NHL Rumor Mill (Part One) – February 25, 2017

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St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk continues to dominate the NHL trade-rumor mill.

Latest on Kevin Shattenkirk and Marc-Andre Fleury plus updates on the Bruins in your NHL rumor mill.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites TSN’s Bob McKenzie appearing yesterday on Edmonton’s TSN 1260 discussing his report of St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk spiking three trades dating back to last summer. Noting a report in yesterday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch suggesting the latest rejected deal may have been with the Tampa Bay Lightning, McKenzie speculated Lightning center Tyler Johnson may have been part of the package as the Bolts had to move out salary to re-sign Shattenkirk to a seven-year, $42 million contract.

Colleague Darren Dreger told told Toronto’s TSN 1050 there’s a lot of interest in Shattenkirk as a rental player. While teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers could be among the suitors, the asking price remains too high.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, appearing on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960, speculates the Blues could seek “a first-rounder, a prospect, plus.” However, he doubts they’ll get that much for Shattenkirk as he’s a rental player, suggesting they’ll more likely get a first-rounder or a prospect. He also think Lightning GM Steve Yzerman probably isn’t happy that his attempt to get Shattenkirk got out to the press and also feels the Blues probably aren’t happy that they’re not getting what they want to get for the defenseman.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith believes it’s unknown why Shattenkirk rejected the trade to the Lightning, speculating he could seek more money or has his sights set on playing for the New York Rangers, who he cheered for growing up in New Rochelle. Smith said Yzerman isn’t interested in acquiring a rental player. With Ryan Callahan ($5.8 million) sidelined for the rest of the season, perhaps the Bolts GM will reconsider his options. Smith doubts he’ll revisit his interest in Shattenkirk.

EDMONTON SUN: Jim Matheson reports the Oilers were intrigued by Shattenkirk and discussed a trade with the Blues last summer. However, he doesn’t expect the Oilers will acquire him. Matheson believes they now seek a third-line center who can win faceoffs. They’ve been linked to Arizona’s Martin Hanzal and Tampa Bay’s Brian Boyle but the prices might be too high. More affordable options could include Colorado’s John Mitchell, Carolina’s Derek Ryan or Boston’s Riley Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind McKenzie was merely guessing as to what the deal between the Blues and Lightning may have been. What’s also interesting is Shattenkirk spurning a seven-year, $42 million deal ($6 million per season). Unless an interested club is willing to pony up much more per season, perhaps $7 million per, he’ll go to free agency in July in hopes of getting it that way. 

if Shatenkirk seeks $7 million annually, that’s in the same range as top blueliners such as Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson, the LA Kings’ Drew Doughty, San Jose’s Brent Burns and Blues teammate Alex Pietrangelo. While Shattenkirk’s a good mobile defenseman, he’s not in the same class as those blueliners.

He’s also taking a chance shooting for big bucks in this year’s UFA market, as there’s concern the salary cap for next season could remain around $73 million. If there’s no significant increase, Shattenkirk could be in for a rude surprise come July.

As for the Blues asking price, GM Doug Armstrong could be forced to accept a lesser return if Shattenkirk’s still on the block by deadline day. Interested clubs could be content to wait him out in hopes he’ll lower his price. 

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE/SPORTSNET: Jason Mackey reports Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is looking forward to talking with GM Jim Rutherford soon regarding the upcoming trade deadline. Rutherford has said his preference is to keep his goalie tandem of Fleury and Matt Murray today. David Singh reports Rutherford is happy with how Fleury has handled this situation so far. While the veteran netminder hasn’t asked to be dealt, Rutherford acknowledged that could change in the coming days. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Fleury asks to be dealt, Rutherford could find it difficult to honor that request. The market is soft for goaltenders right now. The only playoff contender who might be looking for an upgrade is the Calgary Flames, who looked at acquiring Fleury last summer and reportedly revisited their interest in recent weeks. However, the Flames won’t overpay to get him. Last year, the Pens wanted the Flames’ first-round pick (sixth overall). If there’s no market for Fleury, he’ll be staying put on deadline day. 

BOSTON HERALD/CSNNE.COM: Stephen Harris reports the limited available talent in the trade market combined with the high asking prices could keep Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney on the sidelines for the upcoming trade deadline. While Sweeney is maintaining due diligence, he suggests he could err on the side of not making a deal. He’s also reluctant to part with the impressive prospects the club has acquired over the last two years, though he won’t fully rule out moving one of them for a return that helps his club beyond this season.

