Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – February 12, 2017

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St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk (left) and Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene remain the most discussed trade candidates leading up to the March 1 trade deadline.

Latest on Kevin Shattenkirk, Matt Duchene, Martin Hanzal, Brian Boyle and Jannik Hansen in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk is open to being dealt to a Canadian team. He thinks the blueliner has about 12 teams on his wish list where he’d sign a long-term deal, two of them being Toronto and Montreal. He’s doesn’t envision himself with the Edmonton Oilers or Calgary Flames. 

OTTAWA SUN:  Bruce Garrioch reports it’s believed the Blues gave an Eastern Conference club permission to speak with Kevin Shattenkirk about three weeks ago. Garrioch claims the Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning also made pitches, with the Bruins being the only team having the ability to sign Shattenkirk to a long-term contract. 

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Boston Bruins kicked the tires on Shattenkirk before the 2016 draft, but it likely would’ve cost them two first-round picks plus a roster player. Given the ongoing development promising Boston University defenseman Charlie McAvoy, Shinzawa believes that lowers the possibility of the Bruins revisiting their interest in Shattenkirk. He points out it would not only cost the Bruins’ assets to pursue the Blues defenseman, but they’d also have to re-sign him to keep him off the UFA market in July. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of interesting trade chatter about Shattenkirk with the deadline just over two weeks ago. The sense is the Blues will move him before deadline day. Where he ends up could be determined by which club intends to pay the big bucks to re-sign him.

I still think many of these clubs should seriously consider passing on Shattenkirk and instead target clubs with depth in good young defensemen, such as the Anaheim Ducks, Carolina Hurricanes and Minnesota Wild, to see if a deal can be made. Rather than possibly busting their budgets by paying Shattenkirk $7 million annually, it would certainly make more sense for a rebuilding club, such as the Leafs, or a team looking to revamp their blueline with young talent, such as the Bruins and Lightning, to entertain that option.

SPORTSNET: Kypreos reports some people are speculating Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford could take a run at Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. The Carolina Hurricanes are also believed in play. Avalanche GM Joe Sakic wants “a top draft pick, a prospect, and maybe even a top defenceman,”  He suggested someone such as Penguins defenseman Derrick Pouliot as part of the deal but Elliotte Friedman doubts that will work.

Friedman also pointed out Rutherford is willing to do whatever it takes to win and if he has to sort it out in the offseason he will. Rutherford prefer to retain goalie Marc-Andre Fleury for the remainder of this season as insurance, but recognizes Fleury’s desire is to play. 

OTTAWA SUN: Garrioch reports the Carolina Hurricanes could make the biggest push for Colorado’s Matt Duchene, but the asking price could include young defenseman Noah Hanifin. Avs GM Joe Sakic reportedly wants “a young, established blueliner, a high-end prospect and a first-round pick as part of any package if Duchene is to be moved.” The Nashville Predators could also make a serious push. The Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators were among clubs to express interest but found the price tag too expensive. It’s possible Sakic could wait until this summer to move Duchene. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford has swung a blockbuster before, acquiring Phil Kessel from the Leafs nearly two years ago. That move, however, took place in the offseason. Given concerns over a potentially flat salary cap for next season, Rutherford might not be so keen to pursue a Duchene deal right now. Pouliot as the centerpiece of an offer from the Pens will not interest Sakic. Packaging Pouliot with Fleury and a draft pick or prospect might be a better offer, but I still think the Avs pass on that.

The Hurricanes could be the best fit for a Duchene deal. They’re loaded with young defensemen to tempt the Avs, they need a proven scorer like Duchene and they have the cap room to pick up his $6 million cap hit. Not sure Canes GM Ron Francis would part with Hanifin, but there’s plenty of other possibilities there for the Avs to choose from. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the recent presence of Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka at a recent Minnesota Wild game sparked speculation the Wild could have interest in Coyotes center Martin Hanzal. The Montreal Canadiens are among several clubs also believed pursuing Hanzal, but Chayka seeks “two big pieces” in return. They’ll have to lower their price or be stuck with him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chayka could keep that price high right up to deadline day, but he’ll likely lower it before then, especially if more teams become sellers. 

