Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – February 5, 2017

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Are they any suitable trade destinations for Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Ben Bishop?

Latest on Bishop,Shattenkirk, Duchene, Doan, Eberle, Halak and more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

OTTAWA SUN; Bruce Garrioch reports a limited number of sellers (only the Arizona Coyotes and Colorado Avalanche at this point) is affecting the NHL trade market. He anticipates that will grow in the next couple of weeks as the New York Islanders, Carolina Hurricanes, New Jersey Devils, Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres and Tampa Bay Lightning could join that list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Dallas Stars and maybe the Winnipeg Jets could also join that list. 

If the Tampa Bay Lightning move goaltender Ben Bishop they’ll want a goalie in return. Garrioch believes “the Dallas Stars, Calgary Flames, Philadelphia Flyers, Kings and Blues” all need help between the pipes. He also reports the Bolts are thought to be among the clubs with interest in Colorado’s Matt Duchene.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Except for the Kings, those other clubs could be suitable trade destinations for Bishop. The Kings are doing very well with Peter Budaj, who last night picked up his league-leading seventh shutout of the season. Sidelined starter Jonathan Quick is expected to return within the next several weeks, so they have no reason to pursue a goaltender. 

If Arizona Coyotes right wing Shane Doan accepts a trade, he doesn’t want to go far. Garrioch claims the San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings are the top contenders for Doan’s services. The Sharks have apparently tried to land him for the past several years. The Coyotes are shopping center Martin Hanzal, winger Radim Vrbata, defenseman Michael Stone and forward Ryan White, but so far general manager John Chayka’s asking prices are unrealistic.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chayka’s prices are high because only the Coyotes and Avalanche are sellers right now. He’ll be seeking more reasonable returns by the trade deadline. Doan could move, but I’m not really expecting it to happen. We’ve heard this talk many times before. 

Sooner or later, Colorado Avalanche GM Joe Sakic must lower the asking price for center Matt Duchene. Though they’re seeking up to five pieces, they could accept a young defenseman, a high-end prospect and a first-round pick for Duchene. The Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators are thought to be among the clubs that kicked tires on the Avs center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see playoff contenders such as the Habs and Sens parting with that type of return at the trade deadline for Duchene. This summer, maybe. Not now. Hey, if it does happen, it’ll provide a much-needed jolt of excitement to an otherwise stagnant trade market, but I’m not getting my hopes up. 

There’s talk the St. Louis Blues gave an Eastern Conference club permission to talk contract with pending free-agent defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk a couple of weeks ago but the discussions apparently broke down. Garrioch lists the Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils and San Jose Sharks all needing help on defense, but suggests Shattenkirk’s better off waiting until free agency as he’s the top blueliner available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers, Rangers and Sharks likely prefer Shattenkirk as a rental player, provided the asking price isn’t extreme. The Devils are pretty much out of the postseason chase so I don’t see them chasing any quick fixes. Unless they can get a sign-and-trade done, I don’t expect Shattenkirk lands in New Jersey. 

On the coaching front, Garrioch speculates the reason Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien hasn’t been fired yet is because he still has the support of Bruins owner Jeremy Jacob. Meanwhile, former Florida Panthers coach Gerard Gallant and former New York Islanders bench boss Jack Capuano could be on the Vegas Golden Knight’s list. The Knights could wait until after the first round of the playoffs to announce their coaching hire.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Edmonton Oilers don’t want to risk losing defenseman Brandon Davidson in the June expansion draft. He believes there’s some interest in the trade market in Davidson.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Speaking of the Oilers, Friedman last week also spoke with Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 on Friday regarding trade rumors involving wingers Jordan Eberle and Benoit Pouliot. He believes the Oilers tried to trade the duo but doubts there’s a market for them, pointing out concern over a potentially flat salary cap next season makes it harder for players carrying significant salary to be dealt. Friedman also thinks Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli wants to ensure he has sufficient long-term cap room to re-sign stars Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers could end up waiting until this summer to move Eberle or Pouliot in cost-cutting deals. Teams will want to wait and see what the cap ceiling for next season will be. Of the two, Eberle would have the most value in the trade market, but his $6 million annual cap hit remains a serious sticking point. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin recently speculated over which teams could become trade destinations for former New York Islanders starter Jaroslav Halak, who’s currently toiling with their AHL farm team in Bridgeport. Larkin suggested the St. Louis Blues, Philadelphia Flyers, Dallas Stars and Los Angeles Kings as possible options. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stick tap to “Jason” for this link. Larkin claims Halak has a $3.55 million cap hit through 2017-18, but lists it as $4.5 million. Regardless, I don’t think there’s much of a market for Halak now. There could have been some interest at the start of the season following his strong performance in the World Cup of Hockey, but his inconsistency since then has likely scared off potential suitors. The Isles could be looking at buying him out if he’s not selected by Vegas in the expansion draft. 


