Post-NHL Trade Deadline Rumor Roundup – March 2, 2017

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No one was willing to pay the Avalanche’s high asking prices for Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog at the NHL trade deadline.

Find out why Matt Duchene, Gabriel Landeskog, Jaroslav Halak, Shane Doan and Radim Vrbata weren’t moved on deadline day.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Bruce Garrioch believes the Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders and Carolina Hurricanes were interested in Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. None, however, were willing to pay the Avs’ high asking price. He claims plenty of teams kicked tires on Duchene and teammate Gabriel Landeskog but Avs GM Joe Sakic wouldn’t budge. One of them could be moved in the offseason.

NBC SPORTS: TSN insider Bob McKenzie also noted Sakic wasn’t under any pressure to move Duchene or Landeskog at the deadline. He also linked Duchene to the Habs, Isles and Canes. The Avs know if they wait for the offseason there’ll be a lot more interest in those two players.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports Snow wasn’t interested in the weak market for rental players and was pursuing bigger fish, such as Duchene or Tampa Bay Lightning center Tyler Johnson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt anyone’s surprised that Duchene or Landeskog stayed put. Sakic made it very clear he wasn’t lowering his prices for those two before the deadline. As McKenzie pointed out, playoff contenders like the Habs and Isles weren’t willing to blow up their rosters to grab either guy. The Canes aren’t contenders, but I think GM Ron Francis just doesn’t want to overpay for Duchene. One of those Avalanche forwards – perhaps both – could be dealt by the NHL draft in late-June.The Isles, Habs, Sens and Canes could revisit their interest around then. 

Garrioch believes the Calgary Flames and Boston Bruins may have had interest in New York Islanders goaltender Jaroslav Halak at the deadline. The Isles needed to get a goalie back in order to expose one at the NHL expansion draft in June. Halak’s $4.5 million cap hit for next season was also a sticking point.

CALGARY HERALD: Eric Francis reports Flames GM Brad Treliving denied he was shopping for a goalie leading up to the trade deadline. “The idea that we were really active in the goalie market really wasn’t real,” he said. “We wanted to strengthen the defence in front of them.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps the Isles might find a taker for Halak before the expansion draft via trade. Most likely, however, they’ll expose him in that draft and then either shop him or buy him out afterward. 

Garrioch reports the Florida Panthers looked into acquiring Arizona Coyotes winger Radim Vrbata before they dealt for Detroit’s Thomas Vanek. 

ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan reports the Coyotes sought either a second-round pick or a top prospect for Vrbata. They could re-sign the pending UFA this summer. Coyotes GM John Chayka said he didn’t receive any calls about winger Shane Doan, who wasn’t surprised by the lack of interest. “Not a big market for a 40-year-old, fourth liner who only wants to go to a contender,” he said, laughing, adding that he never sought a trade. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You get the sense that Chayka really didn’t want to part with Vrbata, who’s played very well since returning to the Coyotes this season. Of course, if someone was willing to meet his asking price it would’ve been a different story. Sure, he could’ve moved Vrbata and then try to bring him back as a UFA, but I think Chayka prefers keeping him for the rest of the season to have more time to negotiate a new contract with the winger. 


  1. A dud of a trade deadline day if there ever was one. Too many factors kept things quiet: 1) League parity, 2) Salary cap, 3) Upcoming expansion draft.

    • Jay and Dan return to TSN!

      Best Trade Deadline Acquisition EVER!

  2. The biggest loser of this deadline was John Tavares and the Islander fans.

    • Sometimes the best deal is no deal. NYI has played very well for sometime now, they are on the cusp of potentially making the playoffs. Yes they could have used at least 1 scoring winger but non of the viable options available were really a solution.

      I assume NYI will trade a Dman in the off season before the expansion draft for a forward simply as they have to many keepers at D & they can trade 1 or lose 1 for nothing.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I happened to catch a couple of articles (one shared by Lyle) talking about how big a failure it was that the Islanders didn’t land Duchene or Landeskog. It is perplexing why anyone would consider it a failure based on that alone. Nobody landed these guys, and there is probably a pretty good reason why. As Bergevin said yesterday, they wanted way too much in terms of current NHLers, and it doesn’t make sense to make the trade if it moves you sideways instead of up.