If the Vancouver Canucks decide to make changes, winger Jannik Hansen could attract calls. Garrioch claims several teams like Hansen because of his decent contract ($2.5 million annually through next season), speed and ability to play with several lines. Hansen’s modified no-trade clause gives him some say in the matter. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks could shed some pending UFAs such as Alex Burrows or Ryan Miller by the deadline, but I suspect they prefer retaining Hansen. That could change, of course, if they get a healthy offer for him. Earlier this season, GM Jim Benning said he wouldn’t approach his players carrying no-trade clauses to waive them, but recent reports suggest he could change his mind. 

SPORTSNET: Kypreos reports being told the Edmonton Oilers have interest in Tampa Bay Lightning center Brian Boyle, but the asking price is too high, possibly a first-round pick. The Columbus Blue Jackets and Toronto Maple Leafs could also be interested. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Canadiens could also look into Boyle’s availability, but I don’t see anyone parting with a first-round pick for a checking-line center. 


  1. I figured that Shattenkirk might just stay in Montreal after playing the Habs last night,instead of boarding the plane back to St. Louis. I think McCarron and a pick would be right. ps. Montreal had to be drooling over Bergland as a center last night as well–how about a 1st round pick?

    • As things now stand, with 91 pts looking like the cut-off to qualify for a wild-card in the west, why would St.L – playing a LOT better since Hitchcock was canned – start selling for “future” assets when they are on a pace to easily qualify simply by playing at only slightly less than the same % rate (possible points earned) over their first 56 gp?

      To date they have earned 63 pts by playing at a .563 clip. To get to 91 they need to play at a .539 pace.

      • Sell HIGH
        Plan long term/future

      • That’s one way of looking at it, but the way things are proceeding since Yeo took over St.L has the 6th best record in the west with the 2 immediately behind them (Nashville and L.A.) likely rounding out the top 8. So what you’re saying is, forget this season – which they almost assuredly would if they dealt Shattenkirk and Berglund for “futures” – and see the team spiral out of the top 8? Ain’t gonna happen.

      • And, for the record, they are just 3 points back of Edmonton and 5 behind Anaheim with a game in hand on the Ducks, so moving up 2 more spots is not out of the question.

      • Let’s talk again after the 1st round of the playoffs. My dream for the Blues is to be more than a playoff bubble team. IF the Blues could acquire McCarron, Beaulieu, and a conditional #1 for Bergie and Shatty I think it would not undo the present and certainly position themselves better for the future.

      • I think you are WAY over-valuating both McCarron and Beaulieu. The former may be big with a bit of a nasty streak, but you’ll get zilch from him offensively. As for Beaulieu, he benefits from being around Weber and Markov and, of course, having Price to cover up a lot of his mistakes.

        Be careful what you wish for.

    • George and Mark, the point is moot, Montreal is a pass on Shattenkirk. Shattenkirk is a right defenseman and Montreal is looking for a left D. marc Bergevin is of the same mind as Babcock on this point. Shattenkirk would have to displace either Weber (not going to happen) or Petry. Yes you could argue Shattenkirk is better but by how much? Is the difference so extreme that Shattenkirk is worth the price in assets and cap space? No. Mtl needs a top 2 left D to play with Weber. Weber’s skill means a D that is not a top two on other teams could do the job so really a guy like Shattenkirk is really a waste to trade for unless a bag of pucks and broken hockey sticks is the asking price, LOL.

      • I agree with everything you say. My only point was, I can’t see St. Louis peddling either Shattenkirk or Berglund for “futures” of any kind based upon where they currently stand -with a decent chance of finishing even higher (neither Edmonton nor Anaheim are out of reach).