Joe Haggerty noted discussions between the Bruins and the Colorado Avalanche regarding Avs left wing Gabriel Landeskog have come to a standstill over Sweeney’s unwillingness to part with young defenseman Brandon Carlo or promising Charlie McAvoy. Sweeny also doesn’t sound keen to bring in a rental player as he was a year ago. Unless the Bruins get an offer too good to refuse, Haggerty feels their best move at the deadline is to make no move. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering the Bruins’ recent improvement since Bruce Cassidy took over as head coach, Sweeney could be content to ride out the season with his current roster. At best, I can see him looking at an affordable backup goalie and a depth defenseman. 


  1. Should the oilers consider going after Landeskog ? Would Davidson / 1st rounder / mid level prospect interest Sakic ? Great site by the way love it

    • Don’t see Sakic biting on that offer.

      • What do you think a deal would have to look like ? I don’t think it makes sense for the oilers to pursue at much more than that so maybe a a cheaper option would be better for the time being , gotta find a way to get Mcdavid and Leo separated even though great together to maximize there roster as is , allow nuge to slide back down to the 3 ..

      • I think they need to bolster the attack . Not to be true contenders in my opinion but to solidify a spot in the second tier get the valuable playoff experience and make the bigger move for next season and beyond . Thoughts ??? Shticky ? Anyone ?

      • The vast majority didn’t have Edm even as a playoff possibility. I wasn’t in that group. If assets can be had cheap they should consider adding depth but otherwise stay the course. the future isn’t today for Edm. They aren’t a cup contender but with a little luck anything is possible.

        Avoid the big ticket items; Landeskog, Nibble on some depth.

      • Yeah I agree , this season isn’t quite there time yet but anything is possible . Landeskog was a thought if the price on him came down , but I agree with just trying to add a cheap forward , hope to get more from within and look for big ticket at a later date

      • I’m really hoping that with the expansion draft that the player movement both before & following will be far greater than we have seen in decades. At least that’s my hope.

        I’m also a firm believer we will be doing this again in 2 summers, 3 tops with Quebec. Certainly before the current CBA expires as the NHLPA will be adding expansion revenue in to hockey related revenue in the next CBA so the NHL will want to cash that cheque before than happens.

        That should put Seattle or Portland in a perfect spot to relocate Carolina as their current sweet heart lease comes to a close in 5 to 7 years. The buyout today is extreme but with each passing year it’s more palatable for the NHL & a potential new owner.

      • carolina will be winning in a year or two so they will not be moving.

      • Quebec wont be an expansion team. Some team will relocate there.

        Why do i say this. Because the expansion fee is to high. 500 mill american will be 630-650 canadian. Far to much.

      • I think edmonton should pick up a D. Assuming an afordable option is available and bolster their bottom 6.

        I also think they will surprise.

    • Well he was asking Carlo, and a first rounder at least from the Bruins so I wouldn’t think so

    • one question ? why go after a another top forward when your week spot is defense .. giving up Davidson is stupid move on Edmonton oilers side … really stupid this kid has worked really hard to be in the NHL and he is only going to get better

      • I am a huge oiler fan , but I disagree that the D is there weak spot . Room to grow and add a puck mover absolutely , but the secondary scoring has been the issue . This year isn’t the year to go after it but to improve , they need a forward , Davidson was an asset I thought they could part with with the emergence of benning . If chilly was looking at a bigger piece .

  2. Pietroangello Karlsson and Doughty contracts were all RFA deals where they couldn’t test the market and were total control of the club, I’d say if they were UFA instead of RFA those deals would be considerably higher.

    • Agreed & all were signed before the cap had started to decline due to the Canadian dollar.

      Shattenkirk is a very similar player to Yandle. I assume he will get similiar money & term. He is also almost 4 years younger than say a Burns nor any where near the same player I agree with all Shattenkirk can’t be compared to any of those players, Karlsson, Burns, Doughty or Petro just not in the same class.

      If he has his sights set on NYR it should work to their advantage & perhaps they get him at a slight discount in or around the rumoured 7 years at 6 that may have been offered by someone.

      Again I say NYR waits & pays nothing today. Keep all your assets bid for him on July 1. Granted he doesn’t help your playoff efforts today but if the asking price is as stated no way I’m paying that price.

