hold onto a playoff spot especially if they can find a replacement for Hayes as the #3 RW.

        Boston only has 6 loser points; OTL, this season. They are in a good position with ROW being the 1st tie breaker 7 the #8 spot in the East looks to becoming down to a tie breaker being in play.

  3. Shane “Done” is going nowhere!

  4. If NYI was willing to move Hamonic to Colorado in a trade for Duchene the added compensation if any would be limited. Hamonic is a solid #2/3 Dman that leans to playing a shut down role over taking chances offensively. He has shown when deployed in an offensive role that he has some abilities but his very favorable contract $3,857,143 for 3 more years also has value.

    If this is the player Colorado is interested in then they aren’t getting 4 assets, 3 additional. Perhaps NYI might include 1 other maybe 2 depending upon the quality of such be it a prospect or pick. If they take a lower quality prospect, say some like a Toews & pick perhaps a 3rd they might make something like this fly. As the 3rd is a crap shoot at best & Toews is a log jamb in front of him.

    NYI has to many Dman come the expansion draft. Even Pulock due to cut off dates needs to be protected or lost along with Boychuk, Leddy, Hamonic, De Haan & Hickey. Losing Hickey wouldn’t be the end of the world but that still leaves 5.

    Duchene to NYI makes sense even before the deadline. NYI has played with out Hamonic for 6 weeks; 26 games & counting, & played well.

    Is Hamonic better than Larsson? I would say they are very similiar Hamonic having been more developed. Larsson has 1 more year at nominally more money. If Larsson got Hall, Hamonic should be very close to the compensation paid for Duchene but NYI could afford to sweeten it slightly as defined above.

    • Disagree- If that’s the case Av’s are better off not making that trade. Really could care less about the Hall-Larson trade. As I said before that’s a one off. If I’m a GM I’m not sitting there and saying OK, your right that what the Oilers got for Hall. My reply would be I could give a rats A** about that trade but your not getting him for that.

      • What trades have been made since chilly – hall to reflect that trade being a one off ? Seems like it is and has been fairly consistent in that a young / up and coming / good contract d man is going to come at a very steep cost .

      • No trades a 1 off. The NHL is all about comparables. Dman, especially young 1’s with top paring potential with term & good cap hits are expensive.

        Rest assured Snow & Sakic are both thinking & talking about the Hall for Larsson trade as comparables. The similarities are significant. Duchene has played more C but has also played a ton of LW in his career. Hall was only tried briefly as a C briefly but these are very comparbale assets, Hall 1st overall in 2010, Duchene 3rd overall in 2009. Duchene having been selected twice to play for Canada’s best of the best. Hall ZERO. As are Hamonic & Larsson except Larsson been 2 years younger.

        What you or I think is meaningless. As often happens we disagree which is all good.

      • I agree with you striker , to suggest that trade being a 1 off or far from market value is a stretch with little backing I think . Seems to be close to the going rate and possibly the reason not many larsson / hamonic type guys have been moved yet . Risk involved and a big price

      • Craig please backup your statement. name another trade since that shows its not a one off? As I stated one trade does not set a trend. A GM who is willing to make a trade for what another GM has received, should be fired!

      • Striker, correct there is comparable for example bad trades. The Dougie Hamilton trade is that a comparable? Arizona got just as much for Hanzal a 1st, 2nd conditional 4th (could be a second) as Boston got for Hamilton. So that’s a one off. The reason these other trades might not have happen is because the GM is NOT willing to give up what PC gave up for Larsson. You have to look at where the Oilers where and what they needed to do and getting lesser value for a star player, isn’t an abnormity to PC, I don’t think I have to remind you of Seguin.

      • There hasn’t been comparable trades since that deal . But all reports , and general comments have a d man in larssons comparables going at a very steep price . Many teams are in need of D , if that was a one off and drastic overpayment why hasn’t there been any other D in that category moved ? Seems like it is the most common target in the NHL today . I think chilly was willing to take the risk at what seems to be market value .

      • And that was the question I put to you , backup your statement.

      • Boston got 15; Senyshyn, 45; Forsbacka-Karlsson, & 52; Lauzon, in 2015 for Hamilton. In what was considered to be the deepest draft ever. Hamilton was also refusing to sign in Boston & other issues were in play. Not comparable. What I refer to as extenuating circumstances. The only way this type of asset almost ever moves. In today’s cap world teams are confronted with having to make hard choices that never existed pre 2004-05. The year the cap came into being.

        Minnesota’s 1st will be very late in what is being called the weakest draft in decades.

        I will go & get you other comparables. The reason you can’t think of any is they rarely move ever & when they do the cost is extreme unless their are extenuating circumstances even then they aren’t really cheap but cheaper.

