NHL Rumor Mill – February 7, 2017

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Detroit Red Wings forward Thomas Vanek could be among this year’s top trade candidates by the March 1 trade deadline.

Another list of potential trade-deadline trade bait, an update on the Ducks and more speculation over John Tavares’ future. 

USA TODAY:  St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, Arizona Coyotes center Martin Hanzal, Detroit Red Wings forward Thomas Vanek and Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop top Kevin Allen’s list of the top-10 players most likely to be on the move by the March 1 trade deadline.

Hanzal’s teammates Radim Vrbata, Michael Stone and Shane Doan, Dallas Stars forwards Patrick Eaves and Patrick Sharp and Bishop’s teammate Brian Boyle round out the list. Allen left off Colorado Avalanche forwards Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog, speculating it could take until this summer for them to be moved. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Most of the usual suspects are here, but Allen tosses in a couple of interesting new names in Eaves and Boyle. Both are skilled two-way forwards and are eligible this summer for unrestricted free agency. For playoff contenders seeking depth at center, these two could be worthwhile and affordable options. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Elliotte Friedman telling Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 the Anaheim Ducks depth in good young defenseman could make them an increasingly attractive trade deadline as the March 1 deadline approaches. He notes Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic and Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman attended Friday’s Anaheim-Florida game.

Friedman points out the Avs have players with term left on their contracts they want to move and the Lightning have salary-cap issues to address. Friedman speculates they could’ve been scouting Josh Manson, a blueliner the Ducks could be forced to leave unprotected in the June expansion draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Since last summer, there’s been speculation the Ducks could move a defenseman. Much of the focus was on Cam Fowler but that’s died down since last fall. Some believe Manson, Brandon Montour or Shea Theodore could hit the trade block by the deadline in hopes of landing a scoring forward.

Everyone knows the Avs are listening to offers for Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog, but the asking price is huge and their contracts are expensive. There’s also talk the Bolts could try moving Valtteri Filppula by the deadline, but could also shop a pending UFA such as Brian Boyle or possibly even a restricted free agent such as Tyler Johnson.  

TORONTO SUN: Rob Longley reports New York Islanders captain John Tavares once again deflected questions about his future from Toronto reporters. Tavares was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario and is eligible in July 2018 for unrestricted free agency. He’s frequently been the subject of speculation over whether he’ll join his hometown team as a UFA. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You’d think those pundits learned their lesson from last year’s fail Steven Stamkos watch. Even if Tavares decides to test the market next year, the Leafs could have no need for him. They’ve got a budding superstar center in Auston Matthews and two more bright young stars in Mitch Marner and William Nylander.

If the Leafs want to make a foray into free agency in 2017 and 2018, it should be for skilled and affordable depth talent to surround their trio of rising young forward stars. Adding a budget-busting superstar such as Tavares could set them back, making it difficult to re-sign those youngsters. 


  1. I would think Toronto would go after defence in free agency even if they had the chance for him. They are going to be pretty strong with the offence they have, Defence is where the need will be. You only ever hear this rumour from reporters, not fans.

    • The Toronto media had their hopes for the “return home” by a bona-fide superstar blown out of the water when Stamkos decided his future lay in Tampa. But the giddy thought provided fodder for endless articles and TV panel discussions over the course of a couple of years.

      So now they’ll settle in on Tavares with the same approach regardless of what he says to the contrary, to the point where he will solidify his determination to avoid that zoo like the plague. And when he re-signs with the Islanders – maybe in Hartford by then (Connecticut is a great place to live) – they’ll then set their sights on McDavid. It’s inevitable so be ready for it.

      • What’s going to happen is that non-Leaf fans who have a chip on their shoulders because nobody cares about their team are going to endlessly accuse Leaf fans of coveting Tavares until he eventually re-signs. Leafs fans meanwhile are just going to enjoy the awesome rookies they now have.

        Go to NHL.com/stats and search goals. Tavares, playing with Lee, who is on pace for 30 himself, is tied with… Kadri who is on a shutdown line. I don’t think we need Tavares.

        And I didn’t see mention of Julien getting fired in a gutless, scapegoating move BOS management tries to bury under the Pats Superbowl victory. That won’t fix the team.