        IF they were offered solid commodities that could step into the line-up right now and help down the stretch – well, that’s entirely different.

      • First of all Montreal NEEDS to fire Therrien, and that will be the biggest addition, after that we can think about trades

      • St. Louis can’t finish ahead of Edmonton or Anaheim. Top 3 in each div are locks then wildcards. Their first round match up will be against Chicago, Minny or San Jose.

  2. re: Boyle. A checking line center with 13 goals who plays special teams and can take a shift on defense, but is a UFA, might not be “worth” a first, but might well command it in this market, f that’s the hole you have to fill. He is an active piece for some team as a rental, not just insurance. I do think he signs back with Tampa tho after the expansion draft on a cap friendly 3 year — he’d have likely been re-upped by now without expansion. He’s one of those who like the market and ownership, has settled his family here, thus may be one of several Bolts who buy in to the Yzerman family plan. “Big power forward who plays in all situations” is missing from the near term pieces in the farm system.

    • Can’t see many teams offering up a first for Boyle, I think a second would be most he fetches maybe a fifth or sixth with that second

      • depends on how many people competing. I could see at least a conditional 1st… contingent on games played, performance, round made by team etc. someone will sweeten a second with a b prospect at least… overpayment for sure but every competitor could use him..

      • You are right — except a team planning to win the cup will be drafting late, and it only takes one. Still, a 2nd and a 5th would be useful & OK. I guess the point is that there are three kinds of deadline deals…insurance/depth, roster cleanup, or filling a need. Boyle fills a need thus potentially commands a price.

      • Agreed, perhaps a lower price of a second and good defensive prospect. Come deadline day when prices get inflated I could see Boyle being highly sought after. Personally I’d take him over Hanzal…the price is gonna be steep,

    • I don’t see Boyle returning to Tampa at all. I don’t see a three year deal for Boyle anywhere to be honest.

      • Wonder why? Many players become less effective when they lose a step, but he his already effective as a slow guy on a speed team. Everything else about his skills and body type suggest effectiveness to age 35 for me. Extra year or two makes cap friendliness more possible.

      • Shticky I agree I would take Boyle over Hanzal as well. Hanzal is risky cause he’s injury prone and has inflated stats that aren’t even that great cause he gets prime minutes playing for the joke Arizona Coyotes. Hanzal also very limited playoff experience where Boyle is made for that type of hockey.

  3. A deal around MAF and DP and a pick sounds like some of the trade scenarios thrown around here by some fans… not meant to knock you at all Lyle… but whomever speculated it. thats like… Kapanen, mcdermott, pick for fowler… wishful thinking but not gonna happen. would have to include maatta IMO and pens cannot move him unless another top 4 d man comes back in the deal or a separate one.

    • Maatta can go if Zadorov comes back no problem but Pouliot in the bottom pairing with Daley isn’t the worst thing, he’s playing Letang minutes in WBS and performing well right now. At this point the Penguins can trade Hagelen for a decent defenseman, we have more wingers with blazing speed than we know what to go with. If Hagelen coming back into the lineup meant having to send Guentzel back to WBS then so long Hagelen.

  4. This is a great example on why Kypreos will never be taken serious in this business. He looks like he’s making stuff up on the spot. There is no chance that Pouliot and MAF land Duchene, not even close.

    MAF has zero value to Col and would be considered at salary dump and Pouliot is a throw in at this point.

    Col controls Duchene and Landeskog for years and don’t have to trade them at all given there ages and contracts. So the only way they are traded is if Col gets a great package back that involves assets they need such as a top 4 blue liner ++.

    • Kypreos is a joke.

      I laugh every time on HCatNoon when he says “Guys…” looks around the room to make sure he has every one’s attention and then breathlessly “…I think Malkin wants his own team.”

      No one has ever wanted their own team less than Malkin. He gets to play like a superstar. He gets paid like a superstar. Sid does all the superstar work for him. Geno plays and goes home.

