Updates on the Red Wings & Bruins – April 29, 2017

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Could the Detroit Red Wings trade Jimmy Howard this summer?

Check out the latest speculation on the Detroit Red Wings & Boston Bruins in your NHL rumor mill.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: In two recent mailbag segments, Helene St. James answered questions about possible offseason moves by the Red Wings. She believes general manager Ken Holland must explore a trade involving one of his goaltenders. Jimmy Howard has two years left on his contract ($5.3 million annual cap hit) while Petr Mrazek has a year left at $4 million. She speculates Mrazek might intrigue Dallas Stars GM (and former Wings scouting director) Jim Nill. Both could also be exposed in the June expansion draft.

St. James also thinks the Wings could take a run at center John Tavares if he doesn’t re-sign with the New York Islanders, but they’ll have to wait until next summer when he’s eligible for UFA status to try and sign him. Moving Howard or Mrazek could add to their current $6 million cap space, with Dallas, Calgary and Winnipeg among the clubs that will be in the market for help between the pipes. The Wings need blueline depth and could target clubs at risk of losing a defenseman via the expansion draft, such as the Anaheim Ducks and Minnesota Wild.

MLIVE.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Ansar Khan believes Wings forward Tomas Tatar has more trade value than Gustav Nyquist. While he thinks the Wings prefer to retain Tatar, he feels they could trade him and another asset for a defenseman such as Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba. Khan doubts they’ll expose Mrazek in the expansion draft. If they decide he’s not their goalie of the future they could try to move him before that draft. He feels Howard is most likely to be made available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Holland could try to trade Howard before the expansion draft rather than lose him for nothing. Still, if the Vegas Golden Knights select Howard, it’ll clear over $5 million in cap room to put toward improving the blueline. I don’t think Howard or Mrazek will interest the Stars, Flames or Jets unless one of those clubs miss out on better talent in the trade and free-agent markets. 

If Holland goes the trade route to bring in a quality defenseman he could dangle Tatar. However, I think clubs will have more interest in forwards such as Dylan Larkin or Anthony Mantha.

As for pursuing Tavares, I doubt Holland will try to acquire him via trade this summer. If he does, such a move would gut the Wings of their best young players. If Tavares hits the open market, he probably won’t be interested in signing with a rebuilding team. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty recently reported Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney “listed the “middle of the [forward] lineup, transition-minded defensemen and the backup goaltender position” as places he had in mind for offseason upgrades.” Specifically, Sweeney needs to find a left wing to be paired with David Krejci, revamp their underachieving third line, add another top-four  defenseman and find a reliable backup goalie. 

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reported Sweeney also faces a decision with restricted free agent forward Ryan Spooner, who regressed this season after putting up 49 points last season. Noting the decline in the 25-year-old Spooner’s performance at the tail end of the last two seasons, Shinzawa doesn’t think he deserves a raise from the Bruins. He also believes the Bruins must add a “No. 2 left wing, No. 3 center, and left-side defenseman.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins have over $62 million invested in 18 players for 2017-18. The expansion draft could free up a bit more salary for them, but they still won’t have a lot of room to address those needs. Buying out the disappointing Jimmy Hayes will free up over $1.7 million next season, so I can see them going that route.

I don’t see Spooner being re-signed. He was occasionally mentioned in trade speculation during the season and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bruins try to shop him before the expansion draft. Whether they find any takers is another matter. 

Pastrnak is coming off an entry-level deal and due for a significant raise. Sweeney could re-sign him to an affordable two-year bridge deal with the promise of a more lucrative contract after that.

Should Sweeney look into the trade market for a second-line left wing or a top-four defenseman it could cost him one of his good young players. You can bet teams will be interested in promising Charlie McAvoy but that will be a deal breaker for the Bruins.

I’ve also heard some recent speculation suggesting pending UFA right wing Jarome Iginla might return to the Bruins because he and his family are moving to Boston, but I wouldn’t read too much into that. Honestly, I don’t see how signing the aging Iginla would address the Bruins’ needs. 



  1. If Boston signed Iginla again that would be a major step back. He just doesn’t have the legs any more. Maybe he’s lined up a media job in the New England area.

  2. Any reported suggesting a forward as a key piece in attempt to trade for Trouba, doesn’t know or hasn’t done his/her homework. Winnipeg situation hasn’t changed in regards to Trouba. They want a young promising or proven defenseman in return. It’s been mentioned a 1000 times over now, how hard it’s to get a top 4dman and in Trouba we’re talking top 2 dman. I hope Winnipeg is able to convince him to sign long term. If not trade him to Boston for anyone not name McAvoy. Carlo and a 1st and another prospect and a second 1st if need be. Yes I’m very high on Trouba.

    • There’s absolutely NO reason for Winnipeg to knuckle under and accede to his wishes to play anywhere but a Canadian market. He wants to earn his living playing hockey – then play for the bloody team that drafted him. If Winnipeg can’t get his name on a new deal, then wait until someone comes up with an offer that matches not only his high draft position, but also his 4 years of NHL development – priceless when it comes to NHL D.

      He has a year to go before he reaches RFA status so there’s no rush.

      • Well considering Carlo and McAvoy are better then him. Why would the bruins make that trade?

      • That’s wide open to debate Matt. Based on what?

      • Trouba can play out this contract, go to arbitration & ask for a 2 year settlement making himself a UFA 3 years out.

