Latest on the Sabres and Devils – March 13, 2017

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Will the Buffalo Sabres re-sign left wing Evander Kane this summer?

Latest on Evander Kane, the Buffalo Sabres defense and suggested free-agent targets for the New Jersey Devils in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl believes the Buffalo Sabres are wasting left wing Evander Kane. Despite Kane’s strong scoring pace this season (on pace for 31 goals), the Sabres are near the Eastern Conference basement and will miss the playoffs this season. Kane will be eligible in July 2018 for unrestricted free agency. If it becomes clear this summer that Kane decides to test the market next summer, Vogl believes Sabres general manager Tim Murray must trade the winger, rather than lose him for nothing to free agency next year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane’s strong play this season could entice Murray to open contract talks this summer, but the Sabres GM will need assurances that the winger has put his off-ice issues to rest and is willing to stay in Buffalo. Kane’s asking price will also be a factor. If there’s an opportunity to land a quality defenseman for Kane, Murray could seriously consider it. 

Vogl also notes the limited depth in quality defensemen in this summer’s free-agent market. The top point producers are Washington’s Kevin Shattenkirk, Montreal’s Andrei Markov and the Sabres’ own Cody Franson, the top blueliners by minutes players are Pittsburgh’s Ron Hainsey, the Sabres’ Dmitry Kulikov and Edmonton’s Kris Russell. while the youngest are Kulikov, Philadelphia’s Michael Del Zotto and Calgary’s Michael Stone. Vogl feels Washington’s Karl Alzner is worthy of an offer but beyond Shattenkirk the pickings are slim.

As for restricted free agents, “The top point-producers are Pittsburgh’s Justin Schultz, St. Louis’ Colton Parayko, Philadelphia’s Shayne Gostisbehere and Washington’s Dmitry Orlov. The top RFAs by ice time are Toronto’s Nikita Zaitsev and Dallas’ Esa Lindell.” To land a quality defenseman, Vogl believes it’ll cost GM Murray a forward or two via trade this summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the limited number of suitable free-agent options, I think Murray will be busier in the trade market to address his blueline needs. As Vogl notes, offer sheets are rare in the NHL. I doubt Shero goes the offer sheet route to pursue a rival club’s restricted free agent defenseman. Last summer, there was speculation Murray had interest in Anaheim Ducks rearguard Cam Fowler. Perhaps he’ll revisit those discussions in June. 

NJ.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Chris Ryan believes the New Jersey Devils could target Washington Capitals defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk via free agency this summer. Whlle Shattenkirk’s been linked to the New York Rangers, Ryan notes the blueliner played for the Devils young organization growing up. The Devils also have the salary-cap space to make a competitive bid.  

With the Devils carrying 10 picks in the 2017 draft, Ryan expects GM Ray Shero to be aggressive on draft day, noting he had peddled picks before to bring in Kyle Palmieri and Beau Bennett. If there’s an opportunity via free agency to quickly improve the Devils, Ryan expects Shero will do it but he won’t spend just for the sake of doing so. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Devils need scoring punch and blueline depth. Shero’s been patient with his club but he must address those issues this summer via trade and/or free agency. Landing Shattenkirk won’t be easy. Despite the Devils’ cap space, he could prefer signing with a playoff club. The Anaheim Ducks, Carolina Hurricanes, Minnesota Wild, Philadelphia Flyers and Vancouver Canucks have depth in young blueliners that the Devils can target in the trade market, dangling those draft picks as bait. 

Given winger Mike Cammalleri’s struggles this season, Ryan doesn’t rule out the possibility he’ll be left exposed in the June expansion draft. Ultimately, he expects Cammalleri will be back next season with the Devils. 


  1. Justin Shultz is unrestricted, he signed as a free agent after Pittsburgh let him go to free agency. Otherwise he would have had to be paid 4 million plus to keep his restricted status

    • Schultz is an RFA. Pens didn’t make him a qualifying offer last year, which made him a UFA at that point. But he doesn’t have the “service time” (to borrow an MLB phrase) to be a UFA on his own yet.

      I think he’ll get 4-5 years for 4-5 M AAV.

      • Unless Pitt can get Schultz signed at a discount long term they might be better served to sign another 1 year show me deal. Schultz would still be an RFA having signed at 22 & only 6 years on NHL experience by that time.

        Hornqvist will have come off the books giving Pitt a little more wiggle room the following summer. The cap is going to be challenging to manage in Pitt but MAF will come off in some way next season if not all as some believe most of his salary although I think MAF will be easily traded the return just not substantial.

