Latest on the Canadiens and Lightning – March 17, 2017

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Montreal Canadiens right wing Alexander Radulov reportedly seeks an eight-year contract extension.

Updates on Montreal Canadiens winger Alexander Radulov contract talks plus the Tampa Bay Lightning’s lack of cap space to re-sign key players in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: John Lu and Brian Wilde cited a TSN 690 report claiming the agent for Montreal Canadiens right wing Alexander Radulov seeks an eight-year contract extension. Both doubt Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin will give the 31-year-old Radulov a deal of that length. Wilde hopes this is merely the negotiation start point from the Radulov camp and believes a five-year deal is the maximum he’ll get, perhaps for around $7 million per season. 

Pierre LeBrun agrees that Radulov won’t get eight years from the Habs. He also thinks a five-year term is more reasonable and also notes this is simply the start point in negotiations,sugesting they could reach a realistic term by June. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Radulov isn’t getting eight years. Five years at best with a cap hit between $6.5 – $7 million annually is what he could get from the Habs. If his agent thinks his client will get a better deal elsewhere, he’s welcome to try. 

SPORTSNET: Mike Johnston reports the Tampa Bay Lightning don’t have a lot of salary coming off the books for next season. That could affect their efforts to re-sign their key players and to bring in assets such as a top-four defenseman via free agency this summer. Forwards Jonathan Drouins, Tyler Johnson and Ondrej Palat are restricted free agents who will be in line for raises. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning have over $55 million invested in 13 players next season. Johnson and Palat could cost between $11-$12 million combined to re-sign. Both currently have annual cap hits of $3.33 million and carry arbitration rights this summers. Drouin could be re-signed to a short-term bridge deal coming off his entry-level year. Still, that could cost the Bolts perhaps around $4 million.

Assuming the cap rises to $76 million, if it costs a combined $15 million to re-sign those three, it won’t leave much room to fill out the rest of the roster and still add a top-four blueliner. Trades could be in the offing, with perhaps one of those key RFA forwards being dealt for a defenseman. 


  1. Without Bishop, Boyle, and Filppula they are still in trouble cap wise ? That presents for this season close to 13 million. Something’s wrong….I think Radulov is more stable than his first two stints and the Habs need to sign him but $7m is steep.

  2. While Radulov is having a decent season with the Habs, he’s not exactly a shining example of offensive consistency and when he does produce it’s in a streaky fashion. At 31 there is no way he should get anywhere NEAR 8 years nor anywhere NEAR $6.5 to 7 mil -= even over 5 seasons. He will become a contract albatross at that price.

    • As a Bruins Fan, I hope Montreal gives Radulov and 8yr contract and will settle for a 5yrs at $7.5 I wouldn’t give him anymore then 5yrs at $5m per even then I think the term is 2 yrs to long.

      • Precisely what I was going to say Caper and even then it makes me uncomfortable.

  3. Only team that could give him 8 years is mont correct? Not much leverage to get that 8 year.

  4. I think Radulov’s contract demand is more of a reflection on Montreal’s new coach, Claude Julien, than wanting to play until he is 40. Radulov did not like Barry Trotz’s defense first system and can’t imagine he wants to play a similar style under Julien going forward. I think the outrageous ask is his agent’s way of accomplishing this without damaging his client’s market value.

  5. Montreal needs to be concerned with signing Radulov period. Is this a case of signing for one year, playing your brains out and taking the foot off the gas once you get a longer deal? Montreal knows that better anybody. 3 years 5.5 million per!

    • Ya that might happen, kinda like Morgan Reilly signed that 5 per deal and his play has regressed in a big way

      • agree-Morgan Reilly has become the most overrated D-Man in the league. The contract will be an albatross that Lou will be trying to dump at the end of next year.

      • Although, to be fair, he did get a goal and an assist last night and was +3 against Tampa – in their building. Pretty brutal effort by the Lightning.

      • I think Reilly’s play will pick up when the Leafs overall defense is improved. I think he may be trying to take on too much.

      • -22 on the year doesn’t lie

      • Voracek -27
        Gostisbehere -25
        Schenn -24
        Simmonds -19
        Giroux -17

        What’s this say?

      • They’re all having s*^ty seasons? Lol.

      • Wonder how Hextall is going to get rid of all those albatross contracts eh Scott? lol

      • The NHL “giveaway” stats for D is interesting. Leading the pack by a country mile is Brent Burns with 134 or 1.91 per game. The others, in order, are Karlsson – 93 1.35; Klingberg – 83 1.22; Byfuglien – 80 1.28; Petry – 78 1.15; Sekera – 76 1.12; Doughty – 75 1.07; Seabrook – 74 – 1.09; Provorov – 72 1.03; Emelin – 71 1.06; Gardiner – 69 0.97; Weber – 66 0.94; Ceci – 66 0.96; Yandle – 66 0.96.

