Latest Post-Trade Deadline Rumors – March 3, 2017

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The LA Kings were the only serious suitor for Ben Bishop before the trade deadline.

More fallout from the NHL trade deadline including such notables as Matt Duchene, Ben Bishop, Marc-Andre Fleury and more. 

 SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Vancouver Canucks considered all their options in their recent organizational meetings leading up to the trade deadline. Among them was the possibility of moving defenseman Alexander Edler and/or Chris Tanev. Given the youth on their defense, team president Trevor Linden said they decided they must have people who can “steady the ship.” Friedman said that’s also why they’re considering keeping goalie Ryan Miller, who’s eligible for free agency in July.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, don’t expect Tanev or Edler to be on the trade block this summer.Miller seems to enjoy playing in Vancouver. Perhaps a one-year bonus-laden deal can be worked out. 

Linden also said no one should expect his club to be busy in this summer’s UFA market. Unlike last summer’s signing of forward Loui Eriksson, the Canucks now seek “bridge” support on shorter terms.

The Edmonton Oilers have have looked into acquiring New York Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak, who’s currently toiling in the minors. It’s possible they discussed swapping Halak for blueliner Mark Fayne. Both have a year left on their contracts. 

Perhaps up to 10 teams reportedly had interest in Detroit Red Wings center Riley Sheahan. The Wings, however, decided not to move the struggling Sheahan, opting to evaluate his performance and attempt to improve it. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sheahan has a year left on his contract at an affordable $2.075 million cap hit. He’ll still be a restricted free agent when that deal expires. It’s worthwhile giving him another season and an opportunity to bounce back from this season’s poor performance. 

The LA Kings didn’t look at now-former Detroit winger Thomas Vanek. Before he was shipped to the Florida Panthers, the New York Islanders gave him some consideration. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Isles fail to land Matt Duchene from Colorado or another notable forward this summer, I wonder if they’ll think about bringing Vanek back via free agency on an affordable short-term deal.  Thoughts, Isles fans? 

Speaking of the Islanders, they were among the biggest pursuers of Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. The Montreal Canadiens were out as they’re unwilling to part with blueline prospect Mikhail Sergachev. Friedman guesses if Duchene, who has two years left on his contract, was eligible to sign an extension and if the Carolina Hurricanes believed they could get it done, he’d be there by now. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Friedman points out, the Hurricanes probably weren’t willing to swing a blockbuster to acquire a player with only has two years remaining on his contract. Other clubs, such as the Isles and Habs, could also have a similar concern. 

Prior to acquiring winger Drew Stafford from the Winnipeg Jets, the Boston Bruins kicked tires on Arizona Coyotes winger Radim Vrbata. It also sounds like they had some interest in Buffalo Sabres blueliner Dmitry Kulikov. It’s also believed the Bruins put out a couple of feelers on struggling winger Matt Beleskey. Friedman suggests his former club, the Anaheim Ducks, could be interested in him this summer, depending upon their playoff performance. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Beleskey hasn’t worked out as hoped for the Bruins. He’s got three seasons left on his contract at a cap hit of $3.8 million plus a modified no-trade clause. The salary is reasonable but those three years could be a sticking point. 

Friedman believes the Nashville Predators were among the clubs that looked at Buffalo winger Evander Kane. Sabres GM Tim Murray shot down speculation claiming promising Alexander Nylander was available. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane’s on pace to reach 30 goals for the second time in his career. Since returning from an early-season rib injury he’s been a consistent scorer for the Sabres. His improvement this season could bolster his trade value this summer. Then again, it could also tempt the Sabres to keep him. It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out this summer. 

The Los Angeles Kings looked into the trade value of declining winger Marian Gaborik, who has four years remaining on his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Kings can bundle Gaborik this summer with a high pick or top prospect to a rebuilding team with lots of cap space willing to absorb his $4.875 million annual cap hit, they’re stuck with him. They’ll likely leave him exposed in the expansion draft but I don’t see the Vegas Golden Knights selecting him. A buyout would have three costly seasons where the cap hit would be over $3 million annually. 

