NHL Rumor Mill – March 18, 2017

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Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak will be in line for a significant raise this summer.

Updates on the contract status of Montreal’s Alexander Radulov, Boston’s David Pastrnak and Los Angeles’ Tanner Pearson in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: John Lu reports Montreal Canadiens right wing Alexander Radulov denied reports claiming his agent asked the Habs for an eight-year contract. “It’s not even close. I don’t know where that came from,” said Radulov. He added, ” ‘There’s something going on, some people talking,’ so I was like, ‘Who’s talking? No one knows nothing about it,’ so I even talked to Marc (Bergevin) today and it’s like someone throw it in the Internet, or whatever it was, and it doesn’t make sense.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whether or not the Radulov camp sought an eight-year deal, it’s obvious there’s no way Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin agrees to such a lengthy contract for a guy turning 31 in July. Most observers feel he’ll get at most a five-year offer, probably between $6 – $7 million annually. And if Bergevin makes that pitch, Radulov should happily accept it because he won’t get any better than that elsewhere on the open market. 

CSNNE.COM: DJ Bean reports the Boston Bruins and young winger David Pastrnak are interested in a long-term contract rather than a bridge deal. Pastrnak, 20, is completing the final season of his entry-level contract. Bean said the winger’s camp isn’t seeking a deal similar to St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko (eight years, $7.5 million annually). Instead, they’re citing Nashville’s Filip Forsberg (six years, $36 million), Calgary’s Sean Monahan (seven years, over $44 million) and Winnipeg’s Mark Scheifele (eight years, $49 million) as comparables.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unlike Forsberg, Monahan and Scheifele, Pastrnak’s first two seasons were hampered by injuries.  If the Bruins aren’t interested in a bridge deal, they might try to get Pastrnak re-signed for closer to $5 million annually than $6 million. However, to get him to re-sign a deal for six, seven or eight years in length, they could be forced to come up to $6 million. 

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Kevin Baxter recently reported Kings winger Tanner Pearson is heading toward a significant pay raise. He’s completing a two-year deal worth $1.4 million annually and holds arbitration rights. He’s second in goals (22) and third in points (41) this season.

Given the Kings limited cap space for next season (over $60 million invested in 16 players next season), Baxter feels they’ll have to move a high-priced veteran such as Dustin Brown ($5.875 million annually) or Marian Gaborik ($4.875 million) to free up room to re-sign Pearson and fellow RFA forward Tyler Toffoli. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Easier said than done, given the decline in Brown’s and Gaborik’s production. Perhaps they can find a club with the cap space willing to take on one of them if the Kings are also willing to package a draft pick or top prospect in the deal. It could cost the Kings at least a combined $10 million to re-sign Pearson and Toffoli. 


  1. Vagalas may be the kings savior. Gaborik and an asset for nothing. Doubt even lv takes brown. Also. First?

  2. If no bridge deal for Pastrnack, 6yr for $30 – $33 would be a good deal.

  3. High five to not being in too rough of shape after st paddy’s Chris!! ??

    But does anyone else feel that 6-7 mill a year for Radulov is way too much? Man that just seems really risky to me for that guy. I could foresee him getting a contract then going back to his old ways…

    Could he have matured? Of course, or is it potentially just a guy like Weber not letting him get away with any B.S? Oh wait.. they played together in Nashville ha nevermind.

    • I agree George. I don’t even want Radulov on my team unless on a 1 year deal for decent money.

      • Would much rather radulov than backes, what a useless signing that was for Sweeney

      • I thought it was a bad deal at the time as well – especially after the Belesky deal.

  4. It seems like Montreal is sowing the seeds to part with Radulov.

    Some teams will start putting out narratives that make a player look bad to create a “get the bum out of here” reaction in the fans to make it easier to move the player.

    Right before the Pens traded James Neal, stories started popping up to make him look like a bad guy. Going off memory, but I think they floated a rumor that he asked for a trade and suddenly there were whispers about how he a jerk in the locker room, etc.

    May or may not be true, but it only got reported right before his trade.

    Feels like they are trying to make Radulov out to be the bad guy.

    Tanner Pearson is good player, but one of the streakiest in the league. He was putting up 2-3 points a game for a week or two, now he’s ice cold again. Hard to know which player you are getting.

