Senators Acquire Alex Burrows from Canucks

by | Feb 27, 2017 | News, NHL, Rumors | 36 comments

The Ottawa Senators acquire winger Alex Burrows from the Vancouver Canucks.

The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reports the Ottawa Senators acquired winger Alex Burrows from the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for prospect forward Jonathan Dahlen. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Senators general manager Pierre Dorion made no secret of his search for depth at forward. In Burrows, he gets a veteran agitator with plenty of playoff experience who can skate on either wing and plays a decent defensive game.

The 35-year-old used to be a reliable scorer for the Canucks but age has diminished his offensive abilities. It’s unlikely he’ll regain that touch with the Sens, but should provide invaluable defensive grit to their forward lines.

 Canucks GM Jim Benning gets a promising return in Dahlen. Though on the small side (5’11”, 176 pounds), the 19-year-old son of former NHLer Ulf Dahlen has good offensive skills and can play at center or on the wing. He could become a key part of the rebuilding Canucks’ future plans. 

**UPDATE** The Senators also re-signed Burrows to a two-year, $5 million contract extension


  1. As mentioned on the comments section this is a brutal trade for the sens. It’ll come back to haunt them in a couple of years

    • You are completely right. Sometimes it seems as though the sens do these things just to pretend they eat at the adult table on thanksgiving

      • Spoken like what – a Leafs fan who has a “thing” for Ottawa? – Dahlen is a smurf who was well down the pecking order in the Sens scheme of things behind White, Brown, Chlapik, Perron and Gagne.

      • I think burrows will add an edge that sens didn’t have for the playoffs, Dahlen doesn’t look like he will be anything special

      • No spoken as a leafs fan who’s second favourite team is the sens since I live in Ottawa.
        Thats some thin skin there Georgie boy ‘jaysus’

      • That’s a good one Mattyb. I am not sure how this helps the Senators at all! With adding Burrows this diminishes the “finger food” at the table! (Wasn’t it Burrows that bit someone’s finger?)

      • Read it again taz – not every comment is in response to yours – I was responding to Mattyb – Jaysus indeed

  2. Im not a burrows fan. He seemed a fan favorite in vancouver but i always thought he was a diver.

    If he stays on his feet. Provides boucher options for libe matchups ill be happy.

    I hate ottawa’s powerplay. All the players sit stationary waiting for a pass. A good pp should have a contin7al rotation of players and pucks to keep the tender moving. The Sens lack this so i care little if he draws a an wxtra penalty.

    • Correction*, you KNEW he was a diver…

  3. Meh…I was hoping for a little more with the sens, but he will fit #thesystem I guess. Didn’t have to give up to much, but I was pretty interested in how Dalhen was going to turn out. I’m glad Ottawa didn’t go too nuts, as I think we are still another year to two off from really competing for a cup.

    • I was hoping for vrbata or sharp. But your right. We arnt true stanley contenders so no need to sell off the farm system quite yet.

      • Don’t look now but this is a team that sits 2 points out of first with 33 wins and which got there without their # 1 goalie for more than half the season, and a shortage on LW.

      • First in the Atlantic isn’t anything to write home about every team except the leafs in that division has battled some big injuries throughout the year

  4. Where’s this bigger tougher team Benning said he wanted when he first took the job? Yet another small forward from across the pond.

    • Bingo!

    • JB wanted younger & faster.
      Fill up the big age gap.

  5. Embarrassing trade for OTT. Borrows can barely play and Dahlen oozes offensive skill. I am still befuddled as to how more than one person in the Sens organization okay’d this deal. I am so upset. Banning pulled one for sure. Wow I’m angry.

    • Oozes offensive skill? Calm down. He was well down the pecking order among Sens F prospects.

      Burrows can still offer a lot more than “barely play” – he brings an edge that they lack up front now that Neil is reduced to spot duty.

      • Neil is a better than Burrows and likely a more useful player. Borowiecki Phaneuf Neil Wingles Pyatt…the team needed offence not another plug to provide grit or sandpaper or whatever you wanna call it. They find it tough to score at the best of times how will Burrows help that?

      • Neil is not better than burrows give your head a shake you’re are just trolling with that comment

    • Cmac:

      If you going to post a comment, at least gets their names right. It is Burrows and Benning. You just look lazy, completely clueless or trying to be funny purposely misspelling their names. I live in Vancouver. Burrows gave his heart and soul to Vancouver and is a good addition by Ottawa. Canucks need to rebuild. Good trade for Vancouver too. They were not going to resign him and he can play. Has 9 goals and 11 assists this year on a very bad team and still is a good defensive player.

      • Why is a guy who is soon to be 36 good for the Sens for the next 2 years? If the Sens are so loaded with prospects that a guy like Daley wasn’t needed why would the clot up ice time with a guy who is well beyond his best before date for 2 more seasons? This makes no sense from a Sens point of view if you ask me, if they wanted to add some grit or defensive depth or what not they could have gone out and got a rental 3rd 4th line guy for likely no more than a pick or 2.

  6. I like the deal. I’m a Canucks fan, and I like it. Burrows was a good Canuck, but his time passed. Benning gets a prospect that may or may not do something at the NHL level. If he has his dad’s hands, he’ll do alright. If not, no worries.

  7. Dahlen will probably amount to nothing but burrows is still useless. Also signing him for 2 more years is embarrassing. Awful trade

    • Aaron:

      Burrows not useless. Having his best year in 3 or 4 here. I live in Vancouver and see him all the time. If you are back East, probably not. You are wrong. As for resigning him for 2 years risky. He is in decline, 35. Good year this year though for old guy.

      • Seconded David Cooper. Great team guy. Been helpful this year helping getting the younger guys up to speed as to what it takes to play regular in the NHL. Still really good defensively, good on the PK and the shoot-out. Two year extension – maybe not; but whatever he has (and it is still a good bit) will be left out on the ice every game.

  8. Habs vs Sens playoff series. 2 minutes for diving

  9. Dahlen had a good WJC -5 goals in 7 games and the Hlinka tournament before that with 4 goals in 5 games. I would definitely say some potential there. Son of a pro. We will see him in the NHL long after Burrows is done

    • He got most of his points against Latvia. I saw him play in person against Switzerland. Kept getting knocked off the puck. I would have serious concerns regarding if he can actually play à North American styled game.
      He had high upside but a high bust factor also.

  10. Rumour has Shattenkirk going to the Capitals

  11. ” Dahlen, 19, rates as Ottawa’s fifth-best prospect in our soon-to-be-releaseed Hockey News Future Watch 2017. Dahlen was highly regarded enough to go 42nd overall in what was, keep in mind, a stellar 2016 draft class”
    …Not a good trade a desperate one unless there are other transactions in motion.

    • ^ THIS!

    • SilverSeven

      Always been a sens fan and I agree with 100%. Don’t get me wrong I like Burrows and I understand wanting the grit for the playoffs. But then to sign him before you even see if he clicks with you team or with the coach come on Dorion…

  12. Burrows is a prototypical Sen.

  13. I live in Victoria so am a casual Canucks fan after my Isles. Generally don’t like Burrows type players but do like Burrows. I find it hard not to like a guy who has worked that hard to get where he’s gotten. I think the Sens will benefit from what he brings to the rink each and every game. It takes heart and passion at this time as much or more than skill. Burrows has a bit of skill and a lot of heart.

    Getting a guy that was a second rounder last year was a good return for the Canucks.

    • Excellent comment. That guy trudged through 3rd tier ECHL to get where he is. I’m a big hommer Sens fan and I like this trade…at 2.5 per year not too bad either. Apparently lots of Sens Vets were very happy about this trade…locker room matters .