      Kypreos just toss “stuff” against the wall and hopes it gets him attention.

      • Hahaha. The hockey central at noon. The crazy thing is Kipper has improved a lot compared to when he first started but still brutal.

      • Well said MG, I couldn’t agree more. His Malkin speculation last season and into the offseason was a disgrace, not much of an insider with that information.

  5. The most any team should pay for Brian Boyle is a mid-range prospect (Daniel Carr), or a 2nd round pick straight up. His offensive numbers in the playoffs are under-whelming at best. If you want to overpay a little you can package the mid range prospect with the second round pick, but nothing more.

  6. Bruins could use Shattenkirk now but don’t need him in the future. With Mcavoy,Carlo and C. Miller plus K. Miller and Maquaid all playing right side defense I think the future is set. I’m ok with Mcavoy,Carlo and C.Miller as my future right side. I think we may need a left side to replace Chara long term. Zboril and some of the other prospects could step up. Really see no reason for Shattenkirk in Boston. Too much salary and not smart to give up prospects and picks.

    • Agree, the only way Shattenkirk should come to Boston is in the offseason as a UFA. Giving up high end prospect or Carlo at this point makes no sense. Offseason no more then 5yrs at $6.5 and if that doesn’t get it done, walk away. let someone else give 6 or 7yrs

      • I would do a deal for Trouba who is a more complete defenseman and comes at a better price tag. I won’t include Mcavoy or Pastrnak and would be hesitant to move Carlo.

      • I would say the contract maybe a lttle better short term but the cost of Trouba when you consider the assets it’s going to cost to acquire and the next contract that he will have to sign in the long run I think Trouba will cost considerably more than Shattenkirk.

  7. Pit could send Jarry instead of Fleury along with pouliot a 1st and a salary dump like Kunitz for Dushene? Pouliot may be at most a second pairing guy but getting a good tender is important. The could then turn Kunitz into other assets?

    I find that Kypreos is pretty good a speculating about trades. You have to remember this is just speculation. He also breaks some real good insider info.

    • Don’t see it. Colarado has Pickard if they want to go the lesser experienced rout and Jarry provides the Penguins with a cost controlled backup for next year when they will need to cut costs to pay RFAs like Shultz, Dumoulin, and Sheary who are all very important to the future.

    • No way that Jarry, a 1st and Dp get you Duchene…. And why on earth is Colorado taking Kunitz in that or any deal?

      And why on earth does Pittsburgh need a $6 million 3rd line center? $24* million tied up on 3 centers?

      • because you build down the middle..Crosby Malkin Duchense hell yes. They go for it….

        I’m thinking the package it will take with be Oli Matta young established blue liner they seek…Nick Bonino solid two way center can play 2nd 3rd line center an top young prospect Daniel Sprong

        to Colorado
        Matta / Bonino/ Sprong and hell throw in Pouliot

        Duchense to Pittsburgh

        salaries are dead even…Avs take $1 million more if they want Pouliot who can play a bottom pairing somewhere just not in Pittsburgh

        why not add a 25/26 year old center are you nuts..malkin is 30/31

        win now..

      • Who builds down the middle like that? Lol.

    • Tugboat…. penguins will send young defenseman Oli Matta solid two way center Nick Bonino and young top prospect Damiel Sprong to Avs for Duchense

      Tristan Jarry is not going anywhere he will be better than both Murray and Fluery

      they need Kunitz foe Grit in the playoffs 4th line

      • Ya that offer won’t come close to landing duschene! Other teams will better that offer by a mile

