Updates on the Avalanche – March 15, 2017

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Should the Colorado Avalanche resist the temptation to trade Gabriel Landeskog this summer?

Should the Colorado Avalanche retain Gabriel Landeskog? Could the St. Louis Blues pursue Matt Duchene in the offseason? Read on for the latest. 

BSN DENVER.COM: Adrian Dater recently urged the Colorado Avalanche to resist the temptation to trade left wing and captain Gabriel Landeskog. He feels the 24-year-old has shown true leadership during this difficult season for the Avs, working hard in every game, leading by example and earning the respect of his coaches and teammates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I know this isn’t a trade rumor but felt it’s worth noting. Landeskog frequently surfaced as a trade candidate this season for the Avalanche and will likely remain in the rumor mill when their season ends next month. He was often linked to the Boston Bruins, but the Avs asking price (which included a promising young defenseman such as Brandon Carlo or Charlie McAvoy) was apparently too high.  

One has to wonder if Avs general manager Joe Sakic shares Dater’s opinion. I would argue that the very points Dater makes for keeping Landeskog could make him attractive in this summer’s trade market.

What say you, hockey fans? Should the Avs keep Landeskog or move him for the best price this summer? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below. 

STLTODAY.COM: During a recent live chat, Jeremy Rutherford was asked if the St. Louis Blues should make an offer for Avalanche center Matt Duchene. Rutherford replied that, during a recent trip to Colorado, a scout told him the Blues “don’t want Duchene. He’s a good-to-great player, but he’s not a leader and he’s not worth what a team would have to give up.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene featured heavily in media chatter during the weeks leading up to the recent trade deadline. He was linked to the Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders, Nashville Predators and Ottawa Senators. While the ridiculously high asking price (a good young NHL-ready defenseman or goaltender, a first-round pick, a top prospect and more) was cited as the reason why he wasn’t moved before the deadline, it’s also possible some of those clubs shared the Blues assessment of Duchene. 


  1. Probably the best typo i’ve seen Lyle make on this site. I write a blog and know that things that slipped through spellcheck are hard to find. But the note ” I know this isn’t a trade rumour but felt it was worth nothing ” is fantastic.

    • Glad it brought a smile to your day.

    • Ha-ha! That’s good humor. Like most rumors worth nothing.

  2. I know there are those who advocate keeping both Duchene and Landescog to “mentor” the young players as they move up the Colorado system – except the Avalanche rank right near the bottom of the heap in any assessment of the 30-team talent pool, so there’s not a whole helluva lot to “mentor.” Besides, I for one think that St. Louis scout was bang on his assessment of Duchene in terms of being any kind of leader. For that reason I believe Landeskog will attract the most interest from contending teams looking to bolster their leadership pool because he has that quality in spades.

    Having said that, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to see they are going to be doormats for some seasons to come and right now Sakic’s quickest route back to icing even a decent team is to forget those idiotic demands and peddle both in the summer for the best returns possible.

    If he truly wants the kind of returns attributed to him leading up to the recent deadline, then dangle McKinnon because he will get him all of that (imagine TB re-uniting Drouin and McKinnon!).

    • The Hockey News Future Watch 2016 which ranks teams for players 21 & under has Colorado 12th. I haven’t seen 2017’s yet. It should be on stands now or very soon.

      The Hockey Writers, 14th. There criteria is 25 & under or not NHL established.

      Future watch hasn’t updated their site ranks for prospects in almost 2 years?

      Keep Duchene & Landeskog. Lots of kids coming to mentor.

      Yes they will be bad for several more years they are in year 2 or 3 of a rebuild.

      • I disagree with the “Yes they will be bad for several more years they are in year 2 or 3 of a rebuild.” statement. I don’t think they’ve truly entered a rebuild yet. I think the term “re-tooling” is more accurate for them, and only this season have they come to terms with the fact they need to do a true re-build.

      • ThirstyDeer. The entire core of Colorado is young. Duchene the oldest at 26. Landeskog 24, Grigorenko 22, MacKinnon 21, Rantanen 20, the added Nieto 24 & Andrigheto 23 both upgrades ove4 who they were dressing,Barrie is 25, Zadarov 21, Pickard 24. The oldest player in the core group is Johnson who’s 28, as is Varlamov.

        The only veteran signed for more than 1 more year is Soderberg. If that’s not a team in year 2 or 3 of a rebuild i don’t know what is.

        The just brought up JT Compher 1 of their best ptospects he’s 21 & will play out the season with Colorado.

    • Players in Tampa’s system are required to play both ends of the ice. Next year Drouin is likely to play with Stamkos & Kilorn or Erne;
      or Point and on of the other two. Or maybe one of the triplets, all plus-minus demons. McKinnon is very good, but where is the upgrade?

      • You had to have seen them together in Halifax.

    • I grabbed the Hockey News 2017 Future Watch. Colorado is ranked 14th this year. The have the same letter grade, a B as TB; 11th, Ott; 12th, Clb; 13th, & Car; 15th.

      • @striker-I haven’t picked the 2017 FW up yet. WHere does THN rank the flyers?

      • 6th with a B+. Tied with Buf; 7th, Min; 8th, Anh; 9th & Bos 10th.

      • pens got reese so they are an A++.. duh.

  3. I suggested yesterday that Duchene does not make players around him better; hence he is not a leader. Some took exception to my thoughts. Sakic cannot expect another manager to trade for a player, albeit talented, lacking in this department for the price he wants. Yes one would expect that he at least ask; but he AIN’T GETTIN’ IT!

