Updates on the Canucks, Hurricanes & Devils – April 15, 2017

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Could Ryan Miller return with the Vancouver Canucks?

More speculation about Ryan Miller’s future with the Vancouver Canucks, the Carolina Hurricanes could go goalie shopping and the New Jersey Devils face a decision with backup Keith Kinkaid.

VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma recently reported goaltender Ryan Miller will have significant conversations about his playing future with his agent and (Canucks GM) Jim Benning. Though 36-year-old Miller’s family lives in Los Angeles, he is open to the possibility of returning to the Canucks. They can offer a one- or two-year extension for more than he would get as a backup for one of the three California-based teams. Miller has enjoyed playing in Vancouver and has a good relationship with fellow Canucks goalie Jacob Markstrom. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been some speculation this season suggesting Miller could re-sign with the Canucks. He’s completing a three-year, $18-million contract and won’t get that much again on the open market or from the Canucks. However, I can see them offering him a one- or two-year deal worth $3.5 – $4 million annually. 

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Chip Alexander recently reported Carolina Hurricanes GM Ron Francis could look to make a move to bolster their goaltending this summer. Francis noted some teams will be exposing goalies for the NHL expansion draft in June plus there’s some options possibly available via unrestricted free agency.  

Alexander pointed out the Hurricanes have 11 picks in the 2017 NHL draft, including seven in the first three rounds, giving Francis some assets to use as trade bait. He’ll also be looking to add a scoring forward or two plus he could shake things up among his fifth and sixth defensemen. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes finished 18th in goals-against per game this season (2.80) and must upgrade between the pipes. Cam Ward is past his prime and Eddie Lack hasn’t blossomed into a reliable starter. Free agent options could include Ben Bishop, Scott Darling, Steve Mason, Ryan Miller, Peter Budaj, Brian Elliott or Jonathan Bernier. Trade targets could include the New York Rangers’ Antti Raanta and the Washington Capitals’ Philipp Grubauer. 

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Andrew Gross reports the New Jersey Devils and backup Kevin Kinkaid have to weigh their options this summer. Kinkaid, 27, is eligible for unrestricted free agency completing a two-year, $1.45 million contract. If the NY Rangers lose backup Antti Raanta to the expansion draft, Gross speculated they could kick the tires on Kinkaid as Henrik Lundqvist’s understudy. 


  1. With the way MAF has played the last 2 games I think one of these teams in need of a goalie would be happy to add him to their rosters. Even without Letang the Penguins look like they are going to be a very tough out for any team. Sid’s line is absolutely magical to watch. Might need to switch Kessel and Hornqvist to create 3 scoring lines again but the 4th line has even been very effective. Is there a team that turns players you have never heard of into effective NHL players better than the Penguins right now? 27 year old Carter Rowny making the most of his opportunity right now after a long, strange and difficult road to the big leagues. He put Dubinsky on his wallet last night which lead to Dubinsky having a tantrum, can’t take it when people do him dirt:

    • Last 2 games? Nothing wrong with MAF, never has been. I have defended him endlessly. Murray is better but MAF is a great goalie with a decent contract & term. He will get traded the return a 2nd & a B grade prospect. Their are enough teams in need of a goalie just not a great market pre expansion draft significantly limiting the return.

      Can’t wait to watch the Pittsburgh at Washington series. Tough 1 to call but I took Washington to advance. These 2 teams respective health come the quarter finals will be a huge factor in who advances to the conference finals. NO team in the playoffs has a better top 6 D & they can roll 3 lines with scoring potential. Their 4th isn’t pleasant to play against with Wilson & Beagle & Winnik are solid defensive players.

      Having 1 of the best goalies in the game doesn’t hurt either. Should go 7 games & be extremely fun to watch. A coin toss really. Schultz has played well but he isn’t Letang & Pittsburgh has other injury concerns currently as well.

      • Wow, the first round is over already? I am calling my cable provider, I only got one game of the Leafs Caps series, what a rip off!!!