  1. If you saw J.F. Berube hi lights last night, the best fit right now for Halak might just be as the backup for Greiss in New York and the Islanders figure out what to do with him after the season. Berube clearly cost them a game they could not afford to lose

    • I don’t believe NY is going to swing a deal for Shattenkirk. Without moving Staal or Girardi, NY has ZERO chance of re-signing him.
      I also doubt they are willing to part with Miller for a rental that looks exactly like Yandle with no term on the deal. If Nash was coming off the books this year instead of next, they’d probably make it happen. No room at the moment to squeeze Shattenkirk in the fold.

      • I have NO idea how this comment ended up here? LOL

      • All good NYR4LIFE.

        I don’t trade Miller. Going to be a solid NHL player that can play any roll you want, winger either side, C with good players or checkers. He has the potential to be a stud. We will now by the end of next season exactly what his future holds for him in the NHL. What ever it is it sure looks very promising.

    • One bad game is not enough to shun a young goaltender with potential. There is still Halak of suitors for Jaro though…….. no one?

      • I assume once Jaro is bought out he will simply sign some where in some role for reasonable money to try & get his career back on track.

        If expansion wasn’t looming & teams only being able to protect 1 tender I assume he would have been traded but odd market now for goalies. Can’t wait to see what TB & Pit do with their issues & others.

  2. Garrison had regressed to a third pair D. Co has Coburn. Sustr resembled a fire hydrant on the tying goal last night, Witkowski is perfect as the Captain for Syracuse. Taormina, there, has already proved he’s not prime NHL. Youngster Dotchin, playing now with Hedmon, looked OK against the big ducks, but fast and agile gives him trouble. Most of the pipeline is more than a year away. The Lightning are ready to deal now, if you are dealing defenseman, and can afford to some some quality, playoff experienced front line talent. If somebody makes the first move the dam might break — which GM wants to be the one that didn’t make a move?

    • How about …..

      R N H
      Dave Bollands rights & contract.$5.5 mill

      Helps with the cash ….
      Re unites Strome and McDavid

      Gives Coyotes top line Center and winger to go with young core.

      • No thank you from Arizona. Strome will be a way better C than RNH perhaps as soon as next season, certainly by year 3 of his career. Arizona is happy keeping Bolland’s contract. The insurance picks up most of the tab. No 1 wants either Eberle or RNH at 6 mil per unless they can dump a bad contract they don’t want back on Edm. Bolland’s contract isn’t bad as his long term disability pays the vast majority of it costing Arizona little to nothing, not even the cap space as he sits on LTIR.

      • @ Striker

        If the rumors are true of trading out Hanzal …you wont have a number 1 Center and only Burmitrov and Strome for your top 2 Centers ….

        I beg to differ that R N H would not be a healthy pick up for the Yotes as well as a quality young winger ..regardless of the 2 contracts …the Yotes have a TONE of cap space and both these players could be an impact to this developing team from what they have presently ! IMO

      • Dvorak is & has played C all year. Holland is a C & an RFA. Richardson is skating plays C & has 1 more year on his contract. Keller, Strome, Merkley, MacInnis, Dauphin are all coming. That covers off scorers to checking C’s.

        Arizona has tons of cap space to address anyway they see fit. Almost 30 mil with 15 players signed.

      • Rnh is playing well. Edmontons 2nd centre. I dont think theyd be better moving him.

      • In what league is RNH a #1C

  3. Eberle and davidson and a third in 2017 to toronto for nylander and torontos first in either 17 or 18

    • No thanks!

    • So Toronto is giving up a first for Davidson and taking back 5 million bucks in salary for essentially (way more expensive not necessarily any beter) the same type of player? Why would any team do that? It’s the Oilers who have the issue and would like to or need to trade.

      • Shticky just smile, have a chuckle & continue on. Even if the 1st was goiung the other way that deal can’t fly. Ha-ha!

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, sorry. Think it`s a little early for the wacky stuff isn`t it.