  4. It’s simple economics; when somebody asks too much for something they don’t get it. I looked at a rusty old 87 Sierra and the owner was looking for $2800. It would have been a decent fixer upper but wasn’t the price! So guess what I didn’t buy it and it’s still sitting there! The same situation exists with Duchene. He’s still sitting there isn’t he?

  5. Meant to give you some recognition yesterday Shticky but the Edm Dal game festivities started early. You were dead on with your assessment of Toronto dressing all those rookies this year. I thought 3, 4 tops you debated far more. I didn’t think Babcock had it in him. You were right, I was wrong. Well done.

    Great time to be a Leafs fan. The future couldn’t look brighter. Can’t wait to see what the summer holds for Toronto.

    • Toronto does not need to make the playoffs this year. They have improved overall, despite last night’s embarrassment. It’s a progression not a race. If they make it then great. If not so what. This is coming from a Leafs fan.

      • I agree. I perceive making it as partly a bad thing as it will heighten expectations for next season. If they do great. Fabulous learning development experience. If not stay the course.

        Every team can lay an egg like that on occassion. I watched Dallas do so live last night.

    • I’d suggest most of the division is on the upswing. Carolina and Buffalo have good young talent as well, Montreal, Boston, & Tampa look to not be falling off next year or two. Florida and Detroit have issues, Fl with management (IMHO) and Detroit with the talent pool. Leafs will be penciled in at one, two, or three by most folks going into next year, little doubt. Many people don’t rate “chemistry” as worth much; I rnk it highly and the Leafs seem clearly to be building it in a core they can keep together for quite a while.

      • When did Ottawa leave the Eastern Conference? 🙂

      • Pencilled in at one, two, or three where? In their division or Conference? They won’t be that high even next year. And George O., yes where do we put Ottawa? The Senators seem to get very little respect. I think they have what it takes for a long playoff run this season actually. Believe, I am a Leafs guy but I think we are a little further out then people think. Playoffs next year very possible but one, two or three not so much.

      • Many seem to think that all it will take for the Leafs to solidify a playoff berth is a Top 2D. The problem is, they don’t grow on trees, and as I said elsewhere, to get one in any kind of deal (there are NONE as UFAs) will cost them at least one of those young guns. They certainly won’t get one for JVR – who hasn’t displayed any sort of veteran leadership down the stretch – nor Bozak. And I don’t believe they have one in their system that’s ticketed as a sure-fire Top 2. At least, not for next season. It’s some tough choices ahead facing Lamoriello and Shanahan IF they indeed want to acquire that legitimate Top 2 D

      • Takes time to grow I’m not sure that Zaitsev is all that bad if you look at the top 4 they have been using most the year the avg D on the Leafs top 4 is 24 years old with 3 years NHL experience. It’s not going to be pretty all the time. Ya they could use some help but time and experience is going to improve this group as well.

      • I agree. Gardner, Reilly, Zaitsev & Carrick all have room for growth. The last 3 significantly so.

        Also agree Ottawa could do some damage as long as they don’t draw Clb or NYR in the 1st round. Winning the division is actually a disadvantage as your going to draw the best wildcard team.

      • The way Reilly has regressed you have to wonder if he will ever be a top pairing dman? Gardner is what you what you get not much growth left in and carrick and zaitsev will be 3-4 guys

  6. Beyond “leadership”, I don’t rank Duchene as a true #1 dominant playmaker at center. Although I will admit that there aren’t a whole lot of centers who qualify. If I’m the Blues, I guess I’d shop around.

    • That’s for players not playing in the NHL. Pure prospects. It doesn’t account for all the youth they are dressing in the NHL now. Duchene being the oldest core player at forward being 26. Just coming into his prime.

      See list above for ThirstyDeer. I guess we could call Soderberg a core player. He’s certainly a veteran & is the only 1 signed for more than 1 more year but a 3rd liner primarily. Obviously not a Bednar player as he barely uses him.

      Good article. Thanks George.

      • & I didn’t mean that in a condescending way. I enjoyed the read. Solid insight into all 30 teams pipelines.

  7. I get the impression that Landeskog would be ok taking the leadership role and help lead a rebuilding team, but I’m not so sure Duchene would feel the same way. If I were the Avalanche, I’d sell Duchene and retain Landeskog. You’d have to bring down the price obviously, but I think once the expansion draft is done, more teams will be willing to move some pieces around to get him. Interesting to see which team will pony up for him.

    • Yeah I don’t feel Sakic was even serious about the trade aspect during the season leading up to the trade deadline. He just fished around loosely to see if there was a team desperate enough to make the sale for a Cup run. Both players should fetch 2 solid pieces. Landy could also fetch a 3rd piece of some sorts due to his leadership and being 4 years younger. #9 is just too one dimensional and he cherry picks way too much. I would be selling him for a #1 draft choice if that is all they could fetch. They could be picking #1 over all and the piece for him could also land the Avs another selection in this years top 10.

  8. Everyone talks of Duch and Lands being issues but Soderberg ad Varlamov seem to be where money is most tied up to bring in extra depth….. maybe with extra depth Duch and Lands can just go out and play and not feel they have to carry every play of every game….

    Or they can try and peddle Duch and Varly in a package to grab prospects, pics, 1 yr salary dump and free up cap space….