Prior to being dealt from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Philadelphia Flyers, center Valtteri Filppula had the Toronto Maple Leafs on his no-trade list. Friedman said veteran players were reluctant to accept trades to the Leafs over concerns of getting buried in the minors. The Leafs were linked to Lightning defenseman Jason Garrison and Sabres blueliner Cody Franson. 

The Calgary Flames had some interest in goaltender Ben Bishop, but the Kings were the only real taker for his services. The Flames reportedly also inquired about Pittsburgh’s Marc-Andre Fleury several weeks ago but Friedman doesn’t think there was anything close. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames goaltending will once again be an offseason topic of interest. Brian Elliott and Chad Johnson are UFAs in July and have been inconsistent this season. Do they chase Ben Bishop via free agency or go shopping for a starter in the trade market? Will Elliott or Johnson win new contracts if they backstop the Flames into the playoffs? Should make for interesting times again in Calgary.

The Lightning still need a right-shot defenseman. Whatever GM Steve Yzerman was planning to move for Kevin Shattenkirk is, as Friedman puts it, “still in his holster”. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was some speculation Lightning center Tyler Johnson would’ve been part of the return to the St. Louis Blues for Shattenkirk. Not sure how reliable that chatter was, but had Shattenkirk accepted a seven-year, $42-million contract from the Bolts, one has to think it would’ve taken a player like Johnson as part of the return to make that deal happen. 


  1. Some bozo on tried to call Gordie Stafford and Vickor Stalberg as trade equals. one a true vet with a long resume of scoring stats and the other a fast guy who seems to never put his entire game in place. The discussion was trying to say by waiting, Stafford was a much better value, despite currently being paid about 2.8 more than Stalberg and four years older and no matter what UFA re-sign status brings, it is clear both are gonna be low end parts in the upcoming flat Cap, so doesnt a team want the speedsters on the bottom six as almost a given?
    Another reason to not expect journalist are good talent evaluators…
    I thought the two bets trades were Calgary landing Curtis Lazar and the Blackhawks landing Jurco as reclaimation projects. Curtis Lazar was clearly rushed as a early baptized first rounder and former junior you tube sensation Tomas Jurco as a perfect match in hands and skill that the Blackhawks play, with the quick touch and advance style.
    These younger guys may never get new deals that are big $$$ but the changes of scenery are perfect for them. Lazar has always been a Toews like leader and sure, his offensive side has flat-lined for now. The Flames will soon find out if he can ignite and if he does, he can slide up and down their line-up wing to centre IF he does. Jurco is now part of the “good hands people” and it the talent he will play around may just turn him around too.
    If not, both were reasonable longer term tries at solving future CAP issues for their new teams

    • As a Sens fan, I truly hope Lazar can find his game in Calgary. This year his average ice-time in Ottawa over 33-odd games was 8:49 – ranging from lows of 2 to 3 minutes in some to upwards of 14 minutes in others – and he had 1 assist to show for it. So it’s not surprising he lost the confidence of Boucher in a season and division where it’s a real dog-fight to make the playoffs.

      He had no real future in Ottawa, especially after the acquisitions of Stahlberg and Burrows and the emergence of Dzingel, despite the opinion of some that, his offensive woes aside, he would have been one of the 7 protected F in the expansion draft.

      I don’t think so. That list will consist of Turris, Brassard, Pageau, Hoffman, Stone, Smith and Dzingel. The latter MIGHT get knocked off the list by Ryan if he gets his game together when he returns and on into the playoffs.

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see Ryan, a right-handed shooter, go to LW when he does return on a line with Turris and Stone, which is similar to the set-up in Anaheim when he played with Perry and Getzlaf. If he does and he again becomes a pure sniper, he’d replace Dzingel on the protected list. Lazar was NEVER going to make that list.