      • You’ll get at least 3 more, maybe even 4. Toronto might be able to win 1 at home. I’d hold off asking for your money back until then.

      • Striker is infallible with his predictions, after all he did pick Toronto to finish dead last in the east this season… I am not saying Washington and Pittsburgh won’t be in the second round, but I think it’s pretty shortsighted to call it after one overtime game.

      • MAF has always been an adequate goalie with a propensity for melting down in the playoffs. This is the second good showing from him in a row as he was also excellent vs the Rags in 2015. The Caps will be difficult to beat if they stay healthy. If they lose a key player they do it have the organizational depth the Penguins do at every position. The Penguins have 18 capable forwards and 12 dmen. Yes the guys at the top are much better than he guys at the bottom but the guys at he bottom are no slouches.

      • Who pray tell are 9-12? And 14-18?

      • Do you not go in pools Todd either draft, box or bracket? You have to make predictions to draft a team.

        I took Washington to beat Toronto. I don’t think I’m alone & I predicted they would do so in 5.

        My regular season prdiction held 85% this year. How doid you fair?

      • That’s why I love inviting the diehard fans into my pool. they always always pick players from their team whether they have a chance or not. those are the guys who donate the extra cash for the pool. Can’t see past their team…Love it

      • Striker, then write like it’s a prediction or an opinion. You say this is what’s going to happen. Like below when somebody says they think Winnipeg will get a new starting goalie, you say as stated above this isn’t going to happen. You say it like it’s a fact The gospel according to striker. If it’s your opinion, stated as such. You condescend to people which is probably why so many people are offended by the novels you’re right about things that are definitely going to happen because you say they are. I’m not offended by an opinion or prediction that Washington will win the series, I am a toronto fan and know that they are heavily favoured to do so. I also think that when there has been one game that was close and went to overtime that it is pretty stupid to speak in absolutes about how Toronto will be lucky to win one game, maybe they will at home. That isn’t a prediction. And since this is a rumour site I don’t talk about the pool I am in… you would have to be completely oblivious and self-absorbed to think that people want to read huge posts about how great you are, how many pools you are in and how much money they’re worth…

      • Why lie about your predictions striker? You had both Florida and Tampa as locks to be one two and the Habs to fight for a playoff spot the leafs dead last right there is 4 you messed up on for the playoffs that’s 25% wrong already

      • And there is the problem with saying something like Toronto may be able to win one at home. It is hockey, anything can happen on any day. I’m not saying Toronto is going to win this round, I’m a fan and hope they will but I am realistic about it. But they have definitely not looked outclassed. They were right in both games and just won in double overtime. Washington has historically underperformed in the playoffs, and it is a hard loss to take in double overtime going back to Toronto. I don’t think you can definitively say at any point that Washington will sweep, unless Toronto can steal one at home. It is a foolish thing to say, proven to be foolish now.

        And no, when I am in a pool I do not load up on my team. I always want them to do well, but I am not unreasonable about it, I know their strengths and weaknesses and make my pics accordingly. It is when you speak in absolutes like you have some sort of inside knowledge that you end up looking like you are unrealistic about what can happen.

    • Or maf keeps this up and Murray gets moved. I wouldn’t bet on it yet but I’m getting intrigued. They like Jarry a lot. Two more years of Marc grooming Jarry and a solid return for Murray. I wouldn’t rule it out.murray has Sullivan in his corner but Marc has sid/genius/tanger in his

      • MAF is not being kept over Murray, zero chance. Yes Jarry has a very good career ahead of him but in 3 years Murray will be the best goalie in the league and still very young when he starts. As soon as Murray is healthy MAF is on the bench. I thought Jarry played well against the RAGs considering they had their full varsity team and the Penguins had all farm hands.

