List of NHL Trade Deadline Deals – March 1, 2017

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Detroit Red Wings ship winger Thomas Vanek to the Florida Panthers.

The list of notable deals made leading up to today’s NHL trade deadline at 3 pm Eastern Time. I’ll have analysis of the day’s most notable trades tonight in my Soapbox

Winnipeg Jets trade winger Drew Stafford to the Boston Bruins in exchange for a conditional sixth round pick in 2017. 

Dallas Stars acquire minor-league defenseman Dillon Heatherington from the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for left wing Lauri Korpikoski.

Philadelphia Flyers trade defenseman Mark Streit to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for center Valtteri Filppula, a fourth-round pick in the 2017 NHL draft and a conditional seventh-round pick in 2017.

The Lightning flip Streit to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a fourth-round draft pick in 2018. 

Pittsburgh Penguins trade forward Eric Fehr, minor-league defenseman Steve Oleksy and a 2017 fourth-round pick to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for defenseman Frank Corrado, 

Ottawa Senators trade forward Curtis Lazar and minor-league defenseman Mike Kostka to the Calgary Flames in exchange for defenseman Jyrki Jokipakka and a second-round pick.

New Jersey Devils trade winger P-A Parenteau to the Nashville Predators in exchange for a sixth-round draft pick in 2017. 

New Jersey Devils trade defenseman Kyle Quincey to the Columbus Blue Jackets for blueliner Dalton Prout. 

Montreal Canadiens trade winger Sven Andrighetto to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for left wing Andreas Martinsen.

Colorado Avalanche trade right wing Jarome Iginla to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a conditional fourth-round pick in 2018. The Avalanche also retained half of Iginla’s $5.33 million cap hit. 

Los Angeles Kings trade forward Dwight King to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for a conditional fourth-round pick in 2018. 

Detroit Red Wings trade left wing Thomas Vanek to the Florida Panthers for defenseman Dylan McIlrath and a third-round pick in the 2017 NHL draft. The Wings also pick up half of Vanek’s $2.6 million cap hit. 

Vancouver Canucks trade winger Jannik Hansen to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for minor-league forward Nikolay Goldobin and a conditional fourth-round pick in the  2017 NHL Draft.

Detroit Red Wings trade forward Steve Ott to the Montreal Canadiens for a sixth-round pick in the 2018 draft. 


  1. *hears crickets*

  2. I was told the chat moved over here! The amount of it, or lack thereof, is pretty indicative of the day itself!

  3. I’m looking forward to the NFL trade deadline! It’s just about as exciting as the NHL deadline has become.
    I have to get back to watching my grass grow in my backyard. Bbs.

    • Been watching the snow melt here. As I said the other day, any trades made will be of the “depth” variety and I thought 10-12 would be the limit – so there will need to be a flurry over the next hours and a bit.

      One observation I do have is that Jeff O’Neill is an individual who should be n a desperate search for a personality transplant.

  4. Penguins waive fehr call up pouliot. And said fluerys not being traded.

    • So disappointed in GM Rutherford he said he was all in to repeat… Mark Streit and frank Corrado (whoever the hell is that) this sucks

      Capitals get Kevin Shattenkirk
      Rangers add Brendan Smith
      Jackets add Kyle Quincey

      penguins didn’t do enough….and i love my Penguins… could be a short playoff all the powerhouses got better Chicago, Minnesota Montreal

      • Montreal is NOT a powerhouse – by any stretch of the imagination. Certainly not in the same breath as Minnesota and Chicago (and Washington). Their “moves” amounted to nothing more than adding some size to their 4th line when what they really needed was scoring.

      • So I’m not the only one kinda scratching my head about the Habs today?

      • Pretty sure the games are played on the ice, black’n’gold, by the way, before last year’s playoffs began, what was your opinion of the Penguins’ roster?

      • I’d say Pittsburghs biggest fail was not trading Fleury. Now they’ve painted themselves into an ugly corner. A buyout seems almost certain at this points.

      • If anything Montreal got worse , filled their lineup with 4th line hacks

      • The Penguins did what they needed to in order to contend for the postseason. Their concerns were defense.

        I am okay with Fleury not being traded at the deadline. I rather have two quality starting goaltenders rather than lose a quality starting goaltender and ride a not so good goaltender.

  5. Well Brendan Ranford got traded for Joe Whitney. Haven’t heard of them? Me neither
    It can only go up from here

    • George O your not a powerhouse either but they made some decent additions and when you have Shea Weber…… and the best goalie in the world you have a chance..they wont have to play anybody from the metro until at least round two so..they could be dangerous…

      • George, you ARE a powerhouses! Don’t let these Pens fans tell you different!

    • Not so sure Montreal is what you mention. They will not make it past the first round with what they have and have recently acquired.