      As for being the “6th F” on Calgary’s protected list, as someone has suggested, who do they drop from among Gaudreau, Monahan, Bennett, Brouwer, Backlund, Frolik and Bouma?

      • OK. I have to admit that I know very little of the Calgary line-up outside of the “big” names and have no idea as to how Lazar stacks up against Brouwer.

      • Bouma. I missed Bennett by the way. Lazar would be 7.

      • Hey George, longtime Leaf fan and lurker here but I really can see Anderson leading you guys to a cup final appearance ala Roy in 93 with a bunch of one goal and OT victories.

        I loved the Burrows pickup, just what they needed.

      • Maybe Gary Mc – as long as they can avoid the Leafs in any round! In that event all bets are off – that vision of Lalime letting in 2 soft goals to Joe Nieuwendyk in 2003-04 still haunts.

      • Interesting. Two different opinions on who Lazar (6′ 209 lb 22 y/o) would replace on Calgary’s protected list – one (Bouma) a 6′ 2″ 208 lb 26 y/o role player and the other (Brouwer) a 6;’ 3″ 213 lb 31 y/o who has had some decent production in the NHL.

        This could be interesting – unless Lazar continues to flounder in a new role in Calgary.

      • I find it odd hiw many still have such faith that Lazar will ever be an impact player. He’s a good guy. He has great character but face it all. He is a bottom 9 guy at best.

        It isnt the first time a first round pick hasnt panned out.

        Cowen, I think Lee, Have we forgotten Daigle.

        I wish Lazar all the best and hope he does blossom into a star. I wont lament the trade. It wasnt going to happen in Ottawa. I doubt it does any where else.

  2. We will see how much Bishop is worth on the open market. I will bet that it will be similar to his current deal- 5.m something. If that is the price Calgary should definitely pursue. They will have options because Fleury will also be available after this year’s run. I have a hunch they will land one of them and keep one of the existing as back up.

  3. I think the Flames should pursue Bishop via free agency. They have made a real push recently and one has to wonder where they would be at this point of the season if they had a bona fide starter like Bishop since the beginning of the year. There seems to be a wide range of opinion regarding Bishop but I am in the camp of believers in his abilities. To me he is worth pursuing.

    • His ability doesnt concern me. His ability to avoid injuries that take him out for lengthy periods does.

  4. Jim Rutherford needs to call George McPhee and cut a side deal. He can solve all of the Pen’s summer time issues with one trade.

    Getting rid of MAF is just one of the headaches as they figure to lose a very good player to Vegas. If they go 7-3-1, they would lose Cole or Maatta. If they 8-1, they would lose Hagelin or Hornqvist.

    Call McPhee and offer up the first round pick in exchange for Vegas taking MAF in the expansion draft before McPhee gets his mind set on another goalie as his future #1.

    A first in a weak draft means little to the Pens at this point, but it’s exactly what Vegas will be looking for…

    • Why would a pick near the bottom of the 1st round in a weak draft be “exactly what McPhee is looking for?” Weak is weak and hardly any motivation to fill out your farm system with long-shots at best. McPhee can sign UFAs with some NHL experience to do that, and if he does cut side deals to get picks this year, he’s more apt to do it with teams who will be picking in the Top 10 – or get picks in 2018.

      • He has to build a farm system. All of the other teams have years of talent in theirs.

        Weak draft or no, he’ll want top picks and lots of them. It’ll still be a better prospect than some random college FA.

    • Fleury has a NTC/NMC so as per the expansion draft rules, has to be protected. This is unless he waives the clause of course. If you’re cutting a deal with Vegas, it’s to not take Murray, not take Fleury.

      • Fleury’s NTC will be waived or he’ll be bought out. Murray will be protected. Any side deal to spare him would cost a fortune.

        And if Marc wants a starting job, Vegas might be his best bet.