    • Yeah what the nhl needs is to start paying third line and fourth liners $5,000,000 again with leafs montreal philly detroit and rangers over paying for non producing high profile bust free agents again. No thx 🙂

      • What the league needs is a system that rewards performance. Too often now a guy gets a big deal and turns to crap.

        Contracts should not be guaranteed. NFL has that right.

      • Hard caps are ridiculous, imo
        No hard cap in baseball and smaller market teams like Baltimore Cleavland Kansas City have all made the playoffs the past few years. When there was no cap the Leafs were not exactly buying Stanley Cups and now that there is a cap there are teams that still have to take on dead contracts to make it appear like there is some kind of parity in salary. The cap does nothing but make rich owners more the struggling owners still struggle.

      • agreed shticky, how many of the teams mentioned ,that admittedly spent like drunken sailors won anything? I can say that kind of thinking drove the NY Rangers into the ground for 7+ years.

        Bring back the 9 million dollar Holiks!

      • You can’t compare the NHL to any of the 3 primary professional sports leagues currently in North America. The NHL doesn’t have a US national television contract like any of the other 3 sports.

        These business models are so fundamentally different currently. The NHL has had 2 lock outs to improve it’s financial structure. Thenplayers are still receiving far to great a share of revenue. Our next lock out will help & improve the owners profits further but until the NHL implements significantly better revenue sharing the system is flawed.

        The top 4 revenue generating teams in the NHL, NYR, Tor, MTL & Chi make more money than the other 26 teams combined.

        None of the other 3 major professional sports leagues have this signifcant a disparity. The NHL under Bettman’s leadership has been working to change this. It started in the summer 2004-05 lock out. It will take at least 2 more CBA’s to finally get suitable systems in place to make what will be all 32 teams financial viable.

        The players aren’t starving. You have players like Burrows & K. Miller signing deals at 2.5 mil per!

      • So there are 10-15 teams in the MLB making money? Lol. Revenue sharing in the MLB has kept more than half th league alive, who’s making real money in the MLB?

  3. I like the Lazar deal. More like a hockey trade then the rest of the fodder-good for all stakeholders . Filppula not bad either for Tbay. I was a big doubter that was going to happen. Actually the Bolts moving Bishop and Filppula and Boyle is going to secure their future at least salary wise. Shattenkirk to Washington a bit of a surprise and strategic in keeping him away from the rest of the east….Other than that, the 18 players that moved only promoted yawning and Hockey DB search’s.

    • Agreed with the Lazar trade it was really a hockey deal that should (at first look anyway) be good for everyone.

      • A late 2nd rounder for Lazar is a good deal for Calgary. To young to write off. Will never be a high level scorer in the NHL but should settle in as a solid 3rd line checker who can generate some offense & work the PK.

        His season got totally off track when he acquired mono. Never got back on track. Low risk acquisition by Calgary & nice of Ottawa to allow him a fresh start but not very good asset management on Ottawa’s part.

      • Now you have to wonder if Lazar will be among the forwards protected by Calgary in the expansion draft. Maybe a Calgary fan in here can list who they see as the 7 F protected.

      • He wasn’t going to be on Ottawa’s list anyway.

      • George. Who are Ottawa’s protectors today?

        Lazar will be Calgary’s 6th keeper at forward today.

    • I’m curious as to why Filpulla would reject a trade to Toronto but accept one to Philadelphia. Perhaps because it’s not a hockey mecca like Toronto and he’d rather stay away from that? Or maybe because he figured his ice time would be diminished in Toronto due to all the younger players compared to Philly.

      • rejected Toronto as Babcock/Lou have a history of burying veterans in the minors and on Robidas Island. He did not want to be not playing in the NHL going into UFA status

      • I think a lot of older players see how guys like Michalek Liach Greening Cowan get stuck riding buses with little to no chance of ever seeing an NHL game and it makes it tough. It’s not a great career move.

      • He has a limited NMC with a list of teams he was willing to be traded to. Toronto was apparently not on the list. Philly must have been. If a team is on that list, a GM doesn’t have to ask you before trading you.

      • It’s obvious why Filppula turned down the Leafs, Filppula and Babcock have had a pretty volatile history between them and Filppula has stated numerous times his hatred for his former Coach there was no way that Filppula was heading for the Leafs. In fact Holland offered him a long term deal to stay in Detroit and he took less to go to Tampa with Yzerman because he wanted no part of Babcock a lot of Wing players felt the same way about Babs.

