NHL Rumor Mill – March 8, 2017

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Could the Ottawa Senators leave Bobby Ryan unprotected in the NHL expansion draft?

A look at several notable players who could be exposed in this June’s expansion draft and more in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Frank Seravalli and Craig Button recently looked at the players that might be available in June’s NHL expansion draft. They first revisited the key rules of the draft. Teams can protect either seven forwards, three defensemen and a goalie or eight skaters (four forwards and four defensemen) and a goalie, players with no-movement clause must be protected, and players with less than three years of pro experience are exempt.

They then examined which players from the seven Canadian teams could be exposed in the draft. Among the notables the Toronto Maple Leafs could expose are defensemen Alexey Marchenko and Martin Marincin and forwards Eric Fehr and Ben Smith. Tomas Plekanec, Jordie Benn, Alexei Emelin and Al Montoya could be left unprotected by the Montreal Canadiens.

The Ottawa Senators could exposed wingers Bobby Ryan and recently-acquired Alex Burrows, defenseman Marc Methot and goalie Andrew Hammond. For the Edmonton Oilers, forwards Zach Kassian, Benoit Pouliot, Matt Hendricks and defenseman Mark Fayne could be unprotected.

For the Winnipeg Jets, they could opt for the eight skater protection because of their depth on the blueline. Forwards Mathieu Perreault, Shawn Matthias and Marko Dano and goalie Michael Hutchinson could be available. The Vancouver Canucks could expose defenseman Luca Sbisa and forward Derek Dorsett. The Calgary Flames could expose forwards Matt Stajan, Alex Chiasson and Lance Bouma.

As for the rest of the league, Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury (provided he waives his no-movement clause), Wild winger Jason Zucker, Anaheim Ducks winger Jakob Silfverberg and Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov could be among the best available players. 

Seravalli speculates Minnesota Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher could be talking with Vegas Golden Knights GM George McPhee to work out a trade whereby the Wild will give up an asset to Vegas in order to protect a defenseman such as Jonas Brodin or Marco Scandella. 

Button doubts Silfverberg will be available and Fleury must waive his no-movement clause. He speculates the Penguins netminder could end up traded to a club of his choosing before the expansion draft. 

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun recently reported Golden Knights GM George McPhee could take part in trade discussions with his colleagues during this week’s meeting of NHL general managers in Boca Raton, Florida. McPhee admitted he’s had some talks with several clubs, but isn’t in a rush to make any deals in advance. “We’d rather see the entire universe of who’s available and who’s protected before we make a lot of decisions,” he said. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadian teams are in good shape for the expansion draft. It doesn’t appear any of them risk losing a key player.

Bear in mind that just because players such as Bobby Ryan or Tomas Plekanec might be exposed doesn’t mean they’ll be selected by Vegas. Ryan carries a big contract and hasn’t played up to expectations in Ottawa, while Plekanec is in his mid-thirties and his best seasons are behind him. The only real concern for the Jets is losing Perreault, who’s an oft-injured but versatile forward.

Of the other notables around the league, I agree with Button that Silfverberg probably won’t be available by the time the Golden Knights make their selections. Like the Wild, the Ducks could work out a side deal with Vegas to ensure he gets passed over by the Golden Knights, possibly by trading them a defenseman. 

Fleury could be dealt or bought out prior to the draft. It’s also possible he could waive his NMC to make himself available in the draft, but he might not be keen to join an expansion team.  


  1. Being a lone player in the expansion draft puts McPhee in a great spot since he doesn’t have to compete with another expansion team when it comes to sweetheart deals. He can simply say “this is what I want to not pick so-and-so” and if they don’t cough up, well, there’s nowhere else to go, and they know he can also play one against the other.

    • Its not that simple. Mcphee doesn’t hold all the cards. Those teams could try to trade the player to another team, but out other players, etc. Say Geoge went to Minny and said I want your first rounder to not pick brodin… they could say I don’t think so and move that player to a team for an asset… now McPhee doesn’t get two assets outta Minny but only one. George has to be careful not to overprice himself or he and vegas are the losers in the situation.

      • The problem with that is then the team that Minny trades Brodin to will now have to protect Brodin and expose another player. So that team will probably want to send a player they were wanting to protect back to Minny. So then Minny is back at square one.

      • with the value of d-men? there are those out there where this isn’t the case… Car, Ariz, Jersey… not only is there options but there would be competition. Hell, the leafs as well.