        Then if Schultz is still playing at or near today’s level they look to sign him for 5 years or so in or around 5 mil.

      • Shultz definitely a RfA but I don’t see him playing anywhere but the Penguins for the next 5 or so years. As long as their offer isn’t an insult. He has learned the difference between playing in a fullfilling system and organization, and playing for a paycheck. The difference almost cost him his career. I think he gets 4.5 and Dumoulin gets 4 for 5 years. And Maatta is the LV casualty.

      • Maybe, but knowing Pen’s beat writer Josh Yohe’s tendency to express his off the record knowledge as his very certain opinion…the Pens are sold and will be inking him this summer.

        Schultz isn’t particularly interested in leaving and risking another EDM situation, so I think he’ll sign at the lower end of that range. 5 years at $20 M is very possible.

        I’m also sold on him. The offense is obvious, but his defense has really become solid. I specifically watched how he was playing Edmonton’s big guys, Lucic and Maroon, the other night and he’s really learned how to use his speed and stick properly.

        The Pens have a secret weapon in Sergei Gonchar. The work he’s done with Cole and Schultz has been really impressive. They went from sheltered third pair to credible top pair fill ins in half a season.

      • Pitt isn’t losing Maatta. Schultz will be resigned, as will Dumoulin. With Letang this potentially puts Pitt in a tough spot for expansion.

        I assume Pitt will protect 8 skaters. Crosby, Malkin, Kessel & Sheary being the forwards & the 4 D above. Exposing Hornqvist, Hagelin, Cole & others baring trades before expansion.

      • I agree Striker but I’ve been told sheary is exempt from needing protected. rumors are they would protect sundquist though I could see horny being the 4th forward. it would be a boon if vegas took hags… but I could see them take MAF if it works out that way, or rust or cole. Other factors could include if Maatta gets injured again, or if Letang is out looooong term and do the pens have to protect injured players?

      • from lebrun
        The Penguins catch a break because Conor Sheary is exempt from the expansion draft as a second-year pro. On the flip side, 22-year-old center Oskar Sundqvist, who has played well in the AHL, is actually eligible for the expansion draft (because he played pro hockey in Sweden in 2014-15), so the Penguins have to either protect him or expose him.

      • Cool. I should have looked. I just assumed due to age he had more than 2 years contractual experience. I was wrong. Nice break for Pitt that solves their expansion draft issues.

        I’m not convinced they will protect Sundqvist. I assume Hornqvist even with just 1 year to UFA status but I don’t have a good read on Sundqvist. Late bloomer? Been almost 5 years since drafted. Should have had a chance by now considering everyone else has in Pitt. That has to be cause for concern?

      • I’d protect horny but word on the street is they love the kid… he also has had some injury issues and played professionally in europe.

      • William DePaoli, who hosts a pay-to-view website that deals only with Pittsburgh sports teams, wrote in a March 11 story that, even it the Penguins opt to protect 4 defensemen, there is no guarantee that one of them would be Maatta. Though he claims to know “team sources,” I won’t pay to read his opinion. It may be no better than any one else’s, and I can read others here for free. I read only his published excerpts, This one ended with “the coaches love….” I think he was about to say Ian Cole.

  2. Not having played anything close to a full schedule since 2008, Mike Cammalleri is becoming the current version of Patrik Elias – i.e., stays with the team until he just sort of fades away. No way McPhee takes him in the draft unless Shero ponies up at least 3 of those 10 picks.

    • It’s not like whatever else NJ leaves exposed is much if any better than Cammaleri. 2 more seasons of 5 mill isn’t hurting the Devils any and won’t effect what they will do weather or not they want to go after Shattenkirk.

      • All true – but his constant lengthy stays out of the line-up have to be a concern, even for NJ.

      • I’m sure they are ya, and it all comes around to my reply to Striker in response to his patting himself on the back about guessing the Devils may be bad lol.
        If Camalerri continued his pace of the past couple years in NJ where he put up over 40 goals and 80 points in his first 100 games instead of this disappointing year along with the addition of Hall it could have been a very real improved team. If you look at that goal differential NJ are right around 20th in goals against with the Leafs Sabres Canucks Carolina all going back and forth around 2.85 GAA per game with Schneider having a rough year they are pretty close (still below) to average which is 2.75. Now if you look at goals for they have only scored 150 times so far this season the only team worse is the Avalanche and at 2.2 goals a game scored they are a full half a goal a game under the league average of 2.75 and more than a full goal a game under some of the leaders… Hall and Cammalerri shoulda helped with that

      • No guessing involved. It’s called mathematics, specifically statistic’s & odds of probability, life’s 80/20 rule. I say when I’m wrong but I’m also going to point out when I’m right. You can’t remove your best defense Dman that logged the hardest minutes replacing him with Lovejoy & expect the same results.