      • This is so frustrating isn’t it George O.? I wish the media would stop trying to derail the Shanaplan. Matthews is our number one guy. Build around him.

      • Just wait for the McDavid watch in a few years…

      • Goerge O….hate much, haha… When your team is the centre of the hockey universe- that’s what happens…haha…
        News media needs to sell..so hence it happens- but ask the average leaf fan and they really don’t want those guys…with all due respect if other markets had the same following- they would be writing about them..
        It’s a good time to be Leaf fan..when we don’t care or want anyone else’s stars..

      • Thankfully George I don’t see the Tavares contract dragging through the final year of his contract like Stamkos. I will be shocked if Tavares isn’t signed long term as soon as NYI is eligible to do so on July 1st. 8 years 8.5 to 9 mil per, perhaps even getting Kopitar, Toews, Kane monies.

        I certainly don’t want to have to go through an entire season of the Stamkos BS.

      • Geez George – was meant to be light and jovial haha…my skin layers are good …little light for my liking without much sun these days – but good nonetheless.

      • If the leafs do get Tavares maybe they’re thinking of making him a dman? He can’t be any worse than Reilly, watching his play in his own end this yr is like watching tykes chase the puck around!

      • Toronto media is the worst in pro sports hands down, close second is the french media in MTL.

      • OK Sam – I probably over-reacted – but in my defense I have been accused of being a “Leafs-hater” in here in the past simply for voicing opinions about the team that failed to jibe with those of the Blue-And-White Legions. One must tread carefully when saying ANYTHING about the Leafs. LOL.

      • Only a Leafs fan thinks the Leafs are the Centre of the universe. All other hockey fans know better.

      • Exactly, Craig! I laughed myself silly! And, of course, to both TSN and Sportsnet, the hockey-verse revolves around Toronto.

      • The McDavid watch isn’t going to happen. As soon as his entry level deal is done the oilers will sign him to max dollars and max time so it wont even be an issue for at least eight years.

      • isn’t saying something ridiculous like they’re gonna go after Mcdavid after Tavares resigns in NYI the opposite of treading lightly.

      • It’s funny though…Lyle mentions something the Toronto media said and this becomes a bash a Toronto fan site…yikes…happens everyday. Dan39 I know you want to defend your Toronto Maple Leafs with your last dying breath…I get it…I love my Jekyll and Hyde Calgary Flames…but you keep letting them goad you into a frustrated response then everyone jumps on you. George O knows as well as anyone Mcdavid is gonna sign long term in Edmonton. He was just trollin’ that out there to see who would bite.

    • Good morning ..

      No Thanks on Tavares will cost to much at some point Mathews will command Tavares money so there would be no need for 2 Top Line centers at $ 8-10 million each !

      Mitch Marner is on pace with Mathews and could end up being an EQUAL superstar to Mathews for production over his career to the likes of Malkin – Crosby…always in the sahdow.

      Dan Boyle is not getting enough props this year…after Stamkos and Callahan went down he stepped up his game and carried quite a load for some time and played way out of his talent zone and really had a career year in a position where he normally would not have played.Tampa should resign him …his size and skill are very rare in the league up the middle.

      I think the Habs should be all in on this guys they need to win now with Carey Price..Duchene in the interim will bring much more stability professionalism and experience over the next 3 years than Galchenyuk would or will ..IMO ..Duchene is a much more complete player more mature and is ready to win now mentality if the Habs had to go all in on him they should do it and do get it over with as they did with Subban that was a win now move that really looks way better for the Habs.
      (Not a Habs Fan) Even at the end of his term Duchene would have more value than Galchenyuk if they wanted to move on IMO

      • You mean Brian Boyle right? Dan Boyle is a retired defender

      • Dan39, no argument from me on that score. All I’m saying is, despite fan common sense about not derailing Shanahan’s long-term plan by signing an expensive F UFA like Tavares, the media will continue to feed that element of LeafsNation that LACKS common-sense. And then, of course, they will start in on on the circus.

      • Sam, by what stretch of your vivid imagination can what I posted be construed as “hate?” Grow another layer of skin.

      • Are you guys really serious calling these 3 young leafs players stars already? There young guys playing and having fun right now with no pressure on them and no big expectations. Wait for couple years at least till they have been around for a while and get some pressure on them and expectations to perform every night and when they have bad stretches see how they react. Its going to happen in toronto you all know that. If they can still excel then maybe, but not now!