      • But isn’t that essentially saying the same thing King? Doughty left money on the table so yes of course he would have a higher contract likely than Shattenkirk and that’s as an RFA. Im just saying there are better comparables to Shattenkirk than 3 of the best young D on club controlled contracts. No matter how you look at it when a D hits 27 and has any number of teams bidding on his services instead of just 1 it’s going to inflate his value, it really hasn’t changed at all. Weather Doughty left money on the table willingly or not comparing him to Shattenkirk is comparing apples to Oranges.

      • Doughty was 21 when he signed long term coming out of his ELC, he signed at market value at that time. He’s in year 6 of that deal.

        I agree with you. Shattenkirk isn’t remotely comparable to those D. That said he is 1 of the best offensive Dman in the NHL, at 28 young with years ahead of him at this level. His UFA status almost guarantee’s he pulls a premium due to it. The exception being if he takes a discount to sign exactly where he wants to play.

    • I disagree with you, when those guys signed their deals (Doughty Karlsson) they were already regarded as two of the best if not the two best d men in the league. They could have held out and gotten exactly what they wanted. The fact they were RFA’s had nothing to do with it, look at what Subban got as an RFA if you don’t believe me.

      I can’t speak for Karlsson, but I know Doughty left money on the table cause he badly wanted to win Stanley Cups, and it worked. Meanwhile Subban took every Penny he could get and hasn’t done a damn thing in the post season, cause he isn’t worth anything near the $9 mill he gets.

      Normally though I would agree with you that RFA vs UFA makes a big difference in how large the contracts get for players, but in the cases of young, bona-fide #1 d men it doesn’t matter anymore.

      • Subban’s contract was interfered with by ownership. Geoff Molson interceded, rarely a good thing. When a team chooses to use the leverage they have they win. The issue is do they have the willingness to do so. Some do most don’t.

      • 100% agree with you there Striker.

    • I also think Karlsson got all poetic with his deal. Number 6.5 signs at 6.5 mill.

  3. Even though I’m a Blues and Shattenkirk fan, I will agree that 7 year/7 million is an overpay–a bad contract to be stuck with.

    Blues fans have really become unrealistic regarding what to expect in return for Shatty (maybe Armstrong has too!?)

    • Not that I think that it’s a great deal at 7×7 for Shattenkirk and I’d likely pass too if you look at some others Giordano Staal Phaneuf Niskanen Yandel Boychuck Buff Johnson…it’s pretty close to his value when you use comparable that are about the same age and same situation contractually when the deal was signed.

  4. I have no desire for NYR to trade for Shattenkirk. Now signed as a UFA come July 1st for no more than 6.5 mil per on a 7 year deal perhaps that’s a consideration but Shattenkirk isn’t exactly what NYR needs. Skjei is going to be a stud, McDonaugh is a stud & an offensive Dman with a reasonable transition game would help but this isn’t Vigneault’s favorite type of player.

    NYR would be far better served to bid for Brodin, Savard or Trouba before the expansion draft. All are far better suited to what NYR needs at D. Shattenkirkk potentially costing nothing but cash as a UFA following the expansion draft is appealing though. Why give up solid assets for him today when it appears he already knows where he wants to play. Just like when Hamhuis left Nashville signing in Vancouver as a UFA.

    • Exactly. AV will not have full faith in Shattenkirk just like the Yandle situation.

      I was on the Shattenkirk train 6 months ago-which was before I knew the Rangers would actually be a good team this season

    • I don’t really want Shattenkirk at the deadline or July 1st. Unless he is willing to step back from that asking price and they can miraculously move Girardi in the process. I don’t see either happening. I’d love to see them chase Trouba, who is at least cost controlled for the near future. Although I think the cost to aquire him would be gut wrenching.

      • If Shattenkirk is free other than money it makes it palatable potentially. Numerous other factors need to be addressed 1st. Resigning Zibanejad, who is lost in expansion, can they find a taker for Nash’s 1 year remaining? If he can’t be gotten off the books some how no money for Shattenkirk.

        Giradi isn’t being bought out with 3 years remaining even with the declining salary of 5, 4 & 4. Even in buyout that’s to much cap hit spread over far to long, 6 years.