      • I don’t think it’s as easy as you think as Spurgeon, Brodin, and Scandella do not have cheap cap hits. Suter has a NMC (and also very expensive) and Minny is not going to want to move Dumba.
        Toronto doesn’t have as much cap space as one thinks, especially if Lupul comes off of LTIR next season.
        Arizona is already feeling the pressure of all of their contracts they brought in. They have 6 RFA’s to sign for next season and have a projected 27.6mil cap space available for next season. That is with Progers contract coming off their books.
        Canes with Faulk and Hanifin I think are okay at defence and would want to pick up a goalie…Fleury maybe?
        N.J. I think would love to make a deal with Minny for one of their d-men, but with 6 RFA’s to sign and only a projected 19.5mil in cap space for next season it will be hard for them to fit into their cap space.

      • If, if … woulda coulda shoulda … my point remains, they don’t have to compete for such deals with another expansion team. Sure, Minny or whoever could try and deal elsewhere before the draft – but what would any such deal to their protected list? Also, there are 30 bloody teams out there and most with a vested interest in retaining at least a dozen off their current rosters. I still think McPhee can parlay a few of those into fleshing out his own franchise.

      • I’d take Brodin before a 1st rounder.

        I hear what your saying. McPhee has most of the leverage. very little negotiation required. You give me this or I’m taking that.

        Yes numerous teams are going to trade out of problems to the best of their ability. Minnesota has 5 Dman now. Scandella is also a solid Dman. Not to Brodin’s standard but a top 4 on almost any other team in the NHL.

        There is also what does Minnesota take back if they trade Brodin or Dumba. Can they get expansion draft exmpt players or are they going take all futures. Minnesota is 1 of the worst teams currently structured for expansion.

        Zucker if available is just ready to pop. He he got power play time which he would in Florida add 15 points min & another 6 to 8 goals to his current totals.

      • As far as I can determine, Las Vegas is not exempt from the 23-man roster limit. Las Vegas’s 30 required picks will put it over that limit. Only McPhee’s 23 best players will occupy roster spots. He needs to find quality, not quantity. He loses only if he accepts an offer of a player or players that are of lesser value than those he can draft, trade for, or sign as free agents. If Minny says “I don’t think so, George says, “ Fine. I can acquire players to fill my roster that are better that what you’ve offered. Find another way of protecting your asset.”

      • would you take brodin vs his return in a trade AND a first rounder… that’s the question. And cap space for many teams wont be an issue. its the offseason… teams can go above the limit. I can see your lower tier teams including vegas doing the Arizona/jersey moves in taking toxic contracts for sweeteners. buyouts will occur. players retire. People seem to want to always look at extremes… McPhee has a better hand than previous expansion GM’s but I don’t think its a straight flush… more like two pair. (I’m not a great poker player so pardon the metaphor). Vegas should cut deals to not take players to get what I expect will be b prospects or mid round picks (2nd Maybe if he lucks out) to flesh out their development system. They also should take on bad contracts for sweeteners and sign a FA or two. why draft Ryan when you can try to get his contract in a trade with some incentive? Mcphee can go a long way to building the team this year if he plays his cards right. 7 picks in 2017 are not enough to set up a good farm system.

      • Frank.

        NHL teams are allowed 50 contracts plus exemptions for players who though signed return to JR or Europe meaning the aren’t active contracts.

        Vegas will be selecting a mix of players, many will be waiver exempt, meaning Vegas can send them down to the AHL if they wish. Not all 30 players selected by Vegas will be NHL players but good young players teams have in the minors they can’t protect.

        All teams have until 9PM Eastern time to submit their 23 man rosters to the NHL the day the season starts.

        Vegas is in an awesome position as George says coming in solo. McPhee simply says we will take this or you give me this. there will be some negotiation but Vegas holds the leverage if teams are confronted with hard choices. He will take the best option for Vegas not Pittsburgh or other.

        It’s going to be a very exciting summer for this type of hockey fan that frequents sites like this.

      • Thats not correct striker. It’s about equal in terms of leverage. McPhee can play hardball but he stands to lose assets as well. Teams can just as easily say I’ll give you this pick or I’ll trade said asset for an admittedly less than market value but I didn’t lose it for nothing. It’s a game of chicken with both sides standing to lose.

      • Not correct in your opinion. We just don’t see eye to eye perfectly nor are debating apples to apples specifically. Neither are necessarily right or wrong for some of the following reasons.

