NHL Rumor Mill – April 8, 2017

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The Sedin twins hope to finish their careers with the Vancouver Canucks.

Updates on the Canucks, Red Wings and Devils in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: Mike Johnston recently reported Henrik and Daniel Sedin don’t see themselves playing anywhere except the Vancouver Canucks. The twins turn 37 later this year. They each have one season remaining on their contracts and are coming off their least-productive season since the 2004 lockout.

Henrik suggested they might return for another year after next season if the Canucks still sees a future for them. Otherwise, he said he doesn’t think he and his brother are prepared to go anywhere else. Both have full no-movement clauses and the notion that they’ll waive them appears slim. “If we’re healthy and if management wants us to be a part of the future, we can see ourselves playing more years but for us, it’s Vancouver or nothing. We’re not going to go anywhere else to play,” said Daniel. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t a trade rumor but I felt it worth noting here. The possibility of the Canucks asking the Sedins to waive their NMCs this summer surfaced a couple of times this season in the rumor mill, but it sounds as though the twins intend to finish their careers in Vancouver. If they don’t improve in 2017-18, it could be the final season of their careers. Both rejected the notion of finishing their careers in Sweden. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman recently reported the most important topic for Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland is figuring out what happened this season to forwards Riley Sheahan and Gustav Nyquist, defenseman Danny DeKeyser and goaltender Petr Mrazek. Holland believes those players are better than the way they performed this season and must figure out why they underachieved. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those four are supposedly part of the rebuilding Red Wings’ young core. Their lousy play was a big reason why the Wings missed the playoffs this season. One of them, perhaps Nyquist, could become a trade candidate this summer as Holland seeks to shore up his blueline. 

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Andrew Gross recently reported center Jacob Josefson faces an uncertain future with the New Jersey Devils. Injuries sidelined him for 28 games this season. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights completing a one-year, $1.1 million contract. He remains hopeful the Devils re-sign him. 


  1. So be it, let the Sedins finish where they started. They are a class act and helped bring the Canucks to within a win of the Stanley Cup. The Canucks won’t be any better with or without them in the lineup. However, their veteran presence in the lineup won’t hurt the development of younger players.

    • I`d be shocked if they didn`t become part of the canucks management, they are a class act tho.

    • Agreed. Resign them to 1 year deals, possibly 2 following the expiry of their current deals & move them down the line up to 2nd & or 3rd line roles as others are able to assume more prominent roles.

      Had the Canucks started their rebuild 2 years sooner perhaps they retire following these contracts but they didn’t. The prospect cupboard in Vancouver is pretty bare.

      I believe the Sedin’s will stay in Vancouver upon retirement. They & their families are entrenched in the community, wife’s with great jobs, kids in school & the Sedin’s should be able to do what ever they want. Ideally with the Canucks in some capacity.

      2 other the greatest players to ever done Canuck’s jersey’s. Both are exemplary human beings. Their commitment to the community extensive.

    • Let’s avoid the idea that the team owes the Sedin’s some great debt. These guys have become multi-millionaires in Vancouver and I suspect are part of the “make the young guys earn it by not playing them” group currently in charge.

  2. Tom sestito sucks. That was for you ny! Don’t hurt yourself getting back into your chair

  3. Has a player ever told a team they would sign with them for cheap but only play home games or games with minimal travel until the playoffs. Example. The twins tell rags they will only play in garden or Barclays or jersey. Both sign for 2 mil a piece. Could that ever happen with an aging star?

    • Has a player ever told a team they would sign with them for cheap but only play home games or games with minimal travel until the playoffs. Example. The twins tell rags they will only play in garden or Barclays or jersey. Both sign for 2 mil a piece. Could that ever happen with an aging star?

      • That would require a team to either constantly carry an extra player on their roster (or 2 in their case), or have replacements coming up and down from their farm like a yo-yo – and what does that do to the NHL cap if any such team was anywhere near the top of the cap?

  4. Bill Waters was on the airwaves here in the Peg yesterday and said that Pittsburgh offered MAF for a second round pick and the jets turned it down. Before you discount Waters he was also on the air earlier in the season and at that time was the first to say Trouba wanted out of Winnipeg. If I were to take this at face value I can’t begin to understand why Chevy would turn down that deal.