      • TO doesn’t need Davidson. They got their short term solution until they either trade for, draft or develop one or two more competent Dman. For now they can work with what they got. Putting Corrado on waiver hopefully frees him? Avs, Coyotes, and Canucks should all be interested? He was not really given a chance. If he doesn’t get picked up now I bet Lou talks Vegas into taking him?

        Still think the Habs should send McCarron, a young dman and a pick for Duchene as long as they get a rental like Mitchell in the deal too. They have the assets and will get the best player in the trade. I am a Leaf fan and wouldn’t want to face the group of centers they would have. Of course if Habs give up one of their young dman picks they might be able to switch out someone like Deharnais for McCarron if a first round pick is part of the deal?

      • If Corrado is even claimed I will be some what surprised. If he is it’s the same role he had in Toronto. Black Ace only dresses when no other option can be arranged in the time available. Vegas isn’t touching Corrado.

        McCarron, 1 of the 2 sol8d D prospects & a 1st aren’t getting you Duchene.

        McCarron can’t yet skate well enough to be an NHL player & may never. He’ s not a prospect but a suspect. Trade value is virtually non existent. Being a monster of a player so far from finding his NHL. 4 or 5 years if ever.

      • Sorry should say game after NHL. Finding his NHL game.

      • Good news. Corrado cleared waivers & has been sent to the Marlies. Can we stop talking about him now. Not an NHL Dman & never going to be 1.

    • Wow you must be dreaming ??

    • Someone started hitting the bottle a little early on Superbowl Sunday

  4. Add Boston to the list of sellers in a few weeks. With all the games in hand they are lower than they look.

    • Boston’s playoff aspirations are dead. To have any hope of making it now they would have to play at least 750. Not happening.

    • Bruins definitely in trouble to make playoffs but the way Tampa Ottawa and Toronto are playing anything is possible. Rask needs to be Rask and than you never know plus they don’t have a lot to sell.

  5. I dont think Sakic has to lower his asking price at all. It be fine for them to hang on to Duchene. Of coarse if Sakic wants Duchene off his roster, then yes i agree.

    • If Duchene is moved & it’s a big if, it will be in the summer following the expansion draft not before. Colorado will want to protect 7, 3 & 1. Johnson, Barrie & Zadarov being the 3 Dman. Beuchemin will be moved, asked to waive his NMC, a side deal arranged with Vegas, bought out or retained & Colorado switches to 8 keepers exposing Soderberg..

      Colorado only has 5 real keepers at forward so Sakic may send other assets out to secure 2 more or again simply protect Beauchemin & expose Soderberg. The 4 forward keepers being, McKinnon, Duchene, Landeskog & Grigorenko. Sub Soderberg for Grigorenko if it makes you feel better.

    • Yeah* i was getting a headache. So sub the players as you suggested. Feel so much better now.

  6. Remember when Craig Button decided it would be better to trade Marc Savard for nothing instead of firing Greg Gilbert?

    Bad things happen when franchises show loyalty to mediocre coaches who are still going to be fired very soon anyway.

    Paul Maurice is doing real damage to the Jets’ future trying to coach for his job instead of the team and the Jets management is allowing it.

    They have a potential franchise goalie on their bench and instead of developing him, Maurice is trotting out Ondrej “4.00 GAA and .850 SVP” Pavelec every night.

    How does that help the Jets ultimately?

    • How does that mean the guy is coaching for his job instead of the team? If the Jets make the playoffs, Maurice keeps his job. He’s using the goalie that he thinks will help the team do just that.

      • The Jets are unlikely to make the playoffs and even if they do, they’d be first round chum. Like the last time.

        And next year, they’d be in the same situation because they’d still have no goalie.

        Hellebuyck should be starting 3 of every 4 games and let the chips fall where they may. Their odds of making the playoffs would probably be better since he’s the best goalie they have.

        But, after getting a shutout he was torched in two game where they team was HORRIFIC in front of him and he seems to have been made the scapegoat for Maurice’s team having no structure and zero discipline and has only gotten one start since then.

        If the Jets are ever going to win, they’ll need a legit number one goalie. Developing Hellebuyck is their clearest path to that.

      • As far as I see or saw with the Jets the goalies they were so called DEVELOPING were not developing and were not winning and looking really bad…

        This team is no longer a DEVELOPING team they have a core here that should be competing for a playoff spot every year and not the last 8th place but top 4 place in the division.

        This core of the Jets should not be relying on the rookie ( Laine ) to be the savior especially this year !

        Jets should take a run at either Mrazek Fleury or Halak … these guys would fit in with the age of where this team is at …IMHO..