    • The only way the leafs get mcdavid is via offer sheet the oilers would match. On that note if he was to be traded to toronto( which i doubt) it starts with matthews marner reilly with a few extra plus

    • The only way the leafs get mcdavid is via offer sheet the oilers would match. On that note if he was to be traded to toronto( which i doubt) it starts with matthews marner reilly with a few extra plus

      • Twin and Justin seem to think suspiciously alike… 🙂

      • Lmao

      • Todd…funny!

      • Lmao…. Busted!

  2. Poor Claude got canned. Not his fault at all. Boston is a one line team with aging defenders and in the middle of a retool. Hope he finds another job soon.

    As for Tavares, I think it’s insane to think the Leafs on this. There is no need up the middle of the ice right now and there is a huge need on the back end. All you need to do is watch a leaf game and that need is evident. The puck movement and ability to shut a team down is really lacking from their current d core. They need one solid back end piece to make that happen

    • I hope the Flyers call him

    • Yeah, tough luck for Julien with William Nylander going off for a hat trick on him into the by week.

      It’s unfortunate when a “second rate” winger does that to your team, right BigBruin?

      • Aww give it a frikken rest.

      • C’mon Dan39 don’t get to high on yourself or the leafs just yet. Yes the leafs have some wonderful young talented forwards. Need to improve their d and I realize its early in the rebuild. Will they turn one of them assets or JVR into a top 2 dman. I don’t think that happens until the summer. It really looks like Toronto could be a good trade partner for Minny or Anaheim.

      • Wow Dan you really love to chirp when your team or one of your guys has a good moment huh? Guessing it would be fine with you if everyone else did the same or chirped you when your team or guy stunk up the joint? Or would that get labeled has Leaf fan bashing?

      • Styx…the way dan pumps tires you would think the leafs are top of the league!! Lol

  3. Attended the defensive classic Isles vs Leafs last night. Marner was fun to watch. Matthews is quiet and then there he is with a great chance. Leafs roll out 3 scoring lines at you. Future is bright in Leafville.

    Tavares… magician. He has limited help. They should move Leddy to his wing. I beat this deadhorse but JT needs a dancing partner.

    • You know Leddy plays D right?

      • Of course Leddy. I joked he should play JT’s left wing. He actually keeps up and knows what JT wants to do.

      • I agree Tavares is fantastic. I’d like to see him go to a team that has some form of interest in building a Stanley cup winner. He’s done an amazing job of taking them out of the basement and putting them into an equal chance as anyone else has fighting for that last wildcard spot.

    • Was quite the track meet. I like Lee on JT’s wing but you’re right they really need someone else who can play with him. Josh Bailey is apparently a hell of a good guy but he’s not a #1 winger. Maybe it’s Barzel, Ho Sang, or Dal Cole but more likely they need to make a deal.

  4. There seems to be some discussion regarding Boyle and the Habs. He could provide some muscle upfront for them as well as some skill. Montreal is in an interesting situation in that they could be bounced first round when facing the Metropolitan wildcard team but if successful have an easier second round opponent waiting for them after the two-three first round series within their own division. If they make it past these two rounds they could be sitting pretty against whoever the battered Metro division champ is. Throw these factors into the mix with a motivated Carey Price and the Habs could very well find themselves in the Finals! Adding strength and skill upfront like Boyle could certainly help. It’s funny how things work sometimes. Having said all this I don’t think they will end up representing the East in the Finals but I could imagine they have had conversations similar to this in the boardroom so to speak.

    • To go to the finals, they need to fire Therrien and DD, otherwise it doesn’t matter, who MB will bring. Even with Crosby and McDavid, with Therrien behind the bench it won’t happened

      • I don’t think it will either but the quirky divisional playoff setup right now is in their favor.

    • Boyle would be a good pickup for the habs!

