NHL Rumor Mill – March 24, 2017

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Should the New Jersey Devils shop Cory Schneider this summer?

Players in need of a change of scenery plus the latest on the Stars in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin lists New Jersey Devils goaltender Cory Schneider, forwardsDaniel and Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks, Matt Duchene, Gabriel Landeskog and Semyon Varlamov of the Colorado Avalanche, Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk and Tampa Bay Lightning center Tyler Johnson as several players who could benefit from a change of scenery. He suggested they could be more beneficial to their clubs as trade bait this summer.

Larkin suggests the rebuilding Devils risk wasting the remaining best seasons of the 31-year-old Schneider, recommending he could be more beneficial to a club such as the Dallas Stars.  Moving the Sedins could help the retooling Canucks add more draft picks and prospects for the 2017 draft and could put them in good position for the first-overall pick in 2018.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this year, the New York Post’s Larry Brooks also suggested the Devils consider moving Schneider while his value remains high. As Larkin notes, by the time the Devils are ready to become a perennial playoff contender, Schneider will be past his prime. He could fetch the Devils either a skilled defenseman or a scoring forward. The Stars would certainly be interested if they can move Kari Lehtonen and/or Antti Niemi. So would the Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche,  Philadelphia Flyers, Winnipeg Jets and perhaps the Calgary Flames.

As for the Sedins, I defer to ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun. “Good luck trying to move their combined $14 million in salary (each Sedin makes $7 million).”

Duchene and Landeskog would attract considerable interest in the trade market. Varlamov wouldn’t have as many suitors but Larkin feels his market isn’t non-existent, suggesting Dallas and the Philadelphia Flyers as two clubs in need of help between the pipes.

Faulk could be used to bring the Hurricanes a scoring forward such as Duchene. Moving Johnson could bring the Lightning a top-four defenseman and allow them to re-sign Jonathan Drouin and Ondrej Palat.  The Bolts also have a possible replacement for Johnson in young Brayden Point.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was plenty of interest in Duchene and Landeskog before this year’s trade deadline. Once Avs GM Joe Sakic lowers his ridiculously high asking prices (good young defenseman or goaltender, first-round pick, top prospect and perhaps more), he won’t have any problem moving either guy.  Sakic should still get a good return, though obviously not one as high as what he sought before the deadline. Varlamov’s lengthy injury history and $5.9 million annual cap hit through 2018-19 makes him almost impossible to move this summer.

Faulk had an off-year in 2016-17 but remains a well-regarded blueliner. The Hurricanes depth in rising young defensemen could make him expendable, especially if GM Ron Francis wants to add more scoring punch. Faulk was linked to the Avalanche in the recent trade chatter regarding Duchene. 

Johnson’s name surfaced in the rumor mill prior to the trade deadline and I wouldn’t be surprised if he pops up again in trade chatter once the playoffs end in June. It remains to be seen, however, if Lightning GM Steve Yzerman moves Johnson or shops someone else.  

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: In a recent live chat. Mike Heika speculated the Dallas Stars could bring back 33-year-old winger Ales Hemsky on a one- or two-year deal for a considerable lower price than his current $4 million annual cap hit. He doesn’t think they’ll re-sign winger Jiri Hudler. Heika also believes they’ll find a way to move defenseman Patrik Nemeth and doesn’t expect veteran winger Patrick Sharp will return. 


  1. Hemskey? Why??? This guy is way past he point of being beneficial to any team.

  2. I understand the train of thought in trading Schneider, but to Dallas? What would the possible return be to make this worth while for the Devils? The D in Dallas isn’t much better than what’s already in NJ (the Stars are not giving up Klingberg) and with the age of some of the core of the Stars and their current position in the standings I can’t see them being eager to give up a bunch of futures. Stranger things have happened but I can’t see a move that stands out as benefiting the Devils as much as just keeping Schneider when it comes to the Stars.

    • If I’m Calgary I make a call to NJ and see what they want because the way Calgary is developing the next 4 years could be interesting for them to be able to justify the assets for Corey.

      Make Elliot part of the package and get it done, for me I like Corey better plus he has more experience with a heavier workload compared to Elliot.