        That wasn’t even a difficult assumption to make based on the facts.

        Cammalleri couldn’t stay healthy if his life depended on it. He epitomizes ambulance brigade. It’s not a question of if Cammy gets injured but when, he’s going to miss his 15+ games a season guaranteed. You can take that to the bank.

      • Problem is Striker in this case you’re not right either…all year you have been yapping that NJ D is a bottom 3 in the league and it’s simply not. I’m not saying it’s good but even their goaltending being ranked near the bottom of the league they are still pretty close to average in shots against 21st goals against 21 and all the goals against has as much to do with Schneider currently sitting 35th in Sv% as it does the D. Could the Devils be better defensively? Sure but they are not a bottom 3 team. But you use goal differential without using or going into any detail to try and show you’re right…you’re not.and then you chalk it up to some 80/20 rule like you have some kind of 80% accuracy rate or are right 80% of the time?

      • If it’s all about statistics and mathematics I’d suggest a course to brush up, if you look at the stats NJ is much closer to average in every D category than they are in any offensive one. Goals 29th, shots for 30, shooting percentage 26th. 20th PP, The offensive. Stats are all considerably worse than 21st in goals and shots against and 16th PK they are not even close to a bottom 3 team defensively if Schneider has anywhere close to a Schneider type year they would likely be in the top half the league in GAA. They still would be way way way below avg in scoring

      • They NJ suppress shots by playing 1 of the most boring styles of hockey in the NHL. They allow 1 line to try & score. The job of the other 3 is to make sure the other team can’t score.

        In goals against per game they sit 8th worst. I think we all agree that goaltending isn’t the issue? Is Schneider not a stud goalie now playing behind 1 of the wost D’s & ams in the NHL?

      • lol You don’t watch them Striker and admit to it regularly yet you seem to have all this knowledge that is generally wrong about complain and say they are one of the 3 worst D give a skewed example using goal differential of the worst offensive team in hockey with shakey goaltending at points this season of why that is and then complain that they play a boring defensive style and therefore you won’t watch them….Jeesh man I don’t know seems like someone just talking to hear their own voice to me. As Lyle said the other day you sure have a funny way of looking at things.

      • So NJ and their 3 worst D in the league sits 8th worst in goals against at 2.87, and this is this really a huge difference than Sabres 2.86, Leafs 2.85, Canucks 2.84 Canes 2.83 Blues 2.81? Any given game they could go from 8th worst to close to average.

      • Shticky. I’m just brining up we argued about NJ for weeks at various points thru out the season. I try never to watch them. Worse than watching paint dry byt still probably see them more than most.

        Nothing wrong with their goaltending. It’s a produuct of 1 of the 3 worst D’s in the league & no scoring. Are they matching last years 182 goals? They need 32 more in the next 14 games?

        Where’s all that extra offense you said Hall would generate? They are going to score less goals not more. If there not scoring goals what are they doing for 60 mins on average? That’s right trying to stop the other team from scoring. They are,kt doing that very well either & when combined , goal differential they are right where I had them to be. Bad really bad.

        Poor Hall he deserves better. From 1 sh– house to another.

      • You keep calling them 3 of the worst D in the league…according to what Striker? Enlighten us. is it shots against, goals against or is it just according to you the guy who admits he doesn’t watch the team? How do you know what style do they play if you don’t watch them?
        Goal differential on a team thats 29 or 30th offensively and doesn’t score who’s starting goalie is 35th in save percentage is going to be a little lopsided no matter what. You say it’s all based on stats and math what makes the team you don’t watch one of the 3 worst D in the league? When teams like Arizona Colarado Toronto Dallas Vancouver Buffalo the Islanders Flyers Redwings Jets all have more shots and/or goals against?

      • See George he is good at ignoring things he has no answer for. He will just keep coming back with the same thing over and over like his ridiculous 80-20 rule.

  3. Duchene has 9 points in his last 24 games . None in March. Elite ? Don’t care how bad that team is….Sabres should not keep Kulikov even though he did not play much this year.That is his MO..always injured

    • This is why Sakic is not getting what he is asking for. I agree SilverSeven.