        Trades will start immediately following the cup being lifted. In theory teams can trade now just any players moved can’t play in the playoffs of any teams that acquire them. Teams are going to do what’s best for them. If that’s Vegas great, if not where ever they get the best return.

        Not all teams are going to be able to trade out of all their roster protection issues & will be confronted with having to accept Vegas’s terms or loss said player.

        Leverage changes all season long & will with each passing day right up until June 17th the day all 30 teams need to submit there protection lists & then continue significantly in Vegas’s favor until they submit their selection list on June 19th.

    • Agreed George. Being the only expansion team the process is very simple, no other team to muddy the waters. Really it’s not even a draft. Mcphee has until June 19th to negotiate with teams. Teams submit their protected lists June 17th. Vegas it’s 30 selections; 1 other minor technicality in their related to UFA’s prior to that date, June 19th & the NHL announces Vegas’s selections on June 21st.

      Negotiating side deals won’t be as easy or cheap for the existing teams as in past seasons.

      • McPhee has to remeber, when this is all said and done. He will still need to have a decent respectable rapport with his colleagues. So, being a bully with some players he wants wouldnt be so wise.

      • That is a crock FD. The other 30 GMs know it’s a business and that McPhee has to do what he thinks is best for the ownership in Vegas. Same as them in whatever city they’re in. No one is pissed off at Sakic for holding onto Landeskog and Duchene following offers he thought were below par. Only time will tell if he was right.

      • McPhee already has a good rep around the league FD he doesn’t have to worry about being a bully. All the cards are in his hand

      • FD.

        Is there a GM out there that isn’t a bully? Have yet met some of these individuals personally? Some are better than others at being friendly & civil but the vast majority are not only bully’s, but Neanderthals.

        I have met several & even at annual season ticket holder functions many aren’t nice. I had the misfortune of being introduced to Doug Armstrong at a pre game skate in Vancouver several years ago. It didn’t go well. Ha-ha!

      • I’m not sure that you didn’t misinterpret my earlier post. Or, maybe, I’m misreading you.I didn’t think that McPhee had to include all the players made availabble to him on his roster.I do think that he will place the best players he can acquire, by draft, trade, or free agency, on his 23-man roster. His job is to ascertain that the players available to him are of the best possible quality. Lord knows which teams will try to cut deals with him so that they can retain an unprotectable gem of a player and place a rhinestone of a player on their unprotectedd lists. If McPhee doesn’t receive some jewels valuable enough to make his roster as part of his return, he ends up with a diluted pool of exposed picks, many headed for his farm system. He especially shouldn’t accept picks that are not as valuable as players he might sign in free agency. Expansion was structured so that Vegas would be competitive now. The Reid Duke signing is an example of how to populate the farm.

  2. Marc Methot is a key player for the Sens.

    • He’s oft injured and can be replaced by phaneuf. All Sens D ate jey players. Yet with Chabot im thinking the Sens will be ok if Vegas selects Methot.

    • Agreed. If he’s available come June 19th the day Vegas submits their list I assume that’s Vegas’s selection from Ottawa. If Ottawa finds away to trade him or protect him I think Vegas would select Ryan if available contract & all.

      Vegas is going to need a few players with some name recognition. Won’t matter for the 1st 3 years the novelty will sell tickets, & people go to Vegas not just to gamble but to see shows. The NHL qualifies.

      After year 3 winning sells tickets, star power helps nominally but again no other team really has this same dynamic Vegas has. It’s not a population issue specifically as it’s North America’s leading convention & tourist mecca.

  3. Striker- “players with no-movement clause must be protected, and players with less than three years of pro experience are exempt” …Jon Gillies with the Flames does not have three years of pro experience. Drafted in 2012 and came out of college with his first pro season 2015-2016 with Stockton-7 games. So would not eligible to expansion. Flames need a goalie to protect

    • The Flames will expose RFA goalie Tom McCollum.

      • Sorry, he is not a RFA, he is a UFA. They have 4 goalie prospects so they maybe forced to expose one of them.

      • Again I’m sorry. Tom McCollum is a UFA in 2018 so he will most likely be exposed in the expansion draft.

        I’m thinking I should have stayed in bed this morning.

      • Gillies is in the 3rd year of his ELC. At least according to capfriendly. They could be wrong. There appears to be a glitch. They show him as in year 3 but say the contract was signed in October of 2015. That doesn’t add up. I will send an inquiry.