  8. Time to start speculating what Winnipeg Jet player could hit the market. The Jets are going nowhere fast. Sit 6pts out of a wild card spot and played more games then anyone else. They should be seller now. With expansion draft in mind the three that look like the Jets could try and move are Strafford, Perreault and Mathias. Stafford makes the most sense because he is a ufa at season end. His 4-8-12pts in 34g played don’t look great but as his games played suggest he’s been injured and only recently returned. Mathias is a big body and has one year left after this season with a 2.125 cap hit has 7-3-10pts in 33g also been injured at 6’4 231lbs I think he be a good pickup and lastly is Pereault 4-13-17pts in 41g yes been injured also. He has a contract of $3 this season then has a 4yr at $4.125 salary starting next season. His average points wise been 41 over the pass three season. I think he’ll be a tougher move for the Jets and likely will be left exposed in the expansion draft if not moved. I only say tougher move because of the 4yrs at $4.125 seem like an overpayment to me for what he brings to the table. I didn’t mention any defense because they have nwc unless Enstrom was willing to waive his, I do say there would be interest in him. The rest of the D other then Chairot no one wants.

    • Winnipeg will probably end up as sellers this year, but they`ll keep that one eye on the playoff revenue as long as they can. Strafford`s name already been kicked around as the most likely to go.

    • The Jets are actually a pretty good team. They need structure and discipline so badly.

      They need a Ken Hitchcock type.

      And then they need to commit to Hellebuyck and find out what they have. They are authoring a text book on how to mismanage the development of a young netminder at present.

    • Winnipeg has a point percentage so far this year of .466. In order to reach 91 pts – which is likely to be the cut-off to qualify as a wild-card, they would have to up that to .792. Zero chance.

      Same with Dallas (.482 to .712) and Vancouver (.491 to .685). Only real diehards see any chance there. Calgary could squeeze in if they were to increase their pts percentage from .527 to .615 and hope that L.A., Nashville and St. Louis falter. But that, too, is a long-shot.

      It’s isn’t as clear in the east where it appears a qualifying team will have to get to 96 pts.

      • that should read ” …and hope that one of L.SD., Nashville or St. Louis falters.”

      • LMAO. “LSD???” Damned faded script. L.A. of course.

      • This last road trip for the Canucks was the final nail in the coffin. They are done for this year. And Willie D as coach as well. Hopefully will not repeat last year’s debacle at the trade deadline.

      • The only difference between Calgary and Nashville, Edmonton, LA, St.Louis and Anaheim is that those 5 teams Calgary are chasing lose more of their games in OT than Calgary does. Otherwise their win losses are all just about bang on Maybe 1 game difference…The difference between their point totals are the OT loss points. To beat someone out of a spot moving forward means they got to get the OT loss points like the teams they are chasing do. None more than Anaheim, Edmonton and Nashville. They lose as much as Calgary does. They’re just harder to beat in regulation. Calgary wins as often as any of them.

        Calgary fared quite well in their 5 day break. Teams had 1, 2 and 3 games in hand on them and up to this point everyone has caught up in games in hand but LA who will remain 1 game in hand. Nashville plays their last game in hand tonight against Dallas. If Calgary can remain lucky with these teams losing their games in hand and Nashville continues on their losing streak against Dallas then the flames finish their break 1 point back tied in games with Nashville…if not then 3 but either way everyone caught up to Calgary with Calgary coming out of this break considerably better then I’m sure they thought they would. I’m sure they didn’t expect they would just be a couple OT loss points back.

      • That’s a whole lot of “IFS” Hockey83, almost bordering on wishful thinking. It COULD happen as you say – but don’t bet the farm.

  9. I see St Louis and NYR being a good fit. Shatty for Zibanejad makes a lot of sense for both clubs.

  10. I have no idea why the Pens would want Matt Duchense (aside from him being a great player, obviously).

    The Avs might be the only team in the league with a D corps bad enough that Derrick Pouliot could help them. That kid will need a lot of maturity and development.

    But I have started to wonder if the Pens can cut a side deal with Vegas to protect Ian Cole.

    Tristan Jarry seems to be on the Matt Murray track in terms of his development but being second fiddle to a goalie only a year or so older than him isn’t a great situation for anyone.