        I don’t consider what Arizona got for Hanzal & White to be remotely comparable. Boston knew what pick they were getting & the quality of players that would be available. Value also changes at different times. Teams will pay a premium leading up to the trade deadline if they feel they are legitimate cup contenders. I believe Minnesota qualifies as such this season. Come draft day, the day Hamilton was moved picks carry a premium.

        When good top pairing Dman are signed to great long term deals the cost is extreme. Age, injures, contract situation, etc. more often than not weigh into a Dman moving if at all, especially anyone of decent quality. With expansion looming that dynamic this summer pre expansion draft is seriously altered for 5 teams minimum but the cost will still be extreme as far more teams are in need. Simple supply & demand economics.

        I will try to find you some comparables later today if able. Just heading to Vancouver for the Detroit game tonight.

      • Thanks striker couldn’t have said it any better

      • Striker those picks now have names associated with them but at the time they were just picks, that could have been any no. Of young players again Seguin who Chia also traded did not set a trend of young 70 point centres being traded for second line wingers. Because one GM jumps from a roof top does not mean all the rest will follow weather it works out or not. As Caper mentioned maybe other GMs out there were just not willing to give up what Chia gave up for Larsson and everyone had a very good idea that Lucic was going to sign in Edmonton making it virtually impossible with the cap for Edmonton to keep what they had as far as wingers go Chia got what he could for Hall at the time and moved on same as he did for Hamilton and Seguin, the only trend is that Chiarelli will move young players.

      • I’m not saying it was the greatest deal ever struck , but I have seen no comparable trade , and heard no different in reporting that makes me believe this is a one off or far from market valuable . What trade or even reasonable report has a Larsson type going for drastically less than hall ? Who is a good player , but also had injury problems . Edmonton was in a tough spot , no doubt but I don’t see anything to back up it being terrible yet .

      • 1. It’s impossible to prove a negative
        2. No one is saying it’s a terrible deal really just saying Taylor Hall is likely a top 5 LW in the game over the past few years, show me another player who is top 5 at their position being traded, there are not many and even fewer for a D so how is Hall for Larsson a trend or comparable? I can show lots of other deals that involve D men some very good ones not one of em was moved for a guy like Hall, Hamilton Jones Petry Stralman Oduya Buff Myers Gudbranson Kulikov Goligoski….not 1 of these guys got a return even close to Hall now if Hall for Larsson is what sets the market you show me another deal involving a 2/3 D being traded for a top 5 player at his position in the league I’m not saying bad deal or good I’m saying there was much more involved in it than just a hockey trade F for D and it I sent set a market. Once the Oilers had Lucic which was prior to the trade it became Hall became like a used car, probably could have got more if you sold him or one of the others on the open market prior to Lucic, but at that moment that it started to float around that change was coming and Lucic was very likely going to the Oilers it was like they were trading in a used Taylor Hall, they were not going to get full value. It’s a one off deal, same as with expansion and some teams faced with losing a player for nothing there will likely be a deal or 2 this summer where the value seems a little off, it doesn’t mean that’s the new market. Sometimes things are what they are.

      • I never said it set the market . I said I don’t see any evidence that it is far from what the market is since that trade . There is no way hall has ever been a top 5 player at his position , maybe top 5 in scoring for LW , briefly . Has also battled injuries . And if these other GM are scared off as caper suggested by the price chilly paid , yet no deals have been struck for less , wouldnt that suggest that the gm with the D are sticking to a market value similar to hall – larsson ? If not wouldn’t we be seeing more of maybe the young Dallas / Carolina / Anaheim d men that have been heavily targeted around the league ?

      • If the market were closer to what you are suggesting with that list of D (not all in Larson class with age / contract included) , wouldn’t the leafs and teams screaming for D with the situation to do it, have already pulled the trigger on one of these deals ? Especially with deals out there that can also improve position heading in to the expansion ?

      • I like hall , but I can’t say I agree with him being a top 5 LW . Mstbe top 10 , maybe , what does hall bring other that speed? Not a pure scorer , not a power forward , not good defensively . hard to imagine overall what stats you would have to pull from to make him top 5

      • again Hamilton is under contract and not a ufa. Craig your statement confuses me. the fact there has been no other deal since makes it a one off, until proven differently. All you’ve done is supported my statement without realizing you did.
        Trouba wanted out of Winnipeg and didn’t get his wish as of date. Sweeney could’ve held onto him but decided to trade for less without letting other teams get in on the bidding. Prospect are just that until proven they can contribute. Funny striker you called Lauzon a lesser prospect on an earlier post here today and now saying he’s part of a deep prospect. Are you confused?