      • Halak and Mrazek have fallen to #3 on the depth charts of bad teams. Not sure how they solve anything.

        Fleury would be a great fit for the Jets, he learned how to play behind a loose D in the Bylsma days, but I don’t know if Veronique would waive his NTC for Winnipeg.

        Given their personnel, the Jets are unlikely to be mistaken for the 95 Devils (even with a coaching change) so they need great goaltending, not just good.

        Hellebuyck has real potential. I see a lot of Matt Murray in him. The problem is he’s been hung out to dry playing in front of a pickup hockey team. Carey Price would look bad playing in front of that defense, especially the way they were playing 3 weeks ago.

        Hellebuyck has a real chance to be a number one but right now the Jets are doing everything they can to thwart it.

        The team has tightened up since those meltdowns, but instead of allowing Hellebuyck to regain his footing behind their improved defensive play, they have ridden a guy no one else in the league would take for free.

        The Jets need a long term investment strategy instead they are outside the payday loan center waiting for it to open every day.

    • MG, I may agree with you about Maurice as a coach, but not for putting Pav in nets. Pav’s was sent to the minors and the net was given to Heleybuck and Hutchinson, they proved that they were not ready to take on such a work load. Pav was brought back up out of desperation because the season was getting away from them. I do agree that Helleybuck should’ve got the start against the Av’s. Winnipeg is the only team in the league with 4 players having 40pts or better. Scoring isn’t the issue, but a lack of attention to the defensive side of the game is. PM seem unwilling to make a change to how this team plays in the dzone. Maybe having a healthy Myers back there might help. This team is good enough to be in the playoffs but need to change their mindset. This falls on Maurice.

      • I think the Jets need a guy like Hitchcock.

        They have so much talent, if they really clamped down on the defensive side, they could score enough goals counter punching.

    • That decision is being made above Maurice’s pay grade. This is being done to try & create trade value for Winnipeg with Pavelic, it’s not working. The message this sends me is management & ownership don’t see making the playoffs & if they did 1 & done. Terrible message to send to your players.

      Hellebuyck should be playing. His #’s are significantly better than any & all other Winnipeg goalies. For odd situation & don’t see any of the positives to doing so.

      • Your Totally wrong Striker. This is PM decision, and to bring Pav up was the right decision. Playing in all of the games except once that you can debate. This is not about trading Pav, this is about the Winnipeg Jets trying to get into the playoffs. What would Pav fetch in a trade a 4th rounder. Ok, we’ll put a guy in nets so we can hopefully get a 4th round pick and sacrifice our season. Winnipeg problem is that they don’t play a defensive system that works, haven’t since Maurice arrived and until he is willing to change and pay more attention to his own zone, the results will be the same.

      • Caper I was thinking a 3rd. Possibly a conditional 2nd if the team he goes to makes it deep in the playoffs.

        Whi is in the NHL is generally decided by the GM, any good GM would consult not only his coach but management team. If this is PM’s decission he should be fired. Meaning already.

        I find what is going on in Winnipeg as incredibly odd. Pavelic may have played well but the #’s don’t agree & like Boston it’s to late. Winnipeg like Boston has played 55 games the only 2 teams in the NHL to have done so.

        Neither team has shown they can string together the 10 to 12 wins in no more than 16 games needed to even really reenter the race.

        The way the NHL try’s to create false parity with their scoring system & how they display their dtandings paints a very false picture of the reality of these 2 teams situation.

        Although not mathematically eliminated the odds of probability give them less than a 10% chance of actually doing so. Again they would need to go on a tear both & essentially finish the year as 2 of the top 5 teams in wins over the remaining 27 games.

  7. As much as I hate to admit it, I have to commend Lombardi on staying the course with Budaj. I didn’t think Budaj could carry the load in LA even playing behind 1 of the best defensive teams in the NHL in almost any metric you choose to use. He had some shacky starts & inconsistent play early but has settled in to play very well. I didn’t think there was a hope Budaj could stand up to this work load. He sits 5th in starts 1 out of the top 3, 2 out of 2nd.

    I was wrong, significantly so. Well done to Lombardi on staying the course & on Budaj who has resurrected his career. Had Quick not gone down it was essentially over. At 34 he’s now looking at 2 to 3 solid more years as a back up or possibly even better as a short term stop gap for a team needing to shelter a young goalie.

    • Don’t beat yourself up too much Striker, almost every pundit in the hockey world didn’t give Budaj or Lombardi a chance on this decision.