    Maybe the Pens can have Vegas take Fehr instead of Cole, etc. and then send them Jarry for a more veteran backup that Vegas selects in the expansion draft (Montoya or Raanta or whoever).

    • Great players usually help you win Stanley Cups….lets put two and two together so we can four ok — MG….. there you go…

  11. I see the Setoguchi trial in L.A. has ended as he’s being waived.

  12. Duchense to Pittsburgh hell yeah.

    Colorado wants and established young defense man Oli Matta (he is playing well now and 22)

    We can also give them center Nick Bonino who along with Oli Matta there salaries are equal at $6 million = to Duchense

    Give them a young prospect Daniel Sprong he will be terrific.

    The Pens already have Rust, Sheary, Archibald Guenztal,Knuhnacl Wilson.

    Duchense to Pittsburgh

    Oli Matta / Nick Bonino / Daniel Sprong to Colorado can even add a pick

    • That offer would get destroyed by another team, maata is injury prone and the other 2 are 3rd liners

      • Hockey83 the caps are perineal playoff chockers they still haven’t found the toughness on the top 2 lines to win in the playoffs, after the first Rd teams aren’t worried about meeting the caps

      • Big bad bruins thats why your team is a mess..and the penguins aren’t…

        matta is the top 4 young controable defender they are looking for who has been playing great and helped the Penguins big in their Stanley cup run. Bonino is a capable second line center can also scores clutch goals…Sprong is the young prospect they are looking for and throw in the pick who makes a better deal no one…

        Carlo is off the table so Icant see anyone else offering a better young defense man. dont see anyone else making a better offer

        colorado who sucks gets a top young 4 dman…a second line center, a young prospect and throw in a draft should worry about the bruins bud

    • Why would the Pens want to give up these guys for Duchene? They got the team they need to make the run. I’m sure between Washinton and Pittsburg the only teams they’re worried about are each. Whoever wins that series will be the team coming out of the east for the cup. It will be the best series of the playoffs.

      Columbus are what 9 and 9 since the incredible winning streak ended and are looking more like your average wild card spot team. Looks like New York wants the home ice spot more than they do right now. The entire Atlantic Division has been putting in a piss poor effort over the last 10. Definitely not playing like teams that have the entire east conference nipping at their heels for a playoff spot. Toronto has blown 3 of the six games in hand they had on Boston. I guess we’ll see the truth at the end of this 6 day Boston break. Islanders play Colorado tonight Should be a win…then Toronto on Tuesday. That’s got to be the most important 4 point game and game in hand on Boston that Toronto will play so far this season.

      • Hockey83 the caps are perineal playoff chockers they still haven’t found the toughness on the top 2 lines to win in the playoffs, after the first Rd teams aren’t worried about meeting the caps

      • Hockey 83…the reason they make this deal is because speed kills…you put Duchense with Crosby, Malkin, and Cullen that is 4 super fast centers…

    • Again you guys are looking at this from Pitts point of view, if Col trades Duchene they aren’t going to want Bonino who is a ufa. Add MAF and Kunitz to that list as well cause they are salary dumps at this point.

      Maatta is a good start but no where near enough.

      • I certainly didn’t prospose Fluery or Kunitz to Colorado. they would never take that.

        i proposed Oli Matta top young controable dman 22. i propsed Nick Bonino 28, a nice second line center capable of 15 to 20 goals a year, Daniel Sprong Pittsburgh’s best young prospect.. and a number # 1 draft choice that is a nice haul for one player

  13. And remember Colorado doesn’t want matt Duchense or he wouldn’t be on the block now would he…hell Matta, Sprong, Bonino and a number # 1 pick I’m taking that.nice haul for someone you are trying to unload..

    remember Colrado add Oli Matta to tyson Barrie, Johnson Nikkita Zadorov that is a solid top 4 dman combo.