  5. Ok fearless prediction..with backlash to follow, haha. If the Leafs make a deal before the deadline, it will involve either Vancouver Canucks and trying to pry Oli Juolevi (London) out of them or the Ducks with Montour and Max Jones (London)coming back to them..young up and comers with lots of term and that’s with moving JVR Bozak Komorov Hunwick Kapanen… Nylander isn’t going anywhere and for the first time in my lifetime as a leaf fan..I find myself not wanting everyone else’s superstar…don’t want JT- thanks..
    I have watched Morgan Rielly for a few years now- he is a good defenseman- a good all around defenseman- but Im not certain he will be the impact defenseman everyone thinks…a good one but not a great one

    • Hey Sam,

      No backlash here as I actually posted one day about trying to pry Hanifen out of Carolina as well! Never hurts to throw out all kinds of theories. Certainly with you on the no JT thing! Don’t need him we Matthews and company.

    • Theres no way vancouver traded julojvi. Even well they wont admit it they are retooling on the fly and they have high hopes for that kid as many felt he was a reach at 5th overall

    • To toronto brandon davidson and a second

      To edmonton jvr

      • That offer would bring nothing but a ring tone in Chiarelli’s ear.

    • Hey Sam, I get wanting those good young defensive assets but not sure JVR and scraps gets that deal done. Bozak is a solid third line centre but doesn’t add a whole lot to the JVR package and the rest are the same dreck that every other team has at the bottom of their roster/prospect lists.

      This is a similar problem to the one that the Oilers had when they started stockpiling young forward talent but didn’t have a tremendous amount of depth behind it. You don’t want to deal one of the pieces you really like (Mathews, Marner, Nylander) but you want to get something great back. I suspect that there will be a lot of offers for those types of players.

      Imagine the Lightning offering up Drouin plus for a young D man or one of their other very promising young forwards. Who would you rather have? A young controllable asset or JVR and some roster fillers?

  6. The Bruins season is over. They weren’t making the playoffs with Julien or with out at this point. May as well get in the hunt well a few solid coaches are available. I hoping for Gallant failing that go outside the NHL. I have no interest in recycling Hitchcock or Capuano.

    This will give Sweeney his 1st opportunity to hire his coach. Although he resigned Julien, I believe that decision was really made above his pay grade.

    Julien was & is a good coach but 10 years is a long time. Time for a fresh voice. In hindsight it has been since Sweeney was hired. He should have been given a green light to hire his man then. In the summer of 2015.

    • Lol as long as thry dont hire dallas eakens they should be good!

  7. With 2 significant gaps coming up in Bostons schedule, 4 days off now then play Thursday, Saturday, Sunday followed by a 6 day break now was a good time to make the change.

    By the time Boston returns to the ice after that 2nd break any teams make up all those games in hand any playoff hopes should be a distant memory. That is Feb 19th. 12 days from today.

    This is a great time to start laying the ground work for the Bruins next year & beyond. Ship out UFA’s, Liles & Moore. If Nash & Morrow can be moved ship them out to.

    I say wait till the summer to address any other player personal moves when the market for trade partners is greater & teams are wanting to solve protection issues before the expansion draft & will have holes to fill following.

    • I’ll make it simple Keep Merchand, Bergeron, Pastrnack, Vatrano, Krug, C.Miller and Carlo. Every one else can go. Please waive your NMC at the door Thank you.

      • Vatrano doesn’t have to be protected, he is exempt.

      • Nor carlo.

      • I believe Caper is talking in general terms as to who should remain Bruins in the seasons ahead – not the expansion draft.

      • Striker, I wasn’t talking about protected. I’m saying who Boston should keep and get rid of the rest. I know who needs and don’t need to be protected.

      • Thanks George. I kind of picked that up after the fact.

        Cehlarik has been called up. Been waiting to see this kid play for a while. 3rd round pick in 2013, has good size & 2 WJC’s appearances. Solid pedigree.

      • Thanks George. I kind of picked that up after the fact.

        Cehlarik has been called up. Been waiting to see this kid play for a while. 3rd round pick in 2013, has good size & 2 WJC’s appearances. Solid pedigree.

        & so the late season trials of a non playoff team start for Boston. Time to start having a look at what’s in the cupboard.

    • Boston is well positioned for the expansion draft. 7F, 3D & 1G. Bergeron, Krejci, Marchand, Backes, Pastrnak, Spooner, Belesky, Chara, Krug, C. Miller & Rask.