      I knew they were going to give Budaj every opportunity once Quick went down because of his play in the AHL last year was spectacular and he is one of the classiest guys in hockey, but never in a million years did I think his numbers would be this good.

      • No 1 beats themselves up for being wrong more than I do to myself. Hate mistakes, being wrong etc. I just like to accept & point out when I am to those here that take me to task. I’m not infallible, no 1 can be perfect but when wrong I’ll man up. I’m right far more often than I am wrong but when your wrong, your wrong, man up. Don’t sugar coat it, lie about it or try to justify.

        I was wrong. Here’s till next time. Ha-ha!

  8. Dan39 where are you, I thought for sure you be on here with a dig or shot at us Bruin fans. Must be hungover. Last night confirmed for me Boston is just a one line team, with terrible d. Actually I should say two lines because the 4th line is good for a 4th line. The second and third. Big money Backes 11g and Krecji 13g just not cutting it, might help if they had another winger to put out there. Loved Toronto speed and creativity but it will be interesting to watch them play when they play some physical teams and they like the bruins certainly need some help on the backend.

    • That game was a bit of a dogs breakfast really. Always fun to see goals I guess but even most of those had a smell to them…not like there were a lot of the hi-light variety. lol

      • Agree, entertaining but poorly played

      • That game is exactly what happens when two terrible defensive teams meet lol I’ve been saying from the start the bruins defence is bad, and thinking why in the world would Sweeney sign backed? Just a terrible signing for where the bruins are as a team! Moving krejci is a must might have to eat some salary but has to be done cause I don’t see anyone taking backes

  9. It may be easier to just keep Halak for his final season if he can’t be traded for a couple reasons 1 it’s only 1 more season with a new coach keep him as a backup get Berube lots of starts in the AHL instead of rotating him with Greiss and potentially running in to the same issue as the Blues have with Allen not quite being ripe enough, 2 Im not sure with Taveres being UFA in 18/19 and the number of other contracts that the Isles will need to sign by then if you want nearly 2 mill in dead cap space if you can avoid it in 18/19 . Islanders already would have nearly half the cap spent plus another 1.7 for Halak and would only have 9 guys signed and need to give raises to Taveres Strome over half the D corps still need a backup goalie… easier to keep him and bury him if Vegas doesn’t take him it’s cheaper on the cap then a buyout and would leave as much space as possible for Tavares.

    • & how is NYI getting Berube to the AHL? He isn’t clearing waivers. The reason NYI had a 3 goalie monster. LA tried to sneak Berube thru in late training camp last season & NYI snatched him.

      • Then bury Halak again, my main point is that 18/19 you don’t want any dead cap space when you will need to resign or replace half a roster and resign a guy like Tavares who is likely going to cost around 9 mill. The difference between paying Halak for 1 more year minus the 950k off the cap for sending him down or buying him out which will still cost around 3 mill spread over 2 years doesn’t make sense. The Islanders will need the cap space more in 2 years than the small savings they get for 1 year next year. I didn’t look in to Berube waiver status

      • Tons of money to sign Tavares. Almost 40 mil in available cap space the year Tavares is set to be a UFA at today’s cap hit. The cap may be stagnant but it w ill keep creeping by a couple mil per year unless the players stop using the escalator.

        Tavares will be resigned shortly after July 1st this summer to Stamkos money give or take 1/2 a mil. Halak’s buy out as you stated is a little over 3 mil. 1.6 & change spread over 2 years. That will be happening this summer as well.

        All other cap issues will be addressed as they play out. Boychuks NMC turns to an M-NTC in 2019-20. Kulemin, Chimera, Grabovski; although LTIR addresses regardless, Hickey & Bailey are all UFA’s at the same time as Tavares.

      • That’s kinda my point Striker Tavares and 14 other players is going to eat some cap room, I wouldn’t want dead space a buy out of Halak costs 1.6 over 2 years so 3.2 mill spread over 2 years of cap hit, bury him caphit is 3.5 fo 1 year it’s only saving a couple 100k in caphit more in actual dollars granted but I’d rather keep the cap space available.

      • Shticky.

        Sorry we are having a communication issue.

        Your original comment & my response was you wanted Berube in the AHL. That’s not an option Berube can’t be buried. Then you raised another issue about cap space. NYI has a ton of cap space more than enough to sign 14 skaters.

        The 9 signed not counting Tavares are the core. The only player being lost of any potential consequence is Bailey. Even signing Bailey isn’t onerous. Bailey is a recipient of playing with Tavares. He gets no more than Abdlekader money or he walks. NYI has tons of youth to replace those assets being lost & if push comes to shove on the cap, they send a Dman packing, most likely Boychuk but that’s a minimum of 3 years from even being an issue.