      • I’m obviously not a Philly fan, but do you think pressure only applies in Toronto?

      • lol Robidas Island…it’s so secluded I almost completely forgot about Lupul and Robidas.

      • Toronto Star reported that he rejected Toronto because of veterans being buried in the minors, nothing about not liking the coach. I think it’s fair, the source was from Tammpa and said Toronto could have the same problem in the future with veterans reluctant to waive a no trade to go there. Can’t blame them.

      • so toronto found a loophole and the rest of nhl didn’t good one janik hanson didn’t want to go to montreal so what is your point and no one really wants to stay in ottawa

      • Bob, who are you directing your comment to? My point was you couldn’t blame a guy for not wanting to take that trade and risk being buried when the team has a history of doing that. I’m a toronto fan and I think it’s fair for a player to take that position. What I don’t think is that he has stated on several occasions that he hated a coach. No player would do that, it’s disrespectful and more than that it would ruin your career to have that kind of attitude.

    • I’m glad that Lazar will continue to “develop” somewhere else. Of course Brennan, in this morning’s Sun, has to play crêpe-hanger by saying Ottawa will “regret” the move a few years down the line. Hell, you can say that about almost every trade except those aging rentals. Sure, the kid could very well develop into a solid NHLer with Calgary and if he does, good on him.

  4. The reason these players weren’t traded vary, but all reasons are obvious. And to be honest would any of them have made a huge difference? Maybe, but only if put in the right position. Duschene and Landeskog, in particular are definitely off season moves. These are definitely talented players that could revitalize their careers but neither are worth the asking price as rentals or long term acquisitions. Vrbata is a good piece for the Coyotes to keep for veteran leadership down the road, Doan is done (mainly because of his reluctance to move in the past so nobody actively pursues him any longer), and Halak; while perhaps still effective, is the victim of a weak goalie market.

    • Boston or Toronto in 2017 ? Who is the better team today ? Trying to get some different opinions from both sides fans . Not who is set up better for future , plus today . Just strictly better team in 2017 .

      • Boston

      • From my perspective I don’t see either team being any different one way or the other with their acquisitions – certainly none among Fehr, Boyle or Kalinin (Toronto) or Stafford (Boston) are going to be impact players by an stretch of the imagination, so it’s really a question of whether the kids in TO can perform at the their same pace over the pressure-filled games down the stretch, or if the veteran-laden Bruins will have enough gas left to keep them in the Top 8. The Leafs have to be looking over their shoulders at NYI, Florida and TB while the Bruins hope those game-in-hand held ny teams around thenm (Ottawa and NYI with 2 each and TO, Fla and TB with 1 each) don’t turn into wins or even 3-pointers.

      • Boston today & next season. Boston has great youth developing, not as much or as Toronto obviously in Spooner, Pastrnak, Vatrano, Carlo, C. Miller & those just getting exposed to the NHL in Cehlarik & before seasons end McAvoy getting a cup of coffee but the core if veterans is far stronger.

        Bergeron, Marchand, Krejci & Backes are significantly better than Bozak, JvR, Komorov & Kadri. Really what seperates these 2 clubs is Boston’s D is significantly better & will be next year substantially. Even Krug is still 2 years from being fully developed at the NHL level.

        Boston should be better they are rebuilding on the fly. Toronto choose the tear down model. They are way ahead of schedule & should stick to the plan. I sure hope that if Toronto regresses next year due to playing 8 rookies consistently this season that you Toronto fans don’t lose it. The chances 1 to 3 of those experiences some form of sophomore slump are a big probability.

      • I even forgot to include Carlo in there some how.

  5. I’ve thought all along that, unless someone came up with Sakic’s “outlandish” demands for Duchene and Landeskog, neither would be going anywhere at the deadline. He had nothing to lose by making those demands and had someone been desperate (or dumb) enough to cough up, sure, either or both could’ve been gone in a blink. But the effects on cap room and the spectre of trying to manage protected lists in advance of the expansion draft – combined with maybe more prudent heads – precluded that. As for the deals Sakic did make, he got rid of 2 spare wheels that had no place in the teams’ future – one with a dented rim and bald tires in a “pity” move and the other a big, slow body from Norway.