      • Gary; if the Devils is up for trading their goalie I’ll have to agree with you. Calgary have something real interesting in the near future! Question ofcourse what the pricetag would be with Elliot, the “plus” part might be a big stumbling block. Seems like logical trading partners though!

  3. While I’d agree that Schneider is not a good fit for the Devils , I don’t see him fetching a good return . The goaltender market is flooded at the moment. It would seem NJ will have to settle for a minimal return, or let him play out in Newark. NJ is years away from contending , barring a miracle.

    • I think it would be a difficult deal, but with the expansion draft looming maybe a team or two who want a goalie and feel that they might lose a piece anyway might make sense. I think Winnipeg is the best place to get value, but even then it might not be the value the Devils are looking for.

  4. Why would you trade Schneider period. Keeps you in every game and you need a no 1 regardless. Cant see him moving. Look at Brodeur . He only got traded when he should have been retired…….Has Hemsky played even close to a full season in his career ? His salary should be half to a quarter of his current deal just based on games played potential

    • Why trade Schneider? For the reason stated in the article.
      NJ will not contend with him or without him for years, like 4 or 5 or longer. When they finally are ready to contend he will be well into the back 9 of his career. Why keep him?
      NJ needs to rebuild and sell veteran assets for picks and prospects. The fact that Schneider keeps you in games actually hurts the rebuild as it hurts the value of the picks you get.
      If the discussion is about tanking vs not tanking rebuild method, I will firmly stand in the tanking is best corner.

  5. Taylor Hall is signed for three more years, unless there is some drastic improvement in NJ, Hall could be waiting awhile to get his first NHL playoff game under his belt.

    • Perhaps they could trade Hall for a good young defenseman … like the Oilers did.

      • Or send Schneider to Edmonton for Larson. 🙂

      • lmfao George

        I had thought of Calgary but someone else mentioned Winnipeg, could be a great fit there as well.

  6. His name isn’t out there but can I throw it out there? Is there a market for Tuuka Rask? 4 more years at $7 his mtc kicks in he can list 8 teams that he can be traded to. Not that I dislike Rask…never mind yes it is. $7m is too much for a starting goalie and if receiving such payment you need to be clutch at the right time. Maybe Dallas be a good fit and Boston take back one of there two.

    • I’ve prayed every night for 3 seasons for Bruins management to trade Rask.
      Terrible contract for any goalie let alone one who can’t make the big save when it matters.

    • I`ll flip you guys Rask for Andersen. He has 4 more yrs. 5 mill. Andersen has one of the worst save % in overtime and if your lucky enough to make it to the shootout, you`ll be impressed with his .522 save %. Worst in the NHL and all this for a mere 5 mill. a year. How about boys? Interested? and if you call in the next 5 minutes, we`ll pay for the shipping

      • No thanks.
        Kinda have my eyes set on Schneider.

      • Lehner has not stopped a shot in a shootout yet this year… I believe 0/8

      • Rask has the worst save% in the month of March for any goaltender with 5 starts or more. Be careful for what you wish for.

    • I don’t see any team picking up Rask unless there’s salary retained in the neighbourhood of $1M – $1.5M over the contract. Like someone else said lots of good keepers available for not Rask and not $7M

    • I hear ya Caper. Had this same discussion with my kid couple days ago, and at this time last year.
      Agree with the take that you have to retain salary to move Rask.

      Bigger question – if the B’s don’t make it, again, 3 years in a row, then what changes happen?
      Tough call, some great players like Bergeron but getting older in a younger faster NHL.
      I personally think (or maybe it’s hope) they make it this year, but long term what are there prospects to contend?
      Would luv to be a fly on the wall when mgt and ownership have that chat.

      • They have a decent team just need to make a few moves.
        Need to get rid of the slow guys and get more youth and speed.
        Chara has a year left at 4 million might as well keep him he’s playing decent for his age and can help the young defenseman.
        Hayes and Belesky need to go or buyout
        Krejci I would try to move even if have to retain salary.
        Spooner,JFK and Vatrano can all play center.
        Backes terrible signing.
        Maquaid too slow.
        Build around Bergeron,Pastrnak and Marchand.
        I give them about a 25% chance of making the playoffs.