        All those D – some of them perennial all-stars – before you get to Rielly with 65 giveaway – 1.03 avg.

      • George your post indicates one thing-the giveaway stat is irrelevant.
        +/- is not perfect-but over a full year it gives a strong indication of play.
        Conclusion Morgan Reilly is terrible.

      • But not as terrible as

        Voracek -27
        Gostisbehere -25
        Schenn -24

      • Just the other day shticky said plus minus was an useless stat , now that’s the only one he uses lol stats or not watching Reilly in his own end is painful one of the worst defensive dmen in the league at 5 per could be a bad contract moving forward

      • Scott – there is one HUGE difference between +/- and giveaways. For the former every player on the ice suffers a minus when the goalie lets a high bouncer go over his glove into the net, or a floater drifts over his glove for a goal in even strength play. Or if a D or F coughs up the puck with the same result.

        Giveaways are purely personal – you have the puck and in the process of handling it you flat out give it away. No one else on your team is dinged in the stats – just you.

        In that regard giveaways (and takeaways) are infinitely more representative of a players’ competence on the ice that that bloody useless +/-.

      • The thing with Reilly though George when he doesn’t have the puck he looks totally lost in his own end making glaring defensive zone gaffs you would see in minor hockey

      • I’m not using the giveaways to bolster any positive feeling I have about Rielly – but I can’t help bu think back to one of Ottawa’s best defensive defensemen over his career – Chris Phillips – who was a -35 over 82 games in 2010-11 after recording a high +36 in 2006-07.! His lowest other than that was -13 in 2013-14 when he was suffering from a chronic back problem.

        Gostisbehere was a +8 last year – – 25 right now. Tyson Barrie was a +17 in 2013-14 – a minus 29 right now. Some in here keep touting Justin Faulk as a “stud” D who should be sought after in a deal by their favorite teams – over the past 4 years he’s been -9, -19, -22 and -12 so far this year.

        It is a misleading stat as I point out elsewhere in this thread with multiple factors contributing to it over which a player often has no control.

        Now, after all this do I think Rielly has a lot to improve his game? Sure, not the least of which is how to read the developing play in his own and and the neutral zone. I think next season – IF Lamoriello can find improvements on their D from 3 to 6 in the off-season – will be the acid test.

      • I agree George I didn’t use plus minus as an example the other guys did, just watching Reilly in his own end says it all

  6. Radulov will be 32 on July 5. Giving a guy with his history of indifferent play much more than a 3-4 year contract at $5.5-6 million per year is very risky

    • Totally agreed Joey

  7. There is something seriously wrong with the NHL’s business model if Radulov is a 7 mil per year player. No thank you not even for 1 year never mind 5.

    • What has happen to Dan 39 he was a big maple leaf fan I liked his comments does anybody know

      • Laine started to pull ahead of Matthews in the whose the better rookie race is why he’s not around? Lol

  8. Garrison’s buyout free’s up another 3.75 & change. I would be surprised if either Johnson or Palat get more than 5. TB & Yzerman have the ability to get players to take a discount. Great place to live & play. Some of the best tax structure in the NHL & a great young team with a really bright future. TB can sign all & bring in a Dman following the expansion draft. I assume they will bring in the Dman before expansion.

    • @Steven: I’m always impressed when people state things with absolute, unequivocal certainty, but, fyi, Radulov does NOT turn 32 in July, he turns 31.

      He was drafted in 2004,the same year as Ovechkin and Malkin.
      imo, if that Draft were done over, those three players would go 1 – 2 – 3.

      Malkin plays on a stacked team, Ovie the same.
      Anyone who has watched MTl play this year knows the impact that Radulov has had, both on the ice and as a team-mate. He even has Galchenyuk back-checking!

      He’s a big body and the most skilled skater on the team.
      And….the fans love him.

      This is his last big contract, and naturally he will want term.

      Montreal cannot afford not to sign him, and therefore they will sign him.

      I have said for months (and agree with Lyle) that it will be 6.5 to 7m for 5 years. Maybe they’ll split the difference.

      KHL years are not that hard on the body.
      I think it will be worth every penny.

      • Sorry, that wasn’t @Steven, it was “@Joey” – baby.
        But @Steven, you “totally agreed” with his mis-statement.