      If 1 of the teams with to many Dman cut 1 pre expansion draft like Anah, Clb, Min, Mtl, NYI, or Win, then bid, if successful in acquiring that player he replaces C. Miller as a protector.

      Everything I have read, heard or seen is McAvoy will step straight into the NHL following his collegiate season. He is said to be better than Carlo. Both Sweeney draft picks. There has to be 29 other GM’s scratching their heads having let Carlo slip to Boston with their 4th pick 37th overall in 2015. 1 of the picks acquired from NYI in the Boychuk trade.

      Promote a few kids from Providence after the trade deadline to get a cup of coffee setting the stage for them to advance into next season. Cehlarik, DeBrusk or Heinen & when Major Jr & College wrap up McAvoy, Donato, Bjork, Fitzgereald & possibly even Forsbacka-Karlsson all in college along with Senyshyn coming out of the OHL see a couple of games.

      • Striker,

        100% with you on this analysis. It seems all but certain that this is the route they’re taking now with Julien gone. Get some more youth up on the team and let the team continue to build with a new voice and coach behind the bench.

        They’ll also have a considerable amount of cap space in the offseason even with having to sign a few players. I think they’ve positioned themselves very well.

      • I’m with Caper above, scorched earth. Start the rebuild in earnest.
        I would add Chara to the keep list, unless he asked for a trade. Only one year left after this and keep him in the organization.
        The model is in their own division with the Leafs (I can’t believe I am saying that). First step is the purge.

      • We are almost always on the same page just minor variances in how we fell it should be achieved. Boston isn’t structured for a full tear down. A Purge. Contracts aren’t structured in that way & this is a far better team than Toronto when Shanahan started the restructuring & rebuild. This is a retooling on the fly working in young players as fast as they are ready to bump someone out of their roll.

        There will be no tear down but the odd significant asset may be moved out at the right time for futures. Lucic & Hamilton as examples.

        Following the expansion draft there are going to be teams with holes on their rosters & others with more cash to spend than they would have had if not for expansion. Boston will have a window to make a substantive change at that time potentially. Moving out a player like Krejci possibly, perhaps eating a little salary if required but truthfully I don’t see that happening. At his salary & age I see him not being moved for 2, maybe 3, more years when his NMC turns to a modified NTC.

        This may sound crazy to you Boston fans but 1 or 2 sound promotions or players acquired in trade or as UFA’s, McAvoy is a lock but what if another player pops up like a Pastrnak, Vatrano or Carlo, or Boston signs Shattenkirk as a UFA or finds a solid #2 RW in trade. In the blink of an eye Boston could turn this roster from bubble team to even make the playoffs to cup contender in the blink of an eye.

        There are just a few holes that need to be filled & a few more NHL games of experience for all the youth playing in the NHL already. Add McAvoy to this D it gets better over night. I years more development for all the youth being served & it gets better fast.

      • it would be nice to pick up a Dman like Dumba to soldify the D next year

      • As you know, we disagree on this Striker. They are in a rebuild on the fly, agree, just disagree on whether or not it will work.
        I think they are multiple moves away.
        Most of their best players are over 30.
        Their best youngsters are 20 and under.
        McAvoy looks like the real deal, but he can’t play effectively in your top pair for at least another 2 years unless you want to ruin him.
        If they were 23 or 24 right now I would agree.
        They aren’t, this won’t work. They are delaying the inevitable.
        Agree that the long term contracts they are locked into are difficult to move (Krecji) or impossible (Backes) so the purge will be tough if not impossible. Adding a piece like Shattenkirk would be repeating the same mistake.
        I hope I am wrong as I would love to see Bergeron have another run, I just don’t see it.

  8. Duchene for Brodie, Flames need to take the pressure off of Monahan and JG

    • Backlund has been their best forward.
      Monahan and Gaudreau have lots of talent around them and have no one to blame other than themselves
      With Backlund, Monahan and Bennett I dont think there is a need for another center especially with Frolik who can play center too

    • lmao, you have some more of what your smoking?

    • Agree with Taz…There is more then enough talent on the Flames for Monny and Johnny to not have to feel any pressure other than the pressure they’ve put on themselves for playing like crap since getting paid the big over paid $. They and everyone else but Brodie and Bennett have picked it up quite a bit since the first 15 games though. Flames believe Bennett and Brodie will be great. IMO both a disappointment. Both regressing. Tkachuk has come in and been fantastic. He’s having a great rookie season in a season filled with unbelievable rookies. Backlund has been great and I’m assuming he is the trade bait as they won’t be able to afford to resign him at the end of next season.