      • Bruins will miss the playoffs again this year. You won’t be getting any takers for Rask with his current contract situation and what is now 3 years of choking down the stretch. I would 100% move Krejci for a top defenseman (I have been saying this for a couple of years now). They have enough depth in their system that they won’t be missing him and his every other night (generous) effort. Regardless of how they were playing at the deadline, Chara should have been moved. He could definitely have fetched a good return of picks/prospects for a team looking for a guy to match up in the playoffs. Chara still has some left in the tank, but he’s no longer a #1 and can’t handle #1 minutes. Being a bubble playoff team will not get you anywhere in this league. Why this management team constantly strives for the rebuild on the fly approach is beyond me. Is “earning” the WC2 spot really a success to just get bounced by Washington in the first round? For management it is with their 2 playoff gates, but it’s benefiting no one. Just continuing to burn Bergeron’s prime years and Marchand’s Hart-esque emergence. Hate to say it, but I’d love for BU to go out early so they can get some of these young prospects into NHL action before the season is up. But let’s be honest, that won’t happen. Drive for first out!

    • @ George O….. is it me being a Penguins fan..don’t you think MAF is a perfect fit in Winnipeg ? I want MAF to find a good home he has played well a 4-0 shutout win over Florida who just killed Chicago 7-0 a tough shoot out loss to the islanders ..my point he is the athletic goalie who can make the big / timely stop for them

      Winnipeg can score their defense is average and MAF shines with a lot of shots playing for the run and gun penguins..he has won two cups only 31.

      its a short 2 year commitment by then Hellinbuck should be ready for full time NHL..he is clearly not quite there yet

  7. No way the Hurricanes trade Faulk, he is back to playing at an all star level. Peters recently said that Faulk is playing his best hockey since he became coach.

    • Faulk is a luxury for that Carolina team due to defensive depth that many teams will pay handsomely for. They are only a couple of pieces away from being really good for a really long time

      If they can get a Duchene as return without giving up much else, Faulk is as good as gone. Personally, I feel as though Carolina could use some help in net as well. Wonder if they would send Faulk and one of their tenders to Boston for a package involving Rask. Ward + Faulk = Tuukka so monies would match up pretty nicely, not that that is an issue for Carolina

  8. I would cry tears of joy if the Jets managed to get Schneider from NJ.

    • I actually think that trade makes sense. Jets have an abundance of young talent to trade-and a veteran goalie would help stabilize their young team

      • Trouba for Schneider..NJ might need to add a draft pick which is not a first.

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      I tried to think about an intelligent response but that garbage is unresponsible.

      Jealousy does stupid things to people’s minds.

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  10. Why trade away Landeskog or Duchene, or even Johnson? They are young and have an upside but they have no guidance to focus their strengths in the system that is apparently dysfunctional from the start with the Avalanche organization. As a captain, Sakic was a animal and strong as a leader, but as a GM he is just guessing on what needs to be done with this team. Patrick Roy seen it and that is why he jumped ship. Joe Sakic, I love you but you need to change your methods or get out of the way for a GM that can bring the Avalanche out of the ashes and back to the winning ways that we have been accustomed to since 1996. You traded away strong talent that could be in this organization that could bring a championship such as Johnny Boychuk. The organization traded away Boychuk to the Bruins for Matt Hendricks that did not want to play for the Avalanche from the start. They lost Hendricks that next free agency and gained nothing but headache. Then they traded Kyle Woods to Arizona for another player that wanted out of Colorado as soon as possible. there was talent inn the system but the “Management” has shown in the past that they are NOT patient with the prospects in the system and “develop” players to help with this team. They rather trade for players that were developed in another club’s system praying that they will help this team win. So far their efforts have ended in FAILURE. Stan Kronke is stupid and is not the answer, Joe Sakic is a god on the ice, but in the office is questioned everyday. I miss the Avalanche team of the past with a hunger for Lord Stanley’s Cup. But these days have shown that the players do not want anything to do with this team until the chaos in the front office is reorganized and there is true leadership for the Colorado Avalanche to turn it around to become a contender instead of a pretender.