  6. I still see Pittsburgh not moving Fleury as a bad mistake. Some are arguing that it’s a good idea for the playoff run. That’s assuming Pittsburgh will win the cup. On the realistic side, what happens if Pittsburgh goes down in the 1st or 2nd round? Now they’re stuck trying to move him out of desperation or stuck buying him out. Why would a team not force them to buy him out, stick Pittsburgh with the buyout and get him for nothing but $$?

    • Nyr4life..I agree they are kind of stuck now by not moving MAF (who played pretty well at Chicago) last night…really thought someone would take him…

    • Nyr4life…..I really thought MAF would be a perfect fit in Winy jets…let Hellynbuck devlope all his tools as a back up until he is ready. they needed someone to make the big save because they don’t play a lot of defense like that 6-5 loss at home versus Minnesota the other night. If MAF is in goal Winnipeg wins that game they are rushing Hellynbuck I think

    • For me it’s playing out exactly as it should. I never saw Fleury being moved once the season started. He will be traded before the expansion draft. The return though won’t be substantial. As I have stated along a 2nd round pick & a B grade prospect.

      Teams will falter in the playoffs that rolled the dice of the goaltending they had & didn’t want to meet the asking price.

      For me Pittsburgh should have taken less before the season started if rumors are to be believed. That being Rutherford got greedy & asked for Calgary’s 6th overall pick. Andersen set the market last summer.

      Fleury is a very good goalie with a reasonable contract. Numerous teams need a better keeper come the expansion draft, he will be moved & the insurance makes the loss of having taken less before the trade deadline worth it. The real benefit will come from just getting his cap hit off the books not the return. Pittsburgh can’t even afford to carry the buyout moving forward.

      Few teams have as serious of cap issues as Pittsburgh.

      • really? daley, kuni, scuds hit, bonino, all coming off the books with kuni and bonino being replaced by elc’s. daley being replaced by any replacement level player at a cheaper contract.. getting maf’s cap hit off books will help… but if it is a buy out it wont hamstring pens. not to mention hags or horny likely taken at expansion. I actually see pens trading MAF but holding a little salary… maybe 1.25 to match his cap hit up with halak.

      • Striker i agree asking for the number # 6 pick overall was too much for MAF…..

      • Leaving multiple years of dead money on the table is never a good thing. Boy oh boy. Even when they mess up you spin it into gold.

      • eh… its easy to do with a championship fresh on your mind…


        fresh stanley cup.

      • 13.5 mil available to sign or promote players before factoring in MAF’s cap relief.

        They have to replace their #3C; Bonino, #2/3 LW; Kunitz, #2/3 Dman Daley. That will cost 11 to 13 mil.

        How much will Schultz & Dumuloin cost to resign?

      • Apparently they’ll have all that on elc deals. Pittsburgh must have one hell of a farm system!

      • Striker. Sprong could be solid kinitz replacement… all rumors are that St. Louis demanded sundquist and pens balked. New 3rd line center. Daley is a 5/6 d man or should be. He is addition by subtraction. Only positition pens can’t elc. But fa market huge due to expansion. Pens have a salary cap challenge but far far from a problem.

        And ny


      • No matter how you want to slice it, if they have to buyout Fleury , that’s 4 years at nearly 3 per for him to play somewhere else. That’s just not good. It happens, but they should have thought this out better from the start.

        Best case scenario , they put a handshake deal in place with LV to not take Murray. That will cost assets. Now, their still stuck with Fleury and will still have to eat some portion of that salary, or all of it if they choose to retain him.

        Rutherford didn’t do himself any favors by saying ” this 2 goalie system isn’t working as planned ” earlier in the year. If you’re an interested Gm and you know Pittsburgh is in this bind, are you agreeing to 1.25 retention knowing their n the hook for 2.875 in a buyout for four years? Or stuck with him at nearly 6 as a backup? Because I’m laughing and hanging up without more retention and or a very nice sweetener coming back my way.

    • What might Matt Murray’s value be in a trade? Allowing that Fleury is a good goaltender, as most believe, is the performance difference between Fleury and Murray sufficient to offset whatever player value that Pittsburgh would gain by trading Murray and picking up a free-agent goaltender to back up Fleury next season? The goalie may be the most important player on the ice but, as Brad Treliving just commented, it’s important to have some defence in front of him, too. Maybe, moving Fleury is more of a probem than keeping him.

      I think you should be good at goalie valuation, since your team has had one of the best for years.

      • This intended for NYr4life

      • I wouldn’t trade Matt Murray for any other goalie in the NHL.