      • A one off to me would be a deal different from all the other comparables making up market value . Sorry first , it is hard to keep up on deeper debates while stomping through the snow at work lol . But I don’t think that’s what this is , leading up to and since the larsson – hall trade , there isn’t a whole lot of comparables that come to my mind . In my opinion hall is not a top 5 LW , larsson is a solid solid # 2 , if his offensive skills were better he could be a 1 . So I think anytime prior to , since and current you want to add a 24 yr old D man with term and reasonable term at that , coming in to prime years , it is going to be a steep price to pay. Until more comparables are made fitting what I outlined change that , I think it’s pretty close to in line.

      • the comparables you have to look further back as I think is the case with any in common trade . It would vary year to year absolutely but to get started with comparables

      • Lol so the comparable aren’t really comparable because you don’t think that a comparable trade has been made since then? Sounds like a pretty convoluted way of trying to justify it.
        Maybe the reason no one has traded a player like Hall is because players like Hall generally don’t get traded very often (at least as often as 2/3 D men) and it doesn’t have anything to do with the player Hall was traded for. Maybe that’s why there is no comparables teams just don’t really trade their best top line players unless maybe they are rebuilding. Look around the league I’ve pointed out several D being traded and now there have been a few lesser ones this year. How many legit 65/70 point wingers have been traded? There are no comparables and likely won’t be it’s likely a one off or very close to it.

    • I generally agree Striker though I could see the Isles including one of the current young D men (Mayfield or Pellek) or a higher pick. If it gets much past this though I would like to think Snow passes.

  5. Makes sense not much interest in fleury numbers arent good on a very good team, Pitts won’t come out on top of a deal with expansion coming

    • MAF has played really well his last couple starts was brilliant in OT versus Winnipeg stopping a breakaway and two two one ones in a 4-3 ot win…..hard to be sharp playing once every 10 15 games….he can really help someone and is motivated.
      people forget how well he was playing last year before the injury and Murray came along 35-17-6 with a 2.29 GAA and a..929 save % then the concussion.. a team like Calgary or Winnipeg should grab him he is an upgrade over Elliot, Johnson and Hellyenbuck

      • MAF will eventually be moved. There are numerous possible destinations although I don’t see Winnipeg as 1, although certainly not impossible post expansion draft; not sure how that scenario would play out, certainly not before. Helleybuyck would be snapped up in a 2nd by Vegas if left exposed. A future stud goalie that will get better as Winnipeg does.

        My favorite landing spot is Carolina. Not that it will necessarily happen but where I would like to see him go. Same situation as Andersen last season. Best goalie potentially available. Decent contract & term but the goalie market last summer still had decent supply & demand economics. With expansion looming those dynamics are beyond brutal now & until that draft is complete.

        Calgary, Carolina, Dallas & Philadelphia are all possibles & then their are some improbables that might make some sense. Ottawa, Anderson only has 1 year remaining. MAF comes in gets protected as required with his NMC, Anderson gets exposed goes unselected than gets traded after the expansion draft. Has 1 year to UFA status at a cap hit of 4.2 but only owed 3.1 in salary. Numerous teams are going to need a goalie following the expansion draft as a solid back up or mentor for a younger goalie.

        Vancouver, Anaheim, StL, TB? All would need to work out a deal with Vegas not to select their younger goalie if MAF was brought in prior to the expansion draft. I just think in this round of expansion due to the significantly smaller protection lists & only Vegas bidding that cost is to prohibitive to make fly but possible.

      • i heard that the islanders were interested in nugent-hopkins, does anybody know if this is true

      • Black change the colour of your glasses fleury isn’t gonna return much

    • Plus MAF is known for his disappearing act come Playoff time. His big salary is another sticky point

  6. I like what Gorton is doing. Which is absolutely nothing. I read somewhere St. Louis was seeking Buchevich and Skjei + for Shattenkirk, which is beyond ridiculous! I would have hung up at Sjkei alone!

    • I wonder if Sather would have tho?

      • Sather would have choked to death on his cigar. Admittedly, Sather made some brutal free agent moves over the years in NY. But not so much in the trade department.

      • It’s a good thing Sather retired because otherwise Shattenkirk would have been a Ranger already months ago and JT Miller and Brady Skjei would be Blues. Ranger fans can relax a little with Gorton at the helm. He’s going to be at this job a long time and seems to understand it better than Sather ever did.

      • Miller and Sjkei? Lol. Again he was horrible at free agency, but what trade has he made that ultimately looked like that?

      • And he’s not retired, he’s just not the GM. If he felt the need to blow up the roster as you suggest, I’m sure he could have got it done.

      • What young players or picks did Sather trade for big names? Nyr4life I respect your opinion but how about Dubinsky, Anisimov, Tyutin, Erixon, Duclair, Callahan and Sareela plus 4 first round picks and 6 second round picks? IMO The Rangers are in a much better place with Gorton as the GM. Sather is one of the most overrated general managers ever. His reputation has been living off 99 and 11 for years.

  7. Eric Fehr on waivers. Seems like the Pens can’t move MAF but still want another rental and need cap space.