      • I believe the issue is also games played. Gillies was injured for most of last season and because of that he doesn’t meet the minimum amount of games required to be exposed.

      • To be honest Kevjam I haven’t really got a clue, I can decipher maybe 60, 70% of it?. I just trust Capfriendly & accept even they won’t be perfect as the NHL thinks fans don’t care. Sure the casual fan doesn’t but many like us do & can’t get proper information.

      • Yup, not saying I’m right, just thinking of a reason as to why. I’m also a heavy Capfriendly user.
        I believe I read somewhere that players with 2 years or less NHL seasons, all unsigned draft picks, and with less than a certain amount of NHL games are exempt. I am having a hard time finding where I read that and will post it when/if I find it. I also could have mistaken it and could be wrong.

      • Striker, I have a question. On Capfriendly on the on the expansion draft tool, the column 40/70, what does that column mean?

      • I’ll have to go look Kevjam. I don’t use that tool. Haven’t even looked at it. The minute expansion was declared I spent the entire summer processing out the data to the best of my ability. I find it fascinating & can’t way to see how it will all play out.

        You can send them questions. Go to the bottom of the page. Hit contact us. You will see an email link. They respond almost immediately. Dominik is a great guy. Very insightful. Brief, direct but responsive.

    • Silverscreen.

      Dominik at Capfriendly says even though Jon Gillies burned off a year of his ELC, a signing bonus issue coming out of College that he is expansion draft exempt. Burned off a year pf contractual eligibility but not playing eligibility for the purposes of expansion draft.

      Good news for Calgary. There are some players in weird expansion spots as the dates for the expansion draft for playing purposes related to things like Gillies ELC, waiver rights, arbitration rights etc don’t match. Matha & Poluck are 2. Both need to be protected even though they are only in the 2nd years of their contracts.

      The NHL could make this information more forthcoming but for some reason they don’t see the value in doing so.

      • KevJam – 40/70 GP Requirement explained this way

        “A minimum of two forwards and one defenceman must be exposed who have played 40 games the previous season, or a total of 70 over the previous two. There is also a requirement that the 40/70 players are under contract for the first expansion season.”

      • Why is why I generally avoid weighing in on who’ll be protected and who won’t since I don’t have access to the battery of Philadelphia lawyers teams have to help them figure out – and apply – all the conditions that go into who can/must be protected.

        What a GM does NOT want to do is have a Jay Feaster brain fart. Remember the O’reilly offer-sheet fiasco? Had he been successful he would have had to put him through waivers. He would definitely not only have lost him to a waiver pick but also the 1st and 3rd round picks he would have sent to Colorado as compensation for O’Reilly accepting.

        They better know ALL the ins and outs.

      • What’s even odder from that George is I believe Colorado may have had the 1st waiver pick!

  4. Will Ottawa only be able to protect one of Condon or Anderson?

    • Thinking comdon be z goid pick up for vegas’s back up positioon. When does his contract end with the Sens?

      • Condon is a UFA after this season.

      • Ottawa doesn’t need to sign Condon right away – he’s a UFA which means McPhee won’t draft him in fear of losing out on contract negotiations with Ottawa – where he has stated he wants to remain.

      • He can also read calendars which shows him Anderson will be 36 in May – he’s a decade younger and, outside of O’Connor and Hogberg – both several years away – , there are no goalie prospects in the Ottawa system ready to step into any sudden void.

      • There are far better goalie options available to Vegas than Condon. He won’t be Vegas’s selection signed or not.

      • Hmmm…i was thinking despite all the talk of fleury that Reimer and Condon be solid picks for Vegas to select.

  5. Is there a stipulation on trades back from vegas.
    As an example vegas selects Silfverberg and then trades him back to Anaheim for Manson and 2nd/1st or something?

    • cant go back to the team you were picked from for a year or two.. cant remember which.

      • Nothing in these rules I posted about not being able to trade a player back to the team you acquired them from later.

        These aren’t trades when these players get selected in expansion. Teams in the NHL aren’t allowed to trade a player back to the team they acquired him from in trade for a period of time. Believe that’s 1 year but who knows. It’s called the Freddie Braitwaite rule.

        Philadelphia used Winnipeg to retain Braithwaite several times, this was along time ago, the NHL slammed the door on that loop hole.