  6. Hearing Iginila to LA possible and Habs front runners for Vrbata

  7. vanek to Florida as per Friedman – for probably a third

    • Done deal, Vanek to Panthers

      • Holland sucks at this. Jurco gets a 3rd and Vanek gets a 3rd plus a contract we don’t need/want. Unless we’re buying out Erickson this summer. At least we get another look at Callahan.

      • Vanek is a rental player for the Panthers. He has been a journeyman forward because he does not score goals often and has cold hands for long stretches.

  8. Dwight King to Montreal is sort of interesting. Never saw that coming.

    • I’m a Habs fan, and I don’t mind King… but it feels like just *another* 4th line forward to add to our dozen other 4th liners we have on the roster. Seems like too much to give up, and a guy we didn’t much need.

      Also, Steve Ott is a total bum and that was a waste.

      The Desharnais trade wasn’t bad.

      My two cents (and counting)!

      • 2 cents we round down. jk

      • lol you should! My opinion’s not even worth that! 😉

      • @Paddy

        As a Kings’ fan and former season-ticket holder (they priced me out of the market after that first cup win), you will like King.

        I think of it like in the days when we had true enforcers on every team. Some were just guys who could fight and that’s it. They saw three minutes of ice time and got five minutes in the box.

        But then there were guys like Bob Probert who did a lot of fighting, but could also chip in goals. Probert was more than just a goon.

        Dwight King is that type of 4th line grinder. He can grind, fight, and chip in a goal here or there.

        I’m sad to see King go.

      • JDBiGC – thanks, makes me feel happier about the deal for sure! Here’s hoping he’s a good fit!

  9. The King trade better be a precursor to something else. I liked King. He was a fan favorite.

    I’m hearing rumors that the Kings are getting Iginla. That would be interesting.

  10. Hopefully Iginla to the Kings will be what Ray Bourque was to the Avs. Iginla needs a cup and the Kings need a third ring.

    • Iginla will retire with an empty Cup. I hope he can “handle” it.

  11. I blame the lack of trades on the Hall for Larsson trade setting the market…Damn you Shero and Chiarelli for setting this as the price for comparable trades.

  12. I’m kind of shocked Ny hasn’t done more. Injuries are mounting.

  13. What the hell is Hextall thinking? I thought the plan was to be patient and wait for the youth movement while dumping salary not taking on the bad contract of a 39 year old washed-up forward! …. I’m wondering if Hextall called in sick today and maybe Holmgren is making the deals. ??

    • Fillpulla is 32 years old bro

      • Who plays like he’s 39.

  14. Just shows that the draft is the real trading window. Wasn’t expecting much.

  15. Streit is headed to Pittsburgh. Lol

    • Yzerman is a boss.
      Got multiple picks for Filppulla, dumped the salary to resign key FAs, RFAs and solved his expansion issues

      • Yzerman is great or Hexy is a dope.
        You decide…

      • tampa traded filppula and 2 picks for striet then only received 1 pick in return, how is that a boss, saved cap space yes

      • BadCowboyDan …..both are good gms….in hextall we trust, part of a future plan

      • it cost them a fourth and a 7th and they got the fourth back by moving Striet, so in other words it cost them a pick to get rid of 1 year worth of a contract. Yzerman didn’t get multiple picks. It cost him 1 to get rid of a crap contract he signed….still good on him for being able to get rid of Filppula but I’m not sure he wins the title of wizard lol.

      • my bad – I clearly got the picks in the first trade mixed up.
        No wizrd title for you Stevie, maybe next time

  16. If it ends up being all today it’s a good day for Leaf fans really. No wasted future assets besides the 2nd it took to temporarily plug a hole and add a bit of successful vet experience, and it should be easy enough to recoup a 2nd round pick that was spent on Boyle by dealing one of the guys guys not in future plans on draft day. Win win.

    • Don’t discount Eric Fehr. He can play 3rd or 4th line, center or wing, win draws, decent hands. He can really help a young team. I think they made a nice move there.

      Oleksy is a warm body. He can fight. That’s it.

      • I think Boyle plays C over Fehr. I honestly think that move is more about getting the 4th for the cap space by taking on Fehr…maybe he gets a shot next year on the 4th line but I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep him buried similar to Liach or Michalek.

      • Exactly. If Fehr was all that you claim him to be wouldn’t one of the bottom-feeders have grabbed him off waivers?

      • No one wanted to give up assets for his contract ($2 M next year) but…once you have his contract on your books…he’s a fine 4th liner who can play up in a pinch.

        Pens had to add a pick to move him because he’s overpaid. Overpaid isn’t the same as bad.



      • A winner that’s 31 years old and was headed to the Ahl after clearing waivers?

  17. I’m glad I wasted my day at work instead of staying home for this crap

    • At one point I dozed off … and when I awoke with a start they were covering the Lindros draft and for a split second I thought, hey I’m still in the 40s and all the crap that’s happened has been a dream.