    • Because then he would have had to expose Winnipeg’s goalie of the future in Hellebuyck. There are far greater problems with Winnipeg than it’s goaltending. Hellebuyck is going to be a stud. At 23 he’s way ahead of the pack. Few goalies get the chance to be starters at 23.

      As stated repeatedly. Youth, undisciplined play; & not just in the penalty department although Buffy takes a ton of stupid penalties, a lack of 2 way play by many & injuries are what ails Winnipeg. Not Helleybuyck. Again Hellebuyck is going to be a stud goalie. He needs to learn & develop like any other player.

      I vote for a coaching change, Gilbert please.

      • Not so striker, MAF would have to waive his ntc to go to Winnipeg and the jets could’ve easily moved him at season end if that the direction they choose to go. Also Hellybuck isn’t their goalie of the future that belongs to Comrie. Hellybuck is their goalie of today and it didn’t go well. Yes he needs more time to develop. If your going to ask me why would Winnipeg take MAF for one season, it’s because they’re a playoff caliber team that got poor goaltending. But I see your point.

      • That’s where we differ. I didn’t see them as a playoff team when the season started & I’m not certain they are next season either but I’ll reserve that opinion until much closer to the start of next season & see how the off season plays out. They will be better but so will most teams in the west with the exception of Vancouver.

        Their is the potential for at least 1 if not 2 of the young players to regress next season. Winnipeg is faced with losing a pretty good quality young player in expansion. Few teams are currently structured worse for expansion than Winnipeg.

        Unless Enstrom agree’s to waive his NMC, is bought out or Winnipeg trades a Dman Winnipeg is locked into 8 skaters, meaning only protecting 4 forwards.

        I assume Trouba will be moved eventually. He has zero interest in staying in Winnipeg long term, good team or not.

      • I won’t debate the point of a playoff team because they didn’t make, but will say this a .906 sv% and 2.93gaa isn’t getting any team into the playoffs. The jets have 2 players in the top 10 and the only team to have 4 in the top 30 in scoring, that doesn’t include Little with 47pts in 58 games. The fault of this team squarely falls on the shoulders of PM and Chevvy. Chevvy done a great job drafting and the goaltending decision he made this year was simply wrong. PM doesn’t make his players accountable and the PK and PP are among the worst in the nhl and too many times the team isn’t ready to play at the start of puck drop. Either Maurice need to change his style or they need a coaching change.

      • Put a great goalie on a suspect team & get bad goaltending. Is Scheneider a bad goalie?

      • Bernier has done OK with a good team as well – 37 games played with a 2.50 ga and 0.917 save % – not sparkling – but they are in first in their division – they were ready to lynch him in TO

      • The other thing that doesn’t play out for me. Numerous high scoring players play for teams teams that don’t make the playoffs. If Comrie is Winnipeg’s goalie of the future, at 21 the future is a long way off.

      • I agree fully George & Bernier has gotten better as he’s been able to play consistently. You need to be able to get into a rhythm, not be looking over your shoulder constantly.

        No position better reflects a teams overall defensive play than goal. Dubnyk was let go by Edmonton, looks pretty solid now as well. Hell LA even made Budaj look like a stud goalie. He’s not but the product of playing behind 1 of the best defensive teams in the NHL. in 7 starts in TB he’s looked aweful.

      • So with what you just stated striker you would agree that fleury is an avg goalie on a great offensive team? You put his career numbers on the majority of other teams and he doesn’t have close to the same amount of wins

      • Goalies #’s are seriously impacted by the team they play for & their style of play. I consider MAF to be a very good goalie. Certainly way above average & he has been able to play a heavy work load his entire career. 1 of what separates the great from good is their ability to play 55 plus games a year & play well consistently staying healthy. Many can’t. They can post solid #’s but can’t ever hope to play 55 games in a season at such a constant level never mind health.

        Fleury played 50 games as a rookie, & has played 55 plus games every year of his career except the lock our shortened season 2012-13, 33 games & this season. He has 690 NHL regular season games, another 100 playoff games 2 Stanley Cups 1 as the starter a .912 career save % & may well be a Hall of Fame inductee when all is said & done & he’s still in his prime for goalies having just turned 32.