    • Here are the only rules the NHL has made public. They have already changed some, specifically the salaries needed to be drafted in expansion. Vegas only needs to meet the min max thresholds set for them now by the start of the season as opposed to having to draft a specific amount of salary.


      • As long as they don’t try and pull the Q method of trading a player – for himself!

  6. Why do people assume that Fleury wouldn’t want to go to Vegas?

    There could be as few as 3 starting jobs open for next year and Bishop and Darling could (will) fill two of them. Beggars can’t be choosers.

    Marc has his rings. His priority is his young family. Vegas is as good as landing spot as any in that regard.

    And he could become the face of that team. I could see him being their color guy or a studio analyst or something for them in a few years.

    Speaking of beggars not being choosers, assuming the Silfverberg is traded or protected by a side deal…I don’t see where Vegas is going to find much better than Bobby Ryan. Worth a shot to give him a change of scenery.

    • “Why do people assume that Fleury wouldn’t want to go to Vegas?”

      Because he doesn’t want to be a carnival shooting gallery target over the last part of his career?

      • The 95 Devils aren’t looking to acquire him at the moment.

        And Fleury plays better facing 40 shots a night than 20.

    • I see no reason Fleury wouldn’t go to Vegas if that’s how it plays out. I would be happy playing in Vegas.

      • But you ain’t Fleury.

      • No I’m not. Nor do I think he will end up in Vegas. There will be several other options for him to choose from but given a choice of watching Murray play 55 to 60 games a year unless injured & playing 55 to 60 games a year for Vegas unless injured, I assume he will choose Vegas.

    • Do not underestimate the competitiveness of these players.
      These are professional athletes and very competitive people. They all want to win all the time. At the age of 32 he knows he will not be around when Vegas gets competitive so why would he want to go somewhere where he knows they will not be winning anything? He will most likely give the Rutherford his 18 team list which IMO will not have the Golden Knights on it and if Rutherford can’t get a deal done, which is probably very unlikely, with any of them, he will most likely buyout the remainder of Fleury’s contract.

      • I’ll make you a gentlemen’s bet right now. I take no way MAF is bought out?

      • I’m with you on that striker but I can see the trade involving pens hold a little salary… not half but some.

  7. I am more interested in the playoffs at this point and Carolina is not in them so I am happy!

    • Neither are 13 other teams.

  8. I gotta say there are plenty well thought ideas about what Las Vegas and the established clubs should try to do.
    And it IS very fortunate that Las Vegas comes in as the lone addition, it makes things significant easier for the established clubs and the Golden Knights, with any backroom pre-dealing.
    I have been intrigued by those backroom deals since the original doubling of the league in 1966-67, when the new teams took piles of garbage and even aged Western Pro league players owned by the “original six” and completely bypassed what seemed to me to be the top two guys on almost every established clubs lists, only to later found out afterward that there was future considerations deal that dealt AHL prospects to the “second six.”

    It is clear teams are presently trying to form plans to make such deals with McPhee in Las Vegas.
    Sure, L V is going to need a NHL name or two, and it would be great for them to win the lottery and secure Hischier or Patrick or Vilvardi to build around from slot one or four…

    Here is the tell that teams are doing just that: Stan Bowman resigned both Jordin Tootoo and Michal Rozsival to one year deals for next year in the last two weeks…
    Right now Hartman and Trevor vanReimsdyk, or if exposed Marcus Kruger are the three very nice options for Las Vegas. Hartman will probably get protected over Kruger and even if you try and say it is the hawk personnel and system where the entire team committed to backside pressure once the opposing team gets the puck back, TvR is high on his edges, has a high hockey IQ and although it takes him a couple steps to get rolling (not the best stop/start guy), he is a pretty good defenseman.
    So…Las Vegas takes Rozsival ? Or Tootoo?
    Sure low Cap hits and gets you through a season, but the selection would mean there was more on the way (and I am just trying to wrap my head around the idea of appeasing McPhee…).
    The hawks most certainly would have to offer up a developing AHL defender, and a draft pick or a prospect still not in their minor pro system.
    Las Vegas is going to also need AHL prospects that have a bit of upside, because it would be suicide to start rushing their 2017 2018 draftees into the pro game. So expect two or three names from NHL teams minor system to go to Las Vegas along with the guy they take in the expansion draft…

    • As always Bill good points. Unless Chi offers up significant incentive I just don’t ever see players like Roszival or Tootoo every being selected again with out significant incentive. This is about being expansion roster compliant & meeting the qualifications. Numerous goalies have recently been signed as well so that their respective teams meet the exposure requirements.