    • Cant say the same but at least i got day drunk out of it!

  18. and adding Stafford was done for what reason ?….this goes with the two Dman Sweeney added at last years trade deadline …

    • Maybe replacement for Hayes or competition to get him motivated.
      I’m just glad we didn’t give up anything this year.
      I would’ve rather seen a prospect like Debrusk come up for a chance.

    • A nothing to lose deal, 6th round pick for a guy like Stafford is a steal .

    • Stafford is a rental player. I am not expecting him to do much for the Bruins.

      Stafford has a history of not scoring goals and bringing shenanigans to games. He punched his ticket out of the Buffalo Sabres and the Winnipeg Jets.

  19. I was kind of hoping to send Fehr down to WBS and bring him back for the playoffs but I really like what Rutherford did here.

    Streit is good insurance for the PP if Letang is out for a while.

    He and Hainsey might keep Maatta and Daley in the press box even when healthy.

    Also…I assume the Toronto media will be equally fascinated by Frank Corrado’s playing time when he’s with the Baby Pens, right?

    • I’d say Striet is a way better option than Dailey anyway ya good move.

      • Shticky you are delusional if you think 39 year old mark Streit was a solid move when brendan Smith and Kyle Quincey Cody Fransan were all available…

      • There you go again! First, I’m not a “powerhouse” (never claimed to be_ and now Shticky is “delusional.” I may have missed something the past while, but who died and elected you king s*&t of Turd Island?

      • I’d take Striet over Dailey for a playoff run is all I’m say’n, but since you wanna bring up those other rentals I’d take him over them as well if it was for only a matter of a few months…Im not saying he is Paul coffee I’m say’n it’s a decent rental pick up for a team with some injuries on the blueline lol

    • rUTHERFORD MESSED THIS TRADE DEADLINE UP..MARK sTREIT IS THE best we could do. what happened to all in to repeat…we didnt get Shattenkirk, Brendan Smith or Kyle Quincey all went to our metro rivals..

      They should have given Colorado whatever they neede for matt duchense
      Oli matta a young controable d-man
      1st round pick
      top prospect Sprong or Sundqvist
      hell a bag of chips if needed….. they f********d that up bad

      • Rutherford turned a 2nd and a 4th (AKA nothing)into our new #5 and 6 D men who might be good enough to keep Daley and Maatta on the bench or, if not, are fantastic #7 and #8 options AND he cleared a $2 M 4th liner off the books next year making room for Oscar Sundqvist.

        Rutherford had a great day.

  20. Winners and losers of this trade deadline.

    Winners: the salary cap, and expansion draft.

    Losers: everyone else.

    • I think this may make the days leading up to expansion fun tho, problem is no sellers and everyone thinks they got a shot. Once there is nothing to play for and faced with losing something for nothing maybe it pushes things a little harder.

      • I was really holding onto hope for something big. I didn’t think Landeskog or Duchee were going anywhere today… I was hoping for one of those deals nobody saw coming.

        It should make for some interesting moves prior to expansion. Unfortunately for the teams like Anaheim, and Minnesota trying to move d-men, I think they’re going to have to settle for what they get, or face losing players for nothing.

    • No one wants to be that Gm that is labled the dummy who gave up too much. Are these gm’s getting wise? Ahha, maybe

  21. I simply do not understand what Tampa Bay was doing. They trade for Streit, giving up Filppula, 2017 4th rounder and conditional 2017 7th rounder.

    Then they flip Streit for a 2018 4th rounder, but KEEP HALF HIS SALARY! Streit and Filppula are close in salary ($5.25M to $6M), so not a salary dump.

    So, in exchange for paying more salary and losing a 2017 7th round pick, they switched a 2017 4th round pick to a 2018 4th round pick.

    Where is the logic in this series of deals?????

    • The difference is, Streit is a UFA at season’s end and the cost of his cap hit is only fractional. Filpulla on the other hand has another year to go with that $5 mil cap hit. There’s the logic.

    • Filppulla has one year left on his contract. Streit is off the books at the end of the year so cap daving next year.
      The cap space will be used to sign their FAs/RFAs Drouin, TyJo Etc.
      Filppulla had a NMC so had to be protected so they would have to expose Namestnikov or another good forward, expansion issues solved.

      I think this was an awesome trade for the lightening

    • Streit is a ufa at this years end. Filppula has another year left. So they cleared 5 million for next year.

  22. Also cannot believe what Franky Corrado garnered! He’s a marginal player at best.

    • Franky who Sinatra this guy is a minor leaguer and we give up Eric Fehr who was huge for us in the playoffs last year stupid stupid move

  23. George O damn boy you are so sensitive,,just relax…

    you are just looking for something to start…no one is criticizing anyone its an expression just chill..

    you are the first to disagree with just about everyone judging from most of your posts..