      • And what an expensive deal that would be for Pittsburgh. To not select Murray, Vegas would be foolish to ask for anything less than his equivalent value in player talent.

      • This is sounding more and more like Pitt fan wishful-thinking than any sense of reality.

      • “Fleury’s NTC will be waived or he’ll be bought out. Murray will be protected. Any side deal to spare him would cost a fortune.

        And if Marc wants a starting job, Vegas might be his best bet.”

        Which part of this doesn’t sound like reality to you?

      • Frank its not that simple at all. Its a game of chicken and Mcfee stands to lose too. Pens don’t have to trade to protect MAF, they can buy him out or try to trade him while retaining significant salary… obviously this sucks for the pens… but they have options. Mcfee could demand their first but if they think that is more valuable than the cap space then pens don’t trade him and mcfee only gets one asset instead of multiple from the pens. pens could offer a prospect or third rounder not to take murray and say take it or leave it, we will buy him out and you get neither. mcfee could say I call your bluff I’m not taking it. One point that is significant is vegas in west coast so sticking pens with a cap hit doesn’t really benefit them as much as it would an east coast team. saying the trade would have to match Murrays value is 100% wrong… trade has to match the value of the cap cost of MAF buy out or trade. and that’s worth far less.

      • Why wouldn’t McPhee simply throw a boat-load of money at Bishop as a UFA?

      • MAF will be traded before the expansion draft. Problem solved. The return will be nominal a 2nd round pick & a B grade prospect. The real benefit will be getting out from under the cap hit & solving the protection issue MAF causes for Pittsburgh.

        Numerous teams could use Fleury & his contract is secure & reasonable. Bishops contract demands are significant apparently. Unlikely he signs for less than 7 mil. Following expansion the demand for goalies will return to normal. Numerous teams will need back ups & or starters to help cushion young goalies not yet ready for the grind of playing 55+ games.

      • argument against that striker is that teams could wait for the buy out and not give up the assets. which works if the team thinks they have the inside track on him or thinks there is no other bidders. if a bidding “war” develops for him as an UFA he could cost close to his current contract and teams wouldn’t be guaranteed to get him. I believe it is likely he is traded but I can see pens having to hold a little money to get any type of asset back at all.

    • wont cost a first… Mcfee benefits from getting another asset in a side deal but barely benefits from sticking pens with a buyout/trade. in fact that would help 15 other teams in the east, and hurt one. Unless he has some hold out hate from his warshington days the smartest move would be to get the mid pick or prospect as well as another expansion asset from pens instead of losing that asset playing hard ball and getting no real benefit from it. pretty piss poor management at that point

      • If Murray is left unprotected, GMJR loses control of the situation. Jimmy would not allow that to happen. A MAF buyout is the worst case scenario. Murray will be protected.

        A side deal for Vegas to take MAF takes care of all of the Pen’s issues in one swoop. That’s worth a first in a weak draft. A first in this draft to clear Marc’s cap hit and keep Hagelin or Cole? I’d do that in a heartbeat.

        There are as few as 3 goalie jobs open this summer.

        Darling Bishop and Fleury will likely get them, but someone could cheap out and go for a Halak or Raantta and then someone is stuck.

      • Murray never would be unprotected. Murray has nothing to do with expansion at all. He is a pen. People saying the cost of protecting him equals murrays value are fooling themselves. The cost of protecting murray equals the value of an asset vs the cost of maf buyout or trade with money held. I’m not convinced it’s worth pens first. Mcfee stands to lose if he doesn’t play ball.

      • Also… a first for hags!?!? Get the f outa town. He is overpaid as it is… a first! It would suck to lose him for nothing but to lose a first to protect a slightly better konstinin koltzov? Nope.

    • It’s very hard to perceive what formula Pittsburgh may choose to use for expansion. They aren’t well positioned currently for either formula.