      • If maf continues this play he stays on the ice whether Murray healthy or not… and that’s the rub. Murray hasn’t proven he can stay healthy. If… big if… Marc plays well through the playoffs… it will. E an interesting choice for gmjr. I doubt Murray goes but there is zero chance there is zero chance

  2. Don’t forget Lyle, Andre Pavelec will also be available. I think that’s the biggest thing for both Carolina and Winnipeg to fix is the starting goalie. Both these teams need to address this issue and the sooner the better.

    • Caper, I know you have been pining for a goalie change in Winnipeg but your going to be disappointed. I don’t see Winnipeg doing anything in net. Hutchinson will be exposed but not selected. Next years tandem will be exactly the same in Winnipeg. Hellebuyck the starter & Hutchinson the back up. I see Hellebuyck as a future stud.

      • Striker, I believe Helleybuck maybe a stud one day. He was given that opportunity this year. Chevy can IL afford to start next season the same way. Winnipeg needs a proven starter. Ben Bishop on a two year deal would be a nice bridge to Helleybuck rise.

      • As stated, not happening. Hellebuyck is being allowed to develop on the job just like numerous other young Jets. 1/2 the Jets starting roster this year was under 25, the majority closer to 20 than 25.

        Winnipeg isn’t a playoff team yet & not certain they will be next season either, youth has to learn to win & accept the sacrifices offensively to be better defensively. They are in the mix but to early to tell what next season holds. The future look very bright & with the right trade; return on Trouba, anything is possible moving forward.

        Winnipeg isn’t well set up for expansion currently. If Enstrom doesn’t agree to waive his NMC & isn’t bought out that’s a serious problem. Protecting 8 skaters to accommodate 4D as opposed to 7F, 3D & a G will cost Winnipeg a very good young forward.

        The Trouba dynamic is also problematic. If Trouba is leaving soon; next 14 months, buying out Enstrom doesn’t make sense. I think Winnipeg may well trade Trouba before the expansion draft, maximize his return with arbitration a year away & a good 1 year deal in place. If they allow him to go to arbitration in the summer of 2018 he will take a 2 year arbitration award & be a UFA coming out of it.

        Winnipeg needs to move Trouba before he gets to arbitration as he’s not staying in Winnipeg. He has aspirations to market himself & that’s simply not possible in Winnipeg.

      • Striker, I’m telling you now, Winnipeg will have a new starter in nets and Helleybuck will get 35 games. Chevy is on the last year of his contract and has proven he can draft, now must get this team into the playoffs. If he chooses to go with the same tandem and gets the same result, he will deserve to get fire. At this point Winnipeg defense isn’t strong or deep enough to move Trouba, rush to move him still under team control for 3 years, salary cap isn’t an issue. If traded needs to be for a dman. Carlo plus Zboril? McAvoy and Trouba for 10yrs that would be nice.

      • Your going to be disappointed on both fronts. Winnipeg isn’t getting Carlo, nor McAvoy. Carolina may be the best trade partner. Fleury, a solid prospect not Gauthier & a 1st & 2nd round pick.

        Nor do I think Chevy has an concerns about his job. Few teams operate on a tighter budget & Winnipeg is right on the cusp of a serious step up. They sat 27th for payroll expending this season & that won’t change much next season.

        That significant step up may be 1 more year away. It depends on how this summer plays out with expansion, trades & the UFA market. They are getting close but who do they beat out to make the top 8 in the West next season? Do you see LA & Dallas as being that bad again next season? I see 4 teams battling for 1 playoff spot in the West next season. Calgary, LA, Dal & Winnipeg. The other 7 baring a significant injury all look to be returning.

        Minnesota is going to take a hit. They are guaranteed to lose a quality player in expansion. No team is set up worse for expansion. They would have to trade not 1 but 2 Dman to solve their roster issues.

      • If I’m Chevy my #2 priority after addressing the expansion issues facing Winnipeg is Little. I get him signed to an extension on July 1st if at all possible. He is 1 of the best 2 way C’s in the game. Just in the notch below the Bergeron’s & Toew’s of the world. A great 2 way hockey player & penalty killer. May be 1 of the most important players to Winnipeg’s success. His injury right out of the gate might have been the biggest factor in Winnipeg not sliding into the playoffs this season with LA, Dallas faltering.