      • At least one “expert” – Eric Engels of Sportsnet – saw the Avs as a powerhouse in pre-season predictions:
        “The Colorado Avalanche become corsi Gods en route to Central Division crown
        I’m wondering how this Avalanche team, which features some of the fastest, most skilled players in the league with Matt Duchene, Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog and Tyson Barrie, managed to finish dead last in possession statistics last season. Could Colorado’s shot-attempt deficiency solely be blamed on former head coach Patrick Roy’s system? I can’t wait to find out.”

        Well, he’s found out. Some of his other idiotic predictions:

        “The Buffalo Sabres finish as New York’s best team
        That’s right. I’m predicting that the Sabres, who had 20 fewer points than the New York Rangers and 19 less than the New York Islanders last season, are going to be better than both of them this season. You want reasons? I’ll give you reasons. To start, I have the Rangers and Islanders possibly falling out of the playoff picture for a variety of reasons. But this has much less to do with the Rangers and Isles than it does with the Sabres. Jack Eichel had 24 goals and 56 points in his rookie campaign with Buffalo and he picked up so much valuable experience along the way.”

        “The Arizona Coyotes make the playoffs and GM John Chayka gets named executive of the year
        Wouldn’t it be something to see a team carrying $18 million in dead money make the post-season? The Coyotes, with/without Pavel Datsyuk, Chris Pronger and Dave Bolland can be that team. It’s going to take breakthrough production from forwards Max Domi, Dylan Strome and Anthony Duclair, a 55-point season that pushes captain Shane Doan into the 1,000-point club, and all the luck in the world for the Coyotes to force their way into the playoff picture. But I’m predicting they’ll do it.”

        “Pierre-Luc Dubois will win the Calder Trophy
        Matthews, Puljujarvi, Patrick Laine. For 11 months last year they were slated as the consensus Top-3 picks in the 2016 NHL Draft. Well, Columbus Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen knows something no one else does. Centre Pierre-Luc Dubois, who was shockingly taken third overall in June, is ready to be the NHL’s best rookie this season

      • I wouldn’t exactly call Engels an expert. Just a man with a forum. George anyone can be a so called expert, it’s a life style, career path choice. Just because they choose to be, manage to find a job & work in mainstream media doesn’t make them an expert or any brighter than anyone else. Just an opinion & in this case very poor 1’s.

      • Aww give it a FRIKKEN rest aleady! I just tossed it in as an example of how some so-called “experts” can be so far off – and like it or not but Sportsnet describes him as one of their “experts.” Perhaps they should have checked with you first.

      • Good. I don’t think Colorado should trade Duchene or Ladeskog. I don’t see how that helps anything. Now as he approaches UFA status depending upon whether he can be resigned sure.

        Colorado is a pretty easy team to shut down currently. Check their 1st line & they have nothing left to ice even a remotely competent 2nd line never mind complementary scoring on their 3rd or 4th lines. They can’t even ice 2 scoring lines, there D is a joke with Johnson who missed 36 games.

        We have seen these scenario’s many times before. Colorado is a mess, they are in the very early stages of a rebuild, the core of this team is very young & moving Duchene makes no sense to me. Sure test the market see what’s available but this isn’t a trade Colorado needs to make.

        Take a slow methodical approach like Arizona & Carolina are. If someone over pays to get 1 of your young stud forwards great, take it & say thank you. Otherwise pass & address in other ways.

        Judging anyone on 1 years production playing in Colorado this season isn’t logical. Ovechkin has 2 goals in how many games! Did I read 2 in his last 19 games some where this AM? Yeah he’s a bad player to.

        Were you 1 of the people that wrote Schultz off as well at 24? Duchene is a stud. He’s having a brutal year playing for a brutal team. It happens.

      • George.

        It’s not meant to be insulting nor even directed at you, just on topic. You really need to go see the doctor & have him adjust your medication buddy, your wound far to tight. I suggest medicinal marijuana. Get a nice vaporizer start early in the day as it’s only 11AM in Ontario.

        This unnecessary stress is going to kill you. Just because someone comments on your thread doesn’t mean it’s directed at you. It’s just on subject.

      • Jaysus man – do you have to have a response to EVERYTHING posted in here as if everyone is hanging on your every word? Don’t look now but it’s not me that needs to see doctor. “Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.”

        What happened to your “we’ll agree to avoid posting on each others’ opinion.” Try it again.

      • Apparently not happening. I do self medicate. Have a very nice Xvape works great, license to carry both in Canada & the US.