        And no one is trading the skater(s) that would make it worthwhile to trade him.

  7. Sorry Lyle I don’t know if that’s your comment or the start of a new summation.

    NYI has a goalie to expose in the expansion draft had they moved Halak, Berube. I assume Greiss is their protector but perhaps they protect Berube & expose Greiss, again retaining Halak was inconsequential at least as it relates to the expansion draft.

    “iii) One goaltender who is under contract in 2017-18 or will be a restricted free agent at the expiration of his current contract immediately prior to 2017-18. If the club elects to make a restricted free agent goaltender available in order to meet this requirement, that goaltender must have received his qualifying offer prior to the submission of the club’s protected list.”

    Keeping Halak was smart as following the expansion draft several teams will be looking for a back up goalie, a goalie to share the load as a 1B or mentor a young goalie. NYI may also if the were to lose Berube & or Greiss.

  8. Can anyone explain why the Flyers took on a center they don’t really need for $5M a year and complicated their already crowded expansion draft issues?

    For a 4th?

    The main reason there was no market for Fleury? The guy he played last night.

    Scott Darling has emerged as a legit NHL starter and he’s younger and will likely be cheaper. Any team that might want MAF will possibly (probably) want to take a shot at Darling first.

    • Schenn is moving to the wing a more natural position for him.

    • What expansion draft issues for Philadelphia? They are locked into the 7F, 3D & 1G scenario.

      Giroux, Simmonds, Voracek, Schenn, Filppula & Couturier that’s 6. The 7th is? D. Gudas, Manning, ?. G. ? Almost anyone else of quality is expansion draft exempt.

      Again what expansion draft issues for Philadelphia.

      Fleury will be moved before or after expansion. No benefit to Fleury not agreeing to waive his NMC if that’s the only option as if push comes to shove & I don’t think it will Pittsburgh would have no choice but to buy him out.

      Your assessment of Darling is sound but he will have to prove he can take the load 1st. I assume a similiar scenario will play out to Talbot. Although being a UFA he will get a short term deal at about 2.5 to 3, a show me deal ideally, on a 1 year term so that said team can look to resign him long term after January 1st.

      • I agree no expansion issues. The NMC on Filppula expires after agreeing to waive it on the first trade-so they don’t have to protect him if they choose to protect a Cousins/Rafl/Laughton.

        The ones I am wondering about is the Defence and goal. Of all the top D prospects Robert Hague is not exempt. I am wondering if they protect him and expose Manning.

        Also interesting un goal. Do they protect Stolwarz or Neuvirth?

      • Is his NMC waived? I don’t think it necessarily is but not certain. Regardless just not a significant issue.

        Filppula privides Philly with some much need help & is a solid understanding 2 way player that leans more to D than O but has shown when deployed offensively he can make a decent contribution.

  9. Anyone concerned about TB’s cap space now. Yzerman did exactly what he had to do based on his roster cap structure now & with expansion looming. He now has 18 million in cap space, he will free up another 3.75 & change when he buys out Garrison.

    Before the expansion draft he will trade out someone to acquire 1 of the solid Dman that will be available before teams are required to put in their protected rosters. Manson, Fowler, Brodin, Dumba, Savard, Trouba, etc.

    He can address by potentially moving 1 of Johnson, Drouin or Palat or he could look to sign all of them & address in some other way.

    This is why Yzerman is 1 of the best GM’s in the league. Great forward thinker that has built a solid cup contender for years. TB sits 3 points out of the final wildcard spot. Going to be interesting to watch the battle down the stretch for the 3rd in the Atlantic & the 2nd wild card spot.

    Only 2 teams from Ottawa, Boston, Toronto, TB, Flo & NYI are going to make it. Philadelphia is right there also but I just don’t have them in the mix. Montreal isn’t free & clear but their last 2 wins were huge & may have been enough for them to hang on. That 9 point cushion to the last wild card spot should lock them in even if they can just play 500.

    • 3 of them will, 2nd and 3rd in Atlantic and 2nd wildcard

    • Next 10 days may weed a few teams out. Leafs on the tough California trip. And Philly plays the panthers,Buff, Tot, and Boston for their next 4/5 games. If the flyers can win these 4 (conceding a loss to the CAPS. They will be back in the mix-if not I cant see them making it. The same for the leafs-if they get swept in California they will be in tough