        Were I come from we call that a folie-a-deux.

      • Except that – any such contract will still have a better than even chance of becoming a cap albatross around their necks. They give him 5 to 8 years – they deserve what they get down the line. And that too will then become a classic Folie à deux!

      • Incidentally, they loved Alexei Kovalev too – and probably still thank their stars they didn’t sign him to an extended contract after he scored 26 goals in 2008-09.

      • As a Bruins fan, I sure hope you’re right about Radulov.

    • That is s mathematical impossibility. Bolts must get rid of one of the RFAs, probably Tyler Johnson. And they actually need more than one 3-4. The Lightning’s defense is woeful past the top pair.

  9. Shticky, out of the flyers players mentioned which one of those contracts is an albatross contract? which one could they not trade right now? its funny they do have one very obvious contract that is a problem in MacDonald, but you failed to mention that… as far as the plus minus is concerned…Simmonds is a -19. you watch hockey? you know of anyone who would not love to have Wayne Simmonds on their team?

    times yours

    • Agree-the Macdonald contract is the only albatross…maybe Matt Read as well for one more year. With all these young cheap D coming n and replacing Streit and MDZ-Flyers are in very good CAP shape

      • Shticky just goes off on anybody who says anything bad about a leaf player, he knows Scott is a flyers fan

    • Honestly Joe I’m just playing with the meathead mentality that a minus player must mean they are not good. I don’t think any of the players mentioned here are bad players or have albatross contracts really I’m just showing the idiocy of what som are posting. Yes a lot of teams would love to have a player like Simmonds or Voracek for that matter the same as a lot of teams would have no issue with taking a D who just turned 23 years old who plays other teams best lines for 25 mins a night (Rielly) and his 5 million dollar contract. (Unless Babcock suddenly forgot how to coach?)
      Scott and Biggie seem to have issue with Rielly contract and think “the -22 doesn’t lie,” well then it must be the same for everyone right? The minus doesn’t lie…
      Barrie -28, Severson -25
      Gostisbehere -25
      Oliver Ekman Larsson -23 Ekblad -22 Rielly-22….pretty good list of good D all in the same situation. Jake Muzzin -20
      Travis Hamonic -21
      All these guy must be just terrible.

      • You should really read the posts better I never said anything about plus minus you’re the one bringing it up

      • Shticky;
        I don’t understand why you had to explain this! It was really obvious when you first wrote it that you didn’t think much of the stat and I’ve always hated a couple of “stats”-statements people use.
        Top two is:
        “Well, look at his +/-” like it matter? Teamstat on an individual if ever it was one – only semi-useful when comparing players on the same team. Like when the flyers had their really bad year in 06-07? Every player were minus except Forsberg, that said something about him – but not too much!
        “He has no Cup” in comparing the greatness between players. Yes, winning the Stanley Cup is a one-man show! That’s why Gretzky had several outside of Edmonton – oh wait..?
        And here is a list of non-cup winning D-men that must be worse than Hjalmarsson:
        Subban, Weber, Burns, Karlsson. Seems right to me!
        Sorry for the rant, I just got carried away in thought about dumb stats and comparisons(spell) 🙂

      • The “defensive zone gaffs you would see in minor hockey” .. rwally is just as dumb Im not saying he is some great shut down guy ya of course he could be better but do you honestly think a coach like Babcock would be throwing him out over 20 mins a night if he belonged in minor hockey like your flapping your gums about? Stanley cup gold medals world championships and he isn’t smart enough coach to figure out he has a guy playing guys like Crosby Kane Obie MCDavid who couldn’t likely stop a guy in minor hockey? Everyone has teams or players they don’t like but some here just start to look simply stupid the lengths they go thru to rag on a player.

      • I remember reading you saying subban should be on team Canada over weber and that was Babcock going with his righty lefty defense pairings so in your mind babs made a mistake with that right?

      • I said I imo Subban should have been on team Canada ya, that’s a little different than saying Babcock keeps putting a guy out who looks like he should or could be playing minor hockey..but hey if that’s your opinion. Who am I to argue with a guy who once posted he played pro hockey and then in Europe before becoming a pro scout who posts here at Spectors hockey on the internet. lol

      • Lol coming from a guy who constantly makes stuff up that isn’t saying much

  10. +- is antiquated . We used to use an abacus to count and some of us a Commodore 19 . Measurement has come a long way in the NHL…. I do like give away and take away on an individual basis. They should measure ” Mistakes or Errors” like Baseball

    • Mistakes and errors would be an interesting way to use stats silver! I bet Reilly would lead the league in defensive zone errors