      Flames had 5 wins in the first 15 games. and they recently ended a 8 of 11 losing streak…Jekyll and Hyde.

      I don’t think they make a move at the trade deadline. Everyone here talks about goal tending…Bishop or Fleury to the flames at the trade deadline. A goalie is not going to make them a playoff contender. it could possibly win them a series. Giving up the future to try and win one series is not worth the trade. They believe in Elliott and he has picked his game up recently. Gulutzan has announced that if you win you play…bottom line. Maybe they’ll tweak the line up slightly but they are really pushing this group of players. The Flames have some of the best goal tending prospects in the league with Parsons at the top of the list who will be the flames first string at some point. They’re not gonna give up players, picks and prospects to get inconsistent Bishop or Fleury who is having the type of season where if they don’t score 4 or more goals when he’s in net the penguins don’t win the game. Flames aren’t that caliber of team just yet.

  9. Tavares will look great in teal

  10. For all the Bruins fans, sorry to see Julien get fired. I know it’s a mixed bag in terms of perceptions of him but I think he’s a very good coach. It’s hard when organizations begin to teeter between being very good and kinda in between. Hard to know what to cheer for (tank? make the playoffs? Trade some guys, get some picks?).

    I would love to see the Isles at least talk to Julien. I find myself hoping that the new owners bring some stability and sanity. It’s hard to be optimistic when you don’t trust the leadership at the top.

  11. You forgot Seguin comes up before McDavid?

    I am a Leafs fan and would love to have taveres if he could be signed at a home town discount. I believe that he is better than Matthews will ever be but not by a significant amount. If they can make the money work and get a couple of dman to improve that area they just need experience.

    krejci isn’t going anywhere with that salary. Julien paid the price for his earlier success, Chirelli’s cap problems that limited Sweeney, and he wasn’t Neely’s guy. He won’t be unemployed long.

  12. It’s too bad that Julien had to pay the price for the performance of a team that is clearly not built to be a contender today. They have one great line, but their next 3 lines all have holes, their D is no longer a pillar of strength or the envy of the league, and while Rask is still a top tier goalie, he comes across as frustrated, and can’t fill all the gaps. It’s too bad, they aren’t many pieces away from being good, but too many key pieces.

    The Habs should be in hard on Duchene. I know Sergechev is a non-starter for many, but I really think the Habs need to be all in. The Weber trade was a big stab at being good right now, so I don’t think you can treat this as a half measure. Duchene is also young enough to be worth while to give up good assets for. The Habs could ideally use a quality puck moving 5-5 D to take some pressure off Weber. Overall he is still a great defensemen thanks to his special teams production being elite level. His 5 on 5 play has slipped drastically, and he tends to wear down, so someone that could take some minutes now and then would be a good investment. There isn’t much available, maybe Matt Stone?

    The Leafs rumors regarding Tavares are par for the course. It could happen, as the sides will likely meet if Tavares gets to free agency. Any team would love to have Tavares, and any superstar player will at least consider the money available in endorsements enough to talk. My guess is that’s as far as it will go. However the leafs luring Babcock when no one said they could is likely going to fuel speculative fire on many a free agent before people start giving it a rest. Truthfully the Leafs shouldn’t do anything crazy before the deadline. They have a much better team than they would have guessed prior to the season. They should improve internally, they are well set up for the expansion draft, and things could shake loose once that threat is looming larger. Not to mention the expansion franchise will likely have an easier time accumulating decent D than forwards, so Toronto might be best served making a deal with Vegas after the draft than trying to pry someone away before. The fact that the Leafs have glaring holes should be a source of some optimism. The leafs are a playoff contender despite these holes, so it is a little easier to see the blue-print of a true contender if you start filling in these holes. It’s easier said than done, as their needs are getting more and more specific, but they have their picks, they have assets on their roster that could move and have value, and they still have some good prospects in the AHL and elsewhere.

    It will be an interesting trade deadline, but I think this offseason will be far more interesting.