        The only way Shattenkirk fits is as a UFA signing at no more than 6.5 & Nash is moved out. Otherwise NYR simply doesn’t have the money to make him fit. Paying a team to take Nash isn’t necessarily impossible he submits a 12 team trade list under his modified NTC.

        Following the expansion draft numerous teams are going to have roster holes to be filled & some money to spend. Anything is possible even if unlikely. If you can trade Clarkson nothings off the table.

      • NY has yet to buy out a player (other than amnesty buy outs) or retain one dime in a trade in the cap era. I don’t think they start now.

        As for Nash, honestly I’d prefer to keep him. His contract expires at the perfect time.

      • Im not liking Trouba’s character. Seems a bit of a partier.

  5. I don’t want Boston making any rental deals. The Dman they might bid for won’t be available until just before the expansion draft. They could use a solid #3 RW with #2 potential & have room to protect such come expansion making Belesky available.

    If they can trade for that asset not touching the core of the team as currently constructed I’m all in, ideally moving 1 of their 2nd rounders this season & a prospect. Very few options I can think of that could be had. Hansen is a possibility but with only 1 year to UFA status not an ideal fit, would also prefer a player with potentially more upside.

    • Boston only has 1 second round pick and not their own, its from Edmonton for signing PC. Otherwise I agree. Also should consider moving Hayes, Belesky, Liles and Moore if possible. More about gaining cap space then what any return would be.

      • I should clarify Liles and Moore are ufa’s so not about the cap space for them but if you can get a second or third for Moore worth the deal. Not sure what you get for Liles.

      • Sorry. Thank you Caper. I forgot about the dam Stempniak acquisition. Only on my 2nd cup of tea after 17 hours of air travel trying to get home yesterday.

        I think Hayes is going to have to become a buyout casualty. Being a monster possible more development can be milked out of that frame but looking like a bust.

    • I don’t think Boston should move any picks or prospects. A second round pick could be another Carlo. I would look more into moving underperforming veterans if possible. Belesky,Hayes,Lyles and Nash.
      Keep building for the future. I would also think about moving Chara to a real contender if you can get a decent return. I think he can really help a team win it all.

      • Dave. Wishfull thinking. No 1’s taking Hayes. Nor Belesky with his contract. Moving Lyles is virtually impossible as well & Nash fits a need related to his contract. He plays as Boston’s 4th line C next r=season for chump change.

        Boston is a in a good spot. They may make the playoffs they may not but I don’t see them selling anyone really. In fact they may buy if the right asset becomes available as they have a spot at forward for a 7th forward exposing Belesky if able to acquire. If they lost Belesky in expansion which is possible it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

        If that player ideally a RW isn’t available, protect Belesky at #7 continue the rebuild & lets’s move on to next year.

      • Striker what’s your thoughts on something like Chara for Eberle. Money works for both teams. Would help Edmonton sign the young guys when Chara’s contract expires. Would also help Edmonton in the playoffs. Eberle is a bit over paid maybe Edmonton could retain a million or 1.5. I don’t think Boston will miss him too much even though he’s having a good season. He might waive his no trade to join old friend Chiarelli. Maybe Boston could sweeten the deal and give them their second rounder back.

      • Makes a lot of sense for the oilers , provided they have a rental winger lined up and a sweetener comes back from the chara deal you layed out

      • Zero interest in Eberle. 2 years at 6 mil per till UFA status. If yoy have followed be here Chara goes no where. he’s a playing coach. He helps transition carlo & McAvoy, he retires after this contract is up as & immediately moves into player development.

        Chara’s contract drops to 4 mil for his final season. Pastrnak & Backes are our top 2 RW’s until Krejci can potentially be moved at the end of the 2018-19 season when his NMC becomes a modified NTC & he only has 2 years remaining.

        Chara makes Carlo comfortable & comes for his mistakes & helps provide conficdence. Last season he carried Trotman & others. He’s not being moved & certainly not for an overpaid Eberle.

      • I agree with you striker, I was just responding to daves trade proposal as an oiler fan . It would make a lot of sense , I don’t think Boston would agree haha

      • But to make the deal make sense for the oilers they would need to address the offence even at eberles pace they can’t sacrifice more scoring to add to an already promising D at this point in time in my opinion .

      • Striker you so overvalue Chara, I find Carlo covers up for more of Chara mistakes. Don’t need a playing coach. Not advocating to trade Chara but is the return is good then get it done.