        You should try it might bring your anger level in check.

        If it will make you feel better old fella I will avoide your comments.

        Narcissist. Ha-ha! Thank god for spell checker or I couldn’t even spell that word. I would suggest you get that mirror out, have a good look & do some self evaluating. It might help with what ever ails you.

        Not going any where george & it’s not me degredating to personal insults. Simply had enough so thought you could use a little of your own medicine. Can’t give it as often as you do but after 20 or 30 jabs enough is enough.

      • You just don’t bloody get it, do you – and that’s the first sign of a narcissist. I pointed out that I tossed out that business about how an “expert” like Engels got a lot of things wrong in his seasonal predictions and, of course, you felt compelled to “educate” me in all your professorial glory by pointing out that, no, he is not an expert but merely someone with a blog. I countered by sating Sportsnet not only refers to him in their sites as an “expert” but also an “insider.”

        Then you come back with some blabber that completely ignores my original contention that he is passed off as an “expert” while suggesting I need medication. Now it’s “old fella” as if getting to 78 years is somehow a liability.

        You’ll get there one day – maybe – but somehow I suspect that your superiority complex won’t have changed one iota.

      • The previous exchange was beautiful ?.

        78? And you’re blogging?!?! ??

  4. Not sure a top 2-3 D like Tanev is traded before his NTC kicks in. If he is shopped wonder to who & what he fetches.

  5. And what’s to say Kane is interested in scoring 31 goals again once he gets his next long term contract. Regardless of this season I would not sign him long term. An annual contract might keep this guy interested in playing. He could be such a dynamic player every year if he chose. I firmly believe he has the skill set to be a top ten player in this league. He just can’t seem to display it consistently from year to year.

    • I think Kane’s production has been impacted greater by his ability to stay healthy than consistency issues. Kane plays a reckless style of hockey & over the last 3 seasons that has lead to injures effecting his production.

      He has also never really been deployed as a #1 1st line winger or 1st power play guy either in Buffalo or Winnipeg. He has been seeing 1st line PP time with Okposo out that will be lost again as soon as he returns.

      His 22 even strength goals having played the majority of the season on a 3rd line has been impressive. I like Kane always have & as always he’s going no where unless the offer is to good to refuse. Buffalo will try to resign if not he will be moved near the trade deadline next season.

      • Yes no doubt he’s been injured Striker but a return to what he should be for just one season does not make him a candidate for a long term contract. A bridge deal for sure. Believe me when I say I think he is a rare talent. But GM’s need to be cautious with him. And to be honest I hope he is back for real because a pure hockey fan would enjoy watching him play regardless of who he played for when in top form.

      • His production is pretty solid his entire career, especially if you go back & cross reference it to his deployment in TOI/GP & PP TOI/GP on the 3 teams he’s played for to date in his career. 2 as Altlanta/Winnipeg are essentially the same team. Especially if you factor in games played.

        His biggest issue is injury’s. Well that & his bad life style choices. The most games he’s played in any single season is 74, then 73, 66, 65, 63, 61, 57 & 37. The only season he played an entire year was 2101-13 the lockout season, he played all 48 games, scoring 17 goals & 33 points. Goal totals to games played are solid ever year except 2014-15, he only scored 10 but he only played 37 games.

        I’m not sure Kane can play an entire season playing the way he plays. He’s a big boy at 6’2″ 210+ lbs but he fly’s around at high speed throwing himself around with reckless abandonment. He often hurts himself hitting the boards at that speed.

  6. Other than the Ryan O’Reilly trade (where he fleeced the Avs management…the GM equivalent of Arizona’s win over NJ a few days ago) what exactly has Tim Murray done that shows he’s a good GM?

    Yes, I love his brevity at the draft, too, but that’s not enough.

    He tanked for McDavid and lost that and instead of embracing the generational franchise player he got in Eichel, he whined like he just got stuck with Pat Falloon.

    He overpaid for a questionable goalie with questionable character.

    I’m a big fan of Evander Kane, but he paid 150% of what he was worth.

    I’m far from sold on his work to this point.

    • I wouldn’t say Murray fleeced anyone. Zadarov is going to be a stud Dman in 3 or 4 years, JT Compher just played his 1st NHL game last week & we won’t know for years yet what Morrison will be & Grigorenko at 22 is to young to write off but was really inconsequential in the trade a Roy favorite.