      What I can assure you is Maatta won’t be exposed. Cole will be. Cole doesn’t even make the top 4. Letang, Schultz, Maatta & Dumoulin. Even if exposed Cole won’t be selected.

      I assume Pittsburgh will try to trade out of this roster issue that isn’t well constructed for expansion but taking another run at the cup.

      It should be an interesting summer to see how all these things play out.

      • I hope hags is exposed. Like the player but not at 4 mil. And cole would be exposed. Talent wise I’d worry about losing him but with only 1 year left doubt lv wants to risk a one and done.

      • Perhaps pitts will try tobprotectctheircgoalies by exposibg a skater to good for vegas to pass up. Im still thibking Reimer will be Vegas’s selection.

  5. The free agent market is definitely an area for George MacPhee, like all other managers, to pursue. Vegas could be interesting because some free agents may very well see it as a destination to play in. It’s an interesting market in that there is a strong Canadian tourist base present. They also have a very experienced hockey manager and could build a decent fairly quickly. I personally am not interested in Vegas as a team but do see where they could be in an advantageous situation to attract player personnel.

  6. Doug Maclean on Hockey Central made an interesting observation. He says he says George McPhee knows right now who his #1 goalie is going to be. Because of conversations and side deals the LV team already had.

    • Hey scott,

      That’s very possible! And Doug MacLean knows what it’s like being a manager of an expansion team at one point in his career.

      • That’s about all D-Mac knows about

  7. Chrisms: I follow your line of thinking. Mine is that, if Matt Murray is unprotected, McPhee would select him. McPhee should not accept any deal to not select him that would bring back less than Murray’s value to the Knights. That is not being vindictive, that is being smart.

    As far as giving McPhee an ultimatum of taking what is offered or getting nothing, he would likely disregard that as a vain threat. A Fleury buyout would cost the Penguins 2/3 of Fleury’s remaining salary averaged out over twice as many years as are left on his contract, and a similar cap hit. That would be almost $2 million/yr. for 4 years. Matt Murray will make $3.75 million next year. An experienced, competent backup for Murray might cost another $2 million or more. That would be at least $7.75 million invested in the goaltender position. I doubt that the Penguins would want to sustain that kind of punishment.

    Regarding Fleury waiving his no-movement clause, nobody can say with certainty that this will happen. He obviously wanted it because he did not want to move. If he waives it and is selected, Vegas could send him anywhere in a trade.

    When all is said, Penguins are in dire straits if they can’t trade Fleury before the draft.

    • You might as well discuss what McPhee would do if Connor McDavid was left unprotected.

      Even if it means a buyout for Fleury, Murray will be protected.

      • I can’t doubt you, since you foresaw the Hainsey trade.

    • Again mcfee refusing a side deal for a decent but not great asset is foolish. Only hurts him and pens… barring a grudge that’s just shortsighted and dumb.

  8. Mathews or laine for ROY ? I don’t have this win yet , as close to a dead heat as possible with 18 games or so to go for one of them to win the vote outright

    • It’s Laine I thin if it goes by points, goals, It’s Mathews if it goes by value to the team I’d say. Can’t go wrong with either both deserve anything they get, but I feel like a rookie winger playing with a center like Sheifele who’s gone thru high expectations himself and who can kind of help his development has an advantage over a rookie center on a line of other rookies trying to figure things out.

      • Man its tough. Both are so good. You Toronto andJet fans must be happy.

        Schiefele hasnt been this good before Laine. Does that boost Laine’s stock?

        Mathews plays with a feklow rookie who also is lighting it up. Does that up his stock?

        Ill vote for whomever gets in the playoffs. Im at a loss failing that

  9. Sorry I missed this yesterday Lyle. I think the Isles decision on Vanek would depend entirely on whether JT wanted him back or not. He’d be taking a spot on the top six which could cost Bailey, Strome, Nelson, or Barzal that spot. I suspect they talk with JT and see what he thinks.