        Yeah he’s a bum. His salary cap & term are also friendly for a player of this age & quality. He can easily play 6 more years putting him in the top 15 all time for games played not counting playoff appearances.

      • Has a shot at third all time in wins… Murray probably cost him the long shot of second

      • So striker do you agree he wouldn’t have near the amount of wins on a worse team? ” goalies numbers are seriously impacted by the team” if MAF was on the leafs the past decade would you still consider him a ” very good goalie ” ? Not only would his wins be WAY down but his already avg career gaa and save% would also be down! At 32 making 5.75 with terrible numbers this yr and the situation with expansion as a gm would you give anything up for him?

  5. The jets season was pretty much done at the deadline, the pens aren’t getting anything for fleury every other gm knows the situation they’re in and fleury is just an average goalie that got wins behind a high scoring offence

    • I couldn’t agree more with you BBB. Rutherford has already stated he will do anything not to lose Murray, so all a rival GM has to do is play hardball and force Pens to buy out MAF, then scoop him up for nothing and give him the contract they feel comfortable with.

      Personally I wouldn’t give up a 2nd for him either or pay him $5.75 per.

    • Fleury will be traded. The return nominal; a 2nd & a B grade prospect, but the real return for Pittsburgh is solving the protection issue with Fleury for the expansion draft & the cap space gained. Fleury isn’t an average goalie he’s better than average. He has shown he can handle the load & carry a team. He will be a starter next season some where.

      There is also the chance that Fleury simply agree’s to waive his NMC for expansion. Fleury is a proud man & won’t want to stay in Pittsburgh to be the back up. His value should he agree to waive his NMC for expansion will increase as will all goalies following the expansion draft back to norm.

      Numerous teams need goalies. Calgary; Unless they re up Elliott a UFA, Carolina, Dallas & Philadelphia for sure. Others could us a veteran back up or 1B to help buffer their goalie issues. Anaheim, Buffalo, StL, TB, Vancouver & Winnipeg.

    • Maf has been one of the best goalies in the league. During major injuries to Crosby Malkin letang maf played lights out to lead pens to the playoffs.calling him average is like calling Marchand a gentleman or krejic a top line center.

      • Krejci is a top line C just in the bottom 3rd. In Boston he is more a 1B. Marchand is a gentlemen just not on the ice. ha-ha! We agree fully on MAF.

      • Your right Chris career 2.58 gaa and 912s% would be bottom third of the league among staters this yr so a little below avg!

      • Chrisms agreed MAf has been solid lead the league in shut-outs 2015-16..he deserves a good home…Winnipeg is a decent team in need of goal tending….maybe Carolina..don’t want him in Dallas they are horrible

  6. Nope

  7. Wonder what happened to oil fan and his incredible wit. His tenacity was notable

    • Nice deflection when you know you’re wrong about fleury maybe if MAF had a few more deflections he’d have better numbers? ?

      • BIG BAD BRUINS…REALLY..MAF is a top goalie in this league and your delusional if you think he is not….Lead the league in shut-outs in 2015-16, plays for a run and gun offensive team who’s first thought isn’t always defense especially from 2005-2010.

        NHL network countdown of the top 50 goalies of all time MAF was number
        #21 tell me all those experts are wrong…their not you are…

        Maf overall numbers would be even greater had he played on a defensive minded team..even then look at Jonathan quick / Peter budjai their win totals are getting crushed because the kings cant score…they are giving up 2 goals a game and losing consistently so the team you play for does have an influence..same with Fluery some of his stats got inflated playing with the penguins….
        he stood on his head last year and kept the Penguns afloat from October until January until the Penguins hired Sullivan and got going.

      • No… my nice deflection was nope. I don’t need to defend Marc. Hall of famer for sure. That was a nice pun though. Wait. How’s bout this for a deflection… what did the sushi say to the bee?

      • No use arguing with pens fans the numbers don’t lie he is a very average goalie that the crosbys and malkins have carried over the years. He definitely isn’t getting into the hof for his numbers the only way he gets in is if Mario and Crosby pull some favours hof board

      • That’s just sour grapes bbb. Pens made playoffs years where Crosby and malkin barely played. He will get in on merit. Be careful targeting maf…. his beaver teeth might cause a electrical pole to accidentally crash into your house.


        The answer is….