  10. Mock drafts show Las Vegas has the 3rd pick overall. Do they qualify for the lottery for 1st or 2nd? If teams outside the top 3 win the lottery can Las Vegas be moved down to 4th or 5th?

    • Vegas is slotted in at #3 in the lottery weighting & can pick no worse than 6th. They will have the 3rd pick in all subsequent rounds.

  11. Taveres would be crazy to sign right away. He should wait like Stamkos to see what is out there for him. He deserves a chance to actually compete for the Cup. I would love him in TO but I think that is a dream plus maybe a cap nightmare?

    Leafs look like they have fixed their defense short term. Not saying they are good but adequate for now. Of course now they need to add one or two top four guys either by developing them, drafting them or trading for them. They got a couple guys in the AHL that could be at best second pairing guys but two second pairing guys with Gardner, Zaitsev and Reilly makes Carrick, Marincin and the new guy playing as bottom pair guys. Babcock could make that work.

    Both teams last night looked like they were playing for a tie. Bruins play better team hockey while the Leafs have more talent. I like what Babcock has achieved this year but they are a couple players and a couple years experience from competing for the Cup. That is provided everyone keeps developing.

  12. Is Duchene worth Beaulieu, Sergachev and 1st? Bergevin has to answer that by March 1st.

    • Who here thinks he’s worth it?

      • One small center is not worth a future top pairing D man plus one of the top D men currently on your roster at a time when you are trying to strengthen the back end for the playoffs. Add the loss of the first round pick, and my opinion is that there are better deals to be had for Montreal.

    • Why March 1st? No benefit to Colorado moving Duchene by that date. If he’s moved Colorado is far better served to wait until following the expansion draft. Every team will have lost a player, have additional cap space from such & potentially a greater need & wholes to fill.

      Numerous players with NMC’s that require protection under the expansion rules will be buying players out so as not having to be forced to protect them if they refuse to waive said clauses. Some possibilities, Bieksa, Beauvhemin, Pominville & the such. That free’s up cap space so monies can also be spent else where.

      I see the potential benefit to Montreal doing something like that by March 1st but no benefit to Colorado.

  13. This is way off the topic of the day’s rumors, but really, wouldn’t Patrick Wiercioch to Calgary for Tyler Wotherspoon make perfect sense in my own head?

    • Patrick Wiercioch, I thought would be a good low price tag rental for MTL before they went out and got Nesterov. Wiercioch is a good depth rental for several teams.

  14. Let me try this one—Bishop, Johnson, and prospect to the Blues (about 9 million in salary that Tampa will have trouble re-signing) for Shattenkirk, Hutton, and Lehtera (about 10 million in salary). Maybe have some conditional picks if the teams get Shattenkirk, Bishop, or Johnson under contract for the future? Seem fair?

    • cap wise this does not work , Lehtera @ 4.7 , Hutton @ 1.125 and if they resign Shattenkirk for say 6.5 leaves the Bolts with minimal cap space next year and the need to sign Drouin and Palat. Yzerman needs to figure out how to rid one of Callahan or Fillpula’s contracts , trade Garrison to a team without cap constraints but on a self imposed spend limit ….cap hit 4.5 salary 2.5.
      I could have seen Johnson for Fabbri and Jaskin or Lindbohm before Fabbri suffered a season ending injury. TBay are likely going to have to cut loose one of Drouin, Palat , Johnson

  15. Bishop won’t be going to the Kings if he’s traded. Not with Quick there. He’d be the backup to him & he’ll want to be a starter somewhere. Only way he goes to LA is if LA sends somebody like Carter, Gaborik or Kopitar to the Lightning in return. Lightning will want somebody like that in return.

  16. LA will probably just stay with Budaj for right now & wait until Quick gets back. As long as LA stays in the playoff hunt without Quick they probably just wait until he gets back.

    • I’d say that is a very fair assessment, Budaj’s current #’s are better than Bishops at $600,000 vs $6,000,000 cap hit. Not too mention there is ZERO chance LA trades Carter or Kopitar for anyone on Tampa’s roster, especially a goalie who is a UFA.

  17. This site loses all credibility saying the Kings have interest in Halak. Quick is back soon and Budaj has been a top 5 goalie the last few months. Why would the Kings want a goalie, really now?

    • This site isn’t saying the Kings have interest in Halak.