      • They aren’t better today but both have the potential to be as good as Troubs. Nothing gained moving either for Trouba who’s contract demands are significant. Better to stay the course.

      • Matt, are you smoking something? Neither of those guys can sniff Trouba’s jock yet.

      • Striker, have to disagree with you there Carlo, isn’t close to Trouba. Doesn’t have the offensive upside and the hunger to play the physical game. Here the thing we see where Trouba is and we’re projecting where Carlo and McAvoy might be. I’m excited about Charlie Mac and luke warm on Carlo. Potential looks like a solid defensive defenseman as where Trouba is the total package.

      • Caper I never said Carlo was close. I said he had the potential to be as good.

        Lets revist in 5 years.

  3. Boston should try and trade Spooner to LV for a second round pick and then look over the other teams to see who has someone worthwhile to trade for and protect.

    • Caper if you`re going to waste the phone call, ask for a 1st. Spooner`s not even worth protecting in the draft, let alone Vegas`s 2nd

      • lol Yogi, at this point I don’t disagree. I try to be realistic of my assessment of the team I root for. Spooner hurt his own value this season and it isn’t a good sign that you get scratch in the playoffs on a team screaming for goal scorers and playmakers.

      • There seems to be the thinking that Spooner will attract some interest in the trade market when, really, his entire career has been one of “he shows promise.” In junior he had some OK totals (for junior hockey) with 30 goals in 62 gp with Peterborough as a 16/17 y/o in 2008-09 followed by 25 in 50 gp with Kingston in 2019 as an 18/19 y/o.

        In the AHL with Providence he potted 17 goals and 40 assists in 59 games in 2012-13 and 11 goals and 35 assists in 46 gp in 2013-14.

        Since arriving in Boston his best was 13 goals/30 assists in 80 gp in 2015-16, with the “promise” fading this year after an 11 goal/28 assist season in 75 gp.

        He’s not that big at 5′ 10″ 185 lbs and quite frankly the AHL/NHL is filled with wingers who produce at that rate. In short, he’s just joe-average who MIGHT attract some interest from Las Vegas. He won’t bring back much in trade.

        After he was taken 45th in the 2nds round in 2010, Toffoli went 47th to L.A., Jason Zucker 59th to Minnesota, Bryan Rust 80th to Pitt, Grubauer (a pretty good goalie) 112th to Washington and John Klingberg 131st to Dallas.

        Boston (and a bunch of other teams) would clearly like a do-over.

      • Plus Caper Vegas needs to add draft picks for the next few years, not use them for fringe players. Not just Spooner, but any player whose not gonna to be a top 6 forward and in their long term plans. Vegas needs picks and their only and the best asset they could have is their cap space

      • George… Curtis Lazar was a “man who shows promise” and he got a 2nd rounder and a d prospect’ish player back. and he accomplished less than spooner. some team would find interest in him for a 3rd rounder or so.

      • Ottawa robbed Calgary blind in that Lazar deal. He is what we’ve seen – a decent 3rd line checker PERIOD. I still say he won’t be among Calgary’s protected and that they were nuts to give up a 2nd to get him.

      • Still. Shows what teams will give up for player who showed promise.

  4. How many of you wrote Schultz off?

    Spooner will be fine. Yes he’s 1 dimensional but just turned 25. He see’s quality PP time but wasn’t finally put at C on the 3rd line until very late in the season. This was his 2nd full NHL season.

    I don’t see Spooner being moved for a 2nd. Boston has room to protect him & post expansion look to move him if so inclined.

    I like Spooner. Needs to get stronger, better in the dot & more aware defensively. He will either in Boston or elsewhere. I think Spooner is potentially worth more than a 2nd but depends on the quity of the 2nd.

    • Striker, you have mentioned many times what the ideal number of games is to judge a defenseman but have never made that arguement about a forward until now.
      This doesn’t add up, spooner has had many opportunities including playing 1st pp. he is what he is. Schultz is not a comparison.

      The closest comparison I can think of is Backlund but its a one in many chance, lots of forwards fade. Yakupov had a lot of promise but went for a late third.

      • Actually I have it’s 200 games <nless a monster 6'3+ then just like Dman. We have even discussed the trend that's forming where many players at forward are starting to take even longer. B. Schenn. Backlund, Bailey etc.

    • as above I think he would be worth a similar return as Lazar… but expansion hurts almost everyones trade value.

      • Worth more than Lazar.he did have 11 goals & 39 points primarily playing as a 3rd line player.

        Way to young to write off.

      • as is Lazar. But expansion puts his value lower. If Boston doesnt want to protect and fears expansion they would have to find a team looking for a 7th forward worth protecting and trading for… if boston gets a third rounder in that case run with it.

    • Don’t know striker, I use to like Spooner, but he’s extremely weak and I haven’t seen him win one battle. If he can’t get stronger and start winning battles. He be a PP specialist and 4th line center with maybe some PK duties, unfortunate because he has skill and speed to be successful.

      • I don’t see Spooner on the PK

  5. spooner won’t be re-signed by the bruins and the knights can pick up many players that are better than spooner.he will probably make a decent 3rd or 4th line guy or a solid player in the A.H.L and that is from a bruins fan.they will not trade mcavoy.period.too many dougie hamilton nightmares.mcavoy will be better than trouba and trouba will be better than carlo.jmo