    • Radulov has had a history of bring trouble in and out of the locker room though. He was notorious for his “night scene” antics

      • *being trouble

      • Last night, Cherry chided the Preds for suspending Radulov when he played in Nashville. I couldn’t believe it – a guy like Radulov could never play for Cherry. Nice that the player has finally got his act together – in his 30’s! This is a player who should be on a series of one year contracts.

    • Pearson is no streakier than 95% of any other player in the league, so give it a rest.

      What he is though, is improving his numbers each and every season he’s been in the league, which is exactly what LA wants to see, you know the true measure of consistency.

    • Didn’t Ovy just go 19 games only scoring 2 goals. MacKnnon, Duchene, Tarasenko had a huge gap last season. Happens to most players. Matthews how many games with out a point now? It’s even more prevalent with younger players. Pearson has gotten better all 3 years & will continue to do so for several more. He is LA’s #1 LW now. There is no 1 else in LA on the left side at present..

    • “Tanner Pearson is a useless waste of oxygen and the Kings could put out a garbage can for Carter and Toffoli to bounce pucks off and it would score more goals.”

      Oh wait, no…actually I said…

      “Tanner Pearson is a GOOD player…”

      All I said is he’s streaky. Own him in fantasy and you’ll agree.

  5. No way a combined $10 m for both Pearson and Toffoli. More like $7m with Toffoli getting more as a pure scorer. No one is taking on Brown or Gaborik without a significant sweetner. Probably not even then.Can either be bought out ?

    • There is ZERO chance the Kings are getting both for $7 million per, as much as I would love to see it, its not happening.

      Toffoli alone will cost a minimum of $6 mill per.

      As for Gaborik and Brownn, I see one of them as goners, but yes it will cost sweetener. Neither will be bought out as there contracts are too long.

  6. LA should beg PHX to take BROWN & GABORIK with 40% retained for Duclair and mid rd pick

    with Doan probably retiring…Brown can step up in the leadership and fill in their top 9. Gaborik when healthy can add to their scoring .. Then AZ resign Vrbata and top 9 looks more NHL than AHL for PHX. Along with their youth ..not too bad….plus they have the room to eat some space for a favor down the road…..

    • Arz isn’t taking Brown or Gaborik unless seriously compensated to do so & they aren’t sending Duclair back never mind any pick.

      You would have to add some tangible asset a 2nd round pick or a solid prospect to get Arz to take either of those players.

      Florida paid NJ a 2nd round pick in 2018 just to take Savard’s cap hit. His actually salary is only 575K & he only had 1 year remaining.

      Duclair may be experiencing the dreaded sophmore slump but he is a solid prospect. He will be a 20 goal scorer in the NHL for about a decade once developed. He’s not being traded to take another teams brutal contract.

    • I would like to the see the list of teams who have players on bad contracts – they hope LV will take them off their hands. Gabby might generate some interest with a pick/prospect. Brown is a boat anchor

  7. Brown or Gaborik. It would be a tough deal to make to take on both.
    If I were Arz it would be Brown (at 5.8 cap hit) with a hold of $1m and a Second round draft pick for Duclair and some sort of minor league prospect.

    • Not a chance Arizona makes such a deal.

  8. Montreal, in my opinion, would be insane to sign Radulov to any more than 2-3 years. He is going to start declining soon. He also takes far too many unnecessary penalties. I think they should just cut the leash after this year, unless they can sign him for a couple years. 5+ years is complete madness.

  9. Radulov is now over thirty and all reports he has matured. It is good to use current information when making statements about players. There has been no reports of locker room trouble this year. I have been impressed with his play and I am a Leaf fan. At most he should get a five year deal but three or four would be better. His salary could be anywhere between five million and 6.5 depending on the years.

    As for Brown and Gaborik LV should take Gaborik because he can be traded for assets if they hold back salary. Brown might be moved if enough assets are added to make it worthwhile. LA might have to add a significant asset to get rid of them.

    Cap management is best illustrated by Tampa but the Leafs and Flyers are getting to a good point also.

  10. My two cents!
    Radulov should not get anything north of 6, especially on a multiyear deal just because of his history.
    That Brown contract look mighty fine right about now, doesn’t it? Who could see this comming in the previous CBA? No GMs I assume as most have signed those awful contracts – now they havn’t stopped just because there is a limit to 8 years though. Burns, Kopitar and Vorachek leading the charge I think from the top of my head.

    • You must not watch much of the kings if you think kopitar is worth the money, only a couple better centerman in the league

      • Isnt* worth the money