        Had he been healthy & not missed 23 games, Winnipeg may have held the pace with Calgary or Nashville. Throw in other injures, Trouba’s hold out & they came up short. Where I assumed they would at the start of the year. Considering the injury’s & Trouba’s hold out they did far better than I assumed they would.

  3. I would like to see the Canucks let Miller walk as a UFA. They have finally started a rebuild & it’s at least 2 years overdue if not 3. Pass the ball to Markstrom who’s new $3,666,667, 3 year deal kicks in next season. Sign a cheap back up for 750K & lets the rebuild begin. Be bad select high in the draft & put a more exciting product on the ice. Watching the Canucks play for the last 3 years hasn’t been fun.

  4. Expect Benning to throw a 3 yr deal at Miller. Most fans would rather go after one of the younger ones listed such as Darling. Condon also played decent for Ottawa

  5. This is clearly not trade related, but…if the NHL doesn’t suspend Matt Calvert they need to close down the Dept of Player Safety and end the charade.

    In about 9 seconds, he dished out 3 cheap shots…including breaking his stick across a guy’s neck.

    If that is not intent to injure, what is…?

    • On a defensive note for Columbus the local paper was trying to sponsor a gimmick where they would send out crying Crosby masks in the Sunday paper for game three. Jackets called them and told them to shut that crap down. Good on them. It sucks the jackets got the pens. A playoff series or two and that town explodes. It is such a good hockey market needing only some playoff success.

      • Hopefully the NHL scraps this stupid bracket format. When implemented they said 3 years. This is year 3 but as I haven’t heard a pip about changing it, I doubt it’s getting changed anytime soon. At a bare minimum 1 should play 8, 2 plays 7, etc. by conference & you reseed after each round.

        I would even prefer they eliminate conferences for the playoffs & 1 plays 16, 2 plays 15, etc. & they reseed after each round. It would help balance out the travel between teams in both conferences & allow the best team to potentially win the cup not having to fight their way out of a brutal division like Columbus or conference like the West had been historically until this season.

        Never going to happen, the eliminating of conferences for the playoffs but you have to have hopes & dreams.

      • Those stupid brackets. Has the NHL converted even one casual into an actual fan because of those brackets? Even one?

        Go to a 1-8 format and don’t reseed if you just have to have the stupid brackets.

        But the current system is unfair and has produced a lot of boring first round matchups.

      • What I want to see is also never going to happen. When the league is 32 teams it should be a home and home for the regular season, so a 62 game regular season… games would mean more and be bigger events. teams would be healthier. playoffs wouldn’t need to go to June. I realize the increased price of tickets by losing ten home games wouldnt begin to cover the lost revenues and the loss for businesses and local jobs would suck but for the quality of the game I think it would be great.

      • and the playoffs would go by league seed as striker said as the home and home essentially eliminates conferences.

        I also would like round one to be best of 5.


      • I would also like a slightly shorter season & have no issues with the 1st round being a best of 5 like it was many years ago.

        The season needs to end before the 1st of June. Ideally mid May. I would like every team in the league to play twice, home & away & play every team in your conference 4 times.

        The season & playoffs combined are to long. There may be a slight reduction in games when the NHL expands to 32 but it will be nominal & don’t see them changing the 7 games in round 1. All about money hard to go back now.

      • math dont add up there striker. home and home in 32 team league is 62 games. ad another home and home for the other 15 teams in conference and you have 92 game season. even division would be 76 games. not much of a reduction.

    • Ott to & I would argue Kassian launched himself not once but twice leaving his feet to make a hits.

  6. Back to the Goaltenders–I’m willing to bet my retirement savings that Dallas signs St. Louis native Ben Bishop to join Hitchcock for 2017–just to rub some salt in the Blue’s wound! New Rivalry.