NHL Rumor Mill – February 8, 2017

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Could the Colorado Avalanche dangle Gabriel Landeskog at the Anaheim Ducks for a defenseman?

Latest on the Avalanche, Rangers, Senators, Canucks, Blackhawks & more in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: In his latest “30 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman reports Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic and Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman were scouting the Anaheim Ducks recent game against the Florida Panthers. He notes the Ducks have a surplus of young defenseman “and it’s been believed for a while now GM Bob Murray will trade one for a forward. Both the Avalanche and Lightning have that.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Ducks biggest need is to add a first- or second-line left wing. The Avs had that commodity in Landeskog. The Bolts have Ondrej Palat and Jonathan Drouin, who are restricted free agents this summer and could prove expensive to re-sign.  

Friedman also doubts the Ottawa Senators are interested in paying a big price for Colorado’s Matt Duchene. He also notes the Senators are getting calls about struggling young forward Curtis Lazar but doubts they want to part with him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch also believes the Sens are unlikely to part with Lazar, as they don’t want to give up on him yet. If they were to put him on the block, and Garrioch considers that doubtful, they’ll want “a high-end pick or top prospect” in return. 

Friedman speculates the Avalanche could be among the clubs with interest in Edmonton Oilers defenseman Brandon Davidson. He’s not someone the Oilers want to trade, but the difficulty in protecting him in the expansion draft and the need to re-sign other key players could make him tough to retain. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oilers don’t have to move Davidson now. They could attempt to trade him before the June 17 deadline for submitting their expansion draft protected list. 

Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka was spotted in Chicago for the recent Blackhawks-Dallas Stars game. While Hawks management is downplaying the possibility of a big move, Friedman observes they love to win and opponents think they could make a stealth move. He speculates they could target Detroit Red Wings forward Thomas Vanek. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks only have $1.7 million in deadline cap space. They’ll have to shed some salary or get a trade partner to pick up part of the cap hit of any notable player they could be interested in (like, say, Vanek or the Coyotes Shane Doan) to make this happen. Bowman has pulled off deadline moves before and I wouldn’t fully dismiss the possibility that he could it again. As Friedman notes, however, the Hawks GM won’t move his first-round pick because his club is hosting this year’s NHL Draft. 

Friedman notes the New York Rangers are looking for defensemen. While he mentioned Toronto Maple Leafs blueliner (and former Ranger) Matt Hunwick as a possibility, he points out the Rangers need a right-side defenseman, which Hunwick is not. 

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman probably won’t be a big player at this year’s NHL trade deadline. He also reports the Ottawa Senators kicked the tires on Colorado Avalanche forwards Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog, but given the high asking prices, they’re unlikely to call back. 

Earlier this season, Vancouver Canucks general manager Jim Benning said he wouldn’t ask pending UFAs Alex Burrows and Ryan Miller  to waive their no-trade clauses. Bob McKenzie reports, however, that situation might change. If the Canucks decide to sell, and if there’s interest in Burrows and/or Miller, Benning could go to those players, explain what’s being made available to them and see if they’re willing to waive their clauses.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Benning was quite insistent about not asking players carrying no-trade/no-movement clauses to waive them. We’ll find out soon enough if he’s changed his mind. 

Earlier in the day, McKenzie told Vancouver’s TSN 1040 that if the Canucks were able to parlay a young defenseman such as Ben Hutton into a good young scoring forward, it could be a good option for them. He stressed, however, that he’s not saying Hutton’s being shopped. 

Darren Dreger reports the Winnipeg Jets will be hard-pressed to replace defenseman Tyler Myers, who’s now out for several weeks because of a lower-body surgery. He’s already missed most of this season to injuries. GM Kevin Cheveldayoff was already shopping for blueline depth and will continue to look. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cheveldayoff should be looking for a proven starting goalie. While I agree they could use more depth on defense (especially with Myers out most of this season), inconsistent goaltending is once again their biggest weakness. That’s been an ongoing issue for years, and until it’s suitably addressed, the Jets will remain a non-playoff club. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the New York Rangers need a big-minute, puck-moving right-side defenseman, but argues against them overpaying for that player at the trade deadline. If they’re going to pursue someone like St. Louis’ Kevin Shattenkirk, he suggests it’s better to wait until free agency in July, when all it will cost them is money. He also suggests blueliners such as Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba, Calgary’s Dougie Hamilton, Nashville’s Ryan Ellis or Anaheim’s Brandon Montour might be available. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Rangers could land Shattenkirk in a sign-and-trade deal in which they don’t give up a lot of assets, then (as Brooks suggest) it’s worth exploring. Otherwise, however, it would be a wasteful effort to pursue him as a rental. Addressing that weakness on their right side will likely have to wait until this summer. Trouba, Ellis and perhaps Montour could be trade possibilities, but I take Flames president Brian Burke at his word when he said last fall that Hamilton’s unavailable. 


  1. Jets should look at Nick Schultz of the Flyers for some short term dependable depth. Probably a 3rd/4th pick.

    • With 26 games to go having played more games in the West than any team but Calgary Winnipeg isn’t making the playoffs being 5 points back of Calgary with no games in hand.

      The minute Winnipeg decided to dress Pavelic & do so repeatedly, 8 of the last 9 starts all hope was lost. To catch Calgary & potentially leap frog the teams in front of them by winning % to have any hope of making the playoffs Winnipeg would need to play at least 16-6-4 down the stretch or some combination of such that generates 36 points out of a possible 52 points. Maybe just maybe they could slip in with 32 out of a possible 52 but I don’t see that happening either nor would it guarantee them a spot.

      Does anyone see that happening?

      The way the NHL displays stats is incredibly misleading. It gives the impression your close but with out a serious & prolonged winning streak you flounder & fail. Run the odds it’s not pretty for Winnipeg. They haven’t shown a single stretch of prolonged winning all season. The best is 5 wins back in early Nov with long losing streaks before & after!

      • 733, 889, 571, 500, 889 Thats Hellebuck sv% 5 of his last 8 games. That is the reason Pavelic was called up because them numbers are not going to win you very many games.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what the Blackhawks can pull off between now and the trade deadline. They’re a sneaky team that always seems to pull of some jaw dropping how did they do that type of move.

    Although, not including their 1st round pick this year will greatly impact their chances for a big move. The Blackhawks are ranked towards the bottom of the league in terms of their prospect pool. They have very little deadline cap space to work with. Also, there isn’t many contracts on that roster that I see as being attractive options for other teams, which means there’s very little to work with in terms of freeing up space.

    • I would say DO NOT believe what your heat from Stan Bowman…every year he says the same thing. Also, I forgot where I saw this, but it showed the Hawks having more than $1.7M to work with at the deadline. I have read on every other Rumor site about multiple players being looked at by the Hawks. The most recent, and to me the most interesting, rumor involves the Hawks and Lightning amd more specifically Palat and Boyle. I am not sure about Boyle because I know he is a C (not sure if he also plays the wing) but Palat would most certainly have an immediate impact playing alongside Tazer and improve our front 6 that much more. It would allow Hossa to stay skating with Kruger on the 3rd line. The other rumors regarding Detroit and Vanek/Tatar and Duchene from Colorado are very interesting as well. I think any one of them makes us that much better as well, but dont get me wrong, I believe Palat would be a better deal. Anyone heard any of these rumors?

  3. I don’t see Tampa Bay being able to swing a Palat or Drouin trade for one of those mentioned defenseman we keep hearing about in Anaheim… unless the Lightning are willing to sweeten the pot.

    Lyle said it himself, both Palat and Drouin are both RFA this summer and could prove to be expensive to resign. These Anaheim defenseman are all resigned for at least another year, some longer.


    • There is a false equivalency here, if you watch the Bolts a lot. Drouin is a generational talent – probably not worth trading for three of your list. If you don’t get an all-start D’man plus back for him you’ve lost the trade. Palat is a good player whose replacements are coming through the system. If there is a hockey trade, value for value, I’d look there.

      • Richard,

        I was never insinuating that all of those Anaheim defenseman were equivalent. I just listed defenseman who are signed for an additional year or longer. I did mention in the post that “trade for one of those mentioned defenseman we keep hearing about in Anaheim”… that would be Fowler, Vatanen, Lindholm, etc.

    • Not a chance the Bolts would have to sweeten the pot with a Drouin deal for almost any of the D mentioned above. He’s a young stud forward with grit and a nose for the net. We haven’t even scratched the surface on his potential. I’m willing to bet he would shine in this years playoffs.

  4. Hunwick is not the answer to any teams problems. Though he is worth more to Toronto than the very late pick they would get for him. He is one of two physical defenceman they have, And though he is by no means a great player he is needed on that team. At this point they have a pretty decent shot at making the playoffs, they would need to fill that checking roll and it isn’t worth the meagre return they would get for him IMHO.

    • I agree, Hunwick is a 6/7 D man on one of the worst defenses in the league. No way a Stanley Cup contender could use him.

      • He very well might be the worst D on the team (who can tell with that bottom 3 really) and that’s saying something. Decent skater not physical terrible decisions can’t clear his own zone… if you can get an autograph from Rick Nash I think it’s of more use than Mat “hemmed in” Hunwick…

      • Most teams know you need 8 NHL d men to contend far into the playoffs. A mid to late round pick will go out to get some of those guys.

    • Miller, Kreider, Skjei and this years 1st for Hunwick? ?

      • Nah, not enough, got to sweeten that pot.

  5. Curtis Lazar… struggling… that’s about the nicest way you can put it. I realize he’s only 22 and it’s difficult to give up on a player that young but he’s played a total of 172 games at the NHL level, which I’d say is a significant sample size. He’s posted 12G and 24A. Lazar had 2 good seasons in the WHL. A lot of players have good/great seasons in the WHL but can’t make it at the NHL level.

    As I mentioned though he’s still only 22 but I’ve seen this play out many times before. Especially as a Bruins fan. We’ve drafted many forwards who had outstanding seasons in the WHL and OHL, which turned out to be nothing at the NHL level.

    • It’s a tough decision. If they trade him now they are selling low, and being so young there is a chance that he has an upside he has not achieved yet. Unless the return they get for him is something they really need I don’t think they move him. I think situations like this are the most difficult for a gm, A real chance you trade for something that might not work out and get burned in the process by a player who turns out to be better than he has shown. I may toronto fan, so I’ve seen a lot of courtnall for kordic situations.

      • Todd,

        It’s true it’s a difficult decision to make. I’ve just seen the Bruins sit on their hands with a lot of players because they thought they were talented assets and eventually they got nothing for them.

        Take a page out of the ole Bill Belichick handbook… that guy is ruthless and probably would’ve traded Lazar last season lol. Yanno, if he was an NHL GM lol

      • Chad, I think you are right and I think I am right and that drives me crazy. This is what the gm have to deal with, and knowing that whichever way you go it will be the wrong decision. If they trade him he will end up being good, if they keep him he will never turn into anything. At least that’s how I would feel if I were running the show. It’s easy to do the stuff here, can’t imagine the stress these guys are under doing the real thing though. I am just glad we stuck with Pogge and dumped Rask off on you suckers. 🙂

      • I think you are both right. Thing is a change of scenery is exactly what he needs. Fresh start where he can actually play some real minutes, which means a bottom team thinking of the future and not right now.

      • Todd and Ray Bark,

        Very true. Sometimes a GM’s decision is just never right and can be argued for and against. They get paid big money to take the criticism.

        Also, Lazar may do better with a change of scenery but that’s why it’s important to get something of NEED in any trade. I think they can make something happen and I’m sure there are some teams out there that are willing to give up a decent asset for Lazar.

    • I agree struggling is an understatement, if Bruce Garrioch thinks Ottawa would even ask another team for a “top end prospect” for Lazar he’s high as a kite. Ottawa would do well to dump him now while they can still get what a 4th round pick? Maybe? To me Lazar is the new Alexander Burmistrov.

      • The Oilers were able to get a prospect and conditional pick for Yakupov. I would think Lazar would at the very least net that. The conditional pick was a 3rd, which would turn into a 2nd if Yakupov scores 15G this season. Not likely to happen at this point.

        If I were the Bruins I’d be interested in shipping out a 2nd rd pick and prospect. Or some combination. Bruins could use a RW.

      • lol the elite prospect that is Zach Pochiro, essentially it was for the pick, that guy will be lucky to even play in the AHL.

      • Noel,

        Not sure where I said the prospect was elite? LOL, that’s right I didn’t…

    • I’ve seen all Lazars games since entering the NHL. Honestly get what you can for this kid. He doesn’t have the foot speed, looks lost and has never strung together more than a couple good shifts In a game. I mean there’s not a chance he’s one of the players protected through expansion and he spends more time in the press box/bench than on the ice. It’s strange to think the asking price for him is so high right now. If the Sens are wanting to go after one of the Avs then I would hope that Lazar would be in the deal. Nobody in their right mind would give up prospects White, Brown or Shabot. Claesson, Lazar and 1st (2017) for one of the Avs. Wishful thinking

  6. As Lyle suggests above WPG should be looking for a starting tender. Seems logical to me.
    Just throwing it out there:
    Bos – Rask + 2 young D like C Miller, Lauzon, Lindgren. or just Rask and Zboril.
    For – Trouba.
    Rask has struggled of late but was an all star this year and has one of the highest career save% in the league.

    This is all based on the theory that Trouba still wants out of WPG and to play in the USA. If so they will have to deal with it eventually.
    Fills the goalie hole & wpg gets a D back to fill the hole left by Trouba. They can pick anyone other than Carlo or McAvoy.
    Bruins pick up a tender in the off season and get what by all accounts will be a top pairing D.

    • Rask has 4 more years at $7mill per and is 29/Back side of his career I don’t him as someone the Jets want to saddle themselves with especially with the goalie market being as flooded as it is. A better option for them might be MAF from Pitts who is cheaper with only another year on his contract and who might have a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

      • MAF has 2 yrs left after this year.

    • Ray, I’m not a Rask fan but him plus 2 prospects for Trouba is an extreme overpayment. First you would have to get Rask to waive his modified nmc that kicks in. Which next season is a list of 8 teams he can be traded to. I have a feeling Winnipeg isn’t on that list. I would do it straight up just because of Rask contract. I would add the two prospects (Carlo) if getting Helleybuck in return. Agree it would have to be in the offseason. Maybe Rask be happy to play with Laine. I do think PM is Winnipeg biggest problem and said we was willing to sacrifice some defense for offense but now is trying to reel it back in. His quote was “some players let to stay at the Buffet to long.” Its been the same issues for the pass 3 years. The quality of the scoring chance are far too often grade A. The defensive side of the game need to change in Winnipeg before they start heading in the right direction.

      • Well maybe CJ and Rask for Trouba!
        Kidding aside, Julien (and Rask) would be perfect for the Jets or Dallas, or Flames

      • Also don’t think it is an over payment for Trouba. Rask has had a solid career and is still just 29, but he makes big $. Lindgren and Lauzon are 2nd rd picks. Only 34% of 2nd rd picks even play 100 games in the NHL. Neither is a sure thing, far from it actually.
        Gotta give to get Trouba and like Dino said their are cheaper options for tenders. So Rask alone won’t do it. We really need a guy like him. Can help now and for years down the road. Could actually cost more than what I offered up.

      • Chris Hergott,

        Lindgren and Lauzon were 2nd round picks but they’re already projecting much higher than many slated them as during their draft year.

        I’ve been very impressed with Lauzon and Lindgren and their development thus far. I’d put money on it that at least 1 of those 2 players will play for the Bruins and be a long term fixture in their defense. My hope is Lauzon but Lindgren looked pretty good in the World Juniors.

      • I’m honestly not trying to be a wise guy here, but when was the last time a starting goaltender was traded for a top 4 d-man ( possibly 2)?I can’t think of any. I don’t see Rask + 2 prospects as overpayment by any stretch. If anything I’d say the opposite.

      • Nyr4life,

        Wasn’t Ray Bark saying Rask and 2 young dman for 1 top 4 defenseman in Trouba? I don’t see where he says 2 top 4 dman for Rask and 2 prospects.

        Also, there’s no way in hell Bruins management would trade 2 of those prospects AND Rask for Trouba. 2 D prospects who many consider to be high end prospects in the organization. Winnipeg would be making out on that deal and the Bruins would once again be a laughing stock.

        Winnipeg gets an elite goaltender who’s 29 and 2 dman prospects who project to be top 4.

        No thanks. They can keep Trouba. I’d rather gamble with Lauzon and Lindgren.

      • What I meant was Trouba is a top 4, but could very well be a top 2.

        Either way I can’t see Rask as the center piece of a deal involving Trouba. Not @ 7 per and struggling.

        But if Winnpeg is open to that deal Gorton needs to send them Lundqvist and hold 3 per on his salary!

      • Lauzon and Lindgren are decent prospects for where they were picked, but they are in no way shape or form a lock to be top 4 d men, or even regular NHL D-men.
        They are maybes with upside plain and simple.
        Rask has been very good in his career, but struggling and makes big $$.
        Trouba is averaging 24 + minutes a night(2nd most on team), against all kinds of competition, averaging half a point a game, is a plus player on a minus team.
        He is 22.
        He is playing like a number 2 today and will improve.
        Big, strong, can skate and has offense.
        Sound like a good shot to be a #1.
        I know it was my trade proposal, but I thought it favored the Bruins slightly if anything. I am a Bruins fan after all!

      • Ray Bark,

        Trouba is averaging .5 pt per game this season, yes, but career wise is currently a .37 pt per game player. That % has also risen a bit because of his stellar play this season. Maybe this is the year he finally takes off and becomes that top pairing defenseman.

        Also, both Lindgren and Lauzon have been projected even as recent as last month as being NHL defenseman sooner rather than later. A lot of people expect Lauzon to make his NHL debut as early as next season. Could be another season, which still wouldn’t be bad. Lindgren they project has being about 2 seasons away. Both have NHL ready stature and will likely continue to fill out their bodies. Anyone who watched the WJC this year could see that both are rising stars.

        You just don’t trade 2 of those guys AND Rask for Jacob Trouba. Rask’s career numbers are fantastic. Yes, he has struggled the past few seasons but most of us will admit that much of that is due to the poor defense playing in front of him. There is a direct correlation between Rask’s numbers the past few seasons and the season where the defense became average at best.

      • Chad the thing is trouba is/will be a top 2 and rask is going downhill and makes 7 million a year

      • BBB,

        I don’t see how Rask is going downhill? He’s 29 and will be 30… I agree that he’s not at the prime age anymore but there are plenty of goaltenders in their 30s who are still performing at a high level. I don’t see that changing for Rask. I think what’s a bigger problem is the defense playing in front of him. He’s been dealt a rather bad hand if you ask me. Put any defense that’s even slightly better than the Bruins (which, is quite a few) and Rask is back to being an elite goaltender for argument sake.

        Also, not sure how trading for Trouba helps when you’re getting rid of your starting goaltender. Who’s going to slate in? Look at all of the teams in the past decade to win a Stanley Cup… and look at who their goaltender was. Can’t win without a good/great goaltender.

        Adding Trouba helps the blueline but now you remove your goaltender.

      • Chad why keep a 30 yr old goalie when your team is far from a contender and will/should be rebuilding? Getting a young defender such as trouba makes a ton of sense! Even tho I don’t think the jets are trading trouba for a goalie

      • That is it in a nutshell BBB. I agree the Jets will likely go the route of MAF or someone else on less term if they truly believe in Hollybuyck. Trouba will be pricey. Just bored talking about the same things.
        I agree Chad that the team in front has a huge impact on goal tending. My fear is that Rask may just be a “good” tender who was behind a great team. Being paid like a great one.
        Although the Bruins have a weak blueline, they do limit shots and chances as they (did) play a very structured system under Julien.
        They have been a slightly below average team this year and last, as have Rask’s #’s.
        Things that make you go hmmm

    • Don’t see the Jets trading for a goalie. Hellebuyck is their goalie of the future and protected for expansion. Trading for a goalie just to expose him wouldn’t make sense

  7. Would the Jets even listen to offers for Trouba with Myers out now?

    He makes sense for the Rangers to acquire if he is available. The cost will be more than just JT Miller etc

    • Thinking off season, or if both are not in the playoff picture come deadline day. Either team could go on a run and make it, but as of now they are both outside the cut line.

    • I actually agree with Brooks, which is pretty rare. I don’t think you’ll see them give up what it would take to land Trouba or Shattenkirk at the deadline…. Nor should they. I think Gorton should sit back and wait out teams desperate to move a d-man before expansion draft, or until free agency.

      I seriously doubt they have any desire for a sign and trade unless Shattenkirk is coming way down on that 7 per asking price …. At that point they may as well held on to Yandle. I think everyone knew Yandle was a goner the minute they traded for him .

      • I cannot see the Rangers going deep with their top 4 as-is

        Shattenkirk is not worth it

      • Once again I think NY is going to have to rely o ton on Lundqvist to go deep. The difference this year is their balanced scoring. So they’ll lean on him to steal a game here and there, but not a series or multiple series.

        The top 4 isn’t exactly ideal, but then again neither was Pittsburghs last year.

      • I was thinking same about Pittsburgh’s top 6 last season.

        Depth veteran just incase could the only move

      • It was my perception that Yandle preferred to play in NY? I guess C.r.E.a.m is what matters! Havent heard much from about Vesey lately.

      • Where he wanted to play… I don’t know? But I don’t think anyone saw NY keeping him past his contract expiration . Either way he priced himself out of NY…. And by his playoff performance last year, made that an easy decision on NY brass to kindly show him the door.

  8. I would love the Ducks to add a guy like Drouin for the top winger spot along side Perry and Getzlaf. This should have been the deal that was made last year when Drouin was having his tantrum. However, what are his demands going to be as an RFA? $3.5 mil+ on a 4 year term? The Ducks have to do something to protect the dmen they have in the expansion draft.
    They should offer up Vatanen for Drouin and a 2nd.
    They will have to convince Bieksa to wave is no move and protect Fowler, Lindholm and Manson. That would allow the ducks to protect 7 wingers.

  9. Won’t it be difficult for Drouin to get more money or term than Kucherov received? I would think term & monies paid to Kucherov set the stage for Drouins bridge deal, he will have to be bridged TB has no choice. Palat is a better comparable to Killorn who got 7 years at 4.45.

    I would think if TB is moving a forward a player like Point is more likely on Anh’s wish list than Drouin or Palat. Anaheim’s cap issues are just as bad as TB’s if not worse.

    • Good job, Striker, especially since Peca was up while Point was hurt and slid nicely into the spot. There might have been a time when a team could have pried Drouin away from the Lightning, but with his showing on the ice and the possibility that Stamkos is injury prone, that train has left the station. If you watch carefully, Jo D’s stick on defense is as good as it is on offence, and it looks like his troubles last year went into character formation. With the additional role of Stamkos insurance, doubt he’s tradable.

    • That deal to Killorn will end up costing the bolts one of Palat, Johnson or Drouin as they won’t have the space to sign them all.

      • Depends who they expose in expansion, what buy outs Yzerman may make, Bishop walking as a UFA, bridge or long term issues, trades etc.

        So many variables & options. I don’t share most peoples concerns about TB’s cap situation nor do I have any doubts Yzerman will continue to work his salary magic like with Stamkos, Hedman & Kucherov. He saved millions on all these deals.

    • I think Kucherov money might be a little pricey for Drouin, Kucherov was coming off back to back 30 goals/66 point seasons and Drouin currently doesnt have 30 career goals. I would think Trouba’s bridge deal of 2 years $6mill would be more appropriate for Drouin.

  10. Hellebuyck has provided more than adequate goaltending for Winnipeg. His 909 SV% considering the state of Winnipeg’s fortunes with injures this year is impressive. Why Pavelic has played ahead of him since being called up makes zero sense. His #’s have been terrible. Winnipeg with this choice has essentially said we don’t want to even try to make the playoffs. Lundqvist is 910, Rask 911, Schneider 912, Andersen 914. Pavelic is 888!

    Winnipeg has been with out their #2 Dman Myers for 45 games, their #3 Trouba held out for 15, their #1/2 center & best 2 way C Little missed 23 games, Armia & Matthias 23 each, Stafford 21, Perreault 16, Laine 8, Enstrom & Scheifele 3 each. What team could afford to lose their #2 Dman essentially for the season, their best 2 way C for 23 games & have any hope of making the playoffs?

    Winnipeg wasn’t a playoff team as currently constructed in the west when the season started. They were & are a bubble team. To many kids playing in front line rolls to have been ready to make the step up this year. They are close & next year will be a playoff team. With Hellebuyck as their #1.

    • Hellebuyck has not played well enough. The reliance on potential is going to have them miss the playoffs again. That’s why Pavelic is playing (desperation move)-the other 2 tenders have not proven to be #1’s

      • Yep. A young and developing Connor Hellebuyck and his .909 save percentage aren’t good enough.

        Gotta ride proven veteran Ondrej “No One Wanted Me For Free So I played in the AHL All Year” Pavelec and his .888 save percentage to the promised land.


        Is the Jets sole goal to finally win that one (first ever) playoff game? Because that’s their absolute ceiling this season. Winning one playoff game before being dispatched. And it’s a long shot to get even that far.

        Hellebuyck has the potential to be one of the better goalies in the NHL. He’s not a top guy, but he could end up slotting in as the 8th-12th best goalie in the league with Jones, Gibson and their ilk.

        But not if the Jets blow his development for some desperate short term thinking.

      • Hellebuyck’s #’s in any catagory you wish to choose are significantly better than any other Winnipeg goalie.

        Did you have Winnipeg making the playoffs? I certainly didn’t. Bubble team missing at best & that’s had they stayed remotely healthy, they didn’t.

      • MG.

        I have no idea what Hellebuyck will be nor will we know until he hits 26 to 28. Most goalies become starters at 26. Hellebuyck is just a kid. He could become a stud or just be a good goalie as he is now playing behind a young average team. Winnipeg is going to get better over the next few years significantly & that is going to be reflected in Hellebuyck’s #’s. He is their #1 now & moving forward for potentially the next decade.

        If not goalies are plentiful. Next up if he fails is Commrie.

  11. I don’t see Ellis or Montour being traded. Trouba certainly at some point this summer either before or after the expansion draft, ideally before so Winnipeg can protect 7, 3 & 1 as opposed to 8 & 1.

    I don’t see Anaheim trading an expansion exempt Dman, Montour, Theodore or Larsson. If they move a Dman I assume it’s going to be Manson & probably not until after the playoffs . Theodore & Montour aren’t really replacements for Manson. His specific skill set is needed for Anaheim’s playoff run, although Larsson could be back from Europe before the playoffs & he is potentially a better fit to play those sorts of minutes & roll. Not the physical element but solid defensive play.

    • That all makes sense Striker. Only that maybe Manson moves for the forward they also need before deadline, like a JVR type deal. But there may be less expensive options out there for them and they keep Manson for playoffs.
      If you were to place a bet on where Trouba ends up, and return for him, what would it be?
      To me that is the most interesting situation this off season.

      • Not just Trouba Ray Bark. 6 teams are faced with losing a solid to great Dman. This is going to be a very interesting summer leading up to the expansion draft & following.

        There are going to be double digit teams bidding for Dman that teams don’t have room to protect or would prefer to move to solve their own protection issues with expansion looming.

        There will be at least 12 teams bidding for a Dman like Trouba this summer. The return is going to be insane. If Larsson gets you Hall even if extenuating circumstances, Trouba is returning more.

      • See this is where I have issue with “well if Larsson cost Hall, Trouba is going to be worth way more..”
        really like what do you think the Oilers are giving up McDavid?I highly doubt if Larsson gets a teams second best player that many teams will be lining up to give away franchise players for a guy who has already demanded a trade and been a bit of an issue to get to sign his RFA contract. It’s not going to happen and because one guy jumps off a cliff doesn’t mean 2 will even if the first one lived. Jones Johansen could also used as a comparable very good young D for a very good young C and might be a more practical comparison,

      • Trouba will get a very good return and yes you can use hall for Larson! Let’s be honest shticky you are arguing just because the leafs desperately need defence

  12. If we are going to keep using the logic that Chiarelli dealt Hall for Larsson so it must mean that’s what players are worth, then the Leafs should probably be able to deal JVR for a top line centre just like Erickson for Seguin.

    • Let’s be honest…it has nothing to do with the Leafs and I never said Trouba wouldn’t get a great return. Johansen got an excellent return and had a much more similar situation to Trouba than Hall or Larsson. Hamilton was also in a similar situation. Everytime a D (even a good one) is moved it’s not like going to involve one of the leagues top 4 or 5 players at their position.

    • Agree Hall for Larsson was a one. New Jersey took advantage of a situation. If both teams turned around and traded these players Edmonton would get less for Larsson and Jersey would get more for Hall.

      • *was a one off

      • Exactly, there were a lot of factors involved in the trade. There are not as many players like Hall (who sportsnet analysts have ranked as 5th best overall LW in the league) as there are D that could be considered top 3 or 4 guys, if Larsson gets one of the top 25 or so guys in the league what does it mean for Trouba? Does he get one of the top 15 or 10 players in the NHL ? No of course not it’s ridiculous. I don’t think any 1 players value is set in stone and I don’t think comparable are as black and white as this guy gets that guy so this other guy over here is worth…