      O’Reilly wasn’t getting a 7 year 7.5 mil per deal in Colorado, it was going to cost 6 mil per just to qualify him & he had arbitration rights. There was animosity here for some reason, Sakic or Roy? Great trade for both teams. Murray didn’t fleece anyone he gave up a future top 2 Dman, an A grade prospect in JT Compher, the 31st pick in 2015 which Colorado parlayed into 2 picks, 1 of which became Morrison The other is a 6th in 2017.

      Colorado has financial issues. They are being forced to run the Avalanche off hockey related revenue & show a profit. What a novel concept. Ownership isn’t willing to accept a lose so that forces personal decisions that not all other teams care about.

      Colorado missed the playoffs last season but made 6.3 mil dollars in operating revenue.

      • Considering the profit they made with a missed playoff season maybe they are trending toward the old Leafs. Do nothing and make a profit. But 6.3 million as a profit does not seem like a big dividend against the amount of expenditure in operating a team.

      • I was using the term “fleeced” loosely/trying to give Murray a bit of credit before I slagged him.

        If Zadorov pans out, it’s a fair trade or even an Av’s win, but…he’s the epitome of a boom or bust player.

        I saw a fair bit of him (and Olli) with London because I was watching for Scott Harrington. I like the player. But, he’s been iffy thus far. We’ll see in 3 years on that one.

        But thanks for reminding me of how bad the ROR contract is…negating the value of the one good move Murray has made to this point.

        ROR is a very good player, but he and his agent have max out his earnings like no player I’ve ever seen relative to his actual worth.

        *Not counting the Jeff Finger type contracts where the player is worthless, of course.

      • I don’t have an issue with O’Reilly’s contract specifically but Colorado did. He’s 1 of the best 2 way C’s in the game. Just a notch below the Bergeron’s & Toews of the world. It’s 500K to mil more than desirable but reasonable more all the tools he brings to the team.

      • Steven.

        It put them 15th in the league. You should go run thru those #’s, compare them to Capfriendly or it really gives you so enlightenment with what’s wrong with the NHL’s business model & why we are headed for yet our 4th work stoppage 3rd lock out at the completion of this CBA. The top 3 teams in the NHL made more money than the next 27 combined.

      • This site’s accuracy is in question as neither the teams nor the NHL is forthcoming with such information, nor does it account for the limited revenue sharing that exists in the NHL.

        The other factor in play is that many teams own their building & generate additional revenue’s which although not considerate hockey related revenue generate significant resources from owing the team especially if owned by a media entity like several teams are.

        It’s not a level playing field nor will it ever be. Each CBA has helped improve the situation for the vast majority of teams but you can’t fix what ails the NHL in 2 lock outs. It will take 4 to 6 to get the proper business model in place but with each passing lock out things are improving for the majority of owners.

        8 teams lost money last season including Nashville, LA & Anh! TB made 3 mil going to the conference final?

      • @striker-$6.3 Million on “Operating Revenue”. Geez that would mean almost nobody went to their games. As an international businessmen you should know finance terminology better than this.

      • Zadarov is projected to be a stud defenseman? That would be a turnaround from his shoddy development with the Avalanche.

  7. Hey Striker,

    When Kane hit the boards earlier this year and cracked his ribs you could almost feel that one every time you watched it.

    • Oh yeah, agreed. Breaking your ribs blows. Nothing can be done, you simply wait it out praying you don’t sneeze, cough, start laughing, etc.. They don’t even tape them anymore. 1 of the more painful things I have experienced in my life & certainly for the longest period of time. I broke my back in 2012, crushed T6, tore my ACL decades ago, have dislocated my left shoulder dozens of times, those hurt a ton, back still does but nothing like that 1st 2 weeks when I broke 4 ribs. Hurt to breathe.

  8. Question say a team deals a player to a team for futures…So that team does not lose that player in the expansion draft…. Then said team after the draft gets a player from the team they were getting futures from….Can this be done

    • If you trade a player before the expansion draft, you can’t reacquire that same player for at least a year. That includes 3 way, waivers and minor league deals

  9. Not scoring enough, a shoddy defense, and inconsistent goaltending has doomed the Sabres for another season. General manager Tim Murray and head coach Dan Bylsma could either be dismissed, or they return next season on a tight leash.

    Kane participating in scoring bodes well to staying with the Sabres.

    Not improving needs on defense at the trade deadline and a possible limited quantity of free agent defensemen do not bode well for Murray. Franson and Kulikov, pending unrestricted free agents, will be no loss to the Sabres. Pursuing Shattenkirk or trading for Fowler are possible.