      • I like Chara but would rather get something for him before his value is zero. I know his contract drops to 4 million. I know Eberle isn’t having a great year but I would put him in my top two RW way before Backes.
        Also like I said if Edmonton retained some salary Eberle at 4.5 million would be a good value.

  6. I understand the Rangers being “patient” for Shattenkirk, but I think a Ziban for Shatty makes sense for both clubs. They are both pending free agents with comparable salaries. Blues need help at center and Rangers d’man/powerplay. Each team would then need to get their guy under contract long-term.

    • Ziban is a RFA and just hitting his prime. Terrible deal for the Rangers

    • Zbad is a rfa, not a free agent. Although on paper Ny looks solid down the middle , they really aren’t. Trading Zbad only rips a gaping wound down the middle. NY should be looking for a 4th line center as it is, they don’t need to gut themselves down the middle for a rental.

    • No thank you. Shattenkirk is a UFA. Zibanejad an RFA. Zibanejad is just on the cusp of realizing his full NHL potential. The best is yet to come from this player. Hasn’t been able to get back on track since returning from injury but everything a team is looking for in a #1 C & turns 24 on April 18th. NYR isn’t shipping him any where. He & Stepan are NYR’s top 2 C’s for the next 5 years.

      Brassard has pulled out in front of Zibanejad significantly since he returned from injury. Brassard has 33 points in 59 games, Zibanejad 22 in 35. Brassard may yet wins this points race yet. Certainly holding the upper hand, has need an extra 24 games to do so but winning regardless.

      • Stepan and Zbad currently both on a 15 game goal drought! Yikes!

      • Well unless we count that Shoot out goal the other night for Zibby. Ha-ha!

        Yes it is very odd. Zibby did have that 1 called back the other night. Didn’t have sound for that game so still not sure why.

        Sure enjoy watching NYR play. They need to stop winning so much. You want that top wildcard spot so they can slot into the other division for the playoffs.

      • It was offside. What’s concerning to me is this plummet in goal scoring, while once again relying too much on Lundqvist. I’ve seen this way too often the last 4-5 years going back to Torts days. And don’t get me started on his putrid power play!

        Can someone remind me why Grabner doesn’t at least get a look on the PP? Maybe “he’s a jitterbug, that just stinks on the PP” hahaha

      • His injury obviously through him off. Yet im not convinced he will improve betond his last season in Ottawa.

        Its funny though. Normakly in a trade id want the huy my team picked up to out perform the guy leaving. In ZBads case though, i hope your right Striker. He’s a good kid.

  7. Three refused deal for Shattenkirk got leaked. I wonder who did that? Maybe someone is trying to put pressure on Shattenkirk to accept one of these trade offers.

  8. Calgary and Dallas are the only teams that might trade for Fleury at the deadline. And honestly I’m not sure who else gets added to that list after the season.

    Unlike Calgary, Dallas is out of the playoff hunt but Jim Nill can’t go to his ownership group and tell them they are going with the same tandem.

    Also, getting MAF might keep their fans engaged as the season winds down, helping ratings and ticket sales in a town that loses interest in hockey quickly.

    I’d expect the returns to be Elliot or Niemi and very little else.

    • I’m not sure Dallas fans will be stampeding to the ticket counters because they add MAF in a dead season. I doubt Dallas makes that move between now and the deadline.

    • My favorite landing spit is Carolina. Send Ward back to be Murray’s back up. Throw in a 2nd round pick & a soft/suspect prospect. Helps both teams, gets Pittsburgh out of cap trouble.

      • Fleury in Carolina doesn’t make much sense? Carolina has a young roster and ward is putting up as good as numbers as fleury on a far worse team, can’t see the canes wanting fleury and that contract going forward

      • Ward has been terrible since January. Carolina is right on the cusp of significant improvement. #’s don’t tell the whole story Fleury is a far better goalie than Ward & has been for years. Ward has been good for 2 years in his entire career & then in brief flashes for short periods of time.

        It’s really an asset management issue with expansion looming for me. Carolina doesn’t have a keeper in net protecting Ward or Lack is a waste of a roster spot. The trade for MAF even just before the expansion draft freeing up a cap issue for Pittsburgh, the cost is nominal. 2nd round pick & a suspect prospect. They protect MAF in expansion, Ward goes unselected they buy out Lack who has been awful. They trade MAF sometime before his contract expires in 2 years when he has better value for more than they paid.