      Vegas has already signed their 1st UFA. They will select a minimum of 30 players in expansion, probably leveraging a few more players in some form of prenegotiated trades that may not actually be announced till god knows when. Like the Bernier trade. That was part of the Anderson trade but wasn’t announced until Toronto had paid the 2 mil signing bonus just after July 1st.

      Vegas will also be the most active team in this summers UFA market having to stock 2 systems & get close to 50 NHL/AHL contracts like the other 30 teams.

  9. No teams cant have Las Vegas take a guy in the expansion draft and trade him back, but what if I am an established club and want TvR or Silfverberg? I can tell Las Vegas’ McPhee draft him, and I will pay handsomely with good assets so I get a now guy and you get plenty of chances at the guys I sent you beling solid pros…

    • I can’t find any data to support that. Players being selected in the expansion draft not being allowed to be traded back to the team he was acquired from later in the year.

      If you have a link would like to read it.

      • Players can’t be traded back prior to Jan 1st 2018. Wiki. This was also announced way back when.

      • Thanks Chrisms.

      • Welcome General!

  10. I don’t see Las vega acquiring Bobby Ryan and the trading him to the Flyers. Mostly because of the Cap hit.
    I do see teams being very interested in sending picks minor pros and good upsided prospects for any player that Las Vegas acquires who has a very reasonable Cap hit for a year or so, and can help the stablished club right away. the guy will be Cap Friendly and NHL ability now.

  11. Looking at who is going to be exposed, from the Canadian teams at least, it’s hard to see Vegas being all that good at the start. I know the thinking was they would get a better start with the new expansion rules but I’m not really seeing it. There are a few teams that will have to expose a couple of decent/good players but Vegas will still only be able to pick one of those. There seem to be a lot of teams who will be offering up scraps.

    • Would YOU want to be picking a player from each of Arizona and Colorado once they create a list of 11 each when both have considerably less than that who need to be or must be protected?

    • Although better than any previous expansion draft not just for quality but only having 1 team instead of 2 or more & some teams potentially exposing players with significant cap hits, also a factor that didn’t exist in any previous expansion, Vegas is going to be bad. They will take the best asset available in what ever form it’s offered. Salary not being an issue in those choices what so ever, as they aren’t exceeding the cap coming out of the expansion draft.

      If Ottawa exposes Ryan I’m taking him. I’ll worry about what I’m doing with him later. later could be years from now. I’m not judging any player having the misfortune to play for the coaches Ryan has been forced to play for in Ottawa.

      The only issue with Ryan is term & salary. Neither are an issue for Vegas.

      • Everyone else in Ottawa – except Lazar who is now in Calgary – has seemingly bought into Boucher’s system without being “forced” – and they’re doing alright so far. I can think of a few teams that would love to switch position with them right about now.

        Watch for Ryan to go to LW when he returns alongside Turris and Stone. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see him shine in the playoffs. In which case he will be protected over Dzingel.

      • Boucher has put a solid defensive system in place. Loaded up with pluggers. It’s not pretty, nor fun to watch but it can win games. It isn’t getting them any where come playoff time when everyone tightens up defensively.

        It might get them past Toronto in the 1st round if Toronto can edge out Boston but not certain they could beat TB or Florida either if they some how go on a run to squeeze out either Toronto or Boston.

        Ottawa having 2 solid D pairings as we discussed long ago was probably enough to get Ottawa into the playoffs & it appears to have. With a goalie like Anderson or any goalie for that matter, who gets hot at the right time, anything is possible.

  12. A lot of people, media included, seem to be operating under the assumption that the expansion draft choices will be the starting lineup. Somehow they forget about, or at least don’t mention, that little thing called Free Agency a week or so after the draft. I honestly don’t think Vegas is keen to overpay for a lot talent on July 1, but I can see them aiming for a few upper tier players and some good core player. McPhee is a smart dude, I expect him to be very active.

  13. With the Duke signing 19 to go in addition to the 30. I believe There is a Brandon Wheat King preference and a deal will be made for Patrick. Not sure what or how but I have a hunch

    • My thoughts exactly. And why not? Seems like he projects to be a top line NHL player. Definitely worthy of building around when your a new team like this.