      • That’s a lot of hopes and dreams, numbers do tell the story for his return at this point with expansion coming up. The biggest tell in the numbers is how much of a better team the pens are and his numbers being as low as they are. There are younger,better and cheaper goalies that will be available to grow with the young canes

    • Im keeping MAF for the playoff run….. dallas and Calgary yes could use him but will give you nothing for him…..

      trade him or buy him out in the off season.

      Winnipeg, Calgary, St.Louis, Dallas Arizona (needs a younger athletic goalie)Florida Luongo is 37… deal with this in the off season… you ned a strong back up for the playoffs

      • Add Carolina also could use MAF ward has been terrible since 2017 started

      • Wards numbers are better than fleurys on a far worse team pretty much says it all and what gms will be telling the pens to lower the trade value

  9. Lyle,
    Just curious, why do you split the rumors pages? It it a space thing on godaddy, or cosmetic thing for readers?

    • Purely cosmetic. Putting everything onto one page can be a bit of a daunting read for some. Also, it’s easy to miss some info when there’s so much on one page. Easier to split it up so nothing gets missed.

      • I think Lyle just told us we all have adhd ! Haha. Just kidding. In all seriousness it probably does make a better read.

    • Most people can’t or won’t digest more than 3000 words. Even 3000 has them struggling to stay on task.

      • Speaking from experience Striker? ?

      • Hey, both you guys provide thoughtful content. I can read words from folk who appear to be thinking and skim others. Why snipe at each other.

      • Lol sorry couldn’t resist purely in fun.

      • Ha-ha! Essentially yes.

      • Striker writes the 3000 words. I kid striker. You are correct, its no different then a meeting, they say you retain 15% of what we what you are listening to, I just wish they be quiet for the other 85% of the time.

      • All in good fun. Shticky & I can go at but no ill will taken nor intended. I can give & take.

  10. I buddy just bought me a new name badge well in LA. It reads. “I’ll be nicer if you’ll be smarter.” Cracks me up. He immediately thought of me.

    • What shoukd the leafs next steps be ? Stick to the Shan a plan or jump on Friedmans ship and take a run before the Rookies get paid ? I think only 1 way leads to perennial success and a cup down the road ? And that’s stick to the plan for now , maybe move JVR , minor additions but for now stick to it ! Thoughts ?

      • Stay the course no short cuts. This summer before expansion look at buying 1 of the really good D that might be available. Brodin, Trouba, Savard, Manson, etc. A good solid 2 way guy that if anything leans more to D 1st as opposed to O.

  11. I don’t really understand Armstrong’s way of thinking. The blues only have 2 marquee players on the whole team, tarasenko and Shattenkirk, the rest to me are justtrade bait.

    • Pietrangelo waves hello. Fabbri also looks promising

    • Parayko is a stud for the next 10-15 years

    • Steen is a solid 2 way stud,Ppietro 1 of the best 2 way Dman in the entire NHL, elite. Shattenkirk is 1 dimensional. His D play leaves a ton to be desired. Fabbri is going to be a stud, Boumeester is a huge minute munchier playing against the leagues best every night. Parayko is going to be a stud almost there now. This is a very good team & if not for terrible goal tending is as close as many teams to elite. Their real strength is in depth of quality.

      Stastny is a quality #2. When your rolling Berglund out at #3 few teams have that kind of luxury. Schwartz is a stud, etc. Shattenkirk doesn’t even make my top 5 in StL. When he leaves Pietro goes back to the #1 unit & becomes a 50 point Dman again & Parayko slides into his spot full time on the #2 unit.

      StL has numerous young stud prospects coming at both forward & d as well.

  12. So Ken Holland gets a 2017 3rd rounder from the Hawks for Tomas Jurco. Way too go Kenny keep it up get those picks for the rebuild that’s coming up.

  13. Watching last night’s Stadium Series game made me wonder if the Flyers would ever get anywhere with a goalie tandem of Mason and Neuvirsth in a division with teams having goalies like Holtby, Lundqvist, Bobrovsky, Murray, and Schneider. If expansion drives the Pens to desperation to move a goalie, would the Flyers be desperate enough to deal with their hated division rivals to obtain a goalie?
